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    MHTW ni,'U. n f A TT 'llll'IND AV nW'K KKR a. 1H12.
Stop and Think of the Wonderful Values, Wo Wonder This is
Present Monetary System Promotes
and Develops Panics.
en tem Shntold Pro Mr rvcr
PnUlnsr HfrrTcn and Xnrr Pull
In Cnrrrno lloili Shnnlil
H Kluntlc nnd Plrlltlr.
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WASHINGTON'. Dec. 4. -Strongly urKlntf
idlcal reform of thr "unrMsonrd ami
unscltntlflo" banking and Mirrenoy sys
tem of the t'nlted State.. FrnRlln Mac
VRh, secretary of the treasury, freely
arns congress In his Hnnunl report sub
riittted today that the federal government,
ss long up the prenent at-heme exist, will
be executively responsible for the com-
mtrclal, Industrial and social disasters
fc-hlch flow from panics and attack
directly or Indirectly, every homa In the
' natlop.
The present system promotes and de
eIops paiilra and legislation Is urgent,
declares Mr. MacVengh. In outlining his
id of the necessary general provisions
of an adequate relief measure. Aside
from affording flexible and elastic cur
rency ond reserves, such a 11 revision, ho
says, thould bring the banks Into organ
ized co-operation nnd provide h central
agency through which they could work
together, free, of political or trust control
According to the estimate of the Treas
ury department. he secretary forsers a
deficit of tt,4.K3, exclusive of Panama
canal expenditures, for the fiscal year
ending June 90, H. the first fiscal year
of President Wilton's administration. In
cluding tlie canal expenses, the deficit Is
estimated a $S2.-30,S. The canal ex
penditures, he adds, however, may be paid
under the law from bond sales. The esti
mated leeelpt for that year are 710,000,
f. while the ordinary appropriations are
estimated at fnWMfiB. and the canal
oipendlturrs at I30.U4.432. Undoubtedly
having prohable tariff revision In mind,
the secretary announce that these estl
mkr are based upon present conditions
and laws.
flat-phis of Forts- Millions,
For the current fiscal year, ending;
June 30, 1912. Mr. MacVeaffh estimate
i that there will be a surplus of MO.J0O.00O,
exclusive of Panama, canal expenditures,
and a deficit of fl.00,0. Including the
cunal transactions. He estimates receipts
for this year at $711,000,000 and ordinary
disbursements at W'O.ROO.OOO,
In connection with financial reform Mr.
MacVengh asys the people are helpless
i.nder existing evils. The present pystem
never permits free action at any time,
because Its liability to sudden constraint
and restriction la always' a part of tfle
nation's financial consciousness.
'There never Is a time," continues the
secretary of the treasury, "when there Is
any long look ahead, except when we are
In the midst of a panic, when there Is n
long look of disaster ahead. There Is
never a long look of ease and convenience
and prosperity ahead."
In the crop-moving season, Mr. Mac-
, Vcagh points out, thorn la a special stress
and restraint, and the secretary found an
object lesson In the conditions during the
lust autumn, when tho banks wpro called
vpon to finance the movement of rceord-
' breaking cropst necessitating tho employ
ment of nearly alt of their jwallablo re
sources under "our constricting system.'
t "This relief which Js no urgently needed
py the legitimate business and enterprise
cof our people." IMluldK. "Is not relief
from a ffjiancja'f situation built up by a
financial work Itself, but is from a svs
tern and; condition superinduced bythe
m'i ciiiiiiviiii aim lorveu upon me inisi
nets community- and upon American so
ciety. The banking and currency system
lis the product of federal law, and there
can be no relief from It until congress
acts. And this la why congressional c
'tlon Is urgent"
Too Mweli Moiier la trite.
Pointing out that tho banks fortunately
had been able to flnanc the crop move
ment of the last autumn unaided by the
government, the secretary euya that the
iftiiomaloua relation between the Treasury
iiepanmeiit and the general financial
world Is a part of the system to be re
formed. He added; "Taking large sums
or actual money out of the ordinary
nnnnciai use ana locking It up as d dead
mass in the vault of the treasury la
proceeding as unscientific and unreasoned
ss any other jwrt of our unreasoned and
unscienuno banning and currency nys
tern." A relief measure reforming the bank
ing and currency system, the secretary
declares, "mutt Include, among Its neces
sary features, ryovlslona for never-falling
reserves, and never-falling currency, and
for the perfect elasticity and flexibility
of both: for the permanent organisation
and organised co-operation of the banks, J
which are now suffering and causing the
nation to suffer by reason of their un
organlxed stale! for a central -agency, to '
represent and act -for the organised and
"operative banks-thls agency to be t '
eurely free from political or trust control
but with the government having adequate
and Intimate supervision of It: for ln .
dependent banking unite so Independent
that no one bank can be owned, con
trplled. Or shared In any degree, directly
or Indirectly. Hy any other bank; for the
equality of all banks, national or state,
both as to standards and as to functions
so tbat. every requirement made of a
national bank must be complied with
equally by a state bank, and ever)' func
tion or privileges enjoyed by a state bank
shall be enjoyed by a national bank, for
the utilisation and the fluidity, or bank
. asaetst for the scientific development of
exchanges domestic and foreign; for 1
foreign hanking as an adjunct of our for- l
o-lgn commerce: and for taking the treas- 1
Jury department out of the banking busl-
ness." t
Wuutd Abolish Assay office.. i
D14cuastaic customs reforms, Pecretary
MacVeagh say'a" that widespread expos- I
Hts- by - the present administration of '
frauds have, resulted In an annual sav-I
ng to the government of more than 110.. '
WM80. "distinctly an underestimate. 1
names or the nominees m-iore ossouh-
lions liefwp the time for hsIlntliiK
The nominating rommlttt-e Mis
Frank Harrison, Mncoln. .Mrs I.ulu Hal
voreen, NVhfHsko City; Mls- llelle Dcwe.y '
Omaha; Mr. Julia Oox. Kxeter; Mis '
Mary Williams. Keartio , Mrs. Olllu
Klrkpstrlck. Nehnwka; Mrs. Annn
Knvada. Table Itook; Mis. Aniteltc N-s-blt.
Pawnee City; Mrs. Mary Mm tilth
Haw. Bid. fhudinii, nnd Mrs. Mary
Dlehl. Crawford.
hc PlrnilM for lliiriiuiiiy.
President Phllbrlek made n very brief
talk at tho point where slit- wns scheduled
for her official nddress. film urged that
all work shoulder to shoulder for tho
caumi of wumsn suffrage, and that all
personal feeling. If there should be any.
be laid nsldc. loiter xlio announced thnt
she had wrltttti sixty-two letters to
i1tl,ir ,if linwunnttnM lh(t tttntn tn
learn the attitude tliey would take snouia
the suffrage iiuestlon be pushed to an
lsiie In the state during tho coming
year. Sho snld the repUnn of fifty said
they were for suffrage, eight ngalnst.
and four said they would accord tho
question fair trcutmont and allow f rro :
discussion In tho pages for both sides.
KnimitH Hlolrr Tnlks,
Mrs. Helen Kackcr, secretary of J,he
Kansna association, told tho worm u of
the fight In Kansas In which the women
won their franchise at the last election.
She sold the work of their assoHsllott
would now bo devoted to the rlvlr edu
cation of the women, "Wo have the bal
lot now," sho said, "nnd we must edu
cate our women to use it. Tf wo fall
with tho ballot In tho hnnda of tho
women It will hurt your cause hole In
the nrtghh'oilng statt' of Nebraska. Wo
will remain In the fight until every wo
man In the country Is enfranchised, nnd
Hi 19IT there wlil, not lip a political party
that will daro to Jeavo tho woman suf
frage cluuie out of Its platform."
Mrs. J. U Claflln of I'nlvcrslly Plauo
led a conference on publicity, in which
it was urged that the women make ef
forts to enlist as many newspapers na
possible' In tho cause, Qfferlng prises for,
tlo best essay on woman suffrage wan
also recommended an an excellent way to
get pulblclty.
On mntldn of Mrs. Frank Harrison It
wun enacted that suffragists from any
town In the rttuto which has no stlffi-ago
organization may1 become un nctlvo mem-.
lire of the state association on payment
of thu necessary dues of 50 cents.
Labor Fnvors .Muff rune.
T. W. Parker of Lincoln, president of
tho Nebraska Stoto Federation of Labor,
addrcsalng the women mild In part:
The organisation of which I have tho
honor to be chief exccutlvo und that
larger organization, with which .wn nrq
affiliated, tho Ainorican Federation of
Ivihor, urn on record as favoring equal
suffrage. Wo" favor It us a measure of
Blmpla Justice and right, but wn favor It
for what sepms to us a better reason
than Justlce-tho rooHOtj of selt-pieserva-tlcn
I am Old-fuHhloncd enough to be
lluvo that womnn'H domain Is the homo
and man's doiiluln tho marts of Ira do.
Hut because of ait Industrial condition
fnrfed "Xipon us by soplld and grasping
men B.COO.flboVo'nle'ri likvn" been forced Into
Industry, W? demand that Jrt sheer self
defense these women, und all others, be
given the ballot, to thu end that they
may have soma part lit framing candU
dates under which thoy must work. We
insist that In no uther way can wa cor
rect the evils now oxlstlng, which If not
corrected wilt Inevitably destroy that bul
wark of American liberty, the American
homo. Wo demand for our sister work
ers a, weapon with which they mny de
fend themselves against exploitation, and
furnish us with un added weapon to u.te
axainst (lilso who would fatten unduly
from our toll."
First Meetlnw lit Oinnhu.
Whn the gavol fell on tho presiding of-
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tim eltv hull, yesterday aflcrnon at z, , tnat
I'rcsldnnt J'hllbrlcK called to oruor mo
flrs state suffrage .meeting -which has
ever bueri.hcld In Omaha, though this is
tho thirty-second -mcetlnc of associ
ation, .
It Is tho flrat ono to bo held in Omaiia.
Tho council criUmbcV was beautifully
decorated with yellow and wnuo anu
laveiidei, which ilro the siiffragu colors,
and huge bou(uots at. yellow and white
chrysanthemums' added, to the decora
tions rfjf the pjatform. wjhlio AmeriLa.i
flags wire draped over tho urclias.
Tho committee' which Jiad charge of
the decoratloim hhd very Enthusiastically
"niado u flag with ten Pturs. incso ien
stars stand for tho ten states wmcn navo
adopted suffrage, but owing to the fact
that the result in Michigan Is In doubt
tho tenth star was left hanging by a
thread. When this flag was put up by
the men who assisted In the decorating
the star woa pulled -off by ono of the
men, v ' ,
Huff rime J.ose n State.
When ho was Informed that he had
taken a state from the list of those favor
ing suffrage ho bohHy' stated that he was
not In favor of suffrage, and although
he was sorry to spoil tho decorations he
was glad that ono stato has 'been lost to
tho opixwilng side. '
MlkR Murv H. Williams off lvcnesaw.
mm, . wim is n. keen suffragist arrived
' . ... ... .il.Lu
mi tho somo truln wltn ur. ni"""
Miss Williams woa one of tho delegates
f;om, ffebraska to the national conven
f t til . wlilrh was held 111 Philadelphia.
"Moro Interest and enthusiasm wan shown!
by tho women ut tho nationui convca
Hon." said Miss Williams, "111011 hus ever
been known at any national sufratfo con
vention before. At the Sunday meeting.
which waa held In the Metropolitan Opera
Imimn In Phllndcllihta. thoro were 4,000
People who attended the meeting and
the doors wero closed to at least 6,0ft)
more. Nino platforms were erected out
side the theater and during tho after
noon at different times, forty suffra
gists spoke und held the crowd by ad
dresses on tho subjeut of suffrage- It wan
ono of tho most enthusiastic gathering
tho suffrage movement is gaining
very fust in the country."
Miss Williams said that they expected
that by tho time of the , noxt national
convention that Nevada would bo the next
state to adopt suffrage.
fleer's table In the council chamber ofH have witnessed and It Indicates to mo
TVcnstirer Arrives,
Among tho other arrivals of the morn
ing wan Dr. Kmmu Domarce of Roca,
Neb., who la tho stato treasurer of the
association. 'Or. Demaree Is. a. physician
and has 'been for many years 6no of tho
prominent suffragists of the state.
MJss Viola Harrison of Lincoln, who is
chairman of the atate auditing committee,
was opo of those to arrlvo on the samo
train Vfhlch carried Dr. Phllbrlek.
Thcrq .wore many prominent women .of
the city of tho county chamber to -welcome
,tho visitors nnd among them, were
Mrs. John N. Baldwin. Mrs. Charles
TCountse, Mrs. C. "W. Ilaye?. president 'of
the Woman' club; Mrs. W. E. Shafor,
Dr. Abblo Holmes, Mrs... Mao' n. Newton
and many otiiers.
pect to lie running tho cities
years yourself '
Hcntliuriit Clinnuc.
Mrs. G. W. Covell of Omaha,
in a few Ing the word '-Delegate." and white rlb
Ibons benrlng tho word " VIMtor " Not
only are tho visitor women from Omalui,
also i but many of them from out of town.
Ilnlilnimi IVrlcauim Wiinirn.
Mayor Dahlman avoided a discussion of
the woman suffrage subject In the aft
ernoon when ho, delivered thoiuldresn of
welcome tQ the delegates to tho' Nebraska
Woman Suffrage association assembled Iri
the council chamber of tho city hall.
Instead ho extended. to,.the wo'hion tho j
Keys to tno ciiyr ;ajiqjpiaiitnam to go
wherever they would In Oho' Ho.vto1d j
me women mai umanu vyaprouu ,01
commercial lnterstf, Itn -Jargro.j business
concerns and oTlU location !lh the center
of the richest 'iipticulturali district In the
world, with a vast undeveloped empire
lying west of It that Is alt tributary to
The mayor tnformod the women that
there would bo a special meeting of tho
city- commissioners this morning
at 10 o'clock and that the women -would
hnvo to adjourn for a few mcmcnts to
give tho commission tho right of way
In the council chamber at that time. He
then said that It would not be a long
session and added, "Perhaps majiy of
you would like to stay for the session
and seo how the commission form of gov
ernment works m I understand you ex-
gave an address of welcome,. She said
that twenty-five years ago such a meet
ing would have been looked upon with
scorn Instead of receiving such a wel
come as thla one had received. (
While up to yesterday itj was
thought that Mrs. Draper Smith of
Omaha would Have clear sailing for the
presidency of the association for tho com
ing year It developed that certain fac
tions of the women nre secretly deserting
her und attempting to atnrt a boom for
Mrs. It. B. McJCelvey for the presidency.
It is said that a delegation waited on
Mrs. McKelvey and told her thnt If she
wanted the place they could swing votes
enough to elect her at the business ses
sion Friday.
Will Cull on Governor.
When Governor-elect Morehead comes
to Omaha Thursday, oji he Is expected to
do to look after tho distribution of sptno
state appointments for his political
friends Hiere, ho will either have to
hide behind lock and key OV come to
tho front before the women and tell
them vfMm ho , stands on woman euf
frake. This' President Phllbrlek of .tho
association declared when she learned
that he was expected In omanu.
"We want to know where , ho
standB, for or against us," said Dr. Rhll-
1rlek. Wo will give him a chance to como
beforo the meeting and make a speech.
- it? Is tho general opinion of tho women
that before the session cIoscb they will
arrango for tho circulation of petitions
throughout the state for the purpose of
securing the necessary signatures tra
bring the Biiffra&e question before the
stato In the Initiative. "Wb do pot ex
pect to bring tho matter up In tho legisla
ture," Raid Dr. Phllbrlek. "It will not
bo hard to get the necessary signatures
on our petition as wo only need fifteen
per cent of the votes cast for governor
at the last election, and that would mean
nbout 18,000 signatures."
The doors of the council chamber at
tho city hall are filled with a stream of
women wearing the yellow ribbon bear-
Among the late arrivals ore
W. 8. Jay. P. A. Harrison. T. J. Doyle,
W. E. Barkley, Lincoln; Frances Henld.
Osceola, and Mrs. S. B. Glllet, Tenora,
delegates. Mrs. J? N. Cox, Kxeter, chair
man of tho peace and arbitration com
mittee, arrived yesterday afternoon.
In replying to a question asked Dr.
Inez Phllbrlek, president of the Nebraska
Stato Suffrage association, regarding
methods by which the women expected
to secure an amendment to the Btate
constitution, the doctor said that this isinndt nnd
would be decided upon by the convention.
Key to tho Situation Bee Advertising.
AI.1UON. Ni l'.. Dec 4. (Special )-
Charles B.lly, e of Albion's most
spectfd clthens. died of tubercular pc
tonltis December .1, at the age of 65 yeare
Ho came, to Boone county from'Gc
esco. 111., in the year 1S8?, engaging In
the practice of law, which profession he
followed until his death. He served
through the civil war In the .One Huti
ilrcd and Twelfth Illinois Volunteer, ivivs
honored by five successive terms as
county Judge of Boone county and was
prominent In all educational matters. lie
leaves a widow, Harriet A., one Hon,
Chnrles Klley, Jr., now In the Philippine
one daughter, Mrs. C. C.
re- j
ni- r
Goodrich, of Cedar Itaplds. Neb.
Funeral services will be held Frldi
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