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Will Play at Happy Hollow
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1 ' MR3. WALTER O. .SILVER. ' "" ' 1
"'it. - i - " ' :. .
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fru home from ft two Wk' ; stay in
otorado, , '
Mr.' B. B.'Wood and ion,' Robert, ir
Hurned yesterday from Colorado. '.
Mr. and Mrs, J. a WhkrtoiulMT thli
venlnf for Atlantto City, Now .Tork and
' Mr.'and Mrs. P. jL WllrJnnr-rtuni64
Cm their summer home, Moat .Lodge,
ley. Minn.
. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rtlfla and children
lhava returned from an. extended stay- in
(Missouri and Oklahoma. . v .'
' Mts Elisabeth Borghoff and Miss MaJxsl
(Miller have gone to Lake Mlnnetonka to
Matt relative and frlonda. ; , ,
: Mr. ana Mn. W. D. Foeler-leave the
Greatest CJorvo
Vitalizcr llnsun
A Eeoent Discovery JMlosg'i Sanitonej
Wafer, th most' Effective Serve .
SteengthiMier for and Wo a
men Ever roundly ScieiKJ. , r
' ThU is tn world V newest, safest,: oi
(reliable and effective nor re lnrtgorator,
'revltallser. brain awakener, body strength
lener. without equal In the world's history
'of medicine. It brings ahoct a ohange from
Ithat awful. dull, weak, lasy, dont-glva-a-Ihnng
feellnit to brightness, strength,
clear - headedness and -courage which ; Is
Irexuarkable. '""".."
Kcllogir'i Sanltone Wafer Stake Ton
f Ml Fine All the Time. '
TO KXV. Nerve force gone! You
are what your nerves are, nothing else..
you ipi all run-down from overwork
r other causes. If you suffer from lnsom-
la, "caved-ln" feeling, brain, f&g, extreme
nervousness, peevlsnnefla, (loo miners,
orry, cloudy brain, ? loss of . ambition.
nergy and vitality, Ions of weight and
Uigestion, constipation, headache, neural
gia, or the debilitating effects of tobacco
jor drink, ;end for a 00c free trial box of
IKellogg'a Sanltone Wafers, and soon you
(will be well, strong and happy. -.
. PO WOM1S.-If you suffer from
nervous breakdown, extreme nervousness,
"blue" spells; desire to cry, worry, neural
gia, back pains, low of weight or appe
tite, sleeplessness- headaches, and' consti
pation,, ami are ail out-of-sorts, Kellogg's
fcanitone Wafers will make you feel that
there Is more to Hfe'thar- vo- -v .
ired before. Send today for the ISOc free'
trial box. i '
No more need of dieting, diversion, trav
el, tiresome exercises, dangerous drugs,
electricity, massage, or anything else
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ifor each and all, give you nerve-force and
make you love to live. - ; . .
All first-class drustKints have Kellncs'i
(Sanltone Wafers -in stock,' at 11.00 a box,
or tney win oe mailed direct upon receipt
of price by P. J. Kellogg, 1432 Hoff master
Block, Battle Creek. Mich. No free trial
boxes from druggists. , . -
A o-cent trial,box of this great discovery
will prove that they do the work. They
are guaranteed every wafer. Send cou
pon below -today for free 60c trial box of
Kellogr.8 Sanltone Wafers. ' - -.- .
latter part of the week for Pes Moinea,
where they will make thslr. future home.
Mr. and Mrs.. Edward J. Simpson and
small daughters have returned from a
six weeks' stay in ManStou, Col.
Mr.' and Mrs., Luther Kountss have gone
to California for tha month of September,
Mr. AndrMsen will join them there.
Dr. Abby Virginia Holmes, returned to
day! from Duluth, .Minn., where aha lias
been the guest of Rev, and Mrs. Robert
Tost of that olty. r., . ';
MiM .Jotephln Tounc and Mlaa Owen
doilne White are planning to go to San
Franolsoo together In October, the former
to take up newspaper work.
' MUs Bessie Christie and Mlse Bessie
AWqulst have gone to Dei Motnea, la,, to
visit Mr. Charles Pegau and .Mrs. Noel
Griffith, formerly of Omaha,.
Miss Cant Millard and Miss Helen
Mfflard who have been at Camp Hard
lng, Colo,,' most of the summer, will return-
to their apartments at .the Colonial
this week,, - .
Mas. A- , Pinto and ohlldren are ex
peotln , to , return September 19, from
their : summer home ' near . Ballev, Oolo,
w-hr.e thy have - bean the past three
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. MoCord and Miss
Marjorie MoCord iwlll leave next . Tuesday
for Atlantlo Cty,.tor two or three weeks'
suy, before the latter enters school at
Mies Spenot's In Xaw Tork. ...
Mr,' and Mrs.' Robert Dempster and MUs
'Bessie '.Allen -t leave : Monday ' for London,
wnsro ' tney , expect to . remain several
months and will later go - to southern
lurope and Egypt for the winter.
Mr.' and Mrs.-J. J. Dodds and famUy,
ooompanled'by Mlsa Dora Louisa Oleen,
are expected Sunday from a two months
vacation: spent at r East Battle Lake,
Minn.,1 and LaOourt O'Rellles, Wis.
At; Happy ; HoUow. n ,,V '
Mr., and Mra.. R.;M.' Laverty entertained
at one, of .tha . larger ? parties ' t Saturday
vsnlng. !. Covers were placed for:
Mr. and Mra Charles Horner of kansas
CHyi .;,, " i ,.; ..; v,
Prof. ; and Mrs. Wm. ; Leonard ' of Belle-
. Mr.' and Mra A.u H. Murdoc'k ; :
f Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ashe;"
; Mr.; and Mrs.1 Jay Laverty.- 5.
Entertaining, at dinner, last evening at
thaiclub were C K. Weller,' who had six
guests;- N.' C Leary,' four and R. M. Booth
lht. ; . ;;-,!.. ? : .:, ;
Mrs.' M. M. Robertson will entertain six
teen guests at luncheon" Thursday at the
Happy Hollow, club.' t . :
Several dinner parties have been planned
for Tuesday evening at the Hajipy Hollow
club, when Madsme Ragne Llnne of Chl
oaso will give a song recital following the
dinner. B. Cs Hamilton will entertain
.thirty ; guests ' on , that evening ; C. H.
Wright,- 'four;. : Claud ', Hamilton, six.;
George W. Sumner, six, and F.' H. Chick-
erlng six.
At the Country Club. ' x
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart of Coun
cil Bluffs, entertained a dinner Ust
evening; at the Country 'clup. . Covers
wer placed fors ; ' : .
Mr.'and Mrs. J. J. Hess. I .
Mr. and Mrs. John Melhop.
Mr. Hall of Governor's Island. N. T.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart.,
' Misses- ... Misses' '
Marie Holllnger, .Marls 8teWart
Meeare. .' .Messrs.'
Newton of New ,i John Dougherty,
, Haven, Conn.; Major Dale.
Fred Clarke, Ware Hall, .
Mies Mary Alice Rogers entertained at
a small, dinner party at the Country club
last evening In honor of Ms Helen Davis
and Mr.. Walter B." Roberts, whose en
gagement Is announced today. , Covers
were placed for . "' '
Free Trial Box Coupon
T. J. XeUogg Con 143a Heff master
Block, Battle Creek, mon.
Send mc by return mail, free of charge,
a 60ent trial box of the .wonderful
discovery for nerves, Kellogg" Sanl
tone Wafers., I enclose ( eta. in stamps
to help pay postage and packing. ,
Street or R.F.D.,
The regular tLOO slae of KrWamfm hil
itor.e Wafer are for sale in Omaha at
jrntnmm at aicijonneji urug Co., 103 So.
Beth H., ih and Firnim: owl ini-rw
324 Bo. Isth St.; Beaton Drug Co., 1591
li-JUTiani St.; Loyal Pharmacy, 7 No. Mtb
fui.-. lien urug co.. 121 Farnam St..
No tree boxes from druggjMs.
Elisabeth Congdon,
Robert Burn.
Misses ,
Helen, Davis. A
Mary Alice Rogers.
Messrs: ,
Walter B. Roberta, -
tuner uope. ;,
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Davis.
Table ,,othdte' dinner and dancing will
be discontinued Wednesday, evening at
the Country club for this season. The din
ner-dance will continue Saturday even
lngs as heretofore. '
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. KirksndairwlU en
tertain at dinner today" at the "Country
club tor. tbelr son, Burdette Klrkendall,
and. a number of friends who went
through Yellowstone park , together this
summer. Covers will be placed for twenty
MrH and -Mrs. , W. ,H. Buchols will en
tertaln 'at a' dinner' this evening at 'the
Country 'club-tor ten guests.
Eentertalnlng at dinner last evening
at the club -were 111 H. Bold rig e, who had
twelve guests; W. & Poppleton, eight; Z.
T.. Lindy, four; A. V. Klnsler. six; W,
J.. Cornell, four; F. E. .Wllhelm, five;
George Prinx, four; J. F. Stout, four.
1 ?M VjrfffiwM&$ft
HAY P. 11.
IVe've Prepared Worthwhile Bargain Opportunities for the
Morning Hours It Witt Pay You fo Grasp
Anniversary club at the Rod and Gun
club. The : afternoon was ' spent with
games and ' boating. Mrs. Steelman and
Miss Laura Steelman of Rock Island were
the honor guests. The other guests were:
Mesdames B. Jack man, J. E. Talmage,
J. W. Maxfleld, A. H. Burr, R. Wright,
M. Jenkins, W.' D. Balfour. F. Atkins,
CD. Otis, H. Marsh, M.'Shackler. '
Personal Gossip;.:,.:
Word has reached Omaha of the birth
of a boy 'to .Mr. and Mrs. William P.
Warner In the log cabin In the Minnesota
woods near McGregor, where the United
At the Rod and Gun Club.
Mrs. James Jensen was hostess Friday
afternoon fur the members of the 1912
The Boy Needs Clothing and
Shoes for School; See
, , Our Spctials.
Our Ladies' Tailor
ing Department
Is now In first-class working- trim,
being equipped to aupply your
every demand In the most prompt
and workmanlike manner. Per
tct fit and absolute satisfaction
guaranteed. Tailored '. suits to
your meaaure $35.00 up. Dress
skirts to your meaaure JR2 00 UP
. Inquire at Dresa Gsods Dep't.
$1.25 Silk Velvets, 56c
The surplus stock of a well known,
mill. Silk velvets, . corduroys, dress
velveteens, 19 to 27 ins. wide in a fine
line of colors; pieces 3 to 20 yards' in
length actual values to $1.25
yard; your choice, yard. . . . .
75c & $1 Dress Goods, 18c
100 pieces of new fall wool dress fabrics
-rairthe-latest weaves and colorings in
eluding, whipcords in plain and two
toned effects; Bedford cords, serges,
Panamas, cheviots, etc., regular
75c and $1.00 yard values at. . . '. . .Ww
A At -W- --aU
Furnishings and Underwear
at Most Remarkable
Bargain Ptrices..
20c Embroideries
at 9c a Yard
Monday an entire case of
Insertions, Edge and Galloons,
20c and 25c a yard values in
5 and G yard strips; (sold only
in full strips),
at the yard
Table Cloth Specials in Linen Dept.
Pure linen, unhemraed pattern cloths, -size, tJA AT
8x10; worth $5.00 each Monday
Heavy double damask pattern table cloth,
warranted pure flax, size 8x10;
; worth $8.00 each, Monday '. . .
Don't Misa Our ,
Semi-Annual Display '
Laces, Silks and
which will be held on
Bept. 9th, 10th 11th and 12th
Let tu measure your home
for shades ard furnish esti
mate of cost. We are exclu
sive handlers of hand-made'
oil Opaque Shade Cloth and
the renowned H a rt sh o r n
18c serpentine
crepes In domes
tic room Monday
morning at the
12Hc Amo-keag
outing flannel
All new fall pat
terns, in domes
tic room at the .
New Fall Wash Goods
Special showing of new fall wash
goods, double fold flannelettes in beau
tiful designs, new bath robe cloth, new
fleece duckings, enowland fleece, new
Amoskeag outings, new fall voiles,
French percales, poplins, corduroys and
everything new and up-to-date for fall
1912, at remarkably low prices.
Closing out all spring and summer wash
goods at greatly reduced prices. .
69o' drawn work bordered voile .45
9c Dresden bordered volleg ......... . . .33,
Novelty silk foulard, 50c grade .25fV
Bargains in Fancy China
Tecorated China
mugs, each . .10o
Decorated , fruit
saucers, each 10c
Japanese oatmeal'
bowls, 6 for 25c
Decorated Bread
and butter plates
each ..'.10c
Japanese . tea pots.
(blue or white),
each 15c
We w
Hew New
Dresses Coals
From the Receivers' Sale of
Importers of Laces, 140 Fifth Ave.; N. Y. .
Our buyer was on the ground and, made extensive
purchases from this great sale., Every yard will belaced
on sale beginning Tuesday, September 3, . v ; '" . i '
At 33 Per Cent of Regular Prices Three - Yards of
Lace for the Price of One.
15c Laces at.. 5cj 25c Laces at. 8VJcj 50c Laces at 162jjC
75c Laces at. 25c! $1.00 Laces, 3313cS$1.50 Laces at 50c
All the regular $2.50 laces at .830
Vals, torchons, shadow laces, nottlnghams, Irish
crochet laces, bands edges, allovers, flouncings,
etc. All broken sets from regular stock included.
A display planned on a broader, scale, than ever before
the range in both assortments and prices is wider than
ever before. Our buyer, who has just returned from New
York, having spared no effort or expense to make this the
most masterly, satisfying showing in the history of our
busy suit department. .
A Delightful Showing of Jail ored Suits
914.90, 19.50, $25.00, 29.75, up to $79.00
A splendid assortment of authentic styles for your selection
at every price. , -
Beautiful New Fall Dress Styles
' IN PRICE FROM $10.00 up to $125.00
Distinctive individuality marks every graceful line; finish
and fashions are models of perfection at the prices quoted.
' You'll Find Early Buying Extremely Profitable. ,
Special Monday Morning Offerings
Dainty Summer Dresses Splendid assortment in both
white 'and colors, that sold at from $7.50 to tf O QC
$12.00, Monday to close, at one price. J
that sold at $15
choicest bargains
ever, Mon- J A 95
dav nt. ..... Tr
All; Children's
White Dresses
on Sale Monday
at Half Price!
Long Linen and
Pongee Coats, that
sold up to $15t in
Monday's $795
sale at .'. . . . "J
10c Lonsdale
Muslin 36-In.
wide, in domestic
room, yd., . .;
75c Bed Spreads
White, size,
in assorted pat
terns, in domes-,
tic room, at
Mil' inery Special
Monday A. M. Only ,
$1.98 Felt Hats 98c
A big lot of prettily trim
med Felt Hats in nearly
-all - colors,- and most
wanted shapes,, to $1.98
;lues' QRr
choice........ WW
Tall can fancy pink salmon . . 10c
Domestic mustard or oil sardines,
. can at ; .1) ... . . . . , . . . .3c
Imported sardines, No. 1 quality,
'per can ; . .-.SHc
Large bottles Worcester sauce, to
. mato catsup, pickles and olives,
per bottle . .8ac
Try MYDEN'S First;
Fancy Queen olives, - quart . .85c
3-lb. cans fancy California Bart
lett pears or peaches. ; . . . . Iffc
1-lb. Jar3 pure fruit Jan . '. ,",i8X
1-lb. cans'shrlmps .. .... . . . .10c
1-lb. cans . assorted soupa. .7Hc
Fancy assorted cookies, 40 , var
ieties,.; lb. . .... .10:
Some Good Things iq Eat
For Your Labor Day Celebration
Anything' You Want at Hayden's
The best soda crackers, lb. . .7 He
The best crisp ginger snaps or
( pretzels, ' lb. . . . . '. .'. . ; .63
The best fresh country eggs, per
dozen .' . .22c
Full cream cheese, lb' . .". ."..18c
Full cream brick cheese, lb..,l8c
Furniture Bargains Monday
Beautiful Quartered Oak1 Extension
Table, with '45-inch round top," highly
polished, extends 6 feet and has 10-inch
pedestal ; $25.00 value, f f P A
on sale at-..... . . . I
Fumed Oak Dining
top, square pedestal
tension, on sale at
Solid Oak Dining
Chairs, highly
polished, leather
upholstered box
seat; 6 to ! a cus
tomer, for '
set ......$10.50
Same as above
with wood seat, per
set .. ... $9.00
' Solid : Brass Bed
at $10 The great
est snap ever "of-'.-
Table, 45:inch round
, 6-foot ex- Q'J Q
fered in Omaha!
See it. " . i t
Some splendid
bargains in Vernis
Martin beds at
$5.50, $6.50
and $7.50.. :..
Iron beds at
$3.50, $4.50
and $5.00. "
Solid Oak Dressers,
special at $6.50,
$7.50 and $8.50
Large basket , fancy peaches or
pear3 .. ...i. ........ 20j
Large baskets fancy Concord
grapes at , 15c
Large basket red or blue plums,
at .... 35c
Fancy Tokay grapes, basket. .35c
Fancy canteloupes, ea. 7 c '& o
Large cucumbers, each , ; . . . . ; 1c
Fancy, ripe tomatoes, lb.:.2c
' Anything you want we have it.
Buy a bottle of wild cherry phos
phate, a good drink, bottle 10c
Watch Monday evening papers for
Tuesday's big specials.
Jry HAYDEN'S First
States marshal and his family are spend
ing the summer. '!
Miss Catherine' Scott Is 111 at North
Scituate, Mass., where she and her sister
have been spending the summer. Mr.
and Mrs. Edgar Scott and children are
also there. '
I '' ' '
Latest Styles in "
Laces Reach Omaha
The great Paris race are over and
styles are all fixed for the fall,' so de
clares P. 'A. Johnson, manager' of the
lace department at Kayden Bros., who
has returned . from a buying trip ' to
New York where he secured the largest
variety of laces ever brought to the west
This will be placed on exhibition at Hay
den Bros. September 9, when an' entire
upper floor will be set aside for , their
display. - . . '
'"The styles are all fixed," said Mr.
Johnson, "and the Omaha lovers of
things beautiful will find a greater var
iety than ever before. They are more
elaborate and the designs are exquisite."
The : laces ' will be on display from
September 9 to It'. ' .
Will Talk on International Peace
Baroness Bertha von Suttner of Vienna.
th distinguished psaca advoots. will
speak an "larerradoaal Peac?" OomJm
Saturday evnla". Ijeptembw &. Re
UK. Jenluav chainvian ot the . loeai
peuea society, executive committer U
mak ng ariangements tor thtt lecture, It
wili be preceded by a luncheon
by the current t:cj department oi the
Omaha Woman's club and attended br
members of all woman organisation
the city. : ,
The baroness halls from the very eee
ter ot the war sooe of Kurope) her father
was Imperial field marshal of Austria,
Count Praht Joseph vbn Klnekyt !
cousin Count Montecucull, is commander-in-chief
of the "Austro-Hungartan navy.
Yet to Baroness von Suttner more than
any other one agency Is due, the upbuild
ing of the -peace movement o the conti
nent The baroness Is a born prlnccea on
both :d;s of her- family; -yet she. Is one
of the greatest democrats of Europe. '
'The baroness !' author of the peace
story "Lay Down 'Tour Arms.", Bhe it
was who 'Inspired Alfred Nobel; the
Swedish scientist to establish, the peace
prise which Is a snug fortune to the re
cipients. She received 'the pr:e In 19.
Baroness von Suttner-is founder , and
president of, the Austrian Peace society,
editor and publisher of a peace 'periodi
cal and member pf the governing, tioard
ef the permanent bureau of International
peace. - '.'' ! . , .'; . s-l , V,
The Suttner league was established last
I iz
;Xfi 1 . 4
Xartmess 3et2j3. voncSutfne ' Andrei EosT-oviFcql'
April , by -4U - executive members- of ' th , lea'au!' A ndrea NHof er-Proudf oot. Is wit h
Austrian peace society to strengthen and
perpetuate the life work -of Baroness von
Suttner. The general secretary of the
the baroness on ,her tour of the- United
States In the' Interests ; of - international
resce. . . j
Send Us Yotir Currency
-By Elbert Hubbard-
The other day in a western city I sent
a bundle to the laundry.
When the clothes came lac i there '
came also a big, square sealed iti- iope.
I opened this envelope -,nd f mc? in It
thrue $10 bills, all nicely washed, starched,
Ironed and carefully pl&ced between two
pieces ofi cardboard and tleJ uu .with a
blue ribbon In a lover's knot.
No explanation was made, uut In the
bill I saw they had charged me 25 cents
for laundering the w&zuma
Of course, I kicked, but what was 'the
use! , i i
Just for the fun of the thing in order
to get a line on tint partlc-j sr vueh
house, I went a-j in I ard deinar.dcd an
The young woma l In charge said "thty
had found the' money In the right-hand
pocket of a' left-hand white vest which
1 had sent in toe bundle.' Then sho ex
plained, quite 'iu-.idem.iU. that. whRO
ever soiled clothes came la everv K'U'mcnt
was carefully Inspected for " valuables
Every day they found in inoy In p.'kets,
diamond studs in shirt bosom,, an.ali!e
links in cuffs, and collnr buttons (nnyh
to roll under all Hie buiva w in Christt ii
dom. 'It is part of our l)iui"ns," a.d the
young woman, "to protect ojr cus
tomers 'against their own carelessness."
She saw I was interested, and con
tinued: "We never send garments home
with the buttons off."
I said: "Do you iron many buttons
off?" -
"No, we do not, but wh u garme.ifa
come In with buttons oft we always mw
them on, so as to return 'he rarments
in good order, ready to wear. Also we
do any little darning and me.iomr that
should be done, all this with-). it charge.
Our business is to please our customers
of the
Phone Doug. 919