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Omaha Ministers Return to Pulpits
After Vacation Season.
Rev. A. D. Hruoa at First Ctrl.
I tlaa a. Rct. C. C. Heck at
Castellar Pre.brteriaa
The vacation season for churches is
practically ended and religious work will
'be resumed In earnest tomorrow. Witts
George 8. Southwortb. Rector Sunday
service. 11 a. m.
St Stephen's Mission. Saratoga Hall
Tn-enty-tourth and Ames, Rev. Harold
Llnwcod Bowen. I'rlfst Sunday school at
10. Morning prayer and sermon at 11.
St Paul's. Thirty-second and California.
Rev. John William Jones, Priest Holy
communion at t and again with sermon
at 11. Morning prayer and Sunday school
at 9:30.
Church of the Good Shepherd. Twentieth
and Ohio, Rev. T. J Collar, Rector-
Holy communion, 7:30. the Rev. C. H.
Bascom celebrating; Sunday school, :5;
morning prayer with sermon, Mr. J. . B.
Earnhardt, lay reader, 11 a. m.
Trinity Cathedral. J. A. Taneock. Dean
Celebration of the holy communion, 8 a.
m.; Sunday school and Bible class, 9.30 a
m.: second celebration of the holy com
munion and sermon, 11 a, m.; evening
Ions or two exceDtlons ths ministers have ! Player and sermon, 8 p. m.; morning
' . - nrlv.. u ! .U - ... 1 G
returned from their vacation sojourns.
!The others will be home siortly. Nearly
all the choirs will return to duty tomor
row, though some will pot appear again
until the middle of the month or later.
Rev. A. D. Harmon, new pastor of the
First Christian church, Twenty-alxth an!
jHarney street, will assume the pastorate
tomorrow, preaching at the morning and
.evening services. All the services of the
day will be held as usual.
Rev. Harold Lin wood Bowen, the new
priest In charge of St Stephen's Episcopal
mission and St Martin's mission, South
jOmahs, will assume his new duties to
'morrow, preaching at St. Stephen's In
the morning at 11 o'clock and at St. Mar
:tln's at I in the evening.
. The reorganised St. Mathlas' church,
(Tenth and Worthlngton streets, will hold
jits first service tomorrow morning at 11
'o'clock. Rev. George S. Southwell, the
(new priest will conduct the service and
will preach.
Rev. C. H. Fleming, pastor of the Pres.
byterlan Church of the Covenant, Twen-
ty-seventh and Pratt streets, announces
a course of Wednesday evening lesson
on the gospel according to St. Luke, be
1 ginning late In September and ending
the earl part of December. More de
tailed announcement will be made later.
Rev. Milton B. Williams, pastt of the
First Methodist church, Mrs. William
and their three daughters have returned
from a five weeks' vacation sojourn In
Canada. JUr. Mr. Williams will return
to his pulpit tomorrow morning and !n
the evening will begin a series of Sunday
evening sermons on "Ancient and Modern
Heroes." The subjects will be as follows:
"William Booth, Salvationist;" "Charles
George Gordon, Soldier;" "Henry Drum-
mond, Scholar;" "Hercules, the Strong
Man Who Prevailed;" Samson, the
Strong Man Who Failed."
I Rev. M. V. Hlgbee, pastor of the North
Presbyterian church, has returned from
his vacation trip and will be In his pulpit
again tomorrow morning.
i Labor day sermons will be preached In
many Omaha churches tomorrow, the day
itself coming on Monday. Several pas
, tors have announced labor themes for
Sunday sermons. Others whose subjects
bar not been announced have Indicated
that they will preach sermons, of special
interest to labor.
H. E. Dickerson of Omaha, a prominent
,Blblo axegete, will deliver a free lecture
Sunday afternoon at I o'clock at Baright
hall and will use for his subject, "The
Great Pyramid and the Tabernacle." He
will show by Illustrations and the Bible
that the Pyramid of Egypt tells the same
! story as ths tabernacle constructed by ths
.Israelites In the wilderness under God's
; special direction. No collection will be
Rev. T. H. McConnell has returned
from his vacation visit at Three Lakes,
Wis., and will occupy his pulpit at West
minster Presbyterian church tomorrow
morning and evening.
Rav, C. C. Meek, the newly called pas
tor of Castellar fttrtct Presbyterian
Qbms will occupy bis pulpit tomorrow
. Miss Ethel D. Bralnard of Idaho will
ting the offertory solo at Hanscom Park
Methodist church on Sunday morn
ing at 10:30. . In the evening the muste
Will be furnished by Mr. Bovelle. Miss
Ethel Yost aid L A. Medlar. The chorus
choir will begin regular rehearsals next
Friday evening under the direction of
Mr. KraU.
! The pastor of the Lowe Avenue Presby-
I tertan church, corner Fortieth and Nich
olas streets, will preach a sermon on
"Labor" . Sunday morning at 10:30 at
which service a general Invitation Is
extended t6 laboring men.
I Calvary Branch, Thirty-fourth and
j Seward Sunday, i:S0 p. m,, Bible school,
' Immanuel, Twenty-fourth and Pinkney,
jltev. J. 8. Ebersole. Pastor Bible school
at noon: young people's meeting at 7 p.
'nr. the pastor will preaoh at 10:80 and
Rev. B. F. Fellman will preach at 8. Mid
1 week meeting at , Wednesday evening. -
VI AW, IVllUl RIIU AlUUli ItCIi l. I" ,
Fellman, Pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m.;
morning sermon, 11 a m., subject, "Will
Ism Booth, the Prophet of Blood and
Fire"; Young People's meeting, T:S0 p.
m-i sermon by Rev, J. B. Ebersole, pas
tor of Immanuel Baptist church, I p. m.
; Calvary, Twenty-fifth and Hamilton,
I Rev. . R. Curry, Pastor-Services at
10:30 a. m. and I p. m.. conduoted by the
pastor; morning service, the Lord's sup
per will be observed and new members
received; Bible school at noon; young
rople's meeting at 7 p. m.; Wednesday
p. m., devotional service. '
, First, Harney and Park Avenue
Preaching morning and evening by Rev,
Loren A. Clevenger of 8omerviIle, Mass;
morning services, 10:45; subject "Passion
and Enthusiasm of Christ;" evening, 8;
subject "The Risk of the Road:" Sunday
school, 9:30 a. m.; young people's meet
ing, 7 p. m.j prayer meeting, Wednesday,
t p. nv
North Bide. Twenty-second and Loth
roe. H. J. Klrchsteln, Minister Bible
school, 0:80 a. m.; Christian Endeavor,
6:i5 p. m.; evening worship, 8 p: m. Mid
week meeting Wednesday at 8:00 p, m.
first, Twenty-sixth and Harney Rev.
A. ii. Harmon will preach at U and 8.
Special music. Sunday school at 10.
Junior Endeavor at :16. Young People's
Society of Christian Endeavor, ex 7.
frayer meeting Wednesday evening at 1
Christian Science.
First, St. Mary's Avenue and Twenty
fourth Sunday school, 8:46 and U a. m.;
services at U a- m, and I p. m.; subject
of lesson sermon, "Christ Jesus."
Conaretlonal. .
St. Mary's Avenue, J. A. Jenkins, D. D.,
Minister Morning service resumed.
Preaching at 10:30 by the pastor. Subject
The Better Country."
Plymouth, Twentieth and Spencer,
Frederick W. Leavltt minister Sunday
school at 8:30 a. m. Morning service at
10:46 with sermon "The Preacher and His
Message." .
First The morning service at 10:30
o'clock will be conducted by Dr D. E.
Jenkins, president of the Omaha univer
sity. Sunday school at noon. The Busi
ness Men's class will receive a report
of the committee appointed a short time
ago and plan work for the autumn.
George G. Wallace will address the open
air meeting to be held on the west lawn
of the church at 7:00 o'clock In the eve
ning. ' Episcopal.
,. 6t Matthias' Tenth and Worthlngton,
St. Mark's English, Twentieth and Bur
den. Dr. L. Groh, Pastor 11 a. nv. "Holy
Communion, Thou Shalt Love;" Sunday
school at 8:45 a. m.
Zlon English, Magnolia Hall. 2404 Ames
Avenue. Rev. G. W. Snyder, Pastor
Services at 3:30 p. m.: subject. "The God-
KAesigned Work;" Sunday school at 1:80.
m. Mattnew s English, Nineteenth ana
Castellar, Rev. G. W. Snyder, Pastor
Services, U. subject. "The Command to
Labor;" Sunday school at 10 a. m. The
Lt; dies' Aid society will meet Thursday
afternoon at the residence of Mrs. N. C.
Nerness, 2911 South Twentieth street.
Kountze Memorial, t Fsrnam and
Twenty-sixth avenue. Rev. Oliver D.
Baltsy, Pastor Service for the thirteenth
8unday after Trinity. Morning worship
at 11.00 o'clock, subject "Religion That
Is Christianity "; Sunday school at 10:00
o'clock; evening service resumed Septem
ber 22.
St. Paul's. Twenty-eighth and Parker,
Rev. E. T. Otto, Pastor-Services at 10 a.
nv; evening sermon In English at 7:46;
subject, "Christ's One Pearl of Great
Price;" Sunday school of English de
partment at 11:30; Bible class, Tuesday,
7:30 p. m. Parochial school begins Septem
ber 8; J. A. HllgenVrf. teacher.
Gold 8treet Chapel. Thlrtv-nlnth and
Oold Sunday school at 3. Preaching at
t. Aitto preaching service Wednesday
evening at 8.
Diets Memorial, Tenth, and Pierce, J.
Franklin Haas, pastor-sabbath school
at 8.30. Morning sermon at 10:45. Ep
worth league at 8:80. Evening sermon
at 7:30.
Norwegian and Danish, Twenty-fifth
and Decatur, R. P. Petersen, Pastor
bervlces with preaching by the pastor at
11 and 8. Sunday school at 8:46. Young
people's meeting at 7.
Oraoe, Corner Camden avenue and
North Twenty-seventh Street Thomas M.
Evans, Pastor Morning theme, 11 a. m.,
"The Dignity of Labor'1; evening, General
William Booth Memorial.
Trinity. Twenty-first and Blnney, G. W.
Abbott, Pastor Preaching morning and
evening. Morning subject, "Relation of
the Preacher to the Public Welfare."
Evening subject, "A Bad Diet"
Oak Street, Twentieth and Oak, T. C.
Webster, Pastor Bible school at 8. Young
people's meeting at 7. Preaching by the
pastor at 8. Subject, "Truth Jewels."
Midweek meeting and fourth quarterly
conference Thursday evening at 8.
Walnut Hill, Forty-first and Charles,
William Boyers, Pastor At 10:30 the pas
tor will speak on "The Aristocracy f
Service," a Labor day theme. At 8 he
will speak on "Happiness by Doing."
Bunday school at noon. Epworth league
at 7. .
First, Twentieth and Davenport, Rev.
Milton B. . Williams. Pastor Bermon by
the pastor at 11. Subject "A Great Rock
In a Weary Land." Evening sermon at
8. Subject, "William Booth, Salvation
ist." Sabbath school at 8:45. Epworth
league at 7.
Hirst Memorial. Thirty-fourth and Lari
more, W, W. Whitman, Pastor-Morning
worship at 11. Theme. 'The Labor Prob
!?,m'" .Evening worship at 8. Theme,
"For His Saks," Illustrated by pictures.
Epworth league at 7. Bunday school at
10. Special muslo by the chorus choir.
MaCabe. Fortieth and r.rmm .
John orant Snick, Pastor Sunday school
at 10. John Lewis, acting superintendent.
In charge. Preaching by the pastor at
i. j neme, "Asunaant in Lbors ." Com.
plnation service at 8. Address by John
Lewis. Prayer meeting Wednesday even-
I'ean Memorial. Taun.rmiriii
- w.t.f ... Mil.
Larimore, Carl O. Bader, Pastor-Morning-
worship at 10:80. Theme, "The Great
i:ir. ouiiaay scnaol at noon, T. M.
uromweli, superintendent. Epworth
league at 7, Annual rally day program.
Evening worship at 8. Prayer meeting
Wednesday evening at 8,
wNtVTwent"0,rtn Wirt, Rev.
A m PBb' Pastor Preaching at 10:80
mi "u"uy snoi at noon, christian
Ing at I. weanesaay evening meet
iret seventeenth and Dodge. Rev.
Jsawin Hart Jenke, D. D., Pastor-Publio
"viwiip x iv.k witn sermon by Rev. J.
F. Hortqn of Battle Creek. Mloh. Chris-
nan pideavor meeting at 8:46. Sunday
u.iuvi a noun. . averyone is invited.
cnrton Hill, Forty-fifth and Grant,
Thomas B. Greenlee, Pastor Bible school
at w. Publlo worship at 11. "Provoking
j-inw urn iiu vruwi worse. unrisuan
Endeavor at 7- Publlo worship at 1
"ting for prayer and fellowship
. Falrvlew, Pratt and Fortieth. Charles
n. naming, Pastor Bible school at 1:46,
Afternopn worship at 3. Subject. "A Unt-
Versa! Condition. ' Labor dav Hmnn.
Midweek servloe Thursday evening, led
oy me pastor, euoject, "waat, WhyT"
Lowe Avenue, corner Fortieth and
jucnoiasetrssts, Rev, Nathaniel McOtf
fin, V. D., Pastor Morning service, 10:80,
subiect "Labor", Mrs. Mullls and the
choir In their Places: Sunday aohnnl at
U; Endeavor meetings at :80 and 7 p. m,;
.Dundee,'. Fiftieth , and Underwood
Avenue, Orant E. Fisher, Mlnlster-
Jttorning worship at 1L "The Gospel and
tuv ovuu x-rooiem. evening at a
itvangeiist." The morning sermon Is
one aunea to Lbor day Sunday, while
the evening sermon Is the first of a series
which will be illustrated by characters in
ounyans -rugrime progress.
Third. Twentieth and Leavenworth
bunoay school at :. Publlo worahln
and sermon by Rev. Ralph H. Houseman
at 10:46. Subject, "The Dignity and Prob
lems of Labor." Solo by Miss Hasel
avans. rreyer meeting of the Christian
Endeavor society at 7. 8tereoptlcon leo.
ture, "inoia in Transition." read by A. 8,
nunungion, at s.
Church of the Covenant, Pratt and
Aweniy-sevemn, unariee H. Fleming.
Pastor Morning worship at 10:45. Sub
Ject, "A Lnlversal Condition," a Labor
oay sermon. Biote school at noon. Chris
ttan Endeavor at 7:16. Evening worship
at 3. Subject. "lohabod." Midweek serv
ice vteunesaay evening. Subject, "What,
Why 7" The pastor leads this service.
Westminster, Twenty-ninth and Mason.
Rev. Thomas H. McConnell. Pastor
Service of worship with sermon on
"Lakes or Lilly Pods" at 18:8a Sabbath
school and Bible classes at 11 West
minster chapel. Sunday school at 3:30.
Westminster Young People's Society
meeting at 7. Service of praise with ser
mon on ne jnevuaoie victory at 8.
First, Twenty-first and Emmet A. C.
Douglass, Panto Topic. "Heaven," at
saBwP fUmr.
r': Sanatorium
Talt tDiUtution li the only one
Is the central west with separate
buildings altuated la their own
temple grounds, yet' entirely
distinct and rendering It possible
to classify cases. The one building
being fitted for and devoted to the
treatment of noncontagious and
nonmental diseases, no others be
ing admitted. The other Keit
Cottage, being designed for and
devoted to the exclusive treatment
of eelect mental cases, requiring
for a time watchful care and spe
cial nursing.
10:30. Bible school at 12. Vesper service
on church lawn at 6:30. Sermon on
"Jesus Message to Those Who Labor."
International Bible Students' Associ
ation, Baright Hal), Nineteenth and Far
nam Sunday at 3. Discourse by W. H.
Dickerson on "The Great Pyramid and
the Tabernacle."
People's Church, Charles W. Eavidge,
Pastor Dr. S. M. Krlstensen of Los
Angeles will speak. Evening. "Delight
ing Ourselves In God and Receiving the
Desires of Our Hearts."
The topic at the tent at NJneteeenth
and California Sunday evening Is: "A
Rtal Estate Proposition In Two Cities."
Monday evening the question box Is an
swered. Meetings every night except
Y. W. C. A. Xotes.
On Monday (Labor oar) the building
will be closed for general business and
no meals will be served. The offices and
reading room will be open from 10 a. m.
to 7 p. m.
On and after Tuesday. Smtimlwr 1
the directors of physical education and of
nousenold arts will be in their offices to
talk about clase work with any who are
Interested. The prospectus will also be
ready for distribution.
The vesDer services will h rMumni on
Sunday and held each Sundav thereafter
at 4:30. At this first service Miss Strong
will give a short talk on "Fi-lendshlD"
and Miss Edyth Stansbury will sing. Sev
eral of the new cretaries and others
who have been away on vacations will be
wun us. a social hour, with refresh
ments, will follow the vesper service.
Y. M. C. A. Kotes.
Eighteen classes in the night school
will open September 18. Ten more will
be started In October.
H. W. Chaffee, now emptoyed by the
army and navy department of the Young
xtn s Christian association as general
secretary at Fort Leavenworth, visited
friends In Omaha last week.
Dr. E. A. Fath of the Mount Wilson
solar observatory will give his illustrated
lecture, "A Trip to a Star," in the Yoeng
Men's Christian association auditorium
Monday evening, September 8, at 8
Rev. George W. Cowles of Australia
will lecture at the Young Men's Christian
association building on Sunday afternoon
at 4:80. His subject will be "From Canni
balism to Christianity." For a number of
years Rev. Mr. Cowles was missionary to
the cannibals of the FIJI islands. Im
mediately following his lecture the regu
lar Sunday afternoon fellowship luncheon
will be held in the spa.
The first session of the training school
for church and social workers will be
held at tba association building on Mon
day evening. September 2, at 7:30 o'clock.
E. F. Denison will lecture on "Principles
Underlying Religious Work for Men and
Boys." J. Truitt Maxwell will lead the
class in gymnastic practice. Other lec
tures will follow on every Monday, Tues
day and Thursday evening for four weeks.
These will be given by J. W. Miller of the
educational department R- S. Flower of
the boys' department and Ira J. Beard of
the prrligioua department. In addition
there will be lectures by Dr. Harold Gif
ford on "Hygiene of the Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat," Dr. J. M. Bannister on
"Community Hygiene," and Dean For-
dyce of the University of Nebraska on
'Sate and 6ane Sex Instruction."
Sol Luna Admired
by Omaha Friends
Solomon Luna, whose death Is an
nounced In dispatches from New Mexico,
counted several warm friends In Omaha,
among them Judge Bn S. Baker and
Victor Rosewater. Judge Baker became
quite intimate with htm during the time
he waa serving on the federal bench in
Mexico, and Mr. Rosewater was In close
contact on the republican national com
mittee, of which both were members.
" 'Sol' Luna was quiet and unassuming,
yet with a manner that attracted people
strongly," says the latter. -"He had been
a member of the committee since 1899,
and with the exception of General Powell
Clayton, held the-record for longest con
tinuous service. It Is said he could have
been United States senator on the ad
mission of New Mexico to statehood, but
declined to take public office of any
Omaha will enter the International
dairy contest In Milwaukee In October.
Application blanks have been filled out
by Dairy Inspector Bossle and forwarded.
Last year Omaha won second prize for
purest milk exhibited.
lighting Fixtures Bargess-Orandsa Ce
Save Boot Print It Now Beacon Presa
Presbyterian Hospital, 1240 S. 16th St
Bailey the Dentist, City Nat D. 2568
Omaha Platiag Co-Estab. 1888. D.2531
tack-Falconer Co., 4th and Harney
undertakers, embalmers. Douglas 887.
We It.ive guaranteed electric irons for
$2.98. Wolfe jSlectric Co.. 110 Farneuj.
Serves Club Breakfaet The Union
Pacific Is trying out the club breakfast
plan on Its dining cars.
Railroads Observe Labor Bay The
railroads will observe Monday, Labor
day, by giving the employes a holiday
City ticket offices will remain open until
Harry T, Lefholts, formerly with
Luclen Stephens and later with George
Brookes, Is now connected with Magee &
Deemer, the clothiers and furnishers, who
have recently opened a new store at 413
South Sixteenth street
Soldier la Fined $25 Sergeant W. Wll
Hams of Fort Crook was fined $2 and
costs by Police Magistrate Foster for In
suiting Officer R. E. Ford's wife Friday
morning at Fourteenth and Dodge streets
Mrs. Ford appeared against Williams. ,
Five Divorce Suits Filed Divorce
suits as follows have been started in dis
trict court: Mary Lupton against Clif
ford Lupton, Anna C. Berg against
Adolph Berg, Teresa Carnaby against
William H. Carnaby, Anna Musselman
against Harry Mustelman, Margaret
Barry against Patrick Barry.
Federal Court at Worth Flakte R. C
Hoyt, clerk of the federal court, and
Judge T. C. Hunger of Lincoln, will go
to North Platte Tuesday for a session
of the federal court. North Platte divis
ion. The session will not he a long one
as there are only a few minor Cuses to
come up at that time. There will be
no jury cases.
Civil Service Association Meets A
special meeting of the Omaha branch of
the United States Civil Service Em
ploye's association will be held at 8
o'clock Tuesday evening at Washington
ball. Eighteenth and Harney streets. The
meeuna; u called for the election of a
new secretary-treasurer, as Secretary
McGrath Is leaving the city for duty
at another station. It Is announced that
a prominent Washington official will
deliver a talk on the seven-year term.
Refreshments will also be served.
Westgard to Take
Fredrickson Route
A. L. Westgard, who is endeavoring
to ' establish an automobile road from
coast to coast, telegraphed yesterday
to H. E. Frederlekson, stating that he
was Just leaving Salt Lake City for
Evanston. He announced that he would
travel through Wyoming and Nebraska
He will take the route laid out by Mr
Frederlekson with the view of making
It a part of the transcontinental road.
Mr. Frederlekson expects to go to Wy
oming to meet Westgard.
It Is not known how soon Westgard
will reach Omaha. He Is not trying for
any records, but is traveling slowly to
gather data.
E- -'ifAsl ' V TWT.gaM
Vjw or
rO t itV Chuo th
iSi?$y Snowball
I in Panama
Members of the Retail Grocers' asso
ciation will hold a special meeting Tues
day evening In the Board of Trade build
ing to plan a campaign to compel the
city commission to repeal the ordinance
repealing the standard weight ordinance
before the repealing ordinance Is ef
Referendum petitions will be circulated
and signatures secured and a special elec
tion requested. The grocers " believe If
1,500 or 2,000 signatures are secured to
these petitions the council will repeal the
repealing ordinance.
You can become slender without absurd
privations or exercising. No sweating, In
jections, massage, rolling, vibrators, wires
or bandages. This treatment is designed
to eliminate superfluous fat harmlessly
and as speedily as Is advisable. It won't
harm you. Regain a superbly charming
figure. FAT FOE the enemy of obesity
-rescues you from the thralldom of fat
It's the great fat reducer people are
praising. It gets at the root of fat evils.
FAT FOE luwly makes fat go. It reachei the
cauw. It 1 bawd on Elimination, Absorption,
Assimilation. One nart la au Obealty Herb Tea,
which makea a braw that It good for you. "Sip
your tat away." An "aiy to take" harmless,
pleasant, affective home treatment. A real Joy
to fat folk. Price only 11.00. lor large, complete
triple treatment. Tour own druggist can get
FAT FOE tor you from wholesaler.
Out-of-town customers can secure FAT
FOE from the Omaha druggists at $1.00.
Sold in Omaha by Sherman & McConnell
Drug Co.'s 4 stores, Beaton Drug Co.,
Myers-Dillon Drug Co., Merchants Drug
Co. Secure this great $1.00 treatment now.
Color your C
Sjaa' TAOf HAM
and it will last ijou till the snow flies
25 at all Druq and Dept. stores.
Carpenter tlorton Co Boston. -
rvn rn
0 IS" IV
U 1
Anthracite (Hard) Coal
Scranton and Lehigh, All Standard Sizes, $11 Per Ton
The black, ahiny. kind, with the. lowest percentage of slate and bone.
Anthracite Nut Number 2 sise; $10.00 per ton anywhere in Omaha and suburbs.
Our No. 2 Nut is the next smaller siie to standard nut, (chestnut), and can be burned with the highest degree of satis
faction in any Base burner, no matter how large. Measure the openings between the grate bars in your stove and you will
find they will in no case exceed 5-8 of an inch; generally they are only inch.
Don't let anyone tell you No. 2 Nut can't be burned in your stove. Try it for yourself.
Bituminous (Soft) Coal
"Torrid Nut," $6.50 Per Ton
Absolutely Illinois' beBt. Thoroughly screened at the mine and rescreened at our yards. "Torrid" nut has held its own
and made-many new friends through long years of competitive strife.
To do this it must be all we claim for it.
Walnut Block, 05.50 Por Ton
Cheapest and best from Iowa. Some people prefer this to other coals that cost more money. "We keep it in stock be
cause our customers like it Good reason -good coal.
Ape (Colorado), 08.50 Per Ton
. This is the "cream" of Colorado coals from the famous "Pinnacle" mine in Routt county.'
It looks good enough to eat and everybody likes it. The "peer" of all western coals and the best by far of any stove
coal ever sold in Omaha. We call it "Apex" (our own trade name), and will make an affidavit, if necessary, that every pound
we sell comes from the "Pinnacle mine" and no other. All of this coal is as clean as the samples in our offices and absolutely
free from impurities of any kind.
odd Carney Vein (Wyoming), $7.00 Per Ton
Like lignite Coal t A great many, people do. Carn ey vein is the best there is. We have it and our price is right.
Smokeless, Bootless, and a free, clean burner. This is an excellent coal for the kitchen range. We do not recommend it for
furnaces. , ' '
ammoth Vein Smokeless (Colorado), $8.00 Per Ton
This is a very high grade lignite. Comes into Omaha on the Rock Springs freight rate and is as good as 95 per cent of
the Rock Springs coals for which you pay $8.50 and $9.00 per ton. Strictly high grade, smokeless and sobtless and guar
anteed to be absolutely free from impurities of any kind. Good coal for all domestic purposes and well worth the money.
Sebastian Smokeless (Arkansas) 08.00 Por Ton
The "premier" furnace coal. Most heat for your money. The highest degree of satisfaction with the least effort.
Pennsylvania anthracite is too high. WTe know it, but can't help it. "Sebastian Smokeless" is the only logical substi-,
tute. There are other so-called substitutes, but they won't do, and the least said about them, the better.
. This is absolutely the same coal as the "Celebrated Pocahontas, ' th'e standard fuel of the United States navy soft and
friable, but cokes perfectly. The slack "cokes" and burns exactly like the lumps. No waste, no smoke, no soot, just intense'
heat and satisfaction. Ask our many satisfied customers. Apply at our office for their names and addresses.
The coals mentioned above are onlv a few of our leaders. We handle everything in the fuel and building material line.
Directory of Outside Yards and Offices:
North Tarda 20th nd Izard SU., 22d and Isard Sts,, Tel. Douglaa 72.
South Yard 24th and Spring Sts., Tel. Douglas 75.
West Yard Dodge Street and M. P. Belt Line, TeL Harney 2160.
South Omaha Office 102 North 24th St., South Omaha, Tel. South 00.
OUR SLOGAN--2001 Pounds-A "Hull" Ton Every Time
Main Office 1603 Farnain St., Omaha, Neb., TeL Doug. 429.