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How It Came to Be Invitation to
Man to Do His Primate Duty.
Cntom of Klealn- Under thr Ml
tlrtec Ilntra Uncle io thr
Dun "When Tbor nnil
1I In llnlrd.
T)i cuMom Of kissing under the mlMle
toe goes back to the days when Tlior and
Odin and alt the other rods of the north
bind walked and talked with men.
naldur, the ton of Odin nnd FtlRen, the
Apollo of Scandinavian mythology, the
flaxen haired Koddes.i 0f sunshine and It
attendant blealnic, was loved by all
earthly nnd heavenly beings savo one
Iokl, the Rod of early tire and Its at
tendant ovll.
Naturally Lokl would hate him, for In
the spring when naldur came forth with
his bright and warm sunlight the world's
people deserted I-okl'a hearth fires and
did not return to them until the golden
(accil cod chose to dopart In the fall,
not UaWur with his happy nature cared
little for the other's Jealousy and in the
livo of his wife, Xanna (blossom)) lived
for years a Joyous existence.
At length, however, says a writer in
I ncle Remus' Magazine, ho began to
have troublesome dreams vUlona of dis
aster and of death. What could tt mean?
It was all so now to him, this lover of
light nnd pleasure. lie consulted tht
mother. Frlggo, and she In her distress
sent word to Odin.
Long Frlgga thought and then one de
vised a plan, she sent messengers far and
wlda through tho universe nnd had every
creature, animate or Inanimate, swenr
to do her son no harm. Willingly all
promised, for did not all love the sunlight
good? All? No, tho surly mlstletoo re
futed to swear, and that was the cause
of great future sorrow. But what Injury
could a bit of mlstleton do? FrlCTrn waa
all Joy; her darling was safe from any
thing; sprung from earth, air, fire or
Promised Ho Harm.
Now as the years passed nnd tht gods '
learned how absolutely safa Baldur waa
fnjm any wound whatever they fro
quetnly amused themselves by using him
for a target for all sorts of mlsalles
tones, clubs nnd weapons. One dny as
they "were playing thus nnd shouting with
laughter at their failures FrlgRa, sitting
t her spinning wheel, asked an old
woman who was passing what was thy
cau of all the merriment
"The gods," answered the old woman,
"are amusing1 themselves trying to hurt
your son."
Ah," said Frlgga, with a boastful
imlle, "they can never do It, for all thlnes
have promised not to harm lilm."
"All things?" Inquired the old woman.
"Yes, all things, except tho fnill mlstle
too, who, of course, Is too significant
to trouble any one." The old woman was
Lokl In disguise.
Hastening away, the evil god went
straight to the mistletoe that grew on
the oak outside the gates of Valhalla and
breaking off a piece turned It by manic
art Into a hard, ntmrp dart. Then hurry
ing back ho found the gods stilt Playing
tho game-all except Baldur"s blind
brother, Uodur, who leaned gloomily
against a tree nnd listened In silence to
tho laughter,
"Why do 'you not play, HodurV said
"How can I?' answered. Jlodur. "Am 1
not bind?"
"Ah," laugheq Xiokl, "T will show you
how. Ktand thus and throw this Hart
with all your strength."
Tho mlstletoo shaft hissed through the
air, and Baldur, the god of life giving
lleht, fell dead.
Tenderly the guards planed his body
upon his favorlto ship, the Rlnghorn, nnd
prepared to give both to the sea, Then
ell the heavenly ones came to gaxo upon
the beloved face; but Nannu, bending
over lilm, could not bear the sight, and
her heart broke, and she was laid beside
him on the vessel. Then tho great ship
was set nftre nnd floated, a sheet of
flame, out on tho distant waters. And
even yet wa may. see at sunset the burn
ing vessel of Baldur far In the west.
aNov the guards felt that some show of
justice must be made, and In conciliation,
hoping to soothe tho pnssldnato sorrow of
the mother, Frlgga, Ihoy dedicated tho
mistletoe to her,; and to this day It Is
under her enro and control. And now
sin and sorrow had hallowed It; for
henceforth it was to grow, not ns a
symbol of bitterness and hatred, but as
a sign of tenderness and love.
But the gods decreed that It was to
stand for these- things only so long as It
touched not Juki's kingdom, the poll,
and for this reason It Is never seen grow
Ing on the ground, and wo ourselves ul
days hang It high on tho rafters or chan
deliers. And now that tt was the plant of
toy, the custom urous for enemies to
become friend under the mistletoe, for
lovers' to pledge their troth beneath It . .
and for those who met there to kiss as a,
lsn of affectionate fellowship.
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