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Daily Bee
j.0 ue,, Ilrtg frCmis
ami enemies, and why it wields nn
Innuenco for public good.
VOL. XL1I-N0. 184.
I in UIIHI I Bl I I I II Mill I I I II i HI I If II I II I 111 nil im I T T T I m . ft am - i - "
tmm I . I I I i I 1 I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 I I I HKWHtgr
Premier is Elevated to High Officej
by the National-Acsembly on
Second Ballot.
Committee Awaiting Further Word
from President-Elect.
llrprcnrnlndvp Itoriilr nlirrrr Off era
Amendment to Itmnliilliin Jrr-y
mlttlnir I ar f Pension
WASHINGTON. Jan. lT.-Wllllnni C
l!ust!". clinl ruin n ..r h,., i i .......
LIFE j mlltoe. held an Informal conference with
numbers or tho committee today ova
New Executive is Considered One of i ,,es,,lm-t',t'rl wiuon's letter suggesting
Strongest Men in France. !Ht "'..mittec consider the r6ifaii.
He salil the committee would do all pos-
He Was Also Vice President of
Chamber of Deputies Four Years.
. timber of Hxcltlngr Im-lrtonl Pre
cede Hriflnnlnii of llnlliillnit
In Ihn Historic Old
VERSAILLES. Jan. 17.-rremlcr Poln
enre was elected president of the. French
republic by the assembly held hero to
day. Premier Poincare received SSI voles au
Jules Pams XU votes on the first ballot
for the election of a new president of the
Tlio result of the second ballot was
Raymond Poir.calre, 4S3 (elected); Jules
Pams, 236; Marie Ediiard Vallltint, 09.
The1 national assembly was opened
promptly at 2 o'clock this afternoon by
Antonlu Dubost, president of the senate,
who read the decree of convocation In a
loud, clear voice.
Every Inch of space In the great hall
was occupied. Nine-tenths of the spec
tatore In tho galleries were women.
Everybody present was listening with
trained attention when suddenly a
thunderous voice from the body of the
hall shouted: "Wo protest against"
The rest of the phrase was lost In a
tumult of cries and exclamations.
The volco was that of the conservative
deputy, the Marquis Albert de Dion, who
"ivii me uproar nau somowhat subsided,
started afresh: I
"We protest against the election of tho 1
president of the republic by Parliament J
Instead of by tho people." I
The assembly was agitated anew by a !
uoui rom a socialist deputy, "Down
with the empire."
The republicans replied by cheering:
"Long llvo the republic."
Senator DuboBt, who is a veteran par
.liaroentarian, gradually restored order
by admonishing tho assembly that such
interruptions were deplorable "alid futile.
3 well as being contrury to the rules of
what was merely an electoral college,
where motions and speeches whatever
their character were not permissible.
I'nlnce llrllllniitly Decorated.
The .interior ofvtho Palace, whief,
from the time of Louis XV.Lya,' brIN.j
.mm.., iccuruieu. xnc floor or tho con
graa;.lall Itself was arranged with Utfl
chairs covered In dark leather. 'Xo spe
cial seats were assigned to tho members
of tho two chambers, who took the.'r
Places In accordance wtlh their' p.qhtical
groupings. v.
Outside tho palace In the spacious
grounds there was great animation all
day, the park being filled with motor curs
and carriages, whllo muny liveried do
mestics and thousands of curious for
eigners wandered about. These were Inter
spersed with mounted troopers for the
purpose of keeping order.
Within the palace many lively lyncheon
and tea parties were given by the various
functionaries, while some .or tho smaller
rcoma were occupied by partisans of the
various candidates discussing the tactics
to bo purstled.
The broad lobbies were filled with sen
ators and deputies and hundreds of re-,
porters, for all of whom tho government?
provided tobacco, clgavs and cigarettes.
Twelvo special telegraph wires had
been laid from Versailles to Paris, for
the use of officials and newspaper cor
respondents arid dozens of special tele
phones wero installed to Insure rapid
stblc to -nirct thr wishes of Mr. Wilson.
The president-elect' letter had not
poached the committee jAccpt through tho
i" "u uiniini ncuon was upirirutl
until the committee coniris with .Mr.
A hearing was held on ji house resolu
tion to hold tho ball in tho pension build
ing, llenrlug on a similar resolution 'n
the senate was 'deferred lnvvlow of ..Ir.
Wilson's letter.
Representative' Roddenbecry today ot
feied nn amendment to the resolution
authorizing tho use oUthc pension office,
whlciris worded as follows:
That the grant of tho use of tho pen
sion building for the Inaugural hall Is
expressly upon the condition and with
the limitation that for the prevention of
nets of public Indecency tho following so-
wtncu ounces are uarreu anu prohibited
Minneapolis Man First of Dynamite
Conspirators to Be Released
Pending Appeal.
Former Comrades Swinging Steel
Girders Into Place
Not Allowcvdto Shake Hands with
Fellow Prisoners
ileum Iftirrla .VII llic Other Coif
tli'teit Coniiiilrnlori Are Confi
dent rinnl Itrlrtoc ami
rr ot Dlai'iiurtitiril.
i.cak.vohtii, . Knn Jan. 17.
Dressed In the same suit of clothes ho
wore on' January 1, when, with thltty
two other men ho entered the federal
pilson to serve a three-year term Im
posed upon him at Indianapolis for'lils
alleged connection with n natlon-witfc
dynamite plot. Charles N. Ileum of
MlnneupolK Mepixd forth from orison
'Grizzly bear varieties tho linnm- luni ' this afternoon released under J:voitt
tenderloin movements, tho turkey trot I He was thn flii r ih i,.,... i.n. .1.
mile conspirators to obtain his liberty.
vulgarisms of
b and all slml-
contortlon8. and all like
the hoochee coochen ilanee
lar forms of gymnastic convulsive movi
inents Buggestlvo of the degenerate
revelries of the segregated districts.
Finally, it was decided to learn more of
lYesldent-clcot Wilson's wishes and tho
committee will wait until next week bo
foro taking formal action.
TUHNTOX. N.. J.. Jan. U.-I'resldenl-elect
AVIIson declined to say today what
ceremony ho would favor ns a substitute
for the inaugural ball. A popular recep
tion at the capltol had been suggested.
He said ho would wait to leani what
William CorcoranKustls, chairman of the
Inauguration committee, thought of tho
suggestion to eliminate the ball, the pro
posal to abolish which was talked in a
letter sent to Mr. Kustls yesterday.
mes Early This Year
Montana Will Unite
University Forces
w i if not a man In
for Great Institution I co"rae th0 ,ea
As th cptison wagon In which ho lode
from th egrounds passed out Unum looked
back and aw some of his former com
rades swinging steel gliders into place
over tho cast front of the cellhousc which
Is being constructed by the men. They
were. Ignorant or the fact thut wncun
which passed beneath them contained
Ueiim. but he know they were up theie
mid expressed regret that he could not
see them. He previously had been refused
permission to shake hands wtlh his com
rades and had but a minute to say u
hasty goodbye to Krunk 'MTftyan, presi
dent of th elntcrnatlonal Association of
Urldge. and Structural Iron Workers.
Tin' going home to my family, i ! Views of the Powers is Laid Before
naven i seen innm for rour months. said
From the l'ittturgh DUpiUfi. " ' 1 " ' "
Norton's Resolution to Hold Down
Number at Legislative Pic Coun
ter Indefinitely Postponed.
Introduces Humorous Resolution
Laughing Topic Away.
Vote of Fifty to Thirty-Nine Cast
Upon Proposition.
CnHitlmoiiM Vote ;lvoii to Compll
niciitlnu .liihiiuy Hull ror I'nuiinxr
or lliinic Itlllo mil (Mix:
Mnn for Klectrnciilloii.
NOTE PRESENTED TO TURKEY ' named as member of state
Heum. He saldhc would leavo l,eaven
worth tonight at HiSO o'clock.
Ileum said all the labor leaders weie
i confident of their fjnal releasor "There
if not a man in the bunch that is dla-
st bt." he asserted.
Co oil ami Urlnk.
The buffet of the palace was heavily
stocked with food and thousands o( bot
tles of mineral water. Throughout the
morning 'two hugo caldrons of soup
steamed constantly In the palace kitchen
and cups .of this wero passed round at
Considerable commotion was caused by
n stranger socking . to obtain entrance
Into tho palace. When he was stopped
by a gendarme, and asked his business,
ho pulled out a revolver tind shouted:
"This election should not take place."
He was at once disarmed and arrested.
A number of other suspects also were
taken into custody.
The government took unusual military
bnd police measures along the railway
lines from Paris to Versailles, which
were guarded the whole distance by mill
tary men posted at Intervals of 100 yard.
A force of 2,000 policeman drawn from
nil cities of France was brought here
this morning as well as detachements of
troops of all arms, while the garrison of
Versailles was confined to Its quarters.
Prominent In Public Life,
Raymond Tolncare, the new president
of the French republic, Is one of the
strongest men who havo participated in
politics In France within recent year.
He bi In hi fifty-third year and has been
' (Continued on Page Four.)
IjINCOiA', Jan. 17.-(SpccIal
morning a circular from Helena,- Mont..
entitled "I'hui for Creation of a Greater
University," re.iched the state university
Some extracts lrom It, given below, read
as If they had been written with special
referertte to the proposal for consolida
tion of"the University of Nebraska's ac
tivities upon tho farm, campus. It In
headed "Mistakes to He Avoided Camput
and Grounds," and read in part as
".Each-ofliu oldwind -great unlvorjlrjeji
of the east has made the colossal blunder
of not providing nn adequate camjiu
Harvard, Yale and Columbia, have spbiil
millions to enlarge their grounds and they
ate still seeking to enlarge them, but at
art 'enohhous cost. Even the great statu
of Michigan set aside for Its university
A campus of only forty acres. Every en
largement of that campus has bfcen made
at heavy expense. One would have ex
pected Minnesota to avoid tho mistakes
of all of Its predecessors, but Minnesota
provided for Its university a campus of
only forty or fifty acres. I'.ccently the
campus of that university has been en
larged to about 100 acres, but at a cost,
we are told, of approximately '$1,000,OCO.
Many millions more will doubtless have
tc; be spent still further to enlarge the
grounds of this great and growing uni
versity. "We consider" that one Indispensable
condition to tho creation of a great mod
ern university Is an ample campus and
sufficient lands for the development of
schools of forestry.'of agriculture, of hor
ticulture, of fruit raising, of dairying
and of other such things demanded by a
progressive state."
The Montana association proposes to
abandon any of its four educational
plants that stand In the way 'of consoli
dating its educational forces into a
greater university. These abstracts are
given to the press without further comment.
.j-TIiIh i Nebraska's Vote
Sent Unsealed to
National Capital
Says Railroads
Fix Bridge Tolls
The Weather
Forecast till 7 p. m. Saturday.
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Cloudy; not much change In tempera
ture. Tentperntore at Ouinfca Testerday.
aours. ueg.
S a. m ,...21
8 a. m..,. IS
'J a. m 18
r-m jv n. in... , is
IB" 11 a. m 13
JJ. 12 m :i
r i p. m a
" l- .
P. Ill, 21
f p. m z
6 p. m M
7 p. m ....,.;
P- m a
I From a Staff Correspondent.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.-(Spcclal Tel
gram.) Wnlilo Vintersten of Fremont,
who today presented In person the offl-
clal returns of he presidential elccjlpn In
Nebraska to tliMB.t.h&d a few t;nr
pleasant moments .when tho manner m
which the documents were offered wni
criticised ns not being according to law.
Secretary Dfevcndcrfer of the vice presi
dent's office received tho returns, whlc l
were prest. ed unsealed.
"Don't you know that the law provides
that returnsahould be sealed?" asked Mr.
"I don't know anything about It," re
plied Mf. Wlntersten.
"I present them Just as they wero given
to inc."
"Where" are your credentials?" he w-i
"Where are your credentials?" he was
"Inside tho puckage." he replied.
Mr. Devenderfer stated that If there
were any close question as to how the
vote went In Nebraska he would be
obliged not to receive tho credentials In
their unsealed condition as It admitted of
their being -tampered with between the
time they left the secretary of state in
Nebraska and the time of their receipt
Senator Hitchcock was in the senate
when the documents were offered In tho
senate and affixed his signature thereto.
the Sultan.
Action of I'imu'h llrlnjcil Mctrrnl
l)ny ly- (In. KiiInci- Thousand
or Allinnliinn Arc Mlnln
by Serlm.
WAIHN'GTON. Jap. 17.-A railroad
combination to control the tolls on bridges
over tho Mississippi river was describe 1
to the house committee during a hearing
on bills authorizing an additional bridge
at Keokuk, la.
Vice President C. It. Joy of the Inter
city llrldge company of Keokuk, favored
a bill by Representative Kennedy to per
mit tho company to build a new brides
by utilizing the government dam at Kci- l);gg among others being unpacked and
laik. In opposition Theodore Gllman offwus writing the letter on a dare. Mc
Romance Extracted 1
From Story of Egg
BHOKBN BOW, Neb., Jan. 17.-(SpecIal
Telegram.) Tho story told In a New
York dispatch about a Broken Bow tailor
gaining a rich New Jersey wife by means
of his name being written on an egg,
came to an 'unromantlc ending today,
when W. S. McCreary. who runs a cloth
ing cleaning establishment here, admitted
he was one of the parties referred to.
While In a gtocery store last August,
McCreary wrote his name on an egg
that was being packed for shipment, and
on January 3 received a letter from Mils
Velma Lane, cashier In a restaurant it
Mlddletown, N. V.
Tho girl wild she found the addressel
CONSTANTINOPLE, Jan. 17 -Tlie to
lective note drafted by the ambassador
of the European powers In Ixmdon waj
presented to the Turkish government to
LONDON, Jan. -17. Germany's eouruiii
tb the presentation, to the Ottoman gov
ernment of the note dratted by tho am
bassadors of the Kuropean powers In
London, the absence of which -has do
laved, the s,cUon'pf .the.powtra. Jiaa-)ow.
been given, Instructions have reached
the German ambassador at Constnntlhopl.j
to proceed with his diplomatic colleagues
In handing the note to Turkey.
Allinnlnnn Mnasncrt-il.
VIENNA, Jan. 17. Twenty-five thou
sand Albanians havo been "more or !oh i
wantonly" killed 1 tho Turkish province
of Kossovo by tho Servian regulars anil i
Irregulars since tho Invasion by them cf j
Kuropean Turkey, according to the rtolco
post today.
The newspaper demands the dispatch it
a Kuropean commission to Investigate tt'o
reports of horrible atrocities.
New York, secretary of the Hamilton &.
Keokuk Bridge company, which con
structed the present bridge, and Superin
tendent Cole of the hrldge company told
the committee there was no competition
between. railroad bridges over the Missis
sippi because the railroads fixed the toll
rates. .
The matter nlay be brought to the at
tention of tho attorney general.
Crcary Answered her letter, but up to
this time has received n orcply. No other
correspondence passed between them, nor
were any photos exchanged
Boys Play Foot Ball
With a Live Baby
Idaho Senatorial
, lin a vaca
Deadlock Unbroken h':
BOISU, Idaho, Jan. 17 -Chief Justice
James V. Allsple and former Governor
James H. Brady each received thlrty-ono
Votes for - Cnlted States senator Jn' tno
Idaho legislature today. Many ciangcs
were recorded In the voting, but thera
was no .significant brek In the deadlock.
Allsple made a net gain of five, receiving
eight new votes and losing three. Bradv
held all his previous votes and gainod
lone from Allsple and two from Thomas
I lla mer Congressman Burton L.
French. C. W. Bealo and James E. Bab1!
received no votes today.
Frank Wyman of Boise made his. ap
pearance as,'a candidate, receiving the
two Ada county votes that previously ha I
gone to Allsple .
NKW YORK, Jan. 17.-A dozen boys
playing foot ball wtlh a pasteboard box
nt lot In Brooklyn today sat
est after half an hour's play.
That's a funny loooklng box," said one
j of them "Lets' see what's inside."
nc uuuiu iiju strings, v i-aay old
'baby boy, naked ami to all appearances
dead, rolled to the ground. A policeman
took It to a hospital. Half an hour later
It was crying lustily. It probably will live.
LONDON', Jan. 17. Women were ex
eluded from practicing law at the British
bar by an overwhelming' vo'te of the Bar
association at Its annual meeting held
this afternoon. A motion to admit women
to membership was favored by' somo of
the younger barristers, but thu senior
counsel voted In a bodv nsralnit It.
Folke E. Brandt is
4 Granted Pardon by
Governor Sulzer
ALBANY, N. Y., Jan. 1".-Governor
Sulzer today pardoned Folke IC. Brandt,
former valet of Mortimer L. Hchlff, the
New Tork banker, on the ground that
Brandt's sentence of thirty years for
buiglary was excessive.
At the request of Governor Sulzer, At
torney General Csrmody made a state
ment in which he said ho favored
Brandt's pardon, "not as a matter of
mercy, but as a matter of Justice."
Mr. Carmody declared that tho gov
ernor's action wiped out a "blot on the
Judiciary of tho state" and showed "that
there Is nothing that can defeat the ends
of Justice."
United .States Senator Knute Nelson of
Minnesota made a speech in which ho
characterized Brandt's sentence us Judi
cial tyranny.
The governor explulned that Brandt had
promised to lead a better life If rcleused
from prison, and added thut Mr. tfchlff
had declared he would not oppose
Brandt's application for clemency unless
It was based on "scandalous und mull-
clous statements."
It was stipulated by Governor Hulzor
In pardoning Brandt that he Is not to
accept a theat ileal engagement and must
not in the future reflect upon the char
acter of any one.
Senator Nelson volunteered to take
Brandt to Minnesota and at the sugges
tion of the governor. Brundt accepted the
Ex-Gov. Shallcnberger and Henry
Qerdes, the Democrats,
Suit Will Test
Patents to the Oil
Bearing Lands
WASHINGTON. Jan.l7.-A suit which
will test the title of hundreds of thou
sands of acres of. oil lands In the west,
with vului-s running Into tho mlllfoiM.
will bo filed at Loh Angeles by the fed
eral government within a few day
AsslHtiinOMtdrney General Knaebcl to
day lnsiructeilTlnltud states Attorney
McCormlck at Is Angeles to begin pro
ceedings against all the claimants to
lttl ncres of oil lauds In southern Cali
fornia, said to ho 'worth f.,000 an cre.
Other sultti will follow, all of thorn t?s
Ing tho legality of the extenslvo oil land
withdrawal mude by President Taft Sep
tember 27, Irioa. When questions wero
raised. ub to the president's power to
make the withdrawal, congress gave him
speclflo authority by the uct of June a,
1910, and President Taft again withdrew
the lands July 2, 1010. Between thu flMt
und second 'Withdrawals, however, many
claims wero filed for tho lands under the
mlnttral law. The government holds that
tho first withdrawal, as well an the sec
ond, was legal nnd that the title to these
valuable tracts Is lodged with thr United
Train of Steel Cars
Upset, Only One Hurt
LOCKIIAVKN, Pa., Jan. 17.-Pasengers
on tho Pennsyjvanla railroad's Washing
ton flyer, which left Buffalo at 10:15
o'clock last night, had a narrow escape
from death early today when the train
ran Into a boulder that hag rolled off
the mountain side. All but 'one of the
string of steel cars Were derailed and
overturned, but tho only person Injured
was an express messenger.
Pueblo Man Kills
Woman in a Quarrel
and Commits Suicide
PUKBIX), Colo., Jan. 17.-Lysander L.
Johnson shot and Instantly killed Mrs.
Maude Murray and then killed himself
Johnson, n.ntll recently a member of the
polleoforce, was Interested with Mrs.
Murruy In tho ownership of a restaurant
on North Union avenue. They quarreled
over the ownership of tho place and
Johnson drew a pistol, shooting the
woman through tho head twice. She died
Instantly. No customers were In tho res
tuurant at the time.
After killing the woman Johnson went
Into a barber shop next door and fired
two shots through his head, dying In
stantly. Johnson was 70 years old nnd
a veteran of the civil war. Mrs. Murray
was 38 years of age and a widow fur
thirteen years.
Tom Smllli, Aunt lint AVhuni Vlelit
Wi Mnile, C'honeit Cililef Deputy
Oil Inspect ill- to Slilculrp
llrynn Opitoiiltlnii,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Nb Jan. 17.-(8peclal.)
Governor Morehcad has named ox
Governor A. C Shallenbcrger, Henry
Gcrdes of Ktchardson county and Charles
Gregg of Kearney, ns the state board of
Tom Smith of York, nguiust whose ap
polptpient on the board the IliyHii demo
crutii!lmvo waged such a war, was named
for-'dopUTy 'chief ol) Inspector in 'pfacti
of William Husenctter,
The announcement of the appointment
came at 6 o'clock, following several
hours' conferenco betwuen the governor,
P. L. Hall, Tom Smith, ,. V. Johnson
and others, who had u old to say on
thn question. Mr. Smlth'sald he did not
piopose to bo a stumbling block and was
ready to get out of tho way, providing
Governor .ShuHcnboreger got "the place.
The terms of tho members were de
cided us follows: Oerdes, six years; Hhol
lenburger, four yeurs, and Gregg, tho re
publican, two years.
The Bryan objection to Smith wns that
he was a .machine politician. That fac
tion of tho party bus fought his appoint
ment at every Jump In the road, but It
secured no victory, for Shallenbcrger and
Smith lire intimates politically and ns
oil Inspector, Smith will have practically
sex en days In tho week to build up a
political machine, so his friends are Hay
ing. tonight.
Governor Morohoad said he would have;
liked to have conferred with the republi
can senators over thu appointment, but
concluded to name thu bdard tonight and
take full responsibility nnd If IiIh -Appointees
were not confirmed ho would
have to appoint others.
Lounsberry Found
Guilty of Robbing
Mail Train in Kansas
KANSAS CITY, Jan. 17.-Wells' Louns
berry ,of Medford, Ore., who Inst August
robbed a mall car on a Union Pacific
tinln between Kansas City nnd Lawrence,
Kan., was found guilty today In the fed
eral coutt In Kansas City, Knn.
Tho verdict, wns returned cn one count.
According to the Instruction of the court
each count calls for a sentence of ten
yearn .In the penitentiary. Sentence was
The plea of the defense was Insanity.
The government Introduced experts as
well as citizens of Medford, Lounsberry's
home, to refute that plea.
lounsberry held up six mall clerks,
forcing one to bind the others arid blind
fold them. After rifling the registered
mall sucks and placing Ills loot In a
bag, he stepped off the train at Lawrence,
boarded It agnln a moment later and hid
In a Pullman berth, where ho wus oap-
turcd by the conductor and detectives as
the truln entered Tcpeka.
Lounsberry was sentenced to seven and
one-half yeur In tho federal prison it
Leavenworth this afternoon.
tl'rom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jim. 17. (Smcliil )- 1H a
ory decisive vote this morning the hoi .-f
went on rtcord us npixincd to Ititcrfcrlm;
with the committee on employe.- or I
putting uny restrictions on the work of
thut committee. Tho nclon was taken on
lie I ciioliit Ion by Norton of Polk whk h
limited tho employes to those autuallv
needed, each one to be assigned to that
woik to which he or she was fitted
The fight on the resolution came when
Fox of Plureo Introduced the following
"WhorcnH. There Is n resolution prnd-
Ing with regard to the placing of em.
ployes in this house; nnd,
"WherciiB. Said resolution, doubtless In
spired by lofty sentiments of economy
and patriotism, would tend to confuse tin
deliberations of that group of myrterj
known to the public wcul us the icgulat
house standing committee on employes;
"Vheron, Knld martyred committee on
employes has braved the vicissitudes oi
the first legislative week with no fatali
ties, physical or political, and hus se
cured a full list of competent employes
nqw being assigned to various posts of
duty with prospects for good service, und
"Whereas, Tho total list of employes
Iibh not yet reached the, constltutlona.1
limit, and does not exited the number
actually required with tho leglslutlve
grind Is fully on; therefore, bo It
"Unsolved, That It Is th e-jenso of this
house that tho committee on employes
has acted with good Judgment and dis
crimination, and that so far ns this ses
sion Is concerned Its norvlcos-to diito nro
heartily upproved."
Norton moved that tho Fox resolution
go over 6uo day and then brought his
own resolution out for dlscussWn. Mc-
Klsslck of Gngo moved that 'It bo laid
on the table "Indefinitely."
Itlehurdson of Lancantcr Insisted that
by adding tho word indefinitely to tho
motion to table made the motion, debat
able. McAllister protested - nguinst
shutting of debato nnd so did Norton,
but tho speaker held there could bo no
debaio so a roll cull was demanded and
tho resolution was tabled "Indefinitely '
by tho followed voto.
' Rmrlth of Douglas caught tho rr Mu
tton fover and Introduced the following
which wns adopted unanimously:
Whereas, Tho glad tidings have Just
comu across. tho sou thut tho bill grantlutr
home rule (to tho Irish people has passed
the limiso bf commons and.
Whereas. The strugglo of the Irish
peoplo to achieve tho right of self gov
ernment has enlisted tho sympathy of
pntrlotn In all lands und pnrtlcularh
thoso of America, tho home of so many
millions of Irishmen and their descend
ants, therefore be It
nosolvcd. That tho Nebraska house of
representatives hereby extends to tho
Irish people and tho champions of their
causo In the British house of commons
Ha ntnoei-ii n ml earnest congratulations
Pin this splendid momory for local self
government and triumpn or a Kunouu
cause, ana be it lurtncr
Itcsolved, That thr chler clerk of this
house transmit a copy of these resolution
to the secretary of the uritlsii nouse oc
To Iiiventlltnlc Umployes.
Tho Pearson resolution reported yest.r.
day was adopted. It calls for a commit
tee of threo to Investigate whether nnv
employe of tho state Is drawing fwo im'
nries or drawing pay for an offlco not
recognized by law.
The houso members, .dropped i In another
big batch of bills, the total nt this thu
being 202, of which thlrty-slx wero popped
In this morning.
Banks of Knox got In with a Joint re
lutlon to ratify the proposed umeiidin'"tt
to the federal constitution providing for
the popular election of United States si' -
ators. Iteiiter of Otoe has a bill to pi-
vide for the electrocution of condemn "I
criminals Instead of taking llfo by liar.."
Ing. Hardin of Harlan Introduced sev
eral measures to provide for biennial
elections us recommonded by the cod
At noon the houso und senate adjounu-l
until 3 o'clock Monday,
run a.v iMim
Bride Hundred and
Five, Groom Eighty'
SAN FHANCI8CO. Jan. 17.-Through
an operation performed oif a tinall dog.
Dr. Milton Finclsco Clark of this city
eves ho has discovered a new method
I In surgery which "HI maku possible tha
' HIltlHllllltldtl llf mIK-CI Mllll lllllllllini1.f?nril-Al ' li.tu moliltnn In li,i ,... rnln , 1 .... . ....
...... .. (7...... j ..... ..BiuLtc ., un, ... . v. iuiainn lu lllf
Knox County Member Hum
CIiuiiko Customs,
CFrnm a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 17.-(Spoclal.)-The sen
ate mot this morning, transacted it
business In a hurry, put through twentv--flvo
new bills on first reading, those In
troduccd yesterday to second reading, an i
adjourned until Monday afternoon nt i
President Pro Tern KcinPvPreslded again
this morning lu the absence of the Ik"
tenant governor.
Shumwuy of Knox'lutroduced u bill
request of a council of the Wiuhebug i
Indians, asking that tha customs herd
fore In voguo among the Indiana who
I .Oh ANdLLIcs, Cat. Jan. 17.-Mrs. joint for damaged human swivels, und ilag6s bu dons away with und that tin r
Mnrcellna hllsalda, JU5 ycurs of age and itstore tho use of arms und leu to ' Indians t. in ti, ,... .
I1? DFl AYFfl RY WRIT . . . "B""" ,,no IUC" m thousands of arrilcted persons. Pr. Clark nmrry according to tho laws of the st. t
10 utUHitu Bl nil Los Auselos. concurred yesterday In an fitted the dog with a ImII and socket heel In speaking of the bill Senator Shumw
iiiiivuuuii lur u imirriugu iiceii.e ror -joint or sliver with pivots of diamond
17. Deportation ft I liomair ami I'loxmitlnn I
Nbw YORK. Jun.
Kdvvard V. Myllus. the Belgian Journalt
convicted of libelling King George A'
Knglund, which wus set for January J,
was postponed stoduy by United Stnt-M
District Judge Holt, who Issued a wilt
of habeas corpus returnable January il,
j ne license was issued. i tendons Intact ami fastening the tendons
Leon nld today he would attempt to , In a v.av which h believes will give thu
havo a recant court order appointing Mr. j dog the full ne of his leg.
Claudia Lugo, her grundduiijliler, ih' The ilojf inme out of a state of coma
ased womsn s legal guardian set uMde. h day am) kicked vigorously with the re
Mrs.. Lugo will lonttst the action, jmulc leg
fcald thut lie attended he, meeting
which the resolution wus; iilwed uskn
that a bill bo introdiiifW Covering H
mutter and that it wus one of the m
Imptcwslve mwtlngii he hud -n
i ''Tlu-y seem to -uiideistand ful
i the senator, "the situation tbej ar.