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    2" THE- BEE; OMAHAJFBIIAY,; JULY 19,1912. '; ; : ,
fTitTTT! "' " " 1 ' '" " "" " "' I
Friday and Saturday mark the closing days
of this big sale-the time is short '
Items of Special Interest for These
" - Two Days Are:
; SOX, UNDERWEAR. : : v . : r
Watch our windowo
Store cloe$ Irfiday at five. - ;
mnr aaam - - w
1518-1520 MENAM STREET.
Go on lecord to Have Voters Act
- TTpon Womaa Suffrage.
, President Uriels at Steto rederattea
of Labor Espeota Opposltlea to
Appelstsaest as Marshal
: . tm 'Iowa. ;
(from a tuff Correspondent)
CSS MOINES. Is.. July ll. Special
Tlgraai.VNwpapr editor of Iowa
wont en record favoring th submission
to tho voters of the state of a constitu
tJonal amendment , permitting women to
vote, but opposed going on record as ac
tually favoring adoption of the aw end'
,At a mmIoo of tho Upper Pes Molnea
Editorial association, Miss. Satford. head
of toe State Women Suffrage association,
prevented a resolution not only favoring
submission, but approving the Idea.. .
.A demoeratlo candidate for state office
Siade a fight to have the. whole subject
Ignored, but failed. The indorsement part
was stricken out and the resolution
adopted by an overwhelming vote in favor
t lotting the-peopl vote -on lb : "
V" 1 tlrick Will RCtlff
liA. U 'TJrlck. president of State
Tdratln"ot "Labor, stated . today ! he
irill retire tram tho office of president
Snd all coflneotlonvttk the labor move
ment. If be ( appointed Vnltsd States
marshal for Southern Iowa in accord with
tho recommendation of the republican
delegation in congress. He ' haa been
president many years. He declared that
he txpecta opposition to hie appointment
'FORT DODOE, la., July M.-CSpeol&L)
-fort Dodge plumber and fort Dodge
counclUnen are arrayed in real ba'tl
royal against aoh! other as result of
the city's nnounoement that it will tall
water meters at 4 price low.' than tliat
'quoted by. tb. plumber. Advertising
their action tha city, so tho plumbers say,
1 misquoted the plumbers' price aa tU.
1 w&en it s but tlO. The city Is offering
meters at tS, but tha plumbers Infer tha
kind they will sell la far Inferior to that
they have been marketing. Plumbera
are up la arm and say' they will tight
the city's purpose to Infringe upon their
'buslnosa .
UASOK PITT. la. July l.-8peolal.-
T sm two womon amUing at aaoh other
and eolnf ot of court arm la arm. and
bath the wire ot one man, was the scene
Valuable Beauty Needs ,
for the Heated Term
, Taa and freckle can be banished auuj
tha akin kept clear, smooth and radi
!aUy beautiful right through th aum
mar by dally applications of a
lotion which is prepared at horn for a
amaU eum by aUrrlng X teaspoontuis
Klyoerin Into H Pt wtteh basal (or
hot water), thaa adding 4 ounces spur
max. This lotion la in visible whan on
and will not spot nor stresk from pers
piration. It is eapeclsily hioe tb rub out
line and dlspal tb oUy. shinny condi
tion.. CAnthrox ahampoos ara wonderful
aids to keep th hair lovely during sum
mer. Just dissolve a taaspoonf ul canth
rox In 4 cup hot water and your abam
poo Is ready. This creates a wealth of
rich, white lather that dissolves every
atom ef dust, dandruff and excess oil.
Rinsing leave th scalp and hair im
maculate? clean. After a canthrox
shampoo tha hair dries evenly and
q sickly, and takes oa a charming lustre
and allklna--Av. f
Tb "Chfl Her Tbcgh ib Ccrsra
. . , .m 1 1
AnATruimmor Brnod Newrjr Wrtttam
lEUaogy of tbJ Clrll Wa :
Xhia Coujpoa Good for bectloa 7
la Judge Kimball's court today. W. J.
Coleman, alias Jerry Bailey, who has
at least six wives, was up on tho charge
of bigamy. 1 Mrs. W. J. Coleman, wife
No. I, nee Mamie Maisey, .of Evanston,
III., appeared against him, and then
came Mrs. W. J. , Coleman, wife No. 6,
nee Maude White, of Oskaloosa'. ' When
the .women came Into court Chief of Po
lice Locke Introduced wife No. 0 jo wlfo
No. I This was tn:0rst time Jhey ever
met and the greeting waa cordial Both
'wives positively Identified Coleman and
be recognised both and evidently tuade
no pretentions of not knowing' them.
Coleman was bound , over, to the grand
Jury and will remain in Jail until the
September session. -
Omaha Man Leaps
Frdm Hotel Window
3. Rows, agad U years, traveling freight
Inspector for the Union Pactflo 'railroad,
ended -his life by leaping 'from 'a fifth
story window of a hotel hers today. He
had been 111 for several days. Howe's
family resides in Omaha. t
r Union -Pacific headquarters, in Omaha
were notified of Mr. Rows' s ' death ye
terday afternoon and the headquarters
communicated the newa to Mrs.' Rows at
tat Nome, tteo Pratt street :i 0- '
Mrs. Rowe waa almost prostrated with
grief and .worry. 8ho said, she ootKlnot
believe her husband - committed iuiaJde,
as he was In good health and the best
of spirits when he left Omaha awSsk
ago last Monday. She. believes his death
must have been due to accident or severe
Illness. For several days she has re
ceived no letters from him and this haa
lad her to fear he waa not well.
Mrs. Rows has tent, telegrama to Mr.
Rowe's father and brother In Oklahoma
City and to another brother in Buffalo,
N. T.; but has received bo repllea
Mr. Row wss 8S years old. His family
consists of his widow and one child.
Big Explosion of Gas
. KilLs..Three Miners
WILKB88ARRR Pa, July U A heavy
explosion of gas in No. S colliery of the
Lehigh & Wllkesbarre-Coal company at
South Wllkesbarre tonight. caused . the
death ' of three miners and serious In
lurv to 'three otbera The dead are
JoseDh Toth, mlneri , Stanley Nekart,
miner, and Anthony Luect, laborer.
Frank Wrobal is fatally burned and
his death is1 expected before morning.
' As far as could bs learned, it Is be
lieved the explosion waa caused by ons
of tbo miners firing a black stick, the
fire from which Ignited ,a pocket of gas.
Tha fore of tha explosion was so great
that It hurl4d the men In all dlreotiona
and wrscked a larg portion of tha mine.
Iowa Man is Made:
.: Leader of Sheriff s
. ST.' PAUL, July lt-uouls Bckhart of
Davenport,. Ia, today waa, unanimously
sleeted president ot the International
Sheriffs' association. L. Q. Calder of
Caakatoon. Canada, waa chosen vice presl
dent and William A. Oerber of St Paul
was r-lcted secretary-treasurer.
Th motion to chang the nam xrom
th national to tha International Sheriffs
association wa carried unanimously.
Chicago, AtlanUo City, Reno, Nav.
Wichita, Kan., and Peoria, seek th IfllJ
convention. Th officers will make th
selection... . ..; ... .....
Senate Passes the-- ;
Waterways Measure
WASmNQTOR.'. July . 1$.-Th rlvera
and harbora appropriation bill, carrying
about $32,000,000, including . $6.000.000 . for
Mississippi 'river improvement was
finally passed by th senate today, when
tha conference report was adopted.
Kay to tb 81tuatJon-Bee Advertising.
CItO War
mL II X sW
or for any Section Previously Issued,
W. Fr SKeelian Testifies About Dem
ocratic Pinances in 1904.
Wltaeaa Does Wot Recall Whether
Mr. Bryan Wu Candidate for
Senator That . Year- .:
or Not.
WASHINGTON, I July lS.-The demo
cratlcv campaign 'fund contained bout
$1,000,000 when Alton B.- Parker ran for
president tn 1901, according to W. F.
8beehan of New Tqrk, Who testified lo-
ay before the senate committee investi
gating campaign funaa
Mr. Sheehan waa then chairman ot the
demoeratlo national executive committee.
Money waa Bent by the commutes. n
said, to Maine, Colorado and Nebraska,
To Main, did you sayf asked a sen
Yes; with very gratifying results to
the democrats."
'How much was sent to Nebraska?"
Inquired Senator Oliver. ' '
"I think about $15.000. ' , ' v '
"Mr. Bryan was the candidate for the
senatorshlp that year, was he not?"
I don't remember exactly; candidates
for the senatorshlp war not" ' .
"Wall, I think he was," Interrupted th
Pennsylvania senator.
Mr. Sheehan said he remembered
August Belmont was a large contributor
that year and Senator Oliver asked If
Thomas F. Ryan was also a contributor
in th same campaign. The witness re
sponded that he was. .
Mr. Sheehan wanted the committee to
understand when he estimated the demo
cratic funds in 190 at $1,000,000 he was
not contradicting August Belmont, who
'guessed" on the stand that the amount
waa $600,000 or $700,000.
"It Is all a matter of memory, In
sisted Sheehan. "L think the national
oommltte used directly about $300,000. I
think there came through -the committee
some contributions for specific use in
New Tork state. I have an Impression
that amounted to about $200,000."
Tn witness declared tha - committee
made a rule at the beginning of the cam
paign not to accept money from any trust
Ha believed no such contributions ware
mad directly or indirectly,
8 agar Money Retarned.
There was $10,000 contributed," began
Mr. Sheehan, "by the American Sugar
Refining companynot' by Mr. Havs
msyer to the state committee. Befors
th check was cashed w Heard about it
and It waa returned."
Senator Clapp asked tha witness for
the names of tho contributors of mors
than UL0O0.
"I recollect Mr. Belmont chiefly because
of his testimony," replied Mr. Bheehan.
'I was away up -in Main much ot th
time and did hot have ao much to do with
the ralaing of funds. There were others
who contributed more than that sum, but
I cannot remember them." '
"Who waa th most active in securing
money T" asked Mr. Clapp.
Why, senator, various people were so-
Icltlng on their own responsibility. Tb
members of the commute were active
People wr circularised. We published
request for funds. Democrats or others
interested 'In the success of the ticket,
came tn to Inquire if It waa satisfactory
for them to get out and rale horn
money . t. v v,
,"Dld you solicits.' - - ' '" '-'
"Not, much.rl dvotdi ray energies to
other, work." ri
Mr. Sheehan said the late Daniel 8. La-
mont assisted him in collecting money.
Colonel LamPDt. had been connected with
corporators., he said, hut h could not
remember what ona . ,
Agent Found Dead .
; m Front of Station
ALLIANCE. ;ieb., , July . lSWSpeoial
Telegram.) J. T. Maddox, agent for th
Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy at Dalton,
was found dead In front of hi station
at 7 o'clock tonight The causa of Ua
death , was heart failure, hs having been
In poor health for soma time. Hs leaves
a family.
KANSAS CITT. July 18. "ir we ever
hay government ownership of railroads
In thia country It will to because the
shippers cannot qbtaln the facilities that
they must have tn any other way," 1
sorted CV A. Prouty, chairman of tha
Interstate Commerce commlsalon. In ad
dressing the second day's session of the
nineteenth annual' convention of tb
National Hay association "here. '
. Mr. Prouty spoka oh ' "Th Danger
Point" discussing matter pertaining to
the shipper and railroads from th stand
point of th Interstate Commerce com
mission. Government ownership hs said
would not com unless th shippers ot
th country found that it was ths only
way In which to meet their demands tor
"Hay haa don more tor Kansas than
politics," said F. D. Coburn, secretary ot
tha Kansas Board ot Agriculture, in ad
dressing th convention ou "Alfalfa."
"Land that formerly wa worth $5 aa
acre," h continued, "now la worth $71
to $100 an acre because it raises several
crop ot alfalfa a year.'
' CRE8TON, . Ia, July U.-8pedai-A
new head tor Lombard college at
Oaleeburg. 111., haa been secured by J,
B.'Hxeh Ot this city, who Is ths chair
man of tha trusts committee. Th new
president Is Prof. H. B. HumV-recently
returned from specialising along educa
tional line in Germany. It 1 expected
Prof. ' Hung will take up the work
at Lombard with the opening of th
college year. Rider Divinity achool. con
nected with the college for years, has
bean removed te Chicago and affiliated
with tha University ot Chicago, and will
retain aa tta dean. Dr. U B. Fisher, who
has, for many years, been tha head of
the school at Lombard. '
IOWA CITT, la Jldy , It-Govarnar
Woodrow WQaeo wffl not attend the Iowa
ienwaratta eenmntfaa at Cedar Rapid
next Thursday. Nodes to this affect was
received today from Ssa (Hit, K. J, try
Indsa Martina J. Wad of the eaeetrttva
committee of the riemoerxtie natiooal
anmtttea. The anaunaceimt that the
ntmamor would not cxnaa iTled wKh tt
the atatwnunt that be wsM yiokuMy
vndt Iowa s Uttte katoe-
American Has Narrow Escape While
Traveling in Mexico.
Ib Train He Waa Riding- Many Sol
diers and Civilians At Shot
Down and Then ReHeved'
of Valuables.
Lying close to the floor of a passenger
coach In the heart of the hostile districts
of, Old Mexico, : with a cuspidor tightly
pressed' against each ear to ward off
fusillade after fusillade of lnsurrecto bul
lets, Harry O. Robinson exercised the in
stinct of self-preservation so well that he
was able to tell the story of massacre
while at the Hotel Rome this morning.
Mr. Robinson - was ' on the ' passenger
train bound for the mining districts south
of Mexico City when It waa attacked
some time ago by '-4 -marauding band of
the Zapadlstos, or lnsurrecto followers of
General Zapada, who massacred tho forty
federal soldiers aboard the train and
killed many of, the ctvlliana in the battle.
"I had occasion to go some forty miles
south of Mexico City In connection with
my mining business. It happened that a
detachment of forty federal eoldiers was
being transported en tho same train. 'The
InsurrectoB in some way had heard this
and this was on of their opportunities
for a massacre. W had entered a rough
country of lava bed cut up by ravine
and covered with cactus and small shrub
bery. Just around th curve ahead ot
us th lnsurrecto had derailed a freight
train, so, of course, our train stopped.
Immediately the Zapadlstas opened fire
on ua from every direction. The first
fusillade, of bullets killed many of the
soldiers and many civilians as well, and
tha rest of us at once dropped flat upon
the floor. The soldier fired from 'the
windows of th cars until every one of th
forty bad been killed In tha coach. Mn
were killed on both sides of me, and I
decided If I was to be shot I did not
want to be shot In the head. So I grabbed
two cuspidors from the aisle and clapped
one to each ade of my head. A Mexican
passenger some distance behind me
crawled up. to me. snatched one away
from me and used it as a shield for his
own head. Every Mexican passenger In
the coach was praying throughout the
entire battle, while the federal soldiers
were falling wounded and cursing one by
one. , . . . , '.
"When the .guns of .the soldiers In the
coach had been silenced by the killing
of the soldiers, the Zapadlsta rushed tha
train, and all the civilians war forced to
glv up their money." ' " ' '
City Starts Crusade
Against the Vagrant
Lounging on Streets
With tb prisoners in too county Jail
looked in the cells and bull pens as
tight aa sardines th city ponce force ha
started a crusade against the vaga
lounging In Jeffsrson square. When these
prisoners are turned over to th care
ot th county Sheriff McShana and . his
deputies will have a difficult task' on
their handa to provide aleeplng quarters
tor thm. '' ,' ; v.V:.v' ' ".
There are Ml male prisoners, tn th
cohntv lall and twenty-three omeri id
the matron' department. While the ma
tron's department ' stlil ' has roord -for a;
few' additional boardera, the 'men's de
partment is overcrowded. ,; 1 -'
fh iaU 'wtll only lodge ninety-eight
prisoners ' properly.' ' There are almost
twice this number in th jail now. In
som eells two and three prisoners sre
forced to occupy on bed. Those that
are not fortunate enough to have a hard
board and a thin mattress to sleep on
are forced to He on th hard cement
floor or tables.
The polios arrested forty-six vagrants
In Jefferson square yesterday. These will
all be M turned over to the county to
board and room for at least thirty days.
and probably sixty or ninety days. Th
polio are going to continue the arrest
of loungers in th park who oannot give
a stood account of themselves. This will
mean that large numbers of prisoners
will . bs . turned . ever to. -tha- oauaty Jail
aah day.
Deputies at 4h Jail say' Justice of the
Peace Claiborne, while he waa ' acting
polios Judge, when Judge Foster was in
the hopsltal, supplied tb county with
at least sixty boarders, who war work
ing men, and arrested for being drunk
or some other minor offense. , x
Thirty of these men were sentenoed to
ninety days, ten to sixty .day and
twenty to thirty day on. county feed.
TXCTJMSEh! Nsb., July li-KSpejolaJ
Talegram.-Harry Walrod. on of th
rural mall carrier from the Crab Orch
ard postotflc. died today as the result
ot a runaway accident Monday. Mr.
Walrod's team became frightened at a
bicycle and. ran away, throwing him out
ot his rig. A farmer, a F. Hunt cam
to hia rescue and accompanied him over
the balance. of his route, Mr. Walrod dis
tributing his mail However, he had suf
fered a fracture of th skull and' became
unconscious Monday evening and so re
mained. An operation waa performed yes
terday, hut to no avail. Mr. Walrod was
11 year ot age, waa th bob ot Mr. and
Mrs. Riley Walrod of near Pawnee City,
and was unmarried.
The funeral will be held at tha Crab
Orchard Methodist church at 1:3 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon, ' and wiH be con'
ducted by Rev. J. B. 'Wiley, of Burchard.
Burial will be In the Crab Orchard
edmctery.' " r' ''
Australia to Resist
Onset of Beef Trust
MELBOURNE. Australia, July 11-
Answtrlng a question; in the House ot
Representatives, whether . tb American
beet combine was establishing a packing
works In Australia. Premier Fisher, said:
Th government wUl spare ao efforts
and no expenses .and will us aU th
means In It power to protect Australia
from the -rapacity which has character
ised th operations of tha American beef
trust In other countries."
BRISBANE, Queensland, July IS. Re
garding the report that American meat
packer are setting up a big meat pack
lng works, a representative ot th com
pany concerned teday denied that It was
a branch ot the American ,beet com
bine. He declared that it waa a Queens
land company and : that it would . be
registered .here. : ,:J .
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BK Returns.
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Original Agreement in McNamara
Case Shown in Court.
r4ertks Refased to Agar to Any
Plaa by Which John J. Mo-
Nasaara Would Bsoapo
, Pnalsbjnent.
LOS AQ5LES,',Julyl 1A-The original
agreement between representatives of
labor and capital in Los Angela by which
th McNamara case .was to be ended
forever was' disclosed' In detail by Fre
mont Older, editor of the San Francisco
Bulletin. Who took the stand today in
Ihe bribery trial of. Clarence 8. Darrow. .
The introduction of this testimony was
permitted by Judge Hutton on th show
ing ot the' defense that It Would prove a
lack of motive on the part ot Darrqw
for th bribing of Juror' Gieorg N. Lock
wood, but the ruling Was mad only after
th greater part of the day's session had
been consumed by arguments.
The original agreement, as outlined by
Older, contemplated the pleading ot guilty
oy jama b. sscNamara and tn nxing
of his punishment at life imprisonment
For this th prosecution not only waa to
dismiss- other oases growing cat of the
dynamiting of the Lbs Angeles Times
building, Including "that of John J. Mo
ramara, but to destroy all evidence then
in possession of the' prosecution.
By another clhuee' ln the agreement
Los Angeles capital -was to recognise th
labor unjoaa, fs 1 , i '
ThoW "3. W ti Wolres. 1 '
The Quest ion had arisen, th witness
saldvot the unwillingness; of District At
tornayUJftdk'te; 9j) to tha dls
mlssal oi.. .charga, agalnat John J.
MoNaatara; -and' It ha4i.been agreed by
Mr. barrow that if the prosecution in
sisted upon, it 'J. , J " also would bs
throw to ithe, wolves rather than con
tinue the trial. '
v fe
At the following
Omaha & Council Bluffs
Hotels, Restaurants,
" Lunch Rooms
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Loyal :'. ' '
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Klne'fl Soda Fountain. ,
W. A. Piel Drug Co.
Merchant's Drug Oo.
Shera&n & UcOoxmeU
Dreg CJo. (4)
' Instant Poetum in now
and restaurants in America.
Among them The
Attftr SLReffia. etc- in
i Walton Bingham, etc., in Philadelphia; Auditorium,
Blackstone, Congress, etc, in Chicago; Touraine, Parker
.ttas(l CoTttar San&re. tc in Boston: Iroauois, Touraine,
etc, in Buffalo; lead hotels in Washington, .ItttSburg,
: Baltimore, Detroit, Cleteland, OiiKinnati, llinneapolis,
Bt Paul, St. Louis, Kansas
... Jtodsvfiwrt irsa ;.v
Beginning Saturday
Grarid Mhal Clearance
cltaJf mer & Marx
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I 1 1 II 1
Just-'before adjournment Juror M. R.
Williams asked th witness: "Did you
know at that time that th McNamaras
wer guHtyr
'"Wen, X had no definite or legal knowl
9g that they ware, but I assumed so,"
waa the reply.
Her Juror .L. A. Levitt brok in.
"What did you mean by throwing J. J.
to. the wolvesr he asked. "Did ,you
reoommend ' that ohe go free and the
other be punished, knowing both wer
guilty?" . ' ' '
Th' witness explained hi ' attitude . by
saying that he did not believe' in the
doctrine of "an'sya' for an. ey and a
tooth for a ' tooth." He thought that
Justice could be done without taking
any more human Ufa
' Summoned to Los Angeles by a tele
gram from' Darrow and Lincoln Bteffens,
the magasine - writer, . MA Older said
that' on ' his arrival her on November
ts of last year, ha . was apprised by
Mr. Steffens ot th plan upon which the
latter was working with prominent em
ployers and citizens of Los Angeles for
k' truca between labor and capital.
At a subsequent conference with Dar
row and Bteffens," the witness said hs
was shown a memorandum of agreement
by th author
SIOUX ClTT.'ia, Ju1y..l8.--M. J, .Lar
son, tralruijaster" for th Milwaukee rail
road, has received notification , that he
haa bean promoted to the office of as
sistant to; H. (B, Sarlint.. assistant .fen
oral inanager.'With . neadquarters to ChV
cago. '.V ".
young BotjiOBS safe;
DCS VOl-laZju'oahiU-
IJnkOV. 18 yjawn- old, , was. aught . I th
hot of. jobbing , th i safe la th oftics
of a local bottlinir works today. The lad
was taken to the police; sUtlon, .and
found te have a complete set of burglars'
tools ia his possession.
and Soda Fcniirfains:
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- Baltimore Lunclv
; Baxter's Lunch" r
: Betoont Bestaiarant .
i Boston Lunch (2)
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Oaluxnet Oaf e
;l Delft Tea Boom
Elsaaser's Lunch
Haydenros.' Tea Boom
New Delicatessen
Popular Cafe
Vienna Oafe
VlnceniCafe ;
served a xnost leading hotels
Waldorf-Astoria, Vanderbilt,
Hew York; Bellerue-Stratford,
uwy, .lwnrer, ew,ew.,(
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T Esmbmw via Bonlogna (U sad M elssa)
tRiU-Ctrlton a -Is Cart Kestsurast ' ".'.
Xambnrg-Amrlcan Ida, 150 West &an
dolpb St, Chloago. SU os local agent.
"40 ICUates from Omaha." "
Aad Kany Other Attractions,
Engagement Extraordinary
ciiilciLLo 1
and His Concert Band
of 85 maslcaas from Claveland, Ohio.
July 20th to July SSd '
Afternoons and Evening. -Regular
admission charge, 10c
July 19, 20, 21, 22.
Friday July 19, Ladles' Day Gam
.Called at 4 P. M.
Monday, July 22. Ladles' Day Gaiao
Called at 3:80. '. -
TAVOSTZXXJI laeladssi 'LaEp ft Ban
Jamtn. Acrobats; - Cleo Balconf, "Buster
Brown" Girtr Emmett' Bros., Dancers;
Limerick Burton, Celtic Baritona
Wedneeday only. "The ftoly City" (to
reels).' Pictures . changed daily.. Tew
vaudevilla - Thursday. Hlf SIA1 1 f.
Boura. 1-6. 7-11 P. M. Hill TtXl I UC
coxa ast Tuai ezat na ukxt
. fs :19:M--S.J