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    THE 13LE: OIuAHA, FiilDAY, AUGUST A 1912.
Hone Racing is Always a Popular Feature at the Fair
-44r W q 1 ' -I , jar tss just amir. ,
Nebraska Fruits Make a Wondrous Show
tural exhibits at th Nebraska
State fair thli year bid fair
to exceed, it auoh a thin
could be posBlble, any exhibit
made before In any of the
grand showings at previous fairs.
j It is not generally known that the bor
'.tlcultural department at the state fair
!is not a part of the, regular state fair
organisation, but such Is a fact. The
State Horticultural society Is an initltu-
tlon by Itself which pays Its , own pre
i mlums and pays Its own expenses. The
! state fair pays it a certain amount to
jmake Its exhibit, but outside of that It
jli wholly a horticultural organisation
with Its own officers and Its own InstU
L Secretary Marnhall of the society says
jfhat the apple outlook this year In the
state Is exceptionally good, and that the
cHaplay at the fair will be wonderful.
'Early apples, according to Mr. Marshall,
which are lhten?e4 for exhibition at the
fair should be packed ftimly in boxes or
baskets, each apple wrapped separately
In a piece of newspaper and sen by
express to the Beatrice Creamery com
pany at Lincoln, where be has made ar
rangements to place them in cold stor
age and have them delivered at the fair
grounds at the proper time. These ship
ments should be marked "For. State
Fair." :
A very Interesting feature of the ex
hibit at the fair will be demonstrations
In apple packing. Secretary Marshall has
engaged Mr. A. B. Cooper of Hood
River, Ore., to give exhibitions , of how
to properly pack apples so they will keep
In good condition tor home use or ship
ment. Mr. Cooper Is considered one of
the most successful packers in the weit
and Is in great demand by all expositions
where the apple Industry Is an important
Up-to-date growers now recognise the
Importance of the right kind of methods
In packing. The western part of the
country has demonstrated that It pays
to grade carefully and pack Its most
attractive packages. The Nebraska ap
ple growers will have to come to this
way of preparing their apples for the
market If they expect to get the most
out of their work. Therefore this year
there is much to be gained by watching
the work of Mr. Cooper in his demon
st rations In apple packing.
Other fruit will be found in abundance
at the horticultural hall. Grapes, peaches,
and plums will be seen in abundance,
while the display of flowers will be lm-
mense. Entries at this time have come
In' from as far west as McCook, which
indicates that the whole state will be
Over In agricultural liall there Is go
ing to be one of the grandest displays of
products from the farm ever shown In
the state. The competitive county ex
hibit department Is going to be especially
well represented. Twenty-two counties
entered the competition last year, but
this year the contest bids fair to show
a big Increase in the number and It may
be that agricultural hall will 'have to tie
enlarged temporarily to accommodate the
exhibits. Counties from the northwest,
In the irrigation section of. the state, will
make some exhibits which will open the
eyes of people not familiar with the way
things are done in the agricultural line
In the western part of the state. '
'.Sections of Nebraska which have been
blessed with an overabundance of mois
ture, and which have not the advantage
of irrigation, have been , most bounti
fully remembered with p:enty of rain and
In consequence, are in a position to meet
their sister states in the irrigation dis
tricts on an equal basis.
. However, that all sections of the state
may be placed in a position so that each
section, will not have to compete with an
other section, which may have had better
natural advantages, the state board has
divided the state Into three separate sec
tions, the competition to be between the
counties of each section.
The "Western" section comprises all of
the counties west of a line beginning on
the south border of the state and run
nlng north on the east l'lne of Red Willow
County to the northwest corner of Custer,
then east on the north line of that county
to the northeast corner of the same
county and then north to the state line.
The "Central" section comprises all of
the counties east of the above described
line to a line beginning at the southwest
corner of Jefferson county and running
north to the northeast corner of Platte,
then west to the northwest corner of
Platte, then west to the northwest corner
of Platte, then north to the northeast
corner of Anelope, then west to the
northwest corner of the same county and
north to the state line.
The eastern section comprises all of the
counties east of the central section of
the Missouri river.
This will make a competition which will
be fair and will bring the competitors
closer to each other and nearer under
like conditions.
Sixty per cent of he highest score
made will be the minimum score card tor
each county exhibit in each district and
60 per cent of $2,350 will be divided equally
among exhibits scoring above the mini
mum and the balance of said money will
be prorated according to the total num
ber of points among the minimum. Fifty
dollars additional will be given to the ex
hibit making the highest score in each
district, $30 to second and $20 to third.
Under the above arrangements it Is evi
dent that the state fair management in
tends to make every effort to get a big
display from each district, and indica
tions point to a success along that line.
Probably more' people will be interested
in the counties from the western part of
the western section than In any other
part of the state. People of the older
portion of Nebraska have heard so much
of the Irrigated .northwest that they, will
hall with delight an opportunity to see
Just what the former sandhills and un
organized territory haa done In the way
of development. That it has developed
wonderfully and that It can raise great
crops under the proper use of water for
irrigating purposes Is known, but a whole
lot of people like to "be shown" before
they will believe, and there is every In
dication that they will not only "be
shown" but convinced that the people
of the hitherto dry territory have what
they often claim, the "garden spot of the
The racei are not the on
ly thing you want to see
if you attend the State
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One of THE Sights at
the Nebraska State Fair
for farmers and dairymen, at least, will be the
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fVTsnss"y'yss'si" r fir " --i" - i ir fir- " r "i iivvsvrsrtfwxfuw.