Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 21, 1913, Page 7, Image 7

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SUck-rlconer Co., Uodartaktra.
aily, th ntut, City Nat'l. D 158.
riallty Storff It Tin Co. Dour. 1616
Lighting' fixtures, Burgess.Qrandon Co.
Ht Boot Print Jt Now Bencon
C. S. Elg-utUr Law offices removed lo
S4S-S45 Omaha National Batik building.
Telephone Douglas 31". Advertisement.
Check KlMlng P. li Hall reported to
(he police that a check ho Issued and
gnjro to A. Jtorowltz. 1116 Davenport
street. In tho sum of J10. has been stolen
from tho Horowitz home.
Tho Statt Bank or Omaha pays 4 p
rent on time deposits. 3 per cent on av.
lug accounts. The only bank in Omaha
whose depositors are protected by the
'depositor1 guara'nteo fund of the state
of NVnraJko. 17th and Harney streets.
Bell Pays Judgment Samuel Bell has
paid $o!2.33, tho amount of tho Judge
ment awarded Mrs. Katherlno McGuIro
by a Jury In Judgo Sutton's court, In
her breach of promise suit, together with
Meat Kuriet Changes Hands Paul
Kravcher of Stanton, Neb., has bought
the butcher business and brick block of
John Houska at Sherman avenuo and
Ohio street, paying $16,000 for the same.
Mr. Houska, who retires from business,
Ii.ts conducted a meat market In this lo-
Lution for more than twenty-five years.
Implement Man riloa for Bankruptcy
Frank J. Belth of the Implement firm of
Brown & Belth of Allen, Neb., has :ilod
n voluntary petition In bankruptcy l
the Omaha division of federal court. Ilia
partner, Brown, has not consented to tho
petition and will have to be summoned
Liabilities arc listed at IS.SS0.93 and ts
rets at ttO.GIS, most ot which Is real es
tate. To Paint Mall Cars Tho street rail
way company is preparing to put all ot
the mall Cars through tho Hhops that they
may be in the best of condition Inside
of thirty days. Wlillo the government
will paint Its mail boxes and other equip
ment a bright red, unless orders come to
the contrary, tho street railway company
will stick to white as the color for the
mall cars.
Hissing Juror Olamiaaed E. C. Olson,
the missing Juror In the case of Nicholas
Bergers against the B. M. F. Automoblto
company, whoBe absence caused the
second Jury empaneled In that suit to
bo discharged, was dismissed from the
panel by Judge Day. Mr. Olson said ho
was sick and thought ho was entitled
to lay off, as ho would have been had
ho been working at any other kind of
employment A third Jury Is hearing
the evidence
Hennessy Dislocates Shoulder 13.. V.
Hcnncsey, commercial agent of tho Rock
Island, Is at Schuyler with a dislocated
shoulder. Wednesday Mr. Hennesey
heard that the flight of ducks In the vi
cinity of Schuyler was large and In tho
afternoon ho left for that place. A tele
gram was received that ho had fallen
and dislocated a shoulder and. was being
cared for at the homo of. a friend. Mrs.
Hennescy'left for Schuyler early yes
terday. Taft Writes for
Teddy's Picture
WASHINGTON, March,. 20.-Former
President Taft has missed o'rlb ptfrspnitl
belonging which he left when", he qifit-the
WhjCe House a, picture of Theo3ore
Bdesevclt which hung on tho- east wall
of His prlvato office. Several days oa
fore he started for Augusta the nrcsWeiit
took down the only other picture In nis
sanctum, that ot his father, but tho
itoosevclt picture has been hanging therq
nlone, slnco President Wilson assumed
- office. A letter came to the Whlto Jlo.use
offlders today requesting that the pic
ture be taken down anil Sent to the Now
Haven hotel, where Mr. Taft expects Ut
llvo for" several months after ho takes
up his duties as a Yale professor.
VANCOUVER, B. C March 20. A spe
cal cablo to tho World from Toklo,
Japan, tody says:
"It Is learned through Official sources
that In the event bills now before tho
California legislature and hostile to Jap
anese pass Japan will withdraw Its sup
port from the Panama-Paclflo exposition,
refuting to exhibit and prohibiting Jap
anese citizens from having any connec
tion" whatever with the exposition."
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HONDON MFC. CO, Mlnneapolie, Minn.
Charles W. Teten Has Not Been Seen
by Friends Since Monday.
l-'mil 1'lny in IVitrnl, Although Hie
Wife State Unit He line llren
Acting; Somen tint Uuerr
of I.ntc,
Charles W. Teten. cashier and offlre
manager of the local branch of the Vnl
Blatu Brewing company, has been miss
ing slnco Monday afternoon and not a
word has been heard of him by his
friends, fellow workers or his wife.
Tolcn, who was formerly cashier ot tun
Sunderland Machinery company, has
been connected with tho Val Blatz com
pany for some time. He Is under bonds
of $20,000 and h man of good repute.
Monday about noon he went to South
Omaha to check up the accounts of the
saloon run there by Krvln Stroud. After
going over tho books of this saloon Teten
left, saying ho was going to nnother ono
near by. but never reached thero and
never enmn linnlr nffinA
As It Is a known fact that TMon rarrM
lorgo sums of monoy with him at nil
I times, some of his friends believe that
"c may havo been slugged and robbed
and his body hidden In some place where
It would not be seen by passersby.
Mrs. Teten snld her husband was not ft
drinking man. having nover been known
to bo Intoxicated. She said he always
carried many books and papers with him
which would Identify him If he should
have been Injured In ally wannor. She
said, however, that during the last two
months he has been acting strangely.
All tho books over which Mr. Teten
worked have been gone over and his ac
counts found to be correct and balanced
up to tho Saturday night prior to tho
time ho was last seen.
Money Kited from
Ohio Treasury to
Bank and Return
COLUMBUS. O.. March 30.-A sensa
tional story of how funds of tho stato
of Ohio wero alleged to have been passed
between tho offlco of tho stato tfra.-i-uror
and the now defunct Columbus Sa.-.
(ngs and Trust company was told today
in tho stato examination of the falluio
of tho bank by Henry w. Backhus, sec
retary and treasurer of the. institution.
Tho falluro left thousands of depositors
practically pcnnllesB.
The former secretary-treasurer told
how tho transactions between the bank
and the stato treasurer's offlco were
covered up In tho four days each year
when the office of the state treasurer
was examined. Ho said a banK ottlclil
would pack 1100,000 In a black handOaS
and take the money to tho state treasury.
After It was viewed there ho said the
money would bo repacked and returned
to the bank.
U, S, Cruiser Sails
For Mexican Waters
With Ammunition
SA.' FRANCISCO. March 20.-Thc ctus
icr California sailed southward lato to
day bound for Mexican wuters. It car
ried 400.000 rounds of rlflo ammunition
nnd complete equipment for shoro duty
lhclud,lng camping outfits.
At San Diego, the California will await
tho nrrlval of tho Maryland, now coal
ing nt California city, and tho two will
proceed to Guaymas, where tho flag of
tho admiral of tho Pacific fleet will bo
transferred from tho Colorado to tho
The supply ship Glacier has sailed for
Mexican ports with stores for tho cruis
ers Colorado and South Dakota.
School. Gift Spends
$12000 Yearly
NEW YORK, March 20.-On the show
ing of.Joslah H. Dewltt, that his 15-year-old
niece nnd ward, Helen A. Dewltt,
cannot get along comfortably on tho
$12,000 a yenr, which has been allowed for
her expenses out of her jSO.OOO Income.
Surrogate Kowler Increased the allowance
to JM.OOO a year, today. Miss Dewltt'B
expenses are increasing rapidly, her
guardian explained and especially for
clothing. Her spring outnt this year will
cost $1,S(X, he declared, and as she at
tends a school for girls, patronized by
wealthy families bIio must have funds
sufficient to keep up her social position
BUFFATX), N. Y.. Maroh .-.Toopri
Stefunskl, a cowboy from Geyser, Mont.,
apparently demented threw the city ha,!
into a panic this atternoo.n when he en
tered tho mayor's office and openod lira
on the clerks and a policeman on duty
there with a revolver. Charlos D. Irfuig,
a policeman who grappled with tho mun,
was shot four times, but probably will
Stefunskl called twice at the offlco tnis
, morning, asking for Mayor Fuhrman, or
his secretary. This afternoon he called
for the third tlmo and asked Charles
Egloff, license clerk, for tho mayor.
ISgloft told him tho mayor was out
"Well, I want J100," said he.
13gloff parleyed with the man. Then
Officer Lang walked towards nim. l'lio
sight of the officer evidently alarmed
Stefunskl. Ho drew u"revolver and paid;
"I will get that S100 or know the reason
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.. March 30
Nineteen Grand Haven fishermen caught
In the slush Ico out on I.ako Michigan
In three fishing tugs slnco yesterday
morning aro In peril. They are thought
to be practically without food or fuul.
The tugs have drifted from sight In
the mist and their exact whereabouts is
Straight nt It.
There is no use of our "beating around
the bush." Wo might as well out with
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At the Theaters
Bojdt "The Bejavenatlon of Aunt
Brandelst Becttal by Taaye.
Empress t Vaudeville.
Qeyetyl Bxtravaganaa.
Hippodrome t Vaudeville.
Krugt Burlesque.
Orphemnl Vaudeville.
Matinees at Bmprai, Oarety, Hippo
drome, M.rug ana urpueum tamers.
Kugenc Ysayc, the world-famed violin
ist wlio gives a concert nt tho llrandels
theater this evening. Is a master In the
renlth of his power?. No one disputes
tho fact that Ysayo Is the best violinist
In the world today and one ot the strong
est proofs is the enormous wealth he
has Accumulated. With no single ex
ception ho Is the highest priced Instru
mentalist who has ever been enticed to
America. Tsayc s program for tonight
win open with Beethoven s masterpiece,
"Tho KreuUer Sonata."
John Drew will appear at the Brondels
theater on Friday and Saturday In "The
Perplexed Husband," by Alfred Sutro.
which has delighted the public even moro
than any ot tho sparkling comedies In
which ho has appeared In recent years.
Touching upon tho mott vital of con
temporary subjects woman suffrage
"The Perplexed Husbnnd" alms many
pointed shafts of wit at "the new
woman" and confronts her with "tho
new man," who succeeds In making her
change her tactics. In the east sup
porting Mr. Drew nre Mary Holand,
Alice John, Hubert Druce, Nina Sovcn
Ing, Margaret WaUon and others.
Walter Kelly, "The VliRlma Judge."
who Is creating a gnlo of wholesome
luug!iei at the Orpheum this week, de
clares that the standard of comedy has
risen considerably In the last few years.
"The day whs when no man would
have dared t go on the stage dressed
as I am In ordinary clothes. Had any
ono done so ho would have been hissed
off by the gallery gods. A comedian
used to announce his profession to an
audience by bis red nose. No red nose,
no fun, was the motto of the vaudcvlllo
audience nnd Hit? fun was usually started
by the comedian's rushing on the stage
nnd hlttliiB thi! leader nt the orchestra
.with n pie. In the past men acquired
I tueir conieuy thrills tnrougn tno eye. we
i of todu thrill with tlw keen wit ahd nub
tlety of skillfully turned phruses, flue
, contrasts of character, and delicate por
, truyuls of racial characteristics."
tion of Aunt Mur," Is emphasizing her
ability at, a comedienne. She Is showing
the dainty qualities ot tun-making that
mark the real nrtlst. Tho bill is giv
ing greatest satisfaction to large audi
ences at each performance.
Clean fun runs rampant during the per
formunce of "Tho World of Pleasure" at
the popular Onyety this Week, Fox and
Stewart and the merry company sup
porting them working In perfect harmony
in a most satisfactory effort to extract
tho laughs from the two-act musical ex
travaganza, being presented. Sccnlcally
the piece Is most elaborately staged.
Ladles dime matinee dally.
Considerable Interest Is being aroused
among Hippodrome patrons this week by
tho comedy sketch entitled "The Casino
Girl." presented by Isabel Sells and com
pany. This sketch Is from the pen of an
Omaha playwright and the cast Is made
up of Omaha people entirely. They nre
all professional people, who happended
to be In Omaha at the time Miss Sells
decided to produce It. Tho sketch is
full of witty comedy dialogue and funny
situations nnd is muklng a big hit on
the current bill.
"Tho best singing chorus," Is the way
writers In all cities on the Western wheel
circuit havo described the organlatlon
with the Zallah show at the Krug this
week. It Is a hit everywhere, and is
so good that the show has been playing
to somo of tho largest crowds seen at
tho Krug this year.
NBW YORK. March 20.-Tho Indict
ment ngalnst Jack Sullivan, "King of tha
Newsboys," charging him with complin
Ity in tho murder of Herman Rosenthal,
wns dismissed today for lack of evidence.
This disposes of the last of tho Indict
ments found ngalnst the seven alleged
murderers. Five men Charles Becker,
"I,efty LrfMle," "Gyp the Blood," "Dago
Frank" and "Whltey" Lewis are In the
death house at Sing Sing pending the
outcome, of their appeals. William Sha
piro, driver of the gray murder car,
turned state's evidence and t,Jlncd his
As Sullivan left tho Tombs today he
wns rearrested on on indictment charg
ing him with bribery. This lndctmcn:
was found by the grand Jury Instigat
ing police graft.
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Women's Union Suits
Fino cotton, low neck,
siooveioss, outi or um
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50c vnlnes, at
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uos at each
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regular $t val-
Ilublttrized dti qq
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match Jl
Uombatlne and Honrletta
Cloth Slip-ons, ...3.08
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Women's 2-Strap Pumps
Velvet, also patent, tan and
dull leathers In neat, comfort
able styles that will givo good
service medium, wide toe
lasts and flexible rft.f nil
soles, in all sizes, j I Xl
at tho pair
Women's White Canvas Shoes, button styles all sizes, $2.48
Womei's Easter
Kid Gloves
Fine Grenoble Kid Gloves
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Women's Kill Gloves With 2
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Beautiful Epaulette Collars In
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Msitt Floor.
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Hosiery at 15c a Pair
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blnck, white 4 r
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nt pair
A Greatly Enlarged Department Devoted to Hats
Pretty flowers, fancy
naments on Hase
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10c and 122c DRESS
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Boys' Blouses and Shirts, 25c
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light and clurk pattern percalos.
D .mint.
Your dross can be mado moro charming with the addition ot a
sash and a plalu hat can bo made into a smart creation by tho use
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hair bows, millinery trimmings, etc.
Warp Prints in Bulgarian colors, at a yard, 29c and 39c
Moire, Satin and Taffeta Ribbons for sashes, etc. yd. 39c
Itobln, chick, duck nnd turkoy eggs, at the pound 15o
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Children's Rubber
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Misses' Strap Pumps
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Children's Good Shoes
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Bhort vamps, tipped toes, $2.85
Friday On Third Floor.
Art Needlework
Richardson's Best Embroidery
Hllks In Orecian floss, all
colors worth 6c, y
at the skein wC
Puro Linen Pillow Slips and cen
ter pieces, on brown linen In new
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Third .floor.
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Iled room and Kitchen Papers
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Ilcdroom Papers New spring
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quisite patterns, worth up to
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