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98c Doll Sale
24-ln. Kid Body or Jointed Dolls,
with Bisque heads, good wigs,
moving eyes, also a big f r
line of character Dolls, "qC
Greatest Values Sh.wi Anywhere
Our Doll Hoepitai is thoroughly
equipped to repair all your broken
dolls. Prices lowest.
I aHioc Qrarfc Ant0 Scarf Specials at
LdU, uCdf 15 49c, 98c, $1.25 and $2.25
Auto Cap Specials at 49c, 98c and $1.75
Beautiful New Neckwear Very special values
at 25c, 49c, 98c and $1.25
20c Ribbons 10c a Yard A fine line of very heavy
extra wide taffeta ribbons, in till colors, regular 20c
a yard value:?, at 10c
n mXu
Great Handbag Sale at Hayden's
Holiday lines are here and before unpacking the new
goods we will offer our Kntlrr Present Stock of Ladies' Hand
lings at Special Clearance Prices.
$1.00 Hand Bags 39 $3. norland Bags . .. .S1.19
$1.25 Hand Bags 49 $4.00 Hand Bags . ...$1.98
$2.00 Hand Bags 7)r $5.00 Felted Bags $2 4()
$2.50 Hand Bags 9S $6.00 Hand Bags ....$2 93
$2.75 Hand Baga $1.19 I $7.00 Felted Bags $3.9S
A splendid line of Novelty Hand Bags Included In this won
derful clearance.
Specials in Used
Sewing Machine
Singer drop head $14.33
Matchless drop head $8.50
Kldridge Automatic $35.00
Kldridge Rotary $22.00
Singsr $8.00
White $6.00
lOo bottle sewing machine oil, spe
cial Saturday 5o
fl Wonderful Sale of Fine Fur Gar
ments Begins Saturday Continuing
fill November 1st
Although the wholesale prices on furs are rapidly
advancing on account of our extremely large stock and
the unusually warm weather we have decided to force
quick clearance .by sweeping price reductions on all
The greatest assortment of Pur Sets, Scarfs and
Muffs in Omaha for selection at
Mink, Fox, Brook Minks, Marten, Coney and every
wanted fiir, in a broad assortment of styles sets,
muffs and scarfs; for five days, your choice, 20 Off
We guarantee all our furs with the exception of
coneys all new fall goods.
Every Fur Coat in Our Immense Stock Deeply Cut
in Price for This Sale.
.One Elegant Beaver One Long Aleutian Seal Coat,
Coat, worth $200.00, j bought to sell at $L'o0; great
36 inches long a beauty-at $145.00 bargain at $189.00
Long Near Seal Coats, made Long Brook Mink Coats Long Russian Pony Coats-
to sell at $95.00; matchless! Matched skins, regular Just 12 in the lot, $75 val
bargain in this sale at, yourj $150.00 values, in Satur- ues, beautifully marked
choice $69.50 day's sale at $98.00 skins, on sale at . .$59.00
Long Brown Marmot Fur Coats Skinner Long Russian Pony Fur Coats Made to
satin lined, worth $75.00, in Saturday's sell at $50.00, all Skinner satin lined, ex
sale, at choice $49.00 traordinary bargains $37.50
Scores of Other Grand Bargains in Fur Coats Saturday.
Tailored Suits Coats to Measure $2751
Garments well worth $40.00; special $27.50. A big line
of high class "new Suitings, Diagonals, Broadcloths,
Whipcords and fine Serges for your selection, with guar
anteed linings, perfect fit and workmanship guaranteed. You'll
pay $40.00 elsewhere for suits no better. One S)7
special price for Saturday . 4 a- I
Inquire at Dress Goods Department.
75c Crepe de Chines
38c and Wc
A beautiful line of 23-ln. all
silk Crepe de Chines in street
and evening shades, alBO
floral and bordered effects,
to close, yard 38 and 48
If Yo u Are Looking for Real Class
in Suit or Coat Style and Quality
at a Saving Price, Saturday is Your Opportunity
Two big shipments just received from our
New York buyers offer without question the
choicest assortments and values for selection
shown this season. Make it a point to see them.
Beautiful Dress and
Tailored Hats
Correct, distinctive new ideas
and styles for winter wear, an
exceptional assortment for se
lection at . .$5.00 to $25.00
Trimmed Hats in Beavers and
Swell1 Silk Velvet Shapes, beau
tifully trimmed, values to $10,
for Saturday at $5.00
Trimmed Hats wortli to $10, a
tremendous assortment for your
selection, extraordinary bar
gains. $1.98, $2.50, $3.95
Silk Velvet Shapes, latest styles,
to $5 values, choice $1.98
Children's Hats Regular values
to $2.95, in three groups Satur
day at.. 98C and $1.50
100 Elegant Imported
Suits Samples made
to sell at $50.00 and
$55.00, most wanted
fabrics and colorings,
including handsome
velvet suits, at. .$35
200 Handsome Tailor
ed Suits In serges,
diagonals, twee d s,
chiffon broadcloths
and other wanted
fabrics, $30.00 values,
choice $19.50
Fine Imported Seal Plush Coats Skinner satin lined
-made to sell at $35.00; choice $22.50
Long Chinchilla Coats
Women's and misses
worth $20.00; choice
at $12.50
Pretty Chiffon Waists
All new designs regu
lar $7.50 values
at $3.95
Children's Serge Dresses
All wool, pretty Scotch
plaids, etc., values to $5.00;
in all sizes on sale
at .$2.95
Children's Winter Coats
Nobby styles in chinchillas,
caracul and fancy mix
tures, all sizes 6 to 14; great
snap at $4.95
Children's Bearskin Coats
Made to sell to $4.00-in
sizes from 1 to 4 years; val
ues you cannot duplicate
anywhere at .$1.95
Hundreds of Other Matchless Specials in Women's and Children's Garments.
Traveling Good; Specials
Basswood Canvas Covered Trunks,
floor stock of a Milwaukee man
ufacturer, $J to ii values, all
slues, lea.. Iter straps, on sale,
at 96.50 to 99-60
93.O0 to 910 Traveling Bags, all
leathers, leather lined, good
styles and sizes, on wale
at $a.$5 to 97.50
Best Styles and Values in Men's Hafs
Men's Hats, worth to $3.00, samples of one of New York's bes:
known makers, all colon and styles $1.45 and $1.00
Imported Vslour Hats Big new
shipment Just received, all latest
colors and shapes, shown-
at $3.50, 95.00 and 90.00
A tins of Flat Eats Unequaled In
quality In other stores, shown
at ..... $3.00, 93.50 and 13.00
You can't go wrong.
Hoys' and Children's Felt Hata, manufacturer's samples and floor
stock, big assortment, to $1.60 values 49 and 69J
Big Shoe Sale Saturday
Closing out the 2 surplus stocks of
the Spencer Shoe
Co. and the Dono
van Shoe, Co. at al
most their regular
prices. These two
factories were among the
best in New England and
were made for the best
city trade for MEN AND WOMEN.
Patent colt gun metal, Bussia calf and vici kid, made up
in fashion's last word in style. They were made to re
tail at $4.00, $3.50 and $3.00; on sale while they last
at $1.98
Boys', Youths' and Little Gents' Shoes for
dress and school wear, button and lace
worth up to $2.25, at $1.50 and
Misses' and Childs' Shoes, button and lace
values ud to $1.75, for. . i
Men's and Women's felt and leather sole House Slippers
at 50c and 39c
Women's and Men's $5.00 and $4.50 Shoes In all leath
ers, button, lace or blucher styles; Saturday $3.00
Stetson and Crosset shoes for Men.
Grover and Queen Quality shoes for Women.
Now's the time to
Save Money Baying
Big Delayed Shipment of Bugs from a prominent Eastern concern was received by
us at a big discount.
As Our Stock is Already too Heavy We're Going to Dispose of These Rugs Saturday
and Monday at prices lower than known before in years on goods of such high quality.
$27.50 Axmmster Rugs 28
different patterns, 9x12
size, choice $15.98
$18.50 Seamless Tapestry Brussels Rugs
10 wire quality, 9x12 size, just 68 m this
lot, at, choice - $12.9S
$22.50 Wilton Rugs Seam
less, big line of patterns,
9x12 size $13.98
$42.50 Wilton Rugs All
1912 patterns, 9x12 size,
choice $29.98
$16.50 Seamless Tapestry Brussels Rugs
8 wire quality, 9x12 size, just 59 in the
lot, to close, choice $9.98 ,
One Lot of American Orientals, All Wool Smyrna and Mitre Velvet Rugs, actual retail
worth to $30, 9x12 size; just 28 in the lot; you'll have to hurry as they can't last' long
at each , $10.98
10 wire Seamless Tapestry Brussels Rugs - Ci9 j
size and worth to $10.00, Just 61 in the lot, go
at, choice -$5.98 i
No Missmatched or Seconds in These Lots. All Guaranteed Perfect and Money Refunded
if Not Just as Represented. Many Other Specials from our $100,000 Stock of Fine Rugs.
0x12 Kaslunere Rurs Oriental patterns, rever
sible, colorB guaranteed, regular $8.50 values,
21 for selection -86.98
It's Hayden's Mammoth Grocery Dept. That Keeps Down
the High Cost of Living in Omaha.
19 lbs. Best Granulated Sugar
The best high grade Flour, nothing
finer for bread, pies or cakes, per
sack .
10 bars Beat 'Em All, Diamond C or
Lenox Soap .260
10 lbs. best whltaor yellow Corn-
meal : "Wo
E lbs. best Pearl or Fine Tapioca 85o
4 lba fancy Japan Rice 85o
1 - lb. cans assorted Soups 7o
The best bulk Peanut Butter, lb.,
at .....130
Eight cakes fancy Toilet Soaps 3So
Eight cans oil or mustard Sardines
at S3o
Large bottles assorted Pickles, Wor
cester Sauce, pure Tomato Catsup
or Horseradish, bottle 8ao
2- lb. cans Fancy Wax, String, Green
or Lima Beans 7V60
3- lb. "u Golden Pumpkin, Hominy
r Squash .7 Mo
Grape iuis, pkg. .lOo
E. C. or Oriole Corn Flakes, pkg. i4o
The best Soda or Oyster Crackers,
lb. 7o
The best crisp Pretzels or Ginger
Snaps, lb. ... 6c
Pars Apple Cider, per gallon .... 25c
The Best Tea Sif tings, lb lOo
Golden Santos Coffee, lb ;..25c
The best creamery butter, carton or
bulk, lb 34c
The best country butter, lb 30o
The best dairy butter, lb .960
Full cream brick cheese, lb 18c
2-lb. rolls good butterine 25o
2-lb. rolls good table butterine . .35o
2-lb. rolls fancy tabla butterine 450
The last of tH Kelfer Pears for can
ning, Eat ura ay, bushel basket ..90c
Fresh spinach, per peck 7Mc
4 bunches fresh beets, carrots or
turnips ' so
Hubbard squash 7o and 6o
2 heads fresh leaf lettuce 5c
6 bunches fresh radishes 6c
Z large heads cabbage ......... .10o
3 5 lbs. new potatoes to peck 16c
12 lbs. fancy Greening apples to the
peck aoo
4 bunches fresh parsley 13o
Fancy hothouse cucumbers at, ea. lOo
80x30-in. wood lined, either crystal
or fancy Oriental patterns, the best
boards made, worth J1.3D, Saturday,
at 98o
33x33-in. stove boards, as above,
worth $1.60 tl.89
36x3(l-in. stove boards, as above,
worth $1.95 1.49
24x36-in. stove boards, as above,
worth $1.25 89o
It's coming, maybe tomorrow. Bay
your heating supplies now and b
15c stove pipe, Saturday 7o
Elbows 9o
Coal hods, up from 19o
' Cast Ranges are best. Guaranteed
to last twice as long as steel ranges.
"Renown" black nickel ranges or
cast, require no blacking anywhere.
Oak stoves, up fron. $3.95
Base Burners, handsomely trimmed,
up from , $25.00
Cast Ranges, with high closet, up
from $35.00
Steel Ranges with high closet, up'
from $30.00
Cook stoves, up from $10.00
A Few MorB Items at Money Saving
A full siae, best grade Brass wash
board ......39o
A lull size, best grade, sine wash
board , l9o
A full size, medium' grade sine wash
board l5o
Boston Star lathing hatchets, $1.49
Home Comfort Ho Water
EoltleS to Crockery Department
This new Hot Water Bottle is made in England
and is the most satisfactory article for the
sleeping porch, automobiles and hospitals. It is
made of strong clay and not easily broken and
retains the heat for over 10 hours at a time.
Don't fail to come Saturday and see these bottles.
10c Mantles, 8 for 35o 80c Mantles, each 35o
15c Mantles,.? for 35o Inverted half frosted globes, 3 forSSo
Heavy Fleeced Shirts or
Drawers, to $1.00 values,
all sizes; on sale
at 49c and 35c
Men's $1.00 and $1.50 Un
ion Suits, heavy fleeced;
on sale at 98c and 75c
All Wool Sweater Coats
Huff neck or large roll
collars, to $5.00 values at
$3.98, $2.45, $1.98
Men's Blanket Rath Robes
Manufacturer's Samples,
worth up to $12.00, on sale
Saturday $4.98 83.98
2.98 and .$2.45
Men's Furnishings
and Underwear
Priced at a Small Part of
Retail Worth. All Garments
Perfect, Clean New Stock.
Men's Wool Union Suits, reg
ular values up to $5.00, finest
qualities, all styles, $3.50,
$3.00, $2.50 and $1.98
Men's California Flannel
Slilrta or Drawers, In red, brown
or gray, regular $2.50 quality,
at , .$1,25
Men's Heavy Wool Shirts or Draw
ers, regular values to $2.00; on
"ale at 98 and 75
Men'a Flannel Overshlrts, to $3
values, In grey, blue or brown
at $1.45 and Q8
Outing Flannel Night Gowns,
to $1.00 values, all sizes
at 69 and 49
Outing Flannel Gowns and
Pyjamas, $1.50 and $2.00
values, on sale ....... .fySe
Men's Gloves, to $2.50 values,
work or dress, lined or unlln
ed.'at 08 and 4H
Men's Dress Shirts, with sepa
rate collars, all newest styles,
to $2.60 values
at . . .gl.45 and 98a
We carry full lines of men's
gloves and Sterling wool union
suits up to 52 chest in stouts,
slima or regulars.
Liquor Department Specials
The quality, thet flavor, the
price, will please. Maryland
Rye Whiskey, 6 years old,
full quarts 75
Per gallon $2.50
Guckenheimer, Cedar Brook,
Schenly, Jack Daw and Willow
Springs Whiskies, all 8 years old
quart 81.0D
Per gallon $3.50
California Port or Sherry Wines,
at, per bottle 23
Bnnklst California Wines, fine
quality, .all varieties, rich and
mellow, quart ...... k .. . .50
Bed Spread Specials
Full size hemmed crochet Bed Spreads
assorted patterns, $1.50 values,
each $1.00
Full size scalloped or fringed Bed
Spreads, assorted patterns. .. .$4.00
values, each $3.50
Imported Marseilles Bed Spreads, full
size, heavy knotted fringe, J8.50
values, each .....$3.75
Wash Goods Department
Beacon's 28 in. Eiderdown, 100 dif
ferent styles for selection, looki
and feels like wool, light and dark
colors, at yard 28o
Genuine superfine flannels, extra fine
quality, 36 inches wide, good assort
ment of patterns, at yard 15o
Cotton Corduroys in wide welts, all
colors, at yard 35o and 60o
50c silk stripe Opera Voil with floral
designs, light colors for evening
wear, at yard 35o
Saturday Specials in Domestic Room
60c ready made Sheets, 2x90, good
muslin 33o
$1.89 full size hemmed Bed Spreads,
i good weights, assorted patterns, 93o
60-inch bleached Table Damask, as
sorted patterns, 39c values ...,88o
12 Ho Pillow Cases, good quality of
muslin, 42x36 Inches 9Vio
12o Favorite 26-inch bleached mus
lin 8o
18c Serpentine Crepe, good patterns,
at lOo
12 Ho Percales, 36 inches wide, light
and dark colors 7
Drugs, Toilet Goods and
Drug Sundries
$1 size of pure Hydrogen Peroxide
extra size for 250
26c Packer's Tar or Woodbury's Soap
for , 16J,
10c Jergen's Violet or Lana Oil and
Buttermilk Soap, per bar 6o
Four bars of Ivory Soap for ...iso
10c Williams' . or Colgate's Shaving
Soap for 5c
16c pkg. of 20 Mule Team Dorax9o
10c Jap Rose or Palm Olive Soap, at,
2 bars for ,.15o
25c Williams' Talcum Powder, at, lOo
3 for aSo
16c tan of Lilac or Violet Talcum
Powder for So
60o Hind's Honey and Almond or
Ponds' Extract Cream for ,....39
$1.60 Oriental Cream for 98o
Large size Pompelan Massage Cream
for 49o
25o Ponds' Extract, Sanitol or Per
oxide Creams for IS'ko
25o Sanitol or Graves' Tooth Powder
or Paste for . . ; I....iaHo
26c size Massage Creaai, 2 to a cd-
tomer, each ioe
10c and 15o Wool Powder Puffs" Ko
at, each . ........ go
Thrilli in the Activities of Uncle
Sam's Eevenue Cutters.
mb4 Dt Cloada of Voleanle
Ernvtlons Off Coast of
The hazard of life saving when a ship
Is in danger of going to pieces on the
rocks, when the surf is pounding, the sky
overcast and rockets shoot through the
gale are well known, for the dramatic
story of life saving from land has often
(been told. But life saving which, though
generally leas dramatic white as much
by war of conservation. Is the constant
business of tn United States revenue
cutters. And they do business in the deep
Two of the revenue cutters are sta
tioned at Tompklnsvllle, 8. I. Frequently
their work Is nothing more than putting
out to set to break up a mass of logs or
other debris reported by Incoming vessels,
and the public hears little of the vigilant
watchdogs. But the times comes now and
then when the work by the cutters is ss
daring as any done on shore with life
line and breeches buoy. The value of ac
tive patrol of the seas Is then driven
For 120 years the federal fleets have
scouted the seas safeguarding navigation.
Sometimes the : service's usefulness has
been questioned,, but some signal service
has always justified the work on the pop
ular mind.
Five Hundred Saved at One Time.
The most recent notable work done was
the rescue of 600 persons on the volcanic
Island of Katamal In Alaska. This rescue
vindicated the attitude assumed by all
maritime exchanges not very long ago
against an economy commission's sugges
tion that the service be abolished.
The revenue cutters are really deep-sea
life savers. They cruise over stipulated
courses and keep a sharp loo'kout for ves
sels In distress. In this they have proved
their worth by saving the lives of pas
sengers on sinking and disabled ships.
They have saved thousands of dollars
by towing vessels to safety, and they
destroy countless derelicts and floating
menaces to navigation.
In 18B2 the service was established, and
consisted of ten ships with a comple
ment of 300 persons, officers and crew.
Thirty years ago, according to Captain
B. L. Reed, temporarily in charge of the
New York department of the revenue cut
ter service, this number has been in
creased to forty-eight vessels, manned by
1,700 men. Captain Reed wasn't espec
ially willing to be reminiscent about life
in the service, but he recounted an ex
perience of bis 'prentice days to ltlust-
trate that the life of a man in this easy
looking field is not a sinecure.
'1 was a cadet at New Bedford, Mass.,"
said the captain, "when the City of Co
lumbus went on the rocks at Devil's
Bride, Martha's Vineyard island, In Jan
uary, 1884. She hit the reef at night, and
the following morning the revenue cutter,
Dexter, cruising about, sighted the ship,
and went to her assistance. Twelve or
thirteen persons were rescued, but about
100 had succumbed to the bitter cold and
had frozen to death or been drowned. The
Dexter was a small vessel of approxi
mately 40 tons displacement"
More Lives Saved.
In March, 1308, Captain Reed in com
mand of the Mohawk, took forty -one
passengers from the steamship, Sylvia,
which had gone on the Sow and Pigs
reef near Cuttyhunk Island. As usual
the captain was pretty short In talking
about himself. Ms told more willingly
of the splendid work done by Captain
K. W. Perry, who rescued the captain
and crew of the ill-starred Republic.
"Captain Perry," said Captain Reed,
"was In command of the Grecian when
the call for help came from the Republic
He immediately started for the position
of the ship across the Nantucket Shoals
in a fog that was so thick that you could
not see your hand before your face. It
took him thirty-nine hours to find the
Republic, but he at last did so and took
the crew aboard the Grecian.
"The captain and mate of the Republlo
refused to leave the vessel, and even
though she was sinking Captain Perry
stretched a towing line and started for
port with the Republic behind. At night
the pull on the towing line showed that
the vessel was sinking had sunk. A
small boat was sent back to the place
where the ship had gone down, and th
captain and mate were rescued from the
water. It wad a wonderful piece of work
under adverse conditions."
June (. last, a cloud of peculiar color
rose up to the southwest of St. Paul, and
thunder was heard in the distance. The
first disturbance was noticed about 4
o'clock In the afternoon, and In an hour
the obliteratlve volcanic ash commenced
to fall, while the thunder and lightning
increased. The Inhabitants of St. Paul,
terror-stricken, found their way to the
Manning and were cared for on board
the vessel through a hideous night.
Thought End Had Come.
At noon the next day volcanic ash fell
in large quantities, and at 1 o'clock the
rain was so great that it was impossible
to distinguish objects for a distance of
more than fifty feet Two hours before
sundown an inky blackness settled over
the district and the dust clouds and over
powering vapors and gases from the vol
cano swooped down on the little vessel
with its cargo of 000 souls. The quarter
deck of the ship was housed In with can
vas and boards, which kept out most of
the dust, but fine particles managed to
find their way Into the unprotected spaces
In such volume that all of thoso on board
thought that the end of the world had
come. To add to the terror of the situa
tion static conditions were such that it
was impossible to get into communication
with the outside world. Avalanches of
the volcanic ash rushing down the 'sides
of the mountain puffed up great clouds,
which added to the thickness of the dust!
Finally, on the third day, the dust cleared
away and the inhabitants were allowed
to land and go back to their ash-crusted
homes and gardens. Wells and streams
were clogged by the ash and gardens had'
to be uncovered. Stock was lost; and
even if It had not been there was prac
tically no pasturage left The ash still'
covers everything. ' ' . ',
When the first disturbance was noticed '
the refugees looked to the revenue cutter
officers and panic was smoothed out Into '
concentrated work against the menaclnj
conditions. Pittsburg Dispatch.
Persistent Advertising is the Road to
Legitimate "Big Business."