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This Balcony shoe depart
ment of ours is busy shooing boys mid
girls. Our export fitters linve had yours
of experience In flttlnp. chlldrpn's feot with
comfortablo, perfect fitting shoes.
All shoes are indelibly
ninrkccUin plain figures with the sifcos
ami price-the long-wearing qunlitie.s
leave an Impression Just as Indelible.
Shoes in all leathers, either
button or lace styles.
A paternal duty you owe that boy or girl is to bring them
hero whore each fitting Is given direct Individual attention,
Growing Girls' sizes,
i Ton of Dynamite Set Off in Plant at
Gary, Ind.
Boys' sizes, 2 to C, 2.7n-$!J.r0
Little Gents sizes,
10H to 13 . . . . .$2.00 to $.1.00
Children's sizes,
8 v. to im . . . $2.25 t $:.oo
"V, to c $:i.oo to
Misses' sizes,
111 to 2 $2.7." to $!J.7n
tf the newspapers way be Our great
i m in to prevent any Issiii ot the in
rrom becoming a mutter between the
riple alliance (Germany, Austria-Hun-mry
nnd Italy) and the triple ontcnlc
France, Oret llrltaln and ltussla).
Whatever dlscusslonB, may have taken
place between theso ifroups, It Is a fact
that no official utteranco on their bolialf
has been mad. 1
"One thing In absolutely certain nnd
that ,1s on 0110 wans wnr. On tlto con
trary, wo are all determined .to have
peace, and do you think 11 Uesllon audi
as that between Austria and Pcrvla
would bo worth 11 general conflagration?
AVc all think not."
Inquiries In other quarters add to the
Impression thaf modcrato counsels are
lleeervWta Arrive from Ainrrlen.
ATHENS. Nov. 1I.-A body of l.COO
Creek reservists from America nrrlved
today. A detail of 300 military police has
left for BolonIM to police tho city,
Irnclrc MolillUntlnii hi KnKlnnil.
ALDEIUMOT. Kngland, Nov. 12.-A
iractice mobilisation of the whole of tho
troops stationed at thn military camp
hero, has been ordored by U10 war office.
1 ha troops compose 11 11 entire army corps,
with infantry, cavalry, artillery and the
jstlary services complete.
Tho troops ot the Aldorshot military
camp are virtually always on 11 war fool
ins. Tho command Is the most extensive
in the British Isles and tho "troops of the
London garrison ure uttached to it.
Tho various arms are represented by
twenty-four battalions, of Infantry, twen
ty, fuur batteries of horso and field itrtll-
lery. two regiments 01 cvu
lUt thlrtyflvo miles from
year-old ton of Joseph Hallos of the
imiuo town Thn shoiitiiiKi which took
place Ximday night, nn dolio with 11
shotgun, tho iharge taking effect In the
boy's Ickm. Pulnka tlalms the shouting
was accidental,
(Continued from Pago One.)
length the causes and events of the civil
lustier (or Itrliels.
"Tho present," hn said, "In the era not
only of honors to tho dead, but of Justice,
to tho motives and patriotism of both
union and confedrrato soldiers,"
Jlr. Bryan praised the work of tho
Daughters of the Confederacy In erecting
the monument, and lauded tho spirit that
prompted north nnd south to join In licnl
Ing wounds catisd by tho war.
"Let this monument," ho said, bo em
blematic of our nation's unity ot aim and
purpose. 'Standing on the line that once
separated thn two friendly sections, It
becomes a bond of unity and breathing
thn spirit ot lllm who laid the founda
tions of a universal brotherhood, It wttl
bo to tho country a promlso of novcr
ending good will."
About tho enmerstono ns It was lowered
Into place stood Colonel Herbert, Mrs.
Frank O. Oldnnhclmcr, first vice president
of tho Daughters of . tho Confederacy;
Corporal Tanner, and Miss Mary Leo.
dlfughtpr of the southern commandcr-ln-chief,
nbellrt 13.
Following tho laying of tho cornerstone
arnty service corps and mcdlcat corps, 'work on the confederate shnfjlsto bo
I.ondoii and thtfrlfta 'battalions, are
......... i,.r. hv railroad 111 case of
,n...fliel.ed there by railroad in cae
Ch-racd WiY. 'Stl..K "' ,
YANKTON. H. 1.;W- 12.-(BlK Clal )
Joseph Peclnka of l.estervlllo Is under
Birost on the charge ot shooting the 1-
jiusheU without tfejarrnnd officers of
te Paugliter )f the. Confederacy i,oj&
10 unveil tho monument beforo tho re
union of union and confederate veterans
ut Gettysburg battlefield next July.
Rlr Moses" Kieklel, tho sculptor.' lui
practically completed tho dcslBn, in whlcli
a woman typifying the jouth extends a
laurel wreath over tho graven of the
dend, whllo her left hand rests upon 11
llrtlm AVcrr In I'nrklnic I'lnnt t!n
unsril In ItrpnlrhiK Mnehlnr
Wlirn Arrlilrnt Occurred
i (Inr Injnrril.
flAItV. Ind., Nov. lu Fix men were
kilted by an explosion of 3.000 pounds of
dynamite in one of the hacking houses
at tho plant of the Aetna Powder tom-
pany near Gary, Ind.
The dead Include William Halpln, fore
man, Charles Hohmldt, C O. Carlson and
tlireo unidentified workmen. A number
of workmen woro reported to liavo been !
Injured, but officials of tho powder com
pany sold this was Incorrect.
Tho men who lost their lives were re
pairing n packing machine when tho ex
plosion occurred. Tho dynamite was
loose In 100-pound lots on thn packing
tray and but for this tho accident would
hftve been much more severe.
A South Khoro Intrrurban train was
within a few hundred yards of the plant,
but no one on the train was Injured, al
though tho shock broke windows In the
town of Miller, a mile distant, The build
ings are sunk In the ground, only tho
skylight being above tho surface, and are
widely separated. This arrangement of
buildings prevented complete destruction
of the plant.
Noted Surgeons Wield
Scalpel for Charity
NKW YOIIK, Nov. 12.-Ncnrly 200 lend
ing burgeons of tho world wielded the
stvilpvl for charity In New York's hos
pitals today. In 171 institutions In the
city cj! riles wcro held by mombers of the
Congress of Hurgenns of North America,
gatlicred here moro than 2,000 strong, for
their third annual convention. As their
guests havo como eminent surgeons from
Thn operations covered a broad field
In alinost'ovcry branch of surgery. In
many hospitals hero unusual cbsca havo
been uccumulutlng'for days In order that
tho country's most famous Burgeons
might perform -tho operations.
Thcro will be 100 or moro operations
dally, until tho congress ndjourns Satur
day night, or approximately 1,000 alto
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 12.-Mrs. Florence
IJarber, shot through tho abdomen last
night while wheccllng her baby nlong
tho street nenr her homo In Itoscdalo,
Kan., a suburb, cannot recover, physi
cians tiuld today, Police and county of
ficers Institute a thorough search for
her assailant, whom sho said she wounded
with his own revolver in her strugglo to
protect herself and baby,
Tho pollco believe the aj-sallant was a
burglar who shot, tho woman for protec
tion after sho had seen him leaving a
homo ho had robbed.
Litters of a Slim-Mads
Wanart to Har Fat Sister
Seyentb; X-tt.n On tb. rat worn--.
mlmbl-cf-Watr aatli.
Dear Bis: -Just out of he;-'
omted-BlowtiiB and hungtlly uwiiluiu
he dinner sonc with the appetite and di
gestion of a stevedore. And such a bath
us 1 had-you remember that before 1
took 6ff that W pounds excess weight
there used to be a tubful-of-me-aud-H-St"of.watcr
and 1 J"
mywlt through several "rliislnKB to bet
rid of the excess soap.
Yon Inow, st. -bat a 4ll mlMrr-ena n-f.iltr-tlhnf
ucl ta b thin 1 M ft. Jul
YkT. 1 h. rotten rid ot lht "dl.
V,'m to Srom.trlMl DtU,." I c.n sot onlr
t4k a rl Uta In rl water, brt en wu6
"nTSu ir. o.n't fertt to follow th.t
.. .A. ...1. 1 ran. iou tfiaint-r It
Kjwoarul . null wOl tl l; 4lw111 b asked not only to Investigate the
,4 ffuTOMW!:' cnus"' '"to the re.
pllon an4 r t oat hat jo lllie. b. ;
laljr too cnoow '
MiW CITIIjTjANS, Iai.. Nov. 12,-The
total death list of yesterday's wreck on
the Yaxoo & Mississippi Valley railroad
nt Monti, La., today Includes eighteen.
Feven of the ninety iasseii6era who suf
fered Injuries were In o critical condition.
Mark Cunningham, tho brakoman on
whose shouldeta railroad officials yestcr
dey placed tho blame for tho accident,
declared today he would not suffer for
the responsibility of others. Cunningham
claims that when he was sent-back to
flag the train It was only a few minutes
behind the excursion train and that the
collision was unavoidable so far as he
w concerned.
The Interstate Commerce conlmlsnlnn
Army Orders
WASHINGTON, Nov. 11.-First IJeu
teuant I-w1h II. Wntktns, corps of engi
neers. Is relieved from station In this
city and will take station at Washington
barracks. District of Columbia.
Captain llenjamlu J. Tillman, Twenty
seventh infantry. Is detailed us n mem
ber of Cj army retiring board at Fort
Unynrd.ilce Captain Walter 11. Klllott,
Infantryr hereby relieved. .
Lieutenant Colonol F.uolld 11. Friclc.
medical corps, Is detailed a a member of
tho army retiring board appointed at
Ban Frnnclsco, vice Lieutenant Colonel
James D. Clennan, medical corps, horoby
cue ru.
Warm Overcoats
feel comfortable these
chilly days.
We make good
coats of kersey, mel
ton or cheviot at $25
to $45.
Every garment well
lined, skillfully tail
ored and guaranteed
perfect in fit and style.
Good business suits
to order $25 and up.
Tailoring Co.
Plow,, When and What
to Wear.
.'iOI-ilOO .South Kith St.
3 , Murders Her Young
Daugnter and Then
Tries KiU Herself
CHICAGO, Nov. 12. To take it vcnge on
bis wife, with whom he had qua-riled,
Charles noes killed his 2-car-uM
daughter today. The child had been
smothered to denth. A note pinned to
tho pillow on which the child lav w.vs
signed by the father, who admitted his
deed. The jiolle were unable to find
Continuous Stream
of Hot Apple Pies
8POICANK, Wash., Nov. 12,-Tho spec
tacle ot a continuous stream ot hot apple
pies coming by means of an endleM
chain arrangement out of a lingo oven
at the rate of 2,&0) an hour, and then
given away to spectators, will be a fea
ture every afternoon this week ot the
fifth national appte show now being held
According- to a statement made by
President 11. B. Btrahorn of tho Fruit
Growers' nssoulatlon today, the apple
crop In the United States fell from 70,000
(Kin barrels in lfUW to 22,00,00 In ISM, but
now Is steadily Increasing. Tho produc
tion this year, ho said, Is estimated at
4S.OOO.O0O barrels.
OIt Marowla a periUWnt trial "4 In tha .ni
ou will win aa r 411, jour Slim Mad. .
XUlions of CaUrrh Victims Xava Vsa
Booth's KYOKEX with Wonderful Results
Thla picture showa
tho little hard rubber
JIYOMKI Inhaler the ex
uct slie.
If you own one you
tan get a bottle of 11Y
OMK1 lliquld) for only
0 cts.
If you do not own one,
! 00 will secure for you
a complete outfit. In
cluding Inhaler. And
now you have In your
possession something
that haa banished nyrj
xasea of catarrl) than
all the catarrh special
Itfta on earth. -
Jujit breathe 11 Y
OMPI thafa alt you
liave to do no stomach
dosing. The soothing,
Healing air passes over
the Inflamed membrane,
kills the: germs andheals
the inflammation.
It Is guaranteed to
end yie distress of catarrh, coughs
i roup and colds, or money back. Dis
tributed by druggists everywhere.
Uooth'a 1IVOMEI pronounce It High'
o-mel la Australian Bucalyptua and
other grand antiseptics. It contains no
ocalnp or other injurious drugs Advertisement
rusiil- of the railroad officials to rive
Information of the accident to tho press
und police until nearly seven hours after
It occurred. Investlgntlotf of the delay
In getting the wounded to the hospitals
will bo requested.
I'll.HH CITHK11 I.- O Ttl-t-t 1,YS
Your i druggist will refund money
AZO OINTMENT falls to cure any case
of Itchlnc. niind. Bleeding or Protruding
Piles In to H dayi tOc-Advertlsement.
Arciisril of Kllllnu Wlff.
AulllTQl KHQl'K, N. M.. Nov. 11.-
incunio .vecarate, wn of a wealthy
Mcsllla valley rancher. Is In lall at l.n
Unices without bond, charged with tho
murder of his lS-ycar-old wife. The vie.
Mm whs found dead In the family home
yesterday, with u bullet through her
George T. Wilson, manager for Hrown
Ing. .King Co., and Mr. Charlevllle,
cnuareirs doming riuyer. went east las
evening on a business trip.
C P. Howard of North Platte Is visit
lug his brother, W. li. Howard, slut
iiuimur-tiiwi. ne i manuger or Air
Howard's ranch at that place and states
that Mi western part, of -the state la In
fine condition and Is well prepared for
the coming of winter, with plenty of
feed tor the stock Cattle and horses are
an in line condition
Translated the name of John II Gross
mann means "great man." which Is not
Inappropriate to the lone winner on the
democratic legislative tKket.
Fortunately or unfortunately tho mtch
Vnan and dag did not know they were
scaring the dynamiters away from the
court hoase when the "Job" was pulled
off Ip Omaha.
If there were any votes that missed Dr.
llolovtchtner, the retuma do .not record
T W McCulIough of The Dee Is one of
the delegates In attendance at the session
ot the American Federation of Labor In
progress at Itorheater.
DBNVHR. Colo., Nov. 12,-"The ense of
Mux Newman against Max Nownmn will
now bo heard," culled Magistratb Clifford
Mllln yesterday.
Counsel for Max Newman, plaintiff, and
Max Newman, defendant, full blood
brothers, began in an effort to enlighten
the court on which was ono Max New
man and which was the other.
When tho nttornrys consumed nn hour
explaining which "Max" was which, the
magistrate onlorAl that the two Maxes
bn designated as "plaintiff" and "de
fendant." The magistrate decided for Mhx New
man, planutlff, who sought to foreclose a
mortgage held against 'Mux Newman, de
fendant. Tho brothers had different names In
Kusslfl, but when .they camo to America
each choso "Max,"' both 'refusing to sur
render that ns mo, even. (whcn Implored
by 'I'their attorneys. ,fho . suggested, (ex
pediency In intention. Man wlil not spenk
tuMaxflhl's4brother,' -Jl v. .
I CHICAGO. Nor. 11. Mrs. Klla Craw.
ford! formerly of Danville, 111., murdered
, her 9-year-old daughter, Hlenora May
I Crawford, and then made two unsuccess
ful attempts to kill herself at her home
hero today. Tho mother, said by the
police to havo becomo Insane, drowned
her daughter In a bathtub. The woman
then attempted to hang horsclf, and fall-
i Ing In this, she struck herself on tho
head several times with a hatchet.
Mrs. Crawford then Btaggercd out ot
tho door and attracted the attention ot
policemen, who took her to a hospital.
Mrs. Crawford's husband was said to
havo died three years ago. Sho derived
her Income from Chicago nnd Danville
real estate.
'ine first person whom Mrs. Crawford
addressed after she staggered from the
house sho said: "Oh, God, I've killed my
little minora. She's dead Insula on the
Ulead was streaming from wounds the
woman hud mado In her head with the
Policeman and neighbors entered tho
house. On a bed lay the body of the
child, clad in dripping undergarments.
On n table in the room wero two shrouds,
ono Intended for tho child and tho other
for the mother. Hoth wero of white silk
nnd tho smullor was trimmed with lace.
Ileslde tho hhrouds lay a note telling:
of tho use they were to bo put. The note
"Put the body of Kllnora between he r
papa and- I. I always said she wanted
to be burled besldo lilm. Put mo next
to her."
Another clement was added to tho trag
edy when the pollco learned that John
Buchanan, 72 years old, father of Mrs.
Crawford, nnd with whom he lived, ds
apjwared yesterday.
CHL'YUNNK, Wyo.. Nov. 12.-Spcciul.)
I. J. Pelnnp, a prominent business man
of Hastings, Neb., and Mrs. ICstelle Bel
nap of Kvunston, Wyo were united in
marriage hero this afternoon by llev. L.
C. Hills of tho First Presbyterian church.
Mrs. Bclnop Is nn aunt of Bow Hills and
tho widow ot Mr. Belnnp's brother.
Key to the Situation Bco Advertising.
Piano Sales Break
All Records
Onr announcement last Sunday ot our 64tli Annual Wovember Clear
ing Sale brought ont a record number of shrewd Piano purchasers dur
ing the past week. Many new bargains "have been added tor this week,
however, as wUl be seen by .th bargain list below. Come tomorrow!
Don't Put off buying another day, as this
Sale Positively Ends Saturday Night
Was $350
Free Stool Free Scarf
Free Lifo Insurance
If os L these same wonder
ful terms, even though the
prices have been slashed to
the limit. Don't miss this
opportunity, and than be
sorry later. No
house In the world can make
easier terms than this old
established house.
$200 Schoinnrkcr
PHIIiADKLPHIA, Nov. 12. Tho rights
of tho public against tho reckless run
ning of automobiles are defined by Judgo
Sulzberger ot the criminal court hero In
a decision which holds that an owner
of a car who occupies It when an acci
dent occurs la equally guilty of man
slaughter with the driver. Incidontally
tho Judge notes that tho streets of tho
city belong to the people and declares
that tho speed of the automobiles should
be regulated "to tho walking power of
(ienernl lllrnm V, 'llevol.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov'. 12;-Brevet
Brigadier General Hiram F. Devof, a Ve't.
crari of the civil war, died at his homo
here today of pneumonia. Ho was 61
yearn old. General DvoI served through
tho entlro rebellion with the Thirty-sixth
Ohio volunteers. Ho was born In Water
ford, O., and In his youth operated u flat
boat,, between New Orl cans and the Ohio'
river points. When tho war opened ho
enlisted with tho Army of tho Potomac
and was given command of tho Thirty
sixth Ohio volunteers, ';
Fred Mo.M lllon.
BL PASO, Tex., Nov. 12.-(SpccIal Tele
gram.) Fred McMUIen, a carriage manu
facturer ot Nebruska City, Neb., died
here today.
$2.-0 Marshall &
Practfco l'liinn,
SjSHOO O. M. Steck
L'priRlit PlanO,
$:t2i llohmniin
lprlfht I'lnnn,
$:!00 Columbus
Upright I'liuio,
$100 Klinbnll
Upright Piano,
$3-5 Gnyloitl
Upright l'lnno,
$275 Kstcy
Upright JMntio,
$n.",0 Mueller
Upright l'lnno,
$:25 Norwood
Upright Piano,
9JJ00 Krhc & Co.
now 25
now 35
now S 50
now 75
now $100
now 110,
now 125
now $130
now 138
now S1'40
now 145
$275 Llghto & Co.
Upright Ulniio,. now Sl50
$fi00 Weber
Upright I'lano, now 165
9.125 Arlon
Upright I'iano, now 175
$.150 Krutziniiim
Upright Piano, now 180
9350 J. & O. Fischer . .
Upright Piano, now 3100
$400 Art Stylo
Upright Piano, now 210
9150 Stegcr & Sons
Upright Piano, now 225
9425 Kincrson
Upright I'lano, now 290
$000 Knabo
Upright Piano, now 320
$800 Ilanliuan
Grand, now . S495
9050 Player Pinno.
now S320
Schmoller & Mueller Piano Co.
1311-1313 Farnam Street
Oldest and Most Reli&hle Piano Eoose in the West Est 1859. Omahat Keb.
an A Y.rTI
r t
Selling out at Every Performance of
and "TiiRoinr.a from happyland
A,??J?ld i,,y m'K laying at tho
W2i0r4umttll'-n H'ayb.c, everybody de
mk 'Muld .get .In. 'itftB on tho
Gayety's small capacity,
tadles' Dime Matinee Every Weak Day.
TT--.n5 Dou8'1" Street, at lBtti -HYTONE
Casters , ($350), Musical Qoolmilnt
Kiiio); jonnny i-nK
(S90); Stepp, All
man & King ($325);
Bella Hally ($90);
mpposcope i'leturos
Per Week Show
Before you
i- . HiPT run tt i i mmMiimm
jjyill .noara your car m'
TBg It refreshes your mouth brightens your t-
mfS IHL teeth eases digestion after breakfast lunch
7pTf- ilK The fragrant mint leaf juice purifies your fi$$
jfif breath for the evening kiss makes your gg
Douglas Auditorium
We wish to draw the attention
of the publlo to the fact, that the
Pastime Pleasure and Dancing
Club can give you the best even,
lug's entertainment to be found
In the city, at the Douglas Audi
torium, 17tli and Douglas streets,
Each Thursday evening we
have Geo. Rohan's Orchestra or
eight pieces, which has mads the
hit of tho season.
Each rriday you can donee to
the lnuslo ,you love so well, fur
nished by Carl lamp's Eight Art
ists. Competent committee In cmurge
that guarantees a moral orderly
dance that you oan bring your
wife and family too any time..
Under management of
i-UMUux, wea. Mat. and Night
DeWolf HepPer
Blanche Duffleld, Eugene dowles,
Oeo. MacFarlane, Xate Condon, Ar
thur Aldridge, Viola GilUtte, Arthur
Cunningham and -.oulsa Barthel in
a Revival restlval, of
Greatest Operas.
Jonhrht Patience
Wednesday Matinee .... Pinafore
Wednesday Night . . . The Mikado
Mat. Today. "Tonight. The Best of
All Book Plays, "The Common Law"
Mat., 35c, Oo. Tonight, 35c to 81.00
Thnrs., Twelfth Night; Prlday,
Iphlgsnla; Sat. Mat., Merchant of
Venice Sat. Night, Othello.
. Seats at Popular- Prices
Krug Theater
Matinee- Today, 2i30 Night, 830
Best Seats, SOo
EXTRA Thursday Night, Chorus
Olrls' Contest; Prlday Night, Country
Store Saturday Night, Amateurs
hone .
Doug. -104.
Mat. Every Day, 2:15; Every Night, 8:13
Thli Vek TUOTfl PAKA, llowsM't KeveKr,
Kd'1y H'-winl, lUrrlion Armolrons't rUyfri.
I'arl llcfullouth. Van llrotbfr, Brtdthtw
Brother, Paf.e'i Wceklj Uerltw ot World'a
KTnu. rrlrceMat , Otllery, 19c, btit mti
Stc. tiorpt Siturdir ant SunJr. M(ht, luc.
SU, 6c. He.
All Eipcdm Tours tr om 5 ilira in.M up.
Cuba, Jamaica, Panama Canal
sd othr Wwt laJU Poru
For prtleuir tldrtu
The Royal Mall Steam Paektt Co.,
Eaadinoo t Son, Grn. Ada.. 11 glatt St N Y
18 South L Salle St., Chicago; W. e!
Boek, 1317 Parnam Street, Omaha.
br " i jnanltr Lamnla, Feb U Tl ill
M P. F ludlns hntaia, ua d-t ra ,'
trip Btop-oitra Rnuad W r'l acl 6 A-'i-Ira
Toura W B. BOCK HIT aTxam F Os-'
J,b. t ( tLAKK Tim a B.5t N y '