Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 23, 1913, PART FIVE SEMI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE SECTION, Page 9, Image 43

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More Important
Than School Books
Your children are protected against
contracting contagious disease, if you
will provide for their school use
. "Uie like a blotUr"
Scot-Tlssuo Towels aro tho essenco of le
fliicmonti mado of w)ft white nbsoibcnt
paper, they tun absolutely essential for tho
health protection of your child at school.
Besides, they aro ono of tho trreatcst con
veniences In tho household.
Write Jorjree booUel "Paper In the Ilomi."
Pantryi for cmtlery, glassware, window, etc.
Dressing: for removing cold cream, for sharing.
Ooolune for draining fried potatoes, etc.
Shampoo: for drying the hair.
Lunches: for wrapping sandwiches, etc.
Valet Use: wiping muddy shoes and rubbers.
Travel: for steamer and railroad use.
C.nii P- I"1 C03 Olenwood Avenue
DCOtt raper SO. Philadelphia
Makers of "Scot-Tissue" In Tablo Covers, Towels,
Toilet Paper and liables' bydeess"Sanl-Tlsne"and
"6o Waldorf" Toilet Papers: and other Hygienic
Paper lrodactB.
If it's a floor if it's a door if it's a
stair if it's a chair There's a Kyanize
finish made to do the work and do it right.
Kyanize Floor Finiih dries over night
with a beautiful gloss retains its lustre
is not affected by water stands the
scuff and tread of heavy shoes dragging of
furniture playing of children. Kyanize
wears, wears, wears.
For any job on Inside wood use
Kyanize. Clear and 7 popular colors
TRIAL OFFER If there It no Kyanize agent n
yourtoten.nend lltcenttand vuurdcalcr'a nametantt
receive a trial can enough to da any ortltnary chair
a ten-cent bruKhta color cant and full direction.
Boston Varnish Co. MktioS Boston
lubricates the mechanism, prevents rust
on the metal parts and cleans and
polishes the stock. For cleaning out the
residue of burnt powder especially
smokeless powder, it U unequaled.
83 Broadway, New Yoik
Would you take a steady lob eMn my quick moving-,
nappy line of aoapa. perfumes and toilet preparations!
No experience needed. I pay cash; no premiums. If you
are looking; for an unusual opportunity for making Mat
E. M. DAVIS CO., A. 1 G8 DavU Block. Chicago.
UlJLIV iElYallill 1 0 crazy Quilts, I'lllow
Tops.Pln Cushions, etc. ilhrPackwroiOc. 3for2jc
THE 3. Sc. D. CO., Dept. '77. Brunswick, Maine
figured out that women like to ho at ensv,
don't like to be rushed, like to take their
own tiino and comfort when buying
drosses; and ho moved Ii is dress goods
department to tho second floor. Since
then, no store lias placed that department
lower than the second floor. And further
more, that particular section is regarded as
tho aristocratic section, the piece tic re
nistutiee, or the tints ex muchina in the
business of selling goods to women ; and it
is treated accordingly. Its floors are cov
ered with soft and rich carpets Artistic
and costly chairs, such as perhaps tho ma
jority of purchasers never have tho priv
ilege of sitting in elsewhere, aro strewn
about in careless elegance. Clieval glasses
nnd dainty dressing tables, with silver
backed toilet sets, are on all sides. And
even the most phlegmatic nnd indifferent
of dressers can but feel that priniping-up
sense, that subtle infusion of desiro for
the better which is likely to make her go
home with a thirty-five dollar or forty
dollar gown, when sho came in with the
intention of being satisfied with the
"Mock of a Philadelphia manufacturer
bought at such prico that we are offering
it at ten dollars per garment."
A rulo of color blending and cumulat
ing, nnd of not mixing grades to the dis
advantage of both, prevails throughout
the store. It governs tho display of
cloths in the bolt. It governs the dis
play of ribbon's on tho counters. It even
penetrates to tho promiscuous displays in
the basements. For, thero is subtlety in
the treatment of colors, and wisdom in
the avoidanco of unpleasant juxtaposi
tions. And should tho buyer by any
chnnco escape scotfrco in the face of all
this mastery of selling-display, all this
appeal to the eye and the fancy and the
pride, tho enticing game has still another,
in fact still several other, angles to it.
And somo of those angles lift the depart
ment store considerably above tho mere
field of merchandising. Somo of them
enter into the field of public interest and
economics, and boiiic merely deal with tho
luxuries and pleasures of human enter
tainment. For example, a department
store in Indiana gives f reo lessons in dress
fitting to all customers desiring them.
Another merchant clsowhero lends sewing
machines and gives fabrics, threads,
trimmings, etc., to tho dressmaking classes
of Settlement ami Neighborhood Insti
tutes. Still another gives instructions in
making dresses, from cloth on salo in the
store, to conform to imported models.
Numerous department stores maintnin
such things as china kilns, to encourage
tho hand-painting of dishes and tho growth
of domestic art. Cooking schools in tnin
iaturo aro not uncommon. And object
lessons in sanitation nnd its various cur
rent developments aro universal.
MOT only does tho department store
work to stimulnto the immediate pur
chasing desiro on tho part of its patrons,
but it works also to keep alivo the good
feeling side. It aims to ninko store-going
as much of n pleasure, and fascination as
visiting a fair. To that end, it supplies
its patrons with nbnost everything on the
amusement end of life, from toy demon
strnting to orchestra music. In its cafe,
which also is spread with comfort, elo
ganco and moderation in prico in order
that patrons of the storo mny keep in
good humor, it has tho best of musicians
and tho best of musical progrnms. In
its windows it exhibits neroplnnes when
theso aro inventedand gives practical dem
onstration of tho uso of wireless teleg
raphy from its roof. Ono storo imported
a bit of radium at great expense when
that substanco was first discovered and
exhibited it where tho public could see it
freely. A Chicago department store has
developed a choral society among its
clerks. And thero is not a social or polit
ical event of any magnitude that is not
in somo manner or other reproduced in
somo store window or interior.
At nny cost, seems to say tho modern
merchant, keep tho peoplo interested.
Make them feel that they havo been to a
free exposition and that what they take
away with them is not only something
purchased for their own needs, but also
is something that indicates that they aro
living up to tho times, aro providing them
selves with tho latest conveniences and
improvements, and aro doing all that is in
their power to add to the joy anu satis
faction of living.
Said the architect
to the man about
to build
"I have spent con
siderable time investi
gating roofing materials.
it v
You sav You want a good, durable roof artistic roof
but you do not want to pay too much for it.
"I can give you just what you want I recommend
Certain-teed Roofing
(Quality CerMfied Durability Gunran-fccti)
in Rolls and
"This roofing is made of Asphalt, guaranteed to wear liftecn years.
When laid according to the General's specifications it is rapidly re
placing the old style coal tar and gravel roofings on big factories,
warehouses, apartment buildings and skyscrapers."
Certain-teed Roofing comes in red, green and slate,
gray shingles for bungalows and residences in rolls for general use.
O t -.I- "Modern Building Ideas and Plans"
oet our new dook it wouU1 ordinariiy scU for $i , hut
as it illustrates the various uses of Ccrtain-teed Roofing we will
send it to you for 25c or you can get it FKIiU from your lumber,
hardware or building material dealer.
Certain-teed Roofing it cold at reasonable prices
by dealers everywhere no exclusive agents
General Roofing
The World's llTrrit
manufacturer of
Kooflna-a anil lliulfi
irur I'
General Roofing Mfg. Co.
E. St. Unit, 111. York. Pa.
Winnipeg, Can.
Marseilles, III. Minneapolis, Minn. San Francisco, Cal.
Londou, Enf land llamlinrs Germany
These cheques are
accepted for travel bills all over
the world
You can use them like actual money and they are safer to carry. You
can pay your hotel bills with them; your railway and steamship fares.
You can make purchases with them in the principal shops. And you
can cash them without charge in any one of 50,000 banks.
"A.B.A." Cheques
An international currency a money
good in all countries lias always been
:ded by tourists.
K. D. A." Cheques
supply that need.
1 hey are ac
cented in every
civilized country
because they
are known ev
erywhere to be
is "eood ai sold."
and because your
signature identifies you.
Your traveling money is
SArfc. it you carry it in A. U.A.
Cheques. If stolen or lost your cheques )
can be replaced. Without your signature,
they arc useless to a tliief. They are pro
tected against crooks by the William J.
Bums National Detective Agency.
"A. D A." Cheques are issued in $ 1 0. $20.$50
and $ 1 00. convenient for daily expenses and pur
chases, bach is plainly engraved wuh its valuo
in the currency or the principal, nations. You
always know juithow much foreign money each
cheque is worth.
"A.D.A." Cheques are distinctly an American
institution, rsjaticularly suitable for American trav
elers. They are issued by thousands of American
Banlu. They ale the only travelers' cheques
accepted, under the law, in payment of United
States Customs duties.
Get them at your bank
Askfordescrifrtive booklet . If your bank it not yet tuftUtit u4th "AJI.A."
Chequts.Tvrltc for information as to luhttt thty can it obtained in yourvtcinity