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Experts Watching Progress of Pa
tients Issue Statement.
Admit (lint TuliercUlftila Culture In
"Mvr llnR".ntiil tUnt They Arc.
llrrrilltiK II In Try on
Consumptive rUnnUcja.
WASHINGTON, March a. -The Public
Health eervlce, through Surgeon Ocneral
Blue, Issued Its first !tutemetit today
relative to the fravernitient investlsatlon
of Dr. F. F. Krledmnnn's rtllegad tuber
culosis oura. The statement, which cm
phaHfes tho government's polloy to pro
ceed cautiously, la an follows:
"On March 8 the secretory" of the treas
ury, on the recommendation of the sur
geon General of the public healtn serv
ice, caused a board of medical officers
to be detailed to make a thorough in
vestigation of Dr. Frledmann alleged
euro for tuberculosis.
"Thos.j officers proceeded Immediately
lo New York and arranged with or.
Frledmann for demonstrations of his
remedy upon persons suffering trom tu
berculosis. Theso demonstrations are b
big carried on In certain New I'orfe hos
pitals through the courtesy of their re
tpectlvc authorities and will be con
tinued until sufficient Information hns
Been obtained for the forming of an opln
'on as to the merits of the treatment.
"Dr. Frledmann has submitted to the
board a culture of the bacteria, which
he state are used In his method Of
treatment. In" addition to tho observa
tion of persona under treatment by Ds.
Frledmann, the board of officers will
make experiments to ascertain whether
this culture Is, as Dr. Frledmann claims,
hurmless to warm-blooded animals.
Will Tk Thin- lo Tell.
"Considerable time will neeesivrlljr be
required to carry out theso Investigation-),
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KnA t)u matt. ficliuaM
COtwecuons uiakirwKBT
I --J .It. II --
t Along tha margin, of
thj advertisement
i ih i r.nri i n t n
ore Tacuireo or wo
'r.hneoltQn rwftt
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tili WiUur 8t
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J but the work will be carried out as rap-.
! idly us possible. -
"In the meantime tho public Is In
formed of the Inndvlsablllty In the gre'it'
majority, of tascs of 'traveling ong dl
tances In the hope of receiving treatment,
as thoee selected for demonstration pur
ports constitute only a small proportion
of tlfc .applicants. .
'Certain statements purporting to oe
expressions of tho oplnlort of -Hie board
of officers of the labile tlealth sorvlce
bearing on the Investigation have ap
peared fh newspapers, These oftlcers
have oxprosscd no opinion and will not
bo In position to do so until 'he worn
lias advanced sufficiently far to warrant
some conclusion in regard to. Dr. f'ried
mann's treatment." ' ' ' ' .
It was further slated by the govern
mi nt's officials that It would (bn a month
I probably .before any Conclusions could be
t-FHchud relating to tho efficacy of the
j treatment upon tho patients, who nro
being watched- by the board of officers
' authorized to make the Investigation.
1 Dr. John K. Anderson and Dr. A. M.
I Stlmson, who compose, the bqard, are
I keeping a dally clinical record 'of cns,es
I treated by Dr. Frledmann In the New
York hospitals. These' records will fur
nish the basis for final reports, when
, sufficient Information has accumulated
1 to warrant them.
j Developments Ilrpnrtrd Not Flnnl.
I Though developments from day to day
I such as lowering of temperature, dis
appearance of night sweats, cessation of
i coughing and the like, might mean!
I something of Importance In one case. In
j others It would not. For this reason'
' the public health officials regard It dan
gerous to make any reports whatever un
til they are ready to report finally. They
also point out that It In necessary to
keop a record In many cases, as two or
three cases would not be; sufficient on
which to biyio a Just report as to the
efficacy of tho treatment
Thus far Dr. Frledmann's tuberculosis
culture has been demonstrated lo be a
"live bug," according to testa made In
the government hygienic laboratory here,
subaultures .having been grown from tho
original culture submitted to tho public
health service by the. Berlin doctor sev
eral weeks ago. .
The tests conducted by Dr. Anderson
proved that now bacilli would propagate
from the prime culture' and experiments
have been begun with warm blooded
laboratory unlmals. Tho subcultures
also 'jiroved, to be acid-proof and they
hove'beeli propagated on various chemll
cnl media, such as beef bouillon, gelatin,
bread and other subjects. Enough-of the
bacilli has been developed tor the
carrying.': out." 'thrfugji " mpnkeyf j'-and
guinea pigs of "further tests of the antl
tubercular bacilli, which Dr. Frledmann
claims to have derived from sea turtles,
tlcrllii I'atlcnta Improving;.
NEW YOItK, March . Sufferers
from tuberculosis whom Dr. tf. F. Fried,
mann treated with his vaccine before Mi
departure, from Berlin to this country
are responding remarkably to the treat
ment, according to a cablegram received
today by Dr. Qeorgo O'llanlon, superin
tendent of Belle'vue hospital. The cable
gram came from a Berlin physician, JJr.
O'Hanlon said.
Dr. Frledmann treated sixteen patients
here today, but was obliged to postpone
the treatment of fourteen others until
tomorrow, owing to the fact that nis
vaccine Is exhausted, lie devoted most
of the day to the preparation of a new
' No, Pennsylvania I.tqenae.
PHILADELPHIA, ra March 31.t-No
temporary medical license will bo granted
by the Pennsylvania States Board of
Medical Examiners' to Dr. Frledarlch
Frank irieaman of 'Berlin, Vho asserts
he ImsS discovered a, cure for; tubercu
losis. Thl statement was made yester
day by Dr. J. M. Baldy, president of the
board. t)r. Frledmann tola four local
physicians that ho would not come to
this city to perform experimental work
unless ha should receive a tcmpornry
license giving him permission to practice
"We will never grant Dr. Frledmann
a temporary license," declared Dr, Baldy.
last night "In the first .place, the laws
of the state do not nermlt mlah nctlniv
and, secondly, the members of the State
Bord of Medical Examiners do not In
tend to make themselves responsible for
)fr. Frledmann and his 'cure.' If Dr.
Frledmann wishes to come here and treat
patients "and collect fees for treatment,
he will be compelled to take tho state
board examinations similar to those
taken by any other physician wishing to
practice In the state. We do not object,
however, to his coming here as a consult
ing physician and demonstrating his vac
cine, and I think every physician In the
city wilt welcome him If he should come
under .these conditions. We feel, how
ever, that some hospital should take the
responsibility, whether he Is successful
or not."
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Wilson Making Effort to Find Men
for Foreign Jobs.
(inthcrlr, Kx-Mnr of I'M tnlitirKb
Mini Denmcrntlc Mlnlr ( linlrninn,
SIny Ue Chosen Amlinssnilor
to'Mrklrnu Itrpiilillc.
WASHINGTON, March 21-frrsIdent
Wilson;-ta making- an, effort to fill the
more Importanl diplomatic posts before
the extra session of congress begins so
that ho may otherwise df .'oto his energies
when the time for legislation arrives.
The president Is desirous of filling the
American embassy at Iondon as quickly
as possible and Is said to be In hopes
that' Charles' W. Kllot, former president
of Harvard, would accept, though there
were Intimations among rome of Dr.
Kllot friends today that he might de
cline. Whether, or not, William FV) McCombs.
tho democratlc'"nntlon!ii chairman, will
be ambassador to France, Is still nn opon
question. Mr. McCombs had a long talk,
with the president early today and was
at the Whlto House again tonight, but
made no announcement.
George W. Guthrie, former mayor of
Plttsbtirgh, and a democratic stato chair
man" of Pennsylvania, has been chosen
to be ambassador to Mexico, bu.t it Is
likely that an announcement will be de
ferred until the Stnto department formu
lates its policy with regard t6 recognition
of the Hucrta government. It Is certatn.
however, that the resignation of Henry
j-jiie Yiison, present ambassador to
Mexico, .hns been" submitted and wlU ,b
accepted, 1 4
I'rlnnpton PrnfrnNor lo Cermnnr.
That Prof. Henry IJuchard pno ot
Princeton university can be ambassador
to Germsny if ho chooses was learned
from callers at tho White House today.
Prof. J. W. Jonks of Cornell university
was a Whlto Housn caller today. He has
open very much Interested In the selec
tion, df John P.. Mott of Montclalr, N.
J., yie Young Men's Christian unoctn.
tlon leader to bo minister to China, and
is saia to no urging Mr. Mott, on behalf
of the president, to accept the post.
For the ambassadorships to, Italy,
Austria, Brnxll, P-ugsla. Turkey and
Japan, no definite. Selections, hiive 'becn
made, though Justice James W, Gerald
of Now York; Augustus Thomas, Thomas
Nelson Page, Beth Low and William
PCMftK-Oftdrri aresUltib'elhg promi
nently mentioned in this connection.
It is likely that John W. Qarrett will
icontlnue r.s minister to Argentina, and
Maurice Francis Egan as minister to
Joseph IS. Wlllard of Virginia, Thomas
II. Birch of New Jersey, nnd Frederick
C. .Penflold of New York are also re
garded as certain to be ministers In the
foreign service.
The president took up chiefly routlno
platters with his cabinet at the meeting
today. Tomorrow ho" will meet tho. Illi
nois vice commission.
(F&m a 8taft Correspondents
WNCOLN, Neb., March 22.-(Bpeclal
Telegram,.) lst . night os. Warden Fen
ton was making his rqunds of the stato
penitentiary before retiring; as Is his
Usual custom, ' he discnveirod Roy May
nitrd, sentenci'd to life ImfirYspfiment from
Dox Putto county, hanging In his cell,
suspended by a towel. He cut the man
down and today Maynard was reported
resting easily.
Maynard was a "dope" fiend, but when
tho now warden took charge at the
prison and Inaugurated the no dope pro
gram, Maynard seemed to giuffor for the
want of the drug and frequently said ho
would rather be dead than .to go without
It. Ho was sent up fqr killing a restau
rant keeper niAlllsnce, and outside of
being u '"dope" fiend, 'had' 'been A model
prisoner. He wa one of the leadlnir
characters In tho minstrel shows given
by the convicts,
I1EATIUCK. Neb., March n.-fSpeclal
Telegram,.) An unusual accident Recurred'
In the Fsirvlew aoh'ool today wheti Goldle
Hawkins, 8. year?; old. fell from her
seat and dislocated the second cervical
vetebni of her spine. She waa removed
to a local hospital, where It required tho
efforts of three physicians to bring tho
bonea back Into Place.
The child has been In n state of coma
since the accident and hor recovery Is
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Wife of Hear Admiral Charged with
His Murder Pitied Him.
i -f . ,
Letter from Aocnaetl Wife to Iter
Attorney Shovrs thnt Woman
Tho UK lit Ilnabnnd Warn Dan
gerous to litre With.
CHICAGO, March 22 The nature of .ho
relations between Rear Admiral Eaton
and his wife, charged with his murder.
became known here toduy In a letter
written by Mrs. Eaton March 15, 1911, to
Marshall T. Oalllon, an attorney was acted
for her In her divorce proceedings against
her first husband, Daniel Henry Alns-
worth. In 1006.
Tho letter, written from Asslnlopl.
"This poor man Is dreadful and I fear
to Btay here this winter. My leaving him
alone with my mother while I was In
Chicago, made him wild. If X had a
doubt of his Insanity, which I never had,
it would bo removed quickly, as he Is so
much worse, lie la a sick, helpless and
sad old man and it goes to my heart; Ho
relies on me entirely, I am his eyes,
btatns and life, and still how can I stay
hero alone and let' him kill me nnd poor
little Innocent Dorothy and ho will do It
and then wonder where we are. He
Is the most dangerous, subtlo manlao and
still I have no way of escape.
llellevril l'ulillo Opinion Asnlnst Her
Tubllo opinion, his rank, his age and
his navy ore all against mo. All doc
tors are too dlplomatlo and afraid to
attempt to deal with him as he should
be dealt with and It will cost me hun
dreds of dollars to get evidence and take
a year at least to get It In shape, and
then I probably will be outwitted by
sentiment and pity. He Is the most dan
gerous man ypu could meet any place.
Please help me. whet shall I doT What
do you advise me as tr.s most practical?
After Friday 1 shall be here .alone with
him. Is It wise? He Is so subtle and
steady, would you get n common, cheap
woman, just to huvo some one with meT
Of course,, such a person would not be
able to detect his trouble, only a person
drilled to brain trouble or familiar with
Insanity. If he Is as dangerous as I
believe I must protect my life, so find
out whether you can get me a woman,
who Is a Sherlock Holmes In criminal
Insanity .and of highest moral character
and hb?h standing with doctors and
alienists, one whose word would go. If
she said ho was insane they would do
the rest. Please see what you can do
for mo anil advise me,"
nOCKITDj Mass.. March 2L The
conversation ,hetween Hear Admiral
Joseph G. Uatijn and his family physician.
Dr. Joseph Frame, a few hours before the
admiral died,, will have un Important
bearing. It Is understood. In th further
Investigation fnto the cause of the ad
miral's death. .
Mrs. Eaton Is accused of having ad
ministered arsenic, to tha admiral on
March 7. Onlthe afternoon of that day
Jr. Frame, who had been called to at
tend Mrs. Ka ton's, mother, also examined
the admiral, i.
The latter died during the night.
Ex-Governor Black
of New York Dies
TROIf, N. Y.. March C-Former Gov
ernor Vrank & Black, long prominent In
republican politics, died at his home here
this morning Valvular disease of the
heart, with which he had been afflicted
for some time, was the cause.
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ATliANTIC, la.. March 22. (Special
Telegram.) Thero was u good crowd at
the sale of the Atlantic Northern &
Southern today and bidding was lively,
Btarted by S. C. Pederson, ns trustee of
the north end bondholders, bidding $87,000
on the north end. This was raised by
Attorney Hess of the lilakedetl company
to J87.D00, who also, bid J1CS.100 on the
south end. All bids were accompanied
by a certified check for 5 per cent of
the bid.
A bid of $335,000 on the whole line was
made for Karl D. Shaw by his father,
Leslie M. Shaw, with n check for pnly
$2,000 accompanying It. iJirtlvend bond
holders bid $00,000' for the north end and
tho Blakedoll company raised thts to
Pfiflerson tilted his bid for the north
end to $119,000. Then the Blakedell com
pany camo back with a bid of $2SS,100 on
the whole road. $120,000 on the north end
nnd $168,100 on the south' end. Mr. Web
ber, for the Robert Abeles company,
made a bid of $172,000 on the south end,
when the Blakedell company bid $232,000
on the whole road, $120,00 on tho north
end and $172,000 on the south end. Then
Two Cases Well Worth Ketidino-
Mrs. J. C na-
cus, Danville, Ar
ansas w r t t,o a:
'I have had a
tinning' ear sine?
was about throe
years old. It had
jecome very of
'onslve, notwith
standing I hud
tried several
iPhyslclans with
out any benefit
"My f at her
mooting a
neighbor who
told him that hla
wife had been
i ured by Lacupia
and l'eruna, then
ur n t k. tr. ft
" . v fc W IV
Hart man, asking nla advice, iha.was told
that J had catarrh of the middle ear, or
chronic otltlH.
"He recommended Lacupia and Peru
no. and after uring three bottles of' ooch
Ihe discharge and offensive odor aro both
gone." .
Mr. W. a Nye. or Washington, Ver
mont, has had a good deal of personal
experience with s catarrli, Ie probably
knows more about catarrh than a grea,t
many people w.ho make a "specialty of the
subject, for ha' has had It twenty van
himself. ' There Is no other war for the
avrroge person to learn anything, than
experience. Twenty years wrestling
with the problems of catarrh, local treat
meni ana internal treatment, ought to
teacn a man something.
Mr. Nye tried, he says, many so-called
cuiarrn remuaies. lie also claims that
he received temporary relief from some
Of them. But all the time hla catarrh
remained. Ringing la the ears. Muddling
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.sKJCZiXALf u WJSalB If ssU 1 "
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Leslie M. Shaw put In a bid of $365,000
on the whole road, but the bid was ac
companied by a check for only $2,000.
From then on the bidding waa between
the Robert Abeles company and the
Blakedell company and was raised back"
und forth $100 at a time until the Abeles
company made a bid of 1174.800 on th
south end and this with the' bid of the
north end bondholders of $119,000 made a
total of $233,800 on the whole road, which
was then met by the Blakedell comonnv.
There were no further bids offered, but
reaerson asked to withdraw his bid of
$119,000 by a written statement Which will
be placed before the court when the
hearing is "held April 8.
Leslie M. Shaw, his attorney, J. J.
Hess; Deroo Webber of the Robert Abeles
company nnd Its attorney, John Reld;
George H. Messenger of Linden, la.,
trusteo of the first mortgage bondholders,
and others were present ut tho sale.
There Is considerable talk here tonight
about the outcome and It is thought that
it will require another sale, as Shaw is
far from ready to give up.
WASHINGTON, March 22. Echoes of
the eioux uprising led by Sitting Bull In
1830, were heard today in the supreme
court of the United States, when two
cattle companies, which lost thousands
of cattle during the Indian raids aban
of the senses. Dropping In the throat.
Thl, remained with him year after year.
He began taking PerunaATlthout uslntr
any local treatment. Just tuklnir the
Peruna, according to the directions on
the bottle.
It may seem strange to Home that a
bud case of chronic catarrh can be cured
without any local treatment. But the
fact remains, nevertheless. The explan
ation Is that catarrh Is not a local dis
ease, but u systemic disease. To be
sure, It finds local expression. That Is
to say. It settles somewhere Quite fre
quently In the nose and throat. But It
Is a aystemtn dUease and requires sys
temic treatment. Something to take.
Something that will operate on the whole
system: Nothing short of this will cure
catarrh. A great many have found this
One of the. people who have found It
out is Mr. Nye. He had had a longl
campaign of treating his catarrh by the
usual methods of treatment, but until I
he took Peruna his catarrh keDt recur.l
ring. .Now he Is well. Peruna did the
work. .
JIls testimony l the same as many
I others who have had similar experiences.
Sometimes It helps a little to gargle your
throat With strong salt wafer and to
snuff w,eak salt water Into the nose. Such
things help a little sometimes, but If a
cure Is ever to be really accomplished it
will-he by taking Peran according to
tne direction on the bottle. .Take It
right along regularly, faithfully, until
tne catarrh disappears.
Mr. Nye Is very enthusiastic about Pe-
rums. He stands ready to answer any
Inquirer who Is seeking a remedv for
Or you might write J. a. Steffe, Sher
man, South Dakota. He had been a
sufferer from catarrh for several years.,
el at 1
collars. Draped skirts; The-ie
demonstrate our ability to,
doned appeals from suits .brought lri the
court of claims to recover from the gov
ernment. The court of claims held that
the Indians were not In "amity" with
the federal government at thp.time ths,
cattlo wero taken .and therefore, under
the statute the, companies ,wer,e not en
titled' to recover. ' -'
Geronimo's Captive
Apache Indian Band
Will Be Given Liberty
By order of Secretary of War Garrison
and Secretary of the Intorlor Lane, 200
members of Geronlmo's band of outlaw
Apache Indians, held prisoners tor many
years at Fort Sill. Okl., wl)l leave there
March 2. for New Mexico, The Indians
will travel nboard a special train and bo
taken direct to tho Mescalero, Apache
Indian reservation in Otero county, where
they will be given their liberty. The
transfer of the Indians back to New
Mexico was protested against by the re
cent legislature, which addressed n me
morial to congress nnd by United States
Senators Fall and Catron, and Qongressi
man Ferguson..
Tooling against, the return of the In
dlans Is bitter, but no troubln ! i..!.
unless the Indians should leave ihe reser
He also had tried all sorts of catarrh
remedies. He waa advised by a friend to
try Peruna, which he did. He commenced
at once to get better. He Is able to say
today that he Is a well man, and he
never ceases to recommend Peruna when
ever he can get the chance.
Botr of these men nare reliable, hon
est cltlrnns, respected and useful In the
community where they live. They did
not try Poruna until after they had
tried other things. Like most people,
who find Peruna after everything else'
has failed.
Of course you would save time by Blm
Ply buying your Peruna at opce and be
ginning to take It. Then in tho mpAii.
time you-tcan write these gontlemen. You
will find that not only the things you
have read In this article are true, but
that thoy have a great deal more to say
in praise of Peruna than we have quoted
from them.
An Internal remedy for catarrh, that
la what Peruna Is, .Whether the catarrh
assumes the form of " u. common cold,
or whether It prqereds to the dangerous
condition of catarrh of. the' lungs, for
all of the phases of catarrlu "Peruna Is
the remedy. Oronahltto; a Laryngitis.
Pharyngitis. Gastritis. (Cystitis. Alt
these are phases of catarrh. Peruna Is
the remedy.
The symptoms of catarrh of the throat
are: First, gagging In mornlngj hawk
ing stringy mucus. Second, enlarged!
tonsils. Third, sore throat ot times.
Fourth, snoring when lying on the back.
Fifth, elongated uvula. 8lxth, ulcerated
patches In throat Seventh, throat dry,
necessitating clearing throat often.
Eighth, coated tongue. Ninth, tnsido of
throat red. Tenth, insldo of throat
.smarts and tickles.