Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 23, 1913, PART FIVE SEMI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 49

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Thousands of thin women have been getting
wonderful results from a treatment which is IS
years old and gaining In popularity every day
It has not cost them a penny to try It, nor will
it you.
You will bo surprised and delighted at the
change In your appearance when the treatment
has produced Its effect It has been astonishing
how little additional llesli and bust development
It has required to make many of our thin patrons
attractive even fascinating. They tell us they
seem tobe attracting a flattering attention which
they never enjoyed and had ceased to expect.
J'tst write today saying "Send mo your free
tt eatment." We will immediately send, In a plain
vtapper, sufficient Dr. Whitney's Nerve & Flesh
Builder to give you tho additional flesh that will
add so much to your attractiveness. In some
cases the trial alone has been all that was needed.
No. 1 Is the general flesh builder. No. 8 Is for
giving development to the bust alone without
enlarging other parts of the body. Say which
one you prefer.
Let us prove that we can give you a full,
round bust, and a superb figure Send In the
coupon below before this offer Is withdrawn,
and get your free trial In plain wrapper by re
turn mall.
Cut this out now. This coupon entitles the
sender to one full trial treatment of Dr.
Whitney's Nerve & Flesh Builder, provided it Is
the first trial sender has received. C. L. Jones
Co.. 95-C Friend Hldg.. Klmlra. N. Y.
Do Away With Bands
of Steel and Rubber
stuart'i PUPAOfaOStredlScnntfrom
the truss, balnr medicine aDDllea-
I to boldthe ptrtiiecurclT In fIih.
i :iestraps,buckiesorspriDg-caD-
a I not slip, loeaoaet chtle or com-
'S press against ino puuia was.
ThousandshaTe. successfully treated
fhtnalva at home without hindrance from
MP LI work and conquered the most obstinate cases.
Tlt-lU Oold Medal. 1'rocnt ol recovery la natural.
InlAL OF PLAPAO prete what we lay by tendlnc
you Trial ol I'lanao absolutely VllKK. Write same oa
coupon and tend TO-DAY. Address
PUPAO LABORATORIES, Block 413 St. Louts, Mo.
Bttnrn Mall will brlni Free Trial flaps. .
BraUltv Men's FaiUeaaUe Clolhei tod Ferauh- I
EUORl I llVi ioil. Lalot New York Duixns
Huf i T We IU trust any honest man anywhere H
BIT7VT Sample! and big Catalogue aent TREE.
WMI lAlM! Estab. 1SS5. Larxeat Tailors and Outfitters
Hil 9 Park Place, New York City
l&Ihj! i t'iu'lw i'wms'y Ssss
To Any Shade Desired
Mrs, Potter's Walnut Tint Hair BUIn
will do It. J rut apply once month
with your comb. (Urea any shade
from light brown to black., ana Its one
can not be detected. Does not soil
scalp or hands. A perfect remedy for
gray, faded or bleached hair. 11.00 at
drag stores. BendSSu for trial bottle.
Mra. Pottera Hyglenlo Supply Co.,
1B44 Grot on Bldg., Cincinnati. Ohio
I Kpnrl aketrh fnr f rM unroll of Patent Office Ibae.
orda. How to Obtain a) Patent nnd Whet to Invent with
Hat of Invention, wanted end Prltee offered tor In
vention, sent tree. Patents adTert)ad free.
Bend for onr liat ot J'atent Boyera.
Facta a boat rizes. It k wards, Inykntiom. Wasted,
etc Rtmnil lOrt tknatavA for Vaklntil lrnks.
Advance Notes From
(Continued from Page 3 )
signs finish the airiest fnbrics. You will
love, ns we nil do, tho tiny-llowcrctl silks
that suggest court Indies jilnying nt milk
maids nnd Dresden shepherdesses.
These dainty patterns nre mndo into
quaint overdresses, nnd arc worn "with lnco
underslips or over a plainer silk founda
tion. Doubtless tho wired tunic that ilnres
out below tho hips, several inches beyond
tho straight skirt, which wo noted once or
twice on French women of unquestionable
fashion, will bo taken up by many. Tho
dc Medici collar of fine lace, also wired
to stand up 'in a fan shnpo fashion nt the
back of tho neck, has nlready beeomo pop
ular. Tho tiny hats wo will wear, my dear,
aro almost absurd when compared to the
cart wheels of a season or so ago; but
smart they aro, indisputably. Thoy tako
quaint forms nnd set low over tho fore
head and ears. Carlicr favors tullo plaited
nnd bowed up into stunning effects for
tho back or side. A strango littlo turban,
with two aigrettes, ono thrusting up in
tho air in tho front and ono in tho back
liko tho rakish masts of a schooner yacht,
capped tho pretty head of a petted
Parisienno who passed us driving tho
other day. I am afraid I quito disgraced
myself stnring after her, for her en
semblo was startling to say tho least.
Aunt is so hardened to tho kalcidoscopo
tho streets present that sho rarely turns
her haughty head; but sho sees, never
theless, and often reproaches mo for my
gaucherie, which to savo my life I can
not help. If tho Comtesso of
was seen driving in tho Bois wearing tho
court costumo of a Hottentot, sho would
staro quietly ahead and murmur: "Quito
tho correct thing, my dear, it seems ! ' '
Marianne de Lourcy.
IS THE gentleman burglar tho social
highwayman a myth I Ho is, ac
cording to no less an nuthority than
Chovalier Alphonso Bcrtillon, tho famous
head ot tlio identification department in
tho Prefecture of Polico of Paris. Writ
ing on The Myth of the Gentleman Bur
glar in the next Semi-Monthly Maga
zine hection, M. iiertillon explodes a
long-standing theory nnd going from
fancy to fact declares ho never know or
a Raffles in real life.
fN tho other hand, William J. Burns,
tho great American detective takes,
issuo with M. Bcrtillon, and in a vigorous
editorial says if there aro no gentlemen
burglars in Franco thcro certainly aro in
America. Two such eminent and oppos
ing views furnish material lor an inter
esting controversy.
pOUNT LEO TOLSTOY, following his
rcmarkablo last messago and proph
ecy to tho European sovereigns published
recently in tho Semi-Montiily Magazine
Section, has written in Civil War n
stirring and powerful parable to nppear
in our next issue. This posthumous man
uscript was found among tho great Rus
sian author 's papers nt Yasnnya Poliana.
GEORGE FITCH, whose Siwash Col
lego stories havo won nn cnvinblo
plnco among humorous classics, never
conceived a funnier story than The Pet
Town of Jupiter City, to bo published in
tho next Semi-Monthly. It 's tho talo
of a town that went on striko and was
swept away in a gnlo of laughter.
1 THEWS discusses The Art of Panto
mime, nnd Lillian Bennet-Thompson tells,
in The Unknown, a story that deals dra
matically with tho mysterious Fourth Di
mension. .
A MONO tho star illustrators represent
ed in tho forthcoming issuo nro Wil
liam Bcngough, with his genial and clever
cover-design, The Captor Captured; C. B.
Fulls, L. A. Shafer, Harry Stoner nnd T.
Victor Hall.
Perfect Hearing!
brought to sufferers from tlcnfuess by tho tnnrvelous
new Invention. J list out 1 1 ho Improved 1!)I3 Model
Ear Phone
Positive, perfect Iienrinir for thosowho nro nlllictcd with tlenfncss. I his wonder
fit) Instrument linn fourcllUVrcnt sound strengths. Instantly clmngcil by n touch of the finger on
a tiny switch. Four times ns lxnvcrf al, four times ns efficient, four times ns convenient, four time
ns iiciprul nsnny other hearing instrument.
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unhtard f friat sad mirtWuf efftrt
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apslr of tires from enytnt it mnr frut
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t ample bicycle going to your town.
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re Dal rt and all sundries at half utuat p4,
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III Ml rrt.rr-
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J-681 Hardt a Tlalldlaar. natalartaa, I. C
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fpuuu aoys muu& nappy
A Marvelous Fun and Money-making
Moving Picture Machine
A Box of Film FREE With Tho Machines
Description of Thla New Modal Moving Picture Mac hi no
This machine Is made of llusalan Metal, bl&ck
i Japan. cUht-whocl mecnanlsm, which driven tho
. muvuiK piciurfa; excelsior uiapuraKm leua, innio
poiumexi; stanaara uoiidio extra reuccior, tnrowinic
, ray 01 ritfiifc iwcniy loci, emarKlDK uiepiciuroupio
iiut-u or luiir loub in uiaiucicr: lamp is nuou wun
a Rrcat gaiety caruiao pcncraior ami produces tho
wkqcse iisat iwwer. lias iar ercaicr usnc power
laau mo oruiuaxy eiocino ugai. proauciaK ouu
cauu,u iwwer uu luu scrceu anu unnKinK ouc
every ucian 01 tno picture wun pronounced
olstlnctncsa. A child can learn In Ave minutes
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inis moving rieiure Mocnino wmcn i want
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UKe moving pictures as aro shown at any
oi tne regular moving picture snows, it
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uutnt, ireo to giris ana tree to oiacr
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It lm m Bemuty
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