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Lenten Solemnities to Be Forgotten
on Thre of These Occasions.
Many Omithn Proptr Arc I.cnvliiB
for Vnrmrr Ollmr tr llncnpe
the Tolil Wfnthfr Which
In liicppil Soon,
Snrlnl Calrnilnr.
MlN DATMrs. William MrKt-en. hostess
t ' thf Monday Bridie club; Omnrta Fo
. lft of Hti Arts exhibit at the publlo
I t-rary rntlrv wek; Mr. and Mr. A n.
Mtiirn. dancing party fit Jacob hall.
I V SPAT-Mlss Carolyn Oongdon. host
rss of tlw Nw Undue club; Mr. Carl
Hartman, at home at Fort Omaha,
Mrs. Clarence Famhnm. hostess of tho
Ku.t Crook nrMKfi club; Necrtlecraft
1 h wiclftv mwUnR at Pralrlu l'nrk
rl b.
I- tiNEiSPAY-Annnnl LJncoJn birthday
arm!. mary dinner at I'nlvt-rslty club;
Mr Luther Knuntie hostrss of the
mooting of the CooklnK club.
till nstiAY Art lecture by Mrs. Z. T.
'.ilid.vv at the art exhibit of the Omaha
s, ity of Fine Art, 2 t.
PI DAY St Valentine' day ; Mr, and
Mrs titen Wharton entertain In honor
of Mr and Mrs, Myles Blandish; Mr.
an J M) William Hough entertain tho
T W club.
UTI RPA Y Mr. Hartild Kvart and
Mlrsos 'IVmstock. afternoon tea; Mr.
mid Mrs. Frank McCoy entortaln the
Hnrmonv club. IMil Oftiiuna Delta fra
te nlty dinner at the University club.
because so many holidays fall In Lent
this year the usual denials during this are to be forgone Just a little by
I .illdai celebrations.
Ti.e first of these wi.l be February 12,
wnm the University dub will celebrate
I. n cln s birthday with the annual din
r r dunce of the club. Many students
lll coma from tho university at Lincoln
for tint entertainment. There will be
cabaret singers from the Kitty Gordon
company to amuse tho guests during din
ner Tho Intter part of the evening will
be enjoyed with dancing.
Ordinarily Bt. Valentine's day precedes
Lent and Is generally celebrated by x
number of social functions, but because
society has not strictly observed the tea
son this year, they will probably pass the
H&Int's day by without special recogni
tion. The next holiday will be Washington's
I) rthday, which Is duly celebrated each
year at tho Omaha club. This annual af
fair Is for the men and some disting
uished speaker Is always present.
Debutantes Give Valentines.
Ordinarily when you think of valen
tines and debutantes a pretty picture
nrises In your mind of a charming young
woman opening a violet colored box and
liking out a beautiful bouquet of Daniel
'Ca ' favorite flowers. But this Is not the
only way two of the Omaha debutantes
will tyetebratn 8t. Valentino's day. These
oung women spent an hour or more ona
day last week In n local shop choosing;
fancy printed valentines.
"This one will amuse that little sick
boy " one debutante remarked.
"Here nrn some I will scut to thoss
Utile children who recently lost their
mother." said tho other. And tho young;
women purpoxely bought a score of at
tractive reminders to send to children,
who would otherwise Uvo through tho
day without anything to mark It from nil
the rest
Seek Warmer Climates.
Omahans continue to leave for warmer
climates til. spend the latter part of the
Mr and Mrs. K. 1'. Klrkondall havo
Kone to Beverly Hills, Ca!., where they
plan to remain for several weeks.
-irs. C. P. Mcdrew plans to lcavo next
Thursday, for California to visit friends
In Los Angeles and Bauramento for about
two months.
Mr and Mrs. John S. Brudy and Mr.
and Mrs. Tom DavU and son leave today
or Belle Air, Fla., to remain until Raster.
Miss Alice Kcnnard and Miss Amy King
win leave the latter part of the month
for a six weeks' trip to l'anama, where
they will visit friends of Miss Klnir.
Among" those who aro planning a trip
to California a tittle later aro Mr, and
Mrs. C If. IMckens and Miss Pickens,
who may go the middle of this month.
and Mr arid Mrs. F. H. Davis and daugn
tern und Mr. J. II. Millard and. Miss Jes
sle Millard, who will wait until March.
Mrs. Frank Colpetzer left Tuesday fo'
Chicago, whore sho will spend a few days
before leaving for Bello Air, Fla., where
she will Join Mr. and Mrs. John Brady
and Mrs. T. I Davis and spend several
Mrs. Victor Caldwell will leave today
for California, whero she will visit her
sister. Mrs. Albert Carroll, at Pasadena,
Mrs. Culdwell 'was accompanied by her
on, David and Mr. Caldwell will leavt
later to Join them.
Mrs. W II. McCord and her son James
are In Sun Antonio for the winter. Mr.
McCora returned Tuesday.
Mr Luther Drake has gone for his an
nual stay at Augusta, da.
Mr. and Mrs. J"rank T. Hansom and
Miss Anna Co veil expect to leave for Call
fornla In March. Mr. Ransom is at pro
em at isxcoisior Bpnngs, where he is
being treated for rheumatism.
Theater Parties.
Numerous theater parties were given
Friday evening at the Brandels. wheu
The Concert" was tho attraction.
All of tho boxes were occupied. Mr, and
Mrs. C W. Turner, Jr., had as their
guests Misses Clara and Marguerite
Schneider and Mr, ft. B, Schneider of
Miss Eugenie Whltmora had a box
party, when her guests were Mr, and
Mrs, Harold Prltchett. Mr. and Mrs. J I.
P Whltmora and Lieutenant Wilson.
Mrs. W. XL McCormlck had as her
guests 11 Us McCormlck. Mrs. Glenn C.
Wharton, Mr- Randall Nicholson. Mr.
Gerald Wharton and Mr. Lawrence
In. another box were Mr. and Mrs. Sam
uel Bums, Jr., and Miss Klta Mae Brown,
Mra Day and Mr. Robert Burns.
Mr and Mrs. K. T. Hwobe and Mr. and
Mrs. A. V. Ktnsler were In another box
Hnmller theater parties Included Mr.
and Mrs. II. jr. Baldrlge and Mr, and
Mrs. F, W. Judvon, Mr. and Mrs. W. II.
Uarko and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Baum.
Jr Mr and Mrs. F. A. Nash, Mr. and
Mrs, J M Daurherty and C. V, Hull.
Remember Their Teacher.
Amoog local pianists are a number of
people who received part t their instruc
tion from present-day masters. The es
teemable and loyal attitude that marks
the regard these pupils hold for their old
tcHthers engages mora than passing at
tention. in striking fulfillment, Z csme across a
roffram last week the one given by the
r usicul department of the Woman's
. lub, with Mrs. Edith Wagoner at the
head, and In which all of the numbers
of the program were compositions by herj
oid preceptor, the late Edouard McDow-
Her Engagement Announced
llBHH ? 4FgsgssBM fKmSkaBR
KKM tUBBi&'&1 V&lsre SlBsT ilBBggSgSgSgSBgfl
jm 1 MBStmMHlti gsgsgsgsgsaH
ell, With the arrangements left In her
hunds, Mrs, Waggoner's thoughts' turned
naturally whoro they did and, writing
Mrs. MoDowcll, sho received a reply that
contained many Interesting personal notes
on the life of V composer. These wore
read before tho jprogram was entured
upon and, needless to say, 'added to It a
touch of color thai would not havq other
wise been realised.
Similarly, Miss Helen BadlltK, who U
tho assistant leader of the musical de
partment, has been planning an. enter
tainment compounded of selections by
Bcharwepka. TJUs will likely be held at
the club very soon.
Miss Badllck Bpent two years In Berlin
studying under tho guidance of Schar
wenka, and Is thoroughly qualified to pro
sent tho program from start to finish.
Increased Interest Is added, too, because
Bcharwonka will appear hero In a con
cert this season. t
This same spirit has been manifested
by many other faithful musical students
Omaha Visitor Honored.
Mrs. Frank D, Rubel. formerly Mlsa
Mattle Pollock, who visited her sister,
Mrs. Charles A Klguttcr In December,
was elected president of the Liberal Union
of Minnesota Women at tho annuil
meeting In Minneapolis January 9. Th4
union was organized In 1S3S, Is composed
of members of various churches In Min
neapolis. Its purpose Is to sustain an
tntcrost In religion, ethics and phtlan-
throphy and to promote close fellowship
among its memocrs.
Students Active Socially.
The Lenten season has not cast any
great damper on the -social life of tho
students at tho University of Omana.
The last week his been fairly bubbling
with many pleasing festivities, and this
week bids fair to 'overshadow It. Owing
to the fact that examinations were over
and the now semester Just starting th.i
young people felt free to seek relief from
the grinds of the testa.
Thursday afternoon a number of ths
girls gave a theater party, Friday night
a dinner party was given at the home of
Stanton Eallibury as a forerunner to the
Bellevue game. . Those present werol
Misses Misses-
Marguerite Harmon, Annetta Koursc,
Kffle Cleland.
Punsv William.
Katherine Case,
DIU Nelson,
Charles Frandsen.
PaUl Belby,
Oldham Pallsey.
Jima VanAvery.
Nellie Wood,
Agnes Nlelson.
Andrew Dow,
George ParUh,
John Butter,
Clinton Halsey,
Stanton Pallsbury.
George Perclval.
In honor ot Ulss Maixd K,eUy, whe-
leaves for Central City today, Iss Agnes
digasasasasasasaV ' JsV yIV.
utm wn
71x3. Txaxik jRrJtel
Nlelson entertained at her home, 1101
South Thirty-third street.
Wednesday Mlsa Helen Hansen will en
tertain at dinner at tho Paxton hotel fur
the members of the senior class.
Saturday night the Junior class w.ll
give u valentine party for the school and
members of the faculty at the home of
Miss Lottie Underhlll, 1919 Spencer street.
The basket ball gamo with the Unlver
slty of South Dakota will havo a social
side as well as an athlctlo feature. Al
ready several dinner parties have been
planned for that evening; Following thco
the different crowds will go In a body to
the game.
Pleasures Past. ,
Miss Fannie Perlm'un gave a surprUe
party In honor of Miss Dora Zclgman's
birthday at her home, 2G Caldwell
street. Cards and mualo furnished amuse
ment. Those 'present were:
Misses MIhsph
Dora Zelgmun. . Fannie Perlman,
Bertha Cohh. Anna Baum.
Ida Fox, Fannlo Conn.
Lena Jloycrson. . Bertha Janaer.
Roso Altmun. Dora Lovlnson,
Adeline Wright, Baruh Perlman.
ranune zcigman, iiunna Zclgman.
Banluel Mandellmum. Morris Fox,
Morris Huplan. Samuel Zelgman.
Harry Shapln, Hurwltz.
Goldstein, Joseph Goldman.
Mr. and Mrs, Herman Zelgman.
Tho Young People's society of tho Hen
derson .Memorial church wus entertained
Friday evening by Messrs. Jay, Raymond
and Clifford CVlo at their homo In Klin
wood l'nrk. Tho evening waa spent with
games. Those present were;
Juy Cole.
Clifford Cole.
Paul Davie.
John Black,
Floyd Hensnran,
Jesso Black,
Gurtha Long.
Dorothy MoMurrny.
I.oulso Clavier,
Ferris Cluggett.
Alfred Johnson,
Byron Gantz,
Everett Gantz.
Allen Van Dyko.
Earl Stevens,
Fred Nelsen,
ll ay mo ml uoie.
Alice Nelsen,
Emma Wesenberg.
Evelyn Rosslg,
Elizabeth ttcmniu,
For Mendelssohn Choir.
A keen Interest has been shown local
music patrons In the series of concerts
Have readjusted my establishment and am now located In the
same building; in more spacious rooms which have been thoroughly
remodeled. My equipment now assures you more prompt and care
ful oxecution ot your ordors than previously.
No old stock on hand, but a complete, now line of choicest ma
terials for tho spring; Reason, Also larRo variety of latest styles.
Last week of reducpd prices beginuing February 10th, r? ff
JGO.OO and $70.00 Suits for JtO.UU
Phono Doug. 0003. Note Rooms O-HMl, 500 South lOtli HU
to bi rIwu by tho Mendelssohn choir
with the Thomas orchis tra at the Audi
torlum April 2S and 29. The following
havo taken boxes for this musical evrnt-
Mr ami Sirs, clporge A. .loslyn.
Mi. and Mrs F A. Nash.
Mr and Mrs K. M. Fairfield.
Mr and Mrs. Charles,, T. KounU.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Crittenden Smith.
Mr and Mrs. Ward llurgees.
Mr and Mrs. Thnma Quintan.
Mr and Mrs. 0. W. Megpath.
Mr and Mrs Ourdon W. Wattles.
Mr Hnd Mrs. Oeorge W. HoUlrege.
Mr. and Mrs. George BrandMs.
Mr and Mrs. F. P. Klrkondall.
Mr and Mrs. Luther Kountze.
Mr, and Mrs. U F. Crofoot.
Mr anil Mrs. John " Towle.
Judge und Mrs. W. !. McTIugh.
1913 Birthday Club.
The members of the 191S Birthday club
met at the homo of Mrs. W. Johnston,
Thursday afternoon. Tho prizes were
won by "Mrs. I. r. Mynster. Mrs. J.
Strauscr, Mrs. F. O. Brown nnd Mrs. F.
Bnyder. Those present were:
Mesdomes Medain,es
w h i ricnton, if- Kovpaan.
C Ilreen.
A. 8. Moore,
l' F. IlHttkan,
F. O. Brown.
K. Rtrauser,
W. Johnston.
I. J Plattl.
M Wnhosky,
F Hnydrr,
I C .Mynster,
Nielson-Maxwell Wedding;.
Mr Andrew Nlelson has Issued Invita
tions for the wedding of his duughtcr,
Anne, to Mr. C. Roby Maxwell, to tako
place Tuesday evening, February 35, at
Kountze Momorlal church, Mrs. John A.
Bruco will be matron of honor and will
be the only attendant of tho bride. Mr.
Thomas Crosby will act as best man. Tho
ribbon will be stretched by Bcrnlco
Chrlstntneon and Philip Bruce. Miss
Gertrude Miller will sing. The ushers
will bo ISmll Conrad, Kmery Nellson,
Raymond Crossman and C. L. Honor.
Following the ceremony at the church,
an Informal reception Will be held at
the homo of Mrs. Brute.
Wanita Card Club,
The Wanita card club met at the home
of Mrs, C. U Wlndqulst, Thursday
nftnrnnnri. The orlzes wore won by Mrs.
.T it. MinL'rnvn and Mrs. B. Knott. Mrs.
William Heft was the guest of tho after
noon. Tho next meeting will be hem in
two weeks at tho home of Mrs. R. Rico.
P. H. F. Club.
Mrs. C. Rockholin entertained the mem
bers of tho P. H. F. club at her homo
Friday afternoon. Tho afternoon waa
spent at cards and fifteen guests were
nresont. Tho next meeting or tne ciuo
will be at tho home of Mrs. C. Dohn, In
two weeks.
Engagement Announced. ,
Mm. Ida Ulders announces tho engage
ment of her daughter, Estella, to Mr.
Urban Crawford of Des Moines, la. 'lho
wlillnir will take Dlaco Wednesday, leb-
ruary 12. at high noon, at the home of tho
brldo's mother.
For the Future.
Mrs. F. B. Bryant will entertain U. B.
Grant circle. Woman's Relief corps, at a
kenslngton at her home.' 625 North Flrty
flrst avonue, Tuesday afternoon, Feb
ruury U.
Et-A-Virp Club.
The Btavlrp club held Its stag party at
Metropolitan hall last evening.
For the Future.
Tho Misses Blanche, Gall and Leo Corn
stock and their Bister, Mrs. Harold Bvart.
havo Issued cards for an afternoon tea ror
Saturday, February 15, at the horhe of the
Misses Comstock. Tho receiving hours arn
from 4 to 6 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCoy will enter
tain tho Harmony club Saturday evening,
February 15, at their home.
Club Gives Banquet.
Tho H. L. C. club gave Its annual ban
quet Thursday evening. Those present
were Misses Agnes Young, Dora Huelk
Laura Jenson, Jamlcson; Messrs. Frank
Ekdahl, Amel Berqulst, Clarence Carlson.
Arthur Enholm, Jess Darby, John Leeder,
Hugo Enholm.
Florence Notes,
The social ovont In Florence this week
will bo tho appeoranco of Miss Lillian
Fitch's pupils In tho three-act comedy,
"Wlien the Clouds Lifted." at the Fon
tanels club houso on Tuesday evening.
Many theater parties are being arranged
for this event. Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Olm
sted will have four: Mr. and Mrs; John
T.uhnM flv! Mr. and Mm. El L. Plats.
three; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Kessler, six;
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Taylor, four, ana
several others.
On Friday ovenlng the L. O. T. B. club
will irlvB a b!ir dance, at the club nouse.
over 300 Invitations having been sent out.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mrs. Julius Dretfuss bos gone to Des
Dolnee for a short visit with friends.
Mr, and Mrs. J. E. Rugg left Friday
evening for Panama whero they will
spend tho reist of the winter.
Mr, C. N. Dow returned Saturday from
Tacoma, Wash., where ho spent two
months with his son, Frank C. Dow.
Mrs. Samuel P. Morrison returned
Saturday from Plattsmouth. where she
has been visiting her niece. Miss Mary
Mr. Ferdinand Adler returned Saturday
from an extended visit In Cincinnati
with his daughters, Mrs, Rlchenberg and
Mrs. Alexander.
Miss Delia Ltnquest of SeatUle, Wash
Is tho guest of Mrs. A. Rose. Miss Lind
quest Is on her way home from an ex
tended vlBlt In New York.
Mrs. Fred Sands and young daughter,
Jean, of Kansas City, arrived Saturday
All Work Guaranteed
Pries lUsjonablo
1 leih & Barney
"Biggest valuo ver offered for the
money. Pins reproeontlng flowarts In
natural colorti and slws. Violets, pan
slen, eto Something now and novel.
Just The thing to please tho ladles. Price
?6 cents.
Cicero Novelty Co.. 4807 W, 8th St,
Cicero, III.
Soon to Be Wedded
evening to be tho guests of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Gunner.
Mrs. J. D. Mclntyro of Kansas City,
who hua been tho guest of her mother,
Mrs. J. D. Murphy, for several weeks,
left Saturday for" her home.
Mrs. J. D. Weaver and daughters, Mrs.
R. D. Hayward and Mrs. Guy L. Smith,
have gone for a visit of two or thro?
weeks In Chicago and Terro Haute.
Mrs. Ernest Stuht and her grand
daughter, Miss Ruth D. Knealc, of Los
Angeles, Cal., left Thursday for a fow
Monday morning we are
placing on sale a number of excep
tional values in library and parlor
chairs and' rockers in mission oak,
mahogany and light oak, covered
in tapestry ready for use, in real
Spanish leather, and some in denim.
An inspection will convince you
that these chairs are exceptional
values. Your choice of any pattern
Oriental Rugs
During the month of February we
aro milking some particularly attractive prices on our
splendid collection of Oriental rugs. Because of the
bottom figures it will be profitable for you to make a
purohase now though you will not need the rugs until
We cannot be too enthusiastic in
telling of the quality of these rugs they aro tho best
ever shown here. The exquisite coloring nnd tho lasting
usefulness recommend those as ideal gifts for a wed
ding or birthday. They will be -highly appreciated with
thoso who aro arranging tho furnishings of tho home.
Complete satisfaction is assured if
your Oriental rug is selected from this colloctiqn, one
of the finest in tho west.
We would like to call your atten
tion to our repair department. AVo have a staff of
competent workman in both our refinishing and up
holstering department that aro skilled workmen. Esti
mates are cheerfully -submitted. ,Wo also make over
mattresses, and make to 'order box springs to fit any
size bed.
Beaton & Later Co.
415-17 South Sixteenth Street
weeks' visit with Dr. and Mrs. George
B. Potter of Shelby; Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hlller will leave
today for a stay of a fow weeks at
Hot Springs, Ark. During thero absenco
MIbs Floreneo Hlller will be at the homo
of Mr. and Mrs. outs Hlller.
Mrs. Wilson Low and Mrs. F. A. Bro
gan go to Kansas City Thursday to visit
Mr. and Mrs. W, L. Karnes for a few
days and from thero will go to Emporia
to visit Mrs. Brogan's mother and sister,
Mrs. Perley nnd Mnj. Sodon.
Be a
BEDUCE "the high cost
of living" by wear
ing the $4.00 corsets
that give $10 service
THOSE elastic bands,
reduce thick upper limbs
to natural size.
No. 406-"Limshaping" ) $m
With Low Bust TE
Improved Self-Reducing front.
Skirt is long, but not extreme
The elastic "Limshaping Ex
tensions" expand freely when you
sit down; when you stand, your
thinnest gown fits smoothly not
a ridge or a wrinkle. Sizes 20
to 36-$4.00.
A Similar Model
but with a longer skirt, for
the woman who like extremes, is
our new
No. 409 "Limshaping" )
Extreme Long Skirt TE
Much like No. 406, only the
skirt is longer and the limb-reducing
power is even greater. Also,
it has our new adjustable side
hose supporters.
Be sure to see this splendid
new model $4.00.
With Relief Bands
N high favor with a host of
women are our improved
models with Relief Bands
No. 403 low bust
No. 405 medium
Ihe Kcuet fcSmdi now have inner
ctxl of el u tic, making them t more
tnugly and comfortably.
Lotrof women find that the Relief
Bandi ghre them all the abdominal tup
port they need.
Improved Self-Reductns front; tizes
20 to 36 $4.00.
Be a Wise Woman t
rind the NEMO that suit you, and
stick to it!
KOPS BROS.. Mfra.. New York
Our Soda Fountains
Dispense the best-Ilked Soda DrlnUs
hot or cold In the city of Omaha,
not by chance, but solely because wo
know how to prepare and serve tho
best of all and we do It.
Downstairs at 16th and Dodge Sts.-
Downstair. at the Owl, 16th and
Harney Sts,
Sherman & McConnell
Drug Company
A Great Farm Journal
The llcat tu the West.