Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 01, 1912, Builders' Section, Image 20

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The Kind of Furnishings
that Hayden Bros. Have
Placed in New Doug
las County Courthouse
F our forefathers, who
struggled Tor freedom and
finally broke the English
fetters of tyranny, could
hare relaxed their tired
limbs into the comfort of
the furniture of the pres
ent day, their most wonderful battle
for liberty would hare been more
Justly rewarded than It was. If
those sturdy old New Englanders
and their wires and Puritan
daughters could hare gone to their
homes and found there the comforts
of the present day their lives would
have been marked by more enjoy
ment and pleasure than they were,
' and perhaps, living in modern com
fort, they would have given us a bet-
. ter government, better courts and
better institutions than they did, for
people whose minds rest amid sur
roundings which radiate comfort
and happiness and whose bodies find
ease In the soft, comfortable beds,
settees and davenports are stimu
lated so as to do better deeds.
Greatest Designers Then.
It is true that in the days of our
colonial forefathers and in the times
Immediately before and after the
greatest t our furniture designers
were giving the world the beauties,
refinements and grace of styles that
have come down to our present
day, and that will live for years and
and years. Adams, .Chippendale,
Sheraton and other masters were
leaders in the influences of thesa
days. No designers as skilled and
dexterous as these have lived since
and the models they made will sur
vive for centuries. But these men
unquestionably are the greatest of
the world's furniture designers
though they did not give the world
furniture that bad the comfort of
that of today. The pieces possessed
rare beauty lines, handsome grace
and other exquisite characteristics
that none have since equaled. But
most of the furniture was stiff, it
had the beautiful lines, but it did
not possess comfort and ease-giving
qualities. A chair, for instance, of
the olden days, was built on straight
lines. It had no form to accept the '
curves of one's back. Its seat was
hard and unresponsive to the move
ments of the body. It was simply
a piece of hard wood.
But the modern chair makers have
taken all the classic beauty, all the
grace and charm of the nid miai..
designs and combined with them h
onmrnrt that .VI.
demands. We now
have chairs, roomy
and toft; chairs that
are spacious; ehairs
Into which oni may
fling himself and re-.
lax all the muscles,
gaining the rest and
ease which the body
demands. It is a de
light to sit in the
modern chair. It was
hard to sit In the
chair of our fore
fathers. And y as K
has been with the
chair, so has it been
with the other ar
ticles of furniture
the beauty 'and ele
gance of the spacious
times of years ago
have bean combined
with the modern com
fort, and we have
today masterpieces
that will remain ideals for cen
turies. All Very Handsome
' To behold some of the band
some examples of the furniture
of this day, one only needs to
visit the new Douglas county
courthouse, where Hayden
Bros, are Installing some of
the most elegant furniture
ever brought to this city. This
progressive Omaha firm se
cured the contract for supply
ing the furnishings of this
beautiful courthouse,' the total
amount of the contract being
more than $140,000. ; All the
furniture, all the bronie work,
all the lighting fixtures, all the
court railings and Judges'
benches and bars, are being placed
In the big new building by this firm.
And the beauty and durability of
these various pieces are such as to
Impress themselves deeply upon the
mind of the visitor to the courthouse
The furniture Is the kind that one
does not see every day. In addition
to possessing simple elegance, grace-
That Lasts the Life of the Building
' , 1 j in. mil . i , ' ',. , s. . A i -ipj'T- T '" irriii'i'' t"71" -t csfci" rji . - ff
iy, -Sir. if Ml lif.wl8.g:g'r-Ma' 4uixnLr, ...... ' UN
tX-" tSA ' The drawers of the K - - - - - -
5??mi& -xJ desks are ro-enf-ced " 1
t W . ' o that they will not r; j ,
I '-. J v . aLJ-I warp or break. f
L,,.M,M,m,Ml,.l.ltwJr . tiT -J rM rrTr..,,.. j yJ , . The chairs are ; ' ,., ii,ww.wii.jiliMH.iil.w.M-
111 1 11 " ' " -1 roomy. Those which ' " jifeXS
win be used by the , T EliilMV 4WlTmrf -Q 7
Judges are ideals , of iMw teSsWsi-ila' '"23 ;t
durability. -.The soft M 7 r .ST'.l
(he -high backs f Li! i-- t "' 1 f:? -
Rutiful White Oak.
The surroundings of a person's
daily life play an important part in
his health and happiness; therefore
it Is Important that the furniture and
other decorations of rooms be chosen
wisely. When Haydens selected the
ful lines, charming design, It also N furniture and fixtures for the hand
nas substantiality. And as one visitor
to the court house the other day
said, in looking at the furniture,
"Why. It will outlast the building1."
Tes, It is lifetime furniture that
kind which will withstand the hard
knocks of everyday usage and which
will always look' fine. Yeara from
now this strong furniture will be
giving service, tod still be decorative.
some courthouse, they picked the
best that money could buy. They
chose a white oak wood, and then
most of the pieces were made from
special designs, which designs har
monized with the woodwork and the
architecture of the big building.. The
window frames .and doors have a
square effect; the chairs, tables, etc.,
were made to conform to this.
In this new courthouse furniture
Haydens attained strength without
undue heaviness. There Is not a
trace of the awkward or the clumsy
yet the strength and durability of
the classic periods have been secured.
The handsome table illustrated on
this page shows how the beauty and
elegance have been secured and how,
at the same time, the substantial
character also has been created, giv
ing the courthouse an ideal style of
This furniture' is all of built-up
construction. The . table just re
ferred to has an 'expansion base
which makes the article so strong
that It could be crowded with men,
standing upon it, and yet never wab
ble. Take the tables that stand In
the old court house. They are flimsy
In construction and cannot compare
comfort and
leather seats and
make them articles full of comfort.
The railings which frame off the
, courts are of the same high class
wood that is used in the chairs and
tables. "'They are strong and beau
tiful. The bronze work which form
the railings for the various cashiers'
and clerks' cage Is the heaviest
kind that could be secured. ' It un
doubtedly will last for centuries.
Beautiful settees are to be placed
In the handsome court of the build
ing. These match the furniture that
goes Into the Individual rooms. The
high desks at which clerks will be
stationed on office stools, are long
and heavy, and yet they possess a
beauty and grace that is remarkable.
They have the durability of the
- - m. 2 I Mln.ll'i'll1 " 'i"""
: W U : i " J
' re u i."!."! t1 j v x 1 1 J - ! -
. : '. .- u . Mi. -jv v.v 1 - t; .a k w ica e-a raiAn -
. ,..7 . f 1 ' OITICB CHAIR.
In beauty or in strength with the
new Hayden furniture.
Beauty la Simplicity. '
. The beautiful white, quarter
sawed oak, the best to be obtained,
hag been designed so that it leans
toward the simple. . It is this quality
which makes this furniture so satis
factory today. All the beauty and
elegance and grace
are In it, and yet it
retains a simple
style that makes it
appeal immediately
to people of refined
taste. It has none of
the barbarous decora
tions and carvings
that marked some of
the designs of other
periods. The very
simplicity of Its Uses
makes it beautiful.
In studying the pieces
It will soon be seen
that the chief beauty
lies In the purity of
the lines and in the
exquisite surface of
the woods. Graea
and strength have
been successfully
united here, and are
typical of all the
From the modern
viewpoint, the plain
unadorned surface of
beautiful grain and
color which are char
acteristic of this fur
niture, clurm mors
heavy tables and chairs.
Beautiful oak , hall seats, coatumers . and
umbrella stands will be. placed in the vari
ous' rooms and throughout , the balls of the
building.. These are Just as beautiful and
Btrong as are large pieces ef furniture. Mas
sive steel lockers, the kind that command
favorable comment, and large filing cases
were furnished by Hayden Bros. The light-,
ing fixtures are made of a heavy bronze". They
were especially designed and moulded for the
Haydens. The artisans who worked on these
fixtures did not put them together as fix
tures usually are made, but gave extra time,
carving them out and fitting the various
parts so that they became the most durable
of their kind. -
largest Order of Kin 3.
This Hayden order for furnishing the court'
house is the largest order of Its kind ever
given in this city. Hayaena : let contracts
only to firms that guaranteed to furnish the
finest -kind of articles. No money wa
spared by the Omaha firm to get the finest
of furnishings for the handsome new court
house, and that they secured the best that
money could buy will be admitted by every
one who is acquainted with the beauties of
the furniture world. There Is no doubt that,
with the Hayden furnishings, the new Douglas
county court house will be one of the hand
somest public buildings in the entire .westr
People who have viewed the furniture have
declared such article a handsome credit, to ,
the city and a strong proof of the evidence ,
of the excellent home furnishings carried by ;
Hayden Bros. ' . .
May Feel Pride
Certain It is that Hayden Bros., Bhould feel
pride In the fact that they have given Omaha
such handsome furniture as that which grace ,
th beautiful courthouse. . The oualltles of
than the curved and , these exquisite articles is lnsptring and-make"
rolling features of the furniture the kind that is good to live
with. After the sourthouse has been mad
ready for formal opening, one will be able to
see, to stand in any of the beautiful rooms
and feel the atmosphere of comfort and bore
likeness which the massive tables, the majes
tic chairs and the other strong pieces radiate.
The charm and vitality of the style Is es
pecially, adapted to the uses of the court
house. Attention has been called to the purity
and beauty of designs, their simple, excellent
lines, and their true, comfort-like qualities.
To . direct special attention to these char-'
acterists is the aim of the furnishers, be
cause they have attained rare beauty through
adhering to mch ityle.
Hayden Bros, sun-
ply furniture of , the
highest kind for every
,.home. They have the '
replica of master de
signers; chairs, - beds,
tables and settees that
are ax act duplicates of
the styles of the Col
onial period. ?
other furniture. In selecting such
designs as the Haydens did for the
courthouse lasting values are repre
sented. This furniture Is built to
last, it will endure a lifetime and
even can be handed down from gen
eration to generation. It Is not for
the present, but for the future, and
will yield rest and comfort at all
Built-Up Purnitu . e All.
. Every article of furniture which
the Haydens are placing in the court
house is thoroughly constructed
bulltup -. It is sanitary, . too. The
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