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Lateiuer Declares He Will Never;
Approve Some of Them. j
Good Things For Your Sunday Dinner, i
Irntec Count r Anlnst Chnritra
hnt Some Vf he Wm
Not rirlnd 1'roprrlr Done
Action Deferrod,
Caldwell fe Drake' extra charge of C09
for an extra three. Inches of concrete on
the county building roof wan declnred un
warranted by John Ijitcnscr, countr
Lul1dln architect, at the conference of
the county commissioners and Caldwell
k Drake, county building genera con.
tractors. Mr. Iatenser said he never
will approve allowance of this Item In the
contractors' $13,000 bill for extras.
Mr. Latenser made It known for the
first time that more thnn two years ago
lie privately employed experts at $19 n
day to Inspect certain riveting of steel In
(tie county building.
Mr. Caldwell said three Inches more of
concrete than was specified was required
on the county building roof to cover.
tteel beams. Mr. Latenser said that
while the specifications In ono para
graph called for a certain number of
Inches of concrete, another paragraph
required all beams to be covered, re
gardless of the amount of concrete re
quired. The board dlfcrred action on
this claim.
nivrtlnsr Improperlr none.
It was regarding the Caldwell & Drake
claims of (224 for replacing brick work
torn out to Inspect riveting that Mr,
lntenser mentioned tils private In
flection. When union Iron workers were
fighting Caldwell & Drake, they charged
certain riveting was Improperly done.
Mr. Lntensar said he ordered the brick
work torn out that ths riveting might
be examined. It was found to be satis
factory. "I anticipated that some time
la th future theso same ohargea would
b rcTired.4 said Mr. Latenser. . "There
be related the story of his employment oi
experts who will swear. If oocaalon re
quires, that the work was not defective.
Action on this claim was deferred.
Action was deferred on a claim of
SM for extra woodwork and on n. fltO
claim for dust-proof pans for the le
vators. There Is some question tut to
whether the county or the Otis Elevator
company should pay the latter.
Mr. Caldwell withdrew a claim of $183
for additional steel skylight support
William IC Morrow, of the Fidelity and
Deposit Co. of Maryland, the contractors1
nurety, said he authorised Caldwell &
Drake's men to make certain changes
In steel work for elevator shafts, for
which Mr. Caldwell claimed $.'. Mr.
Morrow said lie would settle with Catd
veil & Drake for that.
Pig Pork Loins, Ib.l1c
Fresh Dressed Spring Chickens 14?d
Steer Pot rtoaflt Sd and 7d
Young Vent Roast 10
Young Veal Chop - lOd
Young Voal Stew -7
Stcor Porterhouse Steaks . .15
Lamb Chops, ?, lbs , .
I.amb Stew, 7 lbs 25d I N'o. 1 nacon 14-J
No. 1 Hams 13?i Small Hams llttd
33 lbs. Bert sugar for tl.00
48lb. sack best brand Hour 91.13
lied Salmon, tall cans 1G
10 bars D. C. or H. K. A. Heap.. 35c
Ilest Country nutter, lb 30o
Pkg, Creamery flutter 3So
26c tlutterlne, 2-lb. roll 40o
Itoyat Santos Coffee, 2 lbs 45o
Mason jar Tickles 10c
8 Be catui Oil Sardines ........ 30o
7 Be cans Milk SSo
Mason jar Queen Olives ISo
Sc Matches or Tooth Ticks, 3 for Co
4 lbs. dry Kidney or Chill Ileans,
Head KIco, llarlcy, Tapioca or
8ago for 3Co
3-lli. cans Teaches, Tears, Arrlcots
or Tluma for . . . .' .150
2Bo pkrf. Oats, Gold Dust, Hum ford
Making Towdor or Bnlder'a Catsup
for . . .180
10c pkg. Osts, ltaslns, Spaghetti,
Macaroni, .Tello, Dutch Cleanser,
I.yc, Hominy, Tumpkln, llaked
Ileans, Soups, Catsup or Horse
radish for 7Wo
A Cup of Hsrshsy's Ooeoa will be
served to you free on Saturday,
Kveryone Is Invited to stop and
sample the Elkhorn brand Cheese
being served at our cheeso counter.
I Public Market Special, hand screonod. per ton - . . . .SA.OO
Pillillr MnrUM fjjlillnl nap Inn ... 57.00
Spadra Jlnnl Coal for furnace use. per Ion .
Prompt Salivary.
1616 Harnoy
Douglas 2793
Knights Will Not
Permit Pickens
and Barker to Quit
Unless Charles H. Pickens and Joseph
Barker can give very good reasons to tho
Ak-Sar-Ben board of governors Monday
night, their resignations will not bo no.
cepted. Doth have written resignations
and submitted them to their fellow mem
bers for action at the Monday night meet
Ing. Charles H. Pickens says his health
Is becoming poor and business duties will
not permit him to continue with the
knight's governing body.
C. IU Ulack and Charles Courtney are
said also to desire to desire to resign, but
Influence of other members is against
them. The terms of Arthur D. Drandels
nnd W. U Vetter explro this winter, but
they will undoubtedly bo re-elected, say
the members.
of Omaha Mixed
in Much Litigation
City Attorney nine has reported to' the
city commission the 'number of cases
"handled by the legal department during
the year 1912. At the beginning of the
-ear 120 cases were pending, sixty-four
were filed; seventy-nine were disposed of
and 111 arc now pending. This Is
status of the heaviest litigation for
number of years as far as the city is
concerned. Tho number of cases dis
posed of is greated than for several pre
vious years.
While Miss A. Smith. 3418 North
Twenty-second street, waa aC a card
party at the home of Mrs. William
Kenna, Twentieth and Kmmet streets,
her muff was taken by one of tho guests.
The fur Is valued at $100 and was re
turned to Miss Smith yesterday by parcel
When tho gathering broke up Miss
Smith discovered tho loss of her muff.
'A hurried search of the house failed to
reveal the valuable fur. Ail the guests
present had seen Miss Smith put
down and could not account for Its sud
den disappearance.
Miss Smith advertised the loss In the
Iaper, stating no questions would be
asked If it was returned to her within a
week. Today tho mall man delivered
the stolen article at the Smith home.
Investigation, which the police have been
conducting, has been stopped upon re
quest of Miss Smith. She says she
satisfied to recover her property nnd
does not want to bring the guilty party
to jiutice.
Peoples MEAT Market
Now under tho management of Martin Ileum who for
six years made tho prices for tho people in the" Moat Do-'
partment at Hayden Bros.
The following prices will convince yon that wo can
now furnish tho pcoplo with the best quality of meat at
a much lower price at our present location,
Chickens 14V2C
Loaf Lard, 9 lbs. for $1.00
Pork Roast .9!&c
Sirloin Steak 10c
Porterhouse Steak. .12V&C
No. 1 Pot Roast, 10c, 8c
Boiling Beof ,..6c
Ilindquarter Mutton.. . ,6c
Forequarter Mutton. . . ,5c
Mutton Chops, 3 lbs. 25c
Mutton Stew, 10 lbs.. .25c
No. 1 Boneless Brisket
Corned Beef 10c
216 South 15th St.
Iitwtsn Douglas and Farnam Phono loiig. 1840
Police and private detectives in every
large city in me united states art
searching for a man giving the name of
7 0. MacMtllan, who on January U ob
tained 17S from the Home hotel on a
worthless check. County Attorney George
A. Maguey filed a complaint against Mac.
Mlllan, charging forgery, in district
court and warrants for the man's arrest
were Issued.
MacMlllan posed as an agent for ills.
Doerr & Carroll, New York City horse
dealers, and was a guest of the hotel for
several days. Departing, he tendered what
purported to bo the horse dealers' check
against the Mercantile National bank of
New York City, for $176, salary and ex
pense. It as an old check, for the
baqk had been out of existence for
Dinner Menu
and Tested Recipes
Halves of Grapefruit..
Spanish Omelets..
Holland Uriocho Cakes.
Tomato lloulllon.
Roast Lamb. tnt Jolly.
Carrots' a la Voulctte.
Cremo au Fruit. Cafe Nolr.
Manhattan Scallops.
Graham Sandwiches,
Currant Cake..
Horn Toast.
Mix with ono tablespoonful of finely
chopped ham the beaten yolk of an egg
and a little milk. Heat over tno nre
without boiling and spread over thin
buttered toast. Sprinkle with mlnc;d
celery If desired.
Nut llrenil.
One-half cupful of sugar, one egg, one
teaspoonful salt, one and one-quarter
cupfuls of milk, four cupfuls of sifted
flour,- four level teaspoonfuls baking
powder, one cupful of chopped nuts.
Deat egg, add sugar, then flour, which
has been sifted with salt and baking
powder alternately with mllW. then nutH,
Allow to stand In warm place twenty
minutes and bake In moderate ovm
forty minutes.
Watrr l.Hy Naiad.
For each Individual use hard boiled
eggs; when cooked let stand In cold water
until cool enough to handle; peel, sure
In strips onc-auartor Inch wide, leaving
the yolk to stand In center; set on let
tuce leaves and servo with French dress.
Ing. This Is delicious as well as "artistic,"
Stewed Carrots.
One quart cut carrots, one table
spoonful finely chopped onion, two table
spoonfuls butter, one tablespoonful flour,
one teaspoopful chopped parsley, one tea
spoonful salt, one-quarter teaspoonful
white pepper will be needed Wash,
scrape and out the carrots Into pieces
one Inch long. Put on to boll with water
enough to cover. 'boll until tender with,
out a cover. Drain and save the water
In which they were cooked. Put the but
ter Into saucepan, melt, add the flour,
mix well, add one cup of the carrot
water slowly, mix the carrots and sauce
and add the salt, pepper and parsley;
cook three minutes.
0 lbs. best OranuUttd nr.
Borar CQU
Hold Only with $1.00 order of other
lOo to 26a saved on every sack of Flour
you buy here.
Sunklat. Blue BsU at i n n
rurltaa riour liU
Washburn-Crosby oola Xstal.ft I on
JMllibury Best f lida
jsssi, guarantssa, I l ft
sso , . if li l u
xsnsi roam,
3 paokajrea
arge cans
a cans Old Dutch
0 bars Ivory
Phone orders acoordsd prompt atten
tion. Phone us a trial order.
808 North 10th St. 16th and Bart.
SOUS'. 0282.
fond pf onlon"a" smaTT"hred of "onion
also, Fold the meat over so that season
ing la In center. Dip each pattlo uto
beaten egg, which also has been seasoned,
then cracker crumbs and fry in hot fnt
until nice and brown on both sides. Gar
nish with parsley.
Chocolate Pie.
IJne a deep plate with pie crust, prick
ing several holes in same with steel fork,
and bake In moderate oven.
Filling for pie Beat the yolk of one egg
and one-half cupful sugar together, add
one square of chocolate, grated, heat one
pint milk in double boiler and add to it
the egg. sugar, chocolate and two and
one-halt tablespoonfuls of cornstarch dls
solved in u llttlo cold milk, and stir con
stantly. When sufficiently cooked re
move from fire, add one teaspoonful of
vanilla and pour Into the crust. "When
cold cover with whipped cream.
An Auto Collision
means ' many bad bruises, which Huck
en's Arnica Balve beats quickly, as xl
does sores, cuts burns and pHcs. Sc.'
For sal by Beutou Drug Co. Advertiser
Jellied Pruurs.
Stew about two doicn large prunes;'
when cold remove stones. Take the same
amount of almonds, blanch and brown
them; put one almond in each prune.
Take one-half cupful of gelatin and put
over It Just enough water to cover. Ileut
the Juloe of prunes and measure out one
pint and pour over gelatin; have the juice
boiling hot. Add one-half cupful of sugar
and the juloe of three lemons; strain and
pour over prunes. Put this In a mold and
when served cut a piece from the center
and fill with whipped cream, or use for a
wilad with mayonnnlse dressing.
Sir t Pattlrs.
Take, a pound or to of fresh round
steak, cut off the fat and run through
meat chopper. Separate Into small pattlrs
and III the center of each place a pinch
of salt and small pinch of pepper. If
Cranberry Jelly.
One quart of cranberries, one pint of
sugar, one pint of ,wnter. wash and drain
herrlea and add the wuter. It come to
boil oulokly. mash and add the sugar.
Doll again and. Bteadlly for fifteen min
utes, stirring often. Mash through
colander or puree strainer and-set away
to cool. This makes three or four glasses.
Ment Loaf.
Almost any meat may be used-success
fully in a meat loaf, provided there Is
some fat, bread and egg to bind the
ground meat together. A very nice loaj
can be fashioned from stewed lamb
i -1, . . ... . n . .i
j gruuilu, p vino Ul l w u v, .laiu uimu.
soaiiea lit twin. union t'SK. aumc nam
seasoning, salt and pepper. A brown or
tomato gravy shouldrbe terved with meal
loaf when the dish Is to be used hot its
a dinner meat U particular to garnunj
the loiif neatly.
Tip-Top Bread
Remember that name
when you go to your
grocer the next time,
and vou will get the
best bread the sanitary, clean
bread which is used by the most
exacting housewives.
U.S. patent or rice
is wrapped in sanitary
covers which are dust
proof, germ-proof, and in
sures a perfect bread.
U. P. Steam Baking Co.
1 -
None bfetter ever baked. .Crisp and but fry them!
are all so good in every variety that youH like them all
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cause they're "The Quality
' Biscuits of America."
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Bakers of Sunshine Biscuits
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Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company
Omaha, Keb.
Pleas tend me FREE my "Sur
prise Box" of Assorted Sunshine
Addf CSS t. .......MM....,...M..MM.,......,.M.
Orocer's Nam,.
$7?5 Great $71!
Suit: Overcoat Sale
After a most successful fall and
winter business we find numerous
broken lines in our Suit and Over
coat stock.
Wo don't want to enrrjr any of theso over
to another season nnd offer you tho choice of
theso UncH of hleh grndo Suits and OvercontH
formerly selling nt 912.00, $15.00 nnd 918.00
at tJio ridiculously low price of
Largest Stock in the City to Choose From
All Our
$tis S5.r$2
$4.00 and
Men's Fine Dress Shirts
our regular $1.50 QCp
grades; Saturday mu
Men's Silk and Silk Lisle
Hose 25c grades;
of DrexeFs Mid-Wiiter Cleanup Sale
Tomorrow is tho last day that you can buy these
high grade shoes at audi ridiculously low prices.
A Last Day Special
Women's and Misses' Ext. 'a High Quality Dugen Hudson and
Cramer & Son, lace only; no better quality made.
Women's sizes S to ,6.
kid, velour calf and patent
colt; ?2.50 and tf i Ef
$3.5j0 valuas PlOU
Two hundred pairs 'Misses'
kid, velour calf and patent
colt; $2.00 and (t- fr
$2.50 values. ... P J. iuO
.Your Last Chance on These
90.00,. S4.00 and $30 valnsa
200 pairs on the table, brokon
sizes, In women's blucAer gun
metal, calf, kid and patent
$2.00 valuta
200 pairs women's three-strap
house slippers
$s.oo, 99.00 and $4.00 ralnea
200 pairs women's fancy dress,
party slippers In patent leatb
er, .beaded arid plain.
94.00 and 93.50 Talas
100 pairs broken sizes women's
fancy dress slippers, in patent.
Kia and ami
20 OFF
On all Boys' and Youths' Heavy Winter
Shoes in tan and black, including high cuts.
,Cut Prices lor Men.
$7.BO Hanan's winter weisht
leather lined djj? yc
tan blucher tpOv O
$7.00 Hanan best velour calf,
leather lined !C QC
blucher ipO.aCO
$0.50 Hanan's double soled,
velour calf,- 4lC 1 C
blucher ipOslO
$8.00 Clupp's genuine French
calf, double soled to heel,
English last,
blucher . . . .
$7.50 Clapp's imported Nor
wegian tan, Eng. djpf OC
last, blucher .... )U00
$0 Macdonald-Klloy Norwe
gian tan, Eng. c a
last, w't'rpr'f solo ipO.Trij
$5.00 Howard & Foster; kid
blucher, leather do 7C
lined, do'ble sole PO0
$5.50 and $5.00 Howard &
Foster heavy winter tan,
double soled fcO 7Q
blucher" ....... !0 5
2l valiiea 200 pairs men's patent colt, button and blu- Am
V veuutJB cheri jjj-ohen lots that must be sold at onco f
.Cut Prices for Women.
$0.00 Hanan patent colt,
vamp dull kid A jr
top, button . . . .- ipeTmctO
$5.50 Hanan's gun metal calf,
button, two fe'l OC
styles . , . n inTrssSsO
$5.50 Foster's patent colt,
dull top, lace, 4jt t)C
dress toe SHc,iJ
$4.50 and $4.00 Armstrong,
high grade, patent colt, gun.
metal calf and kid, blucher
and but- djo Qf
ton Pa0
$5, $4, $3.50 values, 500 prs.
patent colt and dull calf and
kid, blucher and QC
button V A tJtJ
Drexel Shoe Co., 1419 F""m 8t-
try to jolly your feet .along
in a pair of mis-fit sale shoes
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fitted comtortable and styl
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