Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 23, 1913, PART THREE WANT AD SECTION, Page 5-C, Image 27

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Easter Offerings
j. Tr:j. i r
" 1 I I I I if ItlITII 1 T I vir ' il 1. "
1 A L. i. X 1 V. 1 ww 111 j m 1 I .. V . I I
M,CX 25th 11ml Decatur. Two houses,
me 8-room and nnn 5-room. Lot G0xl30.
These ale both modern, except hr-nt nnd
In (rood conlltlon. renting for $S8 per
month. Owner wants otter at once.
$4, 480 Near 34th and Hamilton. Two
(rood houses, modern except heat. New
1mm that cost nearly WO). Lot 60x1.
One house has 6 rooms and tho other has
C. Paving all paid, and these houses are
In oxocllent condition. Owner wants an
HSon Park Ave, and Karnam. Eight
joomi. nil modern. Paved street; paving
all paid. Has always rented for $30 per
month. Is not now, but In excellent con
illtlon. Key at our office. Oct busy with
mi offer. Will make you a Rood closc-ln
$2,700 for a good modern house, located
near the Boulevard on Webster St. Owner
leaving city. Never offered at this figure
betoie. $ow cash win nanaie.
(1(B) IW Hi-res, Furnace county. Nebraska,
3H miles from Wllsonvlllo. Highly Im
proved; good neighborhood; koo1 roads;
iw acres broke. Prlco. K-o per arre. in-
Want Eastern Ne
per Vear easllv c-rnwn: excellent climate.
Write today for special literature J A
Pride, Genoml Industrial Agent Seaboard
Air Lino Hallway. Suite 368, Norfolk. Va
$350 Cash Mnkos" First Pay
ment on b'-Room House
treated at 1411 Martha St., only one
block from 16th St .cur and two blocks
from lfth Bt car; close to schools,
churches and stoies, has reception hall,
parlor, dining room, kitchen and bed
room or den on first floor; first-class
Plumblnir and heatlmr: lance lot; a fine
nUnn rne Y. ..... . 1 . I . r t. nau.,1
U.7FO T!entrnt Ttlvil. near California. uiCTTMna jr. tii.Wru-! ifiil linmftf at
r , - - . - - . ... , . ,1 All VI .J IW. 1 I t-J I J L J . . IHI1 t J uv.
All excellent, wr.u-uuni. uiinusi nen, iuvju
cin home. Finished In onk downstairs;
uxcvllent docoratlons; 4 good bed room
cm second floor, good floored tittle on
hlrd floor. This will bear the closest
investigation. Owner might consider well
located lot as part payment
A BARGAIN. ILSOO: located" IT On-
Inrln St. rooms; full slie lot. Small
cash payment t'al owner. WeblU.
first and third Tuesday each month to
Southern MaIm: trrnsn thn nniwirtunllv tn
visit thn Kfiiiii, nni iiivn.tiuntn thn iioMsi. cuinbrance. $4,200.
bllltles of tho six richest southern states, braska land, or would consider mtrchan
traversed by the Seaboard Air Line ran- diss or hardware,
way; rich fruit, truck and farming laniisi ,
can be secured nt low nrlees. cron clow-1 (160) 250 acres land 111 Chavls county.
Ing season 280 to 3(5 days; 2 or 3 crops Now Mexico, In artesian belt; flowing
aiteslan well on It; 10 miles rrom city or
8,000 people, 4 miles from big Bouth
Springs apple orchards. Prleo, $t per
acre. Will exchange for Nebraska land.
(161) Half rectlon, unimproved except
fenced. In Cheyenne county, Nebraska,
Kino black land; good community. Prlco,
KG.M per acre. Incumbrance $3,990. Will
trade for smaller piece, of land at higher
(166) 240 acres, 1 mile trom Wheatland,
Okla.; five miles from Oklahoma City:
highly lmprlved and elegant land. Will
exuhange for Eastern Nebraska or Iowa
lsnd. Price, $30,000. Incumbrance $3,00).
(167) 000 cares In Drown county. Ne
braska Well Improved, good soil, 200
forest trees on It 145 tumn nlum and
cherry trees, 60 apple trees, all kinds of
Glover & Spam
Doug. CP'S 1219 Clt" Nafi Hank Bldg.
free at office: 2 stiunim by mall. CHAS.
E. WILLIAMSON CO.. Ileal Estate, In
surance, Care of Property. Omaha. Also
Umaha lied UooK, vest pocnol sixo.-
HHAIj HSTATH ftUJUU HUD OTAflf MADfUT '!!. L':i''.p.i.. $3.Wi8.() ca'yes, $7.noj(1125.
., .v. .. ... tri.n ... II III H n H linn ii UUP. ttilYUI nuns- Receipts, ,,w head Mnrgei
" l . ,... ' " - " - ,-.... it I, lilt, nt .nL. led
strung; bulk of sales. $8.?Aft9 10, light, $S.Sfi
(h.W, mixed. $8.701115. heavy. $S.50W10.
tami Heavy Beeves Lower for Week and Speculators in Wheat Nonplussed at
Others About Steady,
HtXTV THnt!SAMIl nern Curev
opn to entry at Valler, Mont., flftt-en
annual payments: section famous fo; i
gtaln. grosses, vegetables, well adapts
diversified farming. For particulars wrlle
Valler Farm Sales Co.. Hox 2. Vnher,
-Do:VTpXY-HKNT-uy a"far"m liilv' hw Cl-" St-"" w,th W"U Ak"'
famous Deer Lodge Valley, Montana.; with Lnmlia lriiiiK to na Stucli
Greatest oppirtunlty In thn great norlh-' , ,,, .
west for farmers, dairymen, poultry moii.i " Tr Mlnhcr lt. oelpts
truck farmers and small fruit growers.
New lands arc being opened up and sold
at low prices on easy terms, fciuro crojw
good prices, best markets, quick trans
portation, fine climate, good roads, up-to-date
schools and pleasant social condi
tions. A perfect gm of a. mountain vat
ley Is th Deer Lodge. You w'll lIKe to
Uvo hero. Wrlto for a descriptive book
let and full particulars to Tho Commer
cial Club, Deer Lodge, Mont
Unite -Moderate.
SOUTH OMAHA. March J2, 1913.
Receipts were; cattl. Hogs. Sheep
Official Monday l.his 2.313
Offclal Tuesday 4.753 P.ltl
Official Wednesday.... 5,111 lt,0W
Official Thursdnv ln. 11.12)
Official Friday v 7.o
Estimate Saturday 180 3,036
:SiTzr,r,' herrles. bearing. Postofflco and school
flee;' pKseT'celvea cent's Tom-! with IBO-acre rellnaulsh-
mission. Webster 3490. t'.V., , ' ,f. ",u!. i1 : i,".... V' .
r,i villa lit na .licit l' IliKJIl nil t
good farm. ,
For bargains tn Florence property, fruit
farms and acreage, soe C. L Nethaway.
Florence, Neb. Phone Florence
6 TO 8 ACHES, rloh, black garden soil,
near Carter park and lake, with 2-room
house, well, etc.; fine, for pigs, chickens,
etc. Also 2ty acres near North ICth tit.,
In bottom; flowing water.
Adhica. Acni:s. acres? "
also In Patterson Park at 6Sth St.. soutn. rarc" f oqual value,
of Center Bt., we have a few traois ii
A fine 7-room, an modurn two-story
house on Fartmtn St. Has largo Uvlng
room with fira place, etc., 3 bed rooms
and sleeping pon li. lot 60x125 ft. on
paved street und close to car line. Only
Between the tw, . ar lines 1 have a
good S-room, all m''in two-story house
with largo living n ui with ilro Place,
llnt.irr i rvimv flotl ami kltchell Oil first
floor, bed rooms and sleeping porch I two to five acres that we can sell on
mid mth nn second. Only $4,750. very easy terms and low prices.
Fi6ld Club DiStriCt fnono DougiarsStliKnd Harney ts.
On 35th St., between Poppleton and j
Woolwortn Ave s-room xnorouB" nioucin
house with hall In middle, large living
room with flro place and fln donlng
room, 4 bed rooms and attic. Hot water
heat Lot K ft. front. Only $6,750.
E. W. Stoltenberg
Douglas 1510 or Harney 3416.
, 436 Hoard of Trado UulldlnB.
(168) -ncro highly Improved farm In
Phillips county, Colorado; the cream of
that whole country- In high state of cul
tivation. Price. $65 per acre. Incum
brance $2,600. Will exc'iango for Kastcrn
Nebraska land.
(169) 160 acres of good Improved land In
Antelopo county. Nebraska. Prlco. INK
por acre. Incumbrance $1,M0, 5 years tn '
.-.I. cAunniiKo jor rdoii small
For Sale
100-acro farm In Washington county.
Nebraska, 8 miles southwest of Herman,
and on main traveled road. Building
belong to tenant and salo Is subject to
existing team.
Alfred C. Kennedy
200 First National Bank Bldg.
Telephone Douglas 723.'
A Few Hundred
Dollars Down for
West FarnamHome
Balance monthly for a strictly modern,
7-room house, quartod-sawed oak finish
nnd floors first floor; natural plno finish
second floor; decorated throughout; full
cemented basement; furnace heat; lot 60
by 124 feet. Price $6,000; 60-foot lots within
block of this property aro worth what
is being asked for this entire property.
Key at our office.
George & Company
Tel. D. 756. 902-12 City Nat. Bank Bldg.
FOR SALE By owner, on easy pay
ments, ono of the finest little homes In
Omaha with large yard and garage, ono
block from car, near 25th and Spauldlng;
fine, large trees, all fenced In, fine lawn
house 5 rooms, modern except heat; east
front, very nearly new, will sacrifice.
Havo another 6-room, modern, with fine
parage, touth front, located near 20tli
and Maplo; shade trees and cement drive
way; will sacrifice.
Still another, 8-room house with fine
corner lot facing Hanscom park,:, will
sell this place for what the lot Is worth,
or very close to It.
Two S-room houses on 24th St., east
front, near E St., So. Omaha; nearly
new. all modern.
Also 2 flno bouUi front lots at 32d and
Harnev Sss.
Might put In all this property and trade
for a good farm.
MB Omaha Nat'l Hank.
Phone V. 4S10 or Harney 4106.
FOR SALE Ten acres of land; fine lo
cation; new house and barn. See owner,
Charles Johnson, 70th and Center. Phono
Doug. 70S24.
Country Club Acres, the most desirable
acreago property on the market today.
Remember this choice aero property Is
located on the Bcllevue Boulovard, street
car runs right by It. Mectrlo lights with
a possibility of city water In tho near
future. This suburban addition Is sub
divided Into one to four-acre tracts and
can be bought on eaHy terms.
Tel. Tyler 1024.
(171) 4J0 acres In RP.l Willnw IMPROVED farms $20 to $00 acre: li
Nebraska: 215 aernM rnHlvAio rwti,' located In eastern Nebraska worm iw;
r.T..Ji lit . .acroH. tUltlvated. Pnrtl .,,,,.,. rnlllno- hlnrk llmestana nrnlrle.
i riiLru. inn utiidp i mnwiv. At n -"--' .
soli and c; V;.i-hK lu a Zi ii ' Alfa fa, s x tons; corn, 100 bushels
sou ana good neighborhood. Price. $30 i rnninuinltv llllnnin fnrmnrs a P.
Per acre. Incumhranc. i yi win 1 S.omn!",i1,A. 'Hinois larmers, u. i.
chango for Eastern Nebraska 'land.
CALiFortTsrrA lfin.i ..i,r.i. ...
3d Tut-s, V. T. Smith Co.. SIS City Nat. Bk.
Acreage Acreage
Some especially good bargains In 1, E,
10, 20 and 40-acro Improved tracts, espe
cially In 20 and 40-aore tracts. rPosBes
slon given.
1213-1214 City Nafi Bank Bldg
A FEW fln tiiifit nt 1(V .
111 southeastern M.iikutnhawan onnA ..n
well watered, adapted to grain' and mixed
t?rm n 9r pr and ,crm Bee or wrltu,
y . cncmi, oin opriiKiio at., umana
One and one-half acres level land, all
under cultivation; a good 6-room house,
with electric lights; fair outbuildings;
some fruit; only half mile to car line,
75 yards to paved street; price, $2,000; a
small cash payment and the rest at
$17 per month. Don't fall to Investigate
this. My word and honor Is behind It
as a great bargain. C. L. Nethaway,
Florence, Neb. Phone Florence 276.
S40 acres, located In east central No
hrimka. Mnnco county. 11 miles from Ful
lerton. 10 miles from Central City; 300
acres under cultivation, balance splendid
huj and posture isna; 200 acres in inn
GET VnU P nnnnillnu linmn rrt. 1? ,. ... ...1 .I t f .. t f larM irnml
Canadian Pacific; one-twentieth .down, set of Improvements; abundanco of run-
'i 1 cuuui annual uavmenLs: loan ninir wntrr Dwnor musL sen uuiuiv 111
1 1 i vw lu imurove your iarm, can do 150 por uoro; one-nail casn, oaianco kuou
paid off In 20 years: 6 per cent Interest: term. This farm Is really worth from
good, rich land in Western Canada, for ton to $70 per acre. Address 8. J. Hender
every kind of farming, from $11 to $30 an Son. Omaha, Nob., ltm, 11, Arlington Blk.
u. ui4ni uiuy iu mnntri or men -- : .
who will actually occupy or improve the! For SlUO for bllSR
rnnu. we supply Dcst live stoCK at nc- .,, . . . , ,u .. a m nt Ash-
tual cost, glvo you the benefit of expert , U S-n(iro lr ruftivktlon' o,Vd
work on our demonstration farms, equip '" Neb. nU mi ler cu ltlat lo". Koa
you with a ready-made farm prepared B-room .house, good bilnrnftJpdr-0?rcV ffi
by our agricultural experts if you don't 1'rlce. $130 Per acre; encumbered. $4,vw,
want to wait for a crop. All these lands due in 8 years. nrnnnwood
on or near railways, near established JA
towns. ree booklets on Manitoba, ai- r,r.A; Prie uoo
berta or Saskatchewan. Address F. R. pasture, fair Improvements. F"ce.
To beat the money trust Is to list your
property for exchange with the Palmer
Land Co., 1106 W. O. W. Bldg.. who can
match them.
CASH and 120 acres land. Marshall
county. Minnesota, for stock of merchan
dise, up to $5,000. Lock Box" 351, Grand
junction, ja.
Snap In very up-to-date bungalow
home. Elegant south front lot with ter
race, large, well arranged rooms, com
bination parlor and dining room, beamed
ceilings, collonades, built-in book cases,
etc., all oak finish. Large nrepiace.
Probably the beet basement in Dundee.
Hot water heat. This place is practic
ally new, the owner must sell and has
reduced tho price to $3,300. Call and
make an appointment.
Doug. 83SO. 211 Brandcls Theater Bldg.
F. S. Trullinger
$3,500 Apartment House Site
IJ3CATED on Harney St., between Park
Ave. and Boulevard, solid ground, high
elovutlon, In good location. Just east of
lid Trov Auartments. 55 feet frontage, on
paved street, in a district where apart
ment houses are always rented and bring
a good big Income on tho amount in
HASTINGS & HEYDEN. 1614 Harney St.
nice, smooth prairie land; every foot til
able; 4 miles from Ware, Dallam Co.,
uexas. wi uenirm Ave., f t. Dodge, Iowa
603-320 acres 8 miles from Dalton In
Cheyenno Co.. Neb.: 80 acres in culti
vation, all fenced. Price 125 tier iLcrp.
34-160 acres In Kimball Co., Neb.; raw
ianu, an level. 1'rico zo per acre,
half cash, balance terms.
33-Hotel In good town In Iowa: 20 rooms.
all newlv furnished: onlv cnmmtirHnl
hotel In town; on two railroads; elec
tric lights; furnace heated. Price
$16,000; will take small farm In ex
21-Hlghly Improved quarter section in
mtcncocK county, good house, barn
well; on farmers' dltdh for Irrlga
tlon. Price $120 per acre.
787-800 acres 11 miles south of Merrlam;
good house, well, wind mill and tank,
nurse earn wxtu, cow Darn :wxw,
granary, hog house and corrals. All
rencoa; half of it hay land. $30 per
acre. Want small farm and part
4S8 Brandels Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
SALE or exchange for good Nebraska
farm, 80 acres In Sacramento valley; a
no. 1 iana; now in grain; close to gooj
iown; perieci irrigation system, uwncr,
sis city Nat. xianK.'
TEN-ROOM house, purtly modern.
close to Stato normal, for Nebraska
iana. ityno, Emporia, Kan,
OUR National Exchange Bulletin Is
nblo to dispose of your property no mat
ter wnere located, ask about It. Shopen
jo., umana, rxeD."
75x108 feet fronting east on Bayles
Park, within 2 blocks of business cen
ter of Council Bluffs. Only two other
apartments In the city; no better location,
and no better opportunity for a good In-
with Phone 3344. Day & Hess Co., 123 1
Pearl St.. Council Bluffs. la.'
MUST sell my now modern 6-room
house and sleeping porch before April 1,
as I am leaving city, finished In oak
downstairs; beam ceilings living and din
ing room: birch finish upstatrs; full base
ment and attic; lot 60x124 4110 Florence
Blvd. Tel. Webster 6052.
Thoroughly modern 8-room, nicely dec
320 ACRES 1V4 miles from good college
town In south central Nebraska. ' Good
buildings and fine location. AVlll ex
change for well Improved 80 acres within
50 mlloH of Lincoln, or for hardware
mock, a-i proposition.
2S0 flPl'M. Ttrllln pnllnlv S3 Tl n av
change for Omaha residence. Price $47.60
per acre.
$63,000 business property, well rented, to
exchango for land of equal value. Your
land must bo good to get this.
121 acres, Taylor County. Iowa, to ox
chango for hardware stock. Price $100
per acre.
444-5 Bcnrd of Trade Bldg. Doug. 4823.
Improved Farm
Half section and SO acres; south central
Nebraska; fair Improvements. Price
I16.0W. want to trde this for town
property. No agents. Address me to
Postofflce Box No 633. Omaha. Nb
HK1H-CLAHS. Wfll-lmoroved 120-acre
omtHil throuchout. excellent arrangement. Worth county. Iowa, fan"- hree mile.
4 largo bedrooms and bath upstairs; good of county seat; will exchange for .1 stock
furnace, laundry ana rruit room; two 01 general merunanuitti:. ncmuiu c ui
blocks north of Kountze Park, 3933 N. ;2d. son. Charles city. la.
". " 1-Y1R HALE On TRA DIC 4tt) nrrpi n
the finest land In Iowa, close to Missouri
valloy, all very fine level land with a
rich black loam. Every acre In cultlva'
turn, r.ooa ivnces, school house on rarm
on public road aud a good road. Build,
inss fine, ten (10) room house, new and
modern. Barn. 40xl. Corn crib, double.
30x60. Repair shop, 14x20. Hog house, glass
front, zzxm), isnglne house with gas en
gine and wind mill, 16x20. Implement
50x92 Feet
Eighteenth Street, Near
Has one S-room and one 7-room cottage.
Hhvu,- gase, sewer and bath. Only a
ftw blocks from the retail district. A
good piece of close-in property to hold g" f ,nn""'- 2g '4T ri,
fr futtiro Investment , Prlco only $7,000. ! Sna.2,nr-
HAST NOR HRVDEN. 1614 Harnev St. --: "i.
- I .i,,,..a rnf hirn.l lrl, Pnll . Y. .. , I
I iiuwcu u an. w ,1114,, .fcA.a, i.uiiiD Biiqun,
Do You Intend to Build!
If you want u well planned modern
one 18x140, another 18x80, all shingled
roofs and all buildings in flno share.
This farm rants for two-fifths of the
iKiinu. oarfeiuuy ana tnorougniy mint, you , ,i .y,.ir .(,.. ii.... .j
m! our services. AVe ore prepared to ! Vanrket P rlca of till. farm MM ntr
look aftar your interests in the best mnn-; Sere Will -onslder $20 m In good clear
iler iM.iwIble. Let us piove this to you, I ?como D-olrty or chean wettern nr
We furnish Plans and speculations at j ad,ttn" )tl'nd. "TahnJ: $15,000 the first
moderate cost. of Marchi balance term of years and
i ifrt. 7 Mecwu n.inr .l rate of interest or U party can
- - i At Tin nt once win Rflflitrn iasba. Thii n
i a No. 1 farm and Kood opportunity for u
i man ihnt la nhlA In hsLndlf It. nnd will
nnd piano will make first payment on aand the clo-eat tpipectlon. or further
. . . . . ,1 nnrt tu'l Irtl, llnMll t ft HT ' ... - .
t,uuu .i.r.i-r .w . particulars aaarens.
'MR. M. J. FITZniHHON. Mo. Valley. Ia.
$200 OR $300 CASH
good location
Brown. Web. lOSi.'
N." B. cornor 3th Avo. and Marcy; 6
rtm. 2-story, modern, large, beautiful lot; cash, balance to tuit.
'. 'ta'iii-v W')."
" ,c,r S!c -One are 44th and Bo
(jimua. .ii4u.' i IX Osborn. So. W j artbs Box I'JS, H acting o, Neb.
ANY PART of 45-acro apple orchard
to exchange for oleor property. ITlce $J
acre. Oregon Unas for sale. Oregon
Apple Orchards Co., Portland. O
WANTED to exchange First-class
stock of groceries, queensware. etc., about
-,wj. want name cash, balance land. Ad
nn.i. ESTATE
UM i . i t. t mi. i.-nii i tLn
bins, 1610 Chlcngo St.
s acre.
1,100 ncres, located oh main lino 1' P.
R. R., $(J,000 worth Improvements 300
acres good farm land, balance grass land,
all well fenced, good groves; owner lived
on tho farm more than 25 years; now
retiring. Prlco $20,000; good terms.
480-acro well Improved, North Central
Nebraska farm; good Improvements:
grove and orchard; will produce equal
to any $100 land In tho stato and Is a
sure crop getter. Owner going to Cali
fornia. W. W. Mitchell, Bee Bldg.. Omaha Neb.
This WMk
Last week
Two weeks ago. .
inree weeks ago
Four weeks ago.
liHd. Market steady; native. $rt.l7.00;
western. $fi.4Xfr7 10. yearlings, $7 tfS.;
lambs, native. $7.0Mlg.t; western, fJ.JMJ
Market Possibilities.
...1S.U4 44.279 24.W1
...1.&70 M.S31 5J.WI
.. 1$.17 &5.4U 4t.S0i
...l,a71 M.77S W.IU
. 51.&77 04.J3S 1i,7'J.
Same ttiun last year. .lt,0 07,14
Tho following tablt. shows thu receipts
of cattle, UoKh and sheep at South Omaha
for the year to dato us compared with
last year: I9ix. 1012. Ino. D
r-H..l. ... Ml 1A.X1
v-no 1Q.V L 3,UK '"2
Jlogs GM.&M 916.C3S 216,M
oneep M0.141 4J1.1W as.ww
The following table thns Ui- rungs ot
prices for nogs at South Omoh for ths
last few days with comparisons:
Kniiui t'lty I.Itc .Stuck Mnrkrt,
KANSAS CITY. March S.-t'ATTLK-Recelpts,
100 head, no southerns, market,
steady: native steers, $7.tS.0; native
cows and htlfers, $l.BOflS.W; Blockers and
feeders, $0.5008.40; bulls, $.00fl1.Wi calves
$7.60BlO.!; western steers. $7.2408.75; west
ern cows, $t.tAtT7.25,
HOtiS Receipts, 7W heau. maraei
SIliCKP AND IAMBS-Recelpts, none
mnrket, steady; muttons, $5.5Vlt7.0o; ColO'
rado lambs, $S,0OH8.05.
Hi. Louis I.lvr Rtook MnrUt.
ST LOl'IS. March 2. CATTLK Be
celpts, Z.3U0 head; market
A Little .nttirnl llrftrlness DU-
IiUrril nt the IleRlnnlnR of the
Wrrh, lint Offset DurlnK
the I.nltrr Part. '
DMAIIA MnrKli 55 1913.
iVir.i I...V., t -iwm sr unricor nd -mcago snorts in wheat were
: .Vm,. lKht as to what
; w.w.: light. $.t.s599.oo. pigs. r,Rht ,levcIop , whpttt fod The nmi..
neui or the oln wnrlrt am nil r.lnssd to
day. Tho trade feels that there must
bo a cleanup of the short Interest noxt
week, which has accumulated on tho
declining market ot the last ten das,
Near tho closo Thursday the market be
came bare nf nfferlnirN. Th npttnn war
trmlv: n- I Chief 1' In th nnil rvrnlrt
tlve beef steers, $5.70fi.10; cows and htll- jay contracts. The Liverpool market
trs, $4.5028.60; stockers and feeders, $J.2. clp"el early Thursday morning and thoro
f7.7C, Texas and Indian steers, $5.26U lll bo nothing more from that quarter
8.3o; cows and hslfers. $S.75O.60; calves "nlll next Tuesday. The Ktigllsh cabin
in rnrload lots. t3.lxvrM.Bo. "ld. ftn nnvance was checked by tho
Mar. 10.1 i 31H
Mar. 11.! 1 J3V4
Mar. 12.1 8 45
Mar. 11 8 5SV!
Mar. 14 8 MM
Ma.r. 151 8 5
Mar. U.
Mar. 17. 8 09HI
Mar. 18.) 8 784) 0 I
Men. i.i s iu4
Mar. 20,1 8 69U
Mar. 21. 8 784
b 75110 22
6 60 10 17
10 67
6 65
6 58 10 34
6 en 10 42
a n io $J
07 10 85
56 6 54 10 61
6 05 10 61
6 85! 6 W
7 101 6 45110 531
8 40
6 48
8 5A
6 45
6 59
G 531
6 40
a ts
6 40
S 61
6 56
4 3S
4 34
4 35
4 37
4 45
4 43
4 64
6 501 4 48
6 41 4 M
6 44) 4 0
4 73
Mar, 22,j 8 81 j 7 051 8 4710 49 6 59 M
8 73
8 68
R fio
8 48
8 48
6 48
6 40
6 25
CATTLB-There were no "attlo of any
consequence on sole today and the total
for the week has been the smallest for a
long time back, Stilt there have bsen
iilenty of cattle hero and at other market
points as well, considering that the con
suming demand had been small, due ap
parently to Its being holy week. Tho do
mand. In fact, at this season Is never
very brisk.
In spite or the fact that receipts have
Hoa8-RecVlDt I 2IW head, market. 5c PrMect of heavy world's shipments ana
iVhVrT Pl .B A $1 ?Wr9 61 ml alsrKhernSodC"t'oB0of t thVnn!
ml butchers. $9.0Mi,15. good heavy, !M tlnrfn V- ... - . . l. . I. ......
.q .r . v, n iiiiiii iiiw uuiuincni Ann
ciitiPK'n iMn i Afiinnolnt 400 m,xfJ " "ome of the big mills aro
SHEEP AND IU.,i;fi!Mons clo,lnK lown beeaure of annual repairs
wJ-''t A?.RkBt! 8 VliVn4 5ftU nulton,' A trader from Minneapolis ays tlu
$C.60tt7.00; lambs. $7.0Oiir8.8O.
(lonx Cltr Lire (Mock Market.
feeling In the cash whsnt irnrlo there is
decidedly less bearish, very little wheat
prrrsing ior sale, it Is haruly teason
able to expct that tho present flatteimp
celpts. 200 head; market, steady, native crop outlook will continue for any lcntli
steers, $7.608.76; cows and heifers. 13.50 I of time. Any change In the outlook wlU
t7.75: canners, h.TW,W siocaoni nnu " ii Mir niui- m im.cri in ine new crii
feeders, $7.ni8.10; calvts. $7.0037.75; bulls. J"0'1'"1"- Taking the recent export jaleii
ir.wviTTV ,n,o account and tho possibility of on
a. Mill. (. nl'.rtnlil ,,,1111,.., I.. .1.'.. ri.i r.H.
WrAwHuTO Fei : fr rf.g' ina?ket
k ni-nT ilkn r. n II C7 75' bulk ln following tho holidays here and
L1 JFK p1"' 7 005r7-76' UU,K abroad. Cash wheat was lilV4c higher.
of sales. 88.76fl8.80.
8HKI2P AND IAMBS-Recelpts, none
Fairly good action wns seen In tn
corn options this lost week. A little nat
ural heaviness was noted at the beginning
ot the week, but this was more than on
set uy aggressive buying by tho recog-
mrea nun lenders towaru tne latter pari.
St. Josenh Live Block Market,
BT. JOSEPH. Mo.. March 22, CATTL15
Ttecelnts. 100 head: market steady;
steers. $7.0OflP.O5; cows and heifers, .$4.2511 The market acted In sympathy with
urjv oK... tfiftvftlOKO. wheat ilurlne the whole week. Illinois.
1IOQ8 Receipts, 1,000 head; market Ohio and Iowa points reported moro lib-
slow; top, $8.90; bulk ot sales, $8.808.Si. erai orrorinis of corn, tno casn coin
SHEEP AND LAM1JH Receipts, none, wiwn in iuiuhku, un mm "--
v.ami wwii.
market unohanged; lambs, $7-76ifS,75.
Minneapolis flrnfn Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. March a.-WHKAT- ) "repoVtcd shipment,
o. 1 hard, 8Cio: No. 1 northern, 859 3.720,000 bushols up to Thursday, In v
kets were firm and higher,
waa He higher.
The oats tiailn shared In the strength
which developed In wheat and corn last
not been burdensome at nny point there 86Vic; to arrive. 84MC85ic; choice, to ar- ' jho great resorves traders think it
nan ucen a general uownwnru inovniiiriiii rive, oww, wu. iim uivi u, r "'.i
on prices of heavy cattlo at all points, hard, Montana, 87a; No. 8, BOVHISlUc.
CORN no. a yeuow, io.
The decline for tho weak amounts to
about 164J20a on that kind. On tho other
nana light handy weight beeves navo
been ln very moderate supply, and as
there has been a tendency on the part ot
buyers to cheapen up tholr purchases by
tuklng the lighter cattle, the market ha
been practically steady on that kind
throughout tho week.
Cows and heifers have been tree scncrs
OATS-No, 3 white, 29Hf90!4o.
RYB-No. 2, rJT6V4c.
llRAMln 100-lb. sacks. $16.60317.00.
FLOUR Prices advanced on account of
trenkth In wheat: sales light and unim
portant: shipments, bbts.; (In
wood, f. o. b., Minneapolis) ; First pat
ents, J4.20Jjf4.Mr second patents, $1.06474.40:
will bo difficult to sustain tho advance
In the late months. Cash oats were Kti
Ho higher, . .
Clearances were 194,000 bushels ot corn,
30.00U bushels of oats and wheat and
flour equal to 480.000 bushels.
There was no market at Liverpool, to
day being a holiday.
Tho following cash prices were reponoa
today; . .
wiiiia No. 3 nara winier, .
th'rSS.'hS? trTeorbu.p.a'rVnt;? r.j, clears, $3.00tTX10; s.cond Cars. $2.60 rfWc; 3 cars. Mjjo: J ' c".
rneavrorUhoh,hearp?rrlCco JX No. 1, .,t, ST
Jo"ck o? .!f BfrSS cofmrndebdU.W. "SAfS. . ago. Ni txed C;;;8
VLS'JlVA wr tn Bood P" 4So. R6. 3 yellow. 1 car. 4Sc. S car.r47o;
dummiil iinrlv in tho week owing to the I ir,..n. city Grain mul Prorlsloiio. I 12 cars, 47HC! 2 cars, 470! 9 cars, c.
fact that speculators were very tree ouy- KANSAS CITY, March 22. W His AT
ers. Tho country oemauu. "o"""'' Higher! No. 2 hard, 84WIT87WO,;, No. 3. 84HT
proved to be disappointing. Tne stormy ' N ' re(, ji.oi1.07; No. S, 91ce$1.04.
weather, as well as tho Prevailing high r'niiN-Hlehnr: No. 2 mixed. 616U4c!
West Adams St., Chicago.
"-"..iuii. nuu.oBB L. .. i.i. iii,.i .rm
inornton. uoioniraupn commissioner, P" u a .. -v--:.-,--" stnto pi.
tol building In Lincoln; well ImP"
well located. Prlco. fXO per aero; enoum
bcred, $12,000.
J. A. Abbott & Co.,
504-7 City Nat. Bank Bldg.. Omaha. Neb.
FLORIDA For free Information re-
garding resources, opportunities, soil, cli
mate, farming, trucking, factories and
other Industries ln Lakeland and Polk
counties, address Board of Trade. Lake
land. Florida.
Farms Farms Farms
f nmaha: bargains
' ' - . ........ J 1. v-m.ti u-ii, , 1-I1V..1H uiit.- - - ... i n . ,
free along our line of railroad would you 1 Let us show you tho goods. All such,
be willing to toll your friends about our all prices, all terms.
iana opening! uor particulars aaaress uhiim b. ammw" . t'tim.
Mr. J. B. Clark, Land Commissioner, i Rooms 1218-1214 City Nat. Bank Bldg.
uvo oak, rerry & uuir iiaiiroaa com
pany. Box 75, Live Oak, Florida.
22 WELL improved farms along central
north Iowa line. Klegant homes; prices
and terms reasonable. Some real bar
gains. Kmmons Mercantilo Co., Emmons,
100-acre farm for $100 per acre, about
DO acres good level upland, muoh of It
level. 25 acres alfalfa. Comfortable
small house, barns, sheds, cuve, cellar,
winamiu, nno orchard anu vine yaru,
about two acres each. Soven acres and
IMPROVED farm, 630 acres, $25 per
acre. All fenced, H mllo from school.
This farm Is bounded On theVest by one
mile of tho never-freetlng White rivor.
Splendid power bIIo and abundance of
timber. Address Box 212. Crawford. Neb.
North UnUolii.
FOR SALE 100 acreB of land In North
Dakota, 160 acres under cultivation. Price,
$33 per acre. Part cash. Address Lock
Box 181, Minneapolis. Minn.
buuth nukuiu.
OOVHRNMENT Homesteads 200,000
feed lot, slope south,- well drained and ' . good turning land oon to
protected from wind. Not a run down
worn out farm, . but one that will pay
from tho start. Plenty ot farms ot no
greater value have sold for $150 per acre.
Easy driving distance of Council Bluffs
and Omaha. With good roads to both.
This Is worth looking up for the man
who wants a home or an Invnstment. Lot
us show you,
105 Pearl St. Council Bluffs.
KANSAS FARMS and ranches for sale.
to to 25,000 acres: write for free list. V. B.
NIQUETTE. Sollna. Kan.
130 ACRES. 2 miles from R. R. station:
part mountain, balanco White river
second bottom land; CO acres free from
stumps ana goou for w bushels of corn
this year: balance timber: little house
and fine spring. Of course It Is healthy.
price oniy xi.ew. v casn, naiance when
you grow the corn.
120 acres mountain land, with go level
and cleared; fine 6-acre orchard; little
house and barn. Price $1,200, H cash.
wo own iz.uuu acres Decides these,
mostly level bottom land. Write us Just
what you want and how much cash you
have to Invest and wo will send you our
list anu map locating oacn rarm. Ad
Montgomery, Wilson and LaeBtte
counties; majority ln Montgomery; all
under wire fence; roost of them nave
dwellings and outbuildings; cultivated.
more or less; fine soil, water, schools, etc.;
great grain ana stock country; splendid
snipping iaciiiues; near large towns:
steam and electric railways; acquired
over 10 years ago for oil and gas; offer
ing today at sacrifice prtoes and on rea
sonable terms, "Write for our descrip
tive foldtr, free. Edgar Zlno Co., Bt.
Louis, Mo., or cherryvaie, Kan.
opened for settlement. Largo colored
man or South Dakota showing lacatlon.
date of opening and laws governing same,
25c. J. A, Stransky, Box 201, Pukwana,
8. D.
We aro subdividing 00,000 acres In the
Plslnvlew Tex., shallow water belt into
farms, building now houses, barns, out
buildings, fences and putting land under
perfect Irrigation ready for occupancy
and quick returns; easy payments. For
full information address Texas Land and
Development Co., 425 Scarritt Bldg., Kan
sas City, Mo.'
i WISH To buy land In Swisher. Floyd,
Hale, Lamb and Bailey counties, Texas.
R. A. Sllvlus, Bloux Falls, 8. D.
At. Pr.
...1075 10
i 710 I (0
115 acres under plow, 320 acres blue
stem pasture; watered by never falling
springs: fourteen-room house and latge
barn. Near town and railroad. Apply
I Olll.lllllll.
260-ocro corn and cotton ranch. 2 miles
rrom hi. Martinsville, L,a.; z owelllngs. n
$5 MONTHLY buys suburban, farm!
fruit, truck or poultry farm, near sub
urban station, only 35 minutes from tho
city of Houston; near Bhell boulevard
direct to city; beautiful location; rich
soil; plenty of rainfall; fine climate;
two and three crops a year of potatoes,
tomatoes, cabbage and other vegetables,
which ne.t growers from $100 to $300 tr
acre; fine strawberry country; also ln
orange and fig belt; cash market In
the city for products. Only a few five
and ten-acre farms at $50 to $56 an acre,
no Interest; no taxes. Five acres !5 cash
and $5 monthly; ten acres, $10 cash and
$10 monthly. Write today for Illustrated
literature and all particulars. C. W. Hard
A Co., Owners, 777 Commercial Bank
Bldg., Houston. Tex.
FOR 8ALE-J16 per acre, half section
ot first-class valley land; good climate
and water; 4 miles from railroad. Will
entertain Omaha improved In oxchange,
Owner. 815 City NatBunk.
ycur address for free Information about
overy acre vacant government land In
United States. D. J. Campbtll. Pioneer
Bldg.. St. Paul, Minn.
"V 't)fTn nnlnnlvsllvn . ai nnhl mr trnMs
part Irrigable, $3. per acre. Small
traots for homewiekers cheap. Holmes
investment Co.. Kimoaii. ntp.'
nrln.a .nnmnil tn lint nft II damPer On
the market. This caused stock cattl; and
feeders to accumulate In the nands ot
speculators, and at tho closo of thu weak
thero aro still a good many cattle unsold
with holder offering to shodo prices j.0o
or more as compared with earllor ln th
week. , .
Quotation's on cattle: Good to choice
beef steers, $!.30i&8.75', fair to good beet
steers, $8.1OS8.S0j common to fair beet
steers, $7.5OU.10; cood to cholco heifers,
$7.25Sf8.15; good to cholco cows, $6.80Q7.68;
fair to good grades, $(J.0ufl0.80; common to
fair grades, $4.004!6.0i); good to choice
stockers and feeders. J7.G0Q8.40; fair to
good stockers and feeders, $6.8097.60;
common to fair Btockers and feeders, $6.2$
(36.80; stock cows and heifers, $4.0007.25;
veal calves, Jfl.5OS9.50; bulls, stags, etc.,
Representative sales:
No. At. Tr. No.
i toto 5 a 4
1 COO 6 (0 1
7 4M 7 7.
IIOUS As was tho case last Saturday,
tho supply here today was very light,
thcr being hardly enough hogs on care
to make It worth while for the buyers to
bid against each other to get them. It
was, therefore, a slow and druggy affair,
with tho prices paid very little better
than yrstorday. Bulk of tho sales was
mado at $8.80Q8.82tt and oa high as $185
was paid, the top being Just the sumo as
yesterday's high mark. While the general
average ot the sales li a shado higher,
this la rue lnrKelv to the fact that thero
were very few rough heavy and packing
hogs on sale, and consequently tne range
vtus much narrower than Friday, prac
tically overythlng being Included In a
Bpread of $8.8088.85, While the trade was
very unsatisfactory from a sellers' stand
point It was the general onlnton that had
there bean enough hogs hero to supply
till buyers, values would have been
Today's prices ar sharply higher than
the figures quoted a week ago and the
averniift Is nearly 25a hlghor. The supply
has not been large enough on any day
to more than meet thfe demand and con
sequently tne iraae nas oeen excellent,
a faat which stimulated the shipper and
ntculator demand considerably.
Vhi morning's supply amounted to
about twenty-nine cars', or 2,035 head. The
week's receipts total 44,279, being ovor
11.000 head short of both last wek and
two weeks ago and 23,000 head smaller
thsn tho corresponains wcea a year ago,
No. At. B. if. r- at, na. rr.
Mn 3 43fi! No. 2 white. 6114c; No. 3. 60o.
OATS-Hlghen No. 2 white, 34JiCf36tfc;
No. 2 mixed, S6fK).c.
WHEAT May. S4HffS4Wo: July, 84Ka
CORN-Stay, 614tr61T4o July, 63HO.
OATS May, 54H64Hc.
11 AY.nnelin.nod.
RYK Unchanged.
860: firsts. 32cJ' 48C.
ln. naflkln. 20ff22c. . WUWn"0' a wi m. . "
011.1, AttnXtm. 15n.
u'?..L-:v. ... j .i - iwit.M
Clearing House Hank Statement
NEW YORK, March 23. The statement 3ouj3Hio.
of the actual condition or clearing noun BARLEY Malting, Ktgwwi no. i ieeu.
banks and trusi companies iui um iimsc. , ....
snows inai nn uuiu ,..,uw,.wv .j.--..- .... iiyjs no, z, OTttHJWKJj iiu-
excess of legal r.qvilrsmonts. ThU Is on Cnrlot Receipts,
Increase ot It.sis.iw- .ino siairniom. Wheat.Corn.Oats.
lOWB! . .... . I .i 48 185 121
Actual condition- M ,;rV.T . ?. . M M W
raWSK 's'SilVlrt U-an... oiv"V'.......,.rl3 40 1
?.-T iVndVrs"::::::: atms :5 sri fspon . mad. -m wnntr-poiw.
Net deboslts 1.7.68?.00O Z0,4.v DUU h. Bt. i-ou . or . -
Circulation 46.w.w eouni : r""- .77
Excess lawful reserve h.doo.-w W'X mission causeu
ii.nir.- rmh reserve In vaults, ..$33fl,8WJ.W0
Trust companies- casn reou.vo I CIIIOAOO GRAIN AU rnuiiHuso
in vniinn
, JfU Til Ull
YOU can lease for 6 years a fine 220
acre farm within four mites of good
cabins: will sacrifice for $8,000 to ntilck, railroad town. Write or see the owner.
buyer; very fertile land and splendid lo- David N. McClure. 8340 Brown St.,
cation; in the country where nnturo Omaha, Neb.
II Ik. ....... ,..,, T I f 1 1 1 . , - ,1 . Ul.u
man. B32 ftravler Rt.. Nw Orleans. Ii I OWN and offer for sale a fine tract
of land ln the Uolden Valley on the ba
kota-Montana line. Splendid solL Will
make a good coionitation proposition.
I OWN the finest folonlratlon tract jn' Contains about 12,000 acres. Will sell In
Minnesota: contains about 10.000 ncres of two tracts of about 6.000 each. If desired.
fine brush land In a solid body; will sell It Interested in a wholesale proposition
on very reasonable terms and small pay. write for particulars, D. J. McMahon, $18
men aown; win aiviae inio two commerce mag., ui. raui, jiiinn.
tracts it desirea. ir interested in a
wholesale proposition write for Informa
tion. W. F. Cole, 818 Commerce Bldg.
St. Paul, Minn.
SEND for free list of Minnesota farms,
$30 to $75 per acre Minnesota Land
Agency, CourtBlk.. St. Paul. Minn.
CHOICEST Minnesota farm lands;
money-saving prices; detail descrip
tions free. Write me today what you
want Highest financial references. IL
P. Bengtson. Granite Falls. Minn.
SO ACRES well Improved, 70 In culti
vation; three springs; productive soil.
Price $!,; terms. Addresn Peak, Hous
ton. Mo.
NOT the beet farm on earth, but poor
man's chance for fruit and poultry farm.
Springs, river, close, hunting, fishing)
roads not best but Improving. Price,
$350; easy payments. Edmund tSeckel,
Richland, Mo. Turkey Rldgo Form.
Texas aud Mexico lands In large tracts
for eolonlratlon. We control a number
of ranches of small and large acreage In
the shallow water belt. Our options ore
carefully selected. lleferenses: Any bank
or banker in Dallas. Hann & Kendall,
Dallas, Tex.
Hhlp live stock to Bouth Omaha. Save
mileage and shrinkage. Your consign
ments receive prompt and careful alien
Llvr Stork Commission Merchants,
BTERH IRO CO. gtrnnc. rsllshl.
CLIFTON Com Co. ttt Hchani Bldg.
UaRTiN DHOa. ft Co excoans tuad.
. .tie to t 7t
. .til ... 3.
.lit ... I to
. .in no i to
. .115 HO I M
...Ml ... I W ... im
...10$ m
...107 ... 110
. .141 40 I 10
...1(0 140 I W
.124 110 M
mt . t to
( J07 .., 8 it)
78 ttt .. 110
81. .Ill 120 I 80
It 888 10 I UH
10 888 ... I IIH
Ill 140 I IIH
1 814 80 I I1H
71. .,..,.880 110 I llli
I Ill ... IIIU
10 881 180 8 I8H
It 888 ... 8 8m
Kl 171 80 I 88H
No. 4 yellow, 1 car. 47c; 1 car, KWi i
car. 4o: 1 car. 46Hc No. 3 rnlxsd. S
cars, 47V40! 1, car, 474o; 2 cars. 47oi 11
cars, 46io; 1 car, 4V4c No. 4 mixed, 1
car, iic; 4 cars. 45V,c.
OATS titaildaru, i car, uc o. o
white. 7 cars, siio; 1 car, Ifio; 5. oars.
31o. No. 4 white. 8 cars. 3lHo; 1 car,
SOVic. No grade, 1 car, (corn mlxod) 30Vie.
Omaha Cash Price.
tvtriri ATWn 5 hard. 8S4B44io: No 3
MiM. samfaua; Nn. 4 hard. ilHftfa: No. 3
spring, 81C82o: No. 4 spring, 808hc: No.
i3V4ffli4o: roosters 4804SUo; No. 4 white, 4646V4o; No. 2 yel
l8Hri4o, roosters, No 3 yellow, 4718e; No. 4 yeU
..,n IMHISo. lO.W. 45V,ff47c: Ko. 2. 47?iO! No. 8, 4HiI"
I47VSC! NO. . fVUH3C.
OATS-No. 2 white. 82H3o; standard.
S2Ho; No. 3 white. SlttS2V.o; No. 4 white,
Aggregate cash reserve..... .
Trust companies' reserve wuu
ciranng nouso ramun ;..-
lng 8 Per Ctm casn rwiuu
Features of the Trauma- ana uiomns
SuVmaVyo'fstate-hks and ?n crol holTt.d" the
panles In Qreater Nyw ork not included who '"' preiumably for ef-
In clearing house Utement. aLmK' ,,hsnsBi after Easter.
T, $671,142,800 $ 7,604,!$ The close was firm. Uo to Ho net
i.'oa,l8 ' . m osi M0 4M.40 niffh.r rthr lendlntt stan eB. too. showed
npecie .Vk ino 11. WW I ., ni.mnnrM with fnrtv-eleht
,Ir eM ail MO 1S.331.SJ0 r....r r-v,,, utnln Stn nt. M.t
Total ueposn. w... -. " """". " ,.VKV.,7 ' '
i . i. in "v 1. hiiu muTiniuii.i .7vmm.
i.n a.oTirlt-r Market. ft,.,, mmi not n. Kreat deal of
Quotation. turnlitiA W DJ"- ,Ur".rhT C'' PPPO'ltlon to tho upturn In whetfU Ccld
Weather aiscourugeu ins uears umhio
the fact that exports tn tne items weie
unanimous ln reporting tho general out-
innk nn nearly DArfect as it could be at
this season.- On the other hand, consid
erable annrehenslon existed among many
traders who held that whatever may hap
pen between now ana harvest time must
ha fnr the worse. Wheat bulls had a freer
?5?-M hand because wire conditions prevented
receipt of quotations from outside points.
Expectation that baa roads would in
terfere with movement of corn caused
firmness In that grain. Delayed seeding
of oats sent prices in that market up.
Lightness of hog receipts caused firm
ness in the provisions list.
Leading futures ranged as ronows:
Artlclel Open. Hlgh.l Low. Cioso. Thur.
Btatrlc Cremtrr pfj..
B?5 V& 7i
" - ,xir Tin. 1081. WlU
I Hill BT III VO.s ' - sal tAA
it s tl-QlT. WW7 1W
tx.iwH.nnt rvkmrv 4 c.
Kaniu CHr, Mo.. 7 P. e. tax "- -Tl
e. t VK TraUlrtn D Uik t T w
untlmu niaeuit nt vti
Montro.1 Tramwajo U. 1MI
Omaha Oat la, I"......
gSlaha O, B. Bt. nr. pli. . J- "
tVi 100H
100 101H
icon jom
tlalon 8toek Yards, nJ'
V. 8. Nai. nana :
it, Jompp. Mo.. Wat.r H. U
8looa Cltr Stock Vart. ptil......
CltT of SO. On aha IH-. 1881-H.
Silt LVxV Bthool 4. . .
tm ii
til too
14 tl
iom ion
an 111 if) 1 u
nVrV.ioP-JvAa usual on the last day of
thn vk. no fresh receipts of sheep or
lumbs were yarded sq quotations re
main unchanged from Friday. Supplies
this week were the lightest for any week
this year, thsre being only about 24,600
head reponoa in or a nine icss win.ii um
of last week's arrivals and around 88,900
head short or tne same ween one year
as-n a nrevinusiv noiea in ims cuiuiiin.
th. lnra: fall In if off 111 the receipts was
due to the paralysed condition of railway
truffle caused uy tne recent snow siorm.
The character of the receipts was very
similar to last week except for a slight
increaso In tne manteiing oi snorn oner
lngs. The majority or the offerings oon-
tlnue to have considerable weight as a
rssult of the very favorable feeding con
ditions over most ot the country. Lambs
still appear In the largest numbers and
tirA hen and yearlings are apparently
becoming more scarce than ever.
Despite tne tne ugni supplies on mosi
days, values at the week's close show
very little, if any. Improvement over a
week ago. Owing to the great variation
ln the quality of the offerings both last
week and this, and, more or less fluoua
tlon in prices on nenrly every day, un
even trade has been a marked feature
of the market Bo accurate comparisons
are difficult to make. The bulk of the
lambs are quotably strong to a dime
higher than a week ago. with aged sheep
and yearlings now selling at good strong
figure, A bearish factor In th trade
this week has been the presence of Holy
week, during which time there Is al
ways more or less depression In values.
It is the generally accepted idea In trade
clrclrs that the market continues very
sensitive to the size of the receipts. Light
weight lambs arid nandy ewe are still
In best demand.
Quotations on sheep and lambs; Good
to choice Mexican lambs, $8.fe8.85r fair
to good Mexican lambs, $a.S58.66; good
to choice western lambs, $8.3538.60: fair
to good western lambs, $?.UU8.!5; feeder
lambs, $7 88.H; yearlings, Tight, $7.40
7.65; yearlings, heavy, $6.W87.40, good to
choice wethers, l.5W.C6, fair to good
wethers, $6.26fj.60: good to choice ewes,
$6.1636.441 fair to good ewes, $5.8&S6.1&;
culls and bucks, $2.764.00
CbleaKO Live Stock Market.
CinCAQO. March 22. -CATTLE lie
celpts, 200 head, beeves, $7.10..',; Texas
steer. $6.60Zr7.60: western steers, $6.b0'ai
Tmrr Statrmmt.
WASHINGTON. March K.-The condl-
tlon of tne unuen oiai "",
. ' . " , ,. In... tnAav was: Work-
I'balalice. $78,664.8221 In ank"
Philippine treasury. $48,278,575; total of
general fund. $147,113,036. Receipt , y ester
day $1 124,287. Disbursements, $2,224,343.
ThV surplus this fiscal year U $11,645,011
a against a deficit ot $17,448,915 last year.
Tho figures for receipts, disbursements,
etc., exclude Panama canal and public
building transactions,
Metal Market
Markets were nun ann nominal; ibks
copper. $15.t5ai5.87H; elrotrolytlo, $15,000
16.12H; casting. $14.00)14314.00!.. iron un
Wheatl I J J I
May. 90H'H4 90T491 W4 80V4 90Vi
July. 89VklH 904 89H BO UKH
Bept. eiSin 85i fA S3 S9U
May. 63fi4 63H 63 MHSH 53Vi
July. 64HGH 61 64H 64i54HVi
Sept 63H 55T 55 Ki 65H
May. S3H 3333HSH 33TiI3HW
July. 33Ht. M74 334 33T4 335,
Sept. 33i 33V4 33H 33H $3Vi
May. 20 05 2083 20 06 20 82 20 60
July. 2037 2050 20 35 S060 2020
May. 10 65-86 11 00 10 80 U 00 10 753
10 T7H
July. 10 75 10 00 10 76 10 87-90 10 70
May. 10 95-90 11 10 10 90 11 10 10 869
10 874
July. 10 80-77 10 87 10 77 10 85 10 70
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2 red.
hTlOUIB. March 22. M ETA LS Firm, I &W-.V VV'S
89c; No. 3 northern, 847JS6c; No. 3 spring.
Milwaukee drain Market.
Nn i northern. 89V4aW)V4c'. No. 2 northern.
S8QS3Wo; No 2. hard, winter, 90391c; May,
&SUo; JUiy. iwjjmmn. .
CORN No. 8 yellow, 6ft86to; No. t
white, Blc: No. 8, 49'MiGOc; May. Uai
July. 64HM4.c.
OATS Standard, 88Wo; No. S white. SX
33c; No. 4 white. 31W82tfo; May. J34
3314c; July. taWliKc.
RYE No. 1, 6mar2c.
ISravoratrd Apples and Ilrleil Frnlt
DRIED FRUITS Prunes steady; aprl
cots quiet; reaches steady; raisins steady.
Wool Market.
ST. LOUIS. March 22. WOOL-8teady;
medium grades, combing and clothing,
23tt'26a; light fine, lJ-TWlc; heavy fine,
1318c; tub washed. 27C6c.
New York Uxchanifes Cloaed.
NEW YORK. March 22. The stock,
cotton and cofff exchanges and the su
gar market are closed today.
flank Clearing;.
OMAHA. March 22. Bank clearings for
today, $2,554,651.27 and for the correspond
ing day last year, $2,235,523.77.
Wool Market.
ST. IOUIB, March 21-WOOli-Steadyi
t.rrltnrv and western mediums. !lft2&!
113, tocke and feeders, $O.0Oj8.2O; cows tno me-Jlums, 18600c; fine. 1517c
878 880; No. 2 spring. 840fl6o; No. 4 spring.
78y83c; velvet chaff. 83fl0c; durum. 8&tj)
90c, Corn: No. 2 white, 63c; No. 2 yellow,
63Ho: No. 3. 50851c: No. 3 white, 62263;
No. 3 yellow. 60HQ61V.C; No. 4, 43Utfto:
No. 4 white, KMiOSlc; No. 4 yellow, 49
60d. Oats; No. 2 white, StWfiWViCi No. 3
white, S2V4S3c: No, 4 white, 81H7J3JUo:
standard. 3403H4C.
Rys: No. 2, 60fi61c. Barley, 5068o.
Seeds: Timothy, $2.50713. 50; clover, $13.'I0
H18.60. Provisions; Pork, $20.S2H: lard.
$11.02V4: ribs, $10.90311.60.
BUTTER Firm; creameries, 29360.
EOOS Weak, receipt. 19,033 cases; at
mark, cases Included, 17frl7Ho; ordinary
firsts. 16tJ-16V4c; firsts. 15c.
POTATOES Easy: Michigan. 45'48c.
Minnesota. 43048c; Wisconsin. 423 18c.
POULTRY Weak; turkeys, dressed.
21c; chickens, alive, 15c; springs, alive,
Infnnt Iln Smallpox.
WABIUNOTON, March 22.-AU records
of the local health department for the
youngest smallpox patient to be taken
Into custody have been broken, It Is be
lieved. In the cose of a baby boy, Just 1
days old. The Infant, as yet' unnamed.
Is the son of Helen Kent, a negress, and
was born In a local hospital prior to th
discovery of a smallpox rase ln that In.
stltutlon. The baby waa removed t
quarantine today with Its mother, who.
so far has escaped Infection.