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Insurance Code Measure Likely to
Have Rough Path.
Builders Hustle on Roof of Hopper's House
Allegation Mnde bjr Them thnt Pro
poaed Hetrare 'Will nlook Fntnre
of Theae Concerns In State
) of Nebrnakn.
5 u
(From a Stuff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, March .-(Speclal.)-The
bill revising; the. Insurance code as pre
pared by a commission paid to re-arrange
the 'Nebraska laws Is liable to have hard
sledding- In the house. It has passed the
Members of fraternal Insurance com.
panles have the Idea that :t this bill
becomes a law It will wipe out of ex
istence every fraternal Insurance com
pany In the state. Senator Cordeal, who
sponsored the bill In the upper house,
insists that It In no way effects fraternal
Insurance companies, and Insists that the
fear belnx thrown Into the fraternals Is
being done at the Instance of old line
companies that are trying to kill the
bill The section which. It Is alleged,
"Jinx"' the fraternal Is as follows.
Sec 142. Discrimination. No life In
surance company shall make or permit
any distinction or discrimination In favor
of Individuals, between insurance of the
name class and equal expectation of life,
In the amount of payment of premiums
or rates charged for policies of life or
endowment Insurance, or In the dividends
or other benefits payable thereon, or in
any other of the terms and conditions of
the contract It makes; nor shall any
company, agent, solicitor or broker make
any contract of Insurance or agreement
as to such contract, other than ts plainly
specified in the policy thereon; except
that any life insurance company doing
business In this state may Issue policies
of life or endowment nsurance with or
without annuities on the industrial plan
with special rates of premiums (but with
out discrimination) less than the usual
rates of premiums for such policies when
issued to members of labor organizations,
lodges, bencfclal societies or similar or
ganizations, or employes of one employer,
who through their secretary or employer
may take out Insurance in an aggregate
of not less than 100 members and pay
their premiums through such secretary
or employer.
The fraternals Insist that under this
rectlon agents of an old nle compnny will
he permitted to walk Into a shop and
by making an extremely low rate Induco
the employes to "cancel their fraternal
policies and take out other Insurance. U
Is expected tbey say, when ohl lino com
j aniea have the field to themselves, rates
will bo Increased.
Another objection to the bill Is In sec
tion thirty-two which Is as follows;
Sec. 32. Name of company to appear
on policy.-.' Every Insurance company
shall conduct Its business In this state
In Its own "name, and the policies and
contracts of insurance Issued by It shall
be headed or entitled by such name. Two
or more oompanles may Jointly Issue an
underwrltcr'H policy upon which must
nrpear'tho names of the companies guar
anteeing the same and such companies
jshall bo Jointly and severally liable
thereon: Provided this limitation shall
not apply to any Insurance company ad
mitted, to this state and Issuing an under
writers policy prior to the passage of this
, Th clauso o exempt from this section
companies now doing an underwriter's
business Is said to bo for tho relief of a
compariy which recently bought out a
Lincoln concern.
Tha section giving the right to the in
surance board to prescribe the particular
tform of policy it Is claimed, delegates
legislative powers to bo tho board which
Ms beyond the'-authorlty of the legislature.
a4 It Is also Claimed that there Is no de-
i'inand for a revision of the Insurances
laws of this state, and those oppoxiniC
the measure insist the code commlnbiim
went beyond its authority In drafting
such a bill. Some states have taken iuur
years to revise their Insurance laws, and
It Is Insisted that this legislature Is no
wiser than any other, and if It docs
enact this law it will do so with very
few members realizing what It Js doing.
Regardless of Senator Cordeal's un
qualified endorsement of the measure
and his standing In tho senate as ono of
Its most painstaking and hard working
members, many believe tho measure no
aponsers is a vicious one, 'uncalled foi
and entirely too long to be seriously
understood by our present leglslatuie.
Senator Cordeal, however,, has full on
fldence In his measure and will do nls
best to defeat the ."Insurance lobby,"
residence: ok c. l. hop ter, iais corbv street
Have You
Nasal Catarrh?
Can you breathe
through your
nose? I mean, can
you breathe free
ly through each
nostrin If not,
do you know
what the reason
Is? It Is nasal
It may not be
far ad v a n c e d
You may not
have thought of
catarrh, or given
the matter very
inuch heed In any
way. Dut lr you
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freely thr o u g h
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wrong. Nature Intended you to breathe
llirough the nostrils, llotlr nostrils.
Try first one, then the other. Every
mornlpg yhen you get up practice deep
breathing through the nostrils. Put
jour finger on one nostril and hold It
tight while you breathe through the
other. Backwards and forwards, tq
At the same time you should take
Tcruna. The dose on the bottle Is one
tablesjioonfuf. You had beter make It
three tcaspoonfuls. Tho reas.on why I
direct this Is because I want you to take
a teaspoonful of Peruna and as you
swallow it down breathe the fumes of
It out through the nose. Then the next
teaspoonful do tho same thing, and so
on until the three tcaspoonfuls are
taken. This, however, Is after you have
thoroughly cleansed your nore by deep
While you are practicing the deep
breathing you may snuff up the nose
a, little salt water. A teaspoonful to the
quart of warm water.
But after you have thoroughly
cleansed your noso then take the Peruna
as above directed. Do not put It off.
Do it now. IX) It before your nose gets
bad. if only one nostril Is partially
.stopped now It will not remain ju long.
It will atop up entirely. The other will
ht stopped, 'too. Begin uow. No. 5i
and ho stakes his reputation that thy bill
Is a good one and thatln no way will it
hurt fraternal insurance.
Sued for Accounting
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., March 2). -(Speclal.)-Charlcs
C. Bickel of uni
versity Place has begun a suit 'n the
district court against the KlngtalTa
mills to prevent the officers, II. H.
Hanks as president and Wllber AV. Sim
as (secretary, from removing tno book
of the corporation from this state until
they have made a full accounting o the
stockholders. The mills were burned some
time since and the stockholder? had u
meeting and decided to have the books
audited and the corporation ilsjolveil.
The land and all of the remaining build
ings were sold to some of the local stock
holders and matters were to havj besti
settled up and a full accounting made to
the remaining stockholders and thi cor
poration dissolved before anything was
removed. Mr. Hanks went to Chicago
and began the erection of a new plant
and Mr. Sim was packing the books and
office furniture and fixtures to as to
ship them when the restraining order
was secured. In his petition Mr. Utcke!
states that the corporation owes Mm
12,000 borrowed money and be holds
13,000 of the stock and that no account
ing has been made to him regarding the
160,000 or $70,000 Insurance which was had
on the plant and part of which hui been
paid over to the officers abovo named.
Mr. Bickel Is one of the directors of the
company andv a brother-in-law of the
president, H. H. Hanks.
Otoe County Towns
Send Aid to Berlin
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., March 23.
(Special.) Nebraska City has raised a
purse of something like $2,600 for tho peo
ple of Berlin, whose homes were de
stroyed last Sunday evening. Syracuse
raised $1,000, Unadllla $500, Elmwood $100,
Avoca $1,000 and Dunbar $1,000. Tho
county commissioners arc caring for the
Injured and they are all doing well. The
Miller family Is at Auburn, Mrs. Tcncy
near the Becene of the storm and Mrs.
Nutzman at Syracuse. Both women had
their legs broken and It Is thought Mrs.
Nutzman will havo to have one limb
amputated to save her life. The others
Injured, all of whom was not dangcroirs,
are recoverlnjand will bo able to caro
for themselves In a short time. Mrs.
Mathena, whose husband was killed and
she blown out of tho Missouri Pacific
section car. Is here and will bo sent to
the home of her niece south of the city to
Le given a home. Tho people of Berlin
have already begun the work of clearing
away tho debris and many of them will
rebuilt as soon as tho weather and con
ditions will permit. The bank has been
opened for business while It is undergo
ing repairs. Thero was something Itko
$20,000 tornado Insurance on property In
Legislators Forced to Register State
Warrants Received,
lit'Klalntora Spend Time; Inrratl
KfttliiK' When Might llnve l'naaed
Law to Muke Trcnaurera
Vay Up.
iFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
IjINCOUN. March .-(Spcclal.-State
warrants are not nearly as popular as
theye were when the session Of the legis
lature first opened by reason of the tact
that there Is no money to pay them and
the holder Is forced to have them regis
tered or tako them down to tho money
changers and have them discounted In
order to get enough to pay that board
bill and that room rent.
A great deal of this could have been
avoided If the members of the legislature
had paid any attention to the request
of the state treasurer to fix the law so
that county treasurers wouldd be re
quired to remit the state treasurer all
money duo the state before the 15th
of cath month.
Hod this requirement been put Into the
law with the emergency clause money
now being held by tho different county
treasurers of the state, belonging to the
state, would be ln the hands of the state
treasurer and In all probably the members
would be getting their money instead of
having to dispose of their warrants to
tho money changers at a discount.
How Time Warn Spent.
However, the members seemed to think
that, tho needs of the state would be
better subserved by spending the stato's
money In Investigating trips. Instead of
passing a few laws which wpuld really
be beneficial, and, while $140,030 were ap
propriated at the beginning to pay ex
penses of the legislature this has long
since passed Into the unfathomless past
and there Is nothing left to- make the
leglsaltor smllo or the hard worked em
ploye happy.
has drawn, cannot bo denied. The atti
tude of studied detachment In which the
story Is told makes It particularly significant.
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This new novel pictures the simple
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quilting;), spelling-matches, coon hunt
ing and candy pulls were the amusements
of a homogeneous community. There is
no need to dwell upon Mr. Ho well's art;
but It may bp doubted whether In any
of his books he hag drawn a more sym
pathetic character thnn that of this un
successful Idealist.
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FULLERTON. Neb., March .-(Spe
cial.) William C. Benson died yesterday
at Harlan, la., where he was nuddeniv
stricken with congestion uf tin lungs
arid gallstones, dying before ills wife
could reach his bedside. Mr. Benson bad
been an honored resident here for ifio'e
than thirty years. He had Just priised
his sixty-first birthday and lcavc.l a
widow and four children, Lloyd, Bert
and Mrs. Clarence Fuller of this city
and Tony Benson of Worland, Wyo. All
were present at the funeral today, us
well as his brother, E. A. Benson, anJ
Mrs. Benson and daughter of Omaha.
The funernl was In charge of the Ma
sonic order, of which he had been i mem.
ber for many years.
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,Onb WOMAN'S LIFE. By Robert Her
pany. The WcmllIan com-
Tho paramount theme of this new novel
by Mr. Hcrrlck. Is tho aggression of the
modern woman. Mllly Ridge, later Mllly
Brngdon, and yet later Mllly Duncan, Is
air adventuress; a fortuitous, somewhat
parasitic creature. She Is a gallant In her
way. hut with" her own forms of coward.
Ice and her tyranny, tricked out In various
guises, permits her to carry all before
her. Finally In her widowhood she fasci
nates nnothcr woman, a hard-headed
laundry woman, who has never been ablo
to realize any of her dreams. Mllly
rulni her In the end and leaves her
amid tho ruins, while she, with her little
daughter, goes off with her second hus
band. The penetration and keenness of
the analysis and sentiment aside, the
truth of the pictures which Mr. Herriclt
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb.. March 20.
(Speclal.) Tuesday the house of Gran
ville Church, a leading farmer sidlng
south of the city, was burned lind lie
contracted pneumonia and died Thurs
day morning at the home of Edgar 1'ur
sell, where he went when hts home was
destrpyed. He was born In Virginia,
January i. 1830, and came to this county
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