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    The Omaha Daily Bee
Generally Fair
VOL. XLH-ON. 136.
Tames B. McNamara Laughs and Her
Father Orders Him to leave
the House.
Chicago Man Charged with Trying
to Intimidate Witness.
McManigal Tells of Blowing Up of
Chicago Steel Plant.
(vitnenfl nid J. n. jMcNnmnra AbkoiI
to Do It for LtM Frtnen Dynn
mite Thntred on Ilndlotor
in Kitchen.
INDIANAPOLIS. Nov. 22.-Ortie E. Mo
Manlgal's' story of finding' his Uttla
daughter In tho kitchen of his homo In
Chicago playing with eighty one-pound
sticks of dynamite which he had left
on a radiator to thaw waa told by him
at the dynamite conspiracy trial today.
Tho girl, ho said, was on tho floor with
tlio dynamite and James B. McNamara,
tho Los Angeles Times dynamiter, waa
testing a battery on the door bell.
"J. B. laughed when ho saw my little
girl toying with tho explosive," said Mc
Manigal. "Ho said, 'Tell papa what that
Is.' My littlo girl replied: 'Why, It's dyna
mite, i Know it won t nun me, ana kopi
on playing. Slio said sho had seen boys
In a vacant lot kicking about sticks that
looked like dynamite
"The way J. P.. laughed mads mo mad
and I ordered him out of tho house."
Joseph. Schwarts Arrested.
Joseph Schwartz, Chicago, was arrested
this afternoon on a federal warrant
charging him with attempting to obstruct
lustlce by Intimidating Cornelius L. Crow
toy, Monica, Pa., a government witness
In tho dynamito cases. Crowley said
Schwartz In tho presence of a detectivo
told him not to testify to the truth.
Schwartz after ids preliminary hearing
beforo the United States commissioner
tvas held to the federal grand jury. .
Crowley, who was called to testify con
cerning nltro-glyoerln hidden by tho
dynamiters at Rochester, Pa., testified
that Schwartz accosted him In the fed
eral bulldjng and attempted to induce
him .not to testify.
Schwartz, denied- tho charge, saying ho'
bad only 'remarked he, Had -"rather have
his heart cut out than bo MoManlsa!."
' One Job Let on Contract. '
.Tho. Job. of .causing an explosion in a
i,wu,vi iron anu sieci piant in consiruo-
tlon at ..South Chicago, ill., on February
21. 1911, McManigal testified "was knocked
tliwn tQ-tha lowest bidder."
"On February 19 J. U. camo to my home
in Chicago and said we had a Job to do,"
McManigal testified. "He said Herbert
B. Hockln bad been talking to the
executive board of local No. 1 in Clilcago
and local No. 1 wanted to have a Job
done and was willing, to pay a big fee for
it. He said a man named Ed Francis had
told tho executive board he had two
Cleveland men who would do the South
Chicago Job for tCW. but tho executive
board had asked Hockln whether It could
bo done cheaper, perhaps for J200 or $300.
"J. B. and I looked over tho South Chi
cago plant and decided to do It.
"Wo went to Indianapolis and got our
packages, each containing twenty pounds
of dynamite. John J. McNamara in
structed us he wanted four explosions on
tho plant, saying if we did a good Job
lie would pay us $100 extra. Ho said he
would have to watt until local No. 1 In
Chicago paid the money, but Patty Kyan
had called up and sold he wanted the job
"When wo reached Chicago the dyna
mltq was frozen. He thawed it out by
setting tho suit case on a radiator In a
kitchen in my home In South Sangamon
McManigal said when he and James B.
went toSouth Chicago they found the
glare of nearby furnaces so-brilliant they
did not do as much damage as they in
tended, placing only two bombs Instead
of four.
Ilrnnnille la Stolen.
stealing 1.2C0 pounds of dynamite, hid
ing It in a shed at Tiffin, O., and then
transporting It In suitcases on passenger
trains to Indianapolis was an experience
also related by McManigal. It was tho
explosive used by McManigal and the
McNamaras after the Los Angeles Times
explosion and by which ten nonunion
"Jobs" were blown up In spite of the fact,
the witness said, that detectives for two
months had been on the trail of tho dy
namiters. Confident That the agitation over the
Los Angeles explosions would "blow
over" and thav James B. McNamara
would be free to do "more Jobs," McMan
igal added, plans were begun, !n January,
1911, to carry on tho dynamite campaign
with zest.
"When I reported to J. J. McNamara
how easy it had been to steal the dyna
mite from a stono quarry at Bloomvllle,
O., and store It In my father's shed at
Tiffin he was pleased." said McManigal.
"I brought him several suitcases of dyna
mite as a sample and ho locked It up In
a vault at the office of tno International
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, The Weather
von NEBRASKA Fair: warmer.
FOR IOWA Fair; moderate tempera
Omaha Yesterday.
Hours. Deg.
C a. m H
6 a. in 35
7 a. m 34
S a. m v 34
9 a. m 38
10 a, m 3S
11 a. m 48
11 in S3
1 p. m a
3 p. m M
3 p. in 59
4 p. ni CO
6 p. m U
S p. m...........49
7 p. m
S p. m
Federal Official is
Accused of Election
Frauds in Louisiana
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 22. A surpris
ing turn in tho grand Jury investigation
of alleged cloctlon frauds in Now Or
leans enme today when Indictments were
returned against Arthur 11. Brown, who Is
a United Statoa commissioner; O. Prud-
hommo and 8. Palaque, charging false
and fraudulent certification of tho vote.
This makes a total of twenty city elec
tion officials Indicted by tho grand Jury
which barely has begun Us Investigation.
In today's Indictments it Is stated that
830 votes were cast at tho Third ward.
Thirteenth precinct trailing place; that,
whllo tho defendant election officials
sworo that tho entire vote, K30, was cast
in favor of tho proposed constitutional
amendment No. 11, known as tho
"gradfather clause," yet tho grand Jury
count showed 213 votcb In favor of the
amendment and 61 votes against it.
Tho box in ono river front pre
cinct, upon being counted showed
33 for and CI against tho amendment,
nearly half of tho voters not marking
their ballots. Tho tally sheets for this
precinct showed 6 votes "for" and 175
"against" tho amendment. It Is said that
nineteen other proposed amendments re- .
celved like treatment. !
All tha amendments and ballot boxes '
have been ordered sealed pending comple
tion of the Jury's Investigation.
Small Boy Who
Killed Mother is
Problem for Officers
BOISE. Idaho, Nov. 22,-Idaho officials,
from Gpvornor Hawley down, are gener
ally perplexed as to what disposition to
mako of James Whlttaker, the 11-year-old
boy who killed his mother becauso
sho compelled him to assist her do tho
family washing and who has been sen
tenced to a term In tho penitentiary of
from ten to fifty y"cars. When the boy
was found guilty of murder tho trial
judge had no alternative but to sentence
htm to prison, but stato officials and
many prominent citizens havo protested
that tho penitentiary Is not tho proper
placo In which to confine tho lad.
Dr. W. B. Lyman, an alienist, said
the boy was a moral degenerato and that j
he should bo confined in a home for tho
feeble minded. Others Insist that ho
should bo sent to tho state Industrial I
school and a few persons maintain that
he should be kept In tho penitentiary.
Tho boy will remain at the stato prison
under tho .care pf tho librarian until tho
prison board makes 'final dispositlqn of
his caso1 next m,o.nth.,Tho prison-librarian
has taken a great Interest In: tho boy and
gives Mm .regular lessons alopg the Bamo
lints, as the lud would receive In the
public school. The Boise cjub 'women
,have petitioned Governor ilawley to
place tho boy. under, tho core of a crim
inologist for treatment.
Mrs. Lesh Probably
Will Be Given Short
Term and Paroled
SEDALIA, Mo., Nov. 22. Counsel to
defond'Mrs.' Pansy Ellen Lesh, who con
fessed in Los Angeles to tho murder of
two Missouri women, was appointed to
day by Circuit Judge Shaln and Orvllle
M. Harriett. It waa expected the case
would be called in the criminal court
next Monday.
An assistant to the prosecutor was
credited with saying that a plea of
guilty probably would be accepted, a
short prison sentence pronounced and the
prisoner paroled at once. Mrs. Lesh has
stated that If this Is done sho will re
turn immediately to her husband and
child tn Los Angelcj.
When told today of reports that sho
would go on the stago If given her liberty
Mrs. Lesh said there was not enough
money In the world to attract her to such
a course She wep when she reaj tn a
newspaper that her photograph dis
played In a local studlq window had at
tracted crowds of the curious.
Miss, Garvin's Body
is Found in River
PltOVIDENCE, n. I., Nov. 22. Tho
body of Miss Norma Garvin, daughter of
former Governor L. F. C. Garvin was
found In New River today. Miss Garvin
disappeared Wednesday evening.
The body was In deep water, not far
from the, shore. Members of Miss Gar
vin's family said that she had boon un
usually reticent during tho last few
weeks and had taken many evening
walks. Sho liad complained of trouble
with her head and had expressed a wish
that she would meet death in tho water.
A note found after sho left home, read:
"I can't get the water off my mind.-
This led to tho dragging of the river,
which is near Garvin's hqme, in Lons
dale. Jannus Resumes
Flight in Aeroboat
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 22. Tony Jannus and
W. H. Trefts, a photographer, departed,
at S:10 o'clock tills afternoon In a hydro
aeroplane in a flight which they expect
will end at New Orleans. Thep will fol
low the course of the Mississippi river.
Ther first stop will tie Chester, 111., bar
ring accidents. A hydro-aeroplane In
which Jannus flew from Omaha to St.
Louis was burned yesterday. Jannus ob
tained a new machine here las tnlght.
Horseshoe Brings
Bad Luck to Jeweler
CHICAGO, 111., Nov. 22,-Burglars
hurjed a horseshoe, wrapped In newspa
per, through the window of Berg & Co.,
Jewelers, on Michigan boulevard early
today and escaped with Jewelry valued
at &500. It was tho fourth time the es
tablishment has been robbed.
Story by Jack
Attempted Assassin of Roosevelt to
Stay in Hospital Till Ailment
is Cured.
Lnnatio Declares He Has Merely
Done His Duty.
Experts Agree Patient Suffering
from Paranoia.
Failure to Kffect Cum of Sell run U'
Mentnl Disorder Means that lis
Will Spend Balance of
I,Ifo tn Anyluni.
' MILWAUKEE, Wis., Nov. 22,-John
Schrank, who shot Colonel Theodore
lloosovolt on tho night of October 14, In
Mtlkaukco, Is Innano and was late this
afternoon committed by Mundpol Judge
A. C. Backus, to the Northern Hospital
for the Insane near Oshkosh, until
Judge Backus' ruling said:
"Tho court now finds that tho defend
and, John Schrank Is Insane, and there
fore lucapaltated to act for himself. It
Is therefore ordered and adjudged that
tho dofendant, John Schrank, bo com
mitted to tho Northern Hospital for the
Insane near Oehkosh in the county of
Winnebago, state of Wlscousln untU such
time when ho shall havo recovered frdm
such Insanity, when ho shall bo returned
to this court for further proceedings ac
cording to law.
"And it Is further ordered that all pro
ceedings In this case be saved Indefinitely
and until such recovery."
Beforo being led bock to Jail to await
preparations for the trip to tho asylum,
Schrank ualii:
"I had expected that they yould find
me insano, because It was in thp papers
two days ago. I wont to say now that
I am sane and know what I am doing
all the time. I am not a lunatlo jand
nover was ono. I was called upon, to
do a duty and havo done It.
"Tho commission has sworn away'(jny
nn thiP'litll.nd
and said I was- ncofr Insane. Tho?,!
They can h")y$M'Vfl' tht,y BC V
I don't caro wi4 WppoS now."
Commitment was-pronounced following
(ho presentation "of an exhaustive report
of tho commission in which the defendant
was' unanimously; adjudged .Insano, the
examination by District' Attorney W. B.
Zoabel orttjJlve physlclana and Uw Jji
troduoUon of'prlma facie ovldoace. of
Suffers from Paranoia.
District Attornoy Zeabel submitted, a
number of aueations to oaoh of the alien
ists, all of which brought forth similar.
responses, tho substance of which was
that Schrank was suffering from chronlo
Failure in effecting a euro of Sch'rank's
mental disorder means that h.e will spend
tho baianco of his llfo In the; asylum to
wlilch he has been ordered .committed.
Dr. R. G Saylo this afternoon testified
as to tho nature of Colonel Roosevolt's
wound. Captain Glrad and 'Herman
Rollflnk told of the character of the as
sailant uftor tho shooting, and Detective
Lou H. IJartman and two offloern told
of the trp In tho patrol wagon to tho
Central station following Schrank's ur
rest. Tho conclusions reached by the com
mission are as follows:
First-John Schrank Is suffering from
Insane delusion, grandiose In character
and of a systematized variety.
Second In our opinion he Is insane at
the present time.
Third On account of jthe connection ex
isting between his delusion and the act
with wlilch ho stands charged we are ot
the opinion he Is unable to confer intelli
gently with counsel on the conduct of
his defense.
Schrnnk Addresses CommUaton,
An address by Schrank to tho commis
sioners, in which he apologized for caus
ing unpleasantness in making them de
cide a matter "which would have been
better tried by n higher than earthly
court," was included in tho report In It
Schrank review the "vision" In which he
claimed to have looked Into tho dying
eyes of the laU President McKlnley,
"when a voice called to me to avengo
his death- I was confident that my llfo
was coming soon to an end and I was at
once happy to know that tny real mission
on this earth was to die for my country
and the cause of republicanism.
"The shot at Milwaukee, which created
an echo in all ports of the world, was
not a shot fired at tho earthly Roose
velt; not a shot at an cx-presldent; not
a shot at tho candidate of a so-called
progressive party; not a shot to gain
.for me notoriety; no. It was simply to
once and forever establish the fact that
any man who hereafter aspires to a third
presidential term will do so at the risk
of his life. If I cannot defend tradition,
I cannot defend the country In case ot
war. and vou may as well send every
patriot to prison.
"I hope that the shot at Milwaukee has
awakened patriotism of the American na
tionthat it opened their eyes to the
real danger and showed them the only
safo way out of It, as Is proven by the
election returns in the great democratic
party. The north, south, east and west
Is once more and more solidly united, and
proudly can we provo to the nations of
the world that the spirit of 1776 Is still
alive and shall never die, and that self
government Is an established fact and
a success.
"I have been accused of selecting a
state where capital punishment is abol
ished. I would say I did not 'know tne
laws of any state I traveled throurn, and
It would be ridiculous for me to fear
death after the act, as I expected to die
during the act and not live to tell the
story. If I knew that my death would
havo made the third term tradition mora
sacred I am sorry I could not die for my
"Prison for me is like going to war.
Before me is the spirit of George Wash
ington, behind that of McKlnley."
London in Our
Drawn for The Heo by Wurd.
Illinois Injunction Against Head Of
' Vficers is Made Permanent,
Organisation U Illinois Corporation
mid Injunction U Effective
Throughout the United
Statcs'and Ciiumln.
.SPRINGFIELD, III.. Nov. 22.-Hold!ng
Mia tic yxr vn tm nf ttis Mnrlarn WnA(1lilfn in
be burdensome to tho members and aro
cxcesslvo and unnecessary, Judgo Shirley
of the Sangamon circuit court today
granted a perpetual Injunction restrain
ing the head camp from putting the ratos
Into effect. As tho organization Is an
Illinois corporation, tho Injunction is ef
fective all over the United States and
Itentrnlns Offlciila.
The Injunction also restrains tho offi
cers, from doclarlng delinquent any mem
ber refusing to pay tho new rateB.
The petition for an Injunction was filed
by four mombcrs of tho organisation
P. E. Talntor, James M. Brown, James
B. Wallace and ITrank J. Koch, all of
this city last August.
The, which continued for two
weeks, started the first week of Septem
ber. Arguments for tho complainants
were made by E. S. Smith ot this c.ty,
who has been In charge of the case for
tho Insurgents, and G. W. Millor ot Chi
cago, representing tho head camp.
Appeal Will lie Tnken.
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 22.-Hcad Consul
A. It. Talbot this afternoon declared that
tho head officers of the Modorn Wood
men of America would Immediately tako
steps to appeal Judgo Shirley's decision
to tho appellate court of Illinois In an
effort to have the Injunction suspended.
Meanwhile, Mr. Talbot said, no effort
would be mado on the part ot the head
officers to put the now rates of the so
ciety Into effect. They were to havo bo
coma effective January, 1.
ROCK ISLAND, 111., Nov. 22.-C. W.
Hawes, head clerk of the Modem Wood
men order, after receiving tho ruling ot
Judgo Shirley, said:
"Wo are not at all In doubt us to tho
final outcomo of these ruto suits and
since evon Julgo Shirley has held that
the head camp In making these changes
proceeded legally, the higher courts In
this state, . at .least, . wllj . now have op
portunity to pass exclusively on tho point
of whether the now rates us adopted were
necessary' to enable the society to meet
Its present assumed obligations. On that
point the evldenco Is overwhelmingly 'one
way and we are sure there will be a
verdict for the society in the end.
"Whatever change In procedure it may
(('ontlnued on Pago Two.)
f fir fnii irir ifiT
The Beat
with The
Sunday Bee
Big Literary Magazine With The Sunday Bee,
Turn About-Fair Play
Anti-Trust Record of
Taft's Term Exceeds
Four Previous Onps
"WASHINGTON, Nov. 25.-A. compute
rosumo of the "trust" posecutlons pro
gram of President Tuffs administration
will bo contained In the' forthcoming1 an
nual roport of Attorney Goncral Wicker
sham. Particular emphasis will bo laid upon
tho anti-trust record ot tho last four
years, during which seventy anti-trust
! Butts wore Instituted, whllo the combined
total of tho administrations of Presidents
Hurrlson, Cleveland, McKlnloy uud
Roosevelt wan Blxty-two. OfUho suvanty
cases brought by Mr. Wlckcrsham thlr-ty-nlno
wore criminal prosecutions and
thlrty-ono civil suits.
In tho opinion of the attorney general
tha efficacy ot tho Sherman law as a
criminal stututo depends In largo meas
ure upon tho result ot sevqrat casjs which
aro now pending. When tho verdicts In
those Issues are rendered tha attornoy
general bcllovrs that a correct estimate
of tho criminal phuso ot the law can bo
Arguments Begin in
Farley Murder Trial
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 22.-Asslstant
Prosecuting Attorney Prlco today In his
argument In tho trial of Miss Cecelia
Farley, accused of killing Alvln 11 Zol
linger, declared Impossible tho manner
In which tho defenso claims that Zollinger
was "accidentally shot."
"Tho best evldenco that ho was no
accidentally shot," sMd Price, "wns that
tho wound was In the back of his head,
that ho full forward on his face and that
when he was first found a rolncout wa
found over his left arm, while hU right
hand was grasping an umbrella."
Attorney James A. y.llcn for the de
fense In his plea argued that Zollinger
had mot accidental death whllo attempt
ing to commit murder and then suicide.
Another record crowd attended the
trial today. Scores of women carried
thulr luncheons.
Tho casa probabjy will not go to the
Jury beforo tomorrow, It whs said lata
American Held for
Ransom in Mexico
WASHINGTON, D. C Nov. 21-The
State department received word today
that William M. Pink, an American citi
zen, superintendent ot tho San Toy Min
ing company, whose camp Is about fif
teen miles from Chlhuuhua, Is being held
tor 5,000 ransom by tho Mexican rebel
bunds which captured Santa Eulaltu
Wednesday. ,
SAN FRANCISCO. CaL, Nov. 22,-The
utmost diligence of the government has
not yet succeeded tn breaking up the
Chinese traffic In slave girls. On Angel
Island today, awaiting detention, are five
Chinese ulrls. secretly arrested late lust
, Immigration officers say that they were
brought here by American born Chinese,
acting aa "cadets," who were paid Jl.OCv
each and their expenses to visit China,
marrying there a pretty girl, bring her
back to this country and then sell her
Into a life of shame.
Search is being made for the husbands.
Gideon 0, Bants, Assistant, is Asked
Move is Part of Plan for Iteorsraals-
Ins; the, Deparlinantt, Along: Up-
on Takes Oath of Office
WASHINGTON, Nov. 22. -Secretary
MncVeagh today asked for tho resigna
tion ot Gideon C. lUnts as assistant
trcusurnr of tho United Mates becauso ho
Is said not to be in sympathy with tho
administrative policy ut Uio Hecrotary if
tha treasury. Mr. Bants will bo succeeded
by Christian s. Pearco, at present chief
of tho division ot banks, loans and postal
'The' resignation ot Mr. Hunt, follow
ing so closely that ot Treasurer Lea Mo-
Clung, In admittedly port of a plan of
reorganization ot tho treasury offlco by
Secretary MaaVeagh. Tho secretary to
day doalared ho Intonded to leavo the
treasury offlco In an "up-to-date, progres
sive" condition for the Incoming dumo-
cratlo administration.
Nn Further Chunarn.
No further changes are contemplated,
It Is said, the resignation of Mr. Rants
and tno filling ot existing vacancies com
pleting tho program. Mr. llatttr will bo
offered a place as chief ot a division In
tho Treasury department.
Secretary MacVeagh stated today that
he had Instituted' mothods for tho Im
provement of tho offlco of treasurer.
"I Intend 'placing men In chargo," said
tho 'secretary, "who are In sympathy
wrth my policy;' so that there will bo no
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Masked Men Who
Travel in Motor Car
Rob Guests of Cafe
OALENA, Kan., 'Nov. 23,-Four masked
men late last, night entered a cafe In
the principal business district horp and
at tho points of revolvers, lined employes
and patrons ' against the' wall, robbed
them of their valuables and then looted
the cash regUter, and escaped In an auto
mobile. Several . articles of Jewelry and
more thun (200 were obtained.
Tha proprietor and five employes were
busy In the. cafe when the masked men
entered. . Four- men wore seated at ta
bles. .They, had stationed a motor car a
block 'away before committing tho rob
bery and were gone before the police
could answer tho call. .
Sidna Allen Given .
Fifteen-Year Term
tVYTHVILLE, Va,, Nov. 22. Sldna
A.1en. leader of' the Allen clan which
shot up the Carroll county court at Hills
vllle last March, resulting in the death
of five persons, was found guilty of mur
der In the second degree today for the
killing of Judge Thornton L. Massle.
The Jury fixed the penalty at fifteen
years in the penitentiary.
The Jury deliberated twenty-four hours
before njporting its verdict. Wesley Ed
words, nephew of tho clan leader, who
was captured with him at Des Molnos,
September 14, remains to be tried. The
trial that ended with tho conviction of
Allen began November 11, after the first
Jury summoned had been dismissed by
Judge Staples because a Juror hod dis
cussed the case outside the Jury room.
European Powers Making Effort to
Induce Them to Bring Terms
Into Line with Facts,
Surrender of Posts Demanded Would
Make Further War Impossible.
Preliminary Paot Would Bind Tur
key Hand and Foot.
Ther Think Allies Should lie Con
tent rrlth Territory Already Can
qnered and Occupied Tur
key In Hotter Position.
LONDON, Nov. 22.-A battle mired to
day along the entire lino of fortifications
at Tchntftlju, according to dispatches
from Constantinople. The Bulgarians
began sgnln their efforts to break through
the Turkish linos, but so fsr have been
prevented from doing so by the fires ot
the Turkish worships.
LONDON, Nov. a "Come and tako
them," tho defiant reply ot the Turks to
tho demand mado by the allied Balkan
nations for tho ovncnatlon of the line of
fortifications at Tchatalja, In front of
Constantinople, Is not believed In dip
lomatic circles necessarily to menu the
end of tho negotiations for an armistice
oven though fighting has been resumed.
From Sofia comes word today that thi
victorious In Vml era are likely to modify
their conditions. Tho European powers
at tho same tlmo aro exerting themsolves
to lndueo tho nations composing tho Ral-
Kan joaguo to urine thoir terms more
Into lino with tho tacts of the situation
nnd to nrrango a treaty which will glvo
them all they havo conquered but will
lelivo out that which has not been con
uuerod. Compured with Its earlier disastrous
experiences tho Turkish army evidently
now considers Itself In a favorablo posi
tion. Military experts hero see In tho
temporary falluro of the Bulgarian -rush
Into Constantinople signs of a reaction
among tho Invaders nftor their otforts of
tlo past month.
In view of the fact that Urn Ottoman
capital; eyon It oapturud ruust ultimately
wviiuBniu 111 nuvoruance wun inn
decree ot tho great powers. It n pears that
the allies have nothing to gain by In
sisting on tho surrender ot the lines
which form virtually tho gates of tho
Cltly. Hence tho hope expressed by dlplo
in'ata ytt ths demand Will be With
drawn, In which caso it Is thought that
Turkey rqcognlzing this it has no pros
pect of taking tho offensive for tho re
covery of Its lost territory would quickly
conclude that It has nothing to gain by
continuing tho conflict. ,It would perhaps
agreo to enter into negotiations on th
basis of a surrender of all but a reason
able strip of territory at the back of
Constantinople, tho Dardanelles and the
Why Turks Objected to Terms.
jection by Turkey of the conditions of.
fercd for an armlstico between the op.
posing nrmlcs has been communlcutcd to
tho Bulgarian government. ,
Ono of the cannon for tho rojectlon wan
the opinion hold in official circles In Con
stantinople that tho conditions proposed
by tho nlllos deprived tho TurkH ot thn
possibility of resuming hostilities In tho
event of tho plenipotentiaries failure to
settle on terms. This, from tho Turkish'
point of view, meant no armistice at all.
Such conditions, It is hold here, are only
mado when It is a question of the'
preliminaries of peace, and by accepting
such terms as those presented by tha
allies, Turkey will be binding herself
hand and foot. ,
It Is furthor Insisted that Turkey has
not sunk to that degree ot lmpotoncy
which would compel It to accept such
Tho terms stipulated by tho Balkan
states provided for the surrender ot
Adrlanople and Its garrison, for tha
"Continued on Pago Two.)
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