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In our Boys9 Departments.
While we're working out our plans
for big future business the present is full of
opportunity for parents with boys to outfit.
We pay more at the factories for our "cheapest'
boys' clothes than the average store pays for their ' best. "
Boys' Corduroy Suits, 7 to Boys' Shoes that wear
1G sizes twico nslong, "Bonthor"
at...S5.00 and S8.50 JPed", according to
In nr
Knickerbocker Suits of de
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at.... :50c and $1,00
Boys' Caps, all colors, in
every good style 50(5 Up
Boys' Pyjumas, per suit,
at $1.00
We're right down to "brass tacks" mn Boys' Wear.
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AttftnpU to Cure Hone Disease and
Kills Many of Them.
lie Varclnatpa Animal Vrlth VIrna
thnt Win Intended to no Used
t Only for the IIotIiip
An Interesting sidelight on the situa
tion In tho ravages of the deadly hone
disease In part of Nebraska ku given
In Omaha yesterday by QeorKe Heffel
bower of Red Cloud. Mr. Hcffelbower
says that when the disease wan at It
height and excitement waa greatest, n
well-known physician of Red Cloud bo-,
gan vaccinating hot sea wtlh black
IcKotls, mad only for use on cattle. Hit
charged a fee of $2 per head for his
The horses lie vaccinated began to die
rapidly. lie operated but two or three
daya In thla manner, when ho many of
the horses ho had treated died that he
was compelled to leave town and has not
been aeoir there since.
They Take a Chance.
Although ha Is an M. D. instead of a
veterinary, and although the boxes con
taining the blackleg vaccine contained
thb words "Kor uso on cattle only," the
farmer were so desperate for some re
lief for tholr horses that they were will
ing to take a chance on any remedy sug
gested bya medical man. Immediately
after the horses had been vaccinated with
thn black-lea' vaccine the nlnca where tha
J incision had been made began to swell
I and in, some cases- the horses died within
, a single day after they had been thus
i treated. In many cases the doctor ap-
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evacuation of the Tchatalja lines in front
of Constantinople, and for the surrender
of Scutari, Duraxzo and Dibrn. No men
tion 1 made of Constantinople and the
The Turkish cruiser Hamldleh arrived
here (his morning- In tow. The warship
was down by tho stern, where It appar
ently had been struck by a torpedo. It
wan at once docked.
The announcement from fiervia this
afternoon of the appointment of Bul
garian plenipotentiaries to discuss the
terms of an armlstlco with the Turkish
envoys tends tS confirm tho contention
of diplomat that the Ottoman rejection
of tho first terms proposed by Bulgaria?
has not barred the door to further nego
tiations. Even the Ottoman embassy here
agrees that It tho "exorbitant" demand
for the evacuation of the famous Tcha
talja line of fortifications is dropped, the
principal obstacle to the discussion of
terms will be removed.
Outs His Throat
With Safety Razor.
Blade and Will Die
PEORIA, 111.. Nov. tl. Despondent be
causa ho faced ruin as a result of an
Indictment charting forgery found against
him by the grand Jury at Huntington.
W. Va.. T. II. Ennls, arrested here Mon
day at the request of tha Virginia author
ities, attempted to commit suicide by cut
ting his throat with a safety rator this
morning while locked up In the deten
tion room at police headquarters. A gash
nn inch long waa cut in his windpipe.
Vhysicians who aswed. up tho aperture In
Knnls neck ayhe has only a alight
trance for recovery.
Police Sergeant Carl .Schmidt, entering
the detention room, found Knnls lying
half dressed on tho bed, holding up his
oliin with his left hand -and slashing his
throat with the safety raxor In his right
hand. Schmidt grabbed the weapon, and
lnnl, wlthtblood pouring from the hole
in his neck, fought viciously with tho
oX fleer .for pasMlon of the. -raior.
Tho indictment, found by tho Hunting
tpn grand Jury charged Knnls with, font-
tog a check for KM on, the Empire Realty!
company, 01 wijpca concern ilio was man
Representatives from a dosen states wcro
present and Uie slogan of all was
"reasonable regulation,." Governor Euer-
hardt, in a brief address, declared there
was no reason for hating ono kind of a
bushel In one state and a different kind
In another.
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likelihood of a reaction to tho old meth
ods when I leave office, compelling my
successor as secretary of tho treasury
to spend his term of office going over'
the ground I havo covered."
Mr.(,BanU, a nallvo of Baltimore, bo
came assistant treasurer in 1908, having
previously been assistant cashier of the
treasury, Ills successor, Mr. Fcarco, is
from Nashville and has been connected
with tho treasury since the first admin-'
titration of President Cleveland.
.Mnrliurir (Ion to Iloliftiiiii.
The appointment of Theodore Marburg
of Baltimore ns minister to Belgium waa
announced today by the State depart
ment. Mr. Marburg will succeed Lars
Anderson In tho Belgium post, Mr. Andor.
son having been made ambassador to
Aiinntuicrmrnt by Portr.
The official announcement of the porte's
decision with regard to the armistice Is
ns follows:
"Tho Bulgarian premier baa addressed
to tho Ottoman government a document
containing conditions for an armistice
which were communicated today to the
council of ministers and were considered
to be unacceptable.
"Consequently and likewise in view of
tho fact that the commander-in-chief has
been entrusted In principle with the task
of negotiating conditions with the pleni
potentiaries of the belligerent states If
ttiMft n1nlrw4nt(nr4A d lnv,fltnrl with
plied tho vaccine in tho neck, so near the 4K. ' ,, i. ,
I throat that the Intense .welling that fol- dlrectcd to commucla0 the result of
iowou cnoaea mo norseto aeam. ,, n,,.in. ,n .... h rmmandi.r.
Within a few days tha doctor had killed I , ,.,, .... ,. ,..,.i ,
so many hitherto healthy horses that a military operations, with tho, help of the
crowd of farmers gathered In Bed Cloud ,miRhty, untl, reasonable and moderato
one evening and talked excitedly of lynch- conditions aro proposed to us."
Inff him. In a very ehbrt Ume he dlsap- u .. BaiA tho Bulgarian conditions In-
pcarcd from tho .town and Iioa not ap- cjU(led ft demand for tho surrender of
pcared slncp that time. Many are still Artrianoni., and Scutari, the withdrawal of
making throat of what they will do tha Turki.h flMt from tne Black sea and
should ho over return. , .MMlnn nt th. aimivttch of troona to
Mr. Heffelbowcr aaya he believes over I T.h.(., the bulldlne bf fortlflca-
2,000 horses died In Webster county. Ho I tong
says as none have died now since the! n i m,.,t, ,o rv mm.
coming of frost the farmers regard their roander of Adrlanople, has received the
norscs as rree irom me aiseaso tor mia tule of ahasl," which means "victorious
year. Kvwywhere they are anxious about r,nlrni,inn.. nf 1,1- -niendid defense.
what may occur next aummer. They ex- An ortlcIal (1spatch from the captain of
pTSct to try a vacctnjp that has boen pro- Ul0 crulser Hamldleh. which waa attacked
auccfl ai me jtanaas oiaio expenment ma- n.iirlnn inndn boats In tho Black
tlon next year It tho horses again begin . iMn mornintf. avs ho sank two of
to suffer from the ravages of the disease.
(Continued, from Pago Ono.)
1 tv xf -liit-ir Mictnd for the niaca
i at the time Iar Anderson was promotei I
V.u. i ... TT. ..1. ... V. . . . . , 1. . Tr.ftM 1 V... . nn.4'
biuu tvi lauiluilBfcif.t vvitcii n i in inn amoo.BuuuraillLf u mui'.ii. uwv ...
VMM Indicted and came to Peoria, where nouncement of the selection was with'
e has been Working, for a' xeaJty firm.
la home la In IIopktMrvllle, Ky where
iu moiner uvea.
' rr-.'
Says Accused Cashier
Had Two 91,000 Bills
.CHICAGO. Nov. 8J.-Dlrect testimony
that Oeorgo W. Kltrgerald, former as
sorting toller In tha sub treasury, on trial
for the alleged theft ot im.CdS' of govern
ment money, offered several months after
the loss of the money to put two $1,000
lillls In circulation was given today by
Colonel Harry. C. Oano, who declared that
Kttxgerald. Who Introduced himself to',
him aa "the man they claim atolo
from the aubtreaaury," and had ,ald to
him aojne time later:
. "I'll give you two H,0 .bills. Put them
In your bank along with the rest of ycur
Tim's currency. Let them lie a couple
of weeks. If nothing cornea ot It I'll split
with you. If anything does come of It
vou need say nothing about my giving
piem to you."
Colonel Q ana said ha refused the offer.
ST. TAUU Nov. JJThe National Con
ference on Weights and Measures 'called
Vy Governor febcrhart, -met In the senate
chamber at the state capital today to ills
thitt the ueatton "of Uniform laws.
held until Mry Anderson secured , the 'cus
ternary dlplomatlo ntatcmcnt thaW the
new minister would be "persona grata
at Bruisels.
Mr. Marburg Is the author of several
hnnki nn unlltlcal and International sub
Jects. was chairman of mo executive
commltteo of the American Peace con-
jcresa In 1911, is president of the Maryland
Peace society and secretary or tne Amer
lean Society for Judicial Settlement or
International Disputes. He Is widely
known as an International peaco advocate
and publicist.
The chango of ministers at Brussels
pr6bably will take place within a abort
time, o that Lara Anderson may proceed
to his new post in toxio. wnere ne re-
lteves Charles Pago Bryan, who recently
resigned. .
Thompson U Hirarn In.
Cartnl A. Thompson waa sworn In aa
treasurer ot the United States today, sue
cccdlng Lee McClung. In accepting his
commission from Secretary Maoveagh
Mr. Thompson said ho would retire from
political lite with President Taft on
March 4. The committee appointed by
Secretary MaeVeagh to count the money
and securities In the treasury in order to
verify the accounts of the retiring trcaa
urer hoa taken entire charge of tho
vaulta and safeB. Tho two months count
will begin at once,
.The Persistent and Judicious ITae of
Newvpapor Advertising Is the Road to
BuHness Buoecss,
That's the Way We
Fit Coats
Made in Omaha
be., ncocosary. fpr tho society to lako tem
porarily because of this division of the
Springfield circuit court, will be decided
by the society's executive council, which
adjourned Its, regular monthly session to
meet again within tho next tow days."
them and damaged the third, which waa
able to draw away.
Kllllnff lr IlnlearUnn.
ATHENS, Nov. 21. Tho Athbns news.
papers print a report published In Ba-
lonlkl alleging that the Bulgarian officers
at Berres, on tho ground that they had
been Inaulted by the Turkish populace,
ordered the troop to fire, with the re
suit that MO person were killed or
Bulgaria Appoints Nearotlator.
SOFIA, Nov. 22. Dr. a Daneff, presi
dent of tho Bulgarian -Parliament: Gen
eral Bavotf, Bulgarian commander-in-
chief, and General Fltchaff, the chief ot
A Boys' Suit and Overcoat Sale Saturday
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N&thnn Iernatela Comments on De.
V clslon In Illinois.
.Nftthaii'ttornstoln, ona.Of tbo OrltfrULtonsl , hf ,h. Tl.ilrnrlim armv. hava been
ot the insurgent movomant in tho Molrn , BuIirarlan plenipotentiaries for
When told tho result of i ttld sWis In 11U-- th0f TurKUh and Bulgriiti. wmies. Thoy
now. Mr. iiernstem Pr8scQ n.a i I rlli proceed Immediately to lifts Tchatalja
r",' " T Sffi" 7h",, t t ho Turkish
arlea thcrs.
Now that the delegates have been ap
lonir-drawn, hant-fought bat'tle, with "all
tho money on' one sldo and nothlnc much
savo loyalty and charity on tho other."
pointed It Is expected here that formal
Mr. Bernstein .stressed tho opinion that " " Z; ZIZZ
. 1- . i. u i-i...tnn in noun.
Uo Illlno a case would cover tho whole . " : . ,. .,.-
Jurisdiction, and that much money could UoM by the Turks caused llt le surprise
t ..v L -at. w w.ii- 1. here. Tha Bulgarians expected to en-
no -sense seekinK td advlso'tho officers of "'' 1 r
tho administration. Mr. Bernstein w.nt l?"1" ttnd therefore demanded mora
on to sayi "It would seem a most grace- '' lu ""-"-
.i '.ki- .1.... nfrt..f. . kMnir in The allies ore prepared to erant rea.
lha Judtment rendered and thereby save 'vu",k""" J" "T r
to this great order" lhouna -t dollars. confident that Turkey will finally
because In the end tho decision must be to them. ..... .
if H,v rf1p for a. moment As they do not fear that delay will
thoy will consider that this fund belongs " "y wua
to the membera of the Mcaern Wooamen 'v
ot America and that every cent of it be- max. conceasions cocause tney ara anx-
loncs to their widows and orphans. And u w " mm xurncy w.iuoui
.1.... .... ir.v imant enourh or the intervention of tho powers.
...... ' -r . . ..J .!.. ,1.. T...I
this . hard-earned ' money, not only in at-
tempting to etay the society-wrecKine ' " ",v""" w.
.. tm in valnlv' attemoUna: to ljnu- nwuraiwo nv mi '""k'
enco public opinion In favor ot a vast not enter .Constantinople apd this will ob
hupaIv thev know bv this time that tha
vast malorllv of tliU mem' ewhlp to whon Ileoelver for Mfe Company.
lm ..leletv and Its fr tiula belong to to iuimiab vjjrr. nov, a-ine uppoini-
T ' ,i i tviw onrt hia ron. mnt or tne uommerce Trust company
whom Head Consul Talbot ana his con- f K.nia. clty r-jewer for the (ireut
. . ., , .uwtrn MikrVlinlll n Trt llftctdftdlV I T I r. T.iaiiuni.nn n .
surely announcea toaay. Application ror tno r-
ceiverenip waa r.tau yeaieraay in me
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The Aluminum Front in tne Orpheum Theater Bldg.
Iht Only Fifteen Dollar Tailors Mshhj Clothes in Omaha
ARTHUR L LEMON, Mgr. T545 Harney Street
South Omaha Store m North 21th Street
onnosed to these Iniquitous rates.
good Judgment and subdued pride, will
"In fact." sold Mr. Bernstein, "In aplto
of all that has goaft beforo I still have
faith in the gooa eno and hearts of
these, men and feel that they wll now
itnrn about and Join In rcatortng ,the Mod
ern Woodmen of America, to IU pristine
right and strength, something that will
not bo difficult when It Is shown that In
tho Modern Woodmen ot America ,lt Is
tha voice of the members that rules and
not a Wttlo coterie of individuals."
Attorney in the Rata Casr Says HI
intt Anullrs tu Hntlrc Country.
Nelson C. Pratt lr this city, employed
as special attorney by the head of th
Modern 'Woodmen to rest the sutt
brought by the; Insurgent members who
arc fighting a raising pt rates, whn told
that tho court at Springfield, HI., had
granted an injunction restraining we ad
vancing of rate January I, or at any
time, said on appeal would be at once
takeri to the court of appeals ot the state
(of Illinois.
i According to Mr. "Pratt the Illinois In
junction' Is general and applies In every
state In the union where the Modern
.Woodmen order Is doing business, The
head camp is located' In Illinois . and the
suit haA lng been brought against the offi
cer of tha organization there is general
and applies In all the Jurisdiction.
A to- tbo future., outcome or. ins suit
Mr. Pratt could pot say, However, he
expressed tho opinion that the ljead offi
cers will parry .the case to the highest
court for a ricuu aecuuon.
The opinion ot Mr. Pratt la that the In
junction was granted on the allegation
ot lha. rates being, excessive, that being
oqe of tho charges made In the petition
of tho insurgents.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
Uov Confesses Barnlnir Barns.
nALESnt'KQ. 111.. Nov. tt-Beeauae he
"liked to see the fire horses run," Model
Burton, a lt-year-old negro, net fire to)
1 IIIIWV llUUm - nu.w., a
! burned to the ground, 'ine lire oo
I curred on different Sunday morning.
Durtoa coniessea 10 me yetica war,
circuit court by Ave stockholders of the
insurance corapuny.
Association of Bridge and Structural Iron
wnrkera. J. J. said he would sepd James
B. over Vi carry It. We brought
it In u h quantities that a. J. saia,' no
couldn't stpre it all at the Ironworkers'
office. We had about l.xoo pounaa.
Stored In Burs,
"it was decided to rent a barn. We
rented a bam In West Washington street
In Indianapolis owned by Daniel Jones.
Jones holpod us get a piano box, barrels
and sawdust in which we packed tne ex
plosive. Wa told him we were storing
some old letters, but I took care to aak
whether any children played about the
"J, J. ordered us to cut off all the
trade-marks on tho dynamite sticks, be,
cause, he said, It had been a ralstako to
leave the trade-marks on the dynamite
purchased at San Francisco for the Los
Angeles Job."
Having ono new supply of explosives,
McManlgal said J. J. arranged to send
the dynamiters out on "Jobs."
"About this time." McManlgal testified,
"John J. was startled by receiving a
newspaper account of the finding of a
suitcase at San Francisco. J. B. said
It was a suitcase 1 containing fuse and
clocks which lie had checked. lie had
given tho check to David Caplln, telling
him, to get the suitcase and drown tt,
but Caplln got "cold feet," being afraid
to show up where the suit caee was.
Edward Smytho and James E. Pay, Iron
wbr'kers' union officials at Peoria, who
were arrested three days ago utter their
bondsmen had surrendered them, had
failed to secure new bonds ot ss.dOO each
today and were confined In Jail between
sessions ot cburt.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2i-Tho Vtym
appropriated by the laat session of con
gress for Improvement of roads will be
distributed equitably among the states
that co-operate with the federal govern
ment In thta work, una question has
been under discussion by the cabinet and
It has been agTeed that the amount shall
be allotted among- all the states on the
basis of 110,000 to each state that azreos
to spend on Its port $20,000 ot Its uMi
runoa. it la anticipated that a number
of states will not be able to raise ttie
required amount.
NEW TOUK, Nov. 22. Tho federal
trial of Julian Hawthorne and others in
terested, in tho Hawthorne Mining enter
prises, on Indictments charging misuse
of the malls, was again postponed today
until Monday next.
The Paris Medicine Co., !624 Pine street
St. Louis, Mo., manufacturers of Laxa
tive Bromo Quinine, havo a new nnd wpn
derful discovery. GROVE'S SA-NARE
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any case ot ECZEMA, no matter of how
long standing, In 10 to 80 days, and will
refund money If it falls. GROVE'S 5A
NARE CUTIS Is perfectly clean and does
not stain. It your druggltt hasn't It.
send us 60c In postage stamps and It will
be stnt by ,rnall. Advertisement.
New Brighton, Minn., 'April .3, 1912. '
Old Line Bankers' Lifo Insnranco Co.,
Lincoln, Nebraska.
I am in receipt of your chock of January 11, 1912, for the
cash settlement upon ray twenty-year distribution policy No.
2096, issued to me January 11, 1892, which is very satisfactory
to mo, having received nearly $300.00 moro money thnn l paid
in besides standing ready at nny time during the twenty years
to pay my estate the fawj of my policy should I have died.
Truly, a fine settlement, and I wish to recommend this com
pany to anyone thinking of taking out a policy.
Very truly yours,
Ask the man who owns ono of theso polioife.
lldlty Bankers Life Insurance Co.
Of Iilacoln, Nebraska.
M -J'
Name of Insured. .. .Irfsferett. B. Denmun
Residence New Brighton, Minn.
Amount of Policy . ." $2,000.00
Total Premiums 91.342.40
Reserve 9 830.50
Surplus 771.14
Totil Cash $1,01&4
Write us for n agency.