Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 25, 1913, EXTRA, Page 7, Image 7

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The People's Weekly Electrical Page
'Bush, children, it's daddy talking-."
A Distant Message
It is wonderful how much plensure can bo
obtained from a talk over the Bell Telephone.
To the members of the family who are away,
it is so pleasant to hear the laughing, cheery
voices of the homo folks over the telephone.
To be of the greatest value the telephono
must make neighbors of everyone everywhere.
Bell Telephone service takes no heed of city
limits or state lines.
Bell Telephone Lines Reach Nearly Everywhere.
Found Easy Way
to Call Dinner
Many Benefits to Wives Who Co
Operate With Neighbors.
Surer of Srlirnir Whereby Ulrrtrl.
en I Cnitrriilrnrr rr Drought
In llomr of (.renteitt Number
of Knmllle.
The Electric Shop
$5.00 and $4.50
Wiring, Repairs, Fixtures,
The Wolf Electric Co.
Established 1874.
TYLER 1414.
"My! Mow tired 1 Ret of this contin
ual podnlltiK." exclnlmcd. the other day,
n wonmn who hns 11 IniKc iimount of
scwIiik to do for her daughters 111 hlRh
school. "I don't know" what 1 would
do without my scwIhk machine. It Is
a thousand times hotter than having to
sew everything by hand, hut sometimes
I think I know what It would he to slave
In a treadmill!"
Two of her neighbors, who were visit
ing her Ht the time, heard the remark; It
suggested to both of them the ssm-
Idea, namely, that practically all of the
labor of sewing would be eliminated for
this hard-working mother If she had an
electric sewing machine motor. When
this was suggested to her, she replied:
"I know that electricity can do the ped
aling, for I have seen u sewing machine
running sinothly and noiselessly In one
of tho shop windows downtown, with no
attendant whatever, but I know also that
I ean't afford to have one, for I priced
them the other day and they cost In
the neighborhood of $'J5. Perhaps I will
have olio somo day, but by that time tho
chickens will all bo old hens."
Here the conversation ended, but the
Idea still rankled In the minds of thu
two visitors, nnd a. few days later the
three ladles formed themselves Into a
Neighborhood Sewing Machine club, each
subscribed JS.rJ'j as her proportion of the
cost, and a sewing machluo motor was
bought. Tho machine, of course, was kept
In tho busy woman's home, but now when
cither ot her good neighbors has a bit
of sewing that she wants to do quickly,
nnd with the least amount of effort, she
takes It over to the "club headquarters,"
nnd electricity does the work.
French French Paper Has Amusing
Satire on Great Inventor.
A Netv" York woman finding out that
her eleetilc coffe percolator, toaster, and
chafing dish when all In use on the table
required a good deal of cord extending
from baseboard receptacles or dnngllnz
from lamp sockets. Ingeniously devised
H remedy.
She had a connection made In the floor
underneath the table and the coitlr
brought up through the table leg to the
center of the table. V'rom here) they
could connect with any number of elec
trical appliances In the table without
adding nny look of disorder to the loom.
A visitor asked her If she did not
deprecate, sometimes, the round aperture
In her table and table cloths,
"Oh. no." she replied, "it has one great
advantage. 1 can always tell In nn In
stunt when the cloth Is on straight."
Vacuum Cleaner is .
Used to Get Snow
Off Spokane Walks
V. If. Art. manager, nnd .1 A Martin,
superintendent of the old National bank
building of Spokane, have found a n w
'in i for tho vacuum cleaner that of re
moving tho looso snow from the window
sills, ledges nnd edges of the roof of the
building. No, the snow wns not drawn
through tho hose and taken to the base
mnt. Tho fan f the engine was reversed
so that, instead of a miction, n blower
wri devised and tho looso snow was
blown so flno that people walking In the
streets below thought a new brand of
snow wns being manufactured that fell
from n clear sky.
It? I'rrsslnu Mutton. lliirlminc- Pic
ture , KitKlnnil or An, Other
Country Could lip De
stroyed. .
Blind Hello Girls
Have Come to Stay
The blind telephone girl has come to
stay. An exceptional girl two years ago
passed the severe test ot the work. Now
the Mnryland school for the blind has
Just turned out five other well trained
girls, nnd tho managers bcllovo that they
will be nble to open this field of work
to many other girls.
Tho most difficult board now run by
blind girls is that at the Ccntrnl Young
Men's Chrlstlnn association. The Young
Men's Christian nssoclntlon is a club, n
hotel and n clearing house for many lines
of religious, soclnl and athletic activi
ties. Just ub n hotel It hns about 200
rooms. The building has eight pay sta
tions besides many house phones,
New Kitchen I'lenneH Sirs, Wilson.
Mrs. Wilson likes to preside over her
own Ult6hcn. She Is delighted with the
kitchen nt the White house and hopes
to find time to slip in occasionally to
concoct something to please the family.
She finds In' this new kitchen of hers
every modern convenience nnd electrical
contrlvanco for culinary purposes.
Turk Finds Means
of Getting on Safe
Side All the Time
The Turk ban awakened to the fact
that he is behind tho times In street
lighting and has acquired tho habit of
carrying with him an electric flashlight
to aid him in case "Turk meets Turk" In
bad humor.
They want to bo able to sec their way
either to fight or to run, It seems.
Tho Titanic disaster Is ono of tho many
which It Is said, would not have hap
pened were is possible for vessels to see
ahead of- them.
There Is nn eleetilc flashlight now In
use on H passenger ship which throws a
rny of 'light seven miles. on water nnd
when thrown on the sky can bo seen
thirty miles.
It Is claimed that this powerful electric
light ray has pierced fogs and distin
guished distant objects at every point
of the horizon in actual tests nt sea nnd
will make collision accidents with Ice
bergs Impossible in the future, doing
away with all chance of another terrible
"Tltanlo" disaster.
A Parisian paper has caricatured the
Kiowth of electrical science under the
guidance or niotimx .. Kdlson In a "cr. ,
amusing manner.
Kdlson's assistant's frvnxlcd aniiounei I
nient that war has been declared between i
the 1'nlted States and (Ireat Hrltaln Is '
met by the calm request for the assistant I
to Join two eeitalu wires nnd press thi 1
button. I
The asslsant Is dumbfounded when told !
tlmt this tdiuplo act has destroyed the
Hrltlsh army which was Just then oik- I
barking at Liverpool '
"There doesn't seem to be nny reason I
why America should be afraid of its
enemies after this, sir," he exclnlms.
"I am Inclined to share your views."
says Kdlvou, smiling slightly. "Hut in
older to avert any future trouble, I think
It would be best to destroy Kimlnml alto-,
"To to destioy Kugland, sir?"
"Kindly touch button No. 4 there."
Tho aslstaut touches .It. The Inventor
count!) ten.
" eight, nine, ten It Is all oer. There
la no morn KiiKlnndJ"
"Oh! Oh!" exclaims tho young man.
"Now we may proceed quietly with our
work." sayr tho'great mnn. "And If we
should ever be nt war "with nny other
nation, you have only to notify me. I
have an electric button connecting with
exery foreign country which will destroy
It when pressed. In ton minutes I could
destroy every country In the world, the
United Staten Included. Ho careful, now,
thnt you don't touch any of those buttons
nccldentnlly you might do a lot of damage!"
Need W
Chnseil Cnta from I'Vncr.
Wo do not exnctls' credit this report
from llrooklyn, but glvo It here In case
somo one wishes to experiment on the
sparks from n cut's back.
There Is no need of going to New Lon
don to prove thnt n eat can give off
electricity from Its bnck: right here In
llrooklyn It hns been demonstrated.
A block on Macon street was Infestedd
with eats. The back fences were topped
with a board about four Inches wldo rM
this board walk wns used by the cats
as n promenade nnd concert stage.
An electrician put n glass tube largo
enough to push n cat Into, and with n
puff of cornprcssed nlr pussy was shot
out of tho other end. The resultant elec
tricity was wired to a storage battery.
Knelt family wishing electric light hud
to furnish Its own cats.
This furnished light for the block nnd
destroyed tho "yows." Now York Sun.
When You
Extra Heat Quickly
At this time ot Hit youi; when the mornings hro
so oxtrenit'ly cold and disagreeable yon frequent
ly need uxtru heat instantly for the bath room,
nursery, cte. To drive off the early-morning chill,
to prevent discomfort and quite often, illness
yon vQy should have an Kleetrie Luminous Ra
diator. The Electric' Luminous Radiator
may bo cattily moved from room to room. It Ib perfectly
safe whore children nro about no sparks or flnmo. Do
causo tho hoat Is genoratod In scaled glass bulbs, thoro Is
no consumption of valunblo oxygon or vitiation of tho
atmosphere. Always pure, healthful, congenial hoat. It
Is only ono of Innumerable electrical devices for comfort
and convenience which you can enjoy If you have Electric
Light lu your home.
Heaters of thin kind niny ho
Neon in operation in our office.
301 Omaha Nat. Bank Bldff. D 3810.
An overnlgtit hag of automobile leather,
In unuaunlly Ion and narrow. It takes
up but little foot room In the car and
hold nn much as tho shorter and wider
Lanktreo Electrical Co.,
1108 8. 18th St. Tyler 1011.
All kinds of electrical con
tracting. Got our prices.
This baa-come
Advartlia on tills pair now
tha bast :lma or thr year for
building'' patr raaulti.
Omaha Electrical Works
Electric Elevator Repairs
Weatinghouse Motors
mrt in w lltli f TMinnii "Do tier. 1101.
xuiiia ew -w .
v y
PtUaflaB BBaBalajaiBla(alBilB
I jf'Mpl Bel. Telephone
I ffll W V Made in Nebraska
Our Service
Our service is impaired by the tornado
which swept over Omaha Sunday even
ing, but crews are at work, and. we
hope to improve the service suffi
ciently in the next few hours to greatly
relieve the situation. We ask our pa
trons' indulgence in this emergency.
We are doing the best that we can.
Nebraska Telephone