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Questioned Whether Advance in
Wheat Has Not Been Too Rapid.
CnnRrciiipntl;- llnlU In Corn Kxpect
Src n Setlinek ,f Moderate
Proportion!, !Setv Fritnrra
Mny llerelop.
llMAItA Ian 111 1011
,i'l hf. mosl ''"t'ortant question heard on i
...c numu ui iratie yesterday was, lias.
lt1.u..upturn ,n "beat been too rapid V
hlle some of tho more conservative
traders bcllevo that the pains have been
too fast under present conditions stir-
.V.'.1"1' ,nt wheat market, few were
wil ing to stand In the Kap nnd back
their opinions by making liberal sales
even on tho advancing market. During
the early part of the day there were
goodly amounts of wheat thrown over
board and holders seemed anxious to
set out of thin train. Later there was
nit almost complete reversal of condi
tions and prices Rained sharply under
Kpod buying power, with rather small
offerings. Mr. Broomhatl, In a special
cable, used all tho bullish conditions at
his command and this cablo was the
principal help to the wheat late In the
session. In addition to the above bull
ish Item a report was received from Du
luth saj Ing that a round lot of durum
wheat was sold there yesterday for ex
port. Charles IS. Lewis ot Minneapolis,
In referring to tho export sales at Du
luth, said thcro are sales made dally
according to a report received from
Julius Uarnes of Duluth. but that no
one clso seems to be doing anything
there In wheat on export account.
Kansas City reports 00,000 bushels sold
to ko tut to millers, and a message
from there said higher temperatures
liavo removed all tho snow protection
from tho southwestern wheat fields and
that thn ground Is In a condition where
a cold snap would moro than likely da in
ner the growing plant.
rash wheat, lo higher.
Gossip on corn centered mainly about
the reported drouth In Argentina, but as
this Is not recorded an van serious ns
Jet few were found who would advocate
purchases around Uho present level, a
majority of the bulls expect to see a set
back of moderate proportions unless some
new features develop In the situation over
night. Cash corn, V&glc higher.
Cash and future oats were taken largely
by the big Interests yesterday. Cash oats,
i'B'ic higher.
Clearances of wheat and flour were
Wtt.niO bu.; corn. 633.000 bu.: onts. none.
Wheat at Liverpool was '.iiiid higher;
corn, Mtl higher.
Primary wheat receipts were 1.0S1.0P0 bu.
and slilpinonU 430,000 bu., against receipts
of 636,000 bu, and shipments of 183,000 bu.
last year.
Primary corn receipts were 1,135,000 bu,
and shipments 1,166,000 bu., against re
ceipts of T63,(nX bu. and shipments of 651.
000 bu. last year.
Primary oats iccelpts were 614,000 bu,
nnd shipments 717.000 bu., against receipts
of 24S.O00 bu. and shipments of 372,000 bu.
last year.
The following cash sales were reported
today: Wheat No, 3 hard winter; 4 cars
87c. No. 3 hard winter: 1 car, SGUc; A
cars, S6c. Oats Standard: 1 car, 330.
No. 3 white: 9 cars, 33c. No. 4 white: 1
car, 323c; 2 cats, 22',4C. No grade: 11 curs,
32c Corn No. 3 white: 2 cars, 46141. No.
4 white: 1 car, 4S',ic. 3 cars, 4Sc. No. 4
yellow; 8 cars. 45Vc; 4 cars. 45c; No. 4
yellow. 2 cars, 4oc; 1 car. 4l?ic; 2 cars.
44'.ic. No. 3 mixed: 1 car, 45U"; 2 cars,
45c; 6 cars, Uc. No. 4 mixed: 2 car,
4l?c; 3 cars, 4lrtc; 1 car, 44Vlc No grade:
1 car (white), 4oc.
Omaha Cnab. price.
WHEAT-No. 2 hard, S6K0:SSttc; No. 3
hard, 85V487Hc; No. 4 hard, BO&SCVjc; No.
3 spring, 84S6c; No. 4 spring, 8iy84c.
CORN No. 3 white, 48ViQ46Hc; No. 4
white, 4ai46Wc; No. 3 color, 458'46c; No.
3 yellow, 45ii45Wc; No. 4 yellow, 44V4(j45;
No. 3, 4U(&4ocj No. 4, 44ft44-c; no grade,
OATS No. 2 white, 33UQ33!4c; standard,
J3g33Vic; No. 3 white. 3233o; No. 4
white, 3ittWc.
BARLEY Malting, 53!iif63c; No. 1
feed, 41Uc
RYE No. 2. 60tf0Vic;-No: 3, 59VStf0c
Carlot Receipt.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
.. Si 478 147
.. 35 67 IS
.. 62 81 18
Kansas City ,
HEAIj estate
Crelghton's First, 2325 South 33d Street,
dandy, big, six rooms, modern; well
built; owner leaving; show any time.
Also 1320 No. 35th St., Bemls park, a
peach, S great, big rooms and hot water
heat, at a bargain.
D. V. SHOLIiS CO. Phone Doug. 43.
WE HAVE two fine tracKaga lots In
wholesale district at a sacrifice; want
offers. Tel. D. 4342.
l'ARM A IllXril I. A nil I'Olt MA 1.12
LANDS In the famous Chowchllla ranch,
1W.O0O acres, heart of the Ban Joaquin
alloy, just subdivided tor settlement,
ideal water, soil, climuuu conditions,
wholesale and retail propositions. Free
maps and literature. . Excursions Jan. 21
aim Feb. 4. Wo are, not agents.
I lilted States Farm Land Co., Sii City
National Hunk Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
sale; 1W acres of line lanu, fenced un
three sides; fffty-thiei acres plowed and
very llttlo work nould put It In fine shape
for spring crops; close to water. Addresb
Arnold J. Knottier, Urtggsdale. Colo."
LAND FOR SALE Write for prices ot
corn, clover and blue gratis lands. Co
Operative Realty Co., ilunmnsvMe. Mo.
80-ACRE fruit and stock farm; appim.
peaches, blackberries; terms easy; 1H
miles from Willow Springs, Howell Co.,
Mo. O. a. Blunt, Owner, Wllluw springs,
FOR SA LE 320-acre sheep ranch; all
timber; 6 miles from goo'd town; (2,000.
Chris Vcakman. Dixon, Mo.
FOR SALE Goud, rich, unimproved
Nebraska farming land. Andrew Miller,
Frankfort, ind.
1 have come very choice Washita vat
Icy farms lor sale, grown four and live
ci ops or alfalfa, winter wheat, corn and
oats, equal to Nebraska, tor one-fourtn
to one-Iiait price, comu utiu join ua, Jan.
Jlbt; round trip 121; plenty timber, all
kinds of fruit, coal and oil and natural
gus. Those wishing to maku the tnp,
write mo at 22UI California St.. Omaha,
Neb. James Foley, Phone Tyler IM.
ji tsceiluiicu um.
,our name and address lor lieu Informa
tion about all government land In Ualtea
States. D. J. Campbell, Pioneer lildg.,
St. Paul, Minn.
Ship live jtutK 10 bun 1 11 uiiim. sa,
mileage and anrlnkage. lour consign
menu receive prompt and careful aiua
Litre Stock Cuuimlaslou Merchant.
EYERS HRQ3. at Co. Strc-ng. reliable.
CLIFTON Com. Co.. ZU .3cnuage tildg.
MARTIN UHUo, H Co.. tLXvilduga UlUg.
The annual meeting of the stockholder
ot The lice Building Company wilt be
held at the company's office at 4 p. m.,
Tuesday, January 21st. 1913, for the elec
tion of a Hoard ot Directors for the en
suing year and the transaction o! such
other business as may properly come
before the meeting.
By order of the President
D23lHt N. P. FE1U Secretary.
Ffatnren of thc Trndlna nnit Cloning
Prior on Hoard of Trade.
CHICAC.O. Jan. 1. The grain tnaikets
todav wero nervmis and Irregular, but
rinlshed with a net decline, due. largnly
ti a private tetegram stating that Ailrl
attoplea fait is Imminent. Provision
I'ntll arrival of the Adrlanple reirt
gave legitimate Imputae to sales tlio
whrat market was a rijtt of glorified
scalping affair. Speculators sold on tli
hard spots nnd took small profits on the
soft ones, or vice versa. The edge was
off the export business and the trade was
nervously waiting for influential news
which In the end arilved from Constanti
nople. Fluctuations In com wero a reflei-tlon
of those In wheat There was plenty for
ale on butseH. while to all appearances
recoveries from the depressions necessi
tated careful nursing. Export trade sub
sided. There was more hedging of cash
corn hy sales of May. although the spot
ci real was quoted ic to lHc over yeslor
dny Ohs declined with corn and wheat, and
like, these markets, closed nt the bottom.
Selling was chiefly from longs. Sample
oats were 'c to 'ic higher
Piovlslons advanced 3c to !.' on u light
run of hogs and small local stocks.
Tho leading futures closed as follows;
Article Open. lllgh.l Low Close. I Yesy.
Wheat 1
May.)04'gori I
Corn. I !.
July. 33Mii,
Sept. I 3U.
Polk. I
91141 IlH(9lH'Cl02
V4, Hj li
M 52.4Wmiaijil S2i
S3 1
34 M
M4I 54
34 !;!4M4
3141 34V4
3141 M
34' I
Jan.. 1R 27-301 IS fc'i
IS 274
18 W
IS 3241 IS 20
IS 70 I 18 03
9 874i 9 73
10 0T.-07j y7'4
9 ?5 , 9 77'A
May. IS KMmj IS 75
Lard. I
Jan... 1
Mny.llO 00-02, 10 07'4l 10 (O
Ribs. ! I I
Jan J 5S I
May.110 00-021 1005
9 974110 00-021 9 95
PROVISIONS Pork. mess, J18.2WB
18.374. Uird, 9.S74. Ribs, 9.25f 10.00.
Clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to PS.1,000 bu. Primary receipts were
I.OS1.O00 bu.. against 1S3.000 bu. u year
Estimated receipts for tomorrow:
Wheat, 112 car: corn, 627 cars; oats, lm
cars; hogs, 21,000 head.
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat. No. 2 red,
1. 124ftl. IS; No. 3 red, J1.07fl.l2; No. 2
hard. 93(tf97e: No. 3 hard, 90W954c; No. 1
northern, 9240934c; No. 3 northern, 9
9ic: No. 4 northern. S7QS9C; No. 2 spring,
89aiXc; No. 3 spring. &74iS9c, No. 4 spring.
0iiS3c; velvet chaff. 88i92c; durum, SS4J1
92c. Corn. No. 3. 49fiS0c; No. 3 white,
h0t&Mc: No. 3 yellow. 49J50c; No. 4, 47tj
49c; No. 4 white, 4SHS"0Uc; No. 4 yellow,
47(349c. Oats, No. 2, 33Vic; No. 2 white,
SMfSoVic; No. 3 white. 33lifl334c; No. 4
white. !B833Hc-; standard. 3444ic.
Rye, No. 2, 6UD63c. Seed, timothy, 3.M&
4.15; clover, J10.OS19.75. Ilarley. 8372c.
BUTTER Firm, creamory, 24W.4-
EGGS Eas ; receipts, 4,798 cases;
fresh receipts at mark, cases Included,
20if22ci refrigerator firsts, 1S4ic;
firsts, 224c.
POTATOES Steady . receipts. 31 cars;
Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, 48
POULTRY Easy ; live turkeys, 15c;
dressed chickens, 13c; springs, 114c
Quotation of the Day on Varlpua
NEW YORK. Jan. 10. FI-OUR-Stcady;
spring patents, l4.40jf4.C5; winter straights.
4.5034.t!0; Wntrr patents. J4.705.10; spring
clears, $4.20f4.45; extra No. 1 winter, J4.C0
ff4.15; extra No. 2 winter. J3.9O04.OO;
Kansas straights, $4.10fi4.15. Rye flour
stead; fair to good, 3.Oft3.85; choice to
fancy, $3.9004.00. lTuckwhcat flour, quiet;
$2.35 asked per 100 pounds.
CORNMEAL Steady; fine white and
yellow, S1.30Q1.85- coarse, tl.23tfl.30; kiln
dried, $3.15.
UAULEY-'Stead'; feeding. 36c, c. 1. f
New York; malting. SOtfTOc. c. I. f.,
Buffalo. ,.
RYE-Stfady: No. 2 western. G74j6Sc,
c. I. f. Buffalo.
WHEAT Spot market steady; No. 2
red. S1.0S4 elevator, and J1.094 f. o. b.
utloat; No. 1 northern Duluth, S1.024 f. o.
b., afloat. Futures market was nervous,
prices declining early under profit taking,
and closing o net lower, Mny, SLOOW
1.014; closed, S1.004; July closed, 97Tk
Bonded wheat: January closed $1.01;
May closed, SSc; July closed 994c Re
ceipts, 96,XX bushels; shipments, 202,000
CORN Spot market, quiet; export, 57ic
f. o. b. utloat. Receipts, 41,00) bushels;
Hhtpments, none.
OATS Spot market, steady; No. 3, 39c;
No. 4, JSVic; receipts, 40.000 bushels; ship
ments, none.
FEED Steady; standard spring bran.
100-pound sacks. $13.5O24.00; standard
middling, 100-pound sacks, S24.O0; city. 100
pound sacks, S24.50.
IIAY-Qulet; prime, Jl.00jil.03; No. 1,
J1.074S1.10; No. 2, (ttctSSI.00; No. 3. SO&90o.
HOPS Quiet; state common to choice,
1912. 2331c; 1911, 1215c; Pacific coast,
1912. lSf-ftc; 1911, lWKc
HIDES-Stendy; Central America, 274s;
Bogota. ziytftmUc.
LEATHER Firm; hemlock firsts, Wit
29c; seconds. 272Sc; thirds, 2i(8S5c; re
jects, 195i20c.
PROVISIONS Pork, steady; mess. lS.7a
19.25; family. $21.5022.60; short clears,
J21.6OS23.0O. Beef, steady; mess. $20.r
2I.C0; family, J2l.00g25.00; beer haras. $30.00
032.00. Cut meats, dull; pickled bellies,
10 to 11 pounds, $12.00; pickled haniH. $12.).
Lard, firm; middle west prime. $l0.10ftl0.20;
refined, easy; continent, $10.55. South
America, $11 25; compound. $10.124'810.C24.
TALLOW Quiet; prime city hhds. 64c;
special. 6Tc; country. 3VSCc
BUTTER Firm; receipts, 6,010 tubs;
creamery extras, SIHSSc; creamery held
extras, 324l&33c; state dairy finest. 3IO
33c; factory current make firsts, 2324c,
seconds, 228224c: held, 21622c.
CHEESE Steady; receipts, 5,732 boxes
state whole milk held, white or colored
specials. 1781Sc; state whole milk, winter
make, white or colored specials. 16417c;
skims, 2'dl44c.
KGG3 Weak; receipts, 6,i3J cants;
frekh gathered extras, 26Jj27c; refrigerator
firsts, local storage, 2031c; nearby
hennery whites, Mfiasc; western gathered
whites, 2"a2c; western gathered colors,
St. I.oals lieuernl .1lnrUrl.
8T LOUIS, Jan. 1.-WHEAT-Cash,
higher; track. No. 2 red, $1.1201.16; No. 2
hCORN-lRg'he'r. track. No. 2. 50V4o; No.
2 white, 53c.
OATS-Hlgher, track, No. 2, 344c; Nl,
2 white, S5HtJK4c.
Closing prices of futures:
WHEAT Lower; May. Hc: July,
90" ic.
CORN-Weak; May, 614c; July, 62,c.
OATS-Lowvr; May. 3IHi34Hc; July, 3.V.
RYE Unchanged, at 14c.
FLOUR Firm: red winter patents, $5.U)
5.25; extra fancy and stralgrfts, $4.Uj'
4-sO: hard winter clean. W.40&3.5G.
SEED Timothy, $10.00.
BRAN Strong; sacked, east track, $1.02
Hi 1.07.
HAY-Steady; timothy. $13.V4fl7.0O; prat
tle. $i:.0O 13.50.
PROVISIONS Pork, unchanged; job
blng, $16.76. Ixrd, unchanged; prime
steam, $10.3510.43. Dry salt meats, un
changed, boxed, extra short. $11,374;
clear ribs, $11,374; short clears, $11,624.
Bacon, unchanged; boxed, extra short",
$12,374; clear ribs, $12,374; short clean,
POULTRY Steady; chickens, J2s,
spring. He; turkeys, 18o; ducks, lie;
geese. 12c.
niVTTER Firm; creamery, 27G4c.
EGGS Lower, at 21c.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 8.000 ;,.uo)
Wheat, bu HO.noo , H3,uuo
Corn, bu...., 76.W) 62.WJ0
Oat, bu . C3.000 lOu.WJO
Mllrrnnkre Grain Jlarkel,
-No. I northern. SlfrSc; No. 2 northern,
89'uOle; No. 2 haid wlntor, 9l&!Kc; May.
91'z.c; July, 9),ic '
CORN No. 2 yellow, 4c; No t white.
604c, No. 3, 4SHc May. K-kWiUc; July,
OATS-Standard 24 -c
RYE-No. 1 G34Cc.
si Ixiuls M
Winnipeg ISO
Speculation Recovers from Nervous
ness of Previous Sessions.
Slr,Miilli of Clipper Shnrr lrnT
Mtrnlloii to Sinn of Improve
ment In Mrtnt Situation
Net ChnnKrn .-ninll.
NEW YORK. Jan. I6.-There was no
hint In the stock uiArket tndav or the
tieivolisness which unsettled speculatlnn
early In the week, loiidlng stocks were
depressed early, but the msrket Itanlened
before noon, with I'nlon Pn ifle. Itead
Ing. Lehigh Valley nnd the coppers lead
ing the advance. The day's mnge was
narrow and comparatively few of the.
active shatc sold us much as a point
nbovo or below vesterda s Hose The
market weakened toward the close and
net elDiuses of the leaders were small.
The steadiness of the list todnv seemed
to be: due. Ies to Improvement In senti
ment than to the apparently oversold con
dition of the market. American Agricul
tural fell, losing 44 print. Southern Pa
cific was under pressure at times, hot
Its wcakne was Ignored by the general
Strength or the copper nhares, while
perhaps due In large part to eoverlnc
operation, drew attention to signs of
linnrovement In the copper metal situa
tion. In the Iomlon mHikct a further le
roverv in tho price or standard copper
was recorded and the fortnightly Euro
pean statist cs showed u docrr-sise In the
visible sitpoh.
Trading fell off In bonds proportionately
with tock. The general tone was hetter.
Total sales, par value. $1,765,000. United
Mates bonds were unchanged on call.
Number of sales and leading quotations
on stocks wero as follows-
niiiaiiKiniirii torir
American trlcullurl
Amtrlcsn Heft Pugir
Amrlcii Can .. .
Amrrlctn Cn pfj
Amerlcin r & V ,
Amrrlcnn Cotton Oil....
Am. let Sfcurllln
Amerlrtn Llnsead
American lyxtnmntlrp ..
American B. A n
Am a & n pfj ....
Am. fiiiMr nefinln. ..
Amrlcan T. T .. .
American Tohacro
Anironila, Mining Co...
Alchlwn rid
Atlantic C'enm Line
nltlmore Ohio
Bethlehem Steel
nrooklyn Raphl Tr
Canadian Pacific
Central leather
Cherapeake Ohio . ..
Chicago a. w
Chlcaso. M t St. r ...
Chicago ft. S' W
Colorado F. & I
Conaolldated naa
Corn Producta
Delawara t lludaon. . . .
Denter ci Hlo Oranda.
Penver t: 11 O. pfd..
niatlllera' Securities ..
Erie 1at pM
Erie M pfd
General Klectrlc
Oreat Northern pfd ...
Oreal Northern Ore ctfa
Illinois Central
Inlerliorough Met
Inter. Met. pfd
International Harvester
Inter-Marine pfd
international 1'apar ....
International Pump ....
Kaneaa Cttr Southern...
I.aclert Uai"
Ihlgh Valley
liillnvllle t Nashville. .
M., St. P. .t 8. Sle. M.
Mlaaourt, K. & T
Mlasourl Pacific
Vatlonnl Illaciilt
National lyad
N. 1. rt ot m. :j pfd.
Now Vork Central
N. T . O & W
Norfolk & Wralern
North American
Northern Pacific
raclfle Mall
People's Gas
P.. C. C. St. 1.
Pittsburgh Coal
Pressed Steel Car
Pullman Palace Car
Ttepublle I. a P
nepublle I. t 9. pfd..
Hock Island Co
nock laland Co. pfd ....
Rt. L. Sr. 3. V. M pfd ..
Seaboard Air Line
Seaboard A, L pfd..,..
Sloss-Shcffleld S. Si I...
Sonthern Pacific
Southern Railway
So. Railway pfd
Tennessee Copper
Teias & Pacific
Union Paclfio
Union Pacific pfd
United States Really....
United States Rubber...
United States Steel
U. S. Steel pfd
Utah Coppr
Va. -Carolina Chemical .
Wabash pfd
Western Maryland
Western Union
Wtatlnghouso Klectrlc ...
Wheeling & U B
S! IU1 ;ti ;;, ?:
400 3 St
4f0 H .V 31
S.I ft) ; -J ;.7,
'! IIS 114 114
son 61 r,:,
(Krt 61 6I ii'i
"w s: ,
... 104
:i 4d ms sn4
4oa u :o ;ii,
1(v 15t inri im
0'j ik us mi
.t0l) 1S4U IM'i
i.r tsiij jm json
100 s;, 36', s;
l.DO) 101, 10414 lij
tM 12S 1J1, 13S
i'(V1 loiVts 10. 103
:.v jjt, 3; m
100 VV , M!
1..00 S41 5IIH
3M : :', :(,
1.100 74', 7 -i
SO" ui, ui
e.siV) in 111'i 111
too i3 us n;n
35 u
400 13t 137H IJI",
:o is; u'i 11
joe ll'.i Sl, iHi
o00 37', 3J',i 371,
100 HU U'i U'J
1,100 SO'i 50'4 30,
10") 47 47 47
100 3t'i 3Vi 3D
luo mt tit, is:
1.100 12S 127H 1!7',
:oo JVi i) sj
100 131 12s i:?'
900 17 171, 17',
fOO (1 R0',a 0t
COO 104 107 107
joo ii; un jm
300 15 14', 13
3,(00 lilt, ISf'i H04
SOfl 135TJ 133 1JU
i isivi i3i nt
300 27 30s 2C;
l,M 41 40', 40',i
JOO 130 130 i
1,100 11 UIK lll'i
too 1:2s' i::u 122'i
soo inn iuu t
1.700 :i4i 32H
33,300 103 143'.
COO 24'., 4 34U
1,20" 2.1'i 22; 22;
(J 40 33U 394
300 IT, 2i !tK
(00 13 18', l;
18,100 10iS 104U 10tH
1, :Ti 26H 20,
coo so 7?T, 7;
son si'i 34; 3;
200 2 Hi 51 li 31
33,100 1MU HV, 167H
100 0',i 90'4 90
3,00 l'a 4'., 3;
77,100 ifk 12V tl',
400 103', 103!, 100',,
3,400 t.5, 64 1; 14',
I, -00 41'i 34; 39
100 3'., 3!t m
100 12!, 1t 12',,
300 40'4 40 U 40
1,000 '0 70 74'i
2O0 71 74', 74',,
Total ealai (or the day, JOJ.IOO ahares.
.e,v Yiirk Slmiey .MnrUrt.
cull, steady; 2Vdal per cent: ruling rate,
2 per cent; closing bid, ?.b per cent;
offered at 2?i per cent. Time loans,
stead)-; sixty day, 4 per cent; ninety
days, 4',i per cent; sis months, 4'4 per
514 per cent.
actual business In bankers' bills at 34.S3
for sixty-day bills and at f 4.8710 for de
mand. Commercial bills U.Si'A.
8ILVKR Bar, 3'4c; Mexican dollars,
BONOS Government, steady; railroad,
Closing quotations on bonds today were
as foltows:
V. t. ret. 2s, reg.,.101 K. C. Bo ref. 8s .. 31);
do Coupon 101 I.. K. dso. 4s 1131.. 2Vi
U. S. 2s. rag 10;',H.. A .V. unl. 4s... 98'.
do coupon 102'., M. K. & T. 1st 4s. 9414
U. S. 4s, reg 1131, do gen. 4 lis M;
do coupon 11J',,M. racltlo 4s 70
I'ansma 2S coupon. .102 do conv. Si i'V,
A.-C. 1st ts cits.. 01 N. n. It. of 11. t 7t,
Amer. Af. Is 11 N. T. C. g. 3, ... U
A. T. A T. er 4a 10S do deb. 4s tl
Am, Tobacco la.... 120 .' T. .V. H A H.
Armour . Co. 4i,s l! c. 3'is II!,
Atchison gen. 4s ... Jl N. W. 1st e. 4s . 1,
dd cr. 4s 1940- .1014; do cr. 4s lit
do cr. ts 1011; No, Pacific 4s.. 8',
A. C. U 1st 4s .. Mtt do I 7,
Pal. A Ohio 4s. . .. 07?,O. S. U. rdr. 4s... U
d J!is flHI'enn. c. ia 3911. t7i
nrooV. Tr cr 4s... Wi 'do too. is 0H,
Ccn. of Os. is 107jnesdlng gtn, is,... tti
Cen. Lalher Ss . It B. U & 8. F. g a U'i
Chat. A Ohio 4!,s. mi do g, U U
do tonr 3V4S. . S3Ut. U 8. W. a 4s.. lOVi
Chlcsgo 4k A. 8. A. U adj. (a. .. JCVi
C. II. A Q. J. 4s... HU to. 1'ac. col. a. . .. H
do gen, 4a 5; do cr 4a aj
C M A S P t 4Hs..l0i; do lal raf. 4s 9314
C. It. I. A T. e. 4s. 4',Bo. Railway Is.. ..ios;
6 rfg. 4 MU do gen. 4a 77'r
C. A 8. r A 4Hs4S Union Pacltlc 4s. . 19
D. A II. cr. 4s 971, do er. 4s 94
D. A Iv. O, ret. Ss. 11 !t da 1st A ref. 4s.. IS',
Distillers 5s . . . . M V. S. Itubbrr Is. . 103
Erie p. I. 4s H'-sU. S. Btsel 3d (s. .101i
da gen. 4s 7;V.-Car. Chun. ia. 97U
to cr. 4, ser. B. 7l!lWab. 1st A n. 4s, to
III, Cen. 1st ref. 4s J Western Md 4s. . U'I
Inter. Met. 4'4s... 7IHWest. Kler. rr. I,.. 3i
Inter. M. M. 4!,s.. 43 'Wis. Centrsl 4a.. H
Japan 4'4 0'4
Bid. "Offered.
Ilnslmi Stork Market,
BOSTON, Jan. 1. Closing quotations
on mining slocks were as follows:
Allouti 37U Mohawk UM
Amal Copper . .. .73 Nevada Con. . . . ui
A. Z, I,. A S 37 Mplaalnc Mines ... IS
Arttooar Cera lUorlh Butt aoi;
I). A C. C, A fl. M. (Vi North Lake tS
Cat. A Aritona. ... 15'.; Old Dominion 4
Cel. A Hecta 49S Osceola v,
Csoteantal 1 CJuloey 7m
Cp. Rang C, C... 47H8haonaa m;
Kast Butte CM.. 12; Superior , 33';
Frtiiklln Superior A B. it... 2',
Olroux Con 3HU.- . 8. R, & U... 41V,
a ran by Cob, ... MHTamarack It
Or400 Canaaea, do pfd ,t;
Isle Royal Copper. 51 Utah Con. ,. 10
Kerr Lake ZliUltn Coppor On ttv,
lk Copper 31 Winona ji;
Im Salle Copper. ,. 43 Wolrerlne .,
Miami Copper . ... 33,
4 oiidltlnii of Treasury,
VV'ASmXOTON. Jan. 1.-The condi.
tlon of th I'nltert State treasury at the
beginning of business today was. Work-
Ins iMtlime W ai tv. u b.i K iirt
Philippine tirnnii) Jjli '7.V'-. ;:! f
uenernl fuii'l $ir Mr.iM Itrtupt r
'lax. .2J..v3; illsl.ui s. mi r1.-. : . " .sf 1
lillelt fii this ar t i -. At
nfiHlns- k drfh-:t 1. 1 $H,0M..Vl lt ,M '
The ftguie l revplpts mi' dllill ,
tl.eiits ninl di-fli'lt t-xcllldr PMl'riina i4:i!,
ml publlr debt trHitiaclltiii."
liiinilim MIih'K Mnrki'l,
I.ONPON. .Inn ltl. Amerleuii sei-urltlos i
opened stead.) tod. Prices lnipinetl
until near niltldny, ulmti n imit uf the
advance was lost under rcnllislng. At
noon tho niHrket wrs steud.x. with values
ranging front unchanged to l' higher
than VlnvUdnj New YorK rlosliiK,
LiiihIoii nloslim vtuek nuotntliiimi
Omaola, money W,I.oulivllU t N'aih.,l3't
do si'inunt . t& Mo, Kan. A Tex 'ft's
Amsl Popper ;4-S.Vw York Central 110
Atchison - v. . 107', Norfolk A Western 1UV,
llaltlmore Ohio l7',lMitetl I Western 11
Canadian Pai-lAf . :tl4 rsnn)vlvania t,
Chesapeake.. Ohio 7i Heading Kl!t
i hi Great Weatern. llSuthern Rv . .. t'
CM.. Mil. A t r.lltti!oulliern Pa.lllr I07,
Denier A Itlo t).S..3IMUlon Paclfl,- .14!
v:rlo 31i,V S Steel HI,
do 1st pfd ... ... 4i, Wabsil) ... .
tlranil Trunk . . . MS De Rears 21'.
Illinois Central . Ill Hsnd Mine, ',
MONHY SiiUJ1, 4cr cent.
SlliVRIl liar, stenrtV Rt 29 l-ld per
TI.MB LOANS-Short hills. I',lit fl-lfl
per centi three months. 4 ?-Kf4lls per
New nrk 3llnliiH Storks.
N BV YORK. Jan. 16-Closliig quota
tlons on mlnlnc tocls were:
Com. Tunnel stock . I Meilcsn M
do bonds 13 Ontsrlo 5M
rn. Cel. A Va... . li'tOphlr 13'4
Iron Silver ISO Smsll Hopes 13
lsdvllle Con Standard 1)
Utile Chief Vellow Jsckei .. , U
flnnk I'lrnrlng.
OMAHA, .inn. IB. Brink clearlnas for
today were I.'.MI.WIS.M and :,A,"4f.t0 for
the corresponding day last year.
Ht'TTKR No. 1. 1-lb. carton. 35o; No.
1. 0-lb. tubs, 31Vc: No. 2, 33c.
CHKICSK-Importetl Hwiss, 32r; Ameri
can Swiss, 26c; block Swiss, 21c; twins,
19c; daisies, 19c; triplets, 19c; Young
Americas, 21c; blue lnbcl brick. 1.1c; llm
berger, 2-lb., 21o; 1-lb., 22u; New York
white, 21c.
llKKF CUT rniCBR -AVhole.oalo prices of
beef cuts effective January 13 are as fol
lows-Ribs: No. 1, 20Wc; No. 2, ISMc; No.
3. llic Ixilns: No. 1, 22o; No. 2, lGV&c;
No. 3, 12&C Chucks: No. 1, D'.ic; No. 2.
tKc; No. 3. 8'ic. Rounds: No. 1, 13c; No.
2, llio. No. 3. 10V4C. Plates: No. 1, SUc;
No. 2, 740; No. 3. 7',c
POUT,TUY Broilers. 15.003.CO per dox.,
hens, 16c; cocks, lie; ducks, 2oc geese, Ifla;
turkeys, 2Sc; pigeons, per doz., )1,20. Alive,
broilers, 17o; hens, Ho; old roosters, 8',c;
ducks, full feathered, 12c; geese, full
feathered, IGa; turkeys. 18c; pigeons, per
don., 60c; homers, $2.(0, squabs. No, 1.
31.50; No. 2. 50c.
FISH (Fresh) Pickerel, 11c, froaen;
white, 14c, frozen; trout, 14c, frozen;
larga crapples, 12c;, frozen; Spanish
mackerel, 16c; eel, lBc; haddock, 13c;
flounders, 13c; greon catfish, I4c; shad
roe. per pair, 40c; salmon. 15c; halibut.
20c; froien, 13c; buffalo, 9c, bullheads, 13c.
Oysters, bay standards, Sl.fc; northern,
11.60: selects, !1.0; counts, 12.00.
"FRUITS Oranges: California, naveja,
fully colored, 0 size, $2.00; 96 sire, 32.24;
12S size. 12.50; HO, 176, 200 and 216 size.
13.00. Qraps fruit: extra fancy Florida,
46, 54. 64 and SO, per box, JJ.M). Cranber
ties: Wisconsin long keeping, extra fancy
Howes', Jumbo, per bbl 3D. 50; extra fancy
Jersey, per bbl 33.0?; extra fancy, UelU
and Cherry, per box, MM. Lemons: Air
Ship brand, 304 or 360 size, (6.75. Cocoanuta:
In sacks, per sack, 15.75; per dozen, SOo.
Honey: new Colorado. twenty-four
frames, psr case. 13.75. Dates: Fard. it
lb. box, per lb., 12c; New Hall, bulk, per
lb., 7c; new Anchor Pkg. (39 cartons;, per
box, 12.25; new Dromedary (30 cartons),
per box, J2.75. Figs; new 12 12. per box.
86c; new 5 crown (Turkey), loot new
crown (Turkey). 16c; new 7 crown (Tur
key), 17c. Appl: extra, fancy Washing
ton Jonathans, 113. 125. 1SS. 150. 165, box,
31.8C; extra fancy Washington Crimea
Qoldens. 113, 125, 138. 150. box. 81.75; extra
fancy Washington Roman Beauties, 72. 80,
UL e, 108, 125, box, 11,75; extra fancy
Washington lllack lien Davis, 72, E0, S3,
96, 104, 123 count, box, 91,76; extra fancy
Washington Red Wine Saps, 104, 112, 12j,
138, box, $2.00; extra, fancy Pink Cheek
Waxen and White Winter 1'carmatns, 96,
104, 113. 125, 183, 150, 163 count, box, 82.00;
extra fancy Colorado, unwrapped, White
Winter Pearmalns, 150, 165. ISO, 200 count,
box, 11.66; extra fancy New York Bald
wins, per bb) 82.90; extra fancy Non
York li. I. Greenings, per bbl 83.25; ex
tra fancy New York State RuesU, per
bbl.. 13.00; extra fancy Vissourt Jona
thans and Grimes Qoldens per 'ibl., 84.00,
5 bbl. lots or more, assorted, lie per bbL
off; extra fancy Missouri Hen Davis, per
bbl., (2.50; extra fancy Missouri Win
Pippins, per bbl., 82.76; extra fancy Mis
souri Willow Twigs, lllack Twigs. York
Imperials and other fina varieties, per
bbl.. (3.25.
Kansas Cttr (irnln it ml I'rovlnlmia.
Canli, unchanged to He higher; No. 2
hard. 8Hi9Sc; No. 2 red, 8i.ui,'ffl.ll.
CORN Market ilc higher; No. 2
mixed. 4sc: No. 3, 4S',,048,.ic; No. 2 white,
WVi'(vc; No. 3, 43!4c
OATH Unchanged; No. 2 white, 34ie
35',ic No. 2 mixed. 34J34VsC
clotting prices of futures.
WIHSaT May. S9c; July. HfifjWic.
CORN May, blftc; July, 62c.
HAY "Unchanged.
HUTTER-Crcameo', 3-!Hc; firsts, 3oVic;
second.-, 28ic; packing, ,M',ittiZc.
KGUS Kxtras. 23Ac: firsts. 2l'.4c; sec-
ondH, 13c
POULTRY Hens, life; roosters, oc;
young turkeys, ISc; ducks, 13014c.
Receipts, aliipinvtit.
Wheat, bu 52,i NO.tsxi
Coin, bu 84.0OH
Oats, bu 1S.O00 lJ.WW
llnneapolla drain illarkel.
MIKNtlVPOMS, Jan. 16.-W11HAT
May. 88Hc; July. 04tWic. Cash: No. 1
hard, 89-Hc; No. 1 northern. 87HJ7fTc; ,No.
2 northern, 85AiW!ie; No. 2 hard .Mon
tana, S7sC No. 3, s3'4!sC.
CORN-No. 3 yellow. 4443444c.
OATS-No. 3 white, 31Hc
RYE No. 3, S"4jlc.
KLeOUR-Steady , first patents, $4.40j
4.75; second patents. (4.254.t,0; first clears,
(3.20y.60; second clears, (2.404J2.70.
O A RL.I3Y -471863c.
- -
Liverpool Oralis Slarkrl. 'v
MVBRPOOU Jan. 18.-WlH3AT-.Spot,
steady; No. 1 Manitoba. 7s 3',$d; No. 2. 7a
1W; No. 3, 7s E1; futures, steady; May,
7s 4d; July. 7s 3H1.
CORN Spot, unlet; American mixed,
new, 5s 6d; American mixed, old, Cn S4d;
American mixed, old. via Galveston. 5
8d; futures, easier; January, 6s 2',U, Feb.
ruary, 4s llTd.
l'rurla, Sfarkrt.
PFXIRIA, Jan. 16.-CORN-Market .H
tin hleher-. No. 3 white. 50c: No. 3 vl.
low, 4S48?ic; No. 4 yellow, 47i48c: No. 3
mixed, i-;'anc; no. t mixcu, i?4(47c;
sample, 444c,
OATS Market Uc higher; standart,
84Hc; No. 3 white, 34c; No. 4 white, 32hc
Metal Market.
NBW YORK. Jan. 16,-COPI'KU-l n
settled; standard spot, (15.50 bid; January
316.12frl6.50: February. 113.50fiI6.6O: M.nch
and April. (15.62& 16.50; electrolytic, (16.62
ittis.Ta; laae, iQ.smu.K; castings, jlfl.M).
Tin. easy. spot. (50.ts)81.00; January,
350.75eno.o7; February, (oO.iaueo.Ii; March.
149.fcOft60.60. Lai. steaity. at U.Witt.-Jb.
fpelter, steady, at 87.35w7.40. Antimony,
dull, Cookson's, 89.75S10.0O. Iron, unset
tled and unchanged. Copper exports this
month, 13,221 tons. Indon capper, firm;
spot, 71: future. 71 6d. Ixical ex.
chango sales or tin were s tons, lindon
tin, firm: apot, JE228 6; futures, t!6 10a.
London lead. 16 16a. Ixjndon spelter,
2A. Iron. Cleveland warrants, 6rs 7d
In Indon.
ST. leOUlS, Jan. 16,-MKTAl-laj,
firm, at (4.20. Spelter, weak, at 87.15.
Coffee Market.
turea market opened weak at a decline
or zbii points, ino market nrmed on
covering and the bull support and closed
steady, net unchanged to 8 Dointa higher
Hales were 00,50) bags. January, I3.20c;
rciiiusr;, ariurv-n, io.sic; April,
IJ.kOc. May, 13. Tic; June. 13.83c, July,
13f0c, August, 13.96c September. 14.02c ;
October, 14.00c, November. 13.Me. Deceni-
k., I, OAa U r, n , r. . . t f a .. t n . . Tt I .
..r, l-w .'I'M. v.can Vlt IB.
13Tc, J?an!o 4, i!ct mild, quiet, lyr
Cattle nccMpts Moderate ami Prices
Steady to Easier.
- - i
Mirpp mill I, mud, Htenilj In Ten
Cent l.imrr. Mu,l Ten 4'enti ;
l.iiiier, liltli the Trnili- 1
I.I It lo llnll.
Receltits u-eie- i-ai,i ti.iri Sheen.
Official .MonUa AMt 6.0IS.. 20,644
viiiiciai itiesiia.) j.wj n.jis I'.wi
Official VcdiiedrtV . ..4.JS6 11.S11
Kstlmate Thursdn . i,;00 11.330 J."'
rotir days this ncekiif.M.'
.same ilas lust ieek..lS,(V4
Sumo days 2 wks agn..i6.IW
Same days 3 ks iiro.. 8.7f6
Samo days 4 wks ago IS.tUO
Same days InM ar , 19.05
47. 3M
Tho folliiwing. table ahows the lecelpti
of cattle, hnfsnnd slucp at louth Otnwhn
for the year lo date" aS compared with
last year. mm. ini2. nc. lc
t-"tle 44.167 4S.014 3,647
ng m:M lts.aso . so.otii
Sheep 116.(31 oi.sss
The follonhig table shows the range of
prices for hogs at south Omaha for the
JL?Li2?li'"?i. w 'L'1 compailsons.
Date. Ijgt3rl 1913. 181 IJ19I45. iifc5.'l!Ol'07
Jan. 7"I 7T24 I b'lj 7W!l 4J 5 74 31
Jan. 8.. I 7 13?s 6 19,' I X 43i 5 SSI 4 231 6 21
Jail , 18 6 (li 7 821 I a S2l 4 30 V3
Jail. 10. 1 7 33, 6 OJ 7 3 S 2.M I 4 22 6 30
Jan. 11.1 7 HH 101 7 71 8 I8 ft 741 4 16 6 29
Jan. 12 fi 1J 7 78 8 2S 5 83 6 80
Jan. 13.! 7 02U 0S 7 73 S 44 5 Ml 4 OS
Jan. 14. 7 OSS I 7 GDI S 561 5 S7I 4 20 6 28
Jan. 15. 7 10 6 151 S 4. 5 871 4 JP 6 JS
CATTI.H For a Thursday thcie was a
fair run of i-nltle In slaht this morning.
141 cars being repotted In The receipt
for the week foot up 1S,?:,0 head, still
being n little larger than last week and
larger than for Hliy recent week As com
pared with h year ago there Is very little
'The supply of beef steers this morning
was model nte nnd the quality ns ri rule
not very good, the offerings consisting
largely of Inferior stuff. Tho market was
anywhere from steady to a llttlo caster.
For tho week pi Ices are alt the way from
10c to 2Jf lower, the decline bring the
heaviest on .the heay cattlo and the least
on the light and low priced cattle.
Cows ninl heifers were, in about the
neme ronilltlnii us beef steers this morn
ing, the trade: being slow nnd steady to
a little lower, fltrlrtly good heifers have
commanded very firm prices this week
nnd they are possibly no lower and the
same might bo true of the best cornfed
cows. Aside from that, the general mar
ket on cows and heifers Is 10JT15C lower
thnn lust week.
Stock cattle nnd feeders have, been In
active demand every day this week nnd
prices hne been In consequence very
strong, as the supply has been small. At
the present time thn mnrkot Is at tho
high point of the season.
The market on all Whins of killing cattle,
both beef steers and cow stuff, closed
very slow and fully 10c lower than yex
teiduy In some caaes salesmen thought
they took off n'en morn than that unit
tho trudo wound up In a very satisfactory
Quotations on tattle: Beef steers, good
to 'Choice. I7.SOjja.00; boef steers', fair to
good, (S.OOtfaoO; beot steers, common to
fair. 16.OO04i.9O: good to choice heifers.
f5.75Q6.75: good to choice cows. I5.40tf6.49;
eowa, fair to good grades, (t. 4036.40; com
mon to fair grade,, 13.0004.40; good to
choice dockers and feeder, (i.5038.00:
fair to good Blockers and tteders. li.SOg
1,50; common (o fair mockers and feed
ers, (8.0006.80: stock vow an heifers, (111
O0.25; veal calves. So.OO09,O;, bulls, stags,
ate, (l.40$40.
Representative sales!
Nc. At. Pi,
1 143 I 10
At. Pr.
. 131S 7 M
..till 7 11
,.1M 7 P)
.. 170 .f 15
..1213 7 10
..1137 7 M
..1570 7 10
..lilt 100
II Ill 7 M II,,
1 165 7 10 It......,,,
it 10.12 7 m.
14 .....1150 7 39 I i...
10 ..1027 7 30 II
11 11)1 7 40 17
34 l!II 7 10
11 I0O I M II..
10 HO 7 10 11..
1021 7 40
KM 7 10
142 4 30 10
I OH 4 M I
Hi 4 W I
lilt 4 71 7
717 4 M 11
1032 1 10 I
1111 1 23 I
Ml 1 23 I
1011 1 31 10
SCHI I 2ft Jl
KM 6 25 II
1023 1 30 12
101 I 13 11
10SO 133 13,
1112 1 ji. c,
1021 1 21 0
1024 i Vt I
1042 1 K 51
10H 1 Ci I
1014 6 (S
.10(1 I K
. ISO 1 71
6 71
1 71
1 71
.I..1MI 1 10
....1101 1 to
....1014 1 10
....1111 113
...,li:s 00
....1124 100
....1117 100
....1210 I 00
...,1110 I 10
....1101 1 :i
....1011 111
....110 1 30
....10?: 1 m
....1111 I to
... 141 1 11
i ',::::::
. 11
... 3!5 00
... 141 0 00
... 110 .1 00
... I!l I 00
... C77 I X
... 110 40
... 1(7 1 40
... 920 C 10
... 110 I 70
...1130 7 10
...1400 1 00
...Ml 1 M
...1130 I !)0
...1110 I 10
...1440 I 11
...20S0 I 20
. . m: b 40
... 171 5 M
. . . 730- 1 M
... t3i r. to
... 710 i II
... Ill I (1
...111 1 to
... S03 1 10
1. ..
...i:i in
.t.IIM 4 71
,,.i:w 1 40
...1710 1 10
...1000 1 70
. . . Ill I 73
...1111 I 71
...1240 1 71
140 I 71
ltl I 00
171 I 01
444 I M
112 I 21
40; I 10
420 I 10
.. 183 I 71
..110 I 71
.. 170 I 00
..110 I CI! I no
..210 I AO
215 I 71
12 I 00
121 1 10
107 7 00
437 I 21
171 IS
711 I 10
111 40
441 I 40
111 I 41
110 I so
111 I 33
1(1 I 10
1. .
11 ..
I ..
II .
.. 711 7 on
..III 7 00
..ll 7 10
..102 7 10
.. 740 7 10
.. in 7 11
.. 121 7 21
..lilt 7 21
.1117 7 II
m: 1 10
114 1 to
IIOOS Mostly all the buyers were ac
tive unite early this morning and their
first bids Indicated some strength In the
trade as compared with yesterday. Spec
ulators and shippers bought a little more
than of late, consequently competition In
tween buyers was moro keen than for
several days back, (leuerally speaking
the whole buy I up force paid prices pretty
much on the same level. IhUB making tho
trado verv even In comparison with the
last two days. The big bulk of tho offer
ings passed out nt first hands largely at
prices ranging from (7.05 to (7.25, being
about a nickel above the majority of sales
on the day before, The most popular
prices were (7.10, (7.15 and (7.20, with a
top at (7.80 for several loads. As was
the casei on the last few days, light hogs
and tho mixed grades received most of
the advance In prices, practically all of
that kind being fully Cc higher. While a
good many hogs on the heavy order
shared In the nickel advance, there were
somo no better than strong and still
others that showed little It any Improve
ment. Most ot the liberal supply was dis
posed ot In an active manner and n
complete clearance was effected at a
very satisfactory hour.
The supply amounted to about 173 cars,
or 12,300 head, being larger than Mst
Thursday and two weeks ago. but in the
neighborhood ot 3.040 head short of a year
ago. A good many light hogs continue
to show up, but the receipts run largely
to the heavy grades.
Representative tales:
No. At, 8h. Tr. H
lb. I'r,
... 7 IIK
41 7 20
.. . IM
,. ..Ill
... Ill
... 2(0
, 'it
. -71
,. ID
... Ill
... 7 60
... 7 M
. . 7 06
... 7 01
10 7 05
. . 7 01
7 07',
I 07 V,
7 II
to 7 10
10 7 10
. 7 f'l
7 20
M 771 110 7 10
40 7 20
.. 241
.. Ill
. . Ill
. .141
... 7
... 7 SO
10 T M
40 7 t
10 7
40 7 20
7 M
10 7 S
7 :
'o 7 :o
ill TO 7 2
f is, & i id 4i. . ;.i ; I
4.. il 7 is i s.w m ; v
M 504 41) i l 41 . .jtfl . 7 W
M ...3v $ ; i a . . .m . i m
T .HU ... t II It .. .541 . J M
4i . ?3- ! -Mr 11 l :
W . 1 w M w !M
:i '. ..! T li V .. 3 . J M't
It. .. If 1M It (.... .7 ',
1 8l .. t II H ll .. t S
If .... 7 II. If f . 7 t
8tl .. ! tl H .. Mi . . ;
......IS ... U If M Wil
. . i ... . nt it)
u ti h m ..
.S14 . t II ... . iH ; ;
-111 7 It 11. ... J I 111
4t. , Ml W f U o m ...
M ,...1M ( : 1$ n, . . J i
4 . .. .111 ... J M .. HI S ft)
M "J IS 1 7
! . . T 11 .. ,.51 . . t W
! j u i mi .... t i
11. . Ml . 7 lt'j
' m (i. .. itr . hi
in: ii4 i i)
8HHKI Fat Imnh ihul sheet) .iinlliiiie
to have very weak mulct tone nnd while
u few sales of prima stuff ami of Ue
sltalile weight held piettv .-ioe to eti-atlv
flKiires a largo share uf the receipts had
a lower tendency. The dccllno In some
Instances amounted to n dime and In
.some spots to moro than that. The weald
ness in me trade was more apparent on
the lambs offerings hihI mi nnythlng that
did imt appiHti Just right In the eyes of
the packer buyers. It might be addd that
tho demoralized condition of the eastern
tiatle In tlicssed m lit ton excited li
Ish in fluence both yesterday and" toiUv,
resulting In slow trade nnd a lower ten
dency to prices at nil the leading live
stock centers. Included In the early trade
wero somo fed western n ethers at ti.Xt,
tho same prli-es as that kind of wethers
brought on estcrday' market. A rouple
or loads of -Mexican ewes changed hands
at 8Ti.25.
Receipt were fairly large, for while
th supply was smallor than last Thurs
day It was larger than two weeks ago
nnd one year ago. As to quality, the ro
celpts were much better than yesterday
and the day before, there being quite a
tvw loads of choice offerings on sale. In
I ndilltlnu to today's supply there were
muiiii nun it iiuKcu iuuiih most or wnicn
were himbs held over from yesterday.
While th packer bujers sturted out
filling their orders mostly on a low.-r
basis, they wero obliged to pay better
price. dining the closing trade, closing
transactions being steady to strong com
pared with yesterday's general market
Asa matter of fact thero were not enough
sheep and lamb left over from the early
trade for the packer buyers to finish' tho-r
oi tiers.
Quotations on sheep and lambs: Lambs,
good to choice, K..VKgs.!)0i lambs, fair to
good, (8.00iRSO; yearlings, good to choice,
(7.6MjS.15; yearlings, fair to good. (7.150
7.05; wethers, good to choice, (5.764JU20;
wethers, fair lo good, 35.50C75; ewes,
good to choice, (4.7uiQu.l0; ewes fair to
good. l4.fOU4.73; cults. shccD and bucks.
Representative sales:
No. Av.
25S fed lambs 16
150 Idaho lamsh, feeders 71
589 Ihado lambs, feeders 71
101 fqu" lanihs 71
233 fed lambs 74
217 fed ewes Hv
210 fed lambs 67
119 fed ewes JT
112 fed ewes 118
13!) fed ewes 101
15.1 fed yearlings 95
239 fed lambs 77
247 fed lambs 62
203 fed wethers , 104
200 fed lambs 87
302 fed wethers 107
lftt fed wethors 107
2PI fed yearlings, ewes 81
53 fed ewes and wethers VI
8 50
8 00
8 00
S 10
4 84
8 IS
5 00
4 85
5 10
7 10
8 30
8 00
5 75
8 40
4 30
7. 30
7 00
4 75
llceres Slrailr nnd Calvvea Higher
ilU SI ron it Sheep Sternly.
CHICAGO. Jan. 1G.-CATTI.1C-Recelpts,
5,500 head; beeves steady; calves 25c up;
beeves, (5.854j0.20; Texas steers, (4.70tf
(3.70; western steers, (5.407.15: Blockers
nnd feeders, (4.W7.60: cows and heifers,
(2.75ii7.40; calves, (7,X4fl0.75.
IIOOS Receipts, 22.000 head;, market
strong and mostly Bo higher; light, (7.!0f
7.46; mixed, 87.304C7.50; heavy, 7.0i)r7.60;
rough. (7.00ft7.15; pigs. (?.K64i7.45; bulk of
sales. (7.204T7.I5.
SHEER AND .I.AMBH Receipts, 15,000
headi market steady, native, JUlTifiiU'i,
wrstern. (4.75STU5; yearlings, 16.40fiH.00;
native lambs, (6.7O&9.00; western lambs,
K n 11 Nan City l.lve atopic MarUrt.
1CANHA8 eiPY. Jan. 16.-CATTL.E
Receipts, 4,000 htsd. Including SOO south
i ns; market steady to weak; dressed
boef and export steers, (7,50H8.60; western
steers. (H.OOViS.OO; stockers and fenders,
(5.75r7.l; nail til frit steers, (5.tO7.40; na.
ttvo cows nnd heifers, 13.7WJ7.DO; calves,
HOOS Recelpls. 10.000 head; market
strong to 5c blither, hulk of sales, (7.1041)
7.30: heavy. (7.25(7.35; packers and
butchers, (7.15t(j7.30; light. (7.0O&.7.2O; pigs,
SHEER AND IjAMUS Receipts). 6,700
head; market steady to 15 cents lower;
lambs, (7.60fi8.73; yearlings. (7.0Oft6.00
wethers, (5.606.0o; ewes, (1.506.60.
Ml. l.niils Live St null MnrUrl.
ST. IDITI8, Jan. 1.-CATTI,E Re
eclpts. 3,300 head, Including 1,700 Texans;
market steady, cholco lo fine steers,
(.S.751J9,3i; good to cholco steers. (7.35t
8.75; cows and lielfcrs. (3.COt.00; calves,
J4.2MI6.7r; Texna and Oklahoma steers,
S5.MWT7.90: cows and heifers. (3.tf5j5.0O.
noaH Receipts, 11,000 head; market
5c to 10c higher; pigs and lights, (.7r4j
7,50; mixed and butcher, (3.7517.50.
HHEBP AND I AMBS Receipts, 4,400
head; market lOo to 15o lower; muttons,
(5.00116.15; yearlings, (7.00fi8.40i lambs,
Ml nek In Slglil.
Receipts of llvo stock at the five prin
cipal western markets yesterday:
,rfltllV, IIIIM". UIFC,
South Omaha
St. .Iriseph ...
Kansas City .
St. -otilf
3.500 12,300
2.100 5,800
4,000 10,0(X)
3.300 11.000
22,000 15,000
18,400 61,100
Ml. .lueauli l.lvc SliieU Market.
indninir T-.. 11! CATTT, T-! 1 1 e -
celpts. 2,100 head: market steady; tf:
lfl.75?f,26; cows ana neiicia. wi
taftssFE1. nsA) head: market
'o top, (7,20: bulk of sales.
head; market, steady lambs, (7.50fi8.ia.
Wool Market.
ST. 1X11718. Jan. 16. WOOt-Stcady .
medium grades, combing and clothing. 23Vi
1Wc; light fine. 19Wlc; heavy fine, 13317c;
tub washed, 274396c.
LONDON, June 10. WOOI-There were
10,951 bales offered at the wool auction
sales today. Vigorous buying advancfd
good wools, but Inferior grades remained
In buyers' favor. Finn geelong scoured
a.,.1.1 ui 9u 7IXil nnd arreauiv at la 5il. Ameri
cans greasy merinos and light cross-breds
at narnening rates.
Oil mill lloaln.
.WJr. Palfcs. 418 bbls.; receipts. 307
bbls : rthlpmeuts, 334 hhls.; stocks, 31,000
ROSIN-Flrni. 8als. 1.600 bbls.; ra
rrlpts. 2.800 bVls. : rhlpments, 2,700 bbls.;
locks, 151.150 bbls. Ouote: A. R. (4.Vff
5.33',; r. p, .7.2.vn5.S.'.: K, (5.sra.35: V,
(S.3r.,45- O, K..T7fi5.4S. H. (S.47',Krt;.V);
I S...iltiT..7ti; It. JJi.76; .M, N. (7 15! VG,
(7.20. WW. (7.23.
Suirnr Market.
NBW YORK. Jail. 16-8l'OAR-Raw,
steady; muscovado, 89 test, 2.9Sc, centrif
ugal, test, 8.48c; molasses, 89 test, 2.73c;
refined, quiet.
NEW YORK. Jan. IS. Tfforts to
mediate the dispute between the eaatern
railroads and the Brotherhood of loco
motive Firemen and Knglnemen over the
demands ot the firemen for Increased
wages and better working conditions
hae failed and a strike ballot has been
Ptt-fcisttnt AdvvMlsing Is the to.
Rig Returns,
Mass Meeting Called for Tonight
i About City Charter.
l.nrne Portion uf t'lllreiialilit Ilrslre,
l-'reeiliiin fro ill linnn rtnle, nml
'I'liej llnvr Chnnee lit 14s
irea Tlll'lnsrii e.
Thcie l considerable turloslly win I
proportion tonight's ma's meeting at th
hlsh school niiilltorliiui will (hUc T!
meeting was called by n number of mcr
who want nil Hie cltUeni lo say
Hinendment should bo mnite tn the c f
i lisrlor and alio w provisions shoui
be nude for South Oiiniha In case of
merger hill bring passed by the lcgll
tnre this ear. It is understood that n.'
n few of the "gang" hnv. been active In
"advising" ngnlnt Rtvlng encourHeir.ent
to annexation by attending tile meetlr.g
it Is alM) known that Hoctor's chartri
i-oinmlttee. throiiRh John M. Tun mil. not
toadied the proper persons In l.llit'olu
John H. Watklnsv It Is , said, will havs
charge of the legislation affecting the
Despite thn howl of calamity and th
pleadings to "aland up for South Omaha '
It cannot be denied that a large rnu
tlngcncy of tho citizens wants annexation
or amalgamatlon-nnythlng to eacape. the
rule of the "gang" that appears to have
Slatted Itself upon tho political offices of
tho city for su Indefinite period. The
"gang" wants thn old Iee bill permitting
the people, to vote on annexation repealed
because It hurts business, they say.
Hut in fact the morn plausible, reason
seems lo be that It thu Ken bill la left on
the statutes thn cltlr.ons will finally
escape and get over Into Omnha. Schon
teacher who fur years were, threatened
with the bugbear of Omaha advene dis
crimination In case of annexation have
been assured that the schoola are to be
cared for arvd that there will be. the sanu
rating. and the same positions tor the
South Omaha teachers when annrjtatlor
comes, with an additional pay and relief
from conditions complained ot now In
South Omaha. It was said that a com
mittee of iio teachers wilt attend tlx
meeting nnd the report yesterday was
that there would be a number present
at tonight's meeting, which will-begin at
8 o'clock.
l,ail -"Kharta Up."
City Treasurer Olllln. haa broksn Into
tho embrogllo between the Fire board
and the city council Rntl the matter Is
settled. Glllirt'a favorlto dally announced
Visterday that "there will be ample
funds to run the fires department with
twehty-nlno men," As If he- possesiexl
tho wonderful attributes ot AUaddjn and
his wonderful lamp, Olllln .waits the
opportune moment .and then ''arjowM. tip"
with (1,310 tp add to the. funds A jnvdest
nnd delicate tribute to his prowess, an n
"shower up" Is vouched for y a refer
ence to lh time when tho treasurer
stated that the "policemen who had
been paid off could be put back to work
If It wjis found that thu fund came out
nil right at the end of, the fiscal year."
City Clork Terry Wheeler had an
nounced some days ago that certain
funds wero avnllabtn to assist the fund.
Thn council also had Information p( the
matter, but the council thought that
"money In sight" was not money In hand
and hence could not be counted on. It
was also expressly stated by all mem
ber ot the council, republican and demo
cratic, that tho opening ot the new fire
hall was a very doBlrabl thing If It
could be done without creating an over
lap. City Clerk Wheeler nnd members
of thn ooimcll were directed to rnake a
report on tho funds.
Mntmitn Hans Amuck.
Patrick Matsota, an Italian ortned with
a gun and machete, created a, panic In
tho thirst parlor .of John Bhubota nt
Twenty-seventh nnd K streets last
night. Matsota, under tho Influence of
llmior, is alleged to have ontorcd thn
place with the express Intention of
cleaning out overybody therein. He
chased several ot those prosent until a
ortle led . by the bnrkcep. flnnlly truc
cocded in capturing him. lie waa ar
rested by Captain John Dworak and
Policeman John Zaioudck.
MubIo I'ltv ;n"l.
For Sale-A Wilton Rug; fringed. 826 N.
22d St.
Mrs. V. I.avelle Is recuperating after
a serious Illness at her home.
Detective Andrew McOulre Is said to be
Improved nftcr a week's Illness.
The Hibernians entertained nt a bat
last night given at Rushing'- hall..
The Jungmon school entertainment
will be given Wednesday. January 22,
at the high school auditorium.
John McMillan, the well known ret
estate man, Is convalescing at Ida home
following a severe attack ot grippe.
The Women's Society of the First Bap
tlst Church will meet Friday afternoon
at the home of Mrs, William Corenman,
2203 R street.
The two little sons of P.. I,. Robinson,
who have been confined to their beds by
illness, are said to be progressing nicely
towards convalescence.
James J. Fitzgerald, on of the prlie
bowlers at the city tournament held In
Uarlow's hall, Is Incapacitated by an In
jury to his right finger. The finger
was smashed Tuesday night, while. Flu
gerald. was running a winning score
Mrs. F. It. Towno outertalned a num
ber of frrleuds Monday evening In honot
of her daughter, Miss Mabel, tho occa
slon being her nineteenth birthday. Popu
lar games ot the season and music were
enjoyed throughout the evening; A alnty
luncheon was served.
General Superintendent A. DeBeruaidl
and other officials ot tho Missouri Paclfiv
were here yesterday and made an Inspec
tion tour ot the Belt line which is be
ing doublet tracked, and will be com
pleted about February 20. The report
that tho headquarters ot the train
master and dispatcher which were re
moved to Falls City about a year ago
are to be returned to Omaha, was not
Charles E, Starr Is receiving congratu
lations from hla friends on the attain
ment of his fifty-second birthday which
he celebrated Tuesday. Scarr la authority
for the statemmt that he hopes to mako
arrangements to win tho city contract
for supplying certain Jail supplies. In
the awarding ot the contracts Honda,
night Scarr wan given no place. Ho
thlnkn his annexation Idea may have
had something to do with the fact that
he was Ignored.
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The Girl Without a Month
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