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Racing on Board Track to Be the
Thing This Season.
Training Cnnip. Opened In thn Kit
for nidern nnd Erpryfhlns; la
Ilendr 'or the Sport to
NEW YOnK, March M.-Motoreyct3
aclnj; on board tracks begins May 21 and
will continue uninterruptedly until late
n the fall. It Is planned to have two'
leagues, one In the east and one to cover
the middle west circuit. The former will
include Brighton Hench, Newark, Phila
delphia. Buffalo, Pittsburgh and prob
.ibly Boston, while the middle west clr-
ult will comprise Chicago, Cleveland. St.
Louis, Detroit and Cincinnati. Those
tracks will be under the contiol of the
ecently organised American 7asus f
"rofesslonaj Motorcycle Racing clubs
The organliatlon of tho !irn cltle Is
xpectcd to be completed within a f-'W
weeks, but tho middle west is now !n full
; way nnd only awaits the opening meet
The plan outlined for racing In tho
eague club plan for this season follows
base ball league methods. Kach motor
drome will maintain a racing club, com
posed of ten racers. Thus lher will be
rivn clubs, Including Chicago, Cleveland,
Detroit, St. Louis and Cincinnati. Each
dub will be divided Into two teams, eaoh
making a tour of the other cities to fight
t out with the home teams lor su
premacy, as In base ball. One team will
temaln at home to defend the local track
while the other Is abroad. The scores of
fhe teams will be kept and will probably
be based upon the number of firsts, sec
onds and thirds which the members
ore for their respective teams. A
pennant will be awarded to the winning
team at tho end of the season. In tho
event that an" eastern league la organ
ized, aa planned, there will be an end of
the season contest between the two
leagues for the championship of America.
Own the Machines.
The local motordromes now own the
machines used in the races and will "allot
them to the riders by drawlnc lots each
week. The rider that draws machine 1,
for example, at the opening week in
t'hlcago will rldo that mount the entlro
week. All the mounts will be stock ma
chines of the same make, owing to tho
requirement or the Federation of Amcr
can Motorcyclists racing rules, provldlnc
that no rider shall bo compellod or nl
lowed to enter a race on a strange ma
chine. However, this rule may bo
amended at the next meeting of tho
Federation of American Motorcyclists di
rectors In Chicago, April 3.
A training camp for riders- will be
pened at the Luna Park motordrome In
Olevelnnd about a month before the rac
'ng season opens. This Is to get green
riders thoroughly board-track broke be
fore taking part In races. The Cleveland
track was salected for the training camp
owing to tho steep angle of the bowl. It
is figured that the rider who can navigate
that will have mastered board-track rno
iwr and will havo nothing new to learn
when he Is shifted to the easier track at
Itlvnrvlew tho following week.
Besides the regular league club contests,
tho policy of tho league will be to pull
tff special attractions In the shape of
pccd contests between the star rldera
o tho country. These stars will be al- to uso tho special factory machines,
uaccs will be hold at the different tracks
on Wednesday, Saturday and 8unday
Effect on Sport.
The organization of the American
League of Professional Motorcycle(Itaclng
flubs was effected at Clevelnnd recently
i nd will bo far reaching In Its results on
tho sport. It Is Intended to Insuro the
permanency of motorcycle racing, and
the leagvio will include nil the board
trucks In the country. Chicago wu re
sponsible for the launching nf ih i...,.
nnd In addition to tho tracks already lri
iuiaaio west league, movements are
Oil foot for motordrome At ITnnua Cl.u
Indianupolls. Minneapolis, Milwaukee and
Jrtuisviiie. nt least one or two of which
will be Included In the circuit before the
season closes. Each motordrome will be
a dUllnct corporation, with Its own sat
of stockholders and directors, who will
constitute tho club for each of the cities.
Fach club will select a representative,
upon the executive board of tho league,
which will be tho controlling body, ar
tanging for national nubllclty, establish
ing n regular schedule nf int.rritv ..o..
to bo run continuously on the various
maKing assignments of all
Stitched gray silk traveling hat In
small flat cases are new. They are on
the same order an those worn by men,
only they have the rolling brim instead
of the visor.
Toilet casen wltn snap fastenings that
fold flat seem to be 'best liked. They
may be had In a number of new shapes
and In all colored leathers. The fittings
usually match the leather.
A new luncheon case for the running
board Is made of automobile leather. It
Is fitted with aluminum dishen for four
or six persons, and lnoludoa a combina
tion 'alcohol store and a tea kettle.
White chiffon veils with Hutgnrlan bor
ders are thn fad of tho hour. They have
an outer border of white satin and are
very gay and dressy looking, spodally
when worn with white Panamas or
Covert cloth for tailored ulsters Is one
of tbo revivals which Is most sensible.
The ulsters make serviceable garments
for rain or shin and are One for long
trip,!. Being warmer than the dust coats, !
they are quite popular for early spring i
For men the convertible collar box and
toilet cose comes this season with a re
movable disk of leather upon which all
the articles are hel'd by small straps, so
that when It Is not needed It may b
quickly removed to a drawer without the
things being dropped or scattered about.
It may be had In all of the best liked
Motor hats are so varied In style nnd so
much more becoming this year than ever
before that they suit all tastes. One hav
ing a Bulgarian silk crown with a wide,
turned back tan straw brim is simply
trimmed with a bunch of tiny silken
apples. Another, more elaborate, has a
green velvet crown nnd a wide brim of
gray straw with a bunch of chestnut burs
at one side. This hat also has a green
shaded veil.
Statistics Show that Many Are
Killed and Maimed.
Meeting nf Nntlnnal Poller Chiefs'
Association Will Mnrk I.csjnt Crn
sade to ItcRtilntf Owners
nnd Drivers.
Automobiles are Killing from fifty to.
seventy-five people In this country ever;
week and are Injuring and maiming be
tween forty and fifty every twenty-four
hours, nccordlng to reports of accidents
which are being compiled by Chief Dunn
o' tho Omaha police for the uso of tho
National Association of Police Chiefs In
the fight of that organization for the pre
vention of automobile accidents, t'h'cf
Dunn has Just made public the report nf
j automobile accidents for the five weeks
! ending January 23 and the statistics show
mat during that period 2US people met
their death In these accidents, while l.SW
wi re Injured. The number of accident
was 1,276. In the report are Included only
automobile accidents which occurred In
those cities nnd towns which maintain
police organizations. According to Chief
Dunn tliern are as many accidents In the
country nnd In villages as there nre in
tho cities and larger towns. The Na
tional Association of Police Chiefs Is
preparing a nation-wide crusade ngalnst
reckless automohlllng and to Chief Dunn
has beeh delegated the gathering of sta
tlftlcs upon which the crusade will be
based. At the coming annual convention
of tho chiefs a set of model laws will bo
piepared from the combined experiences
of all tho members, nnd every city nnd
town In the United States and Canada
will be asked to place them In effect.
Mnnjr States Ilcport.
In tho flv'o weeks covered by the report
deaths from auto accidents occurred In
thirty-five states of tho union and In
three provinces of Canada. New Hamp
shire was the only state In which there
was neither death fior accident. New
York headed the list with 2SI accidents,
In which 63 met death and 8S3 were in
jured. Pennsylvania's 120 accidents were
responsible for 17 deaths arid 119 Injuries
and came second on the list. New oe
I sey. with only accidents to Its credit,
! killed 19 people. In Illinois there were SO
accidents, which resulted In 12 Oeaths and
SI Injuries. Fashionable Providence. It. 1
was exceeded only by New Tork and
San Francisco In the number of Us icol
dents, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and
other much larger cities being left f;ir
behind, tthode Island, small ns It Is.
40 accidents, killed 6 people and Injured 42,
while Texas reported only 6 accidents, no
fatalities and only four Injuries.
Accidents at railroad crossings were re.
sponsible for 33 smashups and 66 Injuries
and fatalities.
As an Indication of the alarming In
crease In the number of automobile ac
cidents and the menace of the reckless
driver. Chief Dunn has called attention
to the report Issued some days ago by
President Hilt of the Iowa State Travel
ing Men's association, In which the mem
bers of that body were called upon to
take some actton covering the havor
which automobiles are working with the
funds as well as with the members tf
tho organliatlon. President Hill's state
ment said 45 per cent of all death claims
last year were caused by automobile.
w:ille 15 per cent of the Indemnity claims
were trom the same source. In 1912 the
Traveling Men's association In Iowa paid
benefits to tf79 members Injured whllo
operating machines, 492 while passengers
nnd 157 members who wero simply Inno
cent bystanders when Injured by others.
A total of J50.000 was paid out last year
by this association for automobile accidents.
Tho Persistent and Judicious Use ot
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Business Success.
Motorcycle Notes.
a. High. power motorcvule h..
purchased by a malted milk company for
the uso of Its billboard Inspectors In
j-jiiKiauu, i r mice ana uermany.
Tno ricveland (O.) Motorcycle club
win muKe a twenty-four-hour run to
Indianapolis, May 29-30, to witness the
nuiumumio races at me speeqway.
Patrons on one of the Bird Island
Minn..' rural routes are elated over the
fact that their mall carrier has pur
chased a motorcycle, and mall will now
do uenverea to them early In the day.
Members of the Marlon. O., police
force feel so keenly the need of a motor
ejelo In their work that they have asked
permission to raise sufficient money by
jjuuih- nupicripiioii lo purcnuie on.
In a recent lecture at the Kansas Agri
cultural college the value of the motor.
cycle on the- farm was emphasised and
various types or motorcycles demon
st rated.
Three new motorcycles will constitute
a part ot tne Kasier nnery ot ins urana
Ilaplds, la., police department.
Tie Elton Automobile company ot
Tuungstown, O.. has adopted molorcy
c!es for use In Its vervlce department.
Altoona. Pa., has fallen Into line and
ordered a motorcycle lor use In the po
lico department.
McFadden & Cole of Iowa City have
opened a parcel delivery service and de
liver suitcases and other parcels by mo
The St. Louis Motorcycle .club has
adopted a code of signals to be used by
motorcyclists when passing other ve
hicles, so that possible accidents may b
Secretary Gibson has received an appll
- cation from China for membership in
the Federation of American Motorcy
Sixteen additional motorcycles have
been purchased by the Cincinnati police
An up-to-date druggist of Fort Worth.
Tex , has addsd a motorcycle to hi
store equipment and now deuvsrs pre
ecrlptlons promptly.
Dr J. It. Elliott of Clarksd&U. Ko.
uses a motorcycle in making profs.
uonai cans.
A series of dancs. card parties and
skating parties la Keeping up tht n
thuslasm of the members of the 'Rock.
ford (111.) Motorcycle club during tht
winter months.
One ot the first girl" to hold offlcs In
A motorcycle ciud is mui Irene Kimbsrk
who recently was elected secretary of
the Uoqutam (Wash.) Motorcycle club.
winter ine cmuest season-
was our most active shipping period
THE three deadest months, in the automobile busi
ness, are December, January and February.
During this period some automobile factories!
shut dq,wn altogether. '
With us it has been just the reverse. We have
been shipping over 140 cars a day foivthe last six months.
Right now, we are delivering over $1,000,000.00 worth
of Overlands every single week.
Our great factories can make no more than this. The
demand forced us to manufacture as many cars in the
dull season as we planned and prepared to in the height
of the best season which is from April on.
The urgent demands for the 1913 Overland have
broken and established new production records every dayj
- i
In seven months we have shipped over twenty-one.
thousand cars.
This is just over 85$ more than we delivered up to'
this time last year.
Every section, state and town in the country is order
ing in excess of its contract and it is utterly impos
sible for us to supply the cars.
,You can judge the demand from the following figures.'
Here are some state and city increases
Last year1 North Dakota took 300 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 755; an increase
of 152 and they want more.
Last year Minnesota took 625 Overlands; this
year they have contracted for 1110; an increase of
78 and they want more.
Last year Iowa took 1595 Overlands; this year
they have contracted for 2555; an increase of 61,
and they want more.
Last year Texas took 675 Overlands; this year
they havo contracted for 1220; an increase of 84
and they want more.
Last year Kansas took 313 Overlands; this year
they have contracted for 731; an increase of 134
and they want more.
Last year Illinois took 1690 Overlands; this year
thy have contracted for 2085; an increase of 24
sod they want more.
Last year California took 1150 Overlands; this
year they have contracted for 2410; an increase of
101 and they want more.
Last year Saskatchewan, Canada, took 100 Over
lands; this year they have contracted for 250; an in
crease of 150 and they want more.
Last year Alberta, Canada, took 100 Overlands:
this year they have contracted for 250; an increase of
150 and they want more.
Last year Manitoba, Canada, took 100 Over
lands; this year they have contracted for 250; an in
crease of 150 and they want more.
Last year San Francisco, Calif., took 2500 Over
lands; this year they have contracted for 4000; an
increase of 60 and they want more.
Last year Minneapolis, Minn., took 1000 Over
lands; this year they have contracted for 2000; sn
increase of 100 and they want more.
Last year Kansas City, Mo., took 800 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 1500; an increase
of 874 and they want more.
Last year Philadelphia, Pa., took 700 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 1200; an increase
of 614 and they want more.
Last year Milwaukee, Wis., took 600 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 1000; an increase
of 66?d and they want more.
Last year Dallas, Texas, took 400 Overlands; this
year they have contracted for 600, an increase of 50
and they want more.
Last year Sioux Falls, S. D., took 400 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 600; an increase of
50 and they want more.
Last year Des Moines, Iowa, took 300 Overlands:
this year they have contracted for 500; an increase of
66 and they want more.
Last year Denver, Colo., took 300 Overlands:
this year they have contracted for 500; an increase of
665 and they want more.
Last year Tampa, Florida, took 50 Overlands:
this year they have contracted for 100; an increase ot
100 and they want more.
Last year Louisville, Ky., took 50 Overlands; this
year they have contracted for 150; ah increase of 150
and they want more.
x The above cities and states have been picked, in as many dif
ferent localities as possible, to show both national consumption and
increase. -
To reasonable and sensible people the above figures prove
one very important point in particular; that the majority of car
buyers realize that an Overland offers more car for less money than
any other car in America. o i
This completely equipped, self-starting, 30 horsepower, five
passenger touring car for $985 is the equal of any $1200 car built.
It has tho power, the speed, the seating capacity, the construction, the
comforts and conveniences. I
No car is made better. Being built in the largest, most com
pletely equipped and most modernly appointed factory in the indus
try, you get in this car the same manufacturing methods used by the
makers of the very highest priced cars. Our methods of production
are just as thorough, just as painstaking and just as exacting. Our
materials and cars are subject to the same rigid inspections and testa
as the highest priced cars made.
Judge the value by the demand and you'll always save money.
We are now over 7,000 cars behind our "immediate shipping orders'
and it is still the latter part of the dull automobile season.
Figuring from the present pressure for Overlands, it is difficult
to calculate what the demand will be when the spring season comes.
It is safe to assume that we will be swamped. ,
We would advise quick action if you want an Overland. ""Delay
will not only mean a longer wait for your new Overland, but pos
sibly you will be unable to get one at arty price.
Enter your order now, and you may get your Overland when you
want it. We candidly advise you to see the Overland dealer in your
city without delay. And as a final suggestion take one more look at
the above figures.
The Willys-Overland Company Toledo, Ohio
Van Brunt Auto Co., 2010 Farnam Street
F. 0. B. Toledo
30 Honepowar
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F. O. B. Toledo
Rcxny Magneto
Mohair Top and
Gear Vision, Ram
Vuion Windshield
Prest-O-Lite Tank
Kewspaper Advertising; U to Road to
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The Persistent and Judicious Use of