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Historical Society Donates Lots to
the Commonwealth.
.o(nhlrn Arc tiumln nnd rriiaprclH
or OrKitnlintloti Tnlkril Over vrlth
Mnn) I'Vllvltndnnn nt Slntitn
of Hie Work.
tb'rom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 15-(Speclal.)-The state
historical society In session here has
adopted a resolution giving' to the stato
tho lots oposlto the southeast comer of
the state house grounds, the property
where a state building has been begun.
In addition to this the society proposes
to uso every endeavor to secure sufficient
appropriations to complete tho building.
Tho afternoon session covered reports
of officers, the report of Secretary C, S.
I'alne being especially Intecstlng In that
It showed an Increase In membership,
while the report of Treasurer S. t,. Geis
hardt showed a healthy condition In the
icasurj $5,022.53 being on hand.
Officers for Omlujr Vrnr.
At the election the present executive
board was re-elected with one exception,
lllshop J, Henry Tlhen of Lincoln being
dieted In the place of Frank Currle of
Broken Bow. The officers elected for
tho present year are:
President, John Lci Webster, Oniahu;
first vice president. Itobert Harvey, St.
Paul; second vice president, Samuel C.
Uaesctt, Gibbon; secretary, Clarence S.
Paine. Llnco In; treasurer. Stephen L.
Glesthardt, Lincoln; directors: Charles
B. Letton, Lincoln; Horace S. Wiggins,
Lincoln; Hamilton H. Lowry, Lincoln;
Krank L. Haller, Omaha; George W.
llnsen, Falrbury; J. Henry Tlhen, Lin
coln.. On tho cx-offlce list of members, cx
Governor Aldrlch gave way automatic
ally to Governor Morrhcail. The list
John II. Alorehead, governor of Ne
braskn; Samuel Avery, chancellor of Unl
erslty of Nebraska; H. G. Taylor, Cen
tral City, president of, Nebraska State
Press association; Howttrd W. Caldwell,
professor of American history. University
of Nebraska; .Manoah H. Itecso, chief
Justice of supreme court of Nebraska;
Grant G. Martin, attorney general of Ne
braska. Tho banquet In the evening at the Lin
coln hotel was a success In every way,
although ex-Governor Shallonberger and
present Governor Morehead, who were
on the program, failed to materialize.
.Mini In A ttonditlier.
About 200 guests weie present, wnile
the speakers' table contained Chancellor
Avery of tho Stato university as toast
master. Judge Hamer of th esuprcme
court, Clerk Harry Lindsay of the same
court. Adjutant General Hnll, Dean 13cs
fccy of the State university, Dr. Ruben
Gold Thwaltes of the Wisconsin State.
Historical society, John Lee Webster of
Omaha,, president of tho State Historical
society; Dr. Lowery of Lincoln, State
Auditor Howard and Hallway Commis
sioner Taylor.
Avery, Statesman Milker.
Chancellor, In calling the guests to
order for the toasts, which were all Im
promptu; said that he always Ukcd to
prcsldo as toastmaster because-one could
talk Just as much oa he pleased without
responsibility. He said that ho did not
desire to pose as a maker of statemen,
but. ho would simply say that he ' had
twice stood In that, same position during
the laat,ycar and had introduced tw:
men. Since that time ono "had been
elected president of the United States
nnd tho other governor of Nebraska.
Dr. Thwaltca. In his talk, complimented
the Nebraska Boclety very highly on the
Interest taken. Said he: "Up In Wisconsin
our historical society has been organized
for sixty-four years, .yet wo hold but a
one-day session and then only a few at
tend, but hero In Nebraska you get to
gether for three day, and when I look
over this large crowd of banqueters It
makes me proud of the Nebraska so
ciety." Webster Given Addrens.
John L. Webster, president of tho so
cloty, was the last speaker. Ho said.
"Two hundred and fifty years ago the
stato of Nebraska was inhabited by a
trlbo of Sioux Indiana and at that time
they held full sway, but the Omaha Ulbu
canin and took from them the land they
had called their own. Later tho white man
camo and took from the victorious
Indians the lands which we now possess."
He talked In a very Interesting manner
of some of the oasos ho had had in
early days and closed by saying that the
tlini would coroo when the Nebraska
Historical society would have a building
costing 11,000,000 and that the regents of
the Stato university would soon have
everything they were asking for. Both
sentlmcnU were loudly applauded.
Both houses of the legislature were well
rffnresented at tho banquet, the wholo
Douglas county delegation In tho lower
house occupying a table on tno norm,
while the senators from the same county
had places at the south end of tho ban
quet room. '
WAHOO,' Neb., Jan. 15. (Special.)
The Wahco Commercial club held Its an
nual meeting, last night and elected the
following officers for the ensuing year:
President, Louis Dvorak; vlco president,
J. C. Hamilton; secretary, Kmll Benson;
corresponding secretary, B. O. Weber;
treasurer, Ed Lchmkuht; E. E. Placek,
John Hanson and M. A. Phelps were se
lected as delegates to attend tho rtate as
sqclation, -which meets In Fremort In
Jlay, The secretary. Kmll Benson, was
chosen to attend the stato commercial
secretaries' meeting, which will bo held
' In Omaha the latter part of this wck
The club went on record as opposed to
the state publicity bureau, but favored
a building and exhibit of Nebraska ut
tho Panama exposition at Sun Franclsoo.
Tho committee on statistics reported the
Burlington and Union Pacific furnished
I lie committee with the amount of busi
ness done here, but the Northwestern re
fused to do so. The committee will try
and get this information from tho Stato
Railway commission. This action on the
part of tho Northwestern will hurt that
road to some extent with tho shippe
here. The data that Is being gathered
Is for the purpose of presenting Wahoo's
claims for the new public building, the
government having already purchased u
also re-elected: C. L. Hogers, prsidcnt;
r . Whltmore. vice president, and F. C
Kennedy, cashier.
Many at Funeral .
of Pioneer Editor
NORFOLK. Neb., Jnn li.-(Ppeclal
Tfclcgram.) Ftinernl service for W. N.
Huse, pioneer edltot and publisher of
this city, wero held In Trinity Eplscopil
church at 2:30 this attcrnoon For one
hour nnd a half, during the services,
business of nil description was suspended
In Norfolk out of respect to tho memory
of Mr. Husp. A throng of people at
tended the service, Including many friends
from over the state. Among these weru
A. M. Wnlllng of David City, grand mas
ter workman of the Ancient Order f
United Workmen; F. C. Llttlcscy of
Grand Island, grand recorder; J. H. Boil
nett of Omaha and A. Gnlusha of 'Mc
Cook, grand trustees of that order. Tho
floral tributes were numerous.
BEATRICE. Neb., Jan. 15.-(Spoclal.)-
M. N. Barnes, late secretary of tho Be
atrice Commercial club, who was found
short In his accounts with tho club and
Post H, United Commercial Travelers, to
the amount of nearly 1,000. yesterday
imido a satisfactory settlement with tho
officers and departed for his new home
ut lxw Angeles. Cal.. where his family
located a few months ago.
M. M. Fnlk of this city has purchased
tho plant of the Plymouth News and will
assume charge at once.
The annua! meeting of the Farmers'
Elevator company of Hoag was held yes
terday, when tho following officers were
elected: II. J. Buss, president: G. It.
Esau, vice president; Sidney Uonslter,
secretary; J. Henry Penncr, treasurer; H.
E. Arthur, manager.
Floyd Robinson and Ada Crosby, both
of Beatrice, and Herman Baumgartcn of
Goodlund, Kan., and Mrs. Josephine Schu
macher of Beatrice were married yester
day by Rev. U. G. Brown.
Ilolliiv Case Is Set for Trlnl.
AUBURN, Neb.. Jan. 15.-(Speclal.)
Judge Rnpcr today adjourned tho dis
trict court until next Monday, at which
time he set the cosu of State against
Alfred Bollng, charged with criminal as
sault. The case grows out of Boling tak
ing his cousin, Dolllo Hager. a girl under
H, to Kansas nnd marrying her. The
mother objected and had the marriage
Bet aside and brought criminal proceed
ings. Bollng was convicted about a year
ago, but the Judgment was reversed by
the supreme court. Another casp set is
the State against Wlncle Shafer for (per
jury, and another, Stato against Roy
Brlnkley, charged witly assault to do
great bodily Injury. The case against
the three Anholtz boys for assault with
Intent to do great bodily harm to Mar
shall Llttrcll, jvtll be tried during the
Valler Ilnuk Hlecta Officer.
VAILEX Neb., Jan. 15. SpeotaI.)-The
annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Valley State bank was held at the
bank Monday. The following directors
were re-elected: C. I. Rogers, F. Whit
more, J- H- William?, Mons Johnson and
F. C. Kennedy. These officers were
llnffnlo Supervisor Uritnnlr.e.
KEARNEY, Neb., Jan. 13.-(Spcclal.)
George Conroy of Shelton was chosen by
the new County Board of Supervisors of
Buffalo county at its organization last
evening, after which adjournment was
taken until this morning, when they re
assembled, and the chairman appointed
his committees.
Four new supervisors 'of the seven on
tho board took their places at the meet
ing, at which Conrby was mado chair
man. Conroy was on the board for two
IIiirlliiAlou Coiiiiiiercliil Club KleelN.
HARTJNGTON. Neb., Jan. 15. (Spe
cial.) Tho Hurtlngton Commercial club
held Its annual meeting Tuesday evening
and elected the following officers:
Georgo !. Parker, president; George IT.
Scoville, vice president; 6, H. Morten,
secretary und treasurer. Tho last year
has been a prosperous one for the club.
Application of Company for Right to
Issue Stooks and Bonds.
Dr. !, K. Wllllnin nf l.'nl veroKy
I'lnee Appointed I'tiynli'lnit nt the
Slnte Pen I tent In ry Veterina
rian Hold State Session.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 13, (Special.) Tho ap
plication of tho Omaha, Lincoln & Bea
trice Interurban Railway company for
permission to Issue stock nnd bonds in
tho amount of W.IOO.OOO for the purpose of
completing Its road from Lincoln to
Omaha. -was on before the railway com
mission this morning. Harvey Musser of
Akron, O., a wealthy promoter, who Is
also president of tho company, answered
the questions put to him regarding the
plans of the company for the building of
the road. The bonds will be taken over
by a construction company as soon as
Issued and the road will be put In running
condlsetion as soon ns it possible to do
so, providing the application Is granted.
The commission took the matter under
Iimnector iii llnnil.
Prof. King, tho new Inspector of schools
appointed by State Superintendent Delzell
to fill tho vacancy caused by the 'death of
Inspector C M. Penny, was on duty this
Dr. William fietn Job.
Another political appointment was made
by the governor today, that of Dr. G. E.
Williams of University Place to be physi
cian ut the stato penitentiary. '
VeterlnnrlniiH In Senitloii.
"The state veterinarians met at the state
farm yesterday and outside of electing
officers transacted little business of In
terest to tho public-. Tho new officers
arc: J. C. Bowman of Tecumseh, presi
dent; L. P. Onrstenson ofv Columbus, vice
president, and J. C. Norden of Nebraska
City, secretary-treasurer.
FAIRBURY, Neb., Jan 15.-(Spcclal.)-
Charles II. Laird, tho Rock Island en
gineer whose train killed Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson James and two children, two
miles this side of Belleville. Kan., De
cember 31, while running tho fast west
bound passenger train No. 5, was nr
tested In Belleville, Knn.. Tuesday and
released from custody on a $1,000 bond
furnished by the Rock Island officers.
The coroner's Inquest held In Belleville,
Kan.. January 6, found Mr. Laird re
sponsible for the death of the James
Jamlly for running his . locomotive with
out tho electric headlight in operation.
It is said tho headlight flickered out a
few minutes before ho struck tho cov
ered buggy containing Mr. and Mrs. J,
and two children. Mr Laird Is a popular
engineer of this city and has been In tho
service blnce 1SSS. He is a prominent
member of the Brotherhood of Locomo
tive Engineers.
Sewn Niiten of Wnlloo,
WAHOO. Neb.. Jan. 13.-(Spcclal.)-J.
Ceck, a retired fanner and an old rest
dent of this counts;, died at his home
hero yesterday of pneumonia. Tho de
cease wan a native of Moravia and came
to this country over thirty years ago.
He leaves several children.
A farmers' institute und domestic
science demonstration will be licld here
on January 15th under the uusplcea of tho
state university extension department
and tho local farm Institute committee.
A number of prominent lecturers will bo
here and a good attendance Is promised.
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vice prusldcnt. Charles SondeiAireKKi'r;
secretary and treasurer, 1). W. Cook, Jr.,
ground superintendent, Charles Hognto;
board of directors. C. M. Cruncloton, il.
L. Spellman. O. 1 Sherwood and H. 11.
Kennedy. The club starts out with a
membership of thirty and expects to
double that number by May 1.
SIOUX CITY. la.. Jan. 15.-Kormcr
Stato Senator Robert Hunter of Sioux
City will not contest tho election of K.
P. Fair, democrat, who succeeded him
in tho last election.
This statement was made today after
Mr. Hunter had been informed that the
Indeflnltcncss of his stand had delayed
tho appointment of the senate contest
committees in tho Iowa legislature.
Beatrice Gnu Clnli llleelH Officers.
BEATRKE, Neb., Jan. 15.-(Special.)-The
Beatrice Gun club held Us first meet
ing of tho year yesterday and elected
these officers. President William Tanner;
"Sirs. Joseph H. Cinldliinlon.
AUBURN. Neb.. Jan. 13.-(Specll.)-Mrs.
Joseph E. Coddlngton died nt her
home here this morning. Sho was tho
widow of tho late Joseph E. Coddlngton,
one -of tho early settlers and was about
75 years old. She was tho mother of
Georgo E. Coddlngton, tho manager of
the telephone plant here. She is sur
vived by four sons nnd four daughters.
The funeral will be tomorrow ut Chris
tlau church and Interment in Sherldlnn
.1. II. Ilulelilson.
SIVLER CREEK, Neb.. Jan. K. (Spe
cial.) J. H. Hutchison, S3 years of ago
died at IiIb home yesterday. He had lived
in Nebraska many years nnd has several
sons und daughters, all of whom am
prominent. The funeral will be hold
Wednesday and the body will be token
to ABhland for burial, ho having lived
thero a number of years beforo coming
to Silver Creek. His widow survives him.
They celebrated their golden wedding
about four years ago.
S. W. AVnttn.
HUMBOLDT. Neb., Jan. lu.-(Spcrlal.)-N.
M. Watts died yesterday at tho homo
of his daughter. Mrs. Thomas Jenkins, a
few miles south of town. Of old age.
Tho funeral was hold from tho Jenkins
homo this nftcrnoon.
Uitrvtln 31. I it inn ii.
VERMILLION. S. D.. Jnn. 13.-I)arwln
M. Inman, a widely known South Dnkotu
banker, died suddenly at Clarendon, N.
Y., last night. He founded tho First Na
tional bank hero nnd was Its president
thirty-eight years.
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by that great health tonic, Ef?ctric Bit
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