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TilK BEE: OMAHA, SATl'HDAY, JAXl'ARY 18. 1013.
By MELUFICIA. Thkursday, January 17, 1913.
THERE Js nn Increasing tendency at the Country club t6 deport from
the traditional winter dances, and jih a result Important variations
nro In growing ordor. Dealing with Torpslchoro with less formal
ity Ib In choral hnrmony with most of the mcmborR ot the club, and
tho temporary disregard of tho stricter conventionalities has elicited brand
new Interest. Tho, weathor, too, has been propitious this year for this par
ticular amusement.
Contributing In an encouraging style will bo a party which will be ono
of tho largest planned for tho lato winter season. This will bo the laat of
the scries given by tho Omaha Junior club. It will be an Informal affair
and is planned for tho Saturday following Easter, March 20.
The Dinner Dance club will give the last of tho aeries of entertainments
planned shortly nftcr Easter, when thoy will also have a dancing party at
tho Country club.
Between now and I.ent several affairs arc planned at tho club. Mre.
55. T. Lindsay will entertain at luncheon next Friday, when sixteen gucBts
will bo present.
January 31 the Original Cooking club will glvo4a dinner dance at the
club arid February 1 there will bo a dinner for the men of tho Country club.
Cowan-Cookc Wedding.
Tlio wedding of MIm Maria Ada Cooke
of thin city and Mr. Jarntfl Cowan of
Valentine, Nfb., was eclcbratod Thurs
day evening at the residence ot tho
bride, 1T Jncltson irtrcet. nev. Hujfh
Bpecr of tho Central United rrcebyterion
church oMlrlaUd, and about twenty
Etieets were present n't tho ceremony.
Mr. Cowan Is superintendent ot the
eub-tatlon State form of tho University
of Nebraska at Vftlontlne. Mr. and Mrs.
rowan will be at home at Valentine alter
February X.
Wedding Anniversary.
Mr, and Mrs. Johnston. 15 Hoc tor
boulevard, entcralncd Sunday afternoon
4nd ovcnlnn In honor of their seventeenth
wcddlnB anniversary. Refreshments were
, nerved at 6 o'clock. Tho evening was
, upent in dancing and music. Those prcs
i cnt were:
Otlfsea MUscs-
Stanley Ilancka. Dorothy Shtiltx.
Kathcrlne Gernantlt, Kstella AllbauRh,
Henrietta Hoffmann, Martha JnhnRton,
Oertrudo Allbaugh. Wilda Johnston.
Anna Klostcrmeycr.
Messrs. Messrs.
James Kancka, Jack lllccy,
Fred Gernandt, Edward Krlgbaum.
John Stcrrct,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Andrews,
Mr. and Mrs. I,. Btovnns, .
Mr. and Mrs. D. Stortz, v
Mr.and Mrs. J. LaVnllc,
Mr. and Mrs. M. AllbauRh,
Mr. and Mrs. Johnston,
Mrs. Gernandt
Pi feeta Phi luncheon.
Iocat members of 11 Heta Phi' will en"
tertaln at luncheon Saturday afternoon
at the homo ot Miss Uarda Scott. Miss
Scott will be assisted by Miss 1'loronco
Jlush, Miss Georslana Davis and Mrs.
-M H. Dunliam. Tlio luncheon will be
followed by a business meeting.
beater Parties.
At the concert this evening given by
Mmc. Calve at the llrandels theater one
of tho box parties will include: Mrs. M.
J. Carney of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Redmond and Mr. and Mrs.
George Branduls.
A theater party Thursday evening at
.he Qrandels Included Mrs. Oerrlt Fort.
Mr. and Mrs. K. J. McVann, Miss Mabel
lialcombe. Mr. P. W. Iconhardt ami Mr.
Gerrlt 1'ort, Jr.
far. - ;T3cr5Pcz2
Et-a-Virp. Dance. Club
Tho Kt-a-VIrp club gave a danclnx
party nt Chambers' Thursday night. The
following were present:
I.uura Petersen,
isiiu I'einrscM,
ritliel Pndmorc.
Mario Mitchell.
Dili nc ho Hu.thes,
Htclla Jensen,
Armom lament,
vera marrora.
isila uroste.
Inabello Kramer,
Mnrgaret iagc,
Kdna Folks.
rcveiyn penman,
Loom uranaen,
Kstcllo liOree,
Margaret Past.
Adellno SDfcht,
Grace Petersen,
Ilazul uclilltrce,
Goorgln Smith.
Claude Jtlfe,
XV. C. Mann.
('. li. Hwaucutt,
A. F. Kellstrom,
Karl Klsanlmrt.
J. T. lllxlrr,
F. A. Coulter,
George HowIch,
G. T. Hllllrr.
Dr. F. V. Lage,
Al Ucrk,
J. w. Johnson,
F. J. Phillips,
S. II. Attwood,
Percy Owyniie,
Ijuirlco Hansen,
Oscar Malstrom.
W. U. Johnson,
J. A. Wrscott,
Dorothy Illgfow,
Nettle Hchooley,
Odcttn Jncksoti,
Gladys Morrill,
Grace narrower,
Flower Alexander,
Anne Knoeper,
Itose Gordy,
I rent) JIlRbcc,
Irene Lundgard,
Maude Frrdrlckson,
Margaret Herman,
Kmma Wilson,
Ktnll Ilenelln,
NnU White,
J. K. Haney,
F. J. Koscnbach,
Clarence Hall,
XV. H. Allen,
1.. 13. Johnson,
George Stover,
William llllslzer,
A. 1. Ilcynotds,
Clark Cheney,
XV. Crulgliead,
F. Hnuirord.
'. XV. Vapor,
Otto Nielsen,
Curl Holtwy,
Max Grossman,
Howard Cronk,
Samuel Crozlcr,
lid Hawlcy.
Oinrtiia cnUita'u the freshmen clout
on Jiinuniy 1'4. This will be a party of
fered by the ncnlors to the class selling
th" most tickets to their play, "IHcka nt
The Week Hnd Dancing elub will give
the fifth ot the series of dancing partita
Saturday at Chambers.
Dr. and Mrs. O. S. Hoffman have gone
to ChlCHgo and Iluffalo for a week's visit,
expecting to return to Omaha about next
At Fort Crook.
Major and Mrs. Chnrlcs French of Fort
Crook entertained nt dinner Thursday
evening. The decorations were yeltow
rocs and yellow-shaded candles. Covers
wero laid for:
Major and Mrs. Fredeilck Dale,
Major and Mrs. Charles French,
Cnptnln and Mrs. Ixiuls Kuttman,
Captain and Mrs. Samuel Noyes,
Captain and Mrs. "William Coleman,
Captain and Mrs. John Brady.
Captain and Mrs. Frederick Van Dujus
of Fort Crook entertained at dinner
Thursday. Covcry wero laid for:
Cphalitln and Mrs. John Clienoweth,
f1nnlnln n t. t fM 1 1 1 1 M - 1.1 i 1
Captain and Mrs. Frederick Van Duyne,!
Evening Entertainment.
Mrs. ISmll Hofmnnn entertained at hor
homo Wednesday QTcning In honor of
Harold llaxter" of San Antonio, Tex.
Those present were:
Margaret Hot matin,
rtutlt Hurgeson,
Mabel Marqunrdt,
Margaret Gormen,
Clara Hoffman.
Charles Peterson,
Wlllln Nlttler,
Albert Jjotx,
Harold n.ixter,
Mrs. c:. b. Baxter.
Mrs. C. XV. Johnson.
Margaret Wagner,
Edna Ilrldgos,
Helen Myers,
Ituth Klltngtinsvn,
JJIner Christiansen,
Joseph Semerad,
Clnrpnce Wagner,
Ino Cruise.
Lotafun Bridge Club,
Mm, Koas Ijngnecker enter talne'd the
J.otafun n rid go club yostcTday afternoon.
Tlioso present were: j
K. H. Ward,
Graco Morphy,
Lillian Johnson,
Qlndys Hodgln,
C 11. Btombaugh.
Lawretta Cope,
nutli Fisher,
Wllma Uruce.
G. B. llanoy.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McMahun.
Mr. and Mrs.Jloyal Guff.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Strlngfellow.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy O, Hale.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles FlHher.
Dr. and Mrs. H. K. Newton. .
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Thorp. v
Mr. and Mrs, K. It. Ward.
For the Future.
Mrs. Jiryant Itogers will give a small
bridge party at her homo Monday, Janu
ary 27.
Tho Coluinblcn circle will entertain at
cards Friday evening at their hall.
Miss Carmellta Chuso will entertain the
meinbera ot tho Debutante Urldge club
Tuesday nftcrnoon.
Tho senior clusa of tho University :t
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mrs. M. J. Carney of Clilcago arrived
this morning to visit her sister, Mrs.
Georgo llrandole, for a week or ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kelly will
leave next week to spend the remainder
of tho .winter In southern California. In
stead of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kelly,
as nnnounced yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs, Charles Singer left Thurs
day evening for Chicago, where thoy will
attend the wedding of Mr. Singer's
brother. Mr. J. J. Singer, which will tako
place Monday, January 27.
Plan for Consolidation of Omaha and
Neighbors Practically Complete.
Sonth Onutlin n Krrp Its Poller Sta
tion, 8honlft, l.llirarr nnA Sli
Trensnry l,r to Intra
dnee the Dill.
Tho Greater Omaha bill, which tho
legislature Is to bo asked to pass to open
the way to consolidation r fltn aha f h
South Omaha, Dundee, Benson and Flor-
enio nao ocen practlcauy completed.
Tho main bill, which t . mvi.trm nr tk.
Ineffective merger law passwl six years
go, naa been drafted by John P. Dreon
and W. If. llordman, while the bill re
lating to tho school district Is drafted by
Curl E. Herring. Tho understanding ta
that they are to bo Introduced by Kcp
rescntatlvo Michael Lee.
All the way through the proposed
changes are in the direction of giving
Soutli Omaha and other nntiuni tni-H.
tory assurance of participation in tho gov
ernment of the larger city and of main
taining whatever local Institutions thnv
now have. For Soutli Omaha, for exam
ple, the police station and poltco court,
public library, subtrcasury, high school
and grade schools ore to bo maintained,
and In addition the members of the police
and flro departments and tho public
BChool teachers' corn nm to Ji Inrvirmr.
atod Into the corresponding branches ot
puono service In tho consolidated city.
Still a separate bill provides for making
tho liquor lloonnes In the two cities co
terminous by authorizing tho relssuo of
South Omaha licenses for a pro rata
charge for the remainder of the year.
The elecHou machinery Is slightly mod
ified becauso of the biennial election sys
tem, so thnt the vote may bo taken at a
special election upon presentation of
petitions to the county- board signed by
10 pr cent of tha voters of each of tb
cities or villages.
TJning up in front of the Ram Cat Alley
saloon five members of the leisure class
eagerly watched patron after patron of
the saloon lino up to the bar and dlspenso
with' soothing glasses of cool beer. Each
minute their thirst became more Intense
and In a short time their throats were
parched and crying out for a glass of tho
amber liquid to soothe the sharp pains,
which made each second a moment of
Along came temptation In th form of
the engineer of the California hotel, rat
tling loose pieces of silver In his pockets.
With a bound the five men were upon
Mm and relieved him of the money.
With an old lard pnll full of beer the
five retired to a secluded place In the
alley. Officers Thrasher and Holdcn
walked In upon tho crowd and carted
them to the police station. ,
Georgo Floth, Worth Austin, James
Johnson, Tom Carroll and Jack McICin
ney, tho five men, were given thirty days
In Jail by Judge Foster.
The Commercial club of Lincoln Is not
sending an Invitation to the Nebraska.
State Teachers' association io hold the
annual convention In that city this year,
but has left the matter with the mayor
and president of tho Board of Education.
A. II. Armstrong, mayor, and W. H.
Ferguson, president of the Board of Bdc
cation, are the only signers of the in
vitation, although the Lincoln Commercial
club letterheads are used for them.
This Is tho first time the Lincoln Com
mercial club has failed to send a direct
Invitation to the teachers.
Two Bits Saves Man
from Going to Pen
A quarter more In a Jury's verdict arid
E. K. Seaman would have to go to tho
penitentiary for one to seven years for
obtaining money by false pretenses. As
It Is a year In Jail la the most he can get.
Seaman Induced the cashier at the Korao
hotel to cash a worthless check for 3S.
He testified ho got but 331.75. the hotel
charging a commission of a quarter. This
the hotel employe denied, but the Jury
took Seaman's word In this Instance. It
found him guilty, but fixed the value ct
tho money obtained at J34.75. Thirty-flVc
dollars Is the dividing point botwejn
grand and petit larceny.
The Jury recommended that Seaman be
released at once, ho having spent three
months In Jail awaltlne trial. Seaman
may bo turned over to Des Moines au
thorities, who want to try him on a simi
lar charge.
The World's Sunday School association
Is the representative of the organised
Sunday school work in all lands. It has
been aptly called "Tho World's Greatest
Syndicate." It represents a larger con
stituency, covers a more extensive terri
tory and has a wider outreach ot influ
ence than any other association of men
and women tho world has ever known.
It docs business in 120 of tho 192 coun
tries and groups of islands into which
the world is divided, conducting its mani
fold and diversified work through 288.0C0
local organizations (Sunday schools) with
more than 28,000,000 stockholders inter
ested In its success.
Requests for credentials from all parts
of tho state are now being received at
the office of the Nebraska Sunday School
association In Lincoln..
That Are liffircnt
One purchase hero generally
makes a permanent customer.
Something new every day in tho
Bakery line.
X.lght Lunches at noon and up
until midnight. Drop In after tho
Pop Ctrn Crisp
21c POUND.
Harney St.
New State Bank Bldg.
Refined and Lasting.
Dr. J. I3vet 1st Cathell, who has been
mnk'lng headquarters In Omaha slnco ho
delivered a number ot political speeches
for tho republican stnte committee
throughout Nebraska during tho fall cam
paign, has gono east, where he Is to begin
a series of platform lectures next week
In the central states. Dr. Cathell will
return to Omaha In tho nprlng. when
ho will deliver a number of platform
lectures throughout the state.
Key to tho Sltuatlonf-Beo Advertising.
A Plain Unvarnished Tale
Concerning Saturday Specials at Kilpatrick's
We Are Preparing To Invoice and List Our Entire Stock
CONDITIONS You have a right to expect, under these circumstances, RARE VALUES. AND YOU'RE GOING
January Rug Sale Bargains
Rv reductions which demand attentioi from
economical householders-domestic and Oriental
TN every sale in every store there is some special
doparhnont that seimis to offer greater adviuitagea than any other; in
this establishment, it appears, our rug section is full of tho greatest money
saving bargains. Wo have so many fine domestic and Oriental coverings
that one wondors how a prospective customer can fail to find here just the
rug desired and nt tho prieo ono wants to pay. 'We earnestly invite you
to a.careful consideration of our rug offerings. "There may bo no immediate
demand for theso for your homo, but spring is not far away, and you surely,
will need some now rugs for making the homo cool and fresh during the
summer. Better drop in here for a few minutes while you are down town.
You'll be delightfully surprised. Domestic rugs on third floor, and Orien
tals on second floor.
$185.00 Silk Mohair, 9x12,
for $125.00
$85.00 Whittal Arabic, 10-6
xl2, for $64.00
$56.00 Whittal Arabic, 9x12,
for $35.00
$75.00 Royal Wilton, 10-6x
13-6, for $56.25
$68.50 Royal Wilton, 10-6x
12, for $47.50
$68.00 Royal Wilton, 9x12,
for $53.00
$65.00 Royal Wilton, ll-3x
12, for $47.50
$60.00 Royal Wilton, 9x13-6,
for $45.00
$60.00 Royal Wilton, 10-6x
10-6, for $42.50
$48.50 Royal Wilton, 9x12,
for $34.50
$45.00 Royal Wilton, 8-3x
10-6, for $29.50
$65.00 Am axiom, Seamless,
9x12, for , $47.50
$60.00 Supurbua, Seamless,
0x12, for $45.00
$42.50 Electra Axminster,
10-6x13-6, for $30.00
$50.00 Body Brussels, 9x15,
for $30.00
$33.50 Body .Brussels, 9x12, '
for $25.25
$28.50 Body Brussels, 8-3x
10-6, for : $23.75
$25.00 Brussels, 11-3x12 for $15.00
$12.75 Brussels, 8-3x10-6,
for $ 9.50
$20.00 Rag Rug, 9x12, for. .$10.00
$12.00 Rag Rug, 6x9, for..$ 8.50
$8.00 Royal Wilton, 36x63,
for $6.75
$6.00 Royal Wilton, 27x54,
for $4.50
$5.00 El Hamman Bath,
36x72, for $3.75
$4.00 El Hamman Bath,
30x60, for $2.75
$2.00 El Hamman Bath,
24x48, for $1.50
$3.50 Rag Rug, 30x60, for ..$2.00
$2.00 and $2.75 Rugs, 36x72,
for . $1.25
Worth up to $3.75, for
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50
415-17 South Sixteenth Street
For instance in the Children's Section More Coats
than wo care to have Children's and Junior's, 2 to 17
years. Reliable of course, well made and good stylos.
Thoy sold up as high as $12.00, pick Saturday at $2.98.
And there are finer ones at $5.00 and $9.50; just
about y2 former prices.
Aviation Caps
lviaae irom iiiuierclown Wool, to sell ELf
at $1.50, Saturday, each , 9UC
Beacon Blanket Robes in basement Used as Blankets
Afghans, or to make Lounging Robes, 4 ft A
usually $3.50, at IbVO
Men's Union Suits
An exceedingly fortunate purchase enables f Aft
us to sell, Saturda)', $4.00 garments at, each livIO
A combination of fine mercerized yarn mixed with wool.
A hurried count shows 176 Coats,
invoice them. One lot at
We prefer not to
$9.98 Saturday
.Worth up to $25:00.
Another lot at
$14.75 Saturday
.Worth up to $37.50.
70 DRESSES to sell for similar reasons.
Theso, too, sold up to $25.00. On Satur
day your pick at ,
All colors and a great variety of materials, including
Serges, Eponges, Charmeuse, etc. May we suggest that
if you are interested in any of theso items you should
attend promptly SATURDAY MORNING.
Saturday sees tho end of our MARVELOUS SHOE
SALE. This was no odd lot of odd sizes or odd styles,
but spick and span selected stock, sized just as we would
buy them lor our regular trade Because of this there
has been a uniform average sale of sizes, and as a con
sequence almost as good an assortment, as wo near tho
end, as there was in the beginning.
SATURDAY ENDS IT-Originally about 1,900 pairs
in the lot there will not be many left when sale ends.
$2.95 'instead of $4.00
$3.85 instead of $5.00 x,
$4.65 instead of $6.00
Saturday the Last Day
Upon which we will make skirts to your measure at
$2.00 FOR THE MAKING Unless you come in the
morning "wo fear we must refuse your orders. Our ex
pert who measures and fits had to turn some away a day,
or two ago.
The Big Silk Sale Ends Also Saturday Night
Never at this season have wo sold so many Silks. Small
wonder when you get silks worth $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50
for 59c but there's an end to all things.
Confession !
A Few Days Ago W Announced a Sale of
rench and Willow P
This sale was advertised in tho usnnJ
a good many, but not ONE-QUARTER of what should havebeen sold, and so we decided to advertise and try once more
In all earnestness let us impress you to look at and examine these values. More than one ladv found the val-
lies so wonderful and tho Plumes so ridiculously cheap that they simply could not resist buying, and some boucht N
" youyd owwiuBuia wvenug tne values, ii you Knew as,mucn aoout tnese goods as we do
Not One Would be Left to Tell the Tale by Noon
$1.98 for Plumes worth up to $5.00 ) ,m
$2.98 for Plumes worth up to $7 50 ( Whether you buy or not we want you to
$3.98 for Plumes worth up to $10.00 see tllese for e wisk yu to see for yourselves
$4.98 for Plumes worth up to $12.00 tao difference between the False and the true.'
$5.98 for Plumes worth up to ........... $15.00 f J
Willow Plumes Not so much in demand but still very good and priced lower, value for value, than ever
known in our belief. ; ' 1
$4.98 instead of " ' $7.50 I $11.98 instead of $18 00
$9.98 instead of $15.00 There is practically every color in both