Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 23, 1913, PART TWO EDITORIAL, SOCIETY, Page 3-B, Image 15

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Women Are
Doing in the World
Popular Girl Visitor
Clnh Mrellngi.
MONDAY Me" tints of the social science
department of tlie Omaha Woman's
club at club rooms at 2:15 o'clock; mect
Iiir of tho younR woman's class In
Kuropoan history In the lecture room of
the public library at 7:30 o'clock.
TUKSDAY Meeting of the Perglan his
tory class In the lecture room of the
public llbary ut 10:30 o'clock-, meeting
of the current topics department of the
Omaha Woman's club at the club rooms
it 2:1R o'clock: meeting of the house
hold economics department of the Cen
tury Utcrary club of South Omaha at
library hall at 2:30 o'clock.
A'KDNKSU AY Meeting of the Mu SlgniR
at 10 o'clock at the home of Mrs. 15. W.
Ounther. 320 North Fortieth street;
meeting of the current topics class at
10.30 o'clock In the lecture room of the
public library; meeting of the Mothers'
Culture club at 2:30 o'clock at the home
of Mrs. G. J. Dutton; meeting of the
Frances Wlllard union of tho Woman's
Christian Temperance union at 2:30
o'clock at the home of Mrs. Williams
at 2:30 o'clock.
riirnSDAY Meeting of the nrt depart
ment of the Omaha Woman's club at 10
o'clock at the club rooms; meeting of
the Junior branch of the Omaha Society
of Kino arts In the lecture room of the
public library at 10 o'clock; meeting of
the music department of the Omaha
Woman's club at 1:15 o'clock.
FUIAT Meeting of the French depart
ment of the Omaha Woman's club at 10
o'clock nt the club rooms; meeting of
tlir French history class In the lecture
room of tho public llbary at 10:30 o'clock.
Meetlne of the Dorcas club at tho
homo of Mrs. William Nleman at 2:30
o'clock; meeting of the West Omaha
Mother's Culture club at tho home of
Mrs. I. T. White at 2:30 o'clock.
.NAS5IUCH as the question of
the minimum wage for work
ing girls and women Is one of
the Important questions be
fore the public at the present
time, the Social Science de
partment of the Omaha Woman's club
will give a program on this subject Mon
day afternoon, March 21, at 2:15 o'clock.
Sirs. D. J. Craighead will have chargo
of the program, which will deal with the
most Important phases of this subject. It
will consist of ten minute talks by Mrs.
Sherman Felt, who will speak on "Some
l'erhonal Observations of the Conditions
of Working Girls;" Miss K. Johnson,
"The Needs of the Working Girl for
Wholei-omc Recreation;" Mrs. II. C.
Sumney, "Working Girls In the Hoinc:"
Mrs. F. Follansbee, "Bringing Home In
fluence Into the Shop and Factory;" Mrs
D. .1. Craighead. "Personal Responsibility
of tho Working dlrl."
Members of the club and all who ar"
Interested In the problem are especially
urged to be present. Mm. Craighead was
chairman of a commlttee'of women who
recently made an Investigation of tho
conditions of the working girls In the
rlty and Is well acquainted with the sub
ject. She has been asked to address the
students of tho Commercial High school
on this subject Thursday at 1 o'clock.
Mrs. Earl Stanfleld was hostess at tho
meeting of the philosophy and ethics de
partment of the Omaha Worannla club,
of which Jlrs. Mary R. Newton Is leader.
Wedneadny afternoon. A review of th
ecture on "The Philosophy of St. Paul
From the Jewish Standpoint." given by
Itnbbl Colin at an opening meeting of
'.lie club recently, was givin by Mrs.
?Janfleld and Miss Carrie Boutelle. Mrs.
Kmmanuel Ochrle ead a paper on
'Words and Their Meaning." There will
be one more meeting of the department
fffCuie the end of the year and this will
ae a called meeting at which tho clec
ion of officers will take place.
An attractive program has been nr
anged for the next meeting of the cur
ent topic department of the Omaha
Woman's club, which will be held on
Tuesday afternoon, March 23, at 2:13
)'clock, nt the club rooms.
One of tho chief features will bo tho
first appearance In Omaha of Mrs. Nd.
son Cornelius, a young woman from the
with; a graduate and former Instructor
. Dobblnson's School of Expression at
-os Angeles.
Mrs. Nelson Cornelius conducted the
"Nlederland School of Expression" at At
iRiita. On., where she was also a ro
worker of Kmma Coburn. New Tork'o
leading clubs, among them the Dixie, the
llunpiv and the Theatergoers Club of
........ . pw vork City, have highly
Indorsed her. She will be assisted at the
Piano by Mrs. Lauskoy Smith. C. O.
Cunningham will give an address on
Constitutional Government and Federal
Constltutlon-A layman's View" A
Paper or, "The Growth of Edition for
Ao,nan' will be given by Mrs. i.anskov
Members, friends of the department and
s .dents of expression are cordially In
nn,n.' , Par,'ame,ltl'-y Practice will be
omitted and the program will begin
Promptly at 2:30 o'clock
The musical department of ths
Roman's club, under tho leadership of
iss uuti, oanson. will meet Thursday '
Marc, at 1:M ,m sharp
YnL ? ' A" members a-" cordially I
- -..:.. , a aepartmont at,
Dver for tho musical department. CotleZ
u LHMryed Bt th Club' ac """""or
entitled to one guest. The program for
the afternoon will u a . i
Bram. In charge of Miss Helen SadilcK,
i former pupil of Scharwenka. Those as.
listing MISS Sadllek will be Leon Welt
man. vlollnlat: Mrs. J. 8. Horton. so
Prano. and Mrs. Walter Silver, pianist
Besides a paper .on Xaver Scharwenka.
funic of his compositions wllb bo ren
dered. . '
The Mu SIcniR wl'l rnot Wednesd iv
morning at the home of Mrs. E. W. Urn-
"uiui roniem street, at 10
o'clock. Hew J. A. Jenkins will give a,
v.iui- UI me imkc school of Poetry."
The Benson Woman's club will meet
ijt the home of Mrs. Williams Wednes
day ufternoon at 1 o'clock. It will bo ,i
rtvll service meeting and Mrs. atasoi
vlll have charge of the current events.
The household economics department
ill the .South Omaha rvm,, iu.r
club will meet at the home of Mrs. ?. ,
C. Howe, XH K street. Tuesday alter-1
noco at 2:30 o'clock. Miss Neva Turner;
of Omaha will give a talk on "House
The Frances Wlllard union of the'
Women's Christian Temperance union
ulll meet Wednesday afternoon at iO
o'clock ut the home of Mrs. C. H. .
Newall. 20SS Maple street. It will be an
all-day meeting and all Interested in
mltslon work are cordially invited to at-,
tend. I
The young women's rlan In European'
History will meet In the lecture loom of
the public library Monday evening nt t:'J0
The Persian history class will met
Tuesday morning ut 10:30 o'clock In the !
lecture room of the public library.
The current topics clays will meel j
Wednesday morning nt 10:30 o'clock n
the lecture room of the public library.
The French history' class will meet Fri
day morning at 10:30 o'clock In tho lco
turo room of the public library.
Mrs. C. I. Vollmqr entertained the mem-
bers of the Omaha Suffrage association
at a tea Wednesday afternoon. A de
lightful program was given by Mrs. il.
G. J. Lehman, Mrs. W. C. Sunderlanu,
Miss Minerva Qulnby and Mrs. Vollmor.
A soclnl meeting Is held onco a month
j me association to lhte!Pi new n.n
I bers In the work of wonmnn's suffrage.
Mrs. Vollmcr was hostess of the March
At the Unity church, next Friday even
ing ut 6 o'clock, dinner will be given
In honor of Pfof. Frederick Ames Stuff
of tho University of Nebraska by ho
people who have attended his course of
lectures this winter. Dinner will be
served In the church parlor, followed by
a short musical program. At 8 o'clock
Prof. Stuff will give his lecture, "How
to Find and Use the Unwritten Litera
ture of Life." Mrs. G. W. Holdrege,
Miss Janet Wallace, Mrs. Kuthcrinc J. D.
Edholm, Miss Mararet Colvln und Mm.
Grant Pursons, nro the committee, in
chalrgc of tin; dinner and entertainment.
The Sunday afternoon vesper service at
the Young Women's Christian associa
tion, held In the auditorium at 4:30, will
be a special Easter meeting. The ubsocla
tlon chorus will furnish special music,
and there will be a solorby Miss Blanche
Sorenson, the choniB director. Miss
Strong, general secretury. will give the
address. Tho social hour which follows
each of tho vesper services Is a de
lightful time to make friends with our
!ioung women, and all strangers are cor
Ulally Invited to come and spend the Sun
day afternoon with us.
On Monday evening, Is the March
party. This Is for tho members of the
association and for all young women In
the city, who arc interested In our work.
There will bo a scries of Easter "stunts,"
ahd Mrs. George Shields will give a short
program of dialect readings and imper
sonations In cosume. A cordial Invita
tion Is extended to all young women by
the social committee.
Monday Is tho opening day of tho
membership cninpalgn. Owing to the
much shorter length of time In this
yenr's campaign, thero Is a special need
for many workers and for great activity
among them. The south parlor on the
first floor will be the campaign office,
and Miss Johnson, membership secretary,
will bo glad to confer, there with anyone
wishing further Information.
On Thursday noon Is tho monthly noon
musical which Is held In tho association
nudltorlum from 12:15 to 1 o'clock. This
Is free to women and gentlemen, and
friends arc urged to drop In for what
ever length of time they may have In
their noon hour. It Is a "come-nn-go"
concert. The program will bo directed by
Miss Clara Slefken.
"The First Aid to the Injured" lecture
on Tuesday evening, wilt bo given by
Dr. J. M. Alkln. The subject will Dei
"The Brain und Nervous system. Un
consciousness from different causes. Hys
terical attacks, convulsions, sunstroke,
hcartstroke, lightning stroke, and fits.
Tho practice work will be the emergency
treatment of each. Admission to the lec
tures Is to members of the association,
cither to single lectures or to the course.
The West Omaha Mother's Culture
clubs will meet at tho home of Mrs. P.
T White, Friday afternoon at 2;IW o clock
Mrs P T. Barber will read a lovper on
"Tl . Value of Teaching Chltdicit tu
Know and Love Birds, and H.v to Ac-
tmplUu it." Mis. Voir win tnil of
what the government has done for tlh.
pi election of birds and Mrs. Carnileliaei
will toll what the different societies have
aono then lines. Mrs. K. O. Hamil
ton will gUe a plniui solo and the
women's quartet. Mesdames Tntcsdell,
Doxler, Carmlchael and Hamilton will
jilvo several numbers.
Tho Dorcns club will Friday afternoon
meet at 2:30 o'clock ut the home of Mrs.
William Nleman, 3S40 Franklin street.
The .ork of the afternoon will be to
make drosses for the Child Saving Institute.
Tho Mother's Culture club will meet at
the home of Mrs. C. J. Dutton, 351(1 Lin
coln boulevard, Wednesday afternoon at
2l30 o'clock. Mrs. J. F. Beard will read
a paper on "How We Teach Love, Grati
tude and'Itcspect." Others who will as
sist Vn the program nro Mrs. It. W. Koch.
Mrs. J. C. Aldrlch and Mrs. C. N. Slsco.
The regular mnnthlv meetlne of tlin
Woman's auxiliary of Omahu. South
Omaha and Florence will be held ut St.
Andrews' church on Friday afternoon,
March SS. at 2:30.
U. S. Grant Womnn'H Belief Corps will
be entertained by Mrs. It. 8. Wilcox, 1S0J
Lothron street, on Tnrmlnv nfinriinmi
March 25. ,
Pralrlo Purk Ncedlo Craft. "The Widow
Sniggles," and her five daughters will
dp Hostess at tho next meeting of tho
Prairie Park Needle Craft Tuesday after
noon, March 25. at 2:30, at which time
they will give a highly Instructive and
educational program.
Tha Social Settlement Dramatic club
will give "Tho Whlto Illgrlm" nt the
Brandols theater Monday evening, April
7. Tho club has given several plays ut
Turner hall during Its existence of three
years, but has never undertaken nny
thing quite so pretentious as this. "The
White Pilgrim" Is an allegorical play
written by Herman Merlvale, an English
man, and was first produced at tho Court
theater of IOndon In 1S7S. Tho four acts
are laid In Finland In thrf twelfth cm
tury when Christianity was first heard
of there. The sotting Is tho same through
out tho four acts, tho castle of tho pagan
earl on one side of tho stage nud tho
chapel for religious services of the Chris
tians on tho other, and throughout we
seo the conflict of religions, tho pagan
earl falling In love with the maiden wha
Is enthusiastic over tho new religion.
"The White Pilgrim" represents death
and tho allegory running through tho
wholo Is very Interesting. As far as wo
know this Is the first production of this
play In America. The cast follows:
Harold James J. Domct
Rolf V. L. Cavnnnugh
Slirurd CharleB E. McvYvIn
Sir Hugo T. J. A. Crulg
Frioth John W. Huffman
Lfcofiic Ellna Camel'
Thordlba Mnmlu Itnk
Gerda Mumlo Bloup
Lady Isabelle Murle Oslronlc
White Pilgrim Joy Hlgglns
Attendants, etc.
Mrs. Mary Neol of Crawford, who Is
campaign chairman or the Sixth district
for woman's suffrage, has been nsked to
speak at tho district meeting of tho fed
crated clubs which will meet at Alliance,
Neb., tho first week In May.
Mrs. M. M.CIafflln of Lincoln, T.'ho
inarched In the suffrage parade at Wanh
Ington March 3, Is now busy telling of
the affair. Mis. Clafflln says, 'tho af
fair has done more to create sympathy
for tho causo than 100 parades In the
country." Mrs, Clafflln has been VsHed
to address the women of Nehawka und
Geneva some time during the first week
of April.
The baby health contest committee of
the household show met Tucsd'iy at tha
executive headquarters In tho lice build
ing. Tho nttendnnco was large and as
the plans wero developed much enthusi
asm was In evidence.
As fur ns completed tho list of sub
committees and chairman Includes:
Publicity nud advertising, Mrs. 11. E.
Awards and premiums, Mrs. J, L.
Place and equipment. Mrs. W. S. Holler.
Entries and enrollment, Mrs. C. L.
Judges und nsnlstants, Mrs. D. U, Craig
head. Figuring score enrds ond luplicates,
IMrs. F. A. Follansbee.
Child welfare exhibit, Mrs. J. D. Hess.
Educational program, Mrs. F. II. Cole.
Tho object of this contest Is to arouso
Interest locally and bring homo to tho
citlzonshlp of Nebraska a realization of
responsibility to Its children; that It Is a
part of our business, perhaps tho most
Important part, to do all wo can to de
velop tho highest typo of men and women;
that tho very existence of the state de
pends upon Its babies, it Is also posstblo
through these contests, conducted ns tlioy
nro on a strictly sclenttflo basis, to se
cure and complin Information which, will
assist parents, educators and scientists -to
better understand the laws of child de
velopment. In Its March number tho Woman's
Homo Companion says editorially of tho
campaign for better babies:
"The Idea Is so tremendous In lis far
rcachlng significance that it Is possiblo
to realize only a small part of what .t
may mean. In two generations It may
bring about a social revolution, advanco
civilization by leaps nnd bounds, and
make the men and woman of the whole
world happier and better."
Entries to tho baby contest may ba
made now by applying to the chairman
or Mrs. C L. Hemple, 2515 Davenport
street. In accordance with Mrs. Wall's
icquest only babies from 1 to 3 years of
age will be taken.
The annual business meeting of thj
household economics depaitmcnt of tho
Omaha Woman's club won held Thursday
morning In at the club rooms. TLb lol
lowing officers were elected: Mrs. FroJ.
irhk J Burnett, leader; Mrs. F. B. Bry
ant, nsMstuut leader; Mrs. T. H. Tracy,
gocretuiy and treasurer.
The time of tho meeting was taken up
largely with housekeeping problems.
The Junior branch of tho Flno Arts
roclcty will meet Thursday and nn elec
tion of officers will tako place. Mrs.
Charles Kountze has charge of tho pa
pers. The Mississippi Valley Suffrage confer
euro will meet In St. lxuls April 2. 3
and t. when nineteen states will bo rep
resented from Louisiana and Atabamu
to Wisconsin and North Dakota and from
Illinois and Indiana to Oklahoma and
KJkt-U(1n Vflh,ni1in tin Miai-a rnllr.i.
Rented by tho stnto president. Mrs. Dra
per Smith; Mrs. W. C. Sunderland, Mis
Frank A. Harrison, Mrs. Charles
Kountze, Mrs. John T. Stewart, 2d; Mr.
and Mrs. John A. Dempster and probubly
a dozen more, from Omaha. There arc
no elected delegates sent to this confer
once which Is open to nil suffragists and
Is to be u conference on campaign meth
ods with speakers of national prominence
on tho programs each day. The How
Caroline Bartlctt Crane of Michigan, who
has gained wide famo from her cam
paign for food Inspection, will bo ono of
tho speakers. Governor Folke of Mis
souri will bo another spenker and Regi
nald Kauffman, the author; Mrs. Katha
rine. Waugh McCulloch, Mrs. Harriet
Taylor Upton of Ohio, Miss Virginia
Brooks of West Hammond fame, Miss
Desha Breckenrldgo and Miss lnurn
Clay of Kentucky and many more will
bo thero to speak fronl their experience
nnd knowledge on suffrage matters nnd
to discuss campaign methods. Mrs. Dra
per Smith and Mrs, Harrison will both
be on tho program us speakers, tho
former to talk on tho "Form of Organ
ization Needed Throughout the State to
Influence Logtslatlvo Action," and Mrs.
Harrison's subject will be "Securing a
Suffrage Tlank In Political Party Plat
form." Tho Buckingham hotel will be
tho meeting place for tho conference, but
Mrs. Wlllnrd Bartlett of St. Louts has
secured entertainment In some 'of St
Louis' most beautiful homeji for nil dele
gates who apply to her,
Bryan Makes Call
Not on the Program
Mr. Bryan made ono visit wlillo hero
which was not on tho entertainment com
mltteo'n program. Ho rodo out to tho
rcsldonco of Edwnrd P. Bcrryman to pay
him his personal compliments.
Mr. Bcrryman Is an Invalid nnd has
been for a year or more, ever slnco ho
suffered a stroke of paralysis. Tlmo
was when ho nnd Mr. Bryan, ns politi
cal leaders In tha state, did not always;
agree, Berrymon sometimes siding with
tjie ultru-conservntlstn of tho Jackson
la ns, of which faction ho was a leader,
but hn and Mr. Bryan have usually been
the best of friends and It Is said he was
deeply touched by thin kindness on Mr.
Bryan's part.
Hamilton Cafe
Zitiice and Mngr.
Easter Sunday Dinner 50c
Cream of Tomato
Olives Celery
Filet of Sole, Maltre d'Hotel
Supremo of Chicken
Boiled Ittco
Itoast Breast of Veal with Dressing
New Potatoes In Cream
String Beans
Asparagus Vinaigrette
Custard Plo Angel Pudding
loe Cream and Cake
Tea Coffee Milk
Sunday Evening
Supper 35c
ThcHamilton 'aPopuIarity
In Increasing dally. Under the
preHont now management It la al
ready a success. Strangers are
coming In dally only to become
regular patrons.
Noonday Business
Lunch 35c
Is bringing pntroim out of their
way. They aro pleased and they
como back. Especially If you are
In business In this neighborhood,
don't go down town. Try' this 35o
Persistent Advertising Is tho Itoad to
Big lleturns.
Cleaning or Dyeing
Hade Over Garments
If you havo any made-over gar
ments to be cleaned or dyed,
these suggestions should be fol
lowed, Hip your garments entirely,
apart nnd send the pieces to the
cleaner Just as they nro: he can
then clean or dye und finish
them on the cylinder, which
leaves the goods more like new
than any other method.
TUt work only can be finished
on tho cylinder. If you do not
care to rip it U apart, do what
ripping In required, making sura
to remove all trimming and but
tons, then send to him.
Trimming con then be dry
Dry cleaning will not; benefit
goods that nrt faded or show
pleat marks they must be steam
cleaned, and sometimes that will
not fix them then It becomes
necessary to dyo them some dark
Nover make over a garment and
then send It to bo cleaned; havo
It cleaned flrat and you will get
satisfactory work; that Is, tf you
send It to us.
Wagons everywhere.
, 1515-17 JONES ST.f
Phones Doucus 3 1 n a A-3K8
Consulting, Mechanical and
Kloctrlcal Englneor.
DoBlgn, Construction. Valuation
1015 Ashlnn'l Block, Chicago, 111.
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