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Isn't This Just
President and Secretary of National
Unanimously Be-elected.
F.ffort to Arblltntr tirllnii nn lo
Contract Fulls Whni I( l
Fnnnil Imnnllile to I'lnil
Third .Indue,
NEW YOniC, Dec 11. Thomas J.
Lynch was re-elected president, and John
A. Heydlcr, secretary nnn treasurer of
the Notional league at the meeting late
today. The present hoard of directors
was continued, except that C. J. Sullivan
if New York, succeeds the late John T.
The election of Messrs. Lynch and
Heydler, the former for a. term of one
year and tho latter for thrco years, wan
unanimous. The league would not per
mlt a rumor even of a ripple of discord
to bo uncontradicted, and tho report that
one club littd opposed the re-election of
President Lynch was denied.
The. rest wan mostly routine. The re
porta of President Lynch anil of the hoard
of directors were duly approved. Presl-
dent Lynch, In detailing the official his
tory of the 1912 reason, awarded the pen
nant for good behavior during tho play
ing year lo the Philadelphia team, whlrh
had a record of no suspensions und only
one fine.
Other things noted in the report were
that 12,to0 base laln were used In the
scheduled games; that clghty-clght games
were postponed that thoro were 140 dou-ble-headera
iuid seventy-eight games on
the schedule left unplayrd of tho six
proteatrd against tho results of Raines
during tho season, flvo wero disallowed'.
Chicago being the successful rn)testant,
having Its claim to u came with Pitts
bureh sustained.
Umpire to Ilccrlve .Monr),
President Wller of the Philadelphia!
club cleared up the clnlm of Umpire
Klgler for X2.000 for services In signing
Pitcher Illxey by assuring the league
that the sum would bo paid. Tho
league, however, wont on record as op
posed to the umpires acting as scouts
n the future, declaring Buch employ
ment to be ugntnst tho best Interests
if tho game.
It was also decided . that In drafting
players In tho futnrc tho name of the
club shall bo drawn first In accordanco
with a rulo adopted by tho national
commission. Tho names of players have
boen" drawn first on several occasions,
It appeared, In violation of this rule,
A discussion of telegraph facilities at
tho games and other matters relative to
the reports of games resulted In tha
naming of Messrs. KbbctH. llompHtcud,
Oaffney and Locke a. committee to ar
range these details with the telegraph
Tomorrow morning the club owners and
officers will visit tho new Brooklyn, base
ball park as tho gusts of President Kb
bets. In the afternoon tho final session
of tho league meeting will be held.
Those attending today's meeting were:
August Herrmann, Cincinnati; Harry
Hempstead, C, J. Sullivan and U. II.
McCutcheon. New York; Alfred Wller
and T. J. Hogatoz, Philadelphia; Harney
Dreyfusa ahd -William Locke, Pittsburgh;
Mrs, Helen Brltton. James C. Jones and
AV. F. Crawford. St. Louis; Juinos E.
Gaffney and llennun Nicholson, HoHtou;
Charles H. Ebbeui and S. V. MeKeostor,
Hrooklyn. and C. W. Murphy. Chicago,
The National league decided tonight to
try the case Involving the claim of Uoger
Dresnahan, deposed manager of tho St.
Louis club, for alleged breach of contract
by that club, at a special session of thu
board of director?, preliminary to the
February meeting of tho league.
This decision was reached at a meeting
of the board of directors.
The St. Louis club was directed to file
within twenty days an answer to Uresns
ban's complaint. An official copy of the
complaint will be supplied forthwith to
the 8t. Louis club.
The National league's action In assur
ing Dresnahan i trial of his claim ww
taken after tlfe former manager ami
President Jones of the St. IuLi club
failed to reach an agreement on the ques
tion of whom they should select as it
third arbitrator to alt as tentatively sug
gested with two men of the National com.
Every effort was made to bring about
such arbitration.
Creighton Team to
Enjoy a Banquet
The Creighton varsity foot ball team
for the 6cason of 131 will bo tho guevt
of the athletic board of the university at
a banquet In the ruthskclier of tho Hotel
llenshaw Thursday evening at 7 o'clock.
Twenty-fire men, Including Coach Miller.
Manager Young and Trainer Joe Urldel,
will be present.
Coach Harry Miller will act as toast
master. Tho feature of the banquet will
be the election of a captain for next
year's squad, and the awarding of letters
for services on the varsity during the
Deacon Just closed. Miller, Tumisea and
Hanley have, been tho only men men
tioned for the, position of captain thus
Fifteen men .will be given a "C." Sweat
ers have been ordered, but will not arrive
until nest inontb. Those who will receive
the coveted Utter are: Captain Hopkins,
Hanley, McQrane, Hall, Tamlsea. Parker,
Waller Brennan. Millar S'nioii Levey,
Phil Levfy lluuson, Dalderson, McCar.
tir-- and Collins.
. -3 (never minoS wait till i fcofnc To eutfi r-t -v fVi?0) f Gee(JiM ISP
mr "-j otiE em a
Like a Man?
Old Hand at
Joe Kogler of Hrooklyn, who has on-
tcred the slx-dny bicycle race with Will- j
ter Ittitt as the Oermnn-Amerlcan team.
l-'ogler hns several tlincs been a winner i
Basket Ball Boys
Respond to Call ,
s OnOapitol Hill
The first1 for candidates for the
Omaha High School lluskct Hall team
brought out seventy-seven latlx. Th !
the first time In tho Mstory of th hlgn
Mnh,,nt llln, ulinli I . . . I - - . , . '
shown III hiiHltct ball.
About llfty h'gh school buys played their
first game oi mmtpi rtnit ball yesterday
on the high hrhon: cJinpim and many
wero the bruised Hlilim and roughed up
faces after tho game. At the present
showing, soccer probably will be success
ful as u new Interest nt tho high school.
If this Is estubltshi'd In the school n
meeting of thoso Interested will be held
and n captulu elected.
The veterans who are out for the high
school five are Hurkenroad, forwnrd und
captain; Mark Hughs, guaid; and James
Gardiner, guard.
Thoso candidates who repipacnt the
various classes held meetings under the
direction of several of tho faculty, who
wero Interested In tho sport and elected
captains as follows:
Seniors under Mr. Woolory. Captains.
Itawson White and James Durkee.
Juniors under Mr. HornBteln. No cap
Sophomores under Mr. MneMtllan. Cap
tains Uusscll Larmon, Leon Carson, Paul
Flothow, Icvoy Hazard and Art Houncr.
Freshmen, under Mr. Orchard. Tempo
rary captnln. W. S. Potersen.
A rather tentative basket ball schedule
has been arranged. Somo of the games
not having been decided upon finally. The
team will have about nine regular sche
duled games with other high schools nol
In tho Trl-clty league. The tentative
schedule follows:
January IS Lincoln at Uncoln.
January -York nt Omaha.
February 1-Hloux City ut Sioux City.
February S-South Omaha ut Omaha.
February 15-IJncoln at Omaha.
February 25-South Omiiha at Omaha.
March 1-Hloux City at Omaha.
March 8 Open.
March it Open.
Stato tournament probably at Lincoln.
Sensation Promised
, By Base Ball Owners
CHICAGO. Dec. ll.-Ovvners of clubs
In tho Amerlcun league, who gathered
hero tonight to attend the annual meet
Ing tomorrow promised to produce some
startling news to the base bull public
before the meeting udJourns.
Trades Involving some of tho 'most
prominent players In tho league were
reported pending and the uppolntment
of the manager of the New York club
was expected to be announced, Frank
Ounce, former manager of the Chicago
Nlttlnnnl likfupll nltilt nti.l flc.1.!Aa. Tn..
who formerly piloted the Chicago club
1 or the American leugue. were mentioned
tonight among the possibilities for the
; position
'hance has been approached by Frank
F.irreil, owner of tho New York club;
In fuet tlirs reached an understanding
before Chan left for California to
I spend tht winter, It was said today,
the Game
of the nnnuul weary Blind. The nice la
a twenty-year-old Institution- In New
York, but It Is u slghtHhut never. lo.os Its
power to Interest or Its thrills for the
most blui-e.
Johnson's Negro
Lawyers Withdraw
from His Oases
CHICAGO. Dee. 11 Jack Johnson's at
torneys, W. IL Anderson and K. H.
flight, both negroes, asked the United
States district court today that their
names be stricken from tho records as
counsel for the fighter,
Tho lawyer said that Johnson's recent
marriage to Luclle Cameron, a whlto girl,
whs disapproved by them to an extent
that they do not care to bo any longer
associated with him. Wright and Ander
son represented Johnson In tho whlto
slave cases yet to bo heard.
Johnson appeared In the municipal
court today to answer to a charge of
assault and buttery brought by a nows-
pnper photographer whom Johnxon Is nl-
legeil to have struck with a cane when
the photographer tried to take a picture.
at the time Johnson was locked In the
county Jail. Hearing of the case was dc-
Many-Angled Deal
for Tinker and Chance
CHICAGO, Dec. H.-Amcrleun league
magnates, ut their annual meetlpg toduy,
were expected to "waive" on iuftelder
'Corrldon of Detroit, upon whose re
lease to Cincinnati depends tho many-
angled deal planned to put Joo Tinker,
the Famous Chicago shortstp. In com
mand of the Iteds and make Chance,
irstwhlle "peerless loader" of tho Cubs,
manager of the Now York Amertgnns.
Frank Furrelle. owner of the Yankees,
Intimated that Chnucn would be his mali
nger, but stated that us the iHtter has not
been lgued. he must maintain silence on
the subject.
it was practically arranged that Tlnkr,
ficcontpaied by Loudermllk and Chap
man, or some other Chicago battery, will
go to Cincinnati ns manager, In .exchange
for Mitchell;. Pliclau, Corrldon. Humph
reys and Knlsely
To procure Corrldori Chicago having
Instated on getting a shortstop before let
ting Tinker go Cincinnati was to release
Chance to Detroit and Farrell planned to
buy the ''Peerless leader'' from the Tiger
NEW YOHK, Dec. H.-There will be
no change In the ownership of the New
York National league club or In the
management of tho team. It was an
nounced today by II. N. Hempstead,
son-in-law of the late John T. Brush,
Immediately utter he had been elected
president of tho National Exhibition
company, tho rorporatcd title of the
New York club, to fill the vacancy
cuused by Mr. Brush's death , The di
rectors elected C. J. Hulllvan, one of
their number, to be vice president. ie
placing Mr Hempstead In that position.
The Persistent and Judicious I'se of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Itoad to
Business Success.
Fight Stopped in Sixteenth Round
When Fireman is Helpless.
I'lirlilu I'aclHit Take Count of Nine
In Tenth mid Only Continue
Unfile ! 3Irnnn or Mix
PtnylnK Power.
LOS ANUKLH3. Dec. ll.-Luther Mc
Ctirty, the Missouri heavyweight, stands
In tho foiefiont of the ranks of "white
hopes" today as tho result of his decisive
defeat last night of "Ffgh'lng Jim"
Klynn, the Pueblo llght-hcavywcight. who
has proved a stumbling block o aspirins
successors to Jim .Jeffries for many years.
McCarty now Is scheduled to meet Al
PaUcr on New Year's day In the second
lound of the heavyweight elimination
contest arranged by Promoter McCnroy.
Tho winner of tho bout will be balled as
the whlto heavyweight champion. In as
much ns prize fight authorities generally
concede that Juck Johnson has ceased to
he n. actor In ring affairs, .the winner
probnblv will he considered the world's
clminplMi heavyweight.
McCaity's showing wa a mirpurlhe to
ring followers generally, us, although he
weighed considerably more tha". Flynn,
the tatter's cxpoilenco nnd stamina was
expected to carry him through, Flynn
carried much money to defeat, one of the
largo bettors having beeii "lis -econt op
ponent,' Jack Johnson, vrh,"! Wolcast was
nlSo rumored to have bet heavily on
Flynn's manager. Jack Curley. made
tho following statement after the fight:
"McCarty Is a big. strong, clever fel
low. He Is fast and a goot hitter. He
beat Jim. to every punch and It Is need
less to .ay that It whs a Miirpilie. Only
Flyings gamenosH kept htm In the rim?
after tho ninth round."
McCarty said the fight resulted Just us
hg had planned It. "1 figured on beating
my-man down systematical!';" he said,
'ind -I did It. I was noveVhlt hard
and could "re-enter tho ring tomorrow."
Tho gate receipts were $15,600. McCarty
was given a gii.frar.tce of S'l.Ourt. or a per
centage of the receipts.
FlKht by Hound.
I .McCarty and Flynn entered the ring at
iS'35. Betting at tho ringside was at even
; money. Time was called at 9:0i Mc
Carty carried tho fight to Flynn through
j out tho first round and the fireman spat
) blood as he went to his corner,
j McCarty continued to force tha fight
ling In the second and Flynn seemed un
able to reach him effectively. Near the
end .of tho round Flynn was staggered
by a series of rights and lefts to the
face and appeared groggy. He camo up
with n rush In the third, but McCurty
stopped him with a stinger that drew
blood from the fireman's nose and forced
him to stall.
Flynn even It In the fourth, rushing
McCarty repeatedly and hooking him
with an uppercut that rocked tho MIs-
sourlan's head. The fifth was a ham-mcr-ond-tongs
affair, ending with a
fierce mlxup in the center of the ring.
In the sixth Flynn staggered McCarty
with u left swing that sent him agafn.t
tho ropes.
e veil til Hound Kvrn.
The seventh, bitterly contested through
out, ended with honors even. Both men
showed signs of wear when they went
to their corners and the succeeding round
was tame. In the tenth, however, McCarty
landed a hard right to the Jaw, putting
the veteran down for the count of nine.
Flynn arose groggy and hung on. Fol
lowing up this advantage, the Mlssourlan
dropped Flynn again, but the fireman
made u remurkable rally und lasted out
the round.
McCurty tried hard to end It In the
tenth, but Flynn showed strong recuper
atlvo powers and held his heavier oppo
nent fairly even. Badly battered nnd
rushing wildly, flynn went through the
eleventh, rocked repeatedly by the blows
that McCarty landed almost at will. It
was tho same In the twelfth, tho fire
man's stamina 'arousing tho wonder of
the .crowd.
Flynn kept boring In In the thirteenth,
shaking, his head under tho fusllade of
blows that McCarty ruined upon his
puffed und. bleeding face. The next two
rounds went the same way, the Mis
sourlan having his antagonist at his
mercy, but lacking the driving power to
stop him.
Flynn seemed almost helpless- when at
tho outset of the sixteenth he was sent
down for tho count of nne nnd when a
moment later a smash to the Jaw dropped
him for tho second time, Heferee Kyton
stopped the fight and declared McCarty
the winner.
Calvin Denial est, ex-champlon billiard
1st of the world, will exhibit at Harry
Symes' billiard parlor, 313 So. J6th St..
Thursday and Friday afternoons and
evenings. Admission free.
Illnelimnn Will Mniiimr Cnlunilina.
COLt'MBCS. Dec. ll.-Presldent Schoen
bem of the Columbia Base Ball club to
day announced that William Hlnchman,
Columbus, outfielder, has been signed to
mauagH the Columbus team next year.
He succeeds William Frlel. Hlnchman
began his lw-e bull career In the New
York State league and has played with
"Wllllamsport. Cincinnati and Cleveland
Joy for the Children.
Ill our rubber toys, rubber balls, rubber
animals and many other novelties. Brlns
the little ones with you to see our d:s
p!a Omaha Itubber C'
Champion Bicyqle Sprinter
Flank Kramer, world's champion hi-
cycle sprinter, who Ms riding this week
Willi Jlnjmy Mornn as tho American team
Tho St. Louis Republic has a story of
the experiences of Clarence Knglish, the
Oipaha fighter, which reads as follows:
Clarence English, who participated In
a ladyllkn slapplng-on-thc-wrlst contest
with Hay Brouson at the CoHsum u
month or so ago, has broken loose In At
lanta, Ga.
Tho Omaha boxer met Frankle Whitney
In tho southern city In a handicap bout
an Idiotic proposition under any circum
stances and It was advertised that "Eng
lish must stop Whitney to win." Clar
ence stopped Frankle with a foul In tho
Bdt that wasn't all that Clarence did.
According to the matchmaker of tho At
lanta club, English tried to frame the
fight with Whitney. Tho story us pub
llshed In an Atlanta paper recites that
English got "Whitney by telephone urn.
Frankle told Clarence there was nothing
doing In the frame-up line. At which
Olarenco lost his temper and swore at
Frankle. The telophone operator made a
complaint ugulust English and tho Omuhu
pugilist was fined 20 for swearing.
With the Bowlers
Booster' League,
1st. ?d.
3d. Total.
A. Bowers 212 ifiT
Juckson &B ltil
Bengele 155 H7
Wand 157 l:
n. Bowers is, is;
Totals 915 -sol
1st. 1A.
$54 2.601
Chrlstensen 20fl HS
llowcll ik; 131
Hemleben a 2tl
Norgaord no 153
Firestone 161
Totals Dili 825 !l."
1st. 2d. Sd. Total.
Hammond lu 1S1 159 IK!
Stern 15t 197 1 but
Purshouse IS) 17a UK tH
Stockwell us no 137 nt
Johnson 117 122 170 400
Totals 74i 7S2 797 asj
. 1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
McCarthy 1K1 187 1SI Iw7
Blco . 140 16 160 Itti
Hosslg 173 IK lor, a33
C. Bice air. 205 2J3 Wtt
foman i$i 17s 159 ols
Totals Mil 937 9US 2.i
1st. at. 3d. Total.
Simon t 199 1S7 IS) 5k
I -a ml st rum 139 155 1C9 4G3
Boegurd i 113 ltui 110 361
.Mioleeii IK 152 )Mi 4,0
lovum IGTi I5i tt9 r2i
Huudlcap Ui M CO JW
Totals 833 &JU Mil
Ht. 2d. ;td. Total.
McCabe, Wm IKS 169 1SS 193
Shaw 169 177 ISO 5i'i
Atnsden 129 161 16
Sdplu , 156 19S 109 aSl
Ills 127 169 'US 434
Total 709 tt
1st. 2d.
Hansen IK 107
Wlegera -D3J 175
Thlele HI 159
Q rote 115 1S1
Itles 159 173
3d. Total.
lit 316
Totals 715 765 GS& 3195
1st. Stl. 3d. Total.
Donze 91 llj 143 379
Kocnberg 153 U6 ICS 476
Arkla 110 154 514
Lee ,.,1V IT" 101 W
KoUuchluk P'' )S6 ISA M
Handicap i3 13 13 W
lotula S15 845. bSI 2477
Hovrllnlf .Nolen.
If the captain Is liHlf of the leant it ia
time for Jay Lefler to hold up his half
Don't ask McMartln about the score lc
rolled In the singles, tfutfl' u It to say he
won the booby prize
Charley Hoe Is now uuig Co Uh1o
for The Bee by
ln the nlx-dny bicycle race that opened
"' ""f011,, S,c'UiU,e Gard?"; Nw
uii. i uc ian i iiimutru rrt-uuu 1 11 i uu
annunl clnplc In 1911.
ball with lAarked success. He keeps It
I on the alley"half the time.
! Tho StcHngs won two from the Cracker
'Jacks with 11 2,ilS total. Krause did the
' heavy rolling for the vlstors.
'I lie I'etetsen Knnuy Kids had too much
Kansas City Judging from the way they
shot .Monday night. They only manuged
to get a total of i,m.
The Hlncliojs would better close the
traji door, or they will be dropping Into
the cellar position. Tho tallend Garlow's
uro creeping un the stairs.
. Krause of tho Boyco's Cracker Jacks
was in good trim Monday night. He
rolled a single game of 243 and a total of
If you haven't visited Fred Stelllng and
his little brown Jug. now Is the time. He
suya that It Is n cood omen nn,l nnv
bowler after sipping its contents Is suro
of a 600 score.
George Gribble used n dodo ball for
two days and then threw It away. Ho
thought It wan easy to roll a dodo, but
luunu 11 whb as naru or even Harder
than rolling a hook ball.
A special match will h enllnil nn fin r.
low's alleys Wednesday night. December
jo, ueiwcen ine Tracy Ijv Truda team of
the Gate City league and the Midwest
Tailors of the Magic City leugue.
"Helen" Gould, the crimson Inn "hon.
doo" of tho Martin Tigers, has been of-
uciaiiy appointed mascot of the Popel
Glller und Luxua teams. He. may be
seen at any mutches rolled by the above
u-hiiih grooming i- irestono it goat.
.Mullen, the cuntaln of Garlow's Colin.
WHS as ticked IIS ll boV with hln first nnlr
of trousers Monday night when his colts
won two games. Last week they won
three. If they continue to be victorious
they threaten to break up the league.
The bowling scuxatlon of tho week was
the Garlow's Colls winning two games
from the Petersen Kandy Kids, tho win
neis of third placo In Kansas City. Herb
Garlow, of course, was on the sidelines
with his foghorn voice, but he got too
nolby and was forced to leave.
Nellie Nelson has been made cantnln
of the Gordon's Fireproof team. Ho Is
anxious 10 nil 1110 place made vacant by
the retiring from the game of Johnny
Laird. Any bowler wishing to Join a
leading tram will please correspond with
Mr. Nelson. No questions asked.
Leplnskl has sent his old punctured red
ball away to get the rough edges taken
off. He is huvlng three more loads put
In It nnd two additional finged holes Just
opposite the other two. Frank Intends to
get a patent on the ball If It works well.
Three comical Jews Firestone. Golden
berg and Johnny Iilrd.
Tmiriininent New.
Salute the captain. He Is bo's.
C. J. FrancUco Is the original comedian.
Ask him to tell you that Oliver Twist
The Pullman company Is short a few
bedclothes. Hoarch the South Omaha Jet
ters' locker.
Who put the coke In Koch at Kansas
City? He only rolled 41S in the five man
The Jettei Old Ago team was unable to
land In the money. They only managed
to roll 2.575.
The Burkley Envelopes landed In the
money with their 2.675. This will add an
other bunch of money to the bag already
collected by Omaha bowlers.
Jimmy Blouln was off form at Kansas
City. When the spectators watch him
shoot they expect to see somo classy
rolling, but this tlmo Jimmy was unable
to hit the brad pin.
Chief Brlggs or South Omaha didn't en
joy the trip to Kansas City. He happened
to bo good natured and of course the rest
of tho boys made him the brunt of the
jokes. .It seems the chief was Playing
cards In the smoking room of a Pullman
car while the iwrter was making up the
berths. A couple of teammates filled his
bed with shoes and his pillow case with
cuspidors. Tht chief 011 discovering th
articles in his resting placo was wroth
and by lotting out a few oaths and throw
ing ever) thing, bedclothes and all, Into
the aisle, succeeded In causing a panic
1 among the (xiupants iif the car Brlggs
foiKi where be was and attempted to
use his uuthoiltv by Stowing his Potith
j Omaha lollce budge. The emblem was not
.recpecte.t however, and after promising
tin angrv und excited crowd that ho
would be quiet the rest of the night he
.was allowed to stay In the car What
! will the ihlef do to the culprits who
Iplatr-d the tr. k on him when he gets
. tr ' ba'k in So'ith Omaha where he Is
H. B. Martin
Two Pugs Go Eight Rounds Without
a Deoision. ,
Yoonir nnrton of "North Side Sends
Wllllitm Sprit vllntr, When Ser
gennt Conk Prevents the
Finishing Touches.
Itudy Unholz, tho Chicago Boer cham
pion lightweight und Juck Gorman of
Omaha fought eight rounds to a draw
last night before the Flambeau club.
The match, which was merely an exhibi
tion, was well taken by tho club mem
bers, of which almost 700 wero present.
Although no decision was given, it
was the opinion of the fistic fans pres
ent that the match ended wltli honors
even. However, Unholz ld not exert
himself at any stage of the bout and
hud he opened up he could have put his
man out nt any time after the third
Gorman. however, deserves much
ciedlt for putting up a clever exhibition.
He was fnft on his feet nnd covered In
fine hhapc. Unholz plainly showed that
he was a master at the ring game from
the start. He tried out his man until
he knew his tactics and managed to get
away from harm. I'nholz used a left
hook very effectively during the first
few rounds of the fight, but towards the
last he opened up with a now style of
fighting In which a right swing was
the fcatuie.
The semi-final battle of the evening
between Young Williams of Fort Dcs
Moines and Young Borton of the North
side was stopped during the third round
by the pollre. Young Borton outclassed
the Iowa man and in tho third round
had Williams grogg. A right hook to
the point of the jaw sent Williams
sprawling and Borton was about to put
tho finishing touchm on when Sergeant
Cool; called hostilities off. The bout
was the fastest of the evening, both men
. going after each other tooth and nail
from the tnp of tho gong until tho tlmo
When the police stopped.
The first preliminary between ' Young
Merkle and Younc Kitchen, feather
weights was well received. Tho little
fighters put up a fine exhibition. Th
' bout was clearly a druw.
The second preliminary between Young
Wallace of East Omaha and Carl Martin
of Council Bluffs, lightweights, went
four rounds with Martin having a shade
the better of the argument. The honors
wero even for the first two rounds, after
which Martin came back strong. In
the third round he had his man groggv
and the bell nt the end of the fourth'
round found Wallace reeling.
Wr'eMlerx Meet nt Bentrlee.
BEATBICE, Neb., Dec. 11. (Special. )
The state wrestling tournament of the
Young Men's Christian association will
be held In Beatrice next month, the date
to be announced later. Beatrlco Is mak
ing plans to put a strong team in tho
field, and will try and carry off first
honors. The towns In the association
are Omaha, Lincoln, Fremont, Beatrice
and Hastings.
Our new Kensington
overcoats (delayed in mak
ing and just received) are
certainly attracting the peo
ple who want good values.
Here are stylish coats
with real tailoring and re
finementcoats that are
built to serve and satisfy
you for two or three sea
sons. You'll find no "decoys"
either in our cases or in
our windows no over
coats or suits upon which
the prices are boosted first
and cut afterwards.
We're after more than
your money we want
your confidence, good will
and continued patronage. "
It is with such thorough
ly dependable values as
we offer in these Kensing
ton overcoats and suit
that we expect to win it.
$20, $25 and up.
Specials in furnishings
for Christmas buyers.
413 S. Sixteenth.
Omaha Lincoln