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    THK BKK: OMAHA. TTKMUY, AI'KLIj 1, 1913.
Btaok-ralconer Co., Undertakers.
Ballsy, the Dentist. City Nail. D. 2S06.
ridellty Storage & Van Co. Doug. 15fi.
Have Boot Print It Now Deacon
Tornado insurance, the Rood kind, Ud
H. Tuiklnton, 602 Bee Bide
O. S. Elguttsr Law offices removed to
IU-S Omaha Nat'l. Bank Bldg. Tel. D317
Recovers from Smallpox A I Weltzel
has recovered from the smallpox and Is
again ut his office In the city plumbing:
department at the city hnll.
Lighting rixturts repaired and refln
Ishcd. Burgcss-Granden Co. Douglas (XI.
The Office of Lloyd D. Willis, archi
tect has been moved to 1221 to llTIS Utv
National Dank building.
'Postponed Entertainment Vesla chap
ter, Xo. 6, of the Order of Eastern 8tar.
has Indeflntely postponed the entertain
ment they had planned for April 8.
Tha State Hank ot Omaha pays 4 per
cent on time deposits, S per cent on sav
ing accounts. The only bank In Omaha
whose depositors are protected by the
depositors' guarantee fund of the state
of Nebraska. 17th and Harney streets.
rurnitnre Wanted Second-hand fur
niture cun bo used by the several relief
ilatlons nnd the comnllttce has asked
for donations. This furniture will be
hauled from the donor's to the relief
rined for Ifaklnfr a Disturbance Pete
Miller, chnrged with being drunk and
disorderly and creating a disturbance In
Lhe Parsman grocery at 1320 Capitol av.
enue, was fined 125 and costs In pollco
Look Over Plumbing Bills The citi
zens' relief committee asks nil residents
In the storm zone to refer bills for
plumbing to Sam Pollock, assistant city
plumbing Inspector, If there Is any ques
tion as to clmrges. The committer will
see that no extoitlon Is practiced.
Ninety Days for Picking- Pockets
William Cunningham and Pete Gocblanl:,
arrested while In the act of extracting
the wallets of fellow passengers on the
Karnam lino Inst Tuesday, were given
ninety days apiece In the county jail
by Judge Foster.
Won't Work; Qo to Jail Eleven col
oied men who have been securing their
lodgings at the police station for several
nights, and who refused to go to work
when employment was offered them,,
were, with two exceptions, given sen
tences of twenty days apiece by Judge
Three Sohools Open Long, Saunders
Hid Lake schools were reopened Monday,
having been repaired this week. Colum
bian and Bcals will not be opened for
some time. Columbian Is being used by
the stato mtlltla as an armory. Spring
vacation In the city schools begins next
Monday and will continue for a week.
Using Smith's Home W. A. Smith,
general manager of the street railway
ompany, Is playing host to a company
of militiamen. In the bnsement of his
home at Thirty-ninth and Fnrnam streets
the men who arc stationed In that sec
tion are making their headquarters. Here
they havo a stove and all the comforts
ot home.
Veterans Help Comrades Members of
camp Leo Forby, Spanish war veterans,
re' helping out their unfortunate com
tads, who suffered In the tornado. On
Sunday the war veterans turned out and
icpalrcd one of thn houses of .their mem
bers which was destroyed. Every evening
this week the men will help their unfor
tunate comrades. Should money be
jiecded they will raise what they can.
Collects Toll for Toll Taker-W, U
MuClanahan of Council Bluffs, toll taker
at the Douglas street bridge, was forced
to pay toll Instead of collect It, from
four men who drove up to the toll sta
tion, about midnight. McClanahan came
out- to get the money, but Instead of
paying tlio amount one of the party
lifted his watch and tho crew drove on
at top speed. McClanahan failed to get
he number of the machine.
Feet So Sore
Couldn't Walk
Down Stairs
TIZ Cured Her Quick,
8nd at Once for Pre a Trial Package.
if you have sore feet, tired feet,
sweaty feet, lame feet, tender feet,
hmelly feet, corns, calk uses or bunions,
read what happened to Mrs. Crockett,
of Jeffersonvllle. TIZ did It. Mr. Crock
ett says: "After the second treatment
she walked downstairs one foot at a
'time. She had not been able to walk
downstairs before In past five years;
-,-cept by stepping down on each step
with one foot at a time. This Is re
markable. Send five more boxes."
No mutter what alls your feet or what
tinder heaven you have used without
irtting Teller. Just use TIZ. It's the
n!y foot remedy ever mado which acts
on the principle of drawing: out all the
poisonous exudations which cause sore
feet. Powders and other remedies mere
ly clog up the pores. TIZ cleans them
out and keeps them clean. You will feel
better the first time It's used. Use It
a wjek and you can forget you ever
had sore feet. There Is nothing on earth
that can eompau- with It. If anyone
pffers you un Imitation that Is claimed
to be "as- good as TIZ," ask why. If It
U Jut-t a good, they don't dare to come
out and advertise It. Don't you be a
victim get the genuine TIZ is for sale
at all drug stores, department and gen
iral stores, 2Gc per box. or direct. If
j-ou wish. Money back If TIZ doesn't
Jo all we say For a free trial package
write today to Walter Luther Dodge &
o., Chicago. Ill
Eight Arc Struck by the Tornado
and More or Less Wrecked.
lint Tito Cnthnllc InMltntlnns Suf
fer from the Fnry of the Storm
nnd Tlicnf Arr tiring
IteconMrncted. (
Eight of the churches of Omaha were
In the path of tho tornado, sustaining
damnges of some $76,000. Not disheartened
by the calamity, the officers of most of
these houses of worship have mado pro
vision for reconstruction and In some In
stances the work Is under way.
The German Lutheran church, Twenty
ninth nnd Parker streets, Is a total
wreck, and with It went the parsonage,
both frame structures. The loss Is placed I
at between $12,000 and !5,000. It Is hoped
to rebuild the church, though at this tlm
it Is not certain If this will be done.
The Danish Lutheran church, a franu'
building at Twenty-sixth '"and Grant
streets, was completely destroyed, the
loss being estimated at between W.000 and
$10,000. It Is doubtful If the church will
be rebuilt.
Zlon Baptist church, colored, a brick
building at Twenty-second and Grant
streets, was completely demolished, the
walls having been torn down, almost to
the ground. Tho loss Is placed at be
tween $12,000 and $15,000. Already men are
clearing away the debris and a new and
modern church building will be erected
upon the site. The membership of Zlon
church Includes a large number of the
well-to-do colored people of the city.
They had raised money for the erection
of a new church this year and the work
of the tornado simply hastens construc
tion. The Latter Day Saints, nt Twenty
fourth and Ohio streets, sustained a loss
of about $1,000 on their frame church'
building there. A portion of the roof was
blown away and the building shaken on
Its foundations.
Alnke Trtiipwrnr- Itrpnlr.
The McCnbe Methodist church. For
tleth and Farnani streets, was damaged
to the extent of $5,000. Temporary re
pairs are already under way and com
plete restoration will be made within tho
next sixty days. Tho west side of the
building was crushed by being struck by
a house, the south' end blown away and
a portion of the roof torn off.
Trinity Methodist church, a brick build
ing at Twenty-first and Blnney streets,
was damaged to the extent of $10,000. .'hu
north wall was blown In and a portion
of tho slate roof crushed. Arrangements
have been made for reconstruction and
already a number ot men are at work,
clearing away the debris and relaying
tho wall.
School Unroofed.
Saunders school, Forty-second and Cass
streets, was unroofed and a portion of
the second story wall blown In. It Is
figured that $3,000 will be required for
At the Lake school. Nineteenth and
Lake streets, the south end of the build
ing was demolished and a largo section
of the slate roof blown away. It wilt
require $10,000 to repair this building.
The roofs were blown from the Long
school and the Long nnnex and consid
erable portions of the walls were torn
out. Thee buildings, are at Twenty-
sixth and Franklin streets and the cost
of repairs is estlmuted at $3,000.
Damago to the Child Saving Institute,
619 'South Forty-second street. It Is es
timated will ran close to $15,000 and per
haps more than this amount. The build
ing is In commission and 'repairs will be
made nt once. A large portion ot the
roof was torn off, a part of the wall
crushed and almost every window In the
building broken.
General Relief Fund
Now $158,591, With
More Added Hourly
Previously reported $136,691.49
Oruaha -Builders' Exchange 300.00
Members of Omaha Builders'
Exchange 710.00
First National Bank , 2 600.00
American Smelting & Refining
Co. 603.00
E. M. Morsman, sr iW.W)
Albion Commercial Club 12.00
J. C. French, Stock Yards Na
tional Bank 60.00
Armstrong-Walsh Co 60.00
Antonla Metz Hauck, St. Louis,
Mo , 100.00
A. M. Pinto 10.00
Almtra B. Millard , 103.00
Through J. C Dnhlman:
North Star Egg Case Co.,
Qulncy, 111 . 60.00
Chadron, Neb 3:6.25
Chndron, Neb 326.76
Albert W. Crltes 10.00
National Union Coal Mining Co.,
Albta. Ia 100.00
Frank II. Dewey, Canton. Ill 6.00
L. R. Blckley, Walthlll, Neb 1.00
A. U Klnne, Marshall, Okla 6.00
L. H. Newman. Kansas City, Mo. 6.00
Lillian Wellegly, Jersey City,
N. J rx 1.10
Adel Meyer 10.00
OmsVha Bee $500 (less $300 ap-
Drooflated especially to Jewish
relief) 300.00
Dan Butler 60.00
Howard B. Smith , 60.00
Forest Lawn Cemetery Associa
tion .00
Citizens of Stanton, Neb 225.25
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman 10.00
Bouth Omaha Camp No. 1093
Modern Woodmen of America.. "6.00
Rees Printing Co 100.00
Abner Hood Chemical Co., Kan
sas City, Mo 60.00
Local Relief Committee, St.
Joseph. Mo 1,000.00
Moyune Tea Co 10.00
Omaha Master Plumbers Asso-
' elation 100.00
Western Rock Island Plow Co... 400.00
John If. Hughes 100.00
Mrs. II. B, Smith, Bay City,
Mich S.00
Nebraska Seed Co..... 200.00
Jennie Johnson, Colfax, Ia 1.00
MargaYet Sharp. Colfax, Ia 1.00
Fred Snlth. Colfax, la 1.00
Frank D. Lawrence 2.00
P. R. Shoemaker. Chlncago. III.. 6.00
Through Pokrok Zapadu ,. 71.30
Milton Rogers & Son Co. list 107.50
Through World Herald B.877.8S
Through Omaha Bee 3,206.76
Through Omaha Dally News 865. IE
Omaha Society Fine Arts, Cath
erine Rose treasurer 200.03
Omaha News Co 100.00
Ruth Mahoney, Moorehead, Ia.. 10.0?
Through Mrs. A. L. Sutton;
Addle T. Moyes 6.00
Stewart Carley 6.00
A. L. Sutton 6.00
Martha T. Beebe. Brooklyn.
N. Y 6.00
Mrs. W. II. Mockrldge. DeWltt.
Ia 6.00
Ouldo A Wolkers, St. Louis 10.35
Missouri Pacific railroad 2,6flo.j
Joseph Barker 100.00
Bradley Knitting Co., Delavan.
Wis 100.00
Marshall Field & Co., Chicago,
Stationery Engineers. Local No.
3S. through J. C. Dahlman 60.00
V E. Molllne. Genoa. Neb 10.00
Frank A Manley J5.60
Aaron t'hadwlck. 10.0)
D F Phelan 5.00
Anniversary week at this store is tho great bargain week of the year. All tho resources of Brandeis' powerful cash buying organization have been
centered on this occasion. Many fortunate purohases havo been saved expressly for this week and tho bargain opportunities of each day will compel the
interest of women who care to economize. Tuesday's bargains will be noteworthy for the savings that are possible.
New White Goods
For a Tuesday 31st Anniversary
special wo offer the finest pique,
pluln anil fancy flaxon, ratine,
plnln and striped madras and ex
tra fine India llnon and poplin -
a largo mill's surplus slock bought
at about one
half Its regular
value, at,
yard . . .
hofl Finished
Also long doth, nainsook,
cnslicen, mercerized pongee
and pyjanm checks not one
yard in the lot worth less
than 10c a yard, and many
worth much more a 31st
Anniversary extra
special, per yard,
Curtain and Drapery Goods Bargains
Just 2,000 pairs ot Bungalow and Novelty Net Curtains that are
worth up to $3.50 a pair Tuesday, 3d floor, pair, (g
1000 Swiss Curtains with dots and figures worth regu- f) fl r
larly $1 25 a pair, special Tuesday (3rd floor) pair J J U
BOO pairs of I'Mno Imported Duchesso, Antique, Cluny, Irish (T f
Point and .Maeratne Curtains worth from $0.00 to 98.50 pnlr JftJJ
Tuesday, third floor, at, pair . . , vw
Marquisette and Voile, trimmed with
real linen laces, worth 7Cc a yard,
Tuesday, 3d floor,
31st Anniversary
Sale of Women's and
Spring Coats
at $5.00
Guernsey O-plece Cooking Sets (Like Illustration)
31st Anniversary price,, west arcade...,
Wear Bver Aluminum Ware Lipped Sauce Pans -3 in set-
regular price ?2.05 Anniversary
west arcade
Kmeraon Stone Adams. 10j
PayHon Stone Adams.,,.. l.'W
Henry Lohman, Orand Island.. 1.00
lakeside Dairy '. 10.00
JamfB II. Matters 6.00
No name 10.00
John II. Muser. Ituehvllle, Neb... 6.01
P. U Krlon, Chicago ,.. 6.00
Cash fOO
Matt Bchaller J-M
M. J. Haley 1
pash ., I .to
Cash, Jack.'throuBh J. M. Guild 6.00
Cash. 51. C S00
C. Hchroeter. New York City,
through D. J. O'Hrlen 6.0)
W. It. Patrick. South Omaha.... 6.00
Inland wykert l.pO
J. Q. Wcrts. riu8ell. Ia 10.00
German Lndles' Bowling- club.... 10.00
Anton Nelson S-W
Alhambra Theater, V. E. Goff,
Twenty-fourth and Parker CM
All Balnta' church 7S.00
All Faints' church Sunday school 23.03
St. Mary'a Episcopal church,
Blair 2.00
St. Mark's Episcopal church,
Florence 13.00
Through Osvcta Amertcka ,. 44.70
Sherman ChlnberB of Florence landed a
107-ound catfish Sunday In the Mlasoiirl
river near that point He caught iu
whopper on an ordinary set line and
thought at first that he had hooked onto
a anag. A little closer Investigation, how
ever, revealed thu' prize and It then be-
0 G
colors m m
m in s
Bargains on 3rd Floor Tuesday
100 dozen Curved Curtain Rods that
soli regularly for 2Gc each, will go
on sale Tuesday, 3d floor,
at IOC
10 to 15-Inch Ruffled Cambric Flouncing
with row of insertion and lace edRe, also
4 to 6-Inch edglngA and Insertions and
fancy trimming lace bandu In inacramo,
ratine, filet and cluny effects 7 Hp
worth lGc to :0c, at yard I w
45-Inch Embroidered Voile and Swiss
Shirtings, also 27-Inch fine embroidered
Swiss and batiste flounclngs OQn
many worth 60c, ut yard fc7u
LACES French and German Vol laces and
insertions pure linen torchon laces, cluny
curtain laces, etc. worth 10c, at C
yard Ow
89 c
Lindsay Qai Man-
I lea. strictly hli;ii
sale price
25c Alan ties
16c Mantles
10c Mantles
came a question ot landlnK It. A large
dip net was brought Into use and when
laid on the bank the fish measured a
11.... , . , r .
lima uver iivu icci niiu ncari iv iuui
In diameter.
(Continued from Pae One.)
caused many to acquiesce In first esti
mates by representatives of the com
panies. Th It Is said, has resulted in
some dissatisfaction, The companies by
their policies are given periods of from
sixty to ninety days In whclh to make
Investigation of Iupscs, and refusal ot
settlements proposed by them sometimes
leads to tho exercise of this privilege.
Insurance me ndeny that this prn'itilon
In policies Is resulting In any degree ot
coercion. Most policies have been
promptly paid as soon as proofs ot lo?e
have been made.
A Tan of (laid
could buy nothing better for female weak
nesses, lame back and kidney trouble
than Klectrlc Bitters. Only 60c. Por sale
by Breaton Drug Co. Advertisement.
stunmt 3fl 1
Worth S2.00
Worth S2.SO
Worth S3.00
A special purchaso from a famous Eastern maker now shown
for the first time. All arc petticoats of the best grades of taffetitH
and mcssRlines, mado with ruffles, accordcon pleats, knlfo pleats,
tucks and flounces, nl sizes.
Colors are black, navy, cadet blue, rose, emerald, tun, light Rror,
blown, light blue, lavender, wisteria, white, etc. ovcry staplo and
evening shado. ' ,
As a 3lBt Anniversary
special we offer good
quality Cocoa Mats that
always sell for 50c each,
as long as they last, on
3d floor, each
31st Anniversary Sale
Cotton Tapo all widths, bolt, 1c
Hlns Tape, at per bolt .777 . .Be
Kid Curlers, nt per dozen ... ,2c
Wire Hair IMns 10 pkgs. for 10c
1,000 sample pieces Rich Cut
(ilas New cuttings w.rtii
up to $C West ,tf0
Arcade, at
Plain Hlilte Porcelain
. .100
Plates goodv quality
each '
New Oases of Need
Are Daily Found in
Wake of the Storm-
New cases of destitution con Inua 'o
come to tho relief stations. Famulus
who lived In the tornado's path are belt s
found In other sections ot the city fur
away from where they ImJ hvwd snJ
through difficulties In finding llnmi the'r
circumstance? are uit besimln to ho
Htveral ner cases were brought in I.y
tii f.hool tiachers Ba'irli ami dull
lists were added to those already at the
stations to bn worked upon this week.
Most of the Immediate lehuf w.ork
been done and the naturu -if the assist
ance to be given has chanuud from
rations and necessary clothing to fur
niture and bedding.
Those who have been helped are now
endeavoring to gut settled In homus of
their own again. In some districts the
results ot this longing Is Inspiring, whtlt
some Instances are pathetic. In the
neighborhood of Korfy-slxth and Ueaveu
worth streets the work of, friends of
victims ot the tornado throughout Sun
day was very noticeable. Within slaht
of No. 6 relief station at least, t -n little
houses had gone up and smoke curling
from the chimneys signified tint the oc
1,000 WOMEN'S
Workmanship and styles aro ported. They wcro
made to sell at ?2, $2.50 and $3 ea. t on
It Ib a big 31st Anniversary Special,. P
Bargains in Art Needlework Department
3,000 sample pieces of drawn work Scarfs, Squares and Center
rieces some are all drawn work, others are em
broideredall 75c and $1.00 values; at, each
Women's Stamped Night G0W11S stamped in floral and
conventional 'designs on nainsook all 50o values j r
at etch, on Ihird Floor Tuesday, O D C
Women's Corset Covers Spray and Floral designs, stamped on Hno rj C '
Nainsook regular lUc quality, at 2 for M. &OC
Miss Dorothy Angol, lately with Liberty & Co. of London? England, is
hero all day and will frco lossons In Irish lace making tatting yarn
crocheting, punch work and all branches of art embroidery. Lessons' clven
only on materials purchased hero.
Suit Cases & Trunks
Genuine Leather Suit Cases 8
inches deep, solid brass lock and
catclujs, straps $8.50 Afl
values at VtCwO
$13 and $15 TRUNKS at $10
High grado Sample Trunks from tho
Uelber Trunk & Bag Co., of Philadel
phia. Fibre covored and waterproof
canvas covered trunks east f
arcade, at J X U
llaviland China Dinner Sets
- Plain shape, beautifully
decorated and treated with
gold 100 dtno An
pieces for .. PiO70
Colonlnl mass Table Tumb
lers, special, ut each . .3
German Casseroles, brown
OO with white lining. 8-lncli.
each... fUO nt 39
Nickel Plated Custer Sets
lllnck pepper, red pepper
and salt, tho set ... .3f)b
cupants were again settled, temporarily
at least.
Residents In that section of ths city
did not suffer much from partial dam
ages to their homes. Practically nil In
tho storm's path was literally in J to
the ground.
One of the new cases of need was un
earthed by Miss Kotherlno Beeson nnd
Irene Coad working from Nt. 6 station
this morning. They found a mother und
her duughter living at a friend's homo
and the friend himself was In neud, 11 1
though his home was not In the path of
the storm. The father of the fumlly had
hecn killed In the wreck of tho homo and
the mother and daughter had no stippoit
whatever. Food, clothing and bddli.g
was sent out to them from tho itV, m.
Woman Carried Two
Blocks in Direction
Opposite to Storm
Mrs. If. If. Putnam of Dundee, who
was twice picked up for dead the nlslit
of the tornado and so reported until che
regained consciousness some time later
at a hospital, had the amazing expermunc
of being carried by the wind for the two
blocks In the direction opposite to Its
general course.
Mrs. Putnam was In the Barnes drug
store and Fortieth and Dodge streets.
Select from a big lot of 114
and 1124 size soft fleeced
cotton blankets in grey, tau
and white; Tuesday
at, a pair
(Choose from hundreds of
full size silkoline covered
comforters with -white cot
ton filling, stitched df
and tied; at, each V-L
Bed Pillows
Clean all feather filled pil
lows size 18x25 covered
with best grado fanoy
art ticking, each. . . . .
31st Anniversary
Sale of Men, Women
and Children's
In the Bnsetusnt;
Ilnviland China Dinner Seta
handsomely treated with pure
coin gold 100 pieces &OQ50
west arcade aftOif
Pluln White Howl nnd
PWchrjfr fancy ilmpe, nt
Fancy Glazed Jardinieres 7, 8
and 0 InCfi sizes jb q
choice, Tuesday, at .... TtOC
where two deaths occurred and though
the tornado was traveling north and easT
she was carried to Fortieth and Farnam
two blocks due south. '
. It was one of tha eddies In the cyclona
which twisted and turned as It went
that did this. em'
fogged Bq
If you want to think olsarly see
that your bowels work prop
erly. Your succsss depends
upon a clean system and a. clear
21 rain.
Cook after yourself every day
and remove tha waste which,
presses upon your nervous sys
tem. Son't wait take a remedy
which acts at once, g-ently and
WATER Is the Ideal laxative for
a Business Kan. V, gUis in the
morning- or at any time on an
empty stomach acta within an
soar or so.
Oet bottle at any Srur Iter