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oMAllA, SA1TKIUY, .lANl'AHV 1 1!1.
Pacific Pupils of Omaha Make Trip
' to Lincoln.
t'eminn-Anirrli-nn Itmurnnrr Com
panr of Omnhn. h'lXrn ann.OOO of
Securities with the Stntc
A nil I tor.
(From a Stuff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 17.-(Spcclal.)-A
company of school children from the
Pacific school at Omalin, under' charge
of the principal, Miss Banker, came to
the state house this morning and were
taken to see Governor Morehead. Tho
governor oh learning that the detection
was present, passed up atl appointments
with office seekers and had tho young
sters come In and haskln the presence
of one of tho few democratic governors
the state of Nebraska has ever head.
Govornor Morehead delivered a speech
of welcomo and told them that ho was
Rind to meet them and tliat from their
ranks might come Home future governor.
He did not, however, cnoourge them to
mako a try for the place (tvo years from
now' neither did ho tell them of Urn
enjoyments he was having the first few
days of his administration meeting those
who ore willing to sacrifice themselves
to make his administration a success.
Cnttln Cotnpnny'n Article.
Tho " W. J. Cattln company filed Us
articles of Incorporation with the secre
tary of stato this morning. The company
wilt do a generat plumbing and .contract
ing business In tho city of Omaha and
the men who compose tho company aro;
W. J. Cattln and M. L. Cnttln. Tho com
pany U Incorporated for $10,090.
Insurance Securities l'llctl.
l. D. Hall, assistant secretary of tho
German-American Life Insurance com
pany, called at tho office of the state
auditor this' morning and deposited $50,000
In securities with the state.
Nrw And, ,V timbers.
B. C. Simmons will prepare a bill to bo
Introduced in tho legislature calling for a
new scheme In the numbering of uuto
tnobtles. Mr. SlmmoiiB will use the let
ters of the alphabet In connncctlon with
numerals and In this way tho numbers
on each machine will bo easily disting
uished and remembered, where nt the
present time tho number run into
five figures It Is hard' to get them all,
specially in a case of where the machine
Is going at Its best. Under the scheme of
Sir. Simmons tho highest number with
one character will .be 34: with two char
acters, 1,221;. with, three characters, 42,874,
and this will probably cover any number;
."which may be wanted.
l'lmi Officer' Camp.
Adjutant General Hall Is working upon
a proposition to have an officers' camp
of Instruction some time during the com
ing summer near the city of Lincoln
with regular army officers as instructors.
He says, "It must be clearly understood
that this will be no pleasure 'paTty, but
one of strict business and no Ibariug and
indifference to the work will be toler
ated." Ho estimates that officers who
have an Idea that they will have a chance
to havo a lot of pleasure will be mis
taken unless they consider real military
duty a pleasure. '
HASTINGS, Jan. 17. Plans for an
elaborate Indoor carnival as n means of
raising funds for the support of Hastings'
team In the State league were formulated
yesterday, afternoon at a meeting of the
special committee, composed of P. W.
Vager, chairman; C. J. MHes, Charles
Jacobs, Walter Livingston"' and Bert
The parnlvnl will ' be held on January
E9 to February 1, Inclusive The place
lias not been finally selected, but prob
ably the carnival wilt he held In Knights
of Pythias' hall. It will be staged under
the Immediate direction of "Will S. Trltes,
who has been employed to give his en
tire time to the preparations, beginning
next Monday.
One of the best motorcycles procurable
'-will be given away In connection with tye
Bale of tickets and possibly an automo
bile will be put up as a prize In somo
form of competition yet to be devised,
It Is the intention of tho managers to
provide unique entertainment on each of
the four nights of the carnival. There
will- be dancing, of course, along with
many other features. Including vaudeville-
by local artists. A number1 of prom
inent Hastings women ' will be asked to
act as patronesses.
, .
Itnnk Election at Madison.
MADISON, Neb- 3an. 17. (Special.)
At the annual meeting of ' the stock
holders of the First National bank of
this city the following directors and of
ficers were elected for1 the ensuing year;
M. G. Garrett, Ed Frlckg. F. A. Paterson,
I A. Long, John Mauerand Paul Itennef;
pff leers, M. C. Garrett, president; V. A.
Paterson, vice president And assistant
cashier; Ed Frlclce. cashier.
The annual meeting ofthe stockholders
of the Madison National bank tool; place
this afternoon. Directors chosen: U. A.
Stuart, Charles Stuart, A. J. Thatch,
Thomas Mortimer, W. E. Taylor. Of
ficers: L. A. Stuartr. president;. Charles
Btuart, vice president; W. E. Taylor,
cashier; F. J. Danker and N. S. Strom,
nsslstatn cashiers. ' ' ,v ,
One Dose Relieves
Pope's Cold Compound Cures Colds
and Grippe In Few Hours
Tastes NiceActs Gently.
Tou can surely end Grippe and break
up the moat severs cold either In head.
chest, back,' stomach drUinbs by taking
a dose of rape a Cola Compound every
two hours until tbrl consecutive- dosed
ire taken. '
It promptly relieves Uie most miserable
headache, -dullness, head and noie stuffed
top, feverlshness. sneezing, sore throat,
tnuoous catarrhal discharges, running of
the -nose, soreness, stiffness and rheuma
tlo twlnces.
Take this wondrrful Compound as
rected, without Interference with your
usual duties and wltlMhe knowledge that
there, Is nothing else lthe world, which
trill cure your cold or end Qrlppe misery
aa promptly and without any other as
slstance or bad after-effects as a 23-cent
package of Pape'a Cold Compound, which
any druggist can supply accept no sub
stltute contains no quinine (jeJongs in
very. home. Tastes nice Advertisement
It Tells the Story mi a Sale That Overshadows All Others
of Hand-Tailored Quality Suits and Overcoats
Designed and made by th world's best tailormen to meet tho ideas of both Nen and Young Men no matter haw exacting
A word of explanation to .those who might entertain a feeling of doubt regarding tho genuineness of our
Half Price offer. Often in the course of a day's selling our salesmen aro confronted bv such questions as this:
, To such questioners and all others who might fool somowhat skeptical regarding a Klng-Swanson Half Price Sale," wo offer thin IllURtratlon: Suppos
ing wo bought 50 suits of one lot at the beginning of tho eeacon, which cost us $19.00 each, and wo marked thorn to sell at $25.00, which allows us
only a fair legltlmato profit. Now, during tho course of tho season wo dispose of 45 of theso Bulls which nets us a gross profit of $270.00;. tho flvo re
maining suits we put on salo nt Half Price, or $12.50. On tho firo we loso $:12.50; deducting this amount from tho profit niado on the suits sold nt rcg
' ular' prices, leaves ub a net profit of $237.50 on tho lot. Tho policy of this storo prohibits the showing of none but present soason merchandise realis
ing this, we aro compelled to adopt measures that will effect an absoluto clcaranco so that only complete and now lines will bo shown at tho opening oC
any season. All garments romalnlng in Btock nt the closo of our Half Prico Salo aro disposed of to out-of-town dealers. Tho loss Involved In soiling garments
at Half Price is turned Into profit an hundred fold by the confldcnco It creates with tho buying public in causing them to npprcclato the fact that a Half Prico
Sale at this storo Is genuine and that a Half Prico Sale hero means an absoluto rlddanco of all brokon lines nnd,tlioreforc, nssuro them of seeing only now
garments at tho opening of tho following season.
Realizing now that this, sale affords the greatest possible savings make arrangements to come tomorrow
$10 to $40 QUALITY SUITS to be had now for $10 to $60 QUALITY O'COATS to be had now for
Sentence of Wymore
JBandit is Affirmed
BEATRICE, Neb., Jan. 17.-(Speclal.)
The supreme court of Kansas has up
held the decision of the Marshall county,
Kansas district court in finding H. II.
Hoerr of Wymore guilty of complicity In
the robbery of tho bank at Hanover,
Kan., a few years ago. After llocrr was
convicted at Marysvllle ho appealed his
case to the supreme court, which has
just rendered its decision. Hoerr has
been In Jail at Marysvllle ever since his
conviction and will be (taken to the pen
itentiary at onoe to begin servlngvhls
sentence, which Is - from one to seven
HI Belirens. a prominent German
farmer living south of Wymore, was
seized with fits early yesterday 'morning
and died before medical aid could reach
him. Mr. Behrens was apparently In
good health when ho retired. He was
2! years, of age and Is survived by a
wiaow-ano. a ramiiy or grown cnuaren.i
W, Shottenklrk, a pioneer resident of
Beatrice, Is lying seriously 111 at his
home In this city from an attack of
J, J. McCoy, a former Beatrice resident,
who is In the employ of the Itock Island
at Falrbury, lost his foot the other day
while his train was switching near Kan
sas City -by falling. underneath a freight
HASTINGS, Neb., Jan. 17.-Speclal.
Sudden and unexpected fortune has coma
to E. A. Brandes as tho result of a trade
which he had almost forgotten. An
Adams county farmer found Mr. Brandes
in a speculative mood one day last fall
apd In a remarkable brier penoi or tune
traded him an elghty-acre farm in' op.ia
homa. 300 miles south of Kansas City,
for an second-hand automobile.
Mr. Brandes satisfied himself with tho
thought that almost any kind of a farm
In Oklahoma was worth as much as the
car, but he felt quite .sure that this .par
ticular one wasn't worth much more.
After filing away-tbe deed he dismissed
the deal from his mind. He had never
seen the farm and althousli ha- has
since made many long trips away from
Hastings he never thought of visiting
this Oklahoma property until he received
an astonishing offer for It last Saturday,
Had be succeeded In an attempt to
dl-fhring forth Aladdin's genii
by rubbing
the tall lamp of one of his cars he would
have been no more surprised than when
a telegram came to him on January II
offering Mm $tt,00o for the forgotten
farm. He was at first Inclined to accept
the offer, but finally concluded that the
telegraph operator has made a mistake
In copying the message and that the offer
tually was $JW, lie wired back his refusal,
on aiondajr another Uelegratp cam
One-Half Price Sale
Another Important Sale
Is Issued in Tomorrow
Fully Eleven Hundred pairs of tho finest fitting
trousers over collected under any one roof are offered
to the mon of Omaha starting Saturday morning at exactly
One-Half Price every weight, weave and slzo, tho choicest
patterns ever shown by this store aro Included In this excep
tional sale. A sale where your dollars do full doublo duty.
$1.50 Trousers, Half Price Sale, 75c
$2.00 Trousers, Half Price Sale, $1.00
$2.50 Trousers, Half Price Sale, $1.25
, - $3.00 Trousers, Halfv Price Sale, $1.50
$4.00 Trousers, Half Price Sale, $2.00
$5.00 Trousers, Half Price Sale, $2.50
$6.00 Trousers, Half Price Sale, $3.00
$7.50 Trousers, Half Price Sale, $3.75
$10.00 Trousers, Half Price Sale, $5.00
$12.00 Trousers, Half Price Sale, $6.00
offering him $36,000. This convinced htm
that tho first figure was genuine, but
since the secohdl offer had come to him
so quickly he decided to reject it and
Investigate for himself. Slnco then ho
has been offered $40,0)0 and he has learned
that all of the offers came from the
Standard Oil Interests, who seek the prop
erty because of the discovery of oil closo
by. Mr. Brandes will lcavo Saturday to
visit the farm and' until he sees the land
with his own eyes will be deaf to all
offers for Its purchase.
TBCUMSBH, Neb., Jan. 17. (Spoclal.)-
Secretary Kobert Lempka of drainage dis
trict No, 1, Johnson county, Nebraska,
departed for Chicago yesterday' to Inter
view the Hanofiett Bond company of that
city, the concern which contracted for the
drainage district bonds In the sum of
$100,033.14. The bonds were sold In de
nominations of 125,000, and Inasmuch as
the ditohlng contractors are here pre
paring to build their dredges, the djain
ago district officers want to learn about
the first payment on the bonds, which
Is slated for February 1. There Is no
doubt as to the Hanchett company tak
ing the paper, hut the concern wanted
more history of the bonds and Mr.
Lemplca went to Chicago prepared to sat
isfy their every desire. As the dralnaKS
work probably will be completed this
year It Is presumed the whole amount
of tho bonds will be used during the
building period. The Hanchett company
agreed to pay a premium of $1,258 for the
bonds, with accrued Interest, and 4 per
cent. Interest will be paid on dally bal
ances at the district's depository for
funds not yet used. Within a few days
the drainage district officers expect o
begin the work of condemning right-of-way
for' the main drainage ditch, this
work to begin near Sterling, where one
of the dredges Is to be erected.
FAinBimV. Neb.. Jan. 17. Bpodal.)
Jerry Simpson pnd George Klmmell have
Just secured patents on an air-cooled now
engine In the United States and Canada.
It Is quite different from any other alr
cooled engine, since It draws the ah up
and away from the engine, Instead of
blowing It down and away. No water
Jacket Is used. A suction fan at the base
of the engine pulls the hot air away and
blows It out at one end of the cylinder.
The trial engine was run continuously
under a toad for half a day and did not
get any hotter than a water-cooled en
cine. "
Nvr Notes at Harvard.
HARVARD, Neb., Jan. 17.-SpecIal.)-The
body of John Smith reached Harvard
inursaay morning, tub cody was ac
companted by his widow, who was met
J at the train by her three sons and daugh
Boys' Solo Suits JL I t-F
Second Floor
Slnco Inaugurating this salo wo havo onjoyod tho greatest
business In tho history of this storo. Day' after day tho salo
has kept at fever heat, until It seoniB that noarly ovcry man
must bo supplied vlth King-Swnnson Quality Clothes. The
rosponso to our salo of Boys' Clothing crented tho same re
sults. Dut, giving tho peoplo what you promlso always has
been tho headlines of this store's policy.
ter, who reside near Harvard. Burial
took, place yesterday afternoon from the
Christian church with Interment here.
Mr, Smith and wife came to Harvard
about 1872. Ho wan a 'successful fanner
and owned several hundred acres of land,
but during the last flvo years or more
has resided In California, where he took
life pleasantly. He was about 70 years of
Tho body of Frank X. Dlerrlnger Is
expected from Omaha, where he died
from cancer In one of the hospitals where
he was being treated.
Will Do Advertising Km.
GRAND ISIAND, Neb., Jan. 17.
Hall county will this year receive Its
legal publications, excepting the delin
quent tax list, absolutely without cost If
the publisher of the Free Press of this
city makes good. For years the county
has been paying a moderate "rate for
legal notices, -Including the treasurer's
semi-annual statements.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., Jan. IT.-The 7-
month-old baby of Mr and Mrs. John
Swason of Brule county hanged Itself In
a go-cart and was round dead by tho
mother. The mother left the Jlttle tot in
the go-cart and stepped outside the house
t care for some horses, her lnmhanrl
nelng temporarily absent. When she ro-'
turned she found the cart had collapsed
and that her little daughter had been
strangled to death. It Is the first fatal
ity of the kind over reported in the state. '
MtrnrUlry-llnll. j
DAVID crTV, Neb., Jan. 17,-(8peclal,
At 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon Miss
Marguorlte Hall, daughter of Postmaster I
E. G. Hall, was Joined In marriage to .
CorntHus Loo Swartsley of Kearney,
deputy county treasurer of Buffalo I
county. The ceremony was performed I
by Rev, Dr. S. D. Bartle of St. Luke's
Methodist church. The bride was at
tended by Miss Hazel Cook as bridesmaid
and W. E. ilall, brother of the bride,
was best man. Miss Klolne Crosthwaitc
sang a solo Just before the wedding
march was played by Miss Ruth Scott
of Kearney. An elaborate wedding dinner
was served. Mr, and Mrs. Swartsley left
on the evening train for Kearney where
they will make their future home. Both
Mr. nnd Mrs. Swartsley were born hi
David City. 1
Sltrs.snrder. 1
TABLE ROCK, Jan. 17. (Special.)-A
very pretty wedding occurred last night :
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs, L, 1).
nyder In Table Rock, when their daugh- ,
tr. Miss Ella Snyder, was unltfd l.i
marriage to Chris Sites of this place Th ,
ceremony was performed b - Itet Ho
ard I'. Young, pastui uf f. At ti u
Episcopal church. ,
Here is the most
interesting, most
important news
in this section of
The Omaha Bee
Read every word.
$5 o $30
Come Tomorrow and Select
Suit and Overcoat far Your
Tho crowds that havo rettf'ondod slnco tho
announcomont of this very lmportnnt salo
have gone beyond our expectations. Dozens
of mothers with sons to fit out purchased
two and somo throe and four suits, and an
overcoat for each youngster. Tho valuos aro
beyond belief and you'll surely bo tomptod
to do tho Bame thine so you'd better come
boforo U10 selections becomo too shattered.
S3.00 to $10.00
Suits and Overcoats now
Victim of Clever Manipulation on
Part of Confidence Men.
After Ileitis; Induced to Drnvr
Savin from Iovra Ilnnk He U
UUrnuraiceil In Deal nnil
Pn Jltoncr In Grip.
II. W. Custer of Tltoulc, la., Is the
victim of a confldenco game that has
left him snddor but wiser. His wife has
been out in Denver for her health and
a couple of weeks ago ho paid her a
Whllo In the Colorado metropolis he
happened across soveral smooth land men
and In tho course of things they ascer
$5 sjO 3
Xiadlss' rU Jnllsttes, fur trimmed,
turned soles, $1.50 values, all sizes, TQn
Saturday ... . ,. I PU
ladles' Kubbors, In all sizes to fit high heel shoes;
first quality; Saturday only, 9 On
these 60o values, for fcU
Men's 80o Rubbers, best quality, all sizes and CBn
styles; Saturday 400 pairs go an sale at. . u9u
1512 Douglas Street Opti Saturday Till II P. M.
a Stylish Well Mad Quality
Boy at Exactly
Fur Caps of Quality
At a Discount of
When this storo
makes such au an
nouncement it means
"fast soiling," so
don't delay. Entiro
stock effected by this
tained that ho Itaci $4,000 on deposit back
In the bank nt Tltoulc. A little organtsed
team wurlc was speedily planned out and
the first move was to Interest the Iowa
farmer In a fortr-acro tract near the
outskirts for $100 per acre. This part of
the performance was conducted ,by two
men and when tholr client hesitated a
third man came Into the picture and of-
Illsffered him a $3,000 profit. This looked
good to Custer and he was about to
complete the deal, but after he had' got
the cash from tho bank In Tltonlo the
agents Were not so anxious to sell and
scared htm out of the bargain by telling
of a mortgage against the forty acres.
Disgusted with tho whole proceedings,
he packed thn currency in his crip and
started back to Iowa. He took a lower
Pullman berth, and, tho upper being un
occupied, he put his grip and overcoat
In It He paid no further attention to
Its contents until this morning, when he
arrived here, and after going to tho'Paxr
Tlio early demand for high; shoes last fall forced us to
buy extra heavy, then we had a very mild fall; conse
quently wo havo on hand 14,000 pairs of high grade
shoes in all the noW stylos of ladies' and mon's foot
wear. Every paiV of theso shoes wore made for firms
that failed while they wem going through tho factory
or canceled thorn on account
tho backward Beason. Satur
dajr wo place on salo this ontiro
lot of shoes thai was made to
sell at $4.00 to $6.00, at
all colors, hand
Boys' 75o Bnbfesrs, all sizes, storm front and roll
edge; all slsos, Saturday in.
at per pair , B
Boys' 93J0O and 93JSO boss, In the finest patent and
colt leathers, all sizes B f M
Haturday, at per pair ,
Girls' Sboss In tho finest kid and calf lea- Attn
thers, $1.00 values, aU sizes, Saturday 90S
ton found the roll of currency gone.
He Immediately called at the police
station arid Chief Agent Canada of tho
Union Pacific la handling tho case.
Taft Win Speak
at Five Banquets
WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.-Prcsldent
Taft left at 3 p. m. over the Pennsyl
vania railroad for Philadelphia on a trip
which will take him to five banquets u
two days, including a visit to New Tork
and New Haven, and 'bring him back to
the White House Tuesday morning.
A Horrible Dentil
may result from diseased -lungs. Cure
coughs and weak, sore lungs with Dr.
King's New Discover'. x G0c and $1.00.
For sale by Beaton Drug1 Co. Advertise'
of tf