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Visiting Teachers:
Omaha's greatest, newest, and most progressive store bids you welcome.
We jnvitc you to take advantage of our free telephone service, parcel checking room, rest
room and information bureau.
Every convenience that this great store affords is at your command.
ws. -V&r s? s. f-J
Formerly The Bennett Co.
i iwwi ' ii ii i ran id met bbem in hi rtDKwmx- -
The Grand Opening
of Oar New Department Store is Now
in Progress
i The complete remodeling, installing of beautiful fixtures, the addition
of newer, larger, and more complete stocks, makes this store the ideal shop
ping center of the west.
Opening Continues Throughout the Entire Week
One of the Most Beautiful and Interesting Sights in Omaha Is
Our Handsome Newly Arranged Women's Garment Section
"When one first enters upon our second floor, they bucomo amazed nt the wonderful changes that have been effected, so grout is tho contrast from tho appoaranco that
; formerly greeted them that many wonder if they are in tho Bume store but bettor yet, improvement in surroundings have not surpassed in any degree, tho better
ment and enlargement of our stocks. Every department of this great garment section has boon enlarged. An,entiro new lino of garments is on display, tho result, we
can frankly claim, not only tho-most beautiful, garment section in tho woBt, but tho largostand most complete as well.
Afternoon, Street and Evening
Dresses, Gowns
In silks, satins, chiffon, nnd woolen fabrics.
Great varieties at every price.
During the Teachers' Convention we offer extra
special values in stylish dresses at " ,
$15.00, $19.50, $29.50
Corset Demonstration
.And Exposition of
On laving Models in me privacy. ot our beauti
r.fullrencli, Roomr-gecond Floor.. . t. . -. r
Women's and Misses'
Wonderful Assortment of
Tailored Suits Coats Mantels
Beautiful Showing
Fur Coats
From popular price to the highest class suits.
Novelties and severely tailored styles. Every
wanted color and every size. Many reproductions
from foreign models. Prices range from
$19.50, $25, $35
Three quarter and full length. Street, travel
ing, afternoon and exclusive ovoning wraps. Every
desired fabric. Every stylo upon which fashion
has stamped hor seal of approval.
$19-S0f $25, $35
j Who I)cnlro to Inspect This Great Storo Wo Have Prorlrtod
who will glVe you their entire tlmo and attention, anoint you In locating dopartmenls'or partleo.- This Bdrvlco 1b frno. Juat
make your -wants known to nnjr"younBladywcarlngr-badgomarlfed',4'auld(j." n ,.-."m"'
Hudson seal, near seal, marmot, pony and river
mink. Border trimmed coats, contrast fur collars
and cuffs. Our furs aro selected from world ro
puted furriers. Tho only kind you can afford to buy.
$50.00 to $475
See Hpoclnl Pony Coat at $50
FREE LESSONS with all matorials purchased in
our now and greatly enlarged Art Needlowork and
,Fanoy Goods Dept., now located Main Aisle, Sec-
. - ond Floor.
Immensity o System Now Nearing
I , Completion.
.CJne-Hnndred-MlIe Chain of Ilnma,
Aqueduct, Tunnel nnd Ilue
I,inea Costing a Unite
When the aqueduct now being .con
structed to carry water from the Catsklll
Father Knickerbocker will discover that
he has Paid out something like $105,000,000
for the work. He will probably consider
tho Job cheap even at that, hW9Vr, for
he will bo the possessor of the finest and
(largest, water supply system In the world.
There are other things about this aque-
Iduct, aside .from Its size and cost, which
makes It unique anion pr similar structures.
One of these la the Blphon tunnel undet
.the Hudson river, whljh forms the mas
ter llnik In a hundred-mile chain of dams,
aqueducts, tunnels and pipe lines. Scien
tifically speaking, it Is not a siphon, but
what the engineers call an "Inverted
A- siphon, as we learned when we were
little tads sailing tiny boats In Do biff
wash tub out in the back yard. Is a
simple contrivance for making water
pump Itself. When we bad grown tired
of playing with our miniature cup de
fenders we would amuse ourselves by
'Omaha I3ee 11-6-12
Succeeds Like
And the success of
the 'Kimball Laundry
is most emphatically
demonstrated by tho
ever increasing busi
ness each month, and
there is but one an
swer for the reason
why and that is, be
caxise we have con
tinually satisfied our
customers. The qual
ity of our work is the
. same always and , our
motto is "Longer life
to your linens."
I Blue Wagons. Phono Doug. u.a.
emptying the" tub. with a piece of rubbet
tube. We" filled the tube with water,
stuck ono end' in the tub,'i1ttthe other
end hang over the sldp, and the water
lifted Itself over the edge and flowed
awav. This la. the simplest form of a
Imngino another siphon big enough to
run a subway train through, which will
drain a tub, "In the form of a reservoir,
large enough to float all the 'battleships
of the United States, and you will have
an Idea" of the Hudson river siphon tun
nel. '
The Inverted Siphon.
This monster siphon, which Is really a
tunnel. Is capable of belching forth In a
single day enough '.water to flood the
whole of 'Manhattan Island to a depth of
thirty feet. Tho legs or shafts of the
siphon are almost a quarter ot a mile
long, and the cross-bar connecting them,
which Is driven through the solid rock
at this depth, Is over a half-mile long.
The water pressure which will exist In
the bottom of the siphon will approxi
mate 100,000 pounds to the square foot
equal to the pressuro exerted In the earli
est type of caniton when the charge was
fired. The siphon not only had to be
built strong enough to withstand this
tnormous bursting stress, but located at
so great a depth that tho weight of tho
rock above It would be more than suf
ficient to hold It In plare.
The engineers In charge of the work
spent several years In Investigations be
fore they finally located what they con
sidered safe ledge rock. The bed of the
Hudron river at the point where the
siphon Is built, near West Point, Is a
mass of slit, sand, clay gravel, etc. Ver
tical borings from scows anchored In the
river showed that this material extended
down to a depth of 700 feet below the
surface. It was, therefore, necessary to
locate the tunnel below this soft materia)
In solid rock. Uut, although the engi
neers probed Into tho bed of the river
with their drills like a surgeon at worlc
on a patient under ether, they were not
successful In locating ledge rod; In mid
stream. This difficulty was finally over
come by tho use of diamond drills, in
clined borings being started from each
shore. Two pairs of holes, each an Inch
or so lndlameter, were bored, the first
pair being drilled at. an angle which
caused them to cross at a depth of about
930 feet, and the second pair at a depth
of 'about 1,0 feed When It was found
that each set of borings had crossed In
tol d ledge rock It was decided to locate
the tunnel about half-way between them
niniiiniiila Melted by the Heat.
The diamond drills used In this work
consisted of a. hollow steel cutting-bit In
whose lower edge was set a ring of
costly black diamonds, the bit being ro
tated through a long line of rods by an
engine driven by compressed air. The
diamonds eut a small circular ring, leav
ing a core df rock at the center. As the
bit eats Its way downward this core Is
caught and held by an automatic catch
and Is then pulled to the surface for ex-
I amlnatlon. In this way srtmples of all
the materials through which the bore
would be drivei Were secured before the
1 work was started.
Th6j grinding of the diamonds upon t'lo
iuuku rocK Keneruics enormous neai, so
that it Is necessary to pump a stream of
cold water down Into the hole through
j the hollow drill rods to cddl the cutting-
bit. In spite ot this precaution several
bits, Including tho. diamonds, were re
duced to a molten mass by the heat gen
erated. Occasionally tho diamonds would
become loosened from their settings In
he drilling bit. To recover them tho bit
was drawn up and tho end smeared with
cobbler's wax. When the bit was low
ered and started to rotating again, tho
diamonds became embedded In tho was
and were then easily drawn to the sur
face. In tills wuy several thousand dol
lars' worth of the stones were saved.
It Is a peculiarity of diamond drltls that
they seldom go down perfectly straight,
but show a tendency to Incline upwards.
Realizing this, the engineers' in churso cf
the work resorted to a most Ingenious
method of surveying the borings In order
that they might know tho Inclination of
the holo nt frequent Intervals In Us
lengtlu A glass teat-tube or viol half
filled ylth hydrofluoric acid was low
tired Into tho Inclined boring and allowed
to remain undisturbed for half an hour.
Hydrofluoric acid Is a very corrosive
liquid and has the property of attacking,
all silicates such-as glass and porcelain.
Consequently, during the half-hour the
vial was at rest, the acid started an at
tack on the glass, etching a clearly de
fined ring around the Inside of tho tube.
As the axis of the tube while In the
boring was at the same Inclination as
that, of the boring Itself, while tho sur
face of the acid was, ot course, horizon
tal, tho piano of the etched ring as com
pared with tho axis of the tube gave the
correct slope of the boring at tho point
of measurement. Hy taking these ob
servations at frequent Intervals, It was
possible to plot tho entire course of the
When the IleiulliiKS Met.
When the location of the tunnel had
been definitely decided upon, the actual
work of digging tho shafts, and then the
tunnel was begun, the operation being
carried on simultaneously from each
shore. After tho headings had met and
communication established between the
two sides of the river, tho work of lin
ing th rock bore with a tlilck circular
shell of concrete was started. This -lining
Is necessary not only to Insure easy
passage of the water througn the noie,
but to prevent pieces of rock from faring
down and clogging the tunnel. The n-
lshed tunnel has an Inside diameter of
fourteen and a halt feet.
The water which Is to flow through
the HudBon river siphon tunnel will be
collected In the vast Ashokan reservoir.
which Is being formed by the Heaver Kill
dikes and the Olive Bridge dam, a mas
sive barrier of masonry and concrete
210 feet high. This huge basin will hava
a capacity of 130,000,000,000 gallons of
water. The length of Its shore line l
forty miles, and when the gates are closed
and the water allowed to rise, seven vil
lages within the reservoir area will be
submerged. This tract contains thirty
five cemeteries, from which nearly three
thousand bodies were exhumed and moved
to new burying grounds. -
An Idea of the magnitude of (he work
on this wonderful water supply system
may be gained from the fact that the
engineering ftaff uloue amounts to 1.000
men, while the contractor's force aggro
gates 17.000, It would take the average
man almost a week to walk from tho
City Hall In New Tork to the upper
end of the aqueduct. Philadelphia In
Captain Bainbridge's Famous Run
Past Dardenelles Fort"'
Italian llnld on Maine Waters II rings
Porta Turkish Version of the
American Mariner's
ISxnlolt. '
Willie all tho diplomats of Kurope are
exhausting the resources of explanation
to account for the recent raid of the
Italian gunboats in the forbidden waters
of the straits of the Dardanelles, the
Journals of tho Young Turks are making
gamo ot tho Italians for their timidity
In denying themselves tho glory of an
choring their craft at tho very portals
of the Qolden Horn, For tho Darda
nelles aro not only defended by prodigious
cannon; they aro Interdicted to the war
craft of all nations Unless by special
permit from the sultan, and often by the
"vlso" of the contracting powers, which
In 1&6 took up the maintenance of the
Turkish empire Whllo the diplomatic
excitement was at the white heat, known
as "tension," a Turkish Journal, whoso
editor has been in the United States, re
called to his compatriots that tho raid of
the Italian torpedo boats was a very in
significant sdventuro compared to the
feat of daredcvlltry performed by the
Yankee mariner. Captain Ilaiiihrldge, as
long ago as 1S0O, when Napoleon was
the central figure on land and sea. The
"George Washington,"! man-of-war, com
manded by Captain IJalnbrldgc, under
tho safeguard 'of recent treaties with tho
dey of Algiers, had anchored In the
Algerian harbor for repairs and other vi
tal needs. No sooner had the captain an
chored under -the guns of tho dey's forts
than ho repeented his Imprevoyance In
trusting himself to the caprices of the fe
rocious despot, Mustapha. tho UnqUall
flable Turk who had long signalized his
derisive contempt for treaties unless
heavier guns than his own were at hand,
The ner's Scheme.
Now i the dey found himself In a dan
gerous plight; his suzerain, tho Sultan
Bellm, was In alliance with the Frencn
and the doy was at war with that
power. He dared not send a vessel of
his own to the Sublime Porte. As he
was constrained to send a diplomat to
the porte, he decided that the admira
ble Yankee frigate, George Washing
ton, newly launched from the Phlladel
Phla yards, would be the exact vessel
he requited. She was roomy and would
accommodate the numerous retinue ot
tho envoy as well as the disheartening
train of Arabs, cattle and retinue al
ways employed on such missions. Cap
tain Bainbridge remonstrated with Yan
kee vigor, protesting that war vessels
were not thus seized In friendly porta
to do transport work for great princes,
no matter how Irresistible. IJut the dey,
pointing to the heavy guna bearing down
on the George Washington's uecka and
the still more dlsagreeablo reprisals
within his power in case of obstinacy,
finally extorted tho captain's compliance
to hla whim. When, however, the
"bunch ' designated by tho dey to take
their places In the vessel appeared at
tho landing, the captnln again rebelled.
It was useless. The piebald train of
fifty Arabs with wives, children, goats,
asses, sheep, four lions, four tigers,
twenty-four beef, four antelopes and
innumerable parrots wero stowed away
In tho ship, the animals for the pre
scribed Moslem food and others tor
presents to tho padlslmh, the Sultan
Uneer Cnrg;o,
The hideous Jumblo of animals, Arabs
and burly black men were hot tho chief
misery to tho captain of the Indignant
crow, for the envoy Insisted on having
the ship stopped four times every twenty
four hours, with Its Draw pointed toward
yiecca, while tho ploua Moslem" droned
out their Interminable prayers. Nor would
tho tenacious envoy accept Captain linln-
bridge's word 'that tho flhlp was nosing
to the east, Provided with his own in
struments, the Moslem verified to tho last
hair tho position of tho vossol, and then,
the edicts ot the Koran satisfied, turned
tho deck of tho Q cor go Washington Into
nn Improvised mosque. Theso transforma
tions kept the wrotched tars in constant
labor and the officers In what may be
styled .a atate of irrepressible "oussed
ness." Karly in November , 1800, tho
Georgo Waslilngton reached tho Darda
nelles, tho first vessel, bearing the Stars
and .Stripes ever seen in those romantic
waters, dedicated to half the legends of
mythology, ns well ns world history.' It
was now, however, that the Yankee In
genuity of tho commander of tho ship
was called Into play. I!y Immemorial
usage, to pass through the straits special
passiKrts wcro provided by tho power the
flag represented. The United States had
no such passport, for It was not In dip
lomatic relations with Turkey. Nor hail
the dey the authority to supply the rcqul
site open sesame. To enforce tho exliibi
tlon ot the document there were built on
each sldo ot the narrow strait In Eu
rope and Asia two linmenso fortresses,
constructed by French engineers, cover
ing the only point on tho water possible
for the navigation of anything but a very
light draught slilp. There the guns from
each of the "Castles of the Dardanelles,'
as the works wero railed, concentrated
n withering fire nt a calculated range. It
was Instant destrucl)oo for a ship to ven
ture on the firing line.
Powder Smoke llmf,
Bainbridge, either not knowing of the
law or misled by the dey, had made no
provision for a passport, but he did know
that tho securing of any document from
Turkish officials Implied endless delay
and probubly a goodly aum In "backhlsh"
or graft. Yankee-like ha determined to
make out his own passport, and he did It
In this delightful way. Balling onward
tranquilly until he reached tho death zone,
ho caused the swelling sails to be dls.
sembled, us If furled, then he thundered
out tho regulation salute from his
"honor" batten'- To this, of course, the
watchful Tuiks resonpded gun for gun.
There was no smokeless powder In tlwso
Ineffective days and lo, when the smoke
enveloping the majestic George Wash
ington cleared away, tho stupefied Turks
couldn't catch a glimpse of the ship that
had given such resounding notice of Its
appearance. As the guns had been fixed
on Immovable carriages to command the
given point. It was useless for the dum
founded Moslems to seek I ) 1)1 1 UK th i
eolent Joker to repentance In due tint
tho ship anchored at tlui prescribed sta
tion for strangers. Batribrldga's danger,
however, was only transferred. Tho cap
tain of the port couldn't credit his senses
when tho artless Yankee explained
naively that, having no passport, as his
ship wsh from a country unknown to the
sublime porto, ho had been forced to
run" tho cantles.
When the talo was wholly ("grasped by
the official, ho couldn't resist a guffaw,
hut when It reached the ears ot the Sul
tan Rollm, ho asked thut the clever
rogue bo at once sent to him. Strangnr
than all, tho flag with Its red and blue
colors no much resembled the French that
the Turks, were Impressed nnd from
doubt became hilariously enthusiastic
dver the adroit ruse of tho dare-dovll
from the jiovor-bofore-hoard-of country,
liven more grotesquely humorous won
the role of Bainbridge In soothing tho
wrath of the sultan against the pasha
commndlng the Dardanelles towers, for
that unfortunate man was ordered be
headed so soon as the ship reached an
chor, Bainbridge pleadod for the derelict,
and with such good nature and addross
that Sultan Sollm sent htm back to his
post absolved.
Fruited on the Rotmrau
Bainbridge's troubles kept on, for tha
mariners of tho Turkish fleat Instated on
seeing him, to greet the wlznrd who had
rivalled tho genl of ,yie bottlo In securing
aafoty fromi dangor. Not only this, but
when tho George Washington finally
raised nnclior and swept down the Dar
danelles, the Turkish squadron Insisted
on accompanying hor. aalutlng all the
way like madmen. At tho formidable cas
tles of tho Dortlenellea, tho ahlp was
halted and the captain In command com.
polled the daredevil to debark and ac
cept n banquet In tho grand hall ot ilie
padlshaa. Furthermore ho delivered to
tho humoroua Bainbridge a. firman com
manding everybody in Uie Moslem aerv
lco to render him any and nil aid that
a mariner might ask. it waa furtharn
more ordered that- whereevar the George
Washington nppeaed ahe was to be sa
luted with an Imperial salvo and every
honor shown her "oqulppoge." Whan tho
George Washington appeared In the har
bor of Algiers, oven the crafty dey was
forced to comply with the orders of his
suzerain, and thenceforth Captain Bain
bridge typified to-the moslem on entirely
now order of mariner, a man whose wits
exceeded tho might of cannon. Phlladel
plda Bulletin.
The Persistent and Judicious Use ot
Newspaper Adrertlslng la the Road to
Business Succeon.
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1 1 hi i i mi
QeYomiirlffip East
q Take advantage of tha superior train aervics maintaintd by
the Chicago and North Western Railway.
H Seven fat daily train are In ecrvica from Omaha to Chi
cago, each affording
"The Best of Every thins"
Lv. Omaha 11.05 pm
Ar.Caicizo t.45m
6.00 pm
7.45 im
7.55 pa
9.10 in
B.50 pm
11.20 m
12.40 am
130 pfli
7.40 sat
Th route is vis tha Pioneer Una between Chicago nd th
Missouri river through plctureaque Iowa and Illinois. This
Una la double tracked and guarded by automatic aafoty
signals the entire distance.
iYoar arrival in Chicago ia at the New Passenger Terminal
of tha Chicago and North Western Railway -the mott moJem
Tilltean tlatlon In the world.
Similar Excellent Train Service W cttbound
Ticket Offct
Chicago and
North Western Railway
N0I.I403 Famam Sired
Omaha, Nth.