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    10 A
This Question ii Eeing Discussed
with Much Interest in East.
Adherent of Antoraobllo ltuclnc In-
lt that Large Attentinnee nt
Meets n Slm Uiat People
Want It.
New Midland Auto
Arrives in Omaha
NEW TOIUC. Nov. 1 Whether auto
n "Mle ractne;, particularly rood racing;.
Is tn the upward move or whrthar It U
Kainjr. in popularity so that the end It
C o nt hand la betnff argued Just now.
Ii,ro whose Interest ties In a contlnu
n e of racing; sec, or profess to see.
t there Is a strong public demand lor
i re contests. The old story 1 being
'I and retold by them that racing de-
ped Uie American Industry and still Is
ii prime need. Designs and matcrtattJ
t-cvr would havo reached their present
(taidaxd without rndnsr, these pereoni
t y; tend, and no doubt that la ao, In part,
at least
Furthermore, these adherents of racing
lr-Jst that the f-rwxt attendance at metis,
such as Elgin, Bant a Monica, Indlanapo
I s Tacoma and Milwaukee, lit a sign
lhat the publlo wants racing and wants
to seo It Even the strongeet part'sana.
however, admit that American manufac
turers are not aupporttng racing any
more. Unless the American car maker
has suddenly lost some of the foresight
and business acumen that marked his
earlier activities In the automobile world
he Is making a, serious error that la, If
you believe what the pro-racing con
tingent says.
Benefits Porelfrn Rtrnls,
Others may feel that the business man
Is at length convinced that he does ITot
wont to play the game for the benefit of
tils foreign rivals, who make most
of the racing machines that are taking
the big events on the road. Most makers,
having got as much as they think Is to
be got from racing, have Quit it Those
who sCo their way clear to building a
reputation rapidly with good racing cars
keep on supporting teams, but the factory-entered
racing teams In this country
can bo counted on the finger of one
hand, aithout having recourse to the
thumb, either.
If all the rest of the world Is a "little
queer," save those who want to have
racing continue for the benefit of their
own pockets, then racing is a prime
necessity. But the strongest partisans of
motor racing cannot readily point out
features in recent car construction that
owe their discovery on thorough tryouls
to racing. The features of the past and
of the coming season self-starters, elec
tric lighting, small six-cylinder motors
are not the fruits of racing experience.
The four-cylinder is still the most used
racing type and self-starters fre not ap
plied to radng cars.
' Verr Changes In Cars,
1 Motor building, If the average oar
maker's prospectus is to be believed, has
undergone few changos save In the
way of refinement those last two or
three seasons. Another main point In
touring car building Is toward Increased
comfort of the passengers and suret
comfort hatnt been a chtsf considera
tion in building spood machines.
Nearly every little device that Is ap
plied toward lightening racing cars, such
aa iteot connecting rods or rods that havo
been drilled full of holes, and schemes
such as removing a piston ring, leaving
only one behind. Is practice avoided in
preparing automobiles for tho touring
car, markot To bo sura, these things
havo been done right along in .racing
ears, so they are not new dikooverlts.
If they had been ao valuable In ordi
nary motoring doubtless they would
have been assimilated lone since.
Such an authority aa the Journal of
the Automobile Club of America rays
In an editorial favorable to automobile
radn that 'In looking over the list of
automobiles now offered for eale on th
market both foreign and domestic, it
will be noted that practically every car
that has attained prominence and popu
larity btis done so through Its perform-
atwt on the rape track." Just at pres
ent there are less than half a dozen
American makes that campaign in rac
ing and there are several hundred dif
ferent makes of automobiles in this
Qalt Hatldlna- Hasina- Cars,
The leading cars ot ttas United States,
it is true, have bad a contest history ot
sorts, soma of them more than others,
but nearly alt the machines which are
bow recognised aa the highest standard
tn this country have long alno dropped
from the world of contests. And nearly
all are doing more business on regular
business line than they did In thosu
tther flush days.
Iters la a little truth about raolng, as
set forth In an editorial arttola In
"Motor Ace." which, however, prophages
that'raelng has years yet to live beaause
''the eonteett have sold cars, tin oontesti
have k ndlad anthustaam, the oontesta
have helped good rost.ia they hava dona
good," The automobile puhtlcatlon aayst
'The year has not been ss brl 1 ant ai
last yean Vkia has bean a little unkind.
Unity has been lacking. The herculean
effort ot the eleventh hour has baen too
iwi'rpta'ous, Mskera have bean at sixes
and ae en Many wanted to ra , bu
hftd misgivings, 'One's afraid and the
other daio not' sums up tho situation,
Maaafnntarara Nut UulUd,
"Manufaoturers were aiiytllng tiq(
united on the s-jprert of oonteds. In
(he ariy print ever day brought rumo'i
a( !Ktumlng to raalneY Today on- big
flamfany was building a fleet cf taslna
truialilrta-, tcmarrow It wm another sent
esn, Aa ppetita av way to tummts
mllinlim tfava way to pfealmtam. Unity
HcnU threutftt tho malls failed to bring
(he loalud er aheak and tUe filled out
blank, VdlUtw up Utters and nwre
blanks wars suaacadtd by an om'naua
-JUrtsa, Might lettergrams went rasperisa
lt!, Pemnal letters, speelal solicitors
to factories n fell short of a ear
previous," v
Ttye analyses dirafree ca the raa
omi say "Baclnira dying." Others say
"Tain't ," It la Urjrely a mat'er et
ftplrilon, But radng has oaffertd, thhl
-ear as never before from ntetnperaW
poanogment and in-considered Imi
Pjrentry Rtraova frcw tha control ef
.porting contests men who taa a bn
pes Interest In aeelng fiat tie ant
fua run through rerardleaa aad f'sre
w II, be a. chance ta reta'n the p-tita
i!de of na?9-l! Hera t Mt, pMtlat
who will Insist ea flolinf tnal-j etirty If).
fP'.'e of what a rwald innartt.t
vants will bslp ta stva v9tm K (a! rattan
can be found pr 'f sating U weftl) (j,
H never can be wait ate lint It CM
be roods cafcr,
' r ret .dvtrllrlct It the Ks4 t
''-cs-iOsaU 'Vllt Steal-,''
Lost wceK jaw the deliver) Omaha
of the 111 Midland, sold by the F celand
Auto company. "We have great dl;fl
culty," eald Mr. Frecland, "In securlnj
sufficient cars for delivery. The Midland
this year Is a wonderful car with Its
thorough and Improved equipment There
Is nothing to surpass It. Then, too, the
manufartu-cra are go'ng to put out n
W of fifty-horsepower, which I shall
have here soon, and when one sees It
there Is no wonder that he will he struck
with awe."
Dr. It. A. Wagoner received h's 1813
Cadillac cqupe Friday. It Is one of the
most -practical as well as lu- u -lonely
finished car ever delivered ho e. The
windows drop down from within, the wind
shlela ope s wil l i i ua i
trpft of c-ntructlon Is ti"d rxrm'MnT
the occupant to enter or leave from either
rJde. Tho cc'llng, Inttead of the u ual
cloth flnlrm. Is finished with highly pol
ished walnut similar to a Ili.lman car.
"The automobile Is no lcncr Mnvly a
aummer pleasure vehlelc for fair days,"
said Oeorge Iteim. president of the Cadll
-p Oma"i rompnnv "With the nHranee 1"
the Industry and the perfection of the
product, tlio utllltar'an value of the
motor car has expanded and now a great
percentage of tho motorists usa tholr
earn the year around. They want a car
that' will be serviceable In disagreeable
"For that reaton a very high grade of
business Is fast developing In CadlU&o
enclosed cars, becaure Poopte want the
comfort and protection which cars of
the enclosed type provide In rough
"So Vent of Mud.
J. C. Bryant of Kaufman, Tex., bought
a Klsel Kar "40" last July and In Its
first three months of service It has cov
ered 4.1W miles. Mr. 13 yant writes en
thuitiactlcally of the enr, ment onlng that
the roads traveled are the worst In Texas.
As an uncommon ach evement, he tells of
running through a mudtiole two feet deep
and fifty feet long at twenty miles an
A Bulldog Grip
Now the Favorite Winter Tire
Herts g the tread which has come to outsell every other
form of non-skid.
It comes on a tire which also outsells every other tke
in existence.
Think what a combination No -Rim -.Cut tires with
this Goodyaar Non-Skid tread.
Any man who sees them is bound to say, "That's the
winter tires for me."
All Objections Ended
road or pavement with a bulldog grip.
Bach of these blocks widens out ft
the bate, ao the strain la distributed
over the fabrlo just as with smooth
tread tires.
So wo offer you now an endurlnr,
edclent, an ideal non-skid tread.
One glance will show you that no
other devlco compares with It.
Early non-akld treads wero made of
aoit rnbber. Tho projections wero
too short-lived.
Otherslnvolvodbothmetal and rub
ber materials that never combine.
And all, until thla one, put too much
train oa tho fabric, because tho
strain wasn't distributed.
That's why men havo used the la
convenient, costly and ruinous chains.
Now We Have This
Now we have this thick extra tread,
Vulcanized on to tho reRUlar. Soyou
?:et the endurance of a double-thick:
This extra tread Is of very tough
rubber, ao the non-skid featuro lasts.
The blocks are deep-cut. They
present to the road surface countless
edges and angles. They grasp the
Motor-car owners have tested out
over 200,000 ot these treads. As a re
sult, the demand today la enormous.
And this winter will treble It, prob
ably. Come aee what It means to havo
overalte tires, tlres. that can't rim
cut and tires that can't skid.
The Goody ear Tire Book-bated aa IS
years of Mr maklas U flllad with faota
yea should know. AV im to mall It to you,
No-Rim-Cut Tire
With or Without Non-Skid TraaJt
3bla Cnmpanr mw no connection whaterer with nnr other
rubber eouoern which uhi tha Umdrriar nama raont
Phono Douglas 4190
A White Truck is Only Possible to the
Merchant Who Plans for the . Future
Any old made-over Touring Car or light de
livery wagon will do your work for the next
five or Bix months.
WHITE TRUCKS offer you n rollnblo dollvory
Borvioo for yours to ooino. No ono yoHirtH over
boon ablo to vronr ono out.
WHITE TRUCKS nro ooonomlonl A fow pon
iiIob nro Baved enoli dny on RfiBollno tmtl oil bills;
dollars uro Bavod enoli month on repnlr bllUj
nnd In tho long run, Wlilto Borvioo mnliou u oliow
lng on tho right sldo of your lodfjor,
Made In 4 slzos i 0 and B ton, to cult any moi
chant 'b noodB. Bettor phone Douglas 3301 for a dcanon-stratlon.
I L!neo4a Hepriisatiti? -Mckilt Auto Co.
A Car
. 1913
Now Ready
Record Breaking; Record Making "Trans-Continental" Flyer"
Midland Font Time To the Coast
IN a recent oross continent run to San Francisco the
Midland broko all previous records for such a trip
through and over tho Rocky Mountains and tho Desert.
The most difficult trip imaginable a gruelling test.
Yet the car made this 2,645 miles in 124 hours and 37
9.000 Miles Without a Rmolacement
The Midland made tho trip and baok a distance
of 9,000 miles without a broken, renewed or replaced
part, and was in as perfect running order as when
leaving tho factory. That's tho kind of car wo offer
you a, car of proven worth.
New Midland To Trade for Old Car
WE are interested in other lines of business be
sides tho automobile. Through these other con
nections we have distribution facilities for handling
USED cars as quickly as we acquire them. For this
M-eason, we are perfectly willing to consider taking
your old car on a purchase Of a Midland provided
your price is right. We could place at least nine used
automobiles today; if wo had them. No other dealer
is so fortunate as to" have suoh ideal connections for
handling used cars and because wo readily turn them
into cash we can allow more than you will get else
where for your old model.
Midland Motor Co., Molino, 111.
Twelfth and Farnam Streets, Omaha.
Comfort, Luxury and Practicability
. Tho Cadillno doupo is a worthy companion of the Ca
Tho body is mado of aluminum by tho latest
improvod methods. Thoro arc accommodations
for four passongors, two alonjrsido tho drivor nnd
ono on drop scat in front. Tho drlvor'n Boat is
hinged, permitting entrance at and oxlt from tho
right Bldo of tho car,
Tho upholrrtorlng is In hand buffod blnolc loath
or, trlmmod with broad nnd nnrrow Inco, Tho ootl
ing1, enghoB, hool board, hood helvoa nnd flnlah
moulding nro Amorlonn blnolc wnlnut,
Tho Hide windows nnd door wlndowo drop Into
pofketui tho roar nnd front qunrtor windows nro
ptntlonnry, Glnea la fl-10-lneli eoloetod flryfltnl
pinto, without bevol, Ourtnlno hro hlffli prndo ollk
rlth olllt tnbo, oporatlnrf on nntomntlo rollora,
Boors nro fitted with atop hlngoa of lateat
, Fro noli doalgn, ponnlttlng door to open at angla
of 100 dogreoa nnd equlppd with Unproved
dillao Limousine. It is the leading car of its type.
Tho lower portion of windshield is stationary,
oloar vision tho upper portion Bwings outward.
Thoro io a compartment for email parcelB back
of tho drivor's Boat and Epace for suit case, tools,
oto., undor roar dock, whioh ban hinged door on
roar, with look.
The oquipment IneludoB . tho improvod Delco
oloctrlcnl Hyutom, embodying nutomatio self-cranking
devlco, olootido lighting and ignition.
Tho oleotrlo lighting oqulpmont consists of two
'head lights,' two sldo lights, and tail light, also
domo light nnd Bpoodomotor light. . J
Cadlllfto Borvioo, si rsndorod by tho Cadillno
Co, of Omaha, added to theio apodal foaturoB of
tho Cadlllao Ooupo, maker It tho most popular
onoloBd oar ta the olty. Boa tho Coupo on db
play In our gkowroomi, ' '
Cadillac Company of Omaha
Fhono, 33oug, tlSDO,
Geo, I?, JUoTOi Tree,
XJ54-fi6 Farnam.