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    THE JiEE: OMAHA, Fit l DAY, JAXfARV 31. Irl3.
Kntrml it Omaha postofflce a second
' matter.
thumb of aunscnirnoN:
S mdav Hee. one year.... I'm
Saturday Bee. one year
"ally By. tvlttiout Sunday, one year. .
Bl'y IJee. and HumMv. one vear..
f vflitn and P
midnj. per month 40c )
ut Stimlav. pertnonth.. c
1 venlng without
.'ally tlee. iiu-tudlnK Sunday, per mo. tto
Dally Uec. without Sunday, per mo... jc
Address all complalntB or Irresutarltlea
dellvr ry to Clt . Otctilstlon Dept.
llemlt by draft, express or poitat order,
tsvable to The nee rubllshlne company.
Only S-cent stamps iv.eWed tn payment
of small accounts. Personal check, ex
cept on Omaha and eastern exchange. nt
Omalia-TJn' e building.
"Auth Omaha IJ1K N treet.
Council Uluffs-H North Main street.
Lincoln K Little bulldlnc
'hlcaro 1041 Morauette building.
ICanras Hty rtellance building.
N'ew TorkH Weft Thirty-third.
St. Leuts--40S Frisco btilldlnr
Washington-?: Fourt-enth St.. N. W.
'ommunlcatlons relat'.ns to newi ard
editorial matter should be addressed
maha Dee. Editorial deoartment.
f tMc of Nrbraaka, County of Douelaa, a:
Uwight Wllllamr. circulation manastr
of The le Publishing company, being
duly aworn, say a that tht average dally
circulation for tha month of December,
llli, vu 19.044. D WIGHT WILLIAMS.
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my preaence and aworn
to before ma thla Slut day of December,
im. noBEivr hunter.
(Baal) Notary Public
bacribera learlng the city
tcmpararlly aknnld hare. The lire
mat I ad to than. Addraea Trill ha
hanged aa oftra a requested.
8nr cure for stooping shoulders :
Sit, stand and walk erect-
Governor Dleaso is trying to make
It hot (or tho reporters now.
Sign of spring: A break In the
Illinois -legislative deadlock.
Parcel post Is certainly a. scream
If they can ship babies by It.
Governor Sulzer may bo consid
ered already the hero of tho movies.
More might be said for the average
banquet If It wero not for tho windy
U heaven ts a mental condition, as
a Missouri editor says, how about
Trick horses aro apt to Jump tho
track, whothor racing as lobbyists or
After nil that fusillade, tho Honor
able Nathan Philip podge, Jr.,
should consider himself squolched,
Frank Gotch seems to have
stopped giving dub wrestlers stand
ings by putting them on their backs.
nut when Berkeley, Cat., hai made It
elf a ca,tless town, what thenf
WesloT-OoBton Herald.
Oh, rata!
Eddie Koy must Btand in with tho
Atlanta boys. The papers refer to
him as tho funniest twin p tht)
It would be the height of ab'surd-
ity to place over the tomb of John
I'ftui Jones the motto; "Rest In
uhere are those old-fashioned
statesmen who used to break down
from overwork, asks an exchango
Dead and burled.
The third time Is usually tho
charm, but in the caso of Tillman
evidently there is no charm, for he
has gone back for the fourth time.
It is eald that Mr. John Darley
eorn, the prominent Impresario, has
returned from tho somewhat ex
tended excursion on which he em
barked January 1,
Evidently what la needed with
certain youn folks attending school
li more watch-care in the home. The
school, nor any other outsldo
agency, can do It all.
The republicans and democrats to
gether broke the Illinois speakership
deadlock, and It is charged that the
dtial also Involves the United Statea
Rcnatorshlps. Note that the charge
comos from the "progressives," who
wero themselves trying to make that
cry deal with the democrats.
That reminds us, we hear no re
ival of the talk to make the vice
president an unofficial member of
tho cabinet, with ranking voice In
the administration second only to
tlie president The Job of vice presi
dent s evidently going to remain
about what a former Incumbent de
scribed It something between a re
tired society leader and a contingent
hejr-apparent to the royal succcs
It ts proposed to give the county
treasurer f.600 more salary for being
custodian of Water board funds.
Yes, a'pd thenglve um au additional
salary for handling school board
money, and another salary for keop-.
lag the fire and police relief funds.
TKyen ' this would be bunglesome,
however, when It would be so easy
to go back to the old fee system of
a big Juicy percentage on all collec
tion and the' privjtege to farm out
the deppiLs and I'QCket the Interest.
Cabinet Talk About Bryan. ;
" noinci miK nnout Mr uryan, riroj
ever since n democratic president wbsi
nmiurecl, has become more (leflnlto
with the announcement that he Is to
bo offered the place of secretary ofj
Btnte, and has signified a willing-1
ness to serve. Up to this time the
prevalent opinion here In Mr. Dryan'sl
home state has been that ho would
prefer to exercise his self-
r,Knl , (rcct th(J part wjc
party whenovcr he
thought It was not doing what It
should, as a private citizen rather
than to share the responsibility of
the Wilson administration In an of
ficial capacity. This view has been
based upon his known character, rec
ord, and ambition, and his indisposi
tion heretofore to be n private In tho
ranks, and take a superior's ordorn.
Should Mr. Hrynn go Into the cab
inet, the effect upon his own aspira
tions for the presidency will nntur
ally bo weighed. He hna been cred
ited with putting the one-term
plnnk Into the Ilaltlmore platform to
pave tho' way for his own candidacy
In 101 C. An invitation to Bryan to
handle a cabinet portfolio nniHt bo
taken to indicate Governor Wilson's
acceptance of that declaration, as we
all know it Is construed by Mr.
Ilrynn, as foreclosing blni from seek
ing re-election.
The Split-Fee Doctor.
A graphic representation of the
ovIIb of tho eplit-fee business, as it
has taken hold of too many of our
physician and surgeons, Is presented
by one of our cartoons. While the
extent to which this abuse prevails
may possibly be exaggerated, that it
is a real monace to the public cannot
bo denied, Tho split-fee means the
oxposuru of the unsuspecting patient
to unnecessary or needlessly expen
sive medical treatment or Burglcal
oporatton merely to nopnrato him
from his money. And worse than
that, It offers inducement to the lit
tle doctor to feud tho mnw, not of tho
best and most skillful specialist, but
of tho ono willing to give him the
biggest percentage split on the re
ceipts. This is an evil which could
bo greatly restricted, if not alto
gether abolished, by a simple bit of
legislation declnrlni; It unlawful, anu
ponnllclng thoso who Indulge In it
with forfeiture of their licenses to
Tht Returned Mail.
Tho government has Just realized
more than $10,000 proceeds from
tho Bnlo of valuahles found in moil
returned to tho dead-letter office,
which' means some heavy individual
losses. This Is all bocnuso of the
simplo carolessncBs of writers in
falling to place their names and ad
dresses in the upper left-hand corner
of tho envelope or wrapper, as they
are instructed to do. It 'stands to
reason that If the Poatofflce depart
ment has so much difficulty In Recur
Ins proper compliance with estab
lished customs, It will continue to
encounter added trouble with tho
multiplying complications of the sys
tem, such, for Instanco, as parcel
post. 'All of which emphasizes the
fact that profitable returns would
surely follow a reasonable amount
of Judicious advertising In connec
tion with Its services to the,' public
for a price. The Postoffite depart
ment Is a gigantic business Institu
tion and is Just as much In need of
advertising as another large commer
cial enterprise. The failure to take
advantage of modern business meth
ods Is ono of the weaknesses In government-managed
Industries, yet a
weakness that might easily be cured.
Senatorial Bulwarks Threatened.
"Old things are passed away; be
hold, all things are become new,'
even, apparently, )n the senate of
the United States, whose cryptic
powers of preservation ho long with
stood time's corroding elements. , ,
Pillars of tradition crumble 'and
fall, relics of it day that was. "Tho
blight of seniority must go," pro
claims Mr. Bryan. And "men cannot
afford to be courteous when great l
sues are at stake." Already, before
tho Nobraskau assumes the reins of
dictation over tho new congress, a
"URRtern senator arises and ex
corlates his own colleague without
immediate provocation from the lot
tcr. Evidently along with the
"blight of seniority" goes the with
ering "senatorial courtesy."
A brilliant scheme or Congressman
Maguires to erect federal govern-!
ineut buildings' at all the state fairs.
has been unceremoniously knocked
on tho head, but not untU it Aas
served its only purpose to make its
spomor solid with certain - con
stituents interested tu the Nebraska
state fair. By the way, -would Mr.
Mugulra ever have projected that
novel Idea bad not the state fair
grounds been planted In the middle
of his district?
The form of shearing the speaker
of power to appoint committees was
duly gone through at the opening of
the Nebraska legislature, but it was
only a form. Nearly every day some
Important special committee Is
created whose members the speaker
names Just as he did before.
A Wisconsin congressman
referred contemptuously to
Washington monument as
Egyptian obelisk." He ought to see
the Lincoln' statue on bur Omaha
High school square.
i Thirty Vcar ,lgi-i-
The election of Genera! Atanderson for
t'nlled States Aenator was formally rati
fled In Joint e.zftlon of the teglalatura
with eenty-hve vote recorded for him.
The Hee Joins In extending him congratu
According to the city directory Jut
completed, the population of Omaha la es
timated at 47,910.
Doc Smith, our county urveyorH la en
gaged In drawing ward mapa for uee u(
aiipeatora ami county official. '
The Dee reporter today had a delightful
alelgh rldo behind Dick Wilde's matched
black. -Will Her" and "Ulnck Diamond.
that skip over the gorund like a couple
of reindeers.
The death of "Betty" at the Paxton
liaa caused many "what's" from friends.
"Butty" was a blra.
Apprentices and experienced milliners
are wanted at 1 Oberfeldtr & Co.'s, 1310
Douglas street
If. IC. Ilayden offrrs a reward for tho
return of a lost diamond Hng to the Ne
braska National bank.
A potato day was held at the North
school, contribution Kolng to the poor
of the city.
The Omaha Oiee club Is to havn the
alstance In Its forthcoming annual con
cert of the star.aoprano singer, Mls Jen-
k Dutton of Chicago.
Twenty Veara Ao
navival meetings at the South Tenth
Ktreet Methodist church were atlll tn
progreaa and likely to continue another
Omalhv weather fur tho day. it was
believed, would be recorded a unprece
dented. At U. a. m.'lho mercury stood
M degrees above xero; nt 10:30 p. m., S
belo xero. The preclpltattlon began with
the advent of a strong north wind. Korc
caster Murdock predicted a continuation
of cold weather.
Tha typographical union undertook "to
whip Into line" the only nonunion print
ing- ahop in town, when the printers ut
Keea- struck nnd left their caaea. Ac
cording to Frank A. Kqhnedy, spokesman
for fie union, the walkout might last A
week or n year.
The flve-story building at Twelfth and
Howard streets, to bo occupied by the
Morse-Coe shoo factory, was almost com
pleted nnd the whir of wheels In this
new place of Industry. It Is said, would
son be heard.
The county commlasloners definitely de
cided that 1150,000 should bo expended dur
the, year Improving country roads, inacad
amlrlng Dodge and Center, especially.
Ten Years Ago
The Burlington took Initial steps to
prevent Omaha from assessing Its prop
erty within tho city for city taxation by
filing a caso tn the federal court. It
prayed for a temporary order restraining
Tax Commissioner Fleming and members
of the city council from aoting upon tho
1900 nssesament of the property of that
Edward Johnson of tho Barrett-Johnson
Tntlorlng company went to Cincinnati to
attend the annual convention of the Mer
chant Tailors' National exchange.
C. F. Tracey of North Platte, secretary
of the Union Pacific employes' grievance
committee, with George W. Vroman,
treasurer of that committee,' were In the
city with a few grievances for the 'com
pany to redress.
T". E. Etter, who had been night clerk
of the Millard hotel, resigned to (to to
his home In Topeka, Kan., for a brief
rest and then accept a position with J. E.
Market In one of his numerous hotels
over the weat.
Tha First Baptist church Rave out tile
announcement that It would erect a new
house of worship on Twenty-ninth street.
between Furnam and Howard. The cost
wns placed at about 140,000, and a com
mittee was named for tho completion of
plans looking to tho enterprise.
People Talked About
Lillian Rumell Moote says the "happiest
day In a woman's llfo Is her wedding
day," That makes four for Lillian.
I'nclo Joe Cannon denies that he has-
sung lit "swan song." Not yet. lie has
four weeks for rehearsing for tho main
The largest brood of children that ever
occupied the executive mansion of Illinois
goes into It wth the Installation of Clov.
ernor Dunne five boys and five girla.
Papers filed In the surrogate court of
Brooklyn, N, T show the estate of tho
late Will Carleton to be about ti.OW.
Money and the muses rarely pull tu-
The youngest newspaper editor In Kan
sas Is a elrl. Hhe Is Mils Leah Kettle,
and she set out the Austin Journal, a
weekly paper. She Is 17 years old ttd has
been managing editor, editorial writer and
city editor since March.
John Bergman of Palmer, Minn., te
cently, with only four cigars as weapon,
held a packer wolves at bay until assist
ance arrived from the camp whert he wa
employed. Lighting all four el tars, nd
Jabbed their lighted ends at the beasts,
only stopping to puff the cigars to keen
them glowlnK.
Doings of Women
Mrs, Peter Yantx, who lives in a poor
little log cabin near Redwood Fall.
Minn., has Just fallen heir to 80,000. She
ays "ho will not leave her cabin.
Mtis Helena Ktsterllng nas lost her
Job as physical culture initructor tn
Bethany coltege, Weat Virginia, because
o pretty that she turned the heads of
the male students.
Jane Bltknell Toung, tha widow of
Joseph Young, brother of Rrlgham
joung, Is dead In Tacoma, Wash., at
... . .!,.,
;t,ie ae of w 'ar nd months. For
thirty years she bad been n follower of
Mary Baktr Eddy's teaching.
The king of Denmark on the occasion
of his recent vtait to Btockholm, per
sonally conferred upon Mile. Bally Hog
trom the rare distinction of the Danish
gold medal of merit In acknowledgment
of the excellent work she has done in
Introducing Into Denmark the Swedish
IJng system of gymnastics.
In BalUmoro the- Federatlou of Wom
en's clubs provided twenty members with
rcalcs and set them to testing the accuracy
or the weighing done by tradesmen. The
results wl be put at the service of tho
Inspector or weights and measures, but
will uot be mad public.
I 1 .
Twice Told Tales
Wonderful Hrpnrter.
At a studio tea In Washington square,
Philadelphia, a painter sard:
"No man can be always witty. People
pretend that Whistler was always witty.
Here H a story about Whistler that I
haVe even heard cited as nn example
of his unfailing wit:
"Whistler, as you know, hud a tiny
white lock upstanding In his black hair.
Well, at dinner once, his hostess cot
someone to detain Whistler In the dlnlni;
room, and In his absence she dtstilbuted
tiny white feathers among the men, and
each man put his feather In his hair.
Whistler, on entering the drawing room,
beheld a half-dozen black-nalred men
standlnfr In lln. enrh mnn villi a trhttit
lock exactly like his own. i
f'Whlitler, whose wit was said never to
derert htm, turned red as a turkey cock,
he shook all over, then he roared:
" V'cry pretty, very pretty, but I'll
never speak to. a single blank dash one of
you again! ''-Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Tlir AII-ArounU llcnortrr.
Representative Anthony of Kansas
used to be anowspapor reporter, nnd at
one tlmo In his career worKed for a city
editor who n anted to get about Ki worth
of work for 110. lie was complaining that
he had u poor staff ono day, and said
confidently to Anthony.
"What we need hero is a crackerjack
writer a man who knows news, who can
write English splendidly, who can ba
pathetic or humorous and who ts an In
defatigable worker." .
"Well," replied Anthony. "I know the
name of such a man, but perhaps he
wouldn't want to come here for the sal
ary you pay."
"Who Is he?" asked the city editor.
"His nsme Is Mark Twain." Kansas
t.CJty Star.
Forget It,
The subject of "the pecrles leader'
Is always handled very carefully In the
office of Speaker Clurk at the capltol.
A member of tho Kentucky congressional
delegation took a constituent to see the
speaker not Ions nfter the Ilaltlmore
"I met you once before." said the gar
rulous visitor. "It was at one of William
J. Bryan's birthday celebrations."
"Well," drawled Mr. Clark, "you can
store this In your memory, too, that
you'll never see me at another one."
Kansas City Times.
The Chicago Pace
Tho discovery of a polite street car
conductor Is featured with a picture 'n
one of the local papers. The rarity runs
on the Ashland avenue line and his name
la Mike M. Muiien.
Thirty thousand dollars' worth of as
sorted dogs aro yelping at the Western
Boston Terrier show. One purp Is valusd
at 13,000. another at $2,000. The barking
bunch averages Jl) each.
Robert K. Durke, long featured as a
democratic boss and famous as the drum
major of the Cook County Marching- club,
has been Indicted for embezzling 5.6tf
belonging to an organization with which
he was Identified.
Judge Kenesaw Mountain Indts of
the federal bench, In trying the case of n
bankrupt victim, prilled ft loan shark
until ha admitted his Interest charge on
a 13 loan amounted to 397 per cent a
year. How the borrower escaped with his
skin set the court wondering.
Municipal Judge Mateoney gives it out
cold that accused persons springing Irish
namea that do not belong- to them will
get the limit every time. A stranded
Turk mumbled the name of "Mike Hi
gan" In such a mysterious brogue that
Judge Mahoney up and soaked him for
fc. remarking as he counted the money:
"Stealing' Irish names Is one crime I 'n
tend to abolish."
Heads of families In the suburbs of
Wlllmette, Wlnnetka, Kcnllworth and
Olencoe, patrons of the Trter High school,
have organized a crusade agalnat the
newly discovered practice of compelling
Klrl atudents to strip for medical exam
ination at school. In one Instance the
certificate of a family physician -was re
fused and the girl forced to atrip with
nine others. An Interesting feature of
the ruction Is the uctton of the National
Society for Medical Freedom siding with
tho parents and Jumping on the allopaths.
Over the Seas
Spain Is going Into the navy bulidlntr
race withborrowed money.
The shipyards of Kngland and Ireland
re enjojylng unusual activity.
Ruaala'a oil felds do not produce aa
much oil as Oklahoma, or California,
Tha neweat diamond field Is In the
Kaaal river district, Utlglan Congo, West
Barely onv-fsventh of the population
of the British empire Is composed of
In the densest parts of Bombay tl cxe
are 70 persons to the acre. K4 Vork
has ,000 n the sap.e area.
Two hundred electric clocks controlled
by a master timepiece, have bun in
stalled n a Liverpool hotel.
The Chinese,alphabet of S.0 characters
is being revised down to forty-two, twerr-
ty-threo vowels and nineteen consonants.
A member of the Belgian Parliament
has Just pulled off the twelfth annual
repetition of a speech on the political
Infamies of the opposition party.
Black opals, for several years exten
sively mined In Nfw South Wales, have
become exceedingly rare, hardly any
having been found for nearly a vcar.
German statistics show that 1512 wut
German's banner twelve-month In grain
production, the harvest of wheat and rye
exceeding those of any previous year.
The military aeroplanes of the French
government now number about 400. On
developing Us aerial navy It rpent In
11Z 14,000,000 and this year will expend
J.000,000. I
The lxmdon & Northwestern railway
management -reports very satisfactory re
sult from a "grievance hearer," an office
created for tha purpose of adjusting
grievances of employes.
China has been hit hard by the 'n
creased cost of living. The price of rice
has Jumped CO per cent sine mi-dun
partly to the famine and more to the rie
rtrueton of crops during the fighting on
the Yangtze,
Beginning the first of the year a gen
eral advance of doctors' fees took place
in France, as follows: Old fees, 3, 4 and
S franc (W.5TV, .772 and .965); newly s
tabllahed fees, 4. P and 6 to U franc
t0,TT ,W3 and U5J to 11,53).
r1 k
The Modern Woodmen nntra.
HASTINGS, Neb., Jan. .-To the
Editor of The Bee: On January 82 an
article In your paper. "The Present
Rates Will Stand," contained a statement
of the head consul, Mr. Talbot, giving
notice to the membership of the Modern
Woodmen of America of the capitulation
of tho executive council. This surrender,
thouKh coming late, is good news and
gratifying to the membership. If thin
surrender had been made year ago,
hundreds of thousands of dollars would
have been saved to the order and Its
membership Increased 1CO.C0O.
tn the beginning- prayers and petition
were presented to the head offices, urg
ing and Imploring them to withhold the
proposed rates until the meeting of tho
next head camp or call a new head
camp, or submit the whole matter to ref
erendum vote of the order. All thea4
pleadings were In vain. There being no
alternative, the roemberahlp then applied
to the courts for relief. In every' state
where suit was brought and In every casevi
the courts ha,r held In favor of the plain
tiffs and against the rates.
. I heartily agTe with the heal consul
that all discussion of the last head camp
and the proposed rates should cease.
Doth have passed out of exlsttnc and aro
of the paat. 1 agree further with hlni
that all members should apply them
selves to the work and good of the order.
So far as Nebraska Is concerned discus
sion of the rates ceased months ago,
public Woodmen opinion and sentiment
crystallized quickly after the Chicago
meeting and the only dlscuslon that fol
lowed was the effort of the head officers
at enormous expense to educate the
Woodman that tho proposed rates wero
Just what he needed.
I note that the head consul fears other
suits will be brought. No other suits aro
contemplated. If the exper'SMce through
which the order has passed during the
last year Is to be of lasUnfr benefit, it
will admonish the head officers to keep
In touch with the wants of the rank and
file of the order. No fear need be felt
that the membership will not take a deep
Interest In tho selection of delegates to
the next head camp and it is hoped and
believed that men will be selected -who
will represent the true sentiment of the
I do not know the exact loss In member
ship which the order has sustained dur
ing the last year, but It cannot be lesa
than 10 or 15 per cent. Ifeel safe in
saying that had It not been for the hope
held out by our application to the courts
for relief the decrease would have' reached
33 per cent or more.
I-et the delegates to the next head
camp be fairly selected, let the conven
tion be free In Its deliberations and all
Woodmen will abide by the result.
Chairman State Committee Modern Wood
men of America.
Wnnta Kxtvnalons Flrat.
OMAHA, Jan. V, To the Editor of The
Beo: I may be wrong, but my Idea Is
that what tha people of Omaha moat need
and want of the street car company Is
not so much cheaper fares as better serv
ice. For that matter, Omaha needs ex
tension of lines for Its upbuilding most
of all. If we were a great, populous city,
fully or fairly well grown up within, our
population covering our area, then we
might be content to let further extensions
wait indefinitely. I live In a part of town
that needs street car service, and I sup
pose I will be called selfish, but Just tlie
same, I'll bet I'm tn the majority on this
question. D. D, II,
Popular Science
The conductivity of aluminum Is about
60 per cent that of annealed copper.
Pure glycerine will remove stains from
table llneh, even when there haa been
cream In the coffee.
Tungsten filaments for commercial elec
tric lamps are being made as small as
eight ten-thousands of an Inch In dt
Aluminum can be blackened by Im
mersing It for a few momenta In. a bolt
ing SO per cent solution of caustic ttods.
drying It and polishing with a pltjmba.-
Koed brush,
Dr. F. R. Bergtus, the scientist who has
been conducting experiments in producing
artificial coal, has, by employing- a high
temperature and a high pressure, changed
cellulose to peat In a few hours. The
same change by the process employed by
nature, he states, required 7.000,000 years.
A new way of obtaining a low atep for
street car entrances without lowering the
body of the oar or using two steps haa
been worked out on the now cars of the
Kansas City street railway. The floor
of the rear vestibule 1 a foot lower than
the floor of the body of the car, but thoj
passengers, on Birimn, nun m v
bule, land on a ramp or inclined passage
way wWoh ris to the main floor.
Editorial Sittings
Indianapolis News From the way those
striking waiters are acting In New Tori:.
It looks as If somebody bad given them
a bum steer Instead of the usual straight
Philadelphia Bulletin: The high cost
of dying appears to b keeping pace with
the high -cost of living. The tombstone
dealers have decided to raise the price of
Chicago Inter Ocean. Governor Bleaso
or South Carolina advocates a bill to pun
ish newspaper reporters who mlsquot
speakers. There are cases where any
ch'anga would be an Improvement.
Washington Post; Former Secretary of
State Root haa apokan and Secretary of
State Knox has spoken, and now England
would like to hear from the next Secre
tary of state, William J. Bryan.
St. Uouls Globe-Democrat; Kx-VIce
President Fairbanks will raise cattle on
an 11,000-acre Illinois farm. No need to
worry about the ability of presidential
personages to make a living when they
retire from office.
New Tork Tribune: Jersey legislators
cannot be of much use to the railroads
nowadays. There waa a time when the
companies fell over themselves in their
anxiety to se that assemblymen and
senators had free passes.
New York World; President-elect Wil
son In New York on a shopping and
theater trip, and President Taft in the
White Houe "talking over the haae ball
situation" with callers and showing him
aelf "immensely pleated." Illustrate the
before and after condition of presidential
"What Is ou glneter do wlf dnt dog?"
"I's glneter sell 'Im foh 3 cents."
"You kalnt make no monev dat way.
De las' party I sold 'Im to foh X cents
Klrume JJ next day to take Mm off delr
hands. "Washington S'tar.
"The? times falsity one prevailing
"What Is that?"
"it doesn't follow that a man belongs
to a secret society because he's got the
grlp."-BalUmoro American;
Izaak Walton I see after the Panama
canal Is complete experts expect the fish
of the two oceans to mingle, eventually
producing some new species.
Mrs. Walton Well. I'm glad of that.
I'm on to all of your old fish seories
Vonkers Statesman.
"This college education does not help
a-boy In business life."
"Oh, yes. It does. My boy was a
champion sprinter, and now he's sot n
good position as a bank runner." Haiti
more American.
"What was the result of that popu
larity contest?"
"It spoiled the dispositions of a whole
lot of fellows who thought they ought to
have won the prize," Washington Star.
"One or the preachers comes forward
with the declaration that the devil Is not
mentioned In the Old Testament."
"What of It?"
"Well, he claims that, there being no
mention of him In the Old Testament,
there cannot be a devil."
"That's ho proof. The Old Testament
does not mention the Illinois legislature.
25 cent "Danderine" for Falling
Hair and Dandruff Grows Hair
Don't iay 50 cents for worthless hnir tonics Use old, reliable,
harmless " Danderine Get results.
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy hair
is mute evidence of. a neglected scalp; of
dandruff that awful scurf.
There Is nothing so destructive to the
hair as dandruff. It robs the hair of Its
lustre, Its strength and its very llfo;
eventually producing a feverlshnes and
itching of the scalp, which If not reme
died causes the hair roots to shrink,
iooscn and die then the hair falls out
A little Danderine tonight now any
time will surely zave your hair.
Fast Trains
Omaha and
New families aire constantly
coniig to Onaha wht A
want roons 4
If you hava any
apartment or houies to
rent, you should let these
newcomers know and the
.way to tell them is through
the Bee classified pages.
People who come intb
Omaha always read the
Bee first. It has a national
reputation and everybody
looks to it for information.
Better put your "for rent"
ads in. The Bee right now.
Tyler lOOO
but there Is one -chliago Itccorii U r
"The drama '' said the serious pe.sorw
"needs to be elevated."
"Well." replied the practical manager,
"am I not doing my best? Haven't 1 put
In an aerial ballet?" -Chicago Post
'TIs good to sit a-dreamlng when wintry
winds are rife;
To hug the warmest corner and forget
the stress of life;
To turn the visions Inward away from
cold and care
And find that flowers of summer,. are
sweetly blooming there.
'Tts (rood to snatch some moments away
from dull routine;
To forget the petty details that make
life small and mean;
And safe within the recess of the soul's
secluded shrine
Behold the universal shaped by a hand
'TIs good to walk at evening where lift
ing clouds of grey ,
Reveal a golden circlet round the hilltops
t AT B.V flV j
And we retiring Inward may find that
toll and care
Are most divinely blessed when the light
of love ',s there.
And though outside 'tis cold and bleak
and winds reverse are rife.
Within your soul let summer flower
keep bursting Into life;
And you will find a refuge here as In
a summer clime;
In your own soul's secret garden where
'tis always summer time.
Omaha, Nflb. -BAYOL.L, N13 TREH,&.
Get a 26 cent bottle of Knowlton's Dan
derlne from any drug store or toilet coun
ter, and after the first application you
will aay It waa the best Jnveetment you
over made. Tour hair will Immediately
take on that life, lustre and luxuriance
which Is so beautiful. It will become
wavy and fluffy and have the appear
ance of abundance; an Incomparable
gloss and saftneaT. but what will pleas
you most will be after Just a few weeks'
use, when ypu will actually see a lot ot
fine, downy ljalr new hair growing all
ovr the scalp. Advertisement.
Round Trip
Excursion Tickets
Are on Sale Daily
via the C. & N. W. Ry.
to Florida, Cuba,
.New Orleans,
Mobile dnd the
Gulf Coast
lThe splendid
trains of the
Chicago and
Northwestern Railway between Omaha
and Chicago ronnect at the latter city
with all lines to the South and South-
east, forming a passenger service that
cannot be surpassed.
Tkrvagh rmllway mnil tltamihlp (felar
an alto on tala lo tho MoJUtrranoan.
Ma Holy Land raa to all Kmropman eltU:
Sleeping car reservations and reservation of
fwice on steamships to points named above
given prompt and careful attention.
Trains Loavo Omaha for Chicago
7j.. re. 6;0O p. m. 8:50 pn.
12i05 p.m. 6:35 p. m.
7i53p.m. AUDailr
The Best of Everything
Chicago and
North Western Ry.
1 40 -1 403 Fatwm Strut