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All Together, All the Time, for Every,
thing Electrical.
"Thonksto Its morvelouB
moans of expression, it can
give the complicated pieces
more life and soul than any
other instrument of its kind
Is able to give.
Operated by electricity, It
la one of the marvels of
this great musical age.
Through its electric opera
tion It combines perfect tone
-wth splendid expression,
and ,pours out beautifully
the master pieces of music,
giving your home tho host
music of the world's great
est composers.
Have an Apollo 'play for
you at this store.
Your household goods,
valuables, private 'pa
pers,, etc., are not safe
unless in a fireproof
storage. Our private
vaults are fully pro
tected against fire
they are electrically fire
wired; there is nothing
to burn, and you can
have goods placed here
at a small monthly
charge, assured that
hey will be intact when
you want them.
Our storage is cen
trally located, so you
can, get into the private
storage rooms conven
' iently. ;
Our moving van ser
vice is the largest and
moist efficient in tho
city. When you move
into an electrically
wired house this winter
be sure that we do the
- Storage, packing and
Omaha Van &
Storage Co.
Main Office:
806 Sputh 16th Street.
w . . fc'outh 17th St and
1120 North 19th St.
Phone: Douglas 4163. !
f : r
Economy in Home
By Lighting with
Electric Currents
Tho economy of electric lighting Is very
near to the hearts, and pocketbooks, of
all users of electricity for lighting pur
poses. It is a brood statement, and oni
that will surely cause some surprise,
when the electrician tells us that elec
tricity is the most economical light for
the home. If used right. "If used right,"
that Isthe secret and yet how few of
ua understand enough about tho mys
torlous current to use It at Its best ad'
It is not vaulting over the borders of
truth to say that In nearly every home
now using electric light the regular
monthly bills could be cut down fully 20
per cent with a llttlo caro and attention
and a llttlo more knowledge about elec
tricity nnd electric lights.
In nearly every house there are places
hero eight candle-power or oven four
or two candlo-power lamps could be sub
stituted for the sixteen candle-power
lamps, thereby effecting a great B&vlng.
These small candle-power lamps give
light enough for closets, stairways, cel
lars, hallways, pantries and woodsheds
or store rooms. Small candle-power
lamps have the double advantage of sav
ing the customer money when In use and
not costing blm so much when acci
dentally left burning. It Is well enough
to use the now high power lamps for
reading or where a well-lighted room Is
desired, but it is safer for the oyes and
better for the pooketbook to use less
brilliant lamps in rooms where a great
amount of light is not necessary.
Hall lamps or porch lamps which are
kept burning should be of not more than
two or four candle-power. Theso lamps
give ample light for so small a space
and really cost less than kerosene.
'lr think sa
181 '
in . -
I I... ... - - II
' By pressing this button I have
light instantly in every corner of the room. It
v costs so little too for all its comfort and clean
liness. I wish it had be,en put in before."
Have your house wired now and
don't lose time in enjoying the many
comforts - electric -1 service affords.
Omaha Electric Light
. . Power Co.
An advertiser on this page today, whose ad also
appeared hero last week, said yesterday:
"My advertisement on the People's Electrical
T fie - .
rage orougnt immense results
cific articles that I announced
know this page is a distinct
acaiers ana to umaim home
cause it is teaching thein to
trical conveniences."
People's Ele&rical Page
HTRY a 25 Watt Mazda
- Lamp in place of the
16 candle power lamp you
are now using. It will give
you more and better light jfor less
than half the cost. Try one.
Omaha Electric Light &
An Kleetrl.- "Kerry' Ihr Newest.
An electric "ferry." capable of carrying
6C0 passengers and six vehicles. Is oper
ated on the new transporter bridge at
Mlddlobrough. Kngland. This bridge
spans the. Ulvcr Tees, at a height of 177
feet. Tho car Is Khuntcd to nnd fro on a
sort of trolley.
Twelve Million Telephone! In Vnr.
Slxtysoven per cont of the world's tclo
pliones, of which It was estimated there
wore 12,453,000 onJanuiry 1 this vrniv nr
in tho United States. The Investment
represented by this number was placed at
Jl,72.000,000. All together. It was calcu
lated, 29.50COCO miles of wjro worn in use.
The growth of the telephone's popu
larity and utility In tlids country owes
a good deal to their adoption by railroads
In dispatching trains. Since the telephono
was first Introduced for that purpono
more than 200 railroads In the United
States have installed them along their
lines, so that they have supplanted tho
telegraph on ipwards of 60,000 miles of
Klcctrlc HluirUa.
The quarter-ln-tho-slot clectrlo meter
hub niaue us appearance.
A cent's worth of electricity will drive
iweive-incii ian lor ninety minutes.
An electric light of 4,000;000,000 cindlo
power .would bo necessary to signal to
Thomas A. Kdlson's rnvnltie f, mnv
ing picture patents total nearly J7.0M) n
Klght thousand passenger elovntoro in
iew vorK carry more than 6.000.0M pas
sengers a day.
The average number of nnsspunera ar.
ried dally on tho elevated railways nf
Chicago Is 419.897.
Television is tho latest. You tutu with
a friend 100 miles awav and vou ho him
as, plainly as though you were In thj
BHino room. , r
Officers of the new battlesh'p South
Dakota, which is equipped with Ciiitl
turbine engines, say there Is absolutely
no vibration of tho fire control mutti, u'
difficulty alwnys found In the reciprocat
ing engine-driven vessels.
The Visitor: "Oh, how beau-
tiful your home is since you had
it fixed up I And the electric
lighting I That's the best .im
provement of all."
The Hostess: "We certainly
Its so convenient
J sold many of the spo
as heimr in mv utr I
f-y - - - ""'J .wv
benefit to Omaha electrical
owners-to the latter be
use electricity and eloc
About 15,000 steam locomotives In tho
United States hovo clectrlo headlights.
An electrically driven mHchlno that
weighs less than fifty pounds has been
Invented to scrub floors.
An electrio vehlclo Is on trial In Sweden
for collecting garbage, and If It proves
successful horses will bo entirely sup
planted for this purpose.
Only Blnco tho introduction of high
speed clectrlo machinery into tho Industry
nas it been possible to cut a diamond
across tho grutn.
n eieotrio elovntor In a New York
office building that travels to a height
of ESS feet on each trip Is believed to
noid tho world's record.
Throughout tho northern country dur
ing tho last severo winter electricity was
extensively employed to thaw out frozen
water pipes, in Now York City 400 such
cases wore handled In ono week. JWm
tho aid of electricity tho pipes can bo
mnwed without digging up the frozon
Omaha Electrical Works
xixecinc juievator Repairs
Weatinghouse Motors
100-13 W. 11th St. Phone Doug. H81.
."-,P5rfamo" Rna General Bspalrinff,
Electrical. Machinery and Armature
Winding' a specialty.
Le Bron Electrical Works
Szpert XUectrloians and Machinists
Day, Boug. 8170. 813 Bouth lath Bt.
Electric Supplies
Electric Wiring
Bennett Electric Co.
301 Omaha National Bank Bldg.
YOU are cor
dially invit
ed to attend a
Fall exhibition of
the newest and
most distinctive de
signs in
Electric Lamps
Here you will find
lamps for evory purpose
at prices gen e r a 1 1 y
lower than elsewhere.
There is no gift moro
appreciated t h a-n an
Electrio I -amp and our
snowing of exquisite exclu
sive designs is the largest
In the Mt
Miller, Stewart
& Beaton Co.
-1 15-17 kuth Sixteenth St.
npRY a 40 Watt Mazda
Lamp in place of the old
16 candle power lamp you
are nowuising. It will give
you three times as much light for
the same cost. Try one.
Power Co.
NiMvlnn with Kleetrlelly.
The woman who sits bofjro her modern
sewing machine, nnd with a gentle pres
sure of tho foot starts jup tho electric
motor which does nil tho haul work,
forgets that It was but a few years ago
that all tho sowing In this world had to
bo done by hand,
Ono motor-driven sowing machine In
twelve hours will sew a hundred times
moro than tho best hand seamstress
In tho world could do in a working day.
Even after tho foot-power sewing ma
chine was perfected It was not until
tho ilnvico could bo operated by a small
olectric motor that the maximum speed
,of tho machine could bo utilized. It
costs only about 4 cents for tho electricity
required to operate a modem sowing ma.
chlno for a wholo working day nnd this
trifling sum will drive the machine faster,
nnd keep it under bettor control, .than It
possible In any other way.
Sinn from mi Kleelrlenl Standpoint.
Sonio lnvrntlvn genius has discovered
that tho average man dissipates about
twenty-five kilowatt hours of , energy a
day In motion, muscular action, menial
exertion and heat rndlstion. This is equi
valent. It Is said, to a continuous oxpehdl
turo at a rate of about 100 watts or the
rating of a one-eighth horsepower motor.
In spite of his high temperature 08.8 de
grees Fahrenheit and large radiating sur
face, man's heat losses arc surprisingly
small about fifty watthours an hour, or
nhout one-half of the total oncrgy ex
penditure. As a heating dovlco tho aver
age man Is thus about equal to a sixteen
eandlepowrr carbon filament jump.
It is anticipated tlint Ilcrlln, nenneny,
will soon 1k In wlrolcBs speaking distance
with New York, No doubt this Is pleasing
to tlmt omnlverous reader of the world's
events, hoch der kaiser. He will then
be nbln to onlcr his neckties nnd Ameri
can beer with the'greatest dispatch,
A Chicago man has Invented an elec
trical device for polishing shoes. Now,
watch out for an uprising among the
Burgess-Granden Co
1511 Howard Stree t
The Telephone Doorway
of Business
The architect who plans
a building must first of all
provide sufficient door
ways facilities for en
trance and egress. Con
sider tho absurdity of a
modern suito of office
rooms with but one' door
way. Nebraska
Brilliant Illumination Makes a City Safer,
Oloanor and Better.
Not Difficult to Put
Eleotrioity in the
Home and Not Mar
Teople owning fine old homes did not
'want them torn up and disfigured by a
gang of electricians In an effort to Install
electrio light. For this reason they used
oil und gaa for many years, although
they realised that electricity was better
nnd safer.
Unfortunately electricity has been with
us but a few years, at most, nnd' by far
tho greater number of homes In this conn
try worn erected lpfore tho udvent of
electric light. I Wis quite an easy matter
to Install electricity In a now building In
course of construction In this case the
wiring Is all dona before tho plaster,
floors and thn moulding are put In place.
When an attempt was mado to put In, a
network of concealed wiring In an old
house the result was anything but pleas
ing. Hut now all this Is changed and It
Is posslblo to wire the largest homes
without breaking the planter, nnd still
liave tho wiring completely concealed.
It can readily be Imagined that when cir
cuits can be laid across tho floor by rais
ing a stnglo boards nnd can be run In
the othor direction at right angles to this
simply by removing and afterwards re
placing a part of tho baseboard, the floor
ing need bo disturbed very little.
As for the outlets for brackets and
switches, baseboard outlets, etc., they are
secured by "fishing" the wires up or
down between tho Joist a:id the lathing
which forms the wall on either side, the
wires being brought out readily at any
point previously selected aftor a test of
the space shows It to be free of obstruc
tions. Plans for a $18,000,000 tunnel between the
North and South stations of the Nw
Haven railroad In Iloston are about to bo
Our New
will not ho
here until
15th. Until
then we will
make vory
low prices on
all lamps we
have on hand
so as to make
room for tho
new stock.
That applies to your
telephono facilities. Tho
telephono now-a-days is
your most important door
way and this door must
ho Hde enough to lot
ov ybody in, "Busy"
ca. s kill business and cat
up profits.
Telephone Co.
Ciiinim ' liii a
li 1
The Copeman
Electric Cook
"The Silent Servant"
Through automatic clock
nrrangoniont tho Copoman
Stovo boKjiifi cooking at any
hour wire iIoob not nood to
ho prosont. Tho clock may
ho sot for 6 n, m.; It starts
electrically tho hoiitlug,
und tho food 1b cookod when
tho family nrlBoa. Tho fobd
cannot hum, nil Ib automat
ically controlled.
Kconomlcal, labor-saving,
Hpcclnl demonstration of
(IiIn wonderful stovo hero
Wolfe Electric Go.
1810 l-'nrnam Ht.
Tyler 1111,
"Wlro for ub nnd wo will
wlro for you."
you don't know froodom
from household drudgery
until you have usod a
Duatley Pneumatic Cleaner
in your homo. It cleans
without labor carpets,
rugs, draperies, portieres,
etc. Try it once, nnd yon
will know how easy It makes
housekeeping. ,
For rent nnd salo.
Miller, Stewart & Beaton
'115-17 South lOtli Street.
The Cost of Living
and Electric Light
One costs more daily
the costs less.
In these days of no&rlnff prices
It 1 a relief to find one "ne
cessity" whose cost In decreas
ing Instead of Increasing.
Kor the past thirty years
the cost of electrio lletitlng
has been steadily growing less.
A few years ago, ten cents'
worth of current would light
a 18 candle-power lamp for
twenty hours. Now, ten cents'
worth of current will light a
33 candle-power lamp for 25
A quarter of a
million Bell
calls are