Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 23, 1913, PART ONE NEWS SECTION, Page 9-A, Image 9

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Greatest Nerve
Vitalizer Known ;slr H,Sr itt
A Recent DIscovery.Kellogg's Sanitono
Wafers, the Most Effectivo Nervp
Btrengthener for Men and Wo
men Ever Pound by Science.
This la tho world's nowcst, safest, most
Tcllnblo and cflcctivo nerro lnvlKor'ntorr
revltallzer, brain nwnkcnor, body strength-,
jncr, without oqunl In tho world's history
uanouicine. it brings about nclmlige from
irtt nwful, dull, wenk, lniy, drint-iilve-n-'.ang,
feeling to brightness, strongtb,
hrtf hcmledness nnd courage which Is
How to llcdttce KxpriMM ot City
llenldcntlnt ninckn hy One llent
ItiK IMnnt llrliiK Widely
KeMogc's Sanitono iVnfers Make You Aol
SLlkeitBoy. You FenlJunt Llko
Jumping Over a Fence.
FOB MEN Nerve force Bono! You are
what your norves are. nothing else. If
you feel all run-down from nvorworh or
other causes, If you suffer from Insom
nia, "caved-ln" feeling, brain fag, ex
treme nervousness, peevishness, gloom
iness, worry, cloudy brnln, loss of am
bition, energy and vitality, loss of
weight and digestion, constipation, head
ache, neuralgia' or the debilitating ef
fects of tobacco or drink, send for a 60c
free trial box of Kellogg's Sanitono
Wafers, and ' soon you will be well,
strong and happy,
TOE, WOMIK If you suffor front
nervous breakdown, 'extreme nervous
ness, "bluo" spells, desire to ory, worry
neuralgia, back pains, loss nf weight or
appetite, sleeplessness, headachos and
constipation, and aro all out-of-sorts,
Kellogg's. Sanitono Wafers will make
you feel that' there Is more to life than
you ever realized before. Send today for
the 60c free trial box,
No nvoro need of dieting, diversion
travel, tlresomo exorcises, dangerous
drugs, electricity, massage, or anything
else Kellogg's Sanitono Wafers do the
work for each and all,, give you nerve
force and make you lovo to live.
All first-class druggists havo Kel
logg's Sanltone Wafers in stock, at $1.00
a box, or they will be mailed direct upon
recolpt of price by F. J. Kellogg, 1482
Iloffmaster Block, Battle Creex, Mich.
No freo trial boxes from druggists.
A no-cent trial box of this great dls
.coVery will prove that they do the work.
' They aro guaranteed every wafer. Send
' coupon below today for free , BOc trial
box of Kellogg's Sanltone Wafers.
Free Trial Box Coupon
r. J. KeUog-ff Co., 1433 Koff master
Block, Battle Greek, Mich.
Send me by return mall, free of
charge, a BO-cent trial box of the
wonderful discovery for nerves, Kel
logg's Sanltone Wafers. I enclose 6
cents in stamps to help, pay postage
arid packing.
v - . '
Street ortt.F.D. iv.
.City State -
Iit- 11.00 size of Kellogg'a Son-
YV.'ltohe Waters for sale In Omaha at Shop
man & McConnell Drug Co., 102 So. 16th,
24th and Farnam; Owl OJrug uo.,jz ho.
'''imii' Tioatnn nruir Co.. 1501 Farnam;
"Loyal Pharmacy, 207 N.16th St.; Bell
Drug UO., lam tarnun bi.
No free boxes from druggists.
Fen Minn ten' Home Treatment Works
Wonders, Stops Tallin? Hair, Honing
Scalp and Dandruff and Makes
the Hotr Soft, Brilliant,
Lustrous and Fluffy.
Tho spirit arid tho idea of co-operation
has" permeated nenrly nil fields of en
deavor. The latest Ideas on co-operation
how are coming Into thp, real estato nnd
building fields, rirtns for city blocks and"
communities to cut down expenses by
co-oporntlon arc being set forth and put f
into practice by hundreds of real est.ti
men thioughout the -united States, and
these have gotten Into print. The mngn-
I sines specializing on real estate and
building Irndes already have begun to
trtlk of co-operatloti and centralisation,
of expense.
fnny of the plans are feasible and
some havo been proven practicable. One
plan has been set forth by a Chicago
paper. The example glvtsn Is a Chicago
1 residential block or one covered by apart
I merit houses In whloh spaco and money
I art saved and labor and. serious annoy
ances abated by the co-operative Installa
tion bt a power, refrigeration and heat
ing plant.
" An Exnmiile.
' "Oito gopfl-slzed block might contain '.00
average-sized residences or six large
apartment houses," says the paper. "Each
house must have Its own steam, hot
water or hot air heating plant a boiler
for hot water, a cooking range, ice box,
filter,, eleatrlo and gas combination and
meter, wash tubs and drying facilities,
While in the case of apartment houss
hiut, bo added a steam laundry and
steam cooking apparatus, with pumps Tor
hot and cold water, boiler feed and ele
vator pumps or motors, with many addi
tional machines for the Innumerable lux
uries demanded.
"Each bno of theso 100 houses must em
ploy a man to carry up coal, attend '.he
furnace and take out ashes, while each
season finds repairs to be mado whjch
very householder dreads. All, this Is true
in tho cumi of tho six apartment houses,
only on a much larger scnlo and a cor
responding IncreaBO In expense."
The way out of the difficulties Is of
fered In tho building of a power house
In the center of the block with access to
one street, tho power house to contain a
completo hlghipressuro boiler plant, elec
tric plant and generators, pumps, heaters.
hot and cold water tanks, filters. Ice ma
chines and refrigeration thermostatic
regulation If desired coal and ash-hand-ling
aparatus, crematory, laundry equip
ment and other essentials.
AVlint Finn Docs.
What such a plant would do In elimi
nation Is enumerated In the Real Estate
News as follows;
First Smoke from 100 flues always
overheating certain rooms and often
causing fires from defective construction.
Confine It to one tall stack screened from
the street, and If properly designed, the
smoke nuisance eliminated.
Second-'Tho dust, dirt and annoyanco
of stocking up coal and the removal ot
ashes from each house.
Third One hundred boys or men having
to come In at an early hour each mornr
ing could be looked after In one central
plant by six men working In shifts, sup
plying heat and hot water early in tho
morning, at night and at all times.
Fourth UnfUtercd and Impure water
would become filtered pure water for all
purposes and It would bo under pressure,
hot and cold, at all times.
AFlfth Impure Ice taken from" question
able ponds and rivers would become pure
Icb from distilled water and refrigeration
for each house. It would eliminate the
removal of water from melted Ice and
would always .give a uniform, tempera-
tUSUth Tho troublesome Item of wash
ingdrying on rainy days and .delay,
Seventh-rThe. garpago nuisances, par
ticularly annoying in hot weather, by
dally cremation.. ,
Eighth-Last, ami not least, all this
could be done ftt a great saving in cost.
Does this Easter Sunday find your home
pleasant and inviting or 'is there something lacking
that would add to your comfort,
A cozy, attractively furnished home is the
tirsfc requisite to real happiness. It is a duty you
owe every member of your family.
Do not allow a small salary to stand between
you and a well furnished home with Hartman's long
time easy-paying, credit terms, you will find it exceedingly easy
to secure every home comfort.
Make up your mind today to have a good home.
Say to yours :lf, "Here's where I make my start' then go to Hartman's big
store and make your selection -rour liberal credit terms will surprise you.
Uetter than all tho so-called "hair ton
ics" in the world is a simple old fash
ioned homo recipe consisting of plain Bay
Hum, Lavona (do composee), and a little
Menthol Crystals. Theso thred mixed at
home in a few minutes, work wonders
v with any scalp. Try it Just one night and
see. Get from your druggist 2 ox. Lavona,
6 oz. Bay Rum and H dr. Menthol Crys
tals. Dissolve the Crystals In the Hay
Rum and pour in an 8 oz. bottle. Then
add the Lavona, shake well and let It
stand for an hour before using. Apply It
by putting a little of the mixture on a
soft cloth.' Draw this cloth slowly
through the hair, taking Just one small
strand at a time. This cleanses the hair
and scalp of dirt, dust and excessive oil
and. makes the hair delightfully soft, lus
trous and fluffy. To stop the hair from
falling and to make It grow again rub the
lotion briskly into the scalp with the fin
ger tips or a medium stiff brush, Apply
night and. morning, A few days' use and
you cannot find a single loose or strag
gling hair. They will bo locked on your
scalp as 'tight as a "vice. 'Dandruff will
disappear and itching ceaso. In ten days
you will find downy new hairs sprouting
up all over your scalp and this new hair
Will grow with wonderful rapidity.
Any druggist can sell you the above.
The prescription is very Inexpensive and
Ave know ot nothing so effective and cer
tain of its result.
wonderful method for removing wrinkles
without Injuring tho skin. Took out my
wrinkles In thirty minutes. No plasterbi
masks or massage. To prove It will re
move your wrinkles I will send you a do),
lar treatment free on receipt of 10c to pay
postage, packing, etc. Write me- today
Blanche Kershaw, Suite 18, Clark Build
ing, Syraouse. N. V. Advertisement.
. A Timely Sale of Solid Gold
Jewelry Wednesday.
June, the moritlf of brides, Is fast ap-
"-. proaohlng and if you arp one of many
who will bo looking for suitable wedding
prevents to give, your golden opportunity
will be Wednesday, when Orkln Broth
era 'placo on sale a purchase of 115,000
worm oi soua goia jeweiry ni one-nair
price. There is a whole glittering sea
of fine Jewelry to solect from the kind
that makes suitable presents.
Sir n M "IF SHORT LIKE Bon FrawUco to
V 1 1 ft! P Y AvutralU, II tfiyi tu Honolulu
U RV Ba H and Samoa, the ittnrtire od
lfiiict route, wiuter or lummer. Splendid 10,000 ton
ttramtn (cluKd by liritlih Uoydi 100 AI).
SI 10 Honolulu llrit-tlui round trl tydnty SIM.
Iloirftlulu, 8mas, Auitrtlts, New Zetland, Tllti. i.e.
im lit Cltu Round tho WorM; 2nd Cltu S1S0
Vuitiat 6 world' gret titieo (itcp-orrn)
nonoiuiv cuuithi Apru o. zi, 7 o, etc. lyoney
every 28 dirt. Apr. 8, i!y0,rtr. Send (or folder.
id: i. s, i
, Co., J7J Mukrt It, ttn Fund Kg
Hartman's New Style Unifold
Bed Davenport
$2.50 CASH $2.00 MONTHLY
Hartman's unifold davenpbrt, The most celebrated nnd perfect bed
davenport In the market today. Extremely plain, heavy colonial de
sign. Upholstered in genulno moroccollne leather. O " M fk
the finest Imitation leather made. One motion IDteS Im fill
. ., oil .. nnnvnfd rinVMinnH Intn n full hIvaiI K ' "
bed with a separate sot of steel springs and mat- Jm'
tress. Finished in a rich American quarter sawed
oak and a great valuo at
Massive Metal Bed Outfit
$1.50 CASH $1.00 A MONTH
Hnllil onk tlva drawer
fonler. Mada of high grade
inntitrln!. atronclv construct
ed and beautifully finished. Drawers
are largo nnd roomy with brass col
onial pulls. An extremely woll made
and guaranteed piece of fiyf AC
furniture. Specially D'x.acj
priced at
Geatime Leather Maliogaty Parlor Suite
$2.00 Oash;
$2.00 Monthly
Elegant mahoganUed birch !l-ploco parlor BUlto. Constructed through
out of tho vory best of material nntl richly finished. Frames aro very
maeslvo and mado of tho finest mahogany birch,. Uphol
stered In high grado genuine leather over full steol spring
supports. The tleslBn Is simple yet artistically oxecutcd.
A moBt senBatlonn.1 bargain at this price
Roams Famished Completely ior $
Everything Ready Far Housekeeping
Terms of Payment $5.C0 a Month
Mailed M
Aik lor lllu. tilted bodkle.
The &cyal Mall Bteain Packet Co.
gn6erun U Boo. Gca. Ailt. 19 So. SalU
Et . Chltiro. or An J gUamiblp Tlrkrt Axn -
Faithful Sir Horace;.
Sir Horace Plunkott, the Irish parlia
mentarian, still plna his faith in Omaha
real estate. Although living In Dublin
and In London ho keeps an cyo on Omaha
and has his real estate agents on the
alert for bargains and Investments for
Sir Horace was in Omaha last Decem
ber attending the convention of Nebraska
farmers. At that, time he reiterated his
belief in a great future for Omaha and
Nebraska. His hearers, especially those
who lived in Omaha; knew that his talk
was not buncombe.
When he returned to Ireland he pro1
ceeded to practice some more what he
had preached. He informed his agents
to keep on the alert. The last few weeks
there have come, to the public notice at
least two important deals in which ho
waB Involved. He sold the Lango hotel
for a noat little sum, and then turned
around to sink his money agatn In local
With J18.000 he bought a two-story and
loft building in South Omaha.. There are
several other choice pieces of property
in South Omaha and Omaha the titles
to which are hold by him. Few native
Omahans can show more faith in tho
city's future progress than he.
GnrrtKc l.lkn n House.
A little architectural, conceit is that of
P J. Adams' planning. To lend a dis
tinctive feature to the appearance of his
residence at Thirty-eighth and Pacific
streets he will build next to the house
Its duplicate In a garage. The garaao
will bo of brick and stucco. It will con
tain his two cars. Furthermore, the
little structure will harmonize in design
and color scheme with other buldlngs In
the Immediate neighborhood, which Is
known ns "the prettiest block."
Stet-1 Sella Out.
John Steel has sold his residence, 1318
South Thirtieth avenue, to Captuln C. H.
Townsend, who will, occupy It as a home
next month. Mr. and Mrs. Steel are pre
paring to go to Idaho to live on their
ranch, taking their portable property
with them.
Combination I'urma Sold,
A great number of farpis have recently
been sold tor combination purposes for
general farming and stock feeding.
Among thone worthy of note and, In which
recent possession has been taken hy the
new owners Is one of 740 aores to John
V. Happ, the sheep man. It formerly
belonged to the John A. Crelghton Ileal
Estato company. This farm lies within
one-half mile of tho corporate limits of
Waterloo, which is only a few miles out
from Omaha. While the consldera'on Is
not given, It Is understood that it la near
the JS0.0O) mark. The deal was .made by
the Orin 8. Merrill company.
Also another deal by the same estate
was one to John W. Cook and I D, Wat
Un of 31') hrrea. tldrUnlng Millard on
lr. noi Ih. T!' cuiw'.Ckrat on wis ttt.ev
Ti.ia vak m made U, the Orin fc Merrill I lusulata Hello
Large, handsomely designed all steel bed with heavy 2-Inch con
tinuous posts. Knameieu in a vuneiy oi auruewve coiorn, strong
ly constructed woven wire springs supporieu
In the center wlUi steel cotln una a 40-lb, soft
lop sanitary mattress. imn is positively a
most exceptional bargain at the unusually low
price rpr Deo, spring ana maures con
For this week's selling at
Buyi l
Made o 1
beaut I f u 1
I Amor lc a rt
Bawed oak,
hand rub
bed and pol
ls h o d. Top
measures 42
1 n eh o b long
and 28-lnches
wide, with a
secret drawor.
The pedestalB
are very maBslvo and securely attached
to base and top. An unusual J
value at thla low prlca. ... .',p(?Oo
Hm it mlti lilsss-MSiii I ' III i IW
Extra size, roomy ltllcnon cabinet.
Made of selected solid oak, conveni
ently built with large china compart
ment and four large spice drawers.
Uasn l flttod with flour bins, knead
ing board and utensil drawers.
A ?l6.oo value and ui
wonderful bargain,
Famous Regent Range
I S3s
Famous Merit Itegent Range. Made full size with
large oven and six 8-lnch holes. Stovo rest on san-
nary sieei tmse, nas a, largo nre
box" with duplex grates.' Nickel
towel bar extends across base of
range with other parts nlaborately
nickel trimmed. A wonderful val
ue, specially priced for thin week...
This extra large dresser 1 made
throughout of solid
threa roomy drawora
onlul wood pulls. Top fitted
lias High Grade
ittmi VaIvaI Rllrf
with Frnch havalAd nlntn mirror. fa
A $7.65 9x11 Ft- si2
1414-1416-1418 DOUGLAS ST.
91.50 Cash;
91 Monthly.
xll feet Ve)
Velvot Hugs
Mado of
wool wors
ted woven
Into tho
HUltubla rue for any
give unusually gooa.
and guaranteed to
service, A great value at th.l low price
company. ' A iVkse has been entered
for a term of years with F: M. Anderson,
a practical man of well known ability.
L Mr. Merrill also renorta a jsale made the
Inst day or to of 4a0 acres west of Oretna.'
This was formerly owned by Cora Wolfe.
The new owner Is Oi Johnson. It Is a
farm also well adapted for feeding and
general, farming, being near good rail
road facilities and only a shorf run sio
South Omaha market.
Mr. Thomas H. Williams of JSIIiott, la.,
who recently .acaulred eighty acres In
the western part of Sarpy county, on the
Ctatn Fisheries road, for a hpme, has
fully consummated the deal, and Mr.
Nelson, the former owner, who Is retiring,
oved to Gretna, where ho has
bought a home.
Four Sent to Federal Prison
Leavenworth for Terms.
Juilcc Calves lllm Chanoc In Change
Ills riea If He Chooses, but
He Finully Accepts tbe
Prescription that Soon
Knocks Rheumatism
This stmDle and harmless formula haj
.worked wonders for all who have tried
It. quickly curing chronic and acute rheu-
Knatlsm and backache. "From your drug
gist get one ounce of Tons compound tin
original sealed package) and one ounce
of syrup Barsaparllla compound. Take
theso two Ingredients home and put them
In a half pint of good whiskey. , Shake
the bottle and take a tablespoonful be
fore each meal and at bedtime." Good
results come after the first few doses. If
your druggist does not havo Torls com
pound in stock he will get It for you In
a few hours from his wholesale house.
Don't b Influenced to take a patent med.
Iclne Instead Of this. Insist on having
the genuine Torls compound In the orig
inal, one-ounce, sealed, yellow package.
Hundreds of the wortt cases here have
bet n cured by this In a short time'.
St. Konodict Xl&aty Tablsts Olrs Im-
i'our .men wera sentenced to terms In
the federal prison at Leavsnworth, Kan.,
by Judge William II, Mungtr, when moat
Of those Indicted by th special grand
jury a week ago were brought before the
Judge to enter a plea. Those sentenced
to the federal penitentiary were Oeorge
Klcholrqn, two years for counterfeiting
and having counterfeit cola In his pos.
session; C. 13. AVest, one year and sight
months, for impersonating a federal of
ficer; Fred Wise, one year and one day
for white slavery; and James Weston,
two years for cutting and robbing a mall
pouch at North Platte, Neb.
The sentence for Wise, tho white
slaver, was fixed at two years, but on
recommendation of the county attorney
from Orand Island, which Is Wise's home,
the sentence was reduced to one year
and one day. The county' attorney called
attention to the fact that Wise was not
known to be bad at Orand Island, and
that his offense In transporting Mlllan
Beybold from Dallas, 8. D to Grand Is
land, Neb., for Illegal purposes, was his
first offense.
C. E. West, after pleading guilty to
the charge of impersonating a federal of
ficer In Omaha, hired a stenographer on
that pretense and defrauded her of $50,
heard' the sentence of two years In Leav
enworth pronounced upon him and then
began to argue his case, lie told the
Judge that he had not told anyone he was
a government officer. The Judge reminded
htm that he had already pleaded guilty
to the charge after hearing the Indict
ment read.
"Why did you plead guilty to the charge
of impersonating an officer?" asked the
"Well, because I ain't got no way to
prove that I didn't," replied the prlconer.
"The court will admit your testimony
,lf you like," replied the Judge.
"But a man's own testimony don't go
very far In court," the prisoner pro
"Toil may have a Jury trial if you wish
It," the Judge advised.
The prisoner hesitated. Ha gripped his
hands behind him, turned them nervously
and gripped them harder.
'Will you allow ma the time I have
served In Jail here?'4 he queried,
The Judge told him ha would and said
that would make his term twenty months.
He thanked the Judge and sat down.
Hundred Injured by Tornadoes in
Southern and Central States.
DamiiKC Will linn Into Million of
Dollar Sleet I'rostfHte Hun
dred of Miles ot Over
head Wires.
More than sixty persons are reported
killed and hundreds were Injured, soma
mortally, by n storm of tornado Intensity
when raged over central, western, south
ern and parts of eastern states yes
terday. Property damage will run well
Into the millions.
Definite Information has been received,
accounting for more than forty persona
dead Avlth reports from points temporarily1
cHt off from wlro communication by tho
storm adding hourly to the list
Reports from Alabama show the loss ot
life Was. heaviest In that (late, the nurat
ber of dead there being already definitely
placed, twenty-eight, with additional fa
tallties reported, but not confirmed. Tht
town of Lower Peach Tree was prac
tically wiped out. Two aro dead In In
diana, two in Tennessee, three in Ohio,
two In Now York, one In Michigan and
two in Louisville.
Accompanying the death lists are estN
mates of Injured totaling more than 100,
with additions coming In at brief Intervals.
Judge Orders Wages
Turned Over to Wife
Judge Foster believes that when a
mother has raised ten children she has
dona her duty on this earth. Mrs. Kata
Freeman, 33J3 Charles street, appeared,
against her husband, whom she says has
not (Supported her or her children all
winter. She told a pitiful tale of how
she tried to bring up five little children
this winter and still work and make
money enough to support them. Two
daughters are working and contributed,
but tha father laid around the house, did
odd Jobs and spent what little money ha
got Judge Foster secured a Job for tha
man and gave the employer notice to
turn tha money over to the mother.
Nature's laws are perfect if only we obey them, but diiesie follows dlsobedt
eaee. Go straight to Nature for the the foreit ; there ere mysteries there,
some el which we can fathom for you. Take tho bark of the Wild-cherry tree,
with mandrake root, Oregon grape root, stone root, queen' root, bloodroot and
golden teal root, make scientific, glyceric., extraot of them, with just the rifht
proportions, and you have
It took Dr. Pieroe, with the aiiiitance ot two learned chemists and phsrmt.
outs, many montns oi nara worn experimenting i pencci
this vegetable alterative and tonio extract of tbe greatest
Ma. C. W. PawXKY, of Millville, Calif., writes: "I wish
to tell you that I have used your 'Golden Medical Discovery'
In my family for twenty years, We have had a doctor called
In but once during that time. I have a family of ten chil
dren, all well and hearty, for which, to a RTeat extent, we owe
thanks to you and your 'Golden Medical Discovery and
Pellet!,' which we use when sick."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and iavlforaM
stomach, liver and bowiilt. Sugar-coated, tiny gTesulei. j
. ... a a r sm aVI
C W. Pawlby. Hsq, World's Unpens ary jvieaicti Association, uuntio, vt.i.