Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 09, 1913, THE Semi-MONTHLY MAGAZINE SECTION, Page 9, Image 43

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Add the word "dressy" and
you've the whole interesting
story of Bachelors' Friend
Hosiery in less than six words.
These are the hose that give you
service. If you hold Bachelors'
Friend Hosiery up to an electric
light, you'll see why. It will
bring out clearly a strong rein
forcing from top of toe, full
length of sole and away above
shoe line at the heel. And
though they take all kinds of
stubbed wear,
have the feel of silk to the foot.
Made of long fibre Sea Island
and Egyptian cotton in all lead
ing colors. Sizes 9's to I2's.
If unable to get them of your dealer,
order direct, giving size and color.
Any Quality $1.00 a Box
Box of 4 pairs guaranteed 4 months.
Box of 3 pairs guaranteed 3 months.
Box of 2 parrs guaranteed 2 months.
Special Lightest weight guaranteed
gauze hose made box of 3 pairs guar
anteed 3 months.
JOS. BLACK & SONS CO., York, Pa.
The N egro and
the Law
tContlmml I'nmi 1'iiyr I)
' ' lixnrced f ' '
"No Mill, ain't pit tin 'wwliunit p;i
per. ' '
"Vim belter look out; Lily miht U"i
mail ami prosecute xou! "
I'omp laughed. "No suli, no suli ;
Lily wiin 'I make mi rooklts; she ilmir
inn oil' to 1( lex iv camp wit! ilnt follei
Hike Smith, an' Hike lip 's a p 'tickler
f rit'iiil o ' mine. ' '
Mnrriujjo reulat ions, like nil other
rules of the I'omnion law, jjreu out of
limn established customs that Unclish
people haxe observed from that tune
wheieof the memory of man runneth to
the contrary. The li.ved custom of Kiik
land was one hiisliaml, one wife, one
family. The usaie of centuries became
the common law, ami the common law
U'canie America's heritam. The Afri
inn has no such heritage; theirs was
iiiariiane liy capture or purchase, at the
"ill of the man customs that formed
their laws becoming the xery warp and
woof of their blood. What is bred in .
the bone must endure for centuries in
the llesh.
The principle is this: Law followed
. tistonis; it did not cieate customs. And
the iii'jjro can not be forced to reverse
this tradition by adopting an alien ens
torn pursuant to the white man's law.
Dixorces haxe become so numerous in
the south that some states require the
"hancellors to keep records showing
whether the parties are white or black.
This is for the information of posterity,
who niijjht otherwise infer that their
ancestors paid little heed to the mar
riage tie. As a matter of fact, dixorces
are uncommon anions the white people
of the south. The xvritten law for
white and black is literally the same;
yet, there is an elasticity of enforce
ment, according to their variant mode of
If a prominent white man should leave
wife and babies to shift for themselves
ami take up with an nihility around the
corner, n xhite grand jury composed of
his friends ami neighbors would promptly
indict him; a white petit jury xxould eon
ict, and a white judge sentence him
to the penitent iarv. Hut the same grand
jury would refuse to indict a negro
bigamist, and the same jury xxould not
find him guilty.
In those cases xvhere negroes are in
dieted for bigamy it hi generally because
Mime other negro has "got a prejudy
, agin him" and prosecutes for revenge.
'This dexelops upon the trial, and the
jury prumptly nequits. On the name
'state of facts, a white man xvould per
1 Imps be convicted.
The southern judge xvith a sympa
thetic comprehension of his people, linds
great difficulty in fixing the duration of
a term in the penitentiary. lie feels that
the white man, being better informed
than the negro, should be more severely
dealt xvith. Hut, to the xxhito man, a
penitentiary sentence may in itself be a
disgrace xvorse than death. The xvliite
convict wears forever the stripes of his
degradation, and can rarely live in the
community from xvhich he was convicted.
Hut the returning negro convict may re
ceive an ovation nnd become a distin
,'iiished man. The blind goddess knows
these things; she always peers through
her bandage to see whether tho culprit
be xxhito or black.
j (A second article on the Negro and the Law
I in the South will appear in an early number,)
A Swell A Hair
Stops the Ache.
Cleanses the cav
ity, prevents
decay. Used by
Millions for past
25 years.
All dru ctures, ur by null
15 cents
C. H. DKNT & CO.
1J01IO11, alien, .a MM
... j. ren, A MAN OR WOMAN all or (pare
WAN I tU. time to MHMiromr .nnatlon foruii
Work at tuiiuu or train r.iiwrieuce not iipvcuur).
Nothing to Bell X -tatnu fur particular.
xridretwM 8 I A .(7 1 Indiana
To remove the fat from hot soup, care
fully lay a large piece of clean inanila
paper on the surface. It will absorb the
fat and can lie easily lifted out and
thrown away, leaving the soup clear and
, hot.
When making records at homo for your
1 phonograph, if the record does not please
you, do not destroy it. If you clean it by
xxashing in coal oil or kerosene, you xxill
have another perfect blank, l'lates can
'bo used anv number of times.
This field of beans at Wauchula, Florida, has
netted its owner, T. S. Golding, $733.21 per
acre. The same combination soil has pro
duced the rich orange grove in the background
Mi. liolding's ixpciiciHc at W.iui'hul.i,
Kloiida, is not at all unusual for this region
we can gixe you doens ot similar instances,
many of them nunc icinarkable than his. The
essential point in alt of them is that at Wau
chula the soil grows vegetables as well
as grape fruit and oranges. Ami this
means that you can support yourself and
pay for your land xxith c;ctables until your
giape fruit anil mange lu es conic into bearing.
Put out part of your plot to trees, part to
xegctablcs, or you can set out the entile plot
to trees and put xegctablcs between the rows.
There are men at Wauchula xx ho haxe paid
for their land with the first crop of xegctablcs.
And as for grape fruit anil manges the proved
returns of the growers here is from JH, 11(10 to
$10,000 a year. Come down here and look
things over. Talk to men who ate timing
their oxn cars, sending their children to col
lege, luing on the fat of the land. You will
find that their entne income is from a few
acres in grape fruit and orange trees.
Wauchula Combination Soil is equally well
adapted to vegetables and citrus Iruits.
That's xxhy jou'll be self-sustaining that's
why you'll be earning a good lixing from
the start from vegetables until Xotir grapefruit
ami orange trees begin in bc.u and maki X"ii
milcpendeut for hie
Remember that excrxtlnng xc s.ix you
can do, has been done repeatedly anil U
being done today by lncic.'tsinglx l.og
numbers of people.
Don't imagine you'ie going into a wild, tin
developed country. Thcie aie sc-oics ot gum-,
dotted throughout this region inanv ol the m
from ten to twenty yeais old. W ain hul l.
Zolfo and Howling (.iieen aie thriving town
within tluee hums of Tampa . Four banlcs
in these towns with nearly $500,000
deposits indicate the prosperity of the
grove owners, Wauchula with Us 1,5(10
inhabitants is on a par with noitheiu luixiis
of the same size. Chinches, an up to dale
school system, lodges, xxcll equipped and
stocked stoics make It possible to enox all the
benefits of eixihatioi,. First-class trans
portation facilities and a live cash
market assure you of easy sales for
everything you grow. Ami nil 'II tind no
negroes in Wauchula.
Good xxatcr, gooil drainage, hcalthliil ill
mate the year 'muml. Homing am! Iisliniv
nearby. You'll not onlv make more money
but you'll feel better than cur beloii
Bankers Guarantee Your Satisfaction at
Wauchula, Florida
The auelmln Comlilnation soil the climate
anil the j leltl are nil nliovc criticism And the
hemic coiiipaiu of hankers liclnud the liiml Is
ileiH'iulalile even man in It has an oien record
for strnlirlit dealliiir that sou can easily verify
to yoiirown satisfaction. Our trcasuivi' Is presi
dent of the I'lorlda I'll i ns Kxelimiiri'. an associa
tion of thc Ieadin4:t.'rciwei-Niif the entile state for
the pun lose of mtukctliur their own oiumrct and
i;raic fiult.
TlieseliaiikeiN guarantee the land you buy. You
haves year to inspect jour plot . I'lenti of time
to urrnntrea trip dim n herv make u xucallonof
It. Then, if after ieeing the land, looking over the
neighboring groves and talking to the owners,
you're not entirely satitfied, every cent of your
money will bo returned with 6 per cent interest.
Ymi can start the payments at once xvith the
ccrtalnlv that if .xhii don't Hud eoiiilitlims as jem
eiei't you'll tie on the iafe tide. It's an option
on land of wonderful richness and fertility It's
an cipl n hi linl miii fui fi it n.illiint' if miii clout
1 1 1 1 1 K Hie land Is all it shcuilcl lie and 1 1 1
fill ii ii' here as prosn'iniis ii miii ei mill ish inl
liankc rsnf lomvc I alilishcd ivpiilatlcin an In In oil
this oiler to retui n lour iimney with t per cent
We do not Know of an.x other liiml oiler as fair
unci liberal us this. c could nut make Midi an
oiler if the opKirtiiuit.x for .ciii ueri' not nil xve
I'liilm and mini'. We can do this ul. liei aiisc we
l.nun that when .ou ccune Into Ihe I'eac-e lliti l
Valley mid see the j If Id of xejret allies mid i-'l :im
fruit and oiani.'es fintu Wauchula ('iiiiililnalloii
Soli jou'll lie convinced. You'll see thill you can
make your own way with very little money loilnrl.
( A small nun mil I dim o anilil per month per line
pax s for ymi r I and ) You'll see t lint noloeallH
Is more attractive as a pit to lixe ImiIIi fm
jou and Mini' family nu'll see thai joiii
rilicile misH'inx Is unliinitcd Mill can
mal,c it w hat .miii u ant
If You Are Ambitious for an Income
of $3,000 to $8,000 WRITE for FACTS ffi
Don't inalfe an.x decision uIkhiI Wauchula until you know all alum! the
SS.imo mile search for u tract Unit could n- uiuiketed under a iriiaranlee. A
ICead how and win these rich lands held liaeU for ears aiv mm a will- j
alile to exerx mini and w cuiioii who nuiils an iissuieil Income w ilh
1 ccitnlnt.v of I net ease In the fiiturv. I f jou'll w I lie us we'll send miii
free some of the most liiteivsllni.' IkkiKs on I Icirldayoii ever ivuil, V ".Xj
lieailllfilllx illustrated will) liholocr aphs Cetthevitalfacts and ..O'' SVC
figures. Head the letters of men who i-arne heie with almost
iioinuur ami wnoari1 now wean in . us leu you uou easy
It IsloproM' to join own satisfaction exerj statement we
imil.ii Tlieli nnr nffr iiiiiIi'In.1 lllill rtllle vplnil .
moderate prices we oner uiiii wnai easy terms you 'y .ft'x"
can pax on. And almve all leineiulier the guarantee jv t'
backed by bankers. XX rue now ror eomplele In- -A .r,o
a' iV A I
.it - -s-y
Miiilalettel ol imstul or the column.
. .o ."
Box 304, Wauchula, Florida r
KeMcr (u rend 11 thuiitiiiHl mlt rrUfiiieiilH thuii iiiIhn Hit ihic ton nnl.