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    7 C
Omaha Churches Sing the Glorious Songs of Easter at Their Services Today
Caster to Be Celebrated with Special
Services in Many Churches,
Annunl Pnnslnn Time of Christian
Hatlutonn Cloned ThU Morning
n Little Before Dn)
brenk. The annual forty passion dnys of Lent
comes to a close at day break this
morning and tho resurrection of Jesus
Christ will be fittingly celebrated In many
churches with special services. Glorious
music Is to bo played, songs of cstacy
suns and pulpits will send forth trilr
warm greetings of tho day's memory,
which la significant of celestial bliss and
Mount Calvary Commandcry No. 1, of
tho Knights Templar, will attend church
Sunday morning In a body at the West
minster Presbyterian church, when Rev
Sir Thomas II. McConncll will preach,
At St. I'aWs Lutheran, Twenty-eighth j
and Parker, an Easter program with
cantata and recitations will be given by
tho choir and the children of the Sun
day and parochial schools In a song
service at 7:45 p. m., under the direction
of J. llllgendorf, organist of St. Paul's
church. Psulms 123 und 149 will be sung
by the chorus. The cantata Is based on
chapters 21, 23 20 und 2$ of the gospel
of St Matthew, and gives tho principal
ovents of holy week ending with' the
Savior" triumph.
Rev. Charles W. Savldge will speak at
tho Gnyety theater this morning at
11 o'clock, subject, "Easter Morning."
Tho children's Easter service will be held
at the People's church Sunday evening
at 7:30.
Bishop Scauncll will sing the pontlflclal
high mass at G o'clock In St. Cecelia's
church, Fortieth and California streetB.
"be sung.
The special Easter music at the Iluns
com Park Methodist Episcopal church
will consist of songs by tho choir and a
solo by Dr. Jennlo Callfas at tho 10:30 a.
m. service. Tho musical feature of the
day will bo at the cveplng service, 7:45
o'clock, when tho choir will sing the
sacred cantata, "The Resurrection Hope,"
by Adamsr Special numbers by Miss Ethel
Yost, Dr. Jennlo Callfas, Mrs. Frank
Brown, Mrs. O. BeltZ, I. A. Medlar, Mr.
Jones, Charles Lang, Earle Mailer, It. B.
.Underbill, Ray Chapman arid Mr. Day.
Miss Florcnco Peterson, organist; Lee G.
Kiratz, choirmaster.
St. Barnaba's church will hold Easter
services at the usual Sunday, hours, 7:30
and 11 a. in. The annual parish meeting
will be held on Monday evening at 8
o'clock. A full attendance) of all the
adult members of the parish Is most
earnestly requested by the rector. Ho
Is going to bring forward the question
of removal of tho church site to tho
south and west, and desires a full at
tendance for a vote- on the question.
Klmt Iluptint.
Tho Easter program at the First Bap
tist "church' 'will ber'" '
MORNING 10:30.
Prelude Andantlno Lemare
Anthem God Hath Appointed a Day
Offertory Meditation '. Read
Chorus Break Forth Into Joy Simper
Postlude Easter Morning Mailing
Prelude Lied Wolstenholme
Chorus Easter . Carol ,Smlt h
Offertory Barcarolle Hoffman
Anthem Thoy Have Taken Away M-
Lord .' Stalner
In tho Sunday school at noon, the
chorus will sing, "Now Is Christ Risen,"
by West.
Cavalry UuptUt.
Easter serv'co at Calvary Baptist
church. Twenty-fifth and Hamilton
streets. .
. MORNING. 10:30 A. M.
Organ prelude. "Morning Chimes"
La Villa
Scripture Responsive Reading.
Hymn, 213 "The Strife Is O'er, the Bat
tie Done,"
Anthem. Festival Te Deum In E Flat
Dudley Buck
unorus unotr.
Offertory, Organ. "The Resurrection."
Aninem, vwam up My uiory."......
unorus unoir.
Hymn, 21G "Christ, the Lord Is Risen
Sermon "Risen,"
Postlude Wagner
evening. 7:au p. m., story Bong service,
Orgun Prelude, E Minor Chopin
Offertory, "Evening Star." Wagner
Solo, "Easter Song.' Denneo
"Christie a Old Organ, in story and
song, will be given by pastor and choir.
This Is tho first trme tnis popular story
and song service has been given In
Postlude, "March" Adam
North Side Christian.
North Side Christian church, 2U03 bpen.
ccr Street, H. J. Klrschsteln, Minister
Special Easter music will be sung Sun
day morning. In the evening Mrs. Klrscn.
stein and her chorus choir will present
their ninth annual Easter program a
Processional Hymn 144 Christ Is
Risen, Hallelujah
Choir Responso Glory Be to God on
High 'Jc-unod
Mrs. C. A. Mangum and Choir.
Anthem Christ Our Passover H. Millard
Buss Solo-The Strife Is O'er
Harry Rowe Shelley
Mr. Walter Cady.
Easter Carol .Harry Rowo Khetley
Soprano Solo. Duet and Unison Chorus.
Hymn 145 Coronation
Congregation Standing.
Offertory All Things Come of Thee.
O Lord
Congregation Standing.
Soprano Solo I Know that My Re
deemer Llvath "Messiah"
Miss Evelyn Hopper.
Easter Message. ...Rev. II. J. Klrschsteln
Violin Solo llumorusque.. Anton Dvotak
Joseph Woolery II.
A nlhaTn Thft TtflflurreGtlon. ............
Harry Rowe Shelley
Soil and Chorus.
flraati Tnatlllrio ............
Mrs. H. J. Klrschsteln, organist and
First Christian.
First Christian church. Twenty-s.lxth
and Harney streets. Pastor, Rev. A. D.
Harmon; organist and choir director,
Mrs. li. R. Jabrlskle.
Organ, "The First Waster" Mailing
Easter hymn. "Oh, the Golden, Glow
ing Morning" ...Warren
Anthem. "The Strife is O'er"
Harry Rowe Shelley
Offertory. "Hauler Morning" Mailing
Solo, "Hall, Jeyous Morn" Cadinan
Mrs. Q. W. Iekeu.
tfermuu. "The Significance of the
Postlude, "Hallelujah Chorus".... Handel
Yeiqer m l-vires at 7:1j o'clock
" Festival MutU Mailing
Easter hymn Warren
Anthem, "Lovely Appear" from "Tho
Redemption ' Gounod
Offertory, "Ballad" Wollstenholmo
Solo, "Easter-tlde" Llddlo
Mrs. Heath.
Sermon, "Life's Conflicting Voices,"
Postlude. "Largo" Handel
St. Miiry'd Avenne Conureirnt lonnl.
St. Mary's Avenue Congregational
Sermon at 10:30 a. m subject, "Christ,
Lord of Life."
Prelude. "Easter Mornlnn" Wnlllnir
Coral. "Easter Triumph" ....
F. Flaxlngton Harper
Quartette, "As It Began to Dawn"...
Solo, "Tho Resurrection" Shelley
airs, verne .Miller.
Orfertory. "Spring Song Mendelssohn
Trio, "On Thco Each Living Soul
Awaits (Creation)" Haydn
Miss Schwartz, Mr. Thompson,
Mr. Jamieson.
Postludo. "Alleluia" Loret
Easter cantata. 4:30 n. m.
"Christ the Victor" Dudley Buck
part 1-lTcIude. "Jubllato Deo." Al
fred Silver; anthem, "Tho Lord Is My
Light," Horatio Parker.
Solo, "With Verdure Clad" (Creation)
Miss Schwartz.
Offertory. "Prayer" Boellman
Part II Cantata, "Christ the Vic
tor" Dudley Buck
Regular Quartet Soprano and di
rector. Miss Cora Schwartz: contralto.
Sirs. Verne Miller; tenor, Lloyd Thomp
son; baas. J, u. Jamieson; organist,
Charles Leo Cocke, Jr.
Other members of doublo quartette to
render cantata: Soprano. Miss Edith
Foley; contralto, Miss Ruth Ganson;
tenor, R, F. Donahay.:. bass, E. E. Gray,
Trinity Cntnedrnl.
Trinity, cathedral, Eighteenth and Cap
itol avrhue. Rev. J. A. Tancock, dean:
6 A. M.
Holly communion.
Processional Hymn Como Yo Faith
ful (110) Sullivan
Gloria Tlbl, Gloria Gratlos Eyro service
in E flat.
Congregational Hymn Jesus Lives
(IZZ) uaunueu
Offertory Anthem Shout Ye High
Heavens Chadwlck
Sursum Corda, Sanctus, Gloria In Ex-celsls-'-Eyro
service InE flat.
Nuno Dfmltls Oregorlan
Recessional Hymn Alleluia, Sing to
Jesus (3SS) Elliott
10:30 A. M.
Morning prayer and holy communion.
Organ Far Flames tho Easter Morn.
Processional Hymn Jesus Christ Is
RiBen Tdday (112) Worgan
"Christ Our Passover," In E major..
, i Hodges
"Gloria Patrl." in E major Hodges
Festival Te Deum. In G Calkins
Festlvul Jubilate, in G Calkins
Congregational Hymn Welcome
Happy Morning (109) Sullivan
Kyrle, Gloria Tlbl, Gloria Gratlos, Eyro
service E flat.
Congregational Hymn The Strife Is
O'er- (121) from Pallstrina,
Offertory Anthem Thanks Be to God.
. Stalner
Ascription, S. B. Whitney.
Sursum Gordla, SanctUB, Gloria In Ex-
celsls. Eyre service In E flat.
Nunc Dlmltis Gregorian Hymn At the Lamb's
High Feast (US) ........Elvey
"Worthy Is the Lamb" (Messiah) Handel
7:30 P. M. EVENSONG,
Processlonnl Hymn Alleluia. Sing to
Jesus (SOS) Elliott
Gloria Patrl. Magnificat, Numo Dlmlttls,
calet Simper In F. , .
Devotional Hymn Tho Day is Past
and Over (16) .Dykes
"Snvnnfnlrt Amen" Stalner
Congregational Hymn Angels Roll the
rock Away n j nopcr
Offertory Anthem Awake, Thou that
Sleepest Stalner
Recessional Hymn Jesus Christ is
Risen Today (112) Worgan
The Hallelujah Chorus (from Messiah)
Choir of sixty voices and soloists.
Ben Stanley, organist and choirmaster.
All Saints' Church.
All Saints' church, Twenty-sixth and
Dewey avenue.
Morning service at 11 o'clock.
Processional "Oh, 'Twaa a Joyful
"Christ Our Passover" Parker
Te Deum Jubilate, In B Minor Noble
Crede In E Flat Eyro
Baritono Solo, "Easter Tide"'. Liddle
C. S. Haverstock.
Anthem. "Unto the Paschal Victim"..
Recessional "Ten Thousand Times,"
Evening service at 8 o'clock.
Magnificat in A Minor Noble
Nuno Dlmlttls Darnby
Soprano Solo, "Day of Resurrection"
Miss Harr.
Anthem, "As It Began to Dawn"
J. H. Slmms, organist and choirmaster.
St. Paul's Episcopal.
Program for the 11 o'clock service at
St. Paul's Episcopal church, Thirty-second
and California:
Processional Hymn Jesus Christ Is
Risen Today Lyra Davldlca
Introlt Christ Our Passover Chappoll
Kyrle Agutter
Gloria Tlbl Agutter
Hymn Angela Roll the Rock Away..
J. B. Dykes
Anthem Why Seek Ye the Living
Amongst the Doad Cooke
Offertory Praise God from Whom All
Blessings Flow -.L. Bourgeois
Sursum Corda Agutter
Sanctus Agutter
Benedlttus qui venlt Agutter
Agnus Del Agutter
Hymn Here, O My Lord. I See Thee
Fpce to Face U)reeambe
Gloria in Excclsls , Agutter
iNuno Dlmlttls C. Simper
Pti .lnal TK Ktrlf., T (Vat- thft
Battle Done Victory
T. P. isltt. choirmaster.
St. Mark's Lutheran.
St. Mark's Lutheran ohurch, Twentieth
and Burdette streets. Dr. I Qroli, Pastor
morning service:
Solo, "The Strife is O'er"
Harry R. Shullsy
Scripture reading.
Anthem, "As It Bsgan to Dawn"
Charles II Bouhan
Reception of "members.
Hmn, "All Hall the Glorious Morn"..
Confession and ubsolutlon.
Choristers Sing
Junior Choir Westminster Presbyterian Church Lowor row, loft to right: Karl Jensen, Myron Slo
cu m, William Bolndorf, Albert Wngnor, Sidney MoOlaBSon, Millard Rogers, Herbert, Florin an, Howard Wlllard,
Peter Klowjt. Secon row (standing): Georgo Sanders, Edwin Hobortson, Francis Qorhart, Helen Hanrnhan,
Katherlne Jensen, Alice Sombork, Marian Fisher, Frances Lowis, Irono Simpson, Doris Kanatshor, Alberta Wil
son, Fern Goodwin, Dorothy Gray, GladyB Stanley. Upper row: Louis Deindorf, Gwendolyn McCoy, Isabollo
Pearsall, Roby McClure, Mildred King, Frances Foote, Irene Dyball, Mrs. Henry Maxwell (organist), Dora
Wagner, Josophlno Williams, Dorothy Canan, Ethol Woodbrldgo.
Anthem, "Tho Resurrection"
Harry Rowe Shelly
Hymn, "Yes. tho Redeemer Hose"
First Methodist.
First Methodist Episcopal church, cor
ner Twentieth and Davenport. Thomas
J. Kelly, choirmaster, Easter Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock;
The Chimes, ''Joy Bolls," "Hallaiujah,"
tune "Victory.''
From the Tower The Strife Is O'er,
the Battle is Dono Pnlestrma
(Eight minutes beforo 11 o'clock.)
Orson Prelude Easter Morning
Otto Matting
Processional Savior of Men Gounod
ODenlnc Hymn. 163 Come Ye Faithful
The Apostles' Creed and Amen.
Verse Tho Three Sad Days Have
Quickly Sped Palcstrllia
Prayer and Lord's Prayer.
Dresden Amen.
Chorale (from "The Redemption")
For Us the Christ Is Made a Victim
Availing Gounod
First Scrlpturo lesson, Psalter, twelftn
Gloria P.itri Barnby
Second Scripture lesson, Lake xxiv, 1-12;
John xll. 20-36.
Hymn 160 Welcome, Happy Morning
Anthem Thov Havo Taken Away My
Lord Stainer
Sermon, "The Law of the Seed; or
Life Through Death." John xii, 2-zi.
Finale Hallelujah Chorus "The Mes
siah" Handel
Postlude Alleluia 1-ovet
Tho Chimes, "Joy Bells, "Hallelujah,"
tune "Victory."
Organ Prelude Preludo to The Pas-
, slon , Haydn
Verse Father, Into Thy Hands 1
Commend My Spirit Haydn
(Seventh Saying on the Cross,)
Opening Hymn 122, Thou Didst Leave
Thy Throne Matthews
Prayer Lord's Prayer, chanted
Ancient Easter Hymn Tho Strife is
O'er, from Palestilna
Sung by the choir, unaccompanied.
First scrlpturo lesson, ninth Sunday
Gloria Patrl Barnby
Offertory Music Andante Tranqulllo,
from Thlrjd Sonata MendelsBohn
Hymn 580 When on My Day of Life,
(Whlttler) Barnby
Chrlstus An unfinished oratorio by
Recitative (soprano) When Jesus Our
Lord Was Born
Trio (The Wise Men)-Say Where Is
He Born
Chorus There Shall a Star from Jacob
Come Forth
Second Scripture Lesson Connected
reading between tho first and sec
ond parts, by tho minister, Acts
10.34-43; Phillpplans 2:5-11.
Recitative (tenor) And tho Multitude
Aroso ,
Chorus This Man we Have Found
Perverting All the Nation
Chorus Then tho Pllato Said
Chorus He Stirred up the Jews
Recltation-Thon the Pilato Said
Chorus Away with Jesus
Recitative Still Pilate Spake Again..
Chorus Crucify Him
Recitative Then Unto Them Bald
Chorus We Have a Sacred Law
Recitative Then, Unto Them He De
livered Him
Chorus Daughters of 55)on
Chorale (Men's Voices) Ho Leaves
Ills Heavenly Portals
Luke 23:46 Father. Into Thy Hands I
Commend My Spirit
Finale Hallelujah Chorus. Handel
Postludo Finnic from tho first move-,
ment of the Sixth Sonata. Mendelssohn
Note The recitatives In ''Chrlstus" are
sung by Mrs. Kelly nnd Mr. Kelly. The
trio of the Wise Men Is sung by Walter
Dale, Wlnfleld Shrum and Louis Loring.
St. John's A. M. E.
St John's African Methodist Episcopal
church, Eighteenth nnd Webster Btreets:
U A. M.
Hymn There Is a Green Hill Far
Away Alexander
Anthem As It Began to Dawn
W. R. Sponce
Sermon Rev. W. T. Osborne.
8 P. M.
Processional Come Yo Yourselves
Apart Choir
Anthem Awake, Thou that Sleepest,
(from Daughter, of Jalrus) )..
J. R. Stalner
Puper J. H. Merchant
Baritone Solo The Resurrection
(Shelley) RUfus Long
Paper Mrs. Katlo Doyle
Ladles' Chorus Golden Gates. .Hollander
Recitation W. 8. Metcalf
Tendr and Bass Duet Doubt No
More J. W. Hughes
Messrs. Parker and long.
Paper Mrs. F. J. McCullough
Anthem Hallelujah Chorus Handel
Mcl'uhe Methodist Church.
The Easter program of music at the
McCabo MethodUt Episcopal church will
be as follows: '
Morning at II o'clock.'
Processional Hymn. 'Come Ye Faith
ful" No. 163
Anthem. "O the Golden Glowing Morn
ing" Lo Jeune
First Lesson. "Now is Christ Risen"..
, Psalms, Page W
Anthem, "King of Kings" ' sneny
Hymn. "Welcome Happy Morning'....
No. 1C6
Sermon, "Resurrection" The Pastor
Hymn. Anthem. "The Strife is O'er"..
Hymn. "Christ, the Lord Is Risen To
day" ,'. Np. 158
Choral Amen.
In the evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Processional Hymn. "The Day of
Resurrection" No. 164
The lord's Prayer Ancient Chant
Anthem, "King of Kings" .Shelly
Hymn, The Lord is Rlbtn indeed"..
Music of Eastertide In Local
No. 157
Sermon, "Our Lord's Resurrection.
An Incentlvo to Duty" Pastor
Hymn, Anthem, "The Strife Is O'er"..
Hymn. "Christ, the Lord is Risen To
day" No. 156
Choral Amen.
First Preshyterlnn.
Easter music at tho First Presbyterian
church, Seventeenth nnd Dodga streets,
for the morning service will be:
Organ, "Unfold Ye Portals" (Re
demption) Gounod
Invocation, doxology. Lord's Prayer.
Hymn No. 244.
Quartette, "As It Began to Dawn"....
Dudley Buck
Prayer and response.
Hymn No. 234.
Organ, "Passion Choral" Hossler
Tenor solo, "Hosanna" Granler
Mr. Johnston.
Quartette, "They Have Taken Away
My Lord"" Harrington
Organ, "Hallelujah Chorus" (Mes
siah) Handel
At tho Evening service:
Orgnn, Easter Chorus from CuvXlleria
Rustlcuna Maacagnl
Quartette. "God Hath Appointed a
Day" Tours
Prayer and response.
Organ, "Spring Bong" Mendelssohn
Soprano solo, "I Know That My Re
deemer Llveth" Handel
MIbs Foley.
Quartette, "Awake Up My Glory"....
Organ, "Triumph March" Gullmnnt
First United Presbyterian.
The program at First United Presby
terian church. Twenty-first and Emmet
streets, for tho morning service will bo
Preludes-Processional Marcli ..Gullmont
Psalter-The Universal Sovereignty
of ChrlBt
Invocation, Choir Responso Lot tho
Words of My Mouth
Psalter Ascontlon Blessings
Responsive Reading The Resurrection
of ChrlBt
Anthem Who Shall Roll Away, the
Stone Torrance
Prayer, Choir Response O Lord Havo
Offertory Adoration Gaul
Solo The Significance of the Empty
Sepulchre Rkv. A. t?. Daurlns
Anthem ChrlBt Being Raised from the
tne Dead i...,....Rogers
Miss Hlcfkln, Mr. Henderson and
Prayer ,.
Psalter Christ Our Prlcst-Klng
Postlude Recessional March Vincent
Max Frederic McCollough, choir di
rector; Miss Janet Carnaby, orgaulBt.
Third Presbtferiaau
Easter service at tho Thin! Presby
terian church, Twentieth and Leaven
worth streets. Rev. Georgo Jack, pastor,
will be as follows: 9:30 a. in., Sunday
school; 10:45 a. m communion and ser
mon by tho Rev. George Jack, "Tell Me
Where They Have Laid Him." Solo
"Oh, Divine Redeemer," (Gounod) Miss
Ethel Scott. Anthem "Fear Yo Not, Oh
Israol," tho choir; 6:30 p. m., prayer
meeting of Christian Endeavor society;
7.30 p. rn., a brief prayer service at which
there will be two songs; a solo, "Easter
Song," (J. G. Gunn). and anthem. "They
Have Taken Away My Lord," by the
The Livingstone program by tho Sunday
school, which Immediately follows, will be:
Song Forward
School. '
Solo Easter Song
John G. Gunil.
Responsive Reading. . . v . . .Superintendent
sopg ning wide the Portals
ExerciseDavid Livingstone
Reading Smoke of a Thousand Vil
lages Sheldon Colvrove.
Reading On tho Slave Trail
Helen Rupright.
Reading True to His Promise
George Nelson,
Original Essay David Livingstone....
Gertrude De Waal.
Recitation nnd Unveiling of Living
stone's Portrait
Mnrgaret Hostettor.
Song The Son of God Goes Forth tc
Reading Thirty Yrurs for Africa....
Roland Rudoen.
Reading Far From the Sight
Walter Hansen.
Address David Livingstone
Rev. George Jack.
Offerlnn for Foreign Missions.
Anthem They Have Taken Away My
School nnd Congregation.
Hymn Throw Out the Life Line
School and Congregation.
Benediction Rev. Georgo Jack.
Clifton Hill Presbyterian.
At the Clifton Hill Presbyterian church,
Forty-fifth and Grant streets. 'The
Easter Evangel" cantata, E. S. Lorenz,
will be sung by the choir at 10:30 a. m.
The Triumphal Entry Hosanna
Chorus by Choir.
Oethsemane 'TIs Midnight
Bass and Contralto Solos and
Ladles' Trio: It. O. Watson, Mrs.
R. D. Johnson, Miss Woodson, Mrs.
The Trial and Rejection H Was De
spised t. ...
Bass and Soprano With Response
by Chorus: It. O. Watson, Mrs. K.
L, Hlatt and Choir.
The Crucifixion The Oood Shepherd
Soprano Solo: Miss Mary Woodson.
The Burial-He Gtveth Sleep
I Contralto Solo: .Mrs R. 1). John
I slon.
J The Suspense-Why Weepest Thou?,.
Base and Soprano Solos and
Chorus: R. G. Watson. Mrs. O.
W. Hendee and Choir.
The Resurrection The Weeping Now
Is Over
Chorus by Choir.
Tho Message of the Women Christ,
Tho Lord Is Risen '.
tidies Chorus.
The Walk to Emmaus A Vision of
Soprano and Tenor Duet: Mrs.
Hlatt and Mr. Johnston.
Tho Ascension Lift Up Your Heads..
Tenor Solo and Chorus: Mr. John
ston and Choir.
Man's Share In Christ's Victory Now
is Christ Risen
Final Chorus by Choir.
Mr. IaiuIs Hchnauber, violinist, will as
sist the choir.
, Rev. Thomas B, Greenlee, pastor.
Mrs, Will Reynard, organist.
Lowe Avenue I'renbrterlan.
Special Easter services at Lowe Avenue
Presbyterian churoh, corner Fortieth and
Nicholas streets, at 10:30 a. m.:
Organ, "Pilgrims' Chorus"
"Jubilate" Stanford
"Easter Song" Granler
Mrs. Charles Horzog,
Solo, "He Shall Feed His Flock"
Miss Dorothy Frantz.
Offertory, "Love Divine" fc
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hertzog.
Sermon, "The Triumphs of Life," Dr.
Postlude, "Hallelujah Chorus."
Dundee Presbyterian.
Dundee Presbyterian church special
Easter service Sunday morning:
Scripture. John 20.
Anthem, "Awake Glad Soul' Adams
Prayer, response,
Solo, "Tho Resurrection'" Shelley
A, J. McClung.
Duct, "My Redeemer Llveth"
..'. Mendelssohn
Misses Hank and Kerr.
Sermon. Job 19:25.
Anthem,. "As It Began to Dawn"
' Vlnctnt
Church of St. Philip the Ueaenn.
At the Church of fit. Philip the Deacon.
Twenty-first near Paul, the following
musia win be sung at the 10:30 service:
Processional Hymn-Como Yo Falth-
ful, Raise the Strain. Tours
Anthem Christ Our Passover..,. Chappeli
Special Psalms 2, 57, 111 Gregorian
Gloria Patrl Plummer
re Deum Laudamus Von Boskerck
Jubilate Hopkins
Nlccne Creed Plain 8ong
Introlt-At the Lamb's High Feast..
Gradual-Jesus Our Risen Klng...Eblng
Kyrle Elclson, Gloria Tlbl, Gratia Tlbl,
Crulckshank In E Flat
Offertory Hymn Tho Strife Is O'er..
i Pclestrlna
Sursum Corda, Bencdlctus qui venlt,
Agnus Dol, Crulckshank
Gloria In Excells , Old Chant
Nunc Dlmlttls Gregorian
Recessional Hymn O God of God, O
Light of Light Laheo
Mrs, Dora Rice, organist; Miss Ruth
Seay, violinist; Dan Desdunes, cornetlsb
Central United Presbyterian.
Central United Presbyterian church,
Twenty-fourth and Dodge, Walter B.
Graham, choir director.
From Gounod's "Redemption;"
The Darkness Mr. E. N. Ilovell
The Death Mr. Graham
Now, When tho Sabbath
.....Mr. Lynn J. Sackett
Trio Holy Women at the Tomb
Mrs. J. E. Dodds, Misses Jessie Mc
Donald and Gertrude Alkln,
Why Seek Yo Miss Gertrude Akin
Arise and Hear.. ..Mr. Wlllard Slabaugh
Unfold Ye Portals Chorus
1 Know that My Redeemer Llveth,
(Handel) Miss Avllda Moore
Cnatellar Presbyterian.
Castellar Btreot Presbyterian church
Easter services. Special music by choir,
Mr. Hiram A. Salisbury, director.
Anthem. "O Death Where Is Thy
Sting" Semper
Solo. "Hosanna" Granler
Mr. Salisbury.
Sermon, "The Resurrection."
Anlhrm. "Sen Now the Altar"
Anthem. "Ye Men of Galilee" Roland
Solo, "Eastei Song" Denu
Miss Koopman.
Anthem. "He Is Risen", a Adams
Duet. "We Declare Unto You Glud
Tidings" Huhn
Miss Uromm and Mr. Sallibury.
Sermon. "We Have Seen the iMti."
John 20:26.
AntliMtn "The Lard Is Risen Indeed"
; Brackett
North Presbyterian.
The following Easter musio will be sung
at the North Presbyterian church:
Pr1nde Second Prelude Huss
Anthem Awake. My Glory Burnby
Offertory Melody Benb
Anthem Sing. Alleluia Forth Duck
Postlude Rles
Prelude Tlxgane Goons
Offertory O. Salutarus Hostla....Pozzoll
Axthrin Praise the Lord. Oh. Sly
Until .". Watson
Postlude Hammer
Mrs. E. F Williams, contralto; Mrs.
Mtnnhm V. Ilarker. soprano: Carl J.
Ochiltree, tenor; E. F. Williams, bass
and director; Irma Bpok, organist.
Church of (loud .Shepherd.
The Church Of tne Oood Shepherd
Twentieth and Ohio streets, will have the
following program at 10:30- Sunday morn
ing. Organ Fantasia In A Minor Lemmeus
Processional Jesus Christ Is Risen
Introlt-Ohrist Our Passover,... E. V. Hall
Kyrle, Olorla Tlbl. Gratlas Tlbl. Com-
munlon Service In B Flat..E. W. Read
C o n g r e g a 1 1 o u a 1 Hymn At the
Lamb's High Feast We Sing
The Sermon.
Anthem Break Forth Into Joy. ...Hurst
Sursum Corda, Sanctus, Benedlctus,
Agnus Del, Gloria In Excelsls,
Communion Service. E. V Hall
Nunc Dlmlttls Gregorian
Te Deum In E Flat Dudley Buck
Recessional Tho Strife Is O'er, tho
Battle Done
Organ Grand Chorus In March Form
Miss Carol Marhoff, organist and di
rector. United Brethren.
Program given by the choir ut the First
United Brethren churchrc6rner Nine
teenth and Lothrop streets, Bunday
"Let Mount Zlon Rejoice"...
Dr. J. B. Herbert
By the chorus.
"Moonlight on the Lake" C. A. White
Malo quartet, Bohrcn, Green,
Mouer and Mapcs.
Solo, selected, Mrs. F. L. Houer.
"Come Where the Lilies Bloom"......
W. L. Thompson
Mixed quartette, Misses Gertrude
and Helen Ltljeberg, Messrs
Bohren and Mopes.
Tenor solo, "Why Seek Ye Hero the
Living" Manley
Mr. Stanley Green.
"Hall Prince of Light". .Carrie B. Adams
By chorus.
Baritone solo, "Resurrection" Shelly
Mr. A. W. Bohrcn.
Instrumental duct, selected
Mrs. R, E. Marble and W. J. Rcld.
Tenor duet, "Come Unto Me" ,.
Bohren nnd Green.
Malo quartet, "Until tho Dawn"
Accompanists, Meidamea Bohren, Green
and Nlckerson.
Y. W. V. A. Clinpel Service.
Easter services of the Young Women's
Christian association will be celebrated
at 4:30 p. m.. In tho association chanl
with songs by the member's chorus. Miss
Blanch Sorenson will direct, while Mrs,
R, 8. Allen will play the accompaniments.
The program follows:
Sing Sweet Carols A. P.
Hall, Thou Glorious Easter Morning..
..)..... Hchnecker
nolo Aiiss lliancne Knmnann
Easter Song Denneo
u. wonderful Easter Morning Deane
imsi mo uoru is msen Again
. ochonacker
in uie rime or luinen... n
j. am oy juiss Btrong "A Risen Life."
Immanuel. Twenty. fourth nml PlnL-n.v
Rav t a t."'.A..r.i- i .... . i .
Berry of Lincoln will preach nt 10:30 a.
ni. ana i;w p, in., and address the Blblo
school at noon, Young people's meeting
at 6:30 D. m.. led liv Ml Vjttnn it.
Ilever's baptism will be administered In
the evening service. Tho choms choir
will render jcaster nnlh.m. nt hnth ur-
North Side, Twenty-second and Loth
rop, IL J, Klrchsteln, Minister Easter
morning sermon and music at 10:30. lliblo
school at noon. Christian Endeavor at
6:15 p. m. At 7:30 p. m. tho chorus choir
will give a program of Easter music.
Christian Science.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, St.
Mary's Avenue and Twenty-fourth Street
Services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sub
ject of lesson sermon, "Matter," Sunday
school two sessions), 0:45 and 11 a. m.
Saratoga, Ames Avenue and Twenty
fifth Street Sunday school at 2 p, in.
Service of praise at 3 p. m.. with Easter
service by Rev. F. W, Leavltt.
St. Mary's Avenut. fames Alexander
Jenkins, D, D., Minister Morning wor
ship 10:30 n. m sermon, Christ, Lord of
Life; Sunday school, Easter exercises
and men's forum ut 12 noon; speaker.
Miss Mabel W. Porter! Subject, "Old
Ideas Versus New In Charitable Work."
Easter cantutu 4:30 p. m., "Christ the
Victor," Dudley Buck.
First, Cornor Nineteenth and Daven
port, Frederick T. Rouse, Pastor Fred
erick C, Freetnantel, tenor and chorister,
morning worship at 10:30 u. in., subject,
"The More Abundant Life " Special
Easter music by the choir. Evening wor
ship at 7:45 o'clock; Young People's. So
ciety of Christian Endeavor at 0:45 p. ni.
Dr. A. L. Merrlam will address the Bus.
utss Men's class at noon on "Sex
Plymouth, Twentieth and Spencer.
Frederick W. Leavltt, Minister Easter
service at 10:30 a. ni. with a musical pro
gram by the choir and soloists, A ser
fon front the text, "Thanks Be to God
Who Gtveth Us the Victory Through Qur
Lord Jesus Christ," and the reception
Into church membership of a class of
young people. Bible school at noon,
man's social problems class. Young peo
ple's meeting at C:30 p. m.
St. Matthias, Tenth and Worthlngton,
George H. Southworth, Rector Easter
Sunday, holy communion, 8 a. m.; Huu-'
duy school, 10 a in.; holy communion and
sermon, 11 a. m.
St. Philip tho deacon. Twenty-first,
mar Paul. Rev. John Albert Williams,
Priest Holy communion at 6:30 a, m.j
matins and holy communion cuchartst.
with sermon, at 10:30 a. m.; vespers, with
sermon, ut 6 o'clock.
Church of Good Shepherd, Twentieth
and Ohio. Rev. 'J'. J, Collar, Rector
Holy communion at 6:30, 8 nnd 10:30 .
in., with special music fit tho latter
service; children's Easter service and
holy baptism at 3:45 p. tn. The Rev. F, D.
Tyner of St. Andrew's church will, de
liver the address at this service,
St. Andrew's Forty-first and Charles,
F, D. Tyner, Rector Sunday services,
(Easter day celebratlqn of holy com
munion at 7 and 8 a. in.; celebration of
holy communion nnd sermon ait 11 a. ni. ;
processional hymn, 112; communion ser
vice, Stalner' In F; hymn, Stalnors, 110;
anthem. "Now Is Christ Risen' ; reces
atonal hymn, 390.
St. Paul's. Twcnty-elKhth and Parker.
Rev. E. T. Otto. Pastor Easter services
and holy communion nt 10 n. m.; prepara
tion service at 9:30 a. m.; Sunday school
at 11:30 a. m.; Easter praise program and
cantata by the choir and children at
7:43 p. m.
Grnco English. Twentv-slxth. Between
Ponuleton nnd Woolworth. Clarence N.
Swlgart, Minister Communion service. Ill
a. in.; sermon, "The Willing Witness,"
7:JV t. m. an Easier service consisting
of a varied program by the Sunday school
and choir; Sunday school, 9.30 a. m.
St Mark's English. Twentieth and Bur-
rittto. Rev. Dr. L. Groi. Pastor Services
Sunday: Seventy-seven new members
iccordrd and holy communion, 7:30 p. m.;
KHMr nnnivcrfary ny Sunday school.
9:45 n. m., regular Sunday school; Young
People s Christian Endeavor prayer moet-
It jr. 7:30 a. m.
Kountza Memorial, Farnnm nnd Twenty
sixth Avenue, Rev. Dr. Oliver D. Battxly,
Pastor Services for Easter. Sunday Early
service, 6:30 n. m.; holy communion, U
a. in.; baptism of children, 2:30 p. m.;
Sunday school Easter service. 3 p. m,j
Luther league, 7 p. m. , orgnn recital, 7 45
p. in.; beautiful Easter cantata at 8 p. m.
'.Ion English, Magnolia Hall, 2404 Ames
Avenue, Rev. G. W. Snyder, Pastor The
church nnd Sundny school combined will
render the cantata entitled, "Songs of
Victory." The cantata Includes several
anthems and a number of recitations.
The "Hallelujah Chorus" will bo sung.
Subject of addrrss, "Life." Easter offer
ings will be made.
St. Mntthow's English, Nineteenth and
Castellar, Rev. O. W. Snyder, Paitor At
10 p.. m. the church nnd Sunday schoot
tarlll .aii.l.i. tl,A r c nln I u nt1tlnH "flnnip lt
Victory." Regular church services at
7:30 p. m. The choir will render the fol
lowing anthems: "Hallelujah Chorus."
"Sing Glad Songs" nnd "Shouts of Trl
i.mph Rose." The Easier communion will
be celebrated nnd Enster offerings made.
Subject of the Enster sermon will be,
"The Life cf th Resurrection." Thero
Will also be confirmation and reception
of members.
Gold Street Chapel, Thirty-ninth' anS
Gold, R. P. Petersen, Pastor Sunday
school 3 p. m. Preaching by tho pastor,
8 p, m. Tills will cIobq the special evan
gelistic services. Preaching service,
Wednesday. 8 p. m.
Norwelglan and Danish, North Twenty
fifth and Decatur, R. P. Petersen, Pastor
Easter service with sermon by the pas
tor and spcclnl Easter musto by tha
choir, 11 a, m. Young People's meeting,
7 p, m. Preaching at 8 p. m.
First Swedish Corner of Nineteenth anrl
Burt, Gustavo Erickson, Minister Union,
service for the Sunday school nnd con
gregation, 10:30 a. m.; a splendid musical
program will be rendered. Epworth
league service, 6:30 p. m. Easter service,
with several musical selections, 7:30
p. m.
Pearl Memorial. Twenty-fourth an4
Larlmore avenue, J. Franklin Haas, Min
ister Easter service with appropriate
music at 10:30 a. m., subject "The Empty
Tomb." Sabbath school at noon; both tho
primary and adult departments will havo
their service together, Junior league and.
Epworth league at 3:30 and 6:30 p. m.,
respectively. At the 7:30 p. m. servlca
Rev. J. M. Lcldy will preach.
Walnut Hill, Forty-first and Charles,
Rev. William Boyers. Pastor Public)
worship, bap' service, reception of
members nnd short sermon by pastor at
10:30 a. m., Hundty school rtt roon. Ep
worth league at G..T0 p, in. Evening wor
ship and Easter surmoi by the pastor at
7:M p. m. E,ii)t r nuislrt at loth iirvlcva.
The nurscy will, bo o'icn in the c.iu.cli
parlors Sunday from 10:30 a. m. to 12 m.
Diets Memorial Methodist Episcopal,
Tenth nnd Pierce. Rev. C. N. Daweon,
Pastor Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Easter
sermon, 10:45 a. ni., at which baptism
will also be administered. Epworth
leaguo at 6:30 p. m. "Love's Gift" will
be toplo for evening service nt 7:30 p.
m.j Mrs. Paul T. Gordon will sing.
"Father's day" service will be held next
Sunday at 7:30 p. m. Next Tuesday eve
ning Dr. Edward Bishop will speak at
the church, taking as his subject "An
Old Book In a New Cover."
Hanscom Park. Corner Woolworth Avo
nuo and Twenty-ninth Streets, C. W.
McCasklll, Pastor Morning worship 10:30
a. rru; sermon by the pastor, text, "If a
Man Die. Shnll Ho Live Again?" Whnt
has modern science nnd philosophy to
say concerning the answer to this ques
tion? Evening worship 7:45 p. m.; EaBter
concert by tho choir; Easter sunrise
prayer service at 7:30 a. m., under tho
auspices of the Epworth league. This
will 'take tho place of the regular Sunday
evening league service. A light break
fast will be served at the close. Mid
week prayer service Wednesday evening
at 8 p. tn.
Benson Sunday bcIiooI Easter rjro-
'gram, 10 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a.
m. Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m. Eve
ning worship. 7:30 p. m. Midweek ser
vice Wednesday, 8 p. m. Brotherhood
Thursday, 8 p. m.
Falrvlow, Pratt and Fortieth Avenue,
Charles II. Fleming, Pastor-Bible school
nt 1:46 p. m. Afternoon worship. 3 p. tn.,
Easter service and sermon by the pastor
on "Your Resurrection Body." Tuesday
evening at 8 p. m. the tenth lesson In
Clifton Hill. Forty-fifth and Grant.
I Thomas B. Greenlee. Minister The choir
win render tne cantata entitled "Easter
Evangel" nt 10:30 a. m. Bible school. 13
ni. Sacrament of the Lord's supper, 5
p. m. Meeting of the Christian Endeavor
society, 6:30 p. m. Wodncsday, 8 p. m.
meeting for prayer and fellowship.
First. Corner Seventeenth and Dodge,
Rev. Edwin Hart Jenks, D. D., Pastor
Public worship, 10:'M a. m., theme for
sermon "Hope for a Tree and for a
Man"; special music. Evening worship
ut 7:30 p. m topic, "Historical Basis
of Resurrection." Christian Endeavor
meeting. C:15 p. in. Sunday school, 12 m.
First United, Twenty-first and Emmet,
A. C. Douglass, Pastor Easter services,
10:30 a. in. with special musto as an
nounced; sermon on "Tho Significance
of the Empty Tomb." Evening grshlp
T.9) p. m topic "it Ye Then Jtlsen
with Christ." Sabbath school at noon;
special program. Young People's meet
ing at 6:30 p. m.
Lowe Avenue, Corner Fortieth and
Nicholas Streets, Rev. Nathaniel Mc
Glffln, D. D., Pastor Morning servlca
at 10:30; Easter services, with special
muslo and special Easter program by
the Sunday school at 13 noon; Junior. En
deavor at 3 p. m,; vesper service by th
Senior Christian Endeavor ut 4:30 p. m.
No evening services.
North, Corner Twenty-fourth and Wirt.
M. V. Hlgbee, PaBtor Easter sermon at
10:30 a. ml, theme, "Tho Resurrection As
An Event and As a Privilege." Sunday
school at 12 m. Young People's Society
of Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. Pro
gram appropriate to Easter by the Sab
bath school at 7:30 p. in. Preparatory
service, Wednesday evening. Communion
March 30.
The Church of tho Covenant. Pratt
and Twenty-seventh, Charles II. Flem
ing, Pastor Special Easter services all
day. At 10:43 Easter sermon by the pas
tor and special muslo by the choir, sub
ject "Your Resurrectjon Body." Bible
school at noon. Endeavor at 6;45. Eve
ning worship at 7:30, p. m. Special Easter
program of the Blblo school, with whist
ling chorus by boys. Wednesday evening
at 8 p. in.
Westminster. Corner Twenty-ninth and
Mason, Rev. Thomas H. McConnell. Pas
torService of worship with sermon on
"Immortullty," 10:30 a. m.j Mount Cal
vary commandcry, Knights Templar, will
worship with us. Sabbath school and
Blblo classes, 12 m Westminster chapel
and Sunday school, 3:30 p. m, Westmin
ster Young People's society meeting, 7
p. in. Service of praise with Lord's sup
per and reception of new members, 3
P. ni. .
' Parkvale. Thirty-first and Gold, Rev.
A. E. Lehmann. Minister Bible school
at 9:45 a. m. Christian Endeavor so
ciety at 6.S0 u. tn. Song and preaching
service at 7:30 p. tn, At the evening ser
vice we will receive new members, bap
tise Infants and adults, partake of holy
communion, with the following as part
of the musical program for the same
service: "Awake Glad Soul" by Carrie B.
Adams. "'The Light of Easter Morning"
by John D. Creswelf, "Praise to Our
Risen King" by Mario M. Hlne, "Geth
semane" by Ira B. Wilson, male chorus
number; "Lift Your Glad Voices" by
E, S. Lorenz.