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Outpouring; of Populace Seldom Si-
' valed in English City.
Service Takes Two Honrs, Thoagh
y. Portion 1 Left Oat Eulogy by
of the Will.
1 LONDON. Aug. 30.-The body of the
founder, of the. Salvation army. General
William Booth was burled beside that
of hl wife yesterday In the old cemetery
of Abney park, in the heart of the
east end of London, where " the great
evangelist began the work that spread
over the entire world. ; No such gather
ings of the populace on a funeral occas
ion have been witnessed here except upon
the deaths of Queen Victoria and King
Edward VII.
Sveral thousand Salvationists, the
men and women composing- the forty
eight divisions of the army from the
London provinces; ' carrying their ban
ners of "blood and fire" and keeping
step to well know Salvationist tunes
Played by forty bands, marched over the
five miles from the army headquarters
In Queen Victoria street to the burial
ground, through muddy streets, after be
ing drenched by a-downpour of rain a
It was more in the nature of a trium
phal progress; than an occasion of mourn
ing. In the same streets only a few years
ago not a few of those who marched
today had been mobbed and Jeered. No
one could estimate" the numbers who had
assembled everywhere, gathered to wit
ness the passing of the funeral of the
lata commandei-i-in-chief.- All the. win
dows and streets along the line of march
were crowded. 'Flags along the route
drooped, rain-soaked at half mast and
many of the business houses were 'closed.'
Fifty 'lhonminl nt Cemetery. " '
The multitude, in and about the ceme
tery numbered not less than 50.000. The
.new commander, Bramwell Booth; him-j
self pronounced a long eulogy and read
the committal service, ' when his father's
body was lowered , Into the grave. . As,
Bramwell Booth ". was approaching the
grave, Herbert Booth, dressed ln civilian1
clothes, stepped forward and kissed the
new general on the check. . " '
The mayor of Stoke-Newlngton and
'.he mayor of Hackney, in their robes of
office, were seated on the platform with
the Booth family. Mrs. Catherine Booth
Cllbborn,' the late general's eldest daugh
ter who had for1 years ben estranged
from the army with her husband and
-their twelve children, sat among the
mourners. . '.. ' , y
Miss Eva Booth, commander of the
army In the United States, who arrived
in London Just in time to walk behind
her father's coffin, broke down with
, grief and fatigue. Mrs. Booth-Hellberg
begged the audience to excuse her sister
from speaking, but the army was anxious
to hear the American leader and she
came forward, Bramwell Booth and Mrs.
, Hellberg" supporting her.
- Miss Booth said :
Short Speech liy Evn Booth.
"I am "worn out with travel and with
grief, but I must ' deliver my" message
from the army across the water. My
beloved father never lost the hold which
ho established there so long ago and we
feel his loss as. keenly as the English
corps. He looked forward with so much
Joy to the visit" which he had planned
;,to, tnake4o ( America this yeaiv ,,ButGod
1 is ! with us and the work will go on."
', With the exclamation of "Oh, beloved
father," Miss' Booth broke down and was
assisted to her seat
: Provisions of Will.
A summary of the will left by the late
General Booth, was made public today.
,: All the properties held by him as gen
eral of the Salvation Army and all like
' public trusts, xel and rersonal, Including
copyrights, are vested In his successor as
"general for the time being of the Salva
tion Army," to be held by him "upon
trusts affecting the same." ,
By a codicil his small private property,
having a net value of 487 19 shillings
(approximately $2,440), he gives to the Sal
vation Army,- with the exception of cer
tain private papers and memoranda,
' which are given to his eldest son,. Bram
well, and a few articles chosen by him
self,' which are given as mementoes to
each of his children and chlldren-ln-law.
Another codicil deals with property es
timated lh value at' $26,475, representing
moneys settled on him many years ago by
,the late Henry Reed for private use. It
was this' provision which enabled him to
draw no stipend nor remuneration of any
kind from the" funds of the army.'. This
property -is divided among his children,
Bramwell, Catherine, Marian, Herbert,
Eva and Lucy, His successor, Bramwell
Booth, is appointed -executor of the will.
Insurgents Besiege
; ; an American Mine
DOUGLAS, Aria., Aug.' 30.-A force of
300 rebels has demanded the surrender
of the Kl Tigre. mining camp, American
property; located sixty-five miles- south
east of here. Forty .Americans fully
armed Intend to fight if neoessary to
protect their women and children. Also
about seventy federal soldiers are de
fending the town. El Tigre Is one of
the richest gold' mines in Mexico, con
trolled by ICansa.. City capital, ,, and. If
captured ' by rebels could finance the
revolution. ...
H. C. Beaucamp, general manager of
the Transvaal mine, 'an American prop
erty, reports that the mine has been
looted by rebels. J. S. Hunter, the store
manager, was held for ransom, which
was paid. ' ,-
Late reports say the Americans at the
El Tigre property have , arranged an
armistice with the rebels, in an effort to
compromise.. -
WASHINGTON, Aug. 29.-The Mexican
government has ordered federal troops
to hasten to a point between Hermoslllo
. and Nogales In the state of Sonora for
the protection of two,. Americans, Frank
B. Curtis and Arthur Cunningham', .who
are beset by rebels thirsting for.' revenge.
KELLOGG, la.. Aug. 30.-N. Keetop, 30
years old, and his 7-year-old son were In
stantly killed and another young son fa
tally Injured when an easibound passen
ger train on the Rock Island -struck.- e
buggy lh which they were riding late to
day.' The accident occuned at a railroad
Military Discipline
in Prison Called Off
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Aug. Su.-(Speclal.) Deputy
Warden Antles of the state penitentiary
has been called on the carpet by War
den Mellck for punishing convicts who
refused to salute him in military style
whenevery he passed. , ,
Such convicts were strung up by the
wrists until in a more humble frame of
mind, it Is the charge for which the
Warden consured his deputy.
Deputy Antles was a National Guard
officer when he took the position at the
penitentiary and his military Ideas did
not prove entirely acceptable.
Noted Sculptor Dies in Great Agony
in Seattle.
Operation Something Like. Vaccina
tion for Skin Disease Cannes
Death Woman Companion
la Prostrated.
SEATTLE, Wash., Aug. SQ.-Louls Pot
ter, 39 years old of New York, a noted
American sculptor, died In great agony
In an obscure hotel on Sixth avenue here
today after undergoing ten days', treat
ment at the hands of a Chinese physi
cian for a skin disease with .which he
had been afflicted almost since birth.
The exact cause of Potter's death has
not been determined, although Coroner
Snyder Is convinced that it was not blood
poisoning as at first believed. An
autopsy was held tonight but nothing
was found to indicate the nature of the
final aliment. A chemical analysis of
the stomach will ba made tomorrow.
Mr. Potter, who came to Seattle ten
days ago with a woman companion and
registered at the hotel as "Dr. "Percy and
wife," told a few friends -to whom he
made himself known that he was seeking
relief from 'the dermal malady which
American and European physicians, had
told him was not serious but was incur
able. .'." ' '. ''
Mr. Potter had met a woman tourist
who had been treated for a similar ali
ment by , a Chinese physician In Califor
nia with satisfactory results and she ad
vised him to consult a Chinese , doctor
When he came to Seattle.-
With this In view, Mr. Potter regis
tered under an assumed name. The Chi
nese physician performed an operation
similar to vaccination on Potter's ab
domen last Friday, lacerating the skin
and applying a strong oriental plaster.
Potter complained' that the treatment
was severe but was hopeful that it would
be successful.
The woman, who was known at the
hotel as Potter's wife, was taken to
another hotel and placed under the care
f a physician who said she was suffering
from nervous prostration. All efforts to
communicate with her wer futile and the
attending physician declined to discuss
her case or give out . any Information
concerning her, finally refusing . to
answer the door or the ttlephone.
At the home 'on Sixth avenue, where
Potter died, it was said that the woman
claimed to have worked formerly on
New " York newspapers. At no time did
she enter into details of her identity.
- - " ' Had' International Fame. -
NEW YORK, Aug. SO.-Louls Potter
was not quite 39 years old, but he had
attained international fame as a sculp
tor. Several years ago he attracted at
tention by executing a remarkable bust
of Mark Twain, although he had jiever
seen the .great humorist and forked
solely, by .the aid of pictures, A group
entitled "Earth Bound"- exhibited here
lost year was another of his noteworthy
Mr. 'Potter was born In Troy. N. Y
and studied in this country and abroad.
Perhaps his best known works- are
groups ( of American and Alaskan In
dians. It was said here that he was not
Marines Fired on:.
Escape Uninjured
BLUEFIT5LD, Nicaraugua, Aug. 30.-
Offlcial information has reached here
that fifty marines, fired on Saturday by
rebels while repairing the railroad be
tween Managua and Leon, escaped with
out injury. Though forced temporarily
to retreat they resumed and completed
their repair work Sunday and then re
turned safely to Managua,
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 30.-Robert M. Grant
of Hartford, Conn., today was elected
commander-in-chief of the Song of. Vet
erans to succeed Colonel Newton J. ..Mc
Gulre of Indianapolis, and Miss Frances
M." Fox of Rochester, "N. Y., was elected
president of the Ladles' auxiliary to suc
ceed Mrs. Flora Staples Whitney ; of
Worcester, , Mass. The choice of a city
for the annual ' encampment next -year
was left to -the encampment of the Grand
Army of the Republic, wnich takes place
next month at Los Angeles, Cal. . The or
dars next -year again will .have . a joint
meeting, as heretofore has been the case.
Other officers for the Sons of Veterans
are:. Senior .vice commander, Charles
Martin, Parsons, Kan.: junior vice com
mander, C. H. Hudson, Madison, Wis.:
counell-ln-chief, H. F,; Weller, -Boston,
Mass.; Arthur J. Vescelius, Pater?on, N.
J., and W. B. Moynihan, Rochester, N. Y.
Patrick Ward, a habitue of the Burke
saloon at Ninth and Capitol avenue, was
arrested yesterday afternoon by Juvenile
Officer Bernstein, who charges h!m'wlth
aiding and abetting the delinquency of
a minor. War is alleged to have sold
beer in a can to : the children of Pat
Haley, Seventh and Webster streets.
.. '".-Cnaaht In the Aet
and arrested by Dr. King's Kw Life
Pills, bilious headache quits and liver,
stomach and bowels act right. Only 25c.
For vale by Beaton Drug Co.
Key to the Situation Bea Advertising.
Culls from the Wire
The business portion of Malstone, a
town in Fergus county, Montana, was de.
stioyed by fire.
Great Britain's policy regarding Tibet
is severely citlcUed in this morning's
liberal newspapers.
The bal'oon Kaoss City II, John WatU,
muia wun me uniiwn isL-e n;r me Ant
lers' trophy which started from Oo'.oialo
September 16 Is the date- set for the
healing before the supreme court on the
application of the democ atlc state com
mittee of South Diko a f r a manda-rus
to compel the secreta-y of state to place
the name of R be-t P. Siewart of
wood on the regular democrats ticket as
a candidate for supreme court Judge from
the First district -
16th and
Harney St.
liUaWPU-Mi1iii li I mii I iimiuiiM imp mky
16th and
Harney St.
i '
Orkin Brothers, the Fastest Growing Retail Organization in the Middle West
MAHA has many wonderful successes to her credit.
Inall commercial pursuits, Omaha points with
glowing pride to many remarkable achievements. But in
all the history of this great city NO OTIIER ORGANI
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We've gained the confidence of thousands of intelli
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Gradually we are transforming this beautiful building
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The proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof -here's
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(f (0)
Opening new fall tailored suits, smartly J
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34-inch jackets longer, new Bide plaited
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Smart new -length coats. Very new
Jaunty effects for young women. Lined
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Beautiful new fancy mixture coats, di
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All Our Smart Pique Dresses All Our Fine French Linen Dresses
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W oman Wants to Know
Daily Arrivals From the World's Fore
most Fashion Sources, Fall 1912
Practical avy and black serge coats, a
genuine utility coat. Extreme values aiv
113.50 and' (16.50.
. - ,
. Handsome new silk dresses, rich Cbarm
euse silks, Robespierre , collar, wide fold
button through front effects. Fancy gtrdlw
with streamer. Collar and cuffs lace trim
med. All colors, $19.50. ' '
" Pannier model silk and charmeuse silk
dresses.. Also more severe effects; braid,
lace and. embroidery trimmed. A clever
style has white piped front, and sleeves.
White frontvand sleeves, white ball but
tons; patent leather belt, $25.00.
' Saturday in Our
..... . '-. , r.. : i V?1 ;j "
Corset Section
Occurs Our Great Dollar Day
The last day of each month has been set
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women the greatest value in corsets
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Saturday we will have ready for you hundreds of
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Day, we offer you these fine coutil-and batiste"
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Baby Crib Specials
$6.60 steel cribs, drop sides, white
enamel, heavy link ' fabric springs.
Bize, 2-6x4-6 - OE
Special at . . ...... .". . ,j3iiXs!tD
$8.00 steel cribs, drop sides, Vernis
Martin color, size 2-6x4-6 dfjf CA
heavy link fabric; $8 valuepOOl
$9.25 steel crib, heavy cast with brass
mounts, white enamel, full drop sides,
heavy link springs,
at each
Hope Portier Sale
Rope ' Portieres, allg-htly soiled - from
handling. On sale Saturday at a mere
fraction of their , value.
$6.50 full size, heavy rope, wide bands,
colors red and green, $5.60 AA ap
value at ...,,..V4iiO
$5.00 full size, In velour cord, mixed
colors, handsome overdrapes; A I AO
$5.00 values at 9 1 190
.$3.50 full size, heavy overdrape. large
tassels. $3.60 value I 7 K
Saturday at ...... . . ,V 1 1 1 v
$:.25 heavy rope valance with overdrape.
red and green shades no.
Men's $3.10 and $4.00 shoes and
most leathers, all sizes and
styles, - Saturday at ......
Girls' $2.60 and
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SaturdayS 1 148
Girls $1.60 and
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Saturday .
Boys' $1.60 and $3
- shoes (I OA
Saturday O I ip9
Boys' . $2
- shoes
Saturday at :
Real Hosiery Bargains
Alteration sale specials of. great import
ance' to you.
Women's fine black gauze lisle, full regular
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Women's black or white pure thread silk hose.
Best values on earth. The great
Orkia special
Men's black, oxford or natural- fine
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Men's 86c, 60o black and colored' pure
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Men's fine ribbed balbrlggan union suits, long
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Saturday .
Men's $1.60 natural coler Fltwell light weight
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...... t A i: . .i ......... . WWW
This" sale includes the , best models
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America. 1 : The t price": hardly; : covers ttie
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SATURDAY at $2.09
Every pair of men's aid young men's
fine trousers in'the house. All are. from
4Vi fummnof trnnflors. mnVprs in :Amfirica.lw'
IUQ XV V. t -TrMttil
. .... 1 ill il iJ i. ' 1
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..linn nnrojiAAAnAflwvwwwvMVMVrviriYriv - ----------'''-"---"''
AA A El J Ail
win if mmiMMB
3llk hose.
- ' mil m I
I ' 1
Great Hardware Specials
Special . sale on galvan
ized tubs like 'out
66c small size ' galvanized 1
tubs 45c
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ized tubs .89c
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tubs .. ...Wo
AJmnlsnm sjpooa lale.
' 10c tea spoons, Saturday special.. So
12c dessert spoon, Saturday special... 7o
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26c mixing spoon, Saturday special 15o
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Our Grocery, Fruit and Meat Departments
Joined in a triple alliance-to cut down. your cost ofjtving. Mane the n.wit of the wonderful
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... r umau ............... HOQ
California prunes, 8 lbs. ..85o1 Fancy table grapes,: basket. aoe
irLnj-un-Tjnjn-njTj-rirL'rL'UuuiJiryu-irrvv-r-i-i- -1-1 .. ------- -"- -' ...............
Outfit Your Boys Here Great
Every boy's suit In the house is from a maker of national
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ALL UP TO $12.80 BOY8V SUITS at fS.75 and $4.75 350 boyB
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Saturday at . . . . . -. $2.75 d $1.05
BOYS' $1JJ0 PANTS, 79c Odd knicker pants; Great variety of
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All children's top coats at radical reductions; , all children's
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. ooad rioov.
UUWLX-J-- .- -.-i.r -i- - 1
itv guaranteed
Grocery Special Saturday.
10 bars. Beat "Em AH or Dla-
mond C soap-.".'. . . . So
19 lbs. granulated sugar . .$1.00
Elba sifted early June peas,
two cans ............ 9Bo
Yacht Club, salad dressing,
pint bottle ....... ...V
Cracker Jack salmon, tall can,
for 12o
S cans oil or mustard sardines
for 10c
Toasted corn flakes, pkgs.86e
Fweet corn, 3 cans. . . .8o
Snlders' catsup, pint bottle SOo
Chipped beef, can lOe
Gibson soap polish, 4 10c cans
for .... -25c
Fresh seeded raisins, A pkf?a
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Whole Japan rice, 4 lbs.... 85c
Small sweet pickles, quart. SOo
Bennett's Best coffee; 35c
quality, lb. .- ...30o
Ideal coffee, lb. .350
Assorted teas,, any 68c tea,
special ,. 480
Batter Bennett's Capitol
butter, lb.- ....... ,...88o
Fresh country butter, per
lb. 33o, 84o and SSo
Lemon cookies, special, lb,13e
Oatmeal or graham crackers,
3 pkgs. ... SSo
Full cream cheese, lb.., ..80o
Fancy brick cheese, ll.....81o
Trait Specials Saturday,
Fancy lemons, doz.83o and 30o;
Smyrna rigs U913 crop), per
Fancy Italian prunes, haak.asa
Texas, sweet watermelons.. iOo
Hubbard squash. . .ISo and 90e
Cooking eating apples. pk..80o '
- Keat Specials Saturday. '
Lamb leg 1040
Pork butts lSVie
Pork shoulder .......... .V4o
1'ot roast ....... lOo and 184e
flanterffer steak, 3 lbs for 8Se
8-lbs. pkg. leaf lard 914)0
No. 1 bacon. .......... ...18740
rare Candles.
Fluffeata chocolates, regular
50c; special, lb SSo
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" regular; special, lb 40e
Royal Spearmint gum, 3 pkg.
for .fe
Alteration in Men Y Furnishings Section Forces a
And all other furnishings go at a marked price concession.
Reductions. have reached a level far below cost. All sum
mer goods must go. . i
All men's $1.25 shirts Satur
day at 59
All men's $2.00 shirts Satur
day at ........ 98,
All men's $1.00 night robe
at .401
All men's $1.50 shirts Satur
day at . .-70
All men's $3.00 silk, shin
go at .......... $1.39
All men's $4.00 and $4.50
silk shirts go at. $1.0S
All men's fine, pajamas cut
to 984. $1.49 & 82.15
All . 76c suspenders go
at 39e
All 35c suspenders , go
at 21
All 35c belU go at; . . . 193
All 75c belts go at. . . .39,
m. ManSaTe 30 to .40m Your Fall Hit 'B2
most unusual reduction.
A ,real Jobber's entire fall stock bought 'by us at a
Now on sale nere at a great reaucuon.
All men's $3.00 and $3.50 Fall, 1912,
hats go at .$1.95
All men's $2.00 and $2.50 felt hat-
go at v.,...:......,. ........OS
JiUe-J candles, lb. . . .
Out thev go all straw hats np to $4.00
"values go Saturday at only. . . . . -50t
Panama hats up to - $10.00 values
go at $1.95