Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 23, 1913, PART THREE WANT AD SECTION, Page 3-C, Image 25

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    Polly and Her
- - - - y " T
WWCAMATTer, 1 ; 1
I xini I R4d news ( poilv, mftt v
' ! -
Unimex luitl (.' tnK!.
4C15 Izard, 6-r. and Wo loK only $10.
211i. Nicholas, 6-r., for colored, $15.
210 S. 2Kth. 6-r., piutly mod.ern, In nice
shape, clone In, bargain at (15.
2323 S. ISth, 6-r., all mod. ex. heat, $16.
tS29 N. 17th St., 3-r., nil modern vxcept
henl, bargain at only $20.
211" Seward, C-r., strictly modern, only $20
819 N. 34th St., 6-r., nil niodurn exc.-pt
heat, very chol:e residence district,
2313 Davenport, C-r., modern except hout,
very close In. $21.
242.1 Franklin. 6-r . mod. ex. $22.M.
1504 Madison Ave.. 7-r., all modoni except
heat, good U:rn. gono residence ins-
trlct, $25.
512 Pnrl: Ave.. 7-r., nil modern except
hen, choit-r district, ;,
1521 RtiggU. 7-r., strictly modern, close
to enr line, $25.
43C2 Dodgu. -r., strictly modern. $26.
lf"5 rf. sutli Avf 7-r., all modern, choice
residence (!tntrl t, $W.
2'.'nS N. :'Ct', T-r.. all modern, chblco loca-
tlun. n-UllceU to $30.
7D21 1 Jciiitjlur. S-r.. partly modern, $30.
01 S. CHIi St., 10-r., strictly modern,
within c.ioy wnlklng distance; bargain
2010 Emmet. !-r., strictly modern, choice
location, $23. i
iil Poik Ave.. S-r.. strictly modern,
choice location, S40.
1412 N. 17th St.i 3-r., part mod., only $8.
603 S. 30th, 4-4, modem except heat,
only $10. . . ,
3115 N. 24th St . 5-r., modern except heat,
bargain at $15. ,
1M2 Lake St.. 6-r., all modern except heat,
first-class condition, $15.
2041 Howard, 4-r., strictly modern, very
close In, $23. .
321 Georgia Ave., 10-r.. all modern, within
easy walking distance, $28.50.
34 N 25th, 6-r., strictly modern, easy
walking distance, $31.50.
1007 S. 3Cth Ave.. 6-r., strictly modern, St.
Louis flat, in a very choice residence
district, $37.50.
1504 St. Mary's Ave.. 6-r.. strictly modern.
St. Louis flat, within walking dis
tance to business section and In a
choice neighborhood. This flat has
an exceptional south and east ex-
5iH !?,ftTWcS i
S o hnut!ful brick dwelling,
" In West Fnrnam district; 4 Ijedrooms
and maids' quarters, lRe reception
'hall, parlor, dining room, kitchen and
laundry facilities, $30.
Wo havo others. Get our complete
printed list before renting.
Omaha's Rental Men,
616 Omaha National Bank Bldg.
Fine modern 8-room house for rent at
northeast corner of 35th and Hamilton.
3311 tAHmoro Ave., ':f?"L 0dern gas
good condition and partly moaern, t.s I
range Included, $13. ,., t
1809 IinKney " "'".""'Urn S3 1
ouse In good condition. alf bam, --
Oth are bargains. W. . Mitchell, u-c
Douglas 1873.
Ms. T Anvr a mnmn. all modern. $30
Bels-Cartberg Co..' 310-312 Brandeis
620 N. 18th St., 14-r.. modem Vg w
1108 a 29th St., 8-r.. modern.. Jo-w
S23S N. 19th 8U 9-r., city ater, gar. 27.00 c ao.v. a 7.r . Trindern zo.w
t a 19th fit 6-r . city water gas... 18.00 I
818 B. Win Bl-i " in m
Ana D- .
a o , A iir.. wen I
...a R.r rltv water, gas., ll.uu
4335 Franklin. 6-r.. mod. ex. heat.... 16.00
2617 Charles St., 6-r city water 15.00
3110 Burdette, 6-r., city water, gas.... 12.00
3319 Dewey Ave., 6-r., city water U.M
500. S. 31th St., 6-r., city water. 12.50
4117 N. 25th Ave.. 4-r., city water...., ll.W
2027 Center St., 5-r.. well .w
315 Omaha National Bank Bldg.
" 2010 N. 18th St. and 1803 Grace St., 10
rooms each; modern, $25.
110 So. 25th Ave., 8 rooms, modern, $36.
1906-8 Farnam St. 6 rooms, modern ex.
h 602 So.1S9tl?' St., 6 rooms, modern ex.
heat, $10-
3701 N. 21t St., 8 rooms. $17.60.
916 N. lth St., 3 rooms. $11.
1320 Famam St. Tel Doug. 1064.
"FOR RENT OR SAiE Nine acres,
Ix-room cottage, good barn, and well.
39th and Vnne Sts.. about'' three btocks
irom street car. Call Webster 2246.
8 ROOM modern house at 112 So. 41th
8t. $30. Tel. Harney $361
$2 per month We, contracl you?
al..' r.. .Tn.-i v, .,.U..f. n 423Snnd
Oiftcw 111 S. 14 th St. 620 N. Mb. I
vnuml 1 I
New. modern, 5-room cottag-s, every Im
provement; full lot. 2719 Buggies. $a.00
Scvor.-room modern house. 2109 Grant.
Nine-room modern house and barn. 950
No. 2Sth Bt. $23.00.
Thos. W. Hasen. McCitgue Bldg. Doug. 1300
410. N. 22d. 10-r.. 2 baths. $50.
S027 Chicago, 8-r., mod.. $W.
3128 Chicago. S-r.. mod., garuge, $Jj.
2 N. 22d. 7-r. mod. brick, $3j.
2109 Cap. Ave., 7-r.. mod., $J8.
715 S. 17th. 6-r.. $20.
1219 S. 16th, 6-r., owner pays water rent,
$17 50
2221 Clark, 6-r., $16.
1-222 Clark. 4-r., $10.
224 Hamilton, or- uaw.
Others. Rlnglawt. Brandeis Then,
6-Room Cotttigo
Modem, except heat, good repair
on car line. 292 Maple St Send for
weekly printed list.
HASTINGS & HEYDEN. 1614 Harney St.
8-ROOM modern detached house, hard
wood floors, fireplace and mantle. 2705
Dewey Ave. $32.60.
6-Room cottage, modern except heat.
1545 Georgia Ave. $20.
6-Room modern cottage In the West
Farnam district; Just vacated by owner.
f OH
H arrmon rv (VI nrtnn
1 lcll 1 lOUlI tX 1V1U1 IUU
7- ROOM flat, third floor. 2308 Cuming St
8- roorn house at 1669 N. 17th St.
8-room house at 1663 N. 17th St.
7-room house at 972 N. 26th St- i
1517 Famam St.
3-ROO.M. modern house, electric light,
LCtli and f.uldwell; giiod. $16. Turklng
ton. e Bldg.
7TH ST 8trict.y iniMern hoiiHe-
n-l-.t- 1 ill'f
Pals 0ne Two Three All Swoon Together
jtuuneM a mi toiuiKci. niorfi nnii winces.
$12.60-7-r. 80 Evans St.
$16.00-5-r., 3737 No. 20th. partly modern. I
t.uw-4-r, :w uuggiea st., modern ex
cept heal.
$22.C0-7-r., 2409 Lake St., modern ex
cept livat.
$25.00 7-r.. flat. 1615 Howard St.. mod
ern except lifiit.
$25.00 3-r.. und bath, 170S Hurt St.. mod
em apartment
S0.00-A)-r.. 3413 Dewey Ave., modern,
fine repair.
S33.0C 7-r.. flat, 619 So. 16th St.. modern
except heat.
SW.0O-S-I-., Harney St., modern.
first claps.
i.i.w a-iv
rniini St . modern.
902-12 City Nafl. Hank Bldir.
Phcno Doug. 751
$40 6-r.. 3306 Poppclton Ave., hurdwood
tinlsh; modern throughout.
$23-9-r., 382S Hamilton St.. mod., barn.
$35-8-r., 1403 N. 35th St.; all mod.
$20-S-r., 2S18 Ames Ave., mod. ex. heat.
$20 8-r 1702 Canton t. ; hot water heat.
$40 8-r., Hanscom Park dlst.. all mod.
$35 8-r., Kountzc Place, homo and barn.
$14-a-r., 1617 N. Central Blvd., good
$l6-7-r M39 Emmet St.. partly mod.,
2 lots.
JJG J-r., 3874 Hamilton, partly modern.
$16 C-r., 2026 Vinton; near car barn.
$20 6-r.. 9th nnd Pierce, near car barn.
$15 6-r. cottage on N. 17th, partly mod.
$14-C-r. cottage at 12th and Pierce Sta.
$22.50 5-r., 102 S. 25th Ave. modern.
$12.50 4-r. flat "' - -jt
17th and . u..ia... .
8-rtOOM house, modem except hunt, ?3U
CorbySt. Rent reduced to $22.50. Phone.
649 So. 26th Ave., 4 rooms, close In, $11.
819 N. 20th St., 6 rooms, close In, $20.
130S Mason St., 5 rooms, close in, $10,
80O8 Seward St., 5 rooms, part mod. $13.
1314 So. 27th St., 6 rooms, all mod., $25.
ISjO Capitol Ate., 6 rooms, mod. ex. heat.
2629 Parker St., 6 rooms, mod. ex. heat.
2710 Parker St., 6 rooms, mod. ex. heat,
I 41!) TC IRtt, Rt R mrxm m tfnt lt
JP B,. 7 room, al, mod. closl
Ill, 3U.
3062 Woolworth Ave., 8 rooms, all mod.,
334 N. 14th St., 9 rooms, all mod., $40.
2218 Lavcnworth St, 10 rooms, mod. ex.
heat, $23.
Doug. 297. 212So. 17th St.
3622 Grand avenue, $18; 6 rooms, city
water, gas, porcelain bath.
3851 California St., $20; 8 roms and large
attic, basement Under entire house, bain,
gas, furnace, city water, only one block
from Farnam car. Telephone Douglas
5530, or Inqulro at 3539 California.
MY home place at 3103 N. 51st St., S-room
house, all modern; chicken house; good
barri. 3 bie iots: nolgo new nllll a fhla
plnce to llvu; will rent right to the right
'm,t- Wlf0 dled nn(1 ,I1U8t ront Tel.
Rengon 716 J. Call Sunday If possible.
c w Kaley.
8-r house all mod. 4223 Douglas $20
6-r flat mod. ox. heat, 1602 N. 24th t $20
6-r flat mod. ex. beat, 1006 N. 24th t....$16
4-r. cottage, 2606 N. 14th St., only $10
3-r flat, 709 S. 27th St $8
14th and Ohio, cottage for colored.... $ 7
N. P. DOPE & CO.. 15th and Harney St.
SAVE money In shipping household
goods, auto, etc. Missouri River Freight
KVirtunrrilnir Cr, Til rinmr Ml olfi (J 17th
- " ' - ' - ......
packs, moves, stores and ships household
goods and pianos. Douglas 1496.
Express and Storage, Piano
and furniture moving. D. t70.
VACANT houses with Payne & Slater
Co., as we are having more calls for good
houses than we can supply.
2501 MASON ST.
First class 9-room house, with hot
water heat; oak finish on first floor. This
Is a very good house for a large family
and the rent Is reasonable.
l.8Lth 8 Phone DouglaH 1422.
2423 Maple St., 8-r.. all mod., $27.69.
2014 Amea Ave., 6-r., mod. ex. heat. $20.
206 No. 23d St.. 7-r . nil innit . in
-02 Chicago St.. 5-r., mod. ex. heat. $15.'
1200 Military Ave.. 5-r.J mod. ex. heat. Jt6i
Jon?. b6-r 7 ail moFV" I
mVark AvoSd fl-'s-V.0- $2. I
mi Vn i7i. bi i.- ,.. . .i
o. 17th St.. 3-r.. water and gas, $1(1.
Vn Tint, tlMir TV.uo mi .
. wuior
n am. ii p. a. -qui erjt. 3474.:
.'-.. A m-BJy WCIU'C ItnUlllIlli Ull
1. f , l , I , l:" ' 'T f ... ....... I ! I
diss St.. between 26th and 27th Sts., all i
modern iniDrovemcnt.-i. The
University. Tel. Doug. 2320.
WnutcoQ In all parts of the city.
Liuuaia Crelgh. Sons & Co.. Bee Bldg
J ROOMS, modern. 112 N. 26th. D. 2717
FOR RENT Sr.ven-rooin nouse. modern
except heal, 2414 Caldwell St. Enquire al
2218 Webster St. Tel. Harney 4593.
S-ROOM modern, finished nttlc; first
floor oak 2917 Jackson Rt., $45. II 1510.
6-ROOM cotage, modern except heat,
$20, 3932 N. 23d; newly papered and var
nished Phone D. 7868.
I 7.60-3 rooms, 1917 Clark St.
$16.00-6 rooms, 1902 a 10th St.
$22.60-6 rooms, 1012 N. 16th St. ,
$27.50-9 rooms, 26S9 Davenport St.
$32.303 rooms, modern St. Louis flat,
2817 Jackson St.
$40.00-9 room home. California St
432 Brandeis Blflc. Doue. MW8. !
K-r. modem house, soil Marcy St., $.15
T-r. moaern house. 13 N. 40th St., $3i.
7- r. modern house, 9002 Mason St., $30.
8- r. house, 2648 Davenport St., $22.60.
JOHN W. ROB BINS, 1802 lrnamJt.
6 rooms, part modern, 2615 Dodge, $16.
3 rooms with bath, 1821 N. 17th St..
' Grooms with bath, 1110 Farnam St.
i 5 rooms w,th baln-1CM N J7th- 16
c rooms modern, 2916 Fowler Ave.,
Grooms with bath, 1110 Farnam St.. $18.
7 rooms modern, 1519 rt. 2ith St.. $2".
S rooms modem, 1737 Park Ave.. -S.
8 rooms modern, U0I 8. 23th St.. $30.
10 rooms modem, 1011 Park Ave., $80.
10 rooms modem. 1029 S. 30th Ave., $80
421 Omaha Natl. Bank Bldg.
- I
Storm nml Finis.
Ht-ueroon with flat above and stable In
,i.' Excellent locatlo.i fo- giOL-ery
For Kont
Storage niul Warehouses
$23.00 per mo., 2210 Cuming St., new build.
In?, fine storeroom, full cemented
basement, tile vetlbuli and mod
em fronts'.
SC0.00 per mo., r.17 So. 16th St room 22x60
ft., full basement, thoroughly mod.
cm and up-to-date storeroom.
$85.00 per mo., 613 So. 16th St., on alloy
just south of Union Outfitting Co.,
fine basement, modern show win
dows, electric light, etc. Rental
exceptionally low for 16th St lo-i
cation. ',
$125 per mo., 2553 Famam St.. room 20x120,
ft., full basement, modern In every
respect. Will bo completed 'n,
nbout tPM davu. i
SM Pt XhoDmng d itrlct k th ,ab,e "6W,"B machine at a bargain, don't
$210 pur mo.. 2.4!.25il I-.i-mh-i t liric- I Monday, for we are going to offer flf
room 40x120 ft., with full, deep bttfci-leon of tlu best, genuine slightly used
ment; verv attractive and substan-1 machlno bargains that wo have ever of
llally built building. 1 cred. A written guarantee with each.
$200 pei mo., 2021 Famam street, 22x132 They will go nutckiy so come early und
feet, waslt racK anu uowser laim
for automobiles, also 6-room mod-
ern upaitment 2U lioor; steum iieai.
tiporgo & Company
Phone D. 756. 902-12 City Nat. Hank nldg.
l'Ou ill..-'!" Kui wliolt-3i : manu
facturing or retail purposed r'urnani
St. after December 31 the three-story
and basement building. 22x100 at No lOi!
Famam St. Upp-r floors have light on
three slies. Inquire ut loom 314. Flr.'t
National Bank Hldg. Tel. Douglas 124J.
Ve offer the following stores for rent:
Two very desirable corner stores In the-
Flatlron Bldg.. 17th nnd Howard Sta.;
also soveral In the Sterling. 19th and St.
Mary's Ave.
Ono largo store. lf7 St Mary's Ave.,
newly decorated throughout.
Under 1st Nnt Bank. Tel. Douglas 1151.
""OFFICES lit 1517 Fnrnam St., 2d "floor".
Store 1020 No. 16th St.
Two stores, new, 2101-6 Cuming St.
Store, 1411 Harnoy St.
Store at 336 No. 26th St.. So. Omaha,
1517 Farnam St.
30-room bilck building, bath room on
each floor, Kteam heat, electric light.
Good fumlly hotel location.
Nice btoro room, 20x110, 1 block from 24th
and Cuming. Sue us about these.
Store rooms, 1 block Horn Leavenworth
... 1 .. tin
Two large, tlno office rooms ut loth antrj
Hurney Sts. Seo us about those.
Warehouse or store, lO.iXX) squaro feet,
steam heat, lrelght elevator.
NIcp store room, iim nu .-cum,
only $25
N. P. DODGE & CO.. 15th and Harney.
THREE-STORY und basement, brick
bid., with trackage., 1110 Douglas St..
$140 Two-sttory anil basement, brick
building, 1213 Howurd St.. $75 Storo and
basement. 1967 Cuming, $30.
JOHN W. ROHBINS, 1802 Farnam St.'
Brick Btoro room, with full cement
bahement. 1513 Burt. $25.00.
Thos. W. Hazen, McCaguo Bldg. Doug, 1300
THE Nebraska Cycle company (Mick
el's), will place on sale Monday fifteen
dandy, genuine, slightly used sewing ma
chlno bargains. Every one guaranteed
NebruBka Cycle Company, Mlckel's, 16th
and Harney.
a wmTR sewtntr machine In perfect
condition, all attachments and guaran-l
teed; a big burguln for Monday. $i. I
NEMtekriA IBuT and Harney '
Mlckel B. ISth and "amey.
j.u.icul tuNi.-u.uf....
OWN a good piano; we will help you:
imlnn hnrcnlns: no faKes. u. 11. uarr
t,. n tt nrr i
Piano Co.. 3d floor Boston Store. D. 2017.
KtllllUU UBikLUll., '---'"",
Electric planosand 1S-iioU players. U'M;
ome $190. 119 N. loth. Catalogue. D. 2M1
$650 f.S-note player piano, new, $100.
$500 upright, $300.
$230 upright, slightly used, $185.
$300 upright, $160
Good organ Ht your own price, need tne
loom. G, 11. Harr Piano Co., M floor
Boston Store. D. 2107
SAFES 2-hand. Amrlran Supply Co.
TYl'EW KlTKItS lor lent; 3 months. l
"Wt ir"c."sTlth & Hro. iype-
ur.U- , v.Ublr bick .puce .key .model;
new riuoon; -vi ninrauiw ",;
C. Smith .vi llros. Typewriter
0.. 110
Furnuni St.
KndMl. ,4. . QroI,.. ,umber lb wrecking,
"iV .V'JiV " H ? .ViVn. v n lili.
IV .IU.VCll.ll ..b V.W.. ....
FOR SALE New und second-hand
caiom and pocket billiard tables and
bowling alleys and accessories; bar fix
tures of all kinds, easy payments. rh
ErunswIcU-BnlUo Collcnder Co.. 4O7-40K
South 10th St.
SAFES Overstocked 2d-hand safes, iill
makes. J. J. Derlght Co.. ISIS Farnam Bt
For Sale A few unclaimed ALL WOOL
Dundee suits. $10; alterations free.
Northwest Corner 16th am' Harney sts.
I EMPTY Ink barrels for sale. Apply Bee
' Publishing company, 17th and Farnam
POOL, tables, stole, restaurunt nxturoi
bought, sojd I.evv. 2510 N.SiiiiUjOinnha
BOOKKEEPERS, roll front cabinet
Web 9,8
,n,, ,vm.ff ',.r. V.frfT
to'.". rcers display counters, Ice liiu-
T7vflJ . T V K l..,l. !.. Mhnu,
,ru" t...: nZit nVV
cheap. Apply to Mr. Adwers. Orkln Bros.
A Singer Sewing Machine drop head
nil attachments, golden oak care. Anothei
Cjcie t.ompany. MicKei s. mm u uarniy.
A microscope of very strong magnifying J atlons. Write today; free particulars. Gel
power that enables you to examine cer- back girlhood's youthful bloom. McOov
eals. food, si-eilt, p'.untH and Insects, eru's Specialty Co., Box 638, Dept. 8,
diamonds, jewelry, coins anu oanK notes,
Ijloou, water aim wine, i ins microscope
hns gained recognli n In tho leading ex
rosltlons of the woi'd. Will be sent for
$1, currency, or nostofflco order. Addrues
William Onker. 95 Grove St., New York
I i per Keg tor niixun wire nans. Mena
lor our i-uiuiuKue ut ienuiiit imrneu,
wire, roofing and nulls. Western Wreck
ing Co.. Kansas City, Mo.
Ml'KT sell my modern t.oda fountain
o tflt it unit' N in t-xttllrnt win k'n
Copj light, 1918, National
M I 1 1 a rt i u .
i ...... ... i t, i
gei your cnoitt.
White, box ton.
$ 6.00
Singer, 6 draweV drophead 12.50
New Home, drophead 7.50
Davis, 7 drawer drophenp 12,50
New Queen, 5 drawer drophead 10.00
Nehniska, 5 drawer drophead 18.50
New Home, 6 drawer drophead 12.60
Domestic, C drawer drophead 10.00
New Royal, 5 drawer drop head 10.00
Omaha. S drawer 11,60
White, 25 s sample machine 27.00
Free, 6 drawer drophead 24.50
White. 24 Itoticy. like now 27.50
Wo rent, repair and sell parts for all
makes of 'n.i nine. Rent a new ba'I
bcnrlng White to do your spring sewing.
Nebraska Cycle Co.
15th nnd Hurncy. Phone Douglas 1662.
1,487 subscriptions to the L. H, Journal
H.60; S. E. Post, $, ana Country Ujn
tleman. $1 50. will earn 13.00C for the tn-
vallds' Pension Ass'n, whicn will Injure
myself and tfttecn otfc -r -uf.'crers ill n
month each.
Must, have 186 In Ma:ch. Your renewal
worth '50 centi, DON'T WITHHOLD IT
'Phone Douglas 7163, Omahu. Neb.
MANICURING, electric massage, mag'
netic tientment. zm a. im hi.
'J'UK f A LV AT1UJN ARMY solicits cist
off clothing; in fact, anything you do no!
need. We collect, repair and sell at 131
N. 11th St., for cost of collection, to tno
worthy poor. 'Phone Douglas 4125 and
wagon will call.
Bexten pharmacy. 12th and Dodge.
M A CSJ A nil! Swedish movement. 418
.ikjkjj-xvj IJ(,e uldB., Douglas 6272.
1UUMJ women coming to Omaha ul
strangers are Invited to visit the YounS
Women's Christian association bulldlm,'
at 17tn and at. Mary's Ave., where they
will be directed to suitable bonrnlng
nlucrs ov othcrvlae assisted, Look d'r
our travelers' aid at the Union station.
E. BELLE, scientific massagd, baths,
crugless irtutments. 703 S. 16th, Apt. B
I Al A H NJltVri (' t'eatment. K. Brott
Mt'iUiYUINJ!iilL over 710 S. 16th. D. 7895,
MASSAGE, salt glow. Mme. Allen of
Chicago. 1W S. 17th St. Douglas 7065.
MwVucdluld. nmiV Swedish "xrTT
iioura. 9-12. 1-0. 401 Ware blk. D. 7911
-Dj. uRTuTlFUL'by using the Vacuum
J.iusengo Alachlne. attaches to any water
liuif:t; removes wrliiKles. nincKtieuus,
,m.w, , rl,l l,-r -llM III
, ooiii-3vi Neville b.ock or phone Red 3521
anil lady demonstrntor will calL
MASSAGE Mrs. Steele. It. JUS, 'AB S. JJ.
.l.i-. v. 1 it c .viVJ.i.ur. iniuin 2.1, UM.ig
las 1 lock. Natural ircuiment lor nervjiij
n to in i-i h, M'l-jtlcu and rlirunmtlsm.
Marguerite Halloiuu,
223 Neville Uk D. 7761
ANNA MAliKS v'u""i!; KJ,"
tmniX iU-.lU.l'V.U naIn, Apt.3. D. u.'..
WANV1L)-1 mil l en to board. We- j4i
Makbage Mi Rlttenhouse. 305 Boston Btr
SUPERFLUOUS hair, wurts and mo'.en
permanently removed by electricity; con-
sulfation frto und confidential; all work
bum uui;i.ii. mittn vueuurr. v-i uiujs.
LA DIRS Do you suffer from super
fluous hair? Do you want to rid yourself
of It at home? I show you how free. C.
J. Stevenson, 63t9 Stewart, Chicago.
LADIES why not try tln7 Preserve
your hair, save time and strength by us
ing Unique Dry Shampoo Powder. Write
Stein Specialty Co., 5W Foderal St., Cam
den. N. J.
A complexion white as virgin snow '
may lie had by tho use of Ivorcne,
matchlets skin bleach and skin food prep
aration. Full freo particulars and spe
cial offer now being made. Write Para
gon Face Bleuch Co., 730 N. Buffalo St..
Cleburne, Tex.
SAMPLES free. Manufactured among
the roses. Write oulck for tho most
j hclontlflc and dainty taco rouge ever
compounded. Antiseptic, Invisible; gives
the blush of youth and feeds the skin
Robert Crase, Gruss Valley, Cal.
WHY not look young and beautiful?
Use "Ml Lady's" fuce cream. l'rlce $1.00
and "Rose Dinah ' 60 cents. Splendid
preparation for Akin. Eureka Supply Co.,
Dept. 6, 191 Church St., Highland Park
Wayne Co., Mich.
DON'T bo hairy. It Is easy to get rid
I of superfluous hair on face, arms, neck
I l... nw. .t,n,ilrAM I... I n- !... al,l
" "- . . ". "
Depilatory. It removes hair like magic
, wle today fop part,,.uIarH and f"ree
! sumple to House & Linger, Dept. 14,
! 8 Second street, Cumberland, Md.
GOODlfYH wrinkles. Juliet" Wrinkle
j ncnjedy milkeg tn.m ,)aappear. Don't
I ruin lour skin with dancerous nrenar
( rjuiroriceyoio.'
WILL von holp a friend? Are you a
slave to drink-' Our Devoe home treat
ment guaranteed to effect a permanent
cure. For full particulars write the
Ptraybo Specialty Co., llutton Bldg.,
Dept. 32. Spokane. Wash.
The greatest superfluous hair removing
treatment known; i-ulck'y remove hair
from fuce. arms, neck or bust, guaran
teed. Fr-e samples und nartlculurs on
ieiue t Write i-ulck mid beautify your
fa ut iini-e T Mlrt-W HniBlty
il.'i, 1013.
News Asso.
$W0 otitis
Sallow, discolored skin made white nnd
beautiful by Puritan White. Bloom. Write
for particulars. Home Distributing Co.,
Dept. 12, 815 N. 22d St., Billings. Mont
WHY look older than you are? Match
less Wrinkle Eradleator removes wrinkles.
ill make you look 20 years younger. My
complete outfit, "Double Matchless Treat
ment, But postpaid for $2.00. I guar
antee treatment to do tho work or your
money refunded on rouurst Mine. Church.
2944 Mildred Ave., Chicago. III.
EVERY woman should use Vllllers' Im
perial Dry Shampoo Powder; obviates old
method of washing; saves time and pa
tience, cleanses scalp and hair and leaves
It delicately perfumed. Mailed to any ad
dress. Vllllers & Co.. Tuscaloosn, Ala.
ADDP.ESS M. M. Johnson Company,
Clay Cnter, Nebraska, manufacturers ot
Old Trusty Incubators and Broodsrs, for
Incubators und brooders; catalogue fre.
For Hatching
From thoroughbred S. C. White Ltg
horns; vigorous, hardy stock; great lay
ers; country rango; $1 for 15; $5 per 100.
MRS. KATE MANN, Benson, Nob., "
R. F. D. No, 2. Tttl, Benson 747-W.
BARRED Plymouth Rock eggs from
our champion exhibition and heavy egg
laytog strain, $1.60 for 15, or $5. TO for 100
Bend for mating list desariblng special
mating. A number of fine cockerels left,
AhlquTst Bros., Box C, Ames Ave, Sta
tlon. Omaha. Neb. Phone Florence 101.
" BUFF ORPlffdTON egrs for hatching?
Web. 4385. S710 Qrand Av.
BUFF Orpington eggs for hatching. H.
Thoroughbred S. C. Brown Leghorn
eggs for hatching. Golden, Florence 2XJ-
WHITE Wyandotto eggs for setting.
Bn'ith 3399. 15th 'and Jackson Sts. South
. c. WhUo leghorn eggs. Florence 218.
" ROSE Comb Rhodo Island Red eggs foT
hutching. John Schultx, 3115 So. 21st.
Telephonu Douglas 8934.
ROSE Comb Rhode Island Red eggB for
hutching from th finest laying show
birds, truti' nested, $2 for fifteen. Tele
phone Benson S2!i W. F. S. King, Benson,
Neb, Lettcru answered. i
FOR B ALE Kel lerstrnss Crystal White
Asplngton eggs. AIbo cockrols and cocks.
Telephone B 4CC0 or address 23LS S. 9th
St.. Council Bluffs.
riKED Abstract Co.. oldest abursrt f
fit in Nrnimviri. 'M Brandeis Theattr
trn piio.'uii'rv i'tu HAhu.
FOR SALE On easy terms and at a
barguln, my 8-room residence, within one
block of Locust und 16th Sts.; steam heat,
cistern and modem throughout. Fur ap
pointment to see the property call Wb
ster 7SU. Owner.
West Farnam
A very well built 7-room, all modern
residence at 611 S. 36th St.; corner lot,
only one block from Leavenworth car
line und in the best residence district In
Omaha; $400 oush, balunce like rent.
A handsome, new, 7-room, nil modern
house at 147 N. 33d St., finished In oak
first floor, und birch and maple up
stairs. Paneled aide walls In dining room.
Four bedrooms on second floor, one a
combination bedroom and sleeping porch;
stairways to attic.
Six rooms, reception hall and sleeping
porch, all modern and brand new; re-
oeptlon hall, living room and dining room
, nlllh.rt m nnk liltrh-n nnri nnnlrv. In
finished In onk
hard Pine, maple floors. Three good bed
rooms, sleeping lurch (8x12), and tiled
bath room on second floor. Stairway to
attic. Complete with fixtures, sidewalks,
; ynrd sodded, paving paid, etc.; $400 cash.
j balance monthly. Can be shown at any
, time.
Just listed, a nearly new 6-room, all
modern home on Harney St., near 33d
St. Onk finish downstairs, nicely deco
rnted throughout. Another room could be
finished In attic. A real attractive place
und well worth tho money.
Nino rooms, ull modern und exception
ally well built. South and cast front
corner lot, only one block from 33d and
Fnrnam Sts.
On Harney St., near 36th, a 9-room. ull
modem residence, all in first-class condi
tion. South front lot, 60x100,
First offering of a beautiful 9-room,
all modern residence at 35th and Harney
Sts. First floor finished in oak. Hand
somely decorated throughout. Sleeping
porch on second floor. An unusually fine
The Byron Reed Co,
'Phono Douglas 297.
212 S. 17th.
Field Club Home
Not a small room In this beautiful
home, from the living room, 18x24, to tho
billiard room on the third floor. House
Ik 38.6x 36.8 on the ground. Oak finish
first floor, white enamel above; tiled
bath; extra toilet In basement: lavatory
on first floor House Is only four years
old and In fine condition. I Ml 60x123;
fine garage and cement driveway. Lo
cated on the boulevard, between Wool
worth and Poppleton. For further par
ticulars, call.
Armstrong-Walsh Co.
for The Bee by
. t
Norris & Norris
$300 CASK
Strictly modern, good furnace, full
basement, fine oak floora throughout the
house, screens, all walls nicely decorated.
This house Is attractive and well built;
on paved street. Prlco $2,760; $26 per
$500 CASH
Onk finish and up-to-date, built-in
book cases nnd buffot; good furnace;
largo basement; attic; full screens; nil
walls nicely decornted; paving paid. Lo
cated at 2217 Ames Ave. Prlco $3,000.
New, strictly modern, finest oak fin
ish; large living room with fireplace,
built-in boolc cases, beam celling, vesti
bule, paneled walls tn dining room, large
kitchen and rear entry, full basement,
guaranteed furnace, full screens and win
dow shades. Three bedrooms and bath
on. second floor, oak floors up stairs
nd down, all wnlls nicely decorated, lot
1x160, paved street. Located In Dundee.
Just completed a fine south front, two
story homu, modem In every detail.
Something very much better than usunl.
Ask us to show you this. Price $5,000.
Norris & Norris
400 Bee Bulldlnr.
A, P. Tukey & Son
4th and Woolworth
At 405 yool worth Avo. wo havo a
bargain for a homo for some man
who wltihoe to llvo on Uio south sldo.
Only ono block from the atroot car
and nenr tho dopots. freight houses,
shops and the wholesalo district, and
ilnsldo tho railroad-calling district.
Tho house consists of eight rooms,
and it is all inodorn, with hot wator
heating plant; All In good condition
and built n few yours ago. In order
for a quick sale we havo made a price
of $2,8G0; about $1,000 cash re
quired, balance monthly. Wo will
mako a discount to party having ono
half cubIi. Tho presont owner lives
in tho house.
A. P. Tukey & Son
441-442 Board of Trade Bldg.
Phone Doug. 2181.
West Farnam
Corner 128x125
Southwest corner 41st Ave. and Chicago
Ht.: east front: on naved ntreet; olesant
district; buildings restricted to good resi
dences. High and sightly location, with
fine view. Two blocks to Farnam car,
and three blocks to new $1,000,000 ca
thedral. Armstrong-Walsh Co.
Tyler 1630. 210-12-14 State Bank Bldg.
Close In
Hot .Water Heat
215 N. 30th St. A nearly now, two
story square house; finished In oak down
stairs. Full cemented cellar; fine hot
wuter heating plant; paving all paid.
Easy walking distance of down town,
l'rlce for quick sale, $4,200.
D. V. Sholes Co.
Tyler 15C6. 210-12-14 State Bunk Bldg.
On account of leaving Omaha Immedl-
ately to go on a farm the owner of n.
spienueu six-room cottage, one uiocic
from the Howard Kennedy school, has
made a price of $2,000 for quick sale. Tho
house Is In splendid condition, having,
gas, bath, permunent walks, metal slnpn
on ull windows und Is built to last for
ages. Some ono will get a bargain in
this cottage. The owner will be glad to
snow you tnrougn ut any lime. rue
number Is 2818 No. 31st St.
Doug. 1781. Eve, und Sun, cull Web, 1K9.
35th Near Farnam
Owner leaving for homo IubI night said:
"Sell my corner. 66x124, Including house,
for $7,600, or sell tho house with 36x66 for
$3,760." Corner Is 2 blocks south of Far
nam on high ground, best eurroundings,
level grade, both streets paved. House,
6-r. und lavatory first floor; parlor has,
brick fireplace; seccond floor luis 3-r.
and bath; best furnace, porcelain tubs
In cemented basement. Costly electric fix
tures. Faces east. $500 cush on house.
1016 Omuha Nat. Doug. 2715.
Evenings: H. 33$ or II. 5134.
90,000 Sq. Ft.
Floor space, good truckage, $45,OUO.
Harrison & Morton
And must sell my 6-room, strictly mod,
ern home; corner lot 47x126; full basement,
two blocks from cur linn and same dis
tance from Hanscom park. Come and see
It. Owner. 2333 8. 31st St. Tel. H. 1913.
IXHMSIANA orange groves planted and
cared for under our plan of easy monthly
payments. We own the land and the
trees In proven orange belt. Write for
full details of plan. FIDELITY LAND
CO. 7 Orj'I'T Nmv Orleans
Cliff Sterrett
wal III bc
In Field Club district between S0d nnff
85th streets and Lincoln Ave. and HtckM
ory strest.
LOTS 50x132
PRICE $1,200 TO $1,700
And Includes water, sewer, wmlk(
building restrictions, eto.
These lots ara rapidly Inoreaslnr ttM
vnlue. It you want a lot In this ofossjtf
iraci, see us ai vonce.
In Norwood, Nswton and other adr)
60x160, north or couth fronts. All la
provementa In. Price $1,200,
Keep "Watch for the Announwi
mont of )
READY SOON. The latent, the o'lassftl
est, the greatest opportunity for lnvsaft
ment that will be offered this year.
Phone Douglas 4170.
5-Room Cottage
Modem except heat. Near car anS
school. Parlor and dining room finished.
In oak. Other rooms tn yellow pine
Stairway to attic. Full cement baaement.
On nice routh front lot, $2,600. GooA
Six-room CotttUTC. All modem. TV! thin
Ing all paid. Large lot. One block to car.
iX cash, $35 month.
Flnlshod In onk. throuirhoiit. n.nm
ceilings. Ftne brick mantel with book.
cases on each side. Pedestals between!
parlor and dining room. Full basements
East front. Near car and acnool. $3,600.
$3 250 t
Five rooms. All modern. Best nr -rim.
turea Full cement basement. Beam celW
in gs. Large pantry. Built-in oupboaro.
809 South 17th St Douglas 8S8K
Open Saturday evenings until 0 oclock.
New location after April 1, 17U anA
uougias, around Floor.
Dundee Houses
$3,800.00-6115 Burt St. modern bungalow!
with 6 good rooms on the first floor, ani
3 good, rooms can be finished on the sea
ond floor. Arrangement Is good. Itout
is nearly now, decorated throughout an4
completely modem. Owner transferred!
to Chicago and Is very anxious to roaJM
quick salt).
$4,700.00-6120 Cuming St, 6 excelled
rooms. Nearly new and modern In cvoat
way. Terms very easy,
$4,760.007 rooms, near the school at Mf
and Davenport streets. Oak finish; I
bedrooms and sleeping porch. Excellent
$5,600.004813 Douglas St., tn Sunset adtU
tlon. Very well built and, excellent
rangement; 6 rooms, with S bedrooms
Hot water heat. Oak finish; fireplace.
$6,000.00 62d and Webster, new nous
under construction. Thoroughly wol
built and arrangement Ideal; 3 large bed-i
room and sleeping porch. Large living
room, with brick fireplace; dining room;
kitchen and brenlcfast room. The tort
terlor finish and arrangement Is hard to
bent, und the location and value offered
are likewise hard to beat
practically new house at 4819 Dodge U4
9 rooms, with 4 bod rooms and sleeping)
porch on second floor, and living room,
dining room, sun room, breakfast room
umi buffet kitchen on first floor. Large
fireplace In living room, beamed celling,
oak finish, tastily decorated througout,,
tiled bath room,
Glover & Spain,-
1219 City National Bank Bldg.
Telephone Douglas 3963.
Brand New House
at Miller Park
$4,330 for this 6-room, new, strictly mod.
ern und up-to-date house; first
floor finished In oak; second floor
white enamel, with mahogany fin
ished doors; oak floors throughout;
beamed celling and bullt-ln book
cases In the living room, paneled
walls In tho dining room; full ca,
inonted basement, furnace heat,
reasonable terms.
George & Company
Phono D. 756. 902-12 City Nat. Bank Bids
Snap on Boulevard
3911 NT 20th, 6-r bath and sleeping:
porch, strictly modern, oak finish,
papered downstairs; never been occupied!
beautiful shade trees, In a growing dis
trict, l'rlce $3,900, on your own terms,
Open today for inspection,
Payne & Sinter Company,
616 Omahn Nat' I Bank Bldg
152 Ft. Harney
. 19th. $50,000.
Harrison & Moi tqji