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    TT1E BRP,: OMA.I, llNDAT, MAKCH 31, 1013.
Relief Map of the State of Ohio Showing the Di&ridts Ravaged by Floods
Ohid River Continues Rising and
Lives Arc Endangered.
Newport nnd Corlniiloiii Opposite
Cincinnati Are Prncllcnllr Sur
rounded by Wnltr nnd
llrnlth Couilltlonn Bad.
CINCINNATI, O., March 30. With
nearly 15,000 parsons In tho town! on the
Kentucky sldo or tho Ohio river driven
from, their homes, by thu rlslnjr yellow
tide nweeptnK down the Ohio valley and
wltli.morq than 2, W0 homes altogether or
partly submerged, .tho flood situation In
this vicinity Is ussumlnif Braver cropor-
tlons , hourly. Hloro tho water Iront
buildings aro ttfl pttrtlufty under water
and much dumaiakhus been done.
An Increnso In the. rlycr itago here will
moan the Isolation. 'oC the city from tho
Kentucky eld and tho stoppage oC train
service in this direction. I.atu today the
government gauge' showed lxty-sevcn
feet, and, according to tho weathrr bu
reau, tho Indications were that befoN
many hours thero would bo sixty-eight
feet In tho "river here. Sd fnr only one
life has been' lost as a direct result ot
tho high wfticr .here. M Us Anna Smith,
tho first victim drowned, lost tier Hfo n
an attempt k reach Newport In a skiff
tlmt ' capsfted In midstream,
Companions Were Itesoned,
Her three men companions wem res
cued! Newport and Covington, oppcslto,
virtually aro surrounded by water. Con.
dltlons there are worse than elsewhere
ttild nearly 10,000 persons have been
driven from their homea. Relief meas
ure, however, are adequate. In .hen
two cities, however, the only fear Is that
the health conditions will be scr'ouiiy
affected because of the clogging of the.
sewage system. As yet the waterworks
have continued In operation. The elec
tric Might works havo been compelled to
cease, but' gas plants wero not compelled
to stop. In tho Kentucky towns of Day
ton, Ludlow, Uellevuo and B'omley
Identical 'conditions exist, but (n their
cases all communication with C'ncin
null, Newport, and Covington haa .eon
In theso towns there Is a .total of 2.WW
persona being cured for by relief com'
mlttreM aiid more than 600 homos have
been flooded. Property damage will be
. Immense, especially as this is the second
time within (tirue month's, Uiut tho Uhlb
valley has suffered from high water.
' Hlxtr-rilBht-foot BtaK0 Reached.
Street car officials here announced that
when the river haa reached sixty-eight
. feet the power plants which operate the
car lines to the Kentucky shore will bo
' out of commission and communication
. with Cincinnati will be shut off. Ho far
only five ot the big bridges across thij
(ho Ohio at this point havo been effected.
- The other thrro. are so high that It will
require . more , than crveittvtwo feet ot
water to prevent their uso.
- Hallway service Into uml out of, Cln
I clnnatl virtually Is at a standstill. Louis-
vllle and Nashville trains are leaving for
i the west on time, but arriving trains are
' much delayed.
for the ullcgcd outrageous charges, and
should any member of this union attempt
to overcharge for such work, let It be
reported to the bricklayers' union In tho
following way; .In the first place find
out It possible the cost of the job be
fore having It done, and If the price Is
unsatisfactory, apply to tho union and we
will furnish someone to do tho work at
a reasonable Price. Should the work be
completed before ascertaining the price
and any attempt Is made to charge an
excessive price, then the one navlng
tho work done should refuse to pay tho
bill, secure the man's name and number
of his card and file the complaint with
the union, and the organisation will
iln wlti. (tin nnrtv liavlntr the work
'done, nnd also settle with the on who
did the worn, nie on compiaiuis wiui
either of the following: . ....
O. IS. Wfcaver, president, MM North
Twenty-eighth street; phone Webster
Kd Shannon. KecrotRry, M23 Soward
street; phono Harney GSM.
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Ing changed addresses to her has been
established. She haa been Kett'ng many
? Inquiries for persons whose friends are
unable to locate them and In many cast.
' she has been able with her card Index
(o loeate them Immediately. In many
j more cases she has been able to Impuit
i no information, ror the simple reason
I that the Information has not yet reached
h Against Increased Wages.
t: The Bricklayers' Protective and nenevo.
t lent Union No. 1 ot Nebraska passed a
H resolution denouncing the a!Je;d out'
raxedus charges for labor In the stricken
district and voluntarily brought tie lol
' lowing statement to the Cltisenj' rellf
J committee. ,
t To the citizens and publlo In general
i Having received several complaints
reiua io .excess over charges (or t-
w want It distinctly understood that
the brickJaycrs' union Is not responsible
Martha Bonnson, Malmo, Neb.
Mrs. 8. Blmon, 817 North Thirty-fourth
Kdward Sweeney, 8018 Charles street.
Mrs. It. Q. Strom. 901c Seward street. I
Mrs. Adelta mine, 3419 Cubing street.
Jensen, fcortn cmfwy cmfwy cmfwy fw
Mrs. Victor Coffman, 311 North Thirty-
eighth street.
Horen Jensen, 1000 South Thirty-eighth
Miss aertrudo Peterson, 413 Boutn
Thirty-second street.
Miss Uruce Slabaugh, 104 North Fortieth,
Mrs. David Vlnstln, 1003 North Twenty-
sixth street. ,
Mrs. Thomas Dougherty, 1608 North
Thirty-eighth street.
Mrs. Jchn Anderson. 223 Charlea street.
Mrs. Anna Nelson, 4WB William street.
Nelson child. 4907 wimam street.
Mrs. Carl Olson, 4818 Pierce street.
Olson baby, 4510 Pierce street.
Florence Ctelnson.
Rudolf llylund, 2102 Ohio , street.
Knmiinl Cmelit. Missouri Pacific
John Callls, 1W1 North Thirty-first
Calvin T. Elklns, 2401 North Twenty
fnurlh atreot.
Mrs. O. Kd Flnsoh, K04 North. Twenty.
rourth street
William Oallant, 2100 North Twenty
elchth street.
Louise Hansen, 2119 North Twonty-
slxth street.
ZAiin Itsnilidt. 2411 I.V street.
Mrs. Minnie Sorcnaen, Twontynlnth
and Decatur streets.
Mrs. Q. W, Tacklln, S010 North Twenty-
nun street.
Jongola Tanbura, South Omalia.
John Ally, lf.29 North Nineteenth street.
Martin Anderson, SJOl Uiondo street.
Mrs. Ida Anderson. K01 Illondo street,
Mrs. Mnry Allen. 6S0S Walnut street
liuclla lllglow, !&J7 Casa street.
Miss Bvs. Hrassfteld, 2313 North Twenty,
saventh street
ft. De Vol, 24 North Twenty-fourth
Frank Douglas, sou North twenty
seventh street. , ,
Mrs. lAura Dragoo, 4324 Wool worth
Harold Dragoo, 4924 Woolworth street
iMvdn Drncoo. 4914 Woolworth ltreut.
Clifford Drurjo, 4M4 Woolworth street.
William Drau'o, 4324 Woolworth street
j uragoo. m wooiwortn streoi.
Charles Ilraann. 4024 Woolworth street.
Mrs. It Blsman. 1921 South Klfty-tirst
street. . .
Mr. Doba IJwalt. auiiton, iseD.
Jacob Uwalt. Ilalnton, Neb.
i 1 t v. 1 1 mme TSmnn.iiw .i p a ,
J. W. Greenwood, IMS North rhtrtieth
Ambrose Oregg. 404 North Sixteenth
P. J. Gillian. 42 Harney street.
Mrs. iaia Henderson. 001 South Korty
thlrd street.
H M. lllgglns, JTM Deeatur street.
Patrick Hynes, SI04 North Twentieth
Mies N. Hynes, 2T04 North Twentieth
George Hansen. 4SW Mayberry avenue,
Klla McDermott. 4 Pacific street.
Joseph Magnlons, Ilalston.
Tony Magnlons, Italstoti. ,
Joseph Mrynrno, Halstou.
Paul Mrynrno, Ralston.
Sam Mrynrno. Ilalston.
William O'Connor. 2122 Iturdette street.
Loretta Planlnger, 4ST? Douglas street
Anna Ileln. Pacific Junction, la.
Mrs. Olen Rhoades. 3037 Patrick avenue.
Mrs. Will Rhoades. 2i37 Patrick avenue.
Erwln Russell, Thlryt-flrst and Lake
Patrick Sherlock. 2227 Miami street
Mrs. bona Wood, Ralston.
Thomas Wood, Ralston.
the floor of the house, waxed eloquent
on the methods that have been pursued
and of tho fact that they had taken
themselves too seriously.
"We have taken ouselves too seriously,
eloquently announced Relsche. "I cams
down hero believing tho making of laws
for a great stato like Nebraska was
really a serious business. I was green
at the business, but I have come to tho
conclusion that It Is a farce. Not know
ing any better, I Imagined tho house was
making very good progress, but I have
como to the conclusion that wc are flolns
nothing, In fact, all of our work la, yet to
ho done. I kept my eyos on the old mem
bers .and they havo not seemed to worry.
Instead, however, somo of them bclnc
satisfied with tho progress wo are mak
ing, I have concluded their experience has
taught them that the whoto business 1s
Just play acting and thero Is no further
need for tho new members to be wor
rled." x
Leirlslator Likes Himself.'
Other spoke along tho samo llf)es and
and It was egnornlly agreed that the
average legislator Imagines when ho hit
Lincoln that ha Is really somo pumpkins
and he Immediately develops n political
beo for some higher office, which unfits
him for any further use as a hard work
Inpf citizen. These members came to the
conclusion they would fare better with
constituents and their own consciences
If they passed appropriation bills and
hiked home. Anyhow, they felt much
better after getting It out ot their system
and hereafter tho houso wll havo to
recon with them.
touring car, belonging to W. R. McKeen,
and carried cooked food to the suffering.
Among other articles carried out wero
hot oat meal, ten gallons of milk nnd
other supplies especially needed by small
children. An abundance of fresh eggs
were carried In tho car. This crew kept
the McKeeu cur busy every day last
week carrying food and clothing and also
gathering up numerous bundles of sup
plies gathered by friends of tho association.
PIERRE. S. D., March 30.-(Spcclal Tel
egram.) The Ice which ImBo been holding
the Missouri for about thirty miles In a
big gorgo above tho city, broke loose
this ovonlng and Is running out rapidly
with quite a rise In tho stream, Thore
has been some approhauslon as to re
sults, especially at Kort Pierre, but tho
rise is not sufficient to disturb that place.
Greeks Pay Tribute
To the Memory of
Their Dead Ruler
Memorial services for tho late King
Georgo I. of Greece, assassinated a few
weeks ago, wero held In St John's
Greek Orthodox church. Sixteenth nnd
Martha streets, Sunday afternoon. Rov,
AugiiHt Harvales conducted tho services
and Peter Blrbllcs and Ernest Mlcarcs
led the singing.
The Greek consul, John Latcnser, and
tho Italian consul, A. Vcnuto. were pres
ent. Sebastlno Salerno, president of the
Italian society, presented nn elaborate
floral wreatli In honor of the late king.
Ho spoko briefly In the English language
In presenting the wreath and expressed
tho Italian appreciation of tho late king.
John Bcshllas, president of the Greek
society, spoke briefly In, i
ttonlng the love and reverence with which
the Greek people regarded the king. "He
had a feeling and a sympathy for his fel
low man," said the speaker, "which
marked him as the most democratic of
nil the monarchs."
Mr. June IS. W. Collins.
FAIRBURY. Neb., March 30.-(Spe-clal.)
Mrs. Jnno E. Wesly Collins, per
haps tho oldest woman In Joffcrson
county, passed away at the home of Ed
Hughes In this city yesterday. Death
was attlrbuted to general debility and
old nge. Mrs, Collins, familiarly known
as "Grandma Collins" had been fallin?
for several months. Her death' was ex
pected. She was 91 years and 2 months
months of age. Deceased was born n
New York City, January 18, 1822. She
spent her girlhood days In the Empire
state. Of late years she has resided
with Mr and Mrs, Ed Hukhoa in Fair-bury.
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hurrv failed -to realise the nueatlon of thu
J u rl ml1 .tlou of the legislature lr. a enso
where a r-ember gets beaten up whon the
legislature is not In session, nnd there
fore brought In the second repTt' holdliu;
the nsMU-: had oepurred In tho prcM-nco
of tin house, ! thero could bo r.o vi--!,-tl
! n! the rlcht ot the house to nssuina
lurlf diction and rummarlly punln iho de
fendant The motion to adont tho resolution
promises to stir up the animals as they
have never been stirred before this ses
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Miss Clara
Thomas, secretary to the
Visiting Nurse association, assisted by
Harry Kyler and E. O. Ware of tho Mc
Keen Motor Car company, filled a largo
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tlvely, ot the judiciary and finance com
mlttees. They knew not that the new
statesmen were dissatisfied with the
leadership of these two and proposed to
take matters Into their own hands In
order to save tho democratic party from
everlasting destruction.
Confer Waxed Kloquent.
After talking -legislation for a (W min
utes the conferees, who seldom speak on
Worst Stomach
Trouble Ended
No Indigestion, Gas, llonrtbtirn or,
Dyspe-psla flvo mlnutos after
taking "riipr'n Diapepsln." 1
Kvcry year regularly mote than a mll
lion stomach sufferers In tho V nlted t
Stntes, England and Canada take Pape's'
Dlapepsln. and realise not only Immo- J
dlate, but lasting relief. (
This harmless preparation will dlgoet I
anything you eat and overcome a sour", 1
rassy or out-of-order stomuoh flvo min
utes afterwards.
If your meals don't fit comfortably,
or what you eat lies like a lump of lead
In your stomach, or If you havo heart
burn, that Is a sign of Indigestion.
Got from your pharmacist a flfty-centl
case or Papo'a IDapepsin and take a
doso Just as soon as you can. There
will be no sour risings, no belchlnic of
undigested food mixed with acid, no
stomaah gas or heartbum, fullnen or
heavy feeling In tho stomach, nausea,
debilitating headaches, ' dlxitntss or In
testinal griping. This will all go. and,
besides, thero will bo no sour food left
over in the stomach to poison your
breath wtth nauseous odor.
Pape's Dlapopntn Is a certain cure for
out-of-order stomachs, because It -takes
hold of your food and digoats it Just the
samo as- f your stomach wasn't there.
Relief In five minutes from all stom
ach misery Is waltttuf for you at any
drug store.
These large fifty-cent cases contain
more than sufficient to thoroughly cure
almost any -caatv of dyspepalo. Indiges
tion or any other stomach disorder
Here Is Bread
frhout a Fault !
NO matter how particular you are,
HOIsSUM Bread will meet vour heartv
A approval, both in the manner in which made
and in the appearance and eating qualties of the loaf.
If you had charge of the baking of Bread
you could not demand a more exacting standard of cleanli
ness, purity and quality than we maintain in baking
HQLSU.f Bread
Made clean, sold clean, delivered clean
THE I'lllCK.
These high coat of living days glvo
you an excellent opportunity to gH
acquainted with a food that Is more
nutritious than meat and costs blib-one-tcnth
the price Faust Spit-
A 10c package of FaitBt Spaghetti
contains as much nutrition as 4 lbs.
ot beef your doctor will confirm
this. It is a rich, glutinous food
made from Durum (hard) Wheat.
it is sustaining, appetizing and
very easily dlgcatcd. Makes a big
variety of delicious, savory meals.
Write for free recipe book. Sold In
Co and 10c packages.
mauli, itnus.
St. Louis, lo. f
.Kosinol Really Does Wlint Cosmetics
arc Supposed to Do.
It Is so easy to get rid of pimples and
blockheads witli Hc.slnol, and It costs
so little, too, that anyone whoso faco
Is disfigured by these pents is foolish in
keep on with useless creams, washes or
complicated "bouuty treatments." Here's
tho way to do it:
Rutlio your face for several minute
with Rcslnol Soap and hot water, then
apply a little Reslnol Ointment very
gently. Let this stuy on ten minutes,
and wash off with Rcslnol Soap nnd
more hot water, finishing with a duuh
of cold water to clone the pores. Do
this every morning nnd evening, anil
you will be surprised to see how quick
ly tho healing, antiseptlo Rcutnol bal
sams sootho and cleanse every pore, leav
ing the complexion clear and velvety.
Rcslnol positively stops Itching In
stantly and speedily heals eczema, anil
other skin humors, dandruff, sqtcm,
burns and piles. Sold by every druggist.
Reslnol Ointment in opal Jars, B0 cents
and J 1.00. Reslnol Soap, 2G cent. Kor
generous free trial, write- Dept. H-S,
Reslnol. Ualtlmore, aid. Advertisement.
Our bake rooms are as clean as your
kitcheru Our ingredients are as choice
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materials must need be so large, to
provide for our output of thousands
of loaves-a dayf that we can put this
high quality into bread at less cost
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There is no longer need for you to con
tinwjhf pistQttt of home baking, when
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.money as well as do away with the hard
ship, thb heat, the worry and the frequent
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Fresh from the oyen,"HOZSUMM
Bread is slipped into its dainty waxed
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its oven freshness.
Atyour grocer'syou will alwaysfinda
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At all grocers 5 and 10 cents a loaf
The Jay Burns Baking Company
Tclephono Douglas 411 Now
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iik Supply
Terms and Prices Right.
Best Views of T
Omaha Disaster I Iflf
Sunday, March 3d
Sent postpaid for 15c a set of 12
cards address
1 2220 Howard St. Omaha, Usb.
All run down ? Ayes Sarsapartlla
is a strong nerve tonic No Mcohul.
Sold for 60 years.
Ask Your Doctor. ioSinfjui'
Jak tar Ulu.llu-1 booklet.
Tlu Royal MaU Steam Packst Co.
h tttttnan son O.r. Aitt. it Sa. J Sillt
w. WPlllfO. or ADr sitamsDip iictcs Alts'.
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