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9, 1511ft. 11 A
Many New Features Being Added to
Coming Event in Auditorium.
Krpn So Vnr Abend, Over Nine Hun
dred Ilmervutloim llnvc llccn
Mnilc nt Hotels by l'ros
prvllTC Visitors.
Mutineer I'owell of the Omaha Auto
mobile show to bo held here. February
!4 to March 1. Is bnck from Chtcaso
where he spent a week attending the
how In 'that city. Ho returns enthus
iastic, predicting that the show to be
held here will outclass the Chlcaso af
fair In every respect, notwithstanding
the fact that It was far superior In every
respect to anything of tho kind aver at
tempted In the past.
While In Chicago Mr. Powell picked up
ft number of Interesting feature that
will be exhibited here. Generally they
ire accessories that tend to make the
use of automobiles more enjoyable and
practical, but there will be other things
that will be Instructive.
Iurlng the last day of Mr. Powell's
stay In Chicago he got track of in auto
mobile that was shown by a mercantile
establishment of that city at the Trans
Mississippi exposition In 1R9S, and which
was one of the great drawing cards nt
that show. Many of the older residents
of Omaha will remember It as tho auto
mobile, which during the 1S3S exposition,
mnile little excursions along the Muff
tract. It Is said that It now bears about
as much resemblance to an automobile ;
of the present day ns docs one' of the
crooked steel plows used by the Egyp
tian to the present day steel plow used
by the Nebraska farmer. This old au'o
Is In a good state of preservation, nnd
whllo It Is prized very highly ns a -elic.
the owner has about concluded to lot It
come to Omaha because this Is tho first
placo It was ever exhibited.
In Chicago Mr. Powell mot a great
many of tho factory representatives of
automobile companies and nil of them
assured him that they aro going to get In
on the Omaha show, boost for It and
help make It the big thing of the sea
son. Many Feature Tlelmr Lined Up.
The factories aro behind the Idea of
sending representatives here; realizing
that at the Bhow In one day they will be
able to meet more people than they
would meet In three months traveling
over the territory or by paying visits
to tho agencies.
Among the representatives of the auto
mobile manufacturing concerns, Omaha
territory is, looked upon as one of the
very best In tho country. Sales are al
ways good here: people want the best
there is on tho market and generally
being well-to-do there Is little quibbling1
over prices, so long as the goods como up
to representations.
Tho publicity campaign of the Omalii
show Is now well under way and Ne
brnsk. Wyoming, loWa, Missouri, Kan
sas, South Dakota and Colorado have
had their billboards covered with attrac
tive posters telling the dates. of the show-
and detailing Just a few of .he g.K'd
things that will qe seen here. The
Omaha CoYiimef clal ' elh 'Has takon ' nrf
the matter 'th'the "publicity IfeptU-trdYnt:
and has Jumped Into the' gamcf Reading'
notices havn been ento-all. of ihr flows-
papors within 500 miles 'of. OritaH'u- and'
many of them are being publisfifc,
Tho reading , noyceet- sent tot arc not:
tile stereotyped stock stuff so frequently
handed out to tho publisher, but Instead
they ure Catchy and worded so that -they
are Interesting. Instead of dull and stuffy.
Many of tho country dealers arc Bending
In, asking for literature nnd posters, say
ing that they will see that everything sent
Ip distributed and in n manner thnt will
do good. Whenever these requests have
aeen received supplies have been promptly
Attendance Will He IHr.
As to tlie attendance, one guess Is Just
aa good as another, hut now everything
Indlcntes that there will be people and
then some Last year tho attendance of
dealers aggregated 1,500 from Omaha and
adjoining territory. This year It looks as
If tho attendancn of one year ago will be
more than - doubled. Hotet reservations
have been mado for almost 900" people and
preparations for tho care of guests has
hardly started.
As to accommodations. There will be
room for all, for slnco last year no less
than a dozen hotels, some of them large
ones, have been opened, nnd If there
should be 10,000 visitors during the week
af the shoW they would all be taken care
of nicely.
Space About Gone.
The work'of getting reudy for tho showj
moves along. The heads of departments
are pulling together like n great band of
brothers and no placo along tho line is
there any friction. Orders for space are
coming In and by tho end of another
week every 'foot of the main floor and
the basement .will have been sold. There
will probably bo several small sections
In the galleries, but there Is nothing cer
tain about this. This seems to be the fa
vorito location for the accessories, the
specialties and the side feature men, and
there are enough exhibitors who have
ilreudy taken space up there to indicate
that It, too, -will all be sold.
Prepnrlng Decoration.
Decorator Colling has his forces or
ganized and much of the material to be
used In beautifying the Interior of the
big Auditorium has been made. It will
bo stored ,u,way and thu week prior to
Jie show It will bo arranged.
Kleotrlo light men have commenced on
the ornamental arches that will be used
3ii the first floor, and before1 the end
, it the Week 'they will be ready for In-
itallatlon, though It Is not likely that .
:hey wllf be put up until a day or two
Dvfore the show. These arches will bo
painted a dead white, will stand twenty
feet high and be surmounted by 1,000.
andlepower lamps. There will be enough
llumlnatlon- to make the Interior of the
Auditorium at night as light and bright
is outdoors at noon.
The arrangements for the muslo are
complete and the orchestra of fifty pieces
las commenced practicing on the selcc
.tons, which will consist of the latest and
choicest concert and operatlo music. Con
certs will be given each afternoon and
evening during the show.
Distinctive among the exhibits at the
show was the Hupmoblle showing Well
nlaced and occupying a generous space
n the main floor, the exhibit Includes
f.vo separate models, a polished chase's
and a cross-sectional display of parts,
showing some Interesting and unique
features of Hupmoblle construction.
Thinks Nebraska Has Raw Material
for Finest Country Roads.
ii i i i
Snyn Kurme-rs Will Snve Monrr '
The j- Ilemniid Metier llonds,
Which Inn He Unlit from
MnterlnU nt llnnil.
Kutrene It. Morev. city engineer of
Kearney. Neb., county surveyor of But.
falo county, civil engineer nnd ono of tuq,
surveyors of tho San Pedro rallroaJ
across Death's Desert, believes Nobraskaa
has the raw materials for some of the
best country roads In the world. He says
Cixul Honda Construction In Country
"The greatest enemies to good roads
aro water, wind, automobiles traveling
at a high rate of speed and heavy traffic
too soon after rains. It matters very lit
tle how well the highway Is built unit
shaped up. If the dralnago proposition Is
not thoroughly looked into along the
sides. Wherever tho natural drainage
crosses the highway, culverts should b
placed of ample capacity and the gradi
line so laid that the crown of the road
will be not less than two feet above tho
surface of any water that may stand
after a big rain.
"It Is Impossible to keep a road In shape
If the water HUrfaco Is high and seeps
under tho roadbed too closo to the crown.
The drainage Is tho most Important of
all. Klrst, the crown must be such Hint
tho rain will drain off quickly nnd not
too steep to Wash. A great many load
builders advocate, a high crown. The
ono great objection to this is the ten
dency for every vehicle to run towards
tho ditches. Every auto driver known
that In driving on a steep crown he lias
to keep a constant pressure on tho steer
ing wheel to keep the machine out of the
ditches. It Is the same with a loaded
wagon. It will bo noticed thnt the wheels
don't track. Tho front wheel tracks arc
a trifle on tho uphill side of the rear
wheel tracks. Now, what Is the conse
quence It Is this, every wheel running
over tho road Is constantly pushing,
crowding, sliding tho surface materlulB
towards tho ditches, leaving tho center
like tho ridge of a house. Then wo come
along with tho drags, and tho first round
wo do not start down close to the ditch,
but wo leave a strip four or fivo feet
wide, because It is better wulklng; then
in time, the road has a dish or sag In It
like a tent roof when tho guy ropes are
Wide Ilonds n AVnute.
"Tho next thing to contend with Is the
width. A road too wide Is a waste of
expense. The writer has found by ex
perience that a roadbed thirty feet be
tween ditches for the maximum, nnd
twenty-four feet for tho minimum. Is the
proper width, easy to maintain and wide
enough for all kinds of traffic.
"Automobile speeding will wear down
tho best of roads and Is a hard thing to
contend with, but wo will have to do the
best we. can, for they will speed. Very
few 'drivers can resist the temptation to
speed up a little ,on a stretch of good
"The dragging proposition Is very Im
portant and should be thoroughly or
ganized, .men .and teams assigned' to cer
tain districts,' about sixteen rnlles to a
' lri nth. wnri,. -
.fovrr tfe atrVD: onn roun(, HeVli
mile" strip., ' Gopd Judgment must bemused
as to when, to'beglh dragging. It must
not be too sobn. Tho boII must be dry
enough to slide along the drag, for you
must carry along a little dirt to fill de
pressions, commencing close to the edge
without fall when dragging In. Ry ex
perience every third tlmo we should drag
from tho center out.
For Good Nebraska Road's.
In the construction of a country high
way there Is no end to the study as how
is best to handle tho different soils. For
Instance, here In Nebraska, wo have
black loam, clay, gumbo, silt and sand.
No one of theso will make a good road
with the exception of the black loam,
which will make a fair road alone; but
the right combination of these materials
handled In the right way will tnako a
road almost equal to macadam.
"Sand for subgrnde is tho best of all,
as water Beeps through It quickly; and
gumbo Is the poorest, os It will hold
Water for days. An Ideal road "would bo
constructed aB follows: Thirty feet be
tween ditches, crowns two and one-half
feet above bottom of ditch, subgrade
sand, with tho top layer ono foot thick
of a combination of two-thirds gumbo
and' one-third gravel mlved as follows:
One layer of gumbo distributed evenly
three Inches thick In half mile stretches:
then one Inch gravel distributed evenly
tho entire length; then the second and
This has been well known to the best dootors for Tsars as ths quickest
and most reliable cure obtainable for rheumatism and feaokaoae. It baa
bean pnbllshsd bar for several winters and hundreds of ths worst cams
enred by It In a short time. "2rom your druggist tret one ounce of Torts
Compound (In original sealed package) and one ounce of syrup of Barsa
parllla compound. Take these two Ingredients boms and pnt them Into a
half pint of good whiskey. Snake the bottle and take a tablespoonfol be
fore each meal and at bedtime." Besults come the first day. If your drug
gist does not bare Torts Compound In stock he will ret It In a few hours
from bis wholesale bonse. Insist on having- the genuine Torts compound
In the original, one ounce sealed yellow package prepared by the Olobe
Pharmaceutical laboratories of Chicago, and don't be influenced to buy
soma patent medicine In place of this.
ri! niR EdTORY HT
as as saesss-- essk. i-i M
roOf Automobiles
VanBrunt Automobile Go.
Marion Automobile Go.
Nebraska Buick Auto Company
Lincoln Branch, 13th and P Bts H. E. BIU&25, Oen'l Mjr.
Omaha Branch, 1918-14-16 rarnam St.-
third layer distributed the name way.
the surface to bo thoroughly dragged.
The object of placing the materials In
thin layers Is to thoroughly Incorporate
nnd pack the sand and gumbo, as tho
work progresses by the action of tho
wagon wheels and horses hoof while
hauling bnck and forth. '
"If a rod Is to be built through low.
or swampy ground tho mntorlat would
be too soggy for good surface: then a
coating of gravel could be hauled and
distributed about nn Inch thick when the
ground Is dump after a rain. Thl
would soon work In and make a good
surface. All ditches should have a
slopo on the outer side ns well ns the
Inside: no shoulders should be allowed;
the slope to be one foot vertical to eight
feet horizontal so n mowing machine
can run to keep the weeds down: also,
there will be less danger from accidents
by horses getting frightened by auto
mobiles and running to tho ditches and
overturning the wngon or buggy an ac
count of the shoulders.
IlKht for Tletter flonds.
"Reducing tho grades Is nnother Im
portant factor. All knolls and hills
should be cut down, and valleys filled up,
even if only for a fow Inches, for !t
means that much less to lift loads.
Think of the enormous amount of weight
to be lifted foolishly over n hill a few
feet high for a term of years and the
cost to ovory farmer. Why docs he not
mnke a vigorous kick to have these
things changed?
'Every man, whether ho bo a farmer or
nutomoblllst, blcyllst of oven pushing a
wheelbarrow, should fight for good roads.
Culverts should be of cement or Iron and
laid well under the ground, especially In
hilly country. You will find Invariably
that thero Is a ditch wnshed across tho
road, or a culvert too high In the valleys,
und all automobiles have to come utmost
to a dead stop, then go up tho next hill
on low, because thero In no chance to
get n start. There will also bo found a
good collection of grain at these places
where loaded grain wagons aro sure to
get a Jolt nnd throw out from a quart
to a half bushel of grain. A few loads
passing theso rough spots would waste
enough, to buy a now culvert or repair
the road."
Whether you drive a car equipped with
nonskld tires or notiskld chains be care
ful everlastingly careful on slippery
streets, Is tho advice of J. P. Davis of the
Pioneer Implement company, the Jackson
representative In this locality. Ho says:
"According to my observation, we all
placo too much confidence in chains and I
nonskld tires. No difference If you've
got the best In the world, be careful on
a street slippery with mud or water or
ice. A little care doesn't cost a cent,
but a wreck can very easily be costly !n
things more precious than mere money.
"The user of chains should take care
to see that they are properly applied.
They should be loose enough to creep or
work around the circumference of the
tire. Otherwise chains will soon ruin tho
tires. Chains really should not bo used
on lumpy nonskld tires for the reason
that the projections do not permit them
to creep nnd they put the tire beyond tho
useful point In a short time.
'If chains are used for a day or so and
then removed for a time, they should be
allowed to dry beforo being put Into the
bag. If mud or Ice clings to them, re
move- It bv heat In r the chains on . tin
floor" of the garage. Handled1 tills way
the metal has little chance to rust badlr.
At leant one set of chains should always
be carried with the car, because they
may be needed badly when you arc miles
from home."
For men the Angora mask cap eeems
to be gaining In popularity, as It is light
and warm, and the mask may be rolled
Into the brim when not needed.
Very warm for the children are the long
coats of brown curly Iamb. They have
large horn buttons of shaded brown color
ing and arc lined with brown brocaded
Very popular for the limousine are the
leather, plush lined robes. They co'me in
single or double width, some with foot
muffs and Home with band muffs, and
the plushos are In all of the Btandard
A very striking hat suggestive of the
Mexican sombrero is of tan silk velour.
On tho brim is a closely shirred ribbon
border of the same color. The brim is
caught at the left side with a large
amber cabnehon, with a drooping pen
Very rich and luxurious nre the full I
length coats of civet cat Though tho
fur npptars bulky It really It not so, as
It is soft and fine In texture. They are
all lined with brocaded silk, with the
soft rolling Urlm hat and muff to match.
They make most satlsfactqry cold weather
and Accessories
Overland and Pop.
Oonncll Bluffs xa.
Omaha. Mebr.
Marlon and Harmon
Oas Cars, Ohio and
Btandard Hie o t Mrs.
D 1 s t r 1 b ntors for
western Iowa an 3
3101-3 rarnam St
-LEE uvrr, JCsrr.
is nothing
in Goodrich
that isn't in
Goodrich Tires
The Tread
that makes
the brake
Goodrich Safety Tread
Best in the Short Stop
Your car strikes a muddy,
slippery, wet or slushy road
or pavement.
Your Goodrich Safety
Tread sticks its five fingers
into that treacherous spot.
The five fincrers of the
Goodrich Safety Tread act as
your own five fingers would
thev oret a human hand-trnp
on the roadway, pressing the
mud, ooze, slush and water
away and maiang a safe path
for the wheel.
It takes more than a brake
to stop a car. It takes more
than a steering wheel to keep
you going the way you must
go, to make the turn you
must make.
Unless the treads of vour
tires take hold and help, you
don't go where you must
a t 1
go; you don t stop wnere
you must stop.
Therefore your real emer
gency broke is in the tread of
your tires not on the axle.
"All the brakes are with
you n your car is equipped
with Goodrich balety Tread
The five fingers almost
humanize your tires.
They stop the slide which
starts the skid.
There is no chance for slip
pery ooze to get back between
projections or under the tire.
The way is barred in all
directions by the thick rub
ber fingers. Note also that
these fingers do not offer sharp
angles to wear off rapidly.
This tire is not built on
theory it is the scientific
and practical application of
the right principle, first prov
en by every possible test.
Goodrich Safety Tread
Tires are made just as all
Goodrich Tires are made
unit maided.
Body and tread are liter
ally molded into a unit by
the Goodrich . single vulcan
ization the tread does not
peel or strip, and you are free
of the danger from weak spots
or dead places because of over
vulcanization which cooks the
life out of rubber.
The B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co,,
Branch, 3j3I Fttrnam St., Oitt&ha-lfab
Factories, Akron, Ohio
Brioche nd Service Station n Principal
CUIei. Dealers Everywhere
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