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i State Superintendent of Anti-Saloon
- League Again Notifies Sheriff.
Sheriff's Depaties Are Said by ae
t V Saperiateadeat t Frequent Oat
. .. . side saloons Which Keep
, Opea All Night.
.H. E. Carson, stats superintendent of
the Anti-Saloon league, ' writes the fol
lewing letter to The Bee. making public
one pf his communications to Sheriff Mc
Shane: '
, .LINCOLN, Neb., July I8.-T0 the Editor
of The Bee: I am writing you on a mat
ter that I believe to be of public Interest
The bmaha district superintendent of the
A ntl-Saloon league has twice, within the
last seven months, notified the sheriff
f Douglas county of. specllflo places
where the law was being openly and
flagrantly violated. On July . 18U, after
lersona!ly Investigating conditions.
wrote him the letter given below, based
upon my own experience. None of these
letters' have ever received the least con
sideration at his hands. The Keepers of
these resorts have openly ' boasted pf
their freedom from molestation. It did
seem that political advantage was being
sought by allowing them to violate the
tow without hindrance. As late as Sun
day,' July 14, liquor was purchased by
Our representatives in saloons at Ben
nlngton, Ralston and Elkhorn, while the
places mentioned In my letter of July 1
-er running as usual. From my expert
ence, I am convinced that the conviction
of law violators, under the statutes of
our state, Is impossible In Douglas
county so long as the men who have
sworn to enforce the law remain in
different to law violations. My reasons
for my belief are partly set out In the
letter I addressed to the sheriff which
follows. X offer It to you for publica
tion that the voters of Douglas county, as
well as those In the state at large, may
ha able to 'Judge of the value they may
place upon the professions of liquor men,
Who talk of law enforcement. This Is the
letter I cava written:
Writes to McShane.
July . I913.-Sher!ff Felix McBhane.
..' Omaha, Neb: Dear Sir Some months
ago the omana district superintendent of
the league called your attention to the
violation of law at certain places In your
county. About that time our headauar-
ters' committee commended you for your
activity in law enforcement in tne oity
Of Omaha. We had hoped you would
treat law violators outside of the city
In the Mine manner. We have been dis
appointed. .
Now, Mr. McShane, we are very anx
ious to know why these places' outside of
ine cuy in your county are let to 00 as
they please f Certainly It Is not that you
are unaware of the conditions. We have
1 evidence, secured by reliable parties, that
some of your official force are patrons
of these places at hours when they art
not authorised to transact business.
On Sunday, June 23, two of your depu
ties, whose names 1 am prepared to fur
nish were in- Concordia park, accom
panied by women, not their wives, and
were In a drunken condition. The pro
prietor said they and their friends had
drank over 98 worth of liquors for which
they had not paid a cent being deputies.
This would cause me to suspect that
your office knew of these conditions.
During the last month I have visited
. Omaha at various times and have made it
my business to Investigate conditions In
Douglas county. The conditions In the
county outside of Omaha are deplorable.
The law is openly and brasenly violated.
I desire to vail your attention to a few
examples; '
Hill's road house, which Is located
about one-half mils, north of the city
limits on Sixteenth street, is a boot
legging establishment and assignation
house, with all the accessories, welcoming
anybody who chances to come that way.
But even worse than this is Schnschay's
place, which is about MO yards from the
city limits, near Carter lake. I think
you probably have Information with re
lation to this place, as It Is ourrently re
ported that deputy sheriff hangs
around here "considerable of the time.
This place has a regularly licensed bar
and yet -operates practically all night
Men and women may be seen standing at
the bar. drinking, at all hours of the night,
while on a large porch beer Is served and
the most lascivious dsnces Indulged in.
The vulgar talk here Is the worst I have
ever personally heard and all this after
10 "clock at night The boat "Georgia."
run by the son of the proprietor, carries
passengers aoross here from Courtland
Beach ' to become customers. Certainly
you are not entirely, Ignorant of these
conditions. ,
I also wish to call your attention to
the road house and saloon on West Cen
ter street road. Also four saloons and
gambling dens located at Millard. ' These
are of the same character.
In every place I have mentioned, slot
machines pay money - directly or Indi
rectly. . Now, Mr. McShane, I am not writing
this to you from hearsay. I have per
sonally visited these places and know
whereof 1 speak. In the name of common
decency and in the light of your oath
of public office, I ask you to Immediately
enforce the law against these establish
ments that I have not mentioned. Of
course, I understand that there are hun
dreds of places Inside of the city limits
that are equally under your jurisdiction
and that of the city officials. I am glad
that much is being done to enforce the
law agamst these places, but see no suf
ficient reason why you should devote all
your attention to places In the city and
iione to the places that are outside of the
city , where you would naturally be ex
pected to be most diligent.
. I have a list of at least sixty disorderly
places in and around Omaha and a Wo
evidence against them. It is not difficult
for anyone to obtain evidence., for cer
tainly I should not have been admitted
to these places without question and
without suspicion, had they been at all
Carefully run.
I shall await your answer to this letter
and your enforcement of the law. with
considerable impatience. I trust you will
make good on your oath of office within
the next few days. I wish you to know
hat this letter is not only a private letter,
but is more than that, for I expect to
Vive it to the general public, for their
perusal, with many additional tacts, if
some evidences of good faith are not
forthcoming. We do not desire to appeal
to higher authority, but feel that we must
do so unless you proceed against these
Trusting I shall hear from you ' by
word ana deed. 1 am. Yours truly,
H. F. CARSON, .Superintendent
I believe taw violation is not worse
than the protection of the violator, and
that a criminal is not so bad as the pub
lic officer that shields him.
In the Interests of law-abiding citlsen
ship I have made this Investigation. I
now propose to lay this matter before the
governor of the state, under the Sackett
law, unless action is taken to close these
places in the next few days. This is to
determine whether the law in this state
is of any value whatever or whether it is
a farce. . ' H. E. CARSON.
Jlupertntendent. .
: A contract for the first five of twenty
fiv cottage to be erected in Cottage
Homes addition at Forty-second ' and
Grand avenues, has been" let by H. M.
Christie and W, Farnam Smith, The cot
tages will be sold on easy payments.
Each cottage will contain six rooms and
will be of varied designs. Three of the
first five have already been sold.
A Bleedy Affair
, Is lung hemorrhage. Stop It. and cure
teak lungs, coughs and colds with Dr.
i King's New Discovery. Me and (LOO.
For sale by Beaton Drug Co, .
Woodmen of World
Dedicatory Service"
; : Delayed for Month
Dedication of the Woodmen of tin
World building has been postponed until
the latter part of September or the first
of October. - Owing to the extreme
cold , weather of last winter the con
tractors were delayed and the new build
ing, which was to have been completed
by July 28, will not be ready for occu
pancy until some time in September.
For this reason the dedication was post
Another reason which had a part In the
postponement was the absence of J. C.
Root, founder of the order. ' At present
he Is sojourning In Europe and will not
return to Omaha until September. The
executive council of the order was in
Omaha Monday and decided not to hold
the dedication until the building was
completed and until Mr. Root could take;
an active part in the ceremonies.
It is the, Intention of the council when
the dedication is held to convey the spec
tators to the top floor of the new build
ing' in an elevator and then have them
walk down the entire eighteen floors and
visit every office on the way down. The
guests will be accdmmodated by guides.
The postponement of the dedication
will not affect the encampment of the
first military district which will be held
In Omaha from July '24 to 28, inclusive.
The-district comprises the states of Ne
braska, Iowa, North and South Dakota
and Minnesota. Two hundred and fifty
members of the uniformed drill teams of
the various camps of the states in this
district are expected at the meeting
They will pitch their tents at Krug park,
which will be the headquarters of the
encampment for the five days.
Cost of Water Meter
to Consumers is to
Be $8.40 Plus $6
Water Commissioner Howell announced
that the cost of water meters to con
sumers would be 8.40, which is the list
price and the price the majority of the
bids asked by the manufacturers who
submitted sealed bids to the water board
in response to an advertisement for bids.
The cost of installation will be $8.
Mr. Howell said the old water company
had sold meters at til. E0 each to con
sumers and that the water board would
be able to cut the price, because it had
arranged with the Neptune Meter com
pany or cieveiana to tuy tnem at a
price lower than the water company
Contract will not be' entered into with
the Neptune company this week because
three members of the board, M. T. Bar
low, D. 3. O'Brien and P. C. Heafey, are
in Chicago, but the contract, says Howell,
has virtually been closed and orders will
be placed next week.
Commissioner Howelt says the jolty
will save ultimately $18,000 on the meters
because of the lower price secured
through privately negotiating with the
meter manufacturers. Small orders will
be placed and the meters installed as fast
as they arrive, so that, the time and ex
pense of storing them upon their arrival
will be dispensed with.
Rich Wahoo Citizen
Ends Life With Gas
While Visiting Here
Fred Anderson, 7$ years old. a wealthy
oltlsen of Wahoo, was found dead at t
O'clock yesterday afternoon in the rooming
house Above 1109 Douglas street .All in
dications point toward suicide. The gas
Jet m the room was turned on full when
the door was broken open.
Anderson, who owned 876 acres of valu-
able land near Wahoo, has been In
Omaha about a month transacting bust-
ness. He has three, sons at Wahoo.
After many years John Edward Marsh.
executor of the will of the late Rolph
Marsh, has discovered that one of the
deeds held by the Marsh estate is defec
tive because of the omission of a single
word. The deed Is for a twenty-seven
acre tract of Douglas county farm prop-
erty and was given the Marsh estate by
Herman Glass. In the description one
clause should have read "thence sixty
rods west" The word west was inad
vertently omitted. A friendly suit against
Glass and his unknown heirs to have the
word written in has been started in dis
trict court.
to blame . carbon
troubles oa the oil.
An Improper mix
ture may . often
cause - carbon; go
may carrying oil too
high In the crank
case, or driving wltn
a retarded spark.
So far as your lu
bricating oil la con
cerned, you can al
ways keep free from
carbon trouble by
using Polarine.
Folarlne Oil con
tains no free car
bon. '
t torn not break
up or lose body un
der high ' tempera
ture or severe fric
tion. It affords
' complete, uniform
lubrication' In hot
and cold weather
alike. : -
Write for the Vote
rise Booklet,
Standard Oil
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PT Fair '
n nun ;s 1 in in it
t ciear-
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