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THE OMAHA Sl'XDAY 13 WIS: MAHC11 .'10, 1013.
Council Bluffs
Fix Bond of Jimmy Griffin,- Ex-Ma
bray Gang Member, at $500.
Willie nrlx, Seventeen-Year-bld
Station Robber front Grlnnell,
' U Charged with
Larceny, "
The grand Jury made a partial report
yesterday afternoon, returning nine In
dictments against men nowu'nder aVfest
and locked up In the county Jail. '
"Jimmy" Griffin, who assisted so ably
as a .Ma Dray mixer oy oying tragically
whenever the exigency of the case seemed
to demand, and taking fatal falls from
Ihe famous "Red Leo" race horse at every
other "race" In which he rode, to pro
vide means of frightening away the
doubly deceived mike, was Indicted for
' the prosaic offenso of Interfering with a
horse doctor. The doctor happened to be
an assistant to the state veterinary and
' was seeking to examine some horses sun
.pected of suffering from glanders, and
Jfmmy Is said to have rode them in the
one winning race of his- life and got
them out of the way and where the veter
Inarv could not find them. As In his
.'other experiences, he won In the utgln
'iilng, but lost In the end. The offense
Is a felony with penitentiary The bond
was flxid at $500.
('home Boys with- Housebreaking.
noy Wtllctts and Ray Babcock, the
,two youths who destroyed about $300
worth of lighting fixtures of the most
expensive character in Pullman coaches
In the yards of the Union Pacific rail-
Council Bluffs
I House of Representatives Pastes
Bill for $10,0C0.
day morning she arrived here. Finding
that the storm had passed on both sides
of Council Bluffs, sho returned -o her FOR, SUFFERERS FROM STORMS
home on Thursday. Otherwise he
would not have been permitted to have I nm Iso Passed ltetiulrinsT Hull
seen her father beforo his sudden death.
Arrangements for the. funeral will not
be madr-untll after word has1 been re
ceived from' Mrs. Hogan.
(The First Cheerful News
Minor Mention
Ooanoil Bluff Offlee
tfhe la at 14 XOBM
at. Tslapaeoa .
roada to Place Frost Olnns on
Locomotive Cabs for Pro.
teotlon of Engineers. j
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DEB MOINES. la., March 29.-Speclal.) ,
TeUiramO-The nous of representatives
today paiied a bill by Haten of Potta
wattamie county to appropriate 10,000 to
be placed In the hands of the governor
Immediately to be used for benefit of
the sufferers from storms In Ohio, In
diana and Omaha.
Frost I Glass In Cabs.
The house today passed a bill requir
ing frost glass on all cabs of locomotives
to protect the engineers, also a mil to
permit street car companies to give free
passes to deputy sheriffs.
The house passed a bill to permit
county boards to adopt county uniformity
-BaVls., drugsT
I Ytctrqta; $15, A. jHospe Co.
Corrlgans, undertakers. Phone 143.
Woodrlng Undertaking Co. Tel. 33J.
Blank book work, Morehouse & Co.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. Phone $7.
a : . a w . v. . j j iiiauiuii.wi
J- Hchnorr. Phone 522.
wl. i,,.. .... . , . i county Doaruo iu uuuhv ....
Wrk 1 9 of text books without submitting to vote
See Borwlck for wall uaDer and t aint- or tne people,
Education nlll Is I'nsiru.
The senate Thursday passed. SS to 1,
v. nm n l.trntlnn bill relating o mo
ifnr of state supertntenuent 01 sunouis,
mjiklnir the superintendent nppointive
hv the covernor ana proviuing irM..
spectors. The bill Is tne same as me
one which the house last Saturday failed
lng. 309 and 211 South Main street.
Scientific watch repair work, the kind
that Is appreciated, at Lefferts'.
Mutual Bldg. & Loan Ass'n. 123 Pearl.
tinental Furniture and Carpet company.
BUDWEISER on draught-The Grand.
Budwclser In bottles at all first-class
. .It) DUBS. UUV .w.
Tornado insurttnce, we write it, 25 i-elits , hnA na oriDOBltlon to the bill and
a hundred. Bell & Mulqueen. Baldwin
block. no debate.
A default divorce decree was entered ColloKe Controversy
by Judge Wheeler In the district cdurt Tfc nHesentatlon of a bill by Kimball
yesterday In favor of Bertha Bucking- . . the state Board of Educa-
nam against Ham Buckingham. They .. .u...nn
were married at Qlcnwood on October tlon and the colleges, starts discussion
1. 1901. The grounds of the action were again on that subject. His bill provides
cruelty and habitual drunkenness. The .. .v. .t,n , ,iuntlintlnn except
road and plumbing in several private custody ol : their two children was awarded domf gclence whlch may be dup-
coun,esnCeoneW,crha IT JtetyTL I The funer'a. of S. W. Clark, who ex- Heated at each of the three colleges,
coun a, one charging larceny irom a plre(J BU(jaen,y of henrt usease ye8ter. Thcre , a 8Ub.commlttee of the senate
building In the day time and ,he other day afternoon at the home of his son- -nmmittee at work on a bill which will
simple larceny. The offenso of these 4n-law, A. B. Towne, 213 Turley avenue. , """ V ,-, nf .iuAv and forbid
hnv li nueullarlv vicious and the evl- will be conducted by Dr. Buxton, rector define the courses of stud ana lorou
bojs is peculiarly clous ana tne i evi o g church . be boord from maknK any changes In
dence of the most dlreot and conclusive takon t0 lne former nome of Mr clark future except upon the pcrmlfflon
.character. Both appear to be moral de- at Junction City, Kan., for burial, leav- " ,,'.., ,.,.if The senate is
generate, and b6th have been police court lng here at 3:30 this afternoon. o th 'eg.s ature teelf f
characters- i-eier Aianias was appointed y juage ""i"" " " , . ," .
cn&raciers. I ....t...-.. . t.-- i. .mi.i without notion.
The majority of the Indictments are estate 0f James Papnas. a Greek who . J.
boys. Harry Royce, IT years was killed In a train accident here on inspectors oi ." ,," in
'i n nnimn rfLttuaiuci
old. V 'V'''; property left and" Manias states" In his ,,eVeatlng the Dixon bill teT provide r
boys, was Indicted for the theft of a J10 petiton that he sr R creditor. .Tht petl- . 7 ,"?' ,? f eountv accounts an
check from "the office ot'tns 'BMer' cal tton for the appointment of an admlnls- state Inspection of count accounts an
: . -i... ru- trator dlsdoipn th fart that Pnnnna km naut thn bill. It provides that tin-
station in tne wesi pari oi mo 1:11. jhc
llrnn1L'n atnfltlC Vila follnw Hraalf. l.v un.' I . . . i t . 1. - .t.tA Bilillfn
.h.r la lnronv (rnm nhulldillC. "."i"."X''..- . "."'to;. Shall De appoinim. uy two
. .... - I ..u...t,, uai.ico xu.iiao, nuui uamca . ... , . ..v,.- .nti In m.Th
11.1 . , b- wilnric! vnnlli 1 Tnlntna a as .lamna T.lnlmrhn" 9 a a suilicmni. uuinuo. T
UU1II1 UtO "' . I - I -i . "- I , ' ,
.h irl.H n aton trains on th Great Jonn PP- "e esiaie is sman. examination oi meu v,
... . . .....j ..... . I SAID MRS. JONES to Mis. Smith. JUBt tiM nnd these experts shall Inquire int
V, . V rhU !fke aL that window and see these:,, 'mat-tors Rnd make reports to the at
anrt hit nnon the plan of Dlllng on the ground, only 16c per box; rlpo to- torney general In case there Is nn thing
.1.. ,i, i .u.ral nlacs. was jnatoes, 18c. Here's a snap, rnlslns only wrong with the accounts,
"r;".:: .. ; " "mV:. LA ? iV'SSS? KLef l.. -PeC-1!, Iowa nnUcrlc. Arc Sanitary
with a view of causing a train wTeck. vinegar .in glass Jars a; caullIlDwor. me ,iale ' u--,. .. ...
.. .-.-j i. .i.u i.i.mi n im rond hanon. aiin ih - hni. ain lb - small, but an excellent meeting was naa.
was inaicieu im K.wrr.'i... iT'i,i Tin t t, a.
. cornmlt murder. our New-York, coffee. JZlic lb.; Peabury, u-ll. ..,.,,. h ...n.rnliv In thn
Ml v '
Willie Brix, tho K-year-old youth from 30c; Falcon flour,' 11.40; prunes, 12V4c lb.;
ni-.n hi a.iot in rohhlna- the I apricots, ac lo. uartel & miner, lei. Jo.
u'nek Island' railways station at. Weston. ' Mrs. iotin Morris, 'for forty-four years
kock isiana Ya; 5 cltyydled shortly bo-
as indicted for larceny frorrf. a Tmlldlnrf forB no Frld.v a, th. famiiv home. 131
His 14-year-old com' south Fif tenth street, after on Illness of
In the day time.
best of condition, and that there has been
a vast Improvement In bakery conditions
In recent years. The effect of this has
been to greatly Increase the confidence
the people have In bakery goods and to
make the consumption oi DaKery ureau
almost universal.
New nullillnic nt Tenchem' College.
Construction has been commenced on a
iade in crime. Dewey Woormer, Is underleven month. Mrs. Morris was 73 years
a i - . .i..'(,.'.iiJ.m,rt'tn oia, .ana was porn. in .westpori, ouniy
jthe, protectorate .of the Juvenllequrt,hnd MayQ jrand '' ah0 is survived by her
,na Deen staying ior noitni m mo lnusoana ana sigm cnuaren, an grown.
iCreche preparatory to being permitted to They are , M J and T F New York;
.(i- a ilia Ytmm nun .in linnnan. in i . . . " . . . . .. -ww..-
'""H1"" .-...-. - Nicholson. Kathenne, .Nellie ana ina- tiM 000 hulldlnc at the state teachers
Hhe custody of his mother.-. The-grand fbetK.' all of this city Two of the daugh- new l'11""1 i a
"Jury will continue Its work later in the ters, Katnerincanu iiiiiaDsm. are xeacn
.... ,,. . ers. in the city schools. The two sons in
i""cii' '" " New York have risen to prominence
1 thrnuKh their connection with the con-
--TKT mTilr "Ririci structlon of the Pennsylvania tunnels
S. W. lilfl.rK .JJ16S and suhwavs in. New Y'ork City. They
' 1 V - . . ... .... . . . n n .1 , ..
llQ0vif I i qqq art funeral, whicn win oe aeiayea uniu an
Ul XlOCtl b ill3DCtl3t5 of the absent children have been com
municated .witn.
After an acute illness bf but one hour
college at Cedar Falls, the same to be a
demonstration building or working place
for practical work in education, and also
a laboratory for the investigation of new
problems in education.
Utilities Discussion.
Today was taken up wholly In Ihu
arnato bv consideration ot tne dul to
A trlaernm received here yesterday I ,u ... t r,.,i,n ,inuiu onm.
e illness Of DUt one pour .v, r n.n. esiauiiBii in .una. a i'"""- "
- . . i aiieriiuuu viiiuuikcu mv uu..-. , ,.m ..... -.h u.
nnnri.r Kanlinrn 1 VI cox UlaJK. iui.,.i Cmltv, n Atl.-ln. at his home In mission, anu mo uK '
years old died at the home of nis l-'reeport, l. uenerai iKins wuu inu tlon uy section anu ..-vvU
;ih.r Mr. n. n. Towne. "15 Turley uncle of C. A. Atkins of 'this city, amendments considered. Again as on
:::;: .t . nVWk vesterdav aft-noon. ?"; 0IJ2XU?!1 Vffn"."" H-Varn! other occasion, tho senate divided as to
r-i-.i, i,a,i hs.r. In 11 health for v.h nnnornl Atkins was well Known the advisauillty oi coniromnB mo :nu
. . I i r-t II muff. Ilimiiirh fpjinllAtlt vlaltni . . .. -1 . . 1 ....... tim.
nearly a year and last November came ;n uunui. i;o ntcipauy owneu iim. ui ......
hi at Junction City. Kan., he has made hero and his Prom'nenco ft new amendment to requite
to make his home with Mr. and Mrs. neBBee. He attended all of the rounlona that the people of a city shouia vote on
Towne in the hope of bettering his or the society neia uuv-ouncii muu. im the mRUer berore tneir cuy or no uwn
auiM. Tha chan nroduced hv-"..?lways n!8J?nei 5 Pmj.n,.n pri: Llante should come under the commU-
. . 011 tno program, uencrui A.nino .... .
marked favorable results and he had postmaster at Freeport at the time of his slon. Allen proposea 10 revoke
shown no acute symptoms vnd none death and held the position for a nurn- prBVlde a way they could vote themselves
...u . k.. .nhi. w a. an. ber of years. Dr. Smith Atkins Joined compromise was effected and
adopted. In the main the features of
li. v . w . liar, anil tncratnr TI1PV n p
nar.ntiv In hla normal health at the ... .' tnr (Tronnnrt rirni
noon luncheon and after Mr. Towne had eral Atkins had lived for many years tno bu as prepared by the committee are
returned to his duties a. secretary of at Freeport and he Jft b?,ed8h. bclng adopted. Senator Allen has had
about 1 o'ciocK
the Commercial club, about 1 ociock,. on - printed as a woamuw w u uu.cU
was seized with acute pains in hli chest. d.B0Overed that Mr. and house bill y'th amendments made by a
nr Trovnor was called and responded m .t. v ntfa did not leave a will dls-1 housa committee.
in a few moments, but the 'iart re- nosing of their extensive property' Inter- Tne Kenerftl impression Is that while
fued to respond to the known remedies U. or Ifa wlllh.d made anda, w. pas a blll d ,n
and he died peacefully. He was con- and gouth avenue It was lost when every house may pass one, there will oe no 0111
scious to the last. v vestige of the house was mown uwoy in tnat w, Bet to the governor, ine sen-
Mr. Clark had been traveling ton -the S their soT one" oT the two ate today amended the bill so tnat .
Modern AVoOdmen for a number of years heirs, us administrator for tho purpose valuations for rate making shall become
and had always been active and success- of settling the estate. He wiib empowered . th(J vaiuaton of all utilities for taxa
r,.i m th huslness world. He was mar- to act foe both parent;. s each had nurooBCS.
- - ' i-aanarato emtiiuB. knv uuiri ihc . . . ... ....
ried at Junction City. Kan., In WIZ, " daughter. It was discovered yesterday The senate concurrea in me iiuu
.xn.. iiarri.t AnriattioH Hmlth. wh j died thfttithe.tornado mat ouiucrateo ne 1 lyin- L-.niim,nii to the bill in relation w
. T.. . . .-..x.-jj on.Tilll.wt Mra. Sarah Liiniirer " ' . - . -1.1.. .
' 1 ...... ... II. I. . 1 1 r IT I f. hV IhCI- IIUHIK v" ' " . - . " . . . , . . .1 na II R V I II K I IE? 11KIII W
eerBi jti "' .had also destroyed the win sne naa ten. nmui -- ..
.two daughters. Mrs. ffcwfia ald Mr & lareef-part ofr-.the property was In her designate a Justice who shall hold court
Hogan or Junction uity. v nen mo nnwi name, anu nr j,ubwmi "itm Un matters reiauns w
of the tornado calamity reached Mr"? Oppose Amendment.
xioxan nrr ttiijuciy "00 bic.hj .hi... w..u n. wlll.t JUQKe vjiiruii umn mo tii
- . . .-. r " - - - 4 .1... ... n.
by the failure to get telegraphic word
from her relatives here and on WVdnes-
Much to the surprise of everyone,
i'--'Zi'' 1 ZtM.1kA tliat 111. nr. 1. I ... ....Mlilllnnnl
some unw :.- hmi committee on
""W L.i. snorted-the resolution In
viumir a. nil 11 11 nil m.vw. 1 r.inrn in 1 1 1 e unicnun'o -
D.....o . .o - . ., . ...
iinn to forbid sales OI imuora iW
Tiral Estate Transfers. Hfinlt nostnonement and a minority 01
The following real estate transfers were the committee recommended aaopun.
Health Is the foundation ot all soo4
reported to The Bee Friday by the Pot
tawattamie County Abstract company;
Referee to Farmers Lodge No. SO,
Danish Brotnernpoa 01 America,
e 20 feet of the north DO feet, lot
6. block 9, Neola, Ja.. referee's
to Council
looks. The wise woman realize! thlalKm tn xiarv k. Waiklns. lot 8.
and take, precaution, to preawra ht,r hJliSPJl
health and Btrentth through tha pa-l deed ;; 800
rlod of child bearlnr. She remain. Bam. to J. v iiaor tew. w nw
pretty mother by avoiding- a. far a oree's deed 15.000
poulbto the Bulferine and of Vrrf'Kt 1? and lot except
such occaalons. This every woman the e 10 feet, all in block 7. Jef
j .1. . v. . .... u.ih.r'a ferics' subdivision to the city of
may do through the use of Mothers Councl, Biuffs. la., wd
Friend, a remedy that ha. been .0 lony Brandt Croker and wife to Isaac
i .... ...I .i.inmn ihnt an mueti r.. Miniucn, b "i ,
,u " . -www-.,-. 4 Jacltson-B addition
-nnd. that It Is In no sense an expert' vi,,rf in., w
. t.... . -.vinn alnraval.T W Rrhumwav and wife to
u,cuw uuf"u" ""'7.7-7'- lot 4 and n 10 feet ot lot
produce, the best reiult.. It 1. for s block 4 Jackson's addition to
external application and o penelratlnr.1. council Bluffs, la., wd. ....... .. ..
tn It. nature a. to thoroughly lubricate p. c. Hvargord to MCMffl
every muscle, nerve and tendon In- nhans' addition to the city of
Tolved during- the period before baby
cornea. It aid. nature by expanding
the akin and tissues, relieves tender
ness and soreness, and perfectly pre
pares the system for natural and sale
motherhood. Mother's Friend has- been
used and endorsed by thousands ot
to Tornado Sufferers
Every cloud has a silver lining! Your losses are going to be our losses! Read on! At
a meeting yesterday of the directors of the Hartman Company, it was decided to CANCEL
COMPLETELY all unpaid balances on accounti held by sufferers who have lost all their fur
niture in the recent catastrope. All we ask is that you call or telephone us at once and you will
be passed, without hesitation, A RECEIPT IN FULL FOR ALL MONEY OWED US.
Isn't that good new, after all the bad luck we've been having ?
This great organization, with stores all over the United States, is better able to stand
losses than you are. We realize that the prosperity we have enjoyed for years is due to you,
the people your confidence in us and in this time of trouble we're going to stick to you
we're going to make good our oft-repeated claims that we are founders of happy homes and
now, when you need happy homes the most, when we KNOW you haven't got the money,
we want you to come and partake of our offer to again feather the nest that will shelter you
and your loved ones for probably all time to come. Don't let your pride make you hesitate.
COME! Duty Not Dollars is Nw the Call !
Well made and strongly constructed Din
ing chair, made of hard wood, nicely
finished, price 75?
Genuine American quarter onk. Dining
Chairs, with heavy panel back, braced
arm and legs $1.29
Large sized, solid oak Extension Table,
massive pedestal and claw feot, n de
cided vulue S9.t)5
Colonial Buffot, with largo canopy top
and French plate mirror, strongly con
structed of solid oak, brilliantly polished,
for $12.35
Golden oak, bent glass end China Oubinot,.
with adjustable shelvos, grooved for
plates, a largo selection, priced up
from $11.75
Massive Sideboard, beautifully carved and
finished in a rich shade of golden; a
high-grade piece of furniture nt $13,95
Sanitary fet top Mattress, strong ticking,
weight 40 lbs $2.85
Solid oak Chiffoniers, five- largo roomy
drawers, brass pulls, strongly con
structed $4.95
American quartered oak Hotel Dresser,
French plate mirror,, beautifully flnlsliod,-
nt i'-$5.8j5
Large,, stre, . spjld oak Dressor, French1
bevolod t plate mirror and three large,
roomy- drawers with' wood pulls, JR7.35
Massive 2-Inch .post motal' Bod,, all 'colors',
and nil sizes, wonderful values at this
low price of..- ,.$(. 95
Heavy Colonial DrosBor, with largo French
beveled pinto mirror, woll constructed ot
gcnulno solid oak, American quartered
oak finish - , $13.75
Large solid comfort Ilockor, largo and
roomy and made ot high-grade solid oak,
with bent arms; whllo they last, $1.35
Goldon or fumed oak Writing Dcbk, con
veniently arranged interior and of largo
"10 $4.95
Combination Book Case, gonulno quartered
oak, large book compartment, magazine
closet and roomy desk. ..... .$12.85
Heavy Colonial American quartered oak
Library Table, with massive pedestals
and large, roomy drawer 1 $6.85
Gonulno Nantucket loaihor Rocker, mas
sive In size nnd built to stand years of
hard use, finished in American quarter
sawed oak, reduced to , .$6.45
3-pleco MiBslon Library Sot, consisting oC
table, rocker nnd chair, fully upholstered
In imperial leather, finished In early
English of fumed 3 plocoa. . $13.65
If you lived In the Cyclone District, whether you
were our patrons or not, you can buy what your
needs are and first payment can be extended
to suit your convenience, We will waltl
Kitchen Chain of hardAvood, well CQp
braced and nicely finished U3U
Kitchen Cabinet Base, 2 blna, 2 drawers,
kneedlng; board, made ot hlifh- QQ QR
grade maple QOiQO
Large and roomy kitchen Cupboard, con
structed of American quarteraawoa oak,
conveniently arranged for china tC "I C
and kitchen utenalla WUi I Q
Sliding Metal top Kitchen Cabinet, made of
seasoned oak, large chna compartment, rake
and bread box: f 26 value, ape- CI7 QC
daily priced at OI I iuu
Hurtman's Regent Range, complete with
warming oven, towel liars, pouch feed and
alx-hole topi guaranteed a POT ir
perfect baker OfcvilO
Boiler's celebrated Kltcfien CablnetH, wuxeil
oak throughout, every known convenience for
the kitchen, a great labor-saving Q I Q QC
device; priced up from W I 3iOd
120 00 Oii Range, with four-hole top, larga
oven, KUnrnntcp to give per- Q I 4 AC
foct servlco tiUO
Cast, Cook Htove, made of the finest material,
four-holo top, and perfect baker, QC
fully guaranteed OiU
Snyder's & Trenkauip'n 2 nnd 3-hole burner
OaHolIno Stoves, 'npeclully J DC
priced for thin sale nt 'uu
2-holo burner a.85
Ornulno Wilton Velvet Rug, in Oriental or
floral designs, heavy weave, size I I TC
llxU feat, nil 118.00 value, at..
Full l no Metal Red. comes tn all colors, all
sixes, with all-steel sldo rails, J I en
specially price! at V I lOiJ
Iron lied, beautifully scrolled, heavy chills
and brass trimmed, decidedly J OF
handsome bed at iiOO
Two-Inch continuous post metal Red, finished
in vornls martin or gold bronze, C OC
with five massive fillers DiUO
118.00 Brags Red, satin or bright finish, mas.
slve 2-Inch posts, with ball-bear- Q Qfl
lng castors diSU
Massive Rrass Red, continuous 2-Inch posts,
heavy fillers. In bright or Batln I C IT
finish, specially priced at WluilO
Two-Inch continuous post Chllles fiteel Red,
with massive Hi-Inch fillers, finished with
five costs or wnlto enamel,
thoroughly baked ,
:et I
IVnirwIl niuffs. W. d...
J. a. Leypoldt ana wire to Miles
D. MOUCJt, 101 s, Dioca , naiiivirw
addition to the city of Council
liluffB. Ia., w. d .'
Klght transfer, total a.!Sl
CARD OP THANKB We -wish to thank
mothers, and 1U use will prow a com-Jour many friends and neighbors for then
fort and benefit mrm .
to any womaa ia MllMfl&Zt3
need oi sacs a
remedy. Mother's
Friend to sold at
drox atoraa.
eiyecta&t aaetaara, wktek,
stuck vataaUa tatenaattoa.
kindness and sympathy, and beautiful
flowers Bant us. In our recent bereave
But In tha death of our beloved ran
and brother. Mr. and Mra. Robert Jep
aoa and family.
CFfcU sot ajat aak aLaot oar lava tcrti-
iTsomiiiiimiais Sa& wmrnanmc
It Is expected that the senate will also
receive an unfavorable report tomorrow
on the same amendment; also reports on
all temperance bills that are Doiore ino
Serum Laboratory nt Ames.
There does not now seem to be any
doubt the state serum laboratory for
the making of serum for hog cnoiera
will be removed from near Des Molne
to near Ames, where It will be placed
under charge of the college, the Ulreotor
to be appointed by tho president of the
state college. The laboratory will mane
serum and be authorized also to procure
virus, but neither shall be uistriouiea
nor used without the approval of the di
rector. Outsiders manufacturing the
serum must secure a license from the di
rector and pay a fee.
Not to Call Oat Troops.
The house has passed the blll which
makes it impoaslble for a sheriff to call
1,M)0 out a company of the National Guard to
do police duty. This act must always
be by the governor, whether the company
is located In the city where the disturb
ance arises or In another county. There
Is a disagreement, however, over the pay
ment of the costs, as some of the sen
ators desire that in all cases the county
responsible for the calling out of the
Uoops shall pay the cost.
Judges Wut More Ijr.
A delegation represenUnaT the district
Judges ot the state has appeared before.
the legislature to urge that the bin to
locrtAse tbe lay of district Judges be
passed. It proposes an increase from
to continue on the bench on the meager 1 lng reports and subjecting themselves to
control and regulation a to stock Issues
and other things. Tin house accepted
the senate bill, which will therefore be
come a law. It affects a large number
of big utilities corporations In Iowa.
Uoilrli-lliiim 011 DriiKKlsts.
The house toduy parsed the Rrickway
blll to restrict druggists In the sale of
Intoxicating liquors. They must secure
a duplicate of the physician's prescription
for liquor to be filed with overy appllca-
1 (Inn for tho tame, nnd are forbidden to
make any sales at any time except upon
pit-M-riiitlon fium 11 doctor.
A conference Is to be held on the bill
In relation to the pay of the wardens 1
and employes at the state prisons nnd
the per capita compensation for the sup
port of the prisons.
Amend Lair as to Doctors.
C W. Miller, member of the house
from Hremer county, who represents the
American League for Medical Kteedotn
and has consistently made a fight against
the exactions of the doctors, has pro
posed the following additions to the bill
fixing and defining unprofessional con
duct on the part of a doctor, and the
amendments have been agreed to In com
The demanding of a fee manlfwttly ex
orbitant for a surgical operation.
The splitting or division or agreeing to
split or divide any fee or charge paid or
to be paid on account of any operations
performed, or to be performed, upon any
patient with any other person for any
service performed or agreed to be per
formed in consideration of such other
person acompanylng, brlnglni: or refer
ring to him a putlcut for any treatment
or operation, or on account of such other
person anslstlng him In reference to such
treatment or operation without the
knowledge and consent of the putlent or
the person having the patient in charge
or the patient's administrator or exe
cutor In the event of the patient's death
Knowingly misstating the cause of a
death In a death certincate. except
where an exact statement would render
tbe physician liable to a salt for libel,
or subject the decedent or his family to
pobHc odium.
PhtIsi Cnrp sratloa.
Tfce boos teday passed oa of the mod
iCrasttt sauna c ierfatatVnt yet to bt
Council Bluffs
cycle officer. The men had not been
arrested at midnight.
OMJNWOOD, In., March 23.-8pec!al.)
All persons Injured by the tornaao In
Mills county will probably recover. The
Ijiubert. fnther nnd son; the Merritt
family, mother and daughter; thi Hea-
soners, Mrs. John Bevern, (he latter in
(llrnwood hospital, the others at the resi.
denco of R. R. IX-ttn In Lyons township,
ore all reported doing nicely.
Thw McDonald family, husband and
wife; Clyde Merritt, Mrs. K. K. Latnbert
and daUKhtcr Rrrtha. aged 11, were In
terred from the Methodist church yester
day afternoon.
The G ten wood Commercial club selected
Dr. r. V Donelan. J. W. Carter and V
C DeLashmntt a general executive com-
Auto Crashes Into
Buggy, Hurting Two
James Griffin, 3549 Avenue A, and Will,
lam Wilson, 3201 Third avenue, vere
painfully Injured at 10 o'clock last night
when an automobile, driven at a speed
of about forty miles an hour, smashed
Into the rear of the buggy In which fiey
were riding. The accident happened at
Twenty-ninth street and Hroadway wh'le
the men were driving west toward their
home in a buggy owned by Griffin.
drivers of the automobile, which bore, the
number 2627 Nebraska, evidently did not
see the vehicle ahead of tbem until It was
too late to stop. The light rig was en.
tlrely demolished and both men thrown
out with .great force. Roth received bad
bruises. Griffin about the head and body,
and Wilson's knee was wrenched.
The automobile did not stop, but con
tlnued In the direction of Omaha. Che
police department was quickly notified
and the. Omaha police station was called
upon to station men at the bridge to
arrest the drivers of the car when they
appeared. They did' not cross tl.e bridge,
however, they turned back, but did .lot
One go to the scene of the accident. . Dr.
thousand dollars- was subscribed st once-Tubbs was called to the eta tlon -vnd
mittee to care for the destitute.
sod a store baUdtng donated for heait- dressed the wounds ot tbe Injured men
It it&dee tlat all torrfRn quarters. Two subcommittees for detail after they had been brought there. It
Grlnnell College (llee Club Concert.
What promises to be a rare treat toi
music lovers of Council Hluffs and vl-t
clnlty will be a concert given by tha
Grlnnell College Glee club this evening
In the First Presbyterian church. This
ciud nas been secured through the ef
forts of the Young Men's Christian ns.
soclation and the proceeds will go to-.
uaras equipping the boys' department.
The club on Its numerous trips tnrough.
all parts of the west has acquired a rep.
utatlon of being "the best In tho west"
and press notices from all cltlps where
tney have been give unstinted praise as
to their musical ability. The club is uni
der the direction of Prof. p. B. Peck,
who Is professor of violin Instruction at
Grlnnell. U Is hoped that an music
lovers Will come out to hear this com.
pany and further the effort of the Young
Men's Christian association to secure en.
tertalnments of a high class.
Short Dimension.
We have a complete stock of short dU
menslbn at all times, such as 2xfa 8x'
2x8's, 2xl0's. 2x138, 4, , 6 and 8 feet In
length at a bargain. C. Hafer Lumber
Marrtatre Ucenses.
The following marriage licenses have
been Issued;
Name and Residence. 1,
P. I. Nelson. Council Rlufts , jg
Frances Jonas, Council Bluffs so
Martin L. Volker. Kearney. Js --1
'Jessie Wagner, Cameron, Neb . j
. - - - Henry w. Terung. uaebolt, la as
a, saDat thax mold. nut. aHutd. luu&cr uunub wtttj,Jtt Eulucsua. lav ax to jnaltt o ur. 4 car was Gcorgu lUUoati'. furuier mutor- ciazu Schmidt, Omaha... .,.M