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This time it is a player-pian
The club will contain 100 memb
The most talked of and most successful piano event of the year is the Orkin Brothers 500 Inaugural
Piano Club a club of 500 members.
Now comes a player-piano club. A club of 100 members. An event that has to do with one of the
greatest player-pianos in the world. With a player-piano that is known around the world."
It is one of the pioneers of the player-piano industry. It was the first player-piano made. It is now built
in one of the largest player-piano manufactories in the world. There is no more distinguished or honorable
manufacturing plant than this, it matters not what the line of business may be.
"This player-piano is head and shoulders above any other player-piano now on the market best in
mechanical construction.
No other player-piano has made as- much progress or as deep impress upon the musical world during the
past four years as this player-piano.
The price the terms and special features of the club
The club price for this player-piano is 395 dollars. There is no interest no extras of any kind.
No interest
to pay
First Payment
i 1
The reason why
The dominating influence that caused us to
inaugurate this player-piano club was the im
press made by the player-piano upon the pub
lie mind.
The player-piano is today a factor in the
piano world. It has, within the past two
years, grown in leaps and bounds, and will,
within the next three years, grow at a still
faster ratio.
One-half of the pianos sold, will, with
in 3 years, be player-pianos, in our
opinion. Already player-pianos ciin bo
hud for .fM.V-Tho Orkin Mros. club player
piano. The player-piano is a product of the
times. The player-piano typifies the ax
iom that necessity is the mother of invention.
. - Kor, had there not been a widespread de
si ro for music of a higher order; had there
not been a desire on the part of rnoro persons
to personally produce music, tbero would
have been no player-piano.
The piano being the instrument through
which the highest forms of. music could find
expression, inventive men set. about to pro
duce a ready and convenient means of play
No interest
to this
The terms are 9 dollars the
first payment and 2 dollars a
week without interest added.
These player-pianos have never
been sold for less than $550 with
terms of $25 down and $15 a
month, with interest added at the rate of 6 per cent. This is the first time, as far as our knowledge goes, that
such trustworthy instruments have ever been offered for sale upon such popular terms as 9 dollars the first pay
ment and 2 dollars a week without interest added.
This player-piano is full size, upright grand, colonial design, and the player on the inside plays every key
on the piano that is, these club player pianos are standard 88 -note players and they play every note on the
piano when the music roll is in motion.
Then there is another point that should have special mention the tempo artist lever.
This one single device puts the club player-piano in a class by itself. It is this little lever, operated by the
right hand, that makes a great piano performer out of everyone. Instead of playing mechanically with the
tempo artist lever you can play like a great pianist. With the tempo artist lever you can control the time of the
music you are playing. With the tempo artist lever you give your playing every shade the composer intended.
Let us suppose there is not another single device on the club player-piano to make its player mechanism play
like the human fingers (there are half a dozen), let us discard them all, save this one alone the tempo artist lever
still we would say that this one feature alone places this club player-piano in a class by itself.
You can own one of these player-pianos for $9 the first
payment men week without interest added
First eamo the piano-plnyera clumsy box
like affair to bo pushed against a piano.
For all its incouvenienoe, it; had its day and
served well its purpose.
Tens of thousands of persons today owe a
good knowledge of music as well as a knowl
edge of good music to the inconveniences
of piano-players.
Then came the player-piano oven at the
first a better device than the piano-player.
Then came improvements. Improvements
that looked towards better playing towards
better expression towards playing that
more nearly resembled human playing.
'"With the result, that the player-piano of
today represents -firsf, H that musical
knowledge mid science can produeo in the
way of an. upright piano, and second, mech
anism built within it, by which means every
one is enabled to play readily and skillfully.
In othor words, necessity has taken the
modern upright piano and added to it an easy
and delightful means of playing it.
With the player-piano, the unskilled can
play. With the player-piano tho music
hungry can satisfy themselves, though they
may hick all knowledge of piano playing, and
even those who can and do play well, can
feast, from the realm of music that not even
the greatest master can acquire. Thus it is
wo prepared for the triumph of tho player
piano. "When you select your player-piano and be
come a member of the club you also become a
life member of the player-music library.
You receive with your player-piano the use
of J, 000 rolls during the first; year free.
You can exchange the music rolls overy day,
ovory week or every month, at your own
pleasure, and you get tho very latest music
published, v
In equipping this big store tho contor of
our large business a great department waB
planned for playor-piano music. Ono section
of a floor was dedicated to its uses. And here
are to be constantly found 4,000 rolls of
player-piano music. This has been installed
vory largely as an educational menus to teach
the delights and unlimited possibilities of the
And it Is to proporly Introduco this department
partly to emphasize on the playor-plano question and
partly to forecast tho commanding place the player
plnno Is destined to take In tho field of music, that
wo have planned this great player. piano club of 100
members. If you Intend buying a player-piano
do it now.
A Partial List
of Our
Player- Pianos
We want to again make mention of these terms. Lay aside the price 395 dollars and the
cash saving it carries with it of 18 cents each and every week you pay faster than the
regular terms of 2 dollars a week. But let us center your attention on these terms 9 dolm
lars the first payment then 2 dollars a week without interest added. If the Orkin Brothers
player-piano club did not have another redeeming feature, this one of terms would carry it to suc
cess; 9 dollars the first payment then 2 dollars a week enables anyone to buy the best the world
affords in player pianos and scarcely miss the money.
Do you know the regular terms on player-pianos like the club player-piano? Let us tell
you.' Not less than 25 dollars down and, more often, 50 dollars down then15 to 25 dollars
a month, with interest added at the rate of 7 or 8 per cent. But through the Orkin Brothers
Club 9 dollars when you join, then 2 dollars a week without interest added quite a dif
ference, isn't there?
The keynote of this whole club proposition is, best 'pianos best price best terrns best
Copyright 1912 by
Htoue & McCarrlck,
Inc. Unauthorlted use
in whole or in part or
colorable sum m a ries
thereof forbidden.
Tho JJennott Co.
Kith nnd Harney
StB., Omaha, Neb.
f Chickering, Kurtzman, Ivers & Pond, Auto Pianos and Player Pianos and Victor Talking Machines.
If you want an upright piano
without the player attachment
join the Orkin Brothers piano club
That thero can be no misunderstanding, let us again tell that 2 hun
dred and 67 dollars and GO cents Includes everything tho Orkin
Urothors piano club member has to pay. In" other words, it 1b the out.
tide price or the extreme price.
The pianos aro of the most reliable and trustworthy sort worth 350
dollars each.
To soil them nnti sell them quickly we planned anil organized a gi
gantic elub. A club of 600 mombers, each and overy member to enjoy
the1 samu advantages a td privileges.
We decided to sell tho pianos in thiB way, at 257 dollars and 60 cents
We arranged to sell thom without adding interest to the price asked.
Wo placed tho payments at 5 dollars as .the first payment, and 1 dol
lar and 25 cents a week for the romalnlug payments.
The price ( J2&7.50) Included everything charging nothing more for
any privilege extended members. We agreed to give the clMb members
their money back it a 30 days' trial on the piano was unsatisfactory.
We arranged a year's exchange privilege for mombers, which enables
them to exchange their pianos at any time within ono year without
meaning one ponny's loss.
We got up a life assurance feature for members, which cancels
all payments in the event of the dtath of a club member.
We figured out a rebate system so that those who want to pay faster
than $1.26 a week will profit by It by getting u rebate of JS cents in
cash handed back for each and every Week they pay in advance.
Dolling tho whole plan right down, we put into tho plan every ad
vantage and prlvilego that would suggest itself to us to make this big
Inaugural sale an instant success.
And it has been.
Cannot we bavo your application Can we not ut least show you the
pianos and go over the wholo proposition with you?