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If your piano was damaged during: the recent tornado we will be glad to call and
get it and have it put in shape again. Or wo will take the old one in exchange on any
new piano from our list of high grade makes and will
Allow You Full Cash Value
On the one you turn in. You can pay the difference in price on our usual easy pay
ments. A phone call will receive immediate attention.
Oar stock Includes t!o
9 man, Sieger Sons,
makes; nisp uio Median line r Wnnola Piano, including
Sleek, Wheelock, Stuyvcsatit, Stroud nnd Tcchuola.
We are making a special effort to dispose of our present stock of Steinway Grands
and Uprights in order to make room for our spring stock. It will pay you to investigate.
AFFAIRS ATJOUTH OMAHA One -Victim of the Tornado at
Kalstou Remains Unideitified.
Mnu.- Who Havo Looked , nt tlio
Ilcmnlnn UrtTO Declared that
tne Dcnil Mac, inert
Of the RaUton storm victims only the
body nf nn unidentified man, snld to be
J. J. McDonald, remains unburlcd. .Sev
eral persona havo called at tlio Larkln
undertaking room nnd partially ' identi
fied tlio man. Sqmo say he , Is Ilert
'i'liomas nnd others say his name Is Mc
Donald. At any rato he was a decent
looking worklngman and Is said to have
been employed at tlio Howard Stove
works. It Is probable that unless the re
lict committee takes tho matter In hand
tlio body will have to b burled by tho
county. An appeal to the relief commit
tee, It is said, may bo mado In order to
Elvo tho unfortunate a decent burial.
Jon Hvco Ulcaltt IlUUhalr.
Jon fivee, J9 years of age, was found
dead In his room at 1M South(Twenty
first street, yestordaW morning -'ai' 11
o'clock. The causa of death was duo to a
complication of diseases, flvec had, been
111 for some time. 716 had known' of his
serious condition and often declared ho
va not ready to die yet. Within the last
few days ho had Intimated that ti time
of his death had arrived. Yesterday
morning Mrs. Mary Blcgor mid John
Hpura found him sitting In his chair dead.
Hvcc's wlfo was In Cednr Rapids at the
tlmo of his death. Sho was called away
from homo by the death of her father.
Nha u a Bister of Court Officer Joe
Wheeler Treasurer of Relief Corps.
Jlev. Itobert J Wheeler, pastor of the
First Presbyterian church and one of the
best known nnd most highly regarded
clergymen of tfouth Omaha, was yester
flay elected treasurer of the general re
lief comir.lttop for tho benefit of storm
uufferrts. The committee met nt 10
("clock In tho city hall. Plans looking
to tho further systcmatiintlon of tho re
lief work wero developed and the com
mltteo decided to meet every morning at
10 o'clock In tho city hall. On Hunday
Hie meeting will bo In the afternoon.
To InveatlRnte Roumanian' Death.
Coroner Willis Crosby will hold an In
quest this afternoon at 2 o'clock In Lar
liln'a undertakltiR rooms on the death of
Hltnlan Cromero the Roumanian who we
found qad Wednesday evening at SIT
North Twenty-slxth street. Although tho
police were Inclined to placo the hlamn
for Cremere's death on murderous hands
they now have como to tho conclusion
that Cremero died by his own hand and
not by that of another.
Forty of tho best vclsea or Bouth
Also Raw and Red Sores, Brown
Crust Would Itch and Burn, Cu
ticura Soap and Ointment Cured
in About Two Weeks.
irlntore, N.Dslc-"My baby boys fee
and hands wero all covered vdth pimple and
raw and red sores. They hi a brown crust
on them which would Itch and bum. Ills
chin would bleed In places and bo could not
aleep just a hair hour at a time. He would
ba restless during the night. I bad to get up
with Wm and put on him. That
helped Just a while, then It weald hyt again.
We tried remedies with no relief ; it got worst
in place of better, Ue had that from four to
tlx weeks. I got tomo OuUcura Soap and a
box of OuUcura Ointment. I would wash
bis face and hands every morning with OuU
cura Soap, theo I would use tha Outiour
Ointment, then I repeated the sama way In
the evening. It took about two weeks before
be was completely cured.
"Blackheads would form- Into pimples
with a yellow head on them on my f ao,
Thry would make sorts oa my fan. My
hair Itched so badly at tunas that I would
bavo to scratch till tha bank of my head waa
so acre. I used alcohol to atop the burning
and Itching. I would hats to comb my hair
often for every time I would comb a handful
oat. OuUcura Soap and Ointment took the
pimples away also tha dandruff and my hau
ls girt ting thick, OuUcura Soap and Oint
ment cured us both." (Signed) Mrs. D. A.
Mlttorilng. Apr. 10. 1013.
Cutieura Soap Sac and OuUcura Ointment
are told throughout the world. Liberal
ample of own mailed free, with 82-p. book
on akin and acalp troubles. Address post
card "Cutjcura, JJept. T. Boston,'
-aTendar-faccd men should use OuUcura
Brand New One!
World's llcst l'luiios, hiicIi ns the.
Emerson. Mcl'hnll, Schmollcr & Mueller
Doug, 1623
Omaha joined In the chorus of the Am
phlon club which pave tho first of a
terlcs of recitals at the First Baptist
church last night. The Amphlon club Is
a local musical aggregation and hns won
much prnlso for Itn uuccessful work. A
largo crowd rewarded tho efforts of tho
club last night. Tho progrnm contained
n choice selection of vocal find Inat,.,,-'
mental work.
('linrcli N'oilccs.
At tho First Tif.iivi .-..
DOSt KaiUnr ,. m", ln"
um.wi.; n,u 'i... un enacrei
Hunday. Ihe following nro tho numbers:
, . . MORNING.
Instrumental, Voluntary
Mrs. Kads.
Response-Lift Your, Glad Voices.'... .
K. 8. Lorcns
Hvmn riirlut r)n.i i
Bcrlpturo Lesson
Chorus (from .the hfilrnnvi.Phi-lf
ArOBf,..'. .....J IX. iMvry
OfferlnK and Annpyncemcnts.
Anthem Nature's f:nBtiT...,.K. H. Loreni
. . ,.LnP.r WQl". Miss Johnson.
Reception of Members
Uuct and Chorus-Tlic Mght of Kaater
jonn u. ureswell
Mm. Ilflllll Ml Hncrtn .n.l IM...ll
, ...,n(v, unit viiuih
fiol l, -- Selected
Fntlenco Kolly.
Address 1'netor
Uoncdlctlon. , ,i 1
Inntrumcntal Voluntary...
Mrs. Kads.
Response Awako (Had Houl
unrrin u. Adams
t'llnir Knln. Mm. Ilnrnl1.
Ilvinn 11a f In-. T. -i I
...... .it, ai..- ..u. 4llff"
noio-cnnst is jtison Tortny..j. w. Ulsclioff
Mrs. Zastern,
Antheni I'ralio Our Itlsun )lnfr
. IU Jl. I11I1U
Choir Solo, Mies nennett; Duet,
Mlsi.eH llnnnt aiii! llnrHnv
Scripture l.cnson
frayer. . . A.ii
Bolo-Oblkato nnd Moil's .Chorus
aethsomntip, Jra H. Wilson
Bolo I.oulso . Ilrnttqn ' and,. Men's
Anthem-Thc Lord Is Risen Again
uarriu ii. Aiiams
r,twl- - .
Solo Teach Me Il6w to'Vrny.Jcsslo JoVett
.I i . . ... ....
Jiciuv'ri tins.
Greetings.., .....Dr. - Wheeler
Mrs. llratton. tllrnrmr: Mr. Knrix. nr.
Christian church, roitmr Twenty-third
and I streets, W. J. Hustle.' minister.
Urlng your contribution of cash or goods,
or notify tho pastor. SubJcutH suitable
for the occasion. will be dlscutscd nt the
morning and ovenlug koi vices. All are
Methpdlst Kplscopul church. Worship
at the Odd Fellows hall nt 11 o clock.
Trcachlng by the paMor. Huhject. "Why
Re a Church Member?" Kvcrybody In
vited. J. W. Klrkp.Urlck, pastor.
fit. I.uke'n l.utliprnti church, Twenty
fifth and K streets, Rev. R H. Verlan,
pastor. Sunday school, 3:4. u. m. i preach
Inir. 11 h. hi. fltihli.t. "ltnntlftm. KiiNtnr
procrnm, 7:30 p. m.
uuum i-resDyierinn cnurcii, ri weniy
third and II streets. William A. I'ollock,
pastor. Dlble school, U:3 n. in.; public
worship. 11 a. m. Subject. "I.tHHon From
Ood'R Judgments." Young Ponple'H Chris
tian union, 6:30 p. n.: public worship,
7:S0 p. m. Subject, "Chrlst'a Directions
for 1'rayer."
lanle City i$ov,
L. Q. Forguson of Muson City, In.. Is
In the city, the guest of friends.
Lowell sohool has been ciosed on no
count of an epidemic of nouriot fever.
The erection of a new viaduct ut F
street will begin within he next few
Misses Ruth Ounnaul nnd Irene Adams
of Lincoln are the guosts of Mrs. Jay N.
Miss Alice D.ivla will give n recital at
the Auditorium In Omuha next WViltics.
day night.
Mrs. Jennie McCarty. hair wwtvlug.
third floor, above l'etern & Mlukloien's
im N street.
Mr., and Mm. 1'atrluk McMahon re
port the birth of u daughter ut tholr
home SIX S street.
Policeman Joo Dlask has returned train
Cedar Rapids, la., wliem he was called
by the deuth of his father.
Mrs. Fred Hly n a struggle to drink
cnrbollo uold Thursday night sustained
severe burns about tlio hands.
If you want to reduco tho high cost of
living buy your meats and groceries of
llurnateln. Oet our prices before buying
Mr. and Mrs. John Cog-inlly. . nbo lot
everything In Sunday night's tp, ., ure
staying with their sUter. Mrs. Devtj.
mt T street. South Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. 1. I- Van Sant aiutounce
the engagement of their niece, Mt
Haumgartcn to Ilyron g. Badger.
The wedding )s to take place In May.
Fred Marsden and Mary Crumo were
married last evening ut the home of the
bride's parents, Thirty-first and U
streets by Reverend T. A. Uagshaw.
Jerry Howard addressed a large meet
ing of laboring men at Cudahy'a yester
day noon. He was enthusiastically re
ceived. Mr Howard wHl address a
meeting at Armour's today.
Thare was a meeting of the citizens'
league last night for the purpeie of com
pleting plans for preventing fraud at the
primary elections. A number of affi
davits were read and filed for reference.
W wish to express our sincere taaaks
to the kind friends and neighbors and
lodgo No. 118, I. O. O. F., who showsU
such genuine sympathy and kladnets In
our recent bereavement and aerroiv; also
to Rev. R. U Wheeler and choir. Mrs.
Jean Boyd lUchinond. and for the many
beautiful floral offerings. Mrs. David
Anderson and Family.
Pusistcnt Adve. Using' t tl.o Road
nn Returns.
Stclnwny. U'chcr. Hard.
l'iano, mid Hit other
the Slclmvuy, Weber,
1311-13 FARNAM ST.
Articles Blown by
Storm 120 Miles to
Lake City, Iowa
The Lako City . Graphic, published at
Laku Clty la., '. 120 nilles northeast of
dmalm," Is In possession of tho evidence
tonulngito ohoWtliat the Omaha tornado
dfSunday night was some traveler. The
pupor stntes thnt" Ed Butrlck, a rural
mail carrier out of tho town, Monday,
following tl.o tornado, found proof that
It -had visited Omaha.
Along his routo Butrlck found numerous
articles blown from Omaha. Theeo he
picked tip and placed on 'exhibition at
the Qraphlo office. In the collection is
a Hotel Rome menu, a machinist's Job
work ticket, a lace curtain nnd a circular
from n loan agent In the Brown block.
Thompson Regrets
Action of House
W. H. Thompson, chairman of the Ne
braska democratic state committee, passed
through the city last evening cn routo to
Iowa oi, legal business. Discussing tlio
nctfpnji'or '('hri, ' lowet lioUso of the No
binsku leglslnturu with reference to th'n
,workmons compensation bill, Mr. Thomp
son said: Vi
m."1 sincerely regret tho nrtlmi of 1fi'
hOUKn nnd liniiW that il (r nnt tt.n ain in
accomplish Homo legislation alonir this
line. Iregard the ennctmcnt of-the work
men's compensation law na tho Instant
duly of every democratic member of tho
legislature, our plutform having promised
the enactment of such a law. However,
all of tho' republican members nro equnlly
bound by their own ctato platform In this
"In my official capacity as chairman
of the democratic stnto committee, ,1 view
with genulno regret tho failure of our
majority In tho lower honso to redeem
tho pledge we mado to tho people In our
platform. I nm sure that nono of our
members intentionally vjolnted our pint
form pledge, preferring rather to believe
that tho loKlHltAlon wns hedged about by
circumstances which created nn honest
"I am Informed by some of our demo
cratic senators that earnest effort will be
made to Imvn the sennto pass a compen
sation law that will bo accpptable to tho
house membership."
Drug Fiends Work
the Relief Stations
So plausible was tne story told by a
squad of eleven drug fiends yesterday,
that persons In chnrgc of one of the re
lief stntlons supplied them with nearly
new clothing, food nnd articles easily con
vertible Into cast at any pawn shop.
Tho men went to un "uncle'' and sold thu
stuff nnd half an hour later were all
under the Influence of their favorite
A little boy saw them getting the cloth
lug and followed them down town merely
by chance. When ho saw them pawn the
stuff, he followed In earnest and then no
tified the police.
When Investigation was made. It was
learned that the meh had told the relief
workers that they wore assisting In the
work ami nuked for articles to bo de
livered to sufferers.
An amusing story s told of a faithful
old halt that went through the Sunday
night storm us bmvely as anybody, She
had been set with a nest of eggs some
tlmo ago In the basement of J. L. Blg-
Hr, 2030 Miami streot, and when tho
storm blew the house partly In It also
burstad n wnterplpe. which flooded the
basement and started the barrel In which
the "old lady" was setting to floating
nround the cellar. '
In the excitement she, of course, was
not thought of and ovan after the storm
had frMbrlded and thruughout the noxt
few daya no effort waa made to look
for her. Thursday, as the wreckage was
being cleared away, one of the workers
was dumfounded to see the cluck perched
upon her nest as though nothing had
BHATIUC15. Nob..' March .-(6peclal
Telegram.l The So-ttheastern Nebraska
Educational association closed tta session
here this evening by electing these offi
cers: President. J. A. Woodward, of Have
lock; vlea president, MIkh Jessie Pyrtle.
of Beatrice: secretary. Miss lleuluh Ba
der. of Falrbury: treasurer. F. Qehert. of
Pawnee 'lty. executive committee, M N
DeUell. Peru, und B. K Dill, of Wtlber
The tutal (Uiyl'iuctt was SOtf.
Thrilling Experiences of Crcighton
Students During Tornado.
Nlnff of .Medlenl Collrw nnd Mem
hers of Clncn Do Much AVork
Cnrlnjr for Thouc Who
Were Injured.
Harold McKenna, C034 North Thirty
fourth avenue, won the only Crelghtou
university student seriously Injured by
tho tornado of last Sunday night, ac
cording to complete estimates mado by
tho university authorities. McKenna, a
member of the second yoar high school
class at tho arts department, had, with
his. younger brother nnd friends, been
visiting in nnother part of tho city Sun
day afternoon and waa returning homo
The boys left the car at Twenty-fourth
and Laka streets. Intending to transfer.
When they saw tho storm approaching
they ran Into a nearby restaurant tnd
gave thu warning, then Into tho street.
The other boys succeeded In reaching
places of safety, but when McKenna at
temped to crawl Into a manhole, he found
that ono of his, friends had preceded Mm.
Ho was left alone and unaided In tho
path of tho storm. Covered with blood,
ho was picked up later by a city fire
man, and carried to the fire station on
Lako street where ho spent the night.
Examination revealed two broken ribs,
a badly bruised head, and a badly las
Crated leg.
' Thought lie Was Dead.
In relating the Incident, McKenna said
that a telegraph pole first felled him
and drove a huge spike lito the calf of
his leg; then a pool cue cams' sailing
by and mashed his thumb, nnd finally a
brick struck him on the head. He said
that for a short time ho thought he was
dead, but when he discovered he was
able to move, he deckled he waa still
living and accordingly called for help.
Many of the studenta had Just re
turned from their Easter vacation, and
some escaped possible Injury by return
ing late. A number of tho students wero
In tornado districts at tho time and had
closo Calls.
Perhaps the most marvelous escapo
was that of George Pratt, who wns taken
badly shaken up from beneath the bodies
of T. B. Norrls and his daughter, Cora
lie, S507 Burt street.
Frank Prucha, who graduated from tho
pharmacy school last February and who
was popular as a basket ball nnd font
ball player, was visiting at 636 North
Forty-first avenue, Sundny evening,
when the entire homo was destroyed.
Vaughn Caughlan, senior at tho medi
cal college, was at his father'a drug
store at Forty-eighth and Leavenworth
streets, when he first saw the storm ap
proaching. Caughlan took refuge In a
sewer. Sufferers from mat section oi
the city flocked to the drug store, and
Caughlan waa soon busy working ovor
tho Injured. For four hours ho worked
uhnlded. Using up the entire supply ot
bandages In the place, together with all
the whisky available. One hundred hy
podermics were Injected to relievo tho
All MRlit nt Hospital.
At tho county hospital good work was
performed by "William Arrasmtth, an
other' senior, who"! however,' hail' not the
ndvantago of tho nnrcotlcs of tho drug
store and wno woriwu an nigni oy canuio
A number of tin faculty members had
their homes moro or less damaged,, but
nt onco Joined li'i 'tho work.1 of caring for
tho Injured. Amdng theso were Urn. H.i
I.. Arnold, Snnuil McClcneghan. P. T.
Conlan nnd Charles F. Crowley.
Dr. Dewltt C. I'.ryant. former dean of
tho medical college, woj ntso a sufferer
nt his home, 3300 Sherrrtun avenue.' Dr.
A. L. Mulfnca present . dea", Pop
pleton nvenm -and lr, A. D. Dunn, lS
Oeorgla aventle,' wor.i f.lro among those
In tho path -of- tho cyclone, but both
joined lli.tho relief wc,:lc.,
Tho students were uctlvo In tho- wort
of succoring the lnjurcu. 'Although many
of them had just returned from their
Easter vacation, 'hey w'ere busy Stt'ul.ty
night draggingjileople from the "-ulna of
their homes. ' Monday mornlnK tho Jonta!
collegu students, undor tho leiil of Dr.
Hamilton, offered t'ulr services ns pa
trols. All Hunday night and all day Mon
day tho upper classmen of the medical
collegu wero kept busy. At present two
seniors are on duty at all hours at the
relief stations, while the Juniors are
ready for all emergency calls.
Tho entire sophomore class of the medi
cal college Is working In shifts to assist
n class mate, J. M. Johnson, In tho work
of cleaning up his ruined home
About forty students from tho arts col
lege havo been working at the Sacred
Heart convent, Thirty-sixth and Burt
streets, since Monday. They have been
piling all the valuablos Into three large
rooms, where they are locked for safety
from looters.
The students of the dental college ara
working In shifts, at tho home of Dr. P.
T. ConlapvlSI Blnney street, one of their
Instructors, whose residence was dam
Over the ruins of a homo vi Thirty-
eighth street a big, surly bulldos tanun
guard, und all the persuasive power ot
the state militia and of police, .gutav
troops or ununlformed citizen havo
failed to move him. He was found thcr.j
three days ago, and since then has stood
his ground, mourning for the home that
was and refusing to search elsewhere
for his master. State .militiamen gave
the dog food when he began to grow
gaunt, for there was something pathetic
III the animal's devotion. The ruins over
which tho bull stands guard ara o com
plete a wreck that the number i.f the
house or the name of the owner cannot
be obtained.
CHICAGO, March 2S.-Worrt was re
ceived here tonight by Colonel B. B.
Ray, V. 8. A., that the special train
sent from army headquarters here, con
sisting of seventeen carloads of rations,
had arrived at Columbus, O.. at i p. m.,
from which point there will be local dis
tribution of relief as the conditions re
quire. Tho "bread, special." which left
later with 75,000 pounds of bread, rcaohed
Toledo at 7:40 tonight. It was. expected
to arrive at Columbus by midnight.
1. p. Marks, a member of the Omaha
relief committee established in Paplllion,
has brought in as the results ot the
canvass made there. The amount was
turned over to the relief committee.
This Store Offers the
Utmost Assistance to
Storm Sufferers
YjT'-E KNOW THAT there are many in Omaha today who
flf would like to provide the comforts of home for their loved
ones, but because of loss through fhe destructive storm of
last Sunday, they feel unable to do so. We are exerting every effort
to serve the unfortunate ones, regardless of their financial condition.
We are supplying their needs as quickly as possible enabling them
to go to housekeeping again, at once, and leaving the matter of pay
ments very much to the future.
In this time of emergency we want to make this store a
Genuine Help to thePeople of Omaha and Vicinity
We have confidence in our people and want to show it in the more generous
and helpful service that we are now rendering. We urge all who feel the need of
economizing in expenditures and who require extra favors in the matter of credit
terms to call upon us at once and receive the extra assistance that we are today
so willing to extend to you.
A well made depend
able dresser. A splendid
value for tho money. It
Is made In golden oak
handsome box seat
dining chut r, up
holstered In tho
best grade of gen
uine leather, made
of solid oak In
finish, has heavy
beveled mirror,
guaranteed In
goiuen, rumen or
ICarly English fln-
everv nnrtlcular1
otner specials on saie
tomorrow at 53.75,
S13.7S, $14.50, 919.75 and
jsn. spe
cial sale
price. . . .
tiai neavy, wen mauc, iron ueo, rin
lulled in any deslrnblo color, has font
coats of oiiamel baked on, Is attrac
tive In design and serviceable. It Is
fitted with all steel sldo rntli and
hall bearing castors
an unusual bargain,
pnwU tirlco, . . s.
SGjBjEtes BUrrET Handsome
solid qunrtcrsawed
oak buffet,
9 v
like illustration, fin
ished In fumed, early
English or golden oak,
has large linen drawer
and lined draw'er for
silverware, rtll "r
sare!prlc2.1..wll. I V
Howard St.
Lifesaving Crew Searching Cities
and Aiding Sufferers.
Chans Bxlnts In Xnrth Dayton,
Where Poorer Clnssps I,lve
Few IlnlldlnKs Sub
stantial. WEST DATTON, O.. March 29. Mem
bers of tho JJnlted States life-saving crow
of Ixmlsvllle, who navigated alon' sec
Hons of flooded Dayton heretofore unox.
plo'red, returned today at noon, report
ing conditions In 'North Dayton nnd
Rlverdale quite as deplorable as tho llrst
estimates Indicated, as far as tho suffer
Ing of the peoplo was concerned. Tho
tour, however, failed to verify fera that
there had been a tremendous death toll
In that section.
In North Dayton privation among the
marooned has been severe, but nctual
suffering, except among children, was
negligible. Cruising the southern end of
Rlverdale, whero It was feared there
would be found a big death list. Captain
Gllooly, In charge of the crew, reported
conditions paralleling thoso In ot'ir sec
tions of tho stricken city, but only two
dead bodies were reported to nlm as
having been recovered from that dis
trict The flooded ter'ltory In lUver
dale, which Is a section of subs:antlal
home owners, approximately is (seven
teen 'blocks long and seven blocks wid4
Thousands Still Imprisoned.
After having descended the Miami
river. Captain Gllooly reported that in
the south central section of LMyttfo,
where tho flood flowed wildest on Tues.
day night and Wednesday, thousands ot
persons still were imprisoned in upper
floors ot their homes. He stut-d that
from numerous Inquiries among .ho peo
ple whose residences had been inundated
It appeared the life loss would not be
nearly so lr.rge as stated In first reports.
This section still waa flooded, ulthoush
the water rapidly was receding, and
while a few corpses eddied out from tn
flood's edge yet In the center ot tha treu
It Was stated that only two bodies ha l j
been seen. ,
Assisted by a representative ot tf.e An .
soclated Press, Captain Gllooly and his'
men distributed food and quantities ot
drinking water to a large number of the i
flood's prisoners. Arrangements were
also made to provide the needy ones witn '
the necessary supplies from time to time
until the flood waters have go"
Tho crew launched their big boat n
We are closing out
our entire last season's
sample lino of extension
tables nt one-half the
regular price.
As there Is a limited
number only, It. would
be advisable for you to
como o a r 1 y, Six-foot
extension tables, mado
In solid quartersawed
Ing In prlcoo Id; 1 Ohog
nnd Is
I 41111 19
obk, .peuesia.i style.
rniiKinK in
price up
RUO SPECIAI, A largo K-foot by 11'
foot rug of the celebrated Clifton
make, many handsome designs and
In a varlaty of the latest a ft ff
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To all whose
homes were .in
jured in the cy
clone we will
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motion Collapsible
Go-Cart, extra
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the Miami canal, up which they .'rulsed
to Mad river, thence down Mad river to
the Miami and thence south to the
Stewart street bridge, which la only a
shor.t distance from tho National . Cash
Register plant. Hundreds of retugecd
are receiving care.
At many different points along the
route stops were mado and tho crew de
toured away from the rivers. It was
found many of theBo detours could be
made afoot, the wator having fallen
rapidly since last night. At no place was
the water behind tho levees deeper than
four feet. Preparations were being made
at several points to cut the levees In
order to more rapidly drain tho sub
merged districts.
While tho Louisville life savors wore
".making tholr crulso, Captain A. Hansen
nnd a crew of life savers 'from the Cleve
land station wero operating a number of
boats In tho heart of North Dayton,
whero a condition of veritable chaos ex
ists. In that section live many of the
poorer class. Few of the buildings wero
substantial and when tho fury of the
Miami and Mad rivers' floods combined
In a seething maelstrom, dozens of tho
residences succumbed. Two . representa
tives of the Associated Press made a trip
Into North Dayton tills afternoon and
saw mora than n score of frame houses
upturned' and shattered long distances
from whero they originally had stood. .
It was expected that tho two llfo saving
crews would continue' their efforts to
morrow, although tho opinion was gen
eral that by that tlmo the water would
havo subsided sufficiently to permit the
exit of all parsons now marooned.
Levee Cut In Three IMarra.
In Rlverdale. near the Main street
bridge, the levee was cut In three places
today in an effort' to drain that section
ui me tiiy. vnen it is possiDio to clear,
nway tho debris there and. make thorough
search of the houses, nany of which)
On the "firing line"
It you would maintain your place in tho "front rank"
you must keep strong and robust. Sickness soon rele
gates you to the rear. Try
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the liver and bowels are inactive. It will surely help you.
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Howard St.
wero overturned and wrecked bv tha
, -.v,mi ueua may no Lnlcpn m,
but according to. tho most reliable !!
forma Ion obtainable from dosens of men
actively engaged In rescue work and from
tho headquarters of tho section now
established at Van Cleave school thero
aro only about twenty persons mlssln.
and It is believed many of these escaped
to homes in North Dayton View, which,
was not affected by the flood.
MI N DEN, Neb., March, 28.-rfpeclal
Telegram.) I. W. Haws, a local mer
chant and president of trio Nebraska
State Fair association, was taken this
afternoon to nn Omaha hospital to Un
dergo nn operation for gallstones. Hla
condition Is serious and fears are tnter-i
talned for his recovery.
Mr. I laws Is at the St. Joseph hospital
and his condition this morning waa re
ported to be good. Althoueh he Is vrv
sick at present, It is thought that, he-will
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., March 29,-Spe-.
clal.) John Syneck, aged 28, a brakemau
on a Burlington freight train, fell1 from
the rear car of a string that was-belns
switched In the local yards, and several
cars passed over him. Hoth legs were
cut oft and death resulted at the hos
pital five hours later, Mr. Synek leaves
a widow and and child, residing at Au
rora. 1
A few hours after the notification of
the wife of the accident a newly burn
babe was added to the family.
-fHI I IM m I II IP l UXl