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lng the three minute ot fighting in this
round. -
Third Round U Johnson'.
Round J-Flyno cut short a witty re
mark ot Johnson by twice hooking his
right to the Jaw. This nettled the black
and he cut loose with short-arm upper-
CUIS 10 Ue Jw. tfuiiuauu micu v,t-j
from the mouth as he emerged from a
ring; mixup, but Flynn spat blood in a
stream as the champion cut his moutu
w:th a volley of righst and lefts.
Round 4-Flynn rushed in close and
... a w.ltk th. f tinmnn' rain of right
and left uppeicuts to the face. At tnat
it seemed as If the champion was holding
himself in check. He Indulged "iynn
with a few stomach taps, scarcely trying
to protect bis body from Flynn's attacks.
Johnson constantly shoved his stomach
and invited him to blaze away, ""leu
convulsed the spectators. Flynn elicited
a great cheer when he rushed the black
to the ropes and planted a solid left to
the jaw. The round ended with iynn's
tace covered with blood. Johnson's round.
Round J-Johnson came up nonchalantly,
turning his head to the spectators and
hardly noticing his white antagonist
Flynn banged away at the stomach, but
this time Johnson covered up and shot
four lefts to the face in quick succession,
varying it with a left uppercut to the Jaw.
Kiynn at close quartets landed half a
duxen punches on the stomach, but John
eon only smiled and again made no ap
parent attempt to protect hla midsection.
Johnson aroused the crowd to merriment
by releasing Flynn's hold and clapping
his own gloves together, like a happy
school girl.
"I can't tight while he's holding me,"
shouted Flynn, protesting to the referee
liie round ended then with Johnson hold
ing a running conversation with his wife
and seconds, - ;
riyan Ceatlaaes Foaling.
Bound -Fiynn butted with hit head
three times and complained that Johnson
made it justltlabie by Holding him. Flynn
was severely reprimanded for deliberately
butting the champion, and U looked as If
he was seeking a loophole to stem me
beating being administered by the black.
Johnson dauled tne fireman with his
speed, landing left and right to the face
at iTiynn- riynn was again warned tor
butting. This time the cuamplon objected
strenuously. "He'a holtnng me." was
Flynn's uxcuee. Johnson, maddened,
landed a voiley of straight left nn right
punches to the face, fairly bewildering
f lynn. Then he stopped lumsail, appar
ently with a view to prolonging the con
test. Flynn's seconds also warned him
to cease butting when he sat the round
end out.
Round J-Johnson said. "Walt a min
ute," to a spectator who' had' shouted for
him to end it. Flynn bled profusely from
the nose as Johnson beat a nealtuy tattoj
with lett and right to that organ. Flynn
tailed to land a glove on the champion,
the black's defense proving impregnable.
Johnson made the blood tairly spout as
Jie rained blow after blow on his bewil
dered opponent. There was not a drop
of blood oo the champion as he took his
Round s-Flynn again tried to butt and
was thrice warned. The round was very
much like Its predecessor, with Johnson
uppercutting and Flynn butting viciously
at the same time losing a world of blood.
Flynn was helpless in the champion's
hands, and for the tenth time in this
round was warned the referee adding:
"Once more and I'll disqualify you."
Johnson held the fireman at arms' length.
Round H-Johnson held the fireman at
arms' length in an attempt to safeguard
himself against the Colorado man's con
stant butting. Flynn finally got in close,
Jumped a foot in the atr and landed with
the top of his head against tne negro's
jaw. Captain of Police Cowles, realising
uiei ine meres seemea loetn to stop tne
bout on a foul, hurried Into the ring and
brougnt the battle to an end. Referee
ttmltn thereupon gave the decision to
Johnson. Johnson was given a terrific
cheer, while the crowd vented its wrath
on Flynn with leers and bona.
Jfo rise lor Woman.
Senator Luke bet of Ttnnesse tells this
"A political 'spellbinder' was denounc
ing his opponents when a member of the
maligned party eroe and started for the
"He had moved a few steps down the
main alele when the spesker said: .
" 'That gentleman who Is just going
out reminds ms of a little story.'
" 'A negro woman,' said the speaker,
'one upon s time attended a sletgiu-ot-hand
performance and was apparently
greatly delighted with, the conjurer's
tricks until, spreading a newspaper upon
the table, and placing a heavy blanket
over it, the man of magic proceeded to
read the newspaper. .
" 'To' de Lawd s sake!' exclaimed
Dinah, 'dls ain't no place) ton a woman
'n a tnln call Iter dress!' "'Hearst's Maga
tlne. Ket Fair to the Bishop.
Jo Whalen, the railroad man, was
readme a paper aloud to his uncle,
choosing the articles he figured to he
of chief Interest.
"Bishop MoCabe," he read, "thinks the
democratic party is not as strong as it
was that It has only shadows of the
great leaders who once mads it power
iul." "So the bishop says that does her'
mused the old man, laying aside his pipe.
"Well, In a way Its true. Ws have none
av thlr.i like Jefferson and Jackson to
day, but 1 don't seem to raymlmber
Bishop McCabe. Where's he fromT"
"He the bishop of a Protestant
"Oho! and aha!" rejoined uncle, "the
bishop of 4 Protestant church, say you.
How should he know anything about the
democratic party?" Chicago Post.
Births aad Deaths.;
Births Bernle and Fula Klncade. 414
Hickory, boy; Mas and Kate Bernstein,
1&6T North Twentieth street, girl; . and
Mary Fraael, Thirty-sixth and Curtis
avenue, girl; Charles and Sophia Meyers.
20JT North Twenty-first, noy; H. and
Lillian Murray. 4711 North Eighteenth,
girl: Henry and Georgia Price, Forty -seventh
and Hamilton, girl; A. E. and
Kndle Peterson, 483 Ohio, boy; W. and
H. Elosburg, 1144 North Twenty-fourth,
boy; K. and B, Volenee, HJi South
Deaths Joe Cummlngs. 44 years. Forti
eth and Poppleton; V. . Drake, 28
years, hospital; Minnie Woodruff, 4S
years, hospital. . , ;'
Secretary Meyer Mack Better,
WASHINGTON. July 4.-Whtle Secre
tary of the Navy Meyer Is still confined
to his bed at Hamilton, Mass.. he has so
far recovered from typhoid fever that It
Is expected he can be removed soon to
his flagship, the Dolphin, at Beverly,
twelve miles distant, for a short run at
sea. ; . .
Jb tCbihW arTfcrocgh iteXanera
rWd trof sorElsKm's Nemtr Wrlttsm
"History pt tb Crril War
Co:joa Good for Sections 1. 2, 3, 4 or 5
Tbe Omaha Be has watered into a great National publishing alli
ance, whose object Is to place In every American home the best
possible memento of tbe Civil War as an education in patriotism,
Cat eat the eonpoa
above, brlag er sand
t to the office of
this aewspape.
tory of the great struggle, newly
ot Ohio UnlTernlty. will be last ed
la itself, and known as the CVLL
The above coupon, tf asec at ssms, Is good tot ooa aeetioa whaa acexn
pasted by an eopanas fee of TEN CRNTS, to ewvea coat at snaiartat,
fcasdUng. clerk hlrev etc By man. thraa cents axtrsw Bzlac a ad
this Coupon TQBAJr to Tha JBa eefOea,
Still the
Referee Welch Picks Up Champion
and Calls Him Winner.
Blows Exchanged lB Thirteenth
Rosmc Bad Fight, bat Meal
can's Faaeh Is FairAll "
'. Bats Declared Oft. .
' LOS ANGELES July 4.-Rferee Welch
denies that he called all bets off. .
July 4.i-Ad Wolgast, with the aid of Ref
eree Jack Welch, retained his claim to
the lightweight championship today in
the Vernon arena, when he was given
the dscielon over Joe Rivers of Los An
geles in the thirteenth round.
Rivers had praotlcally had the better
of every round, save one or two, In which
Wolgast bad slight shade.
In the thirteenth, Wolgast, tired' and
bleeding profusely, suddenly struck Riv
ers a vicious left in the groin. At the
ssms instant Rivers' right landed flush
on Wolgast's jaw an dths champion want
down. i
Disregarding claims of foul mads by
Rivers' manager, Referee Welch counted
the Mexican out, and then, turning ploked
up the unconscious Wolgast and declared,
him the winner, at tbe same time de
claring all bets off.
. v: ,v '
Fight by Rounds.
Round 1-Rivers led and they clinched.
Rivers landed three lefts to-the face in
quick aucesslon and Wolgast covered.
Rivers waa much faster and his block
ing was better than the champion's. In
a clinch Rivers sent In three stiff rights.
Jarring Wolgast. It was Rivers' round.
Round I Rivers opened a deep gash in
Wolgast's neck. The blood spurted In u
stream. Rivers pecked Wolgast ten timet
without a return and then put a stiff
left to the stomach. Rivers put a stiff
right to Wolgast's nose, starting a new
flow ot blood. Wolgast fell short, while
Rivers never missed once. It was Rivers'
Round J Wolgast took a stiff left in
the stomach and head. Tbe fighters ex
changed fearful r I guts and lefts. Wol
gast missed a right swing and Rivers
nui in anotner lett to tne wind. They
fought like titters.
woigast went to a
clinch and Covered.
Both were covered
the wound in Wolgast's cheek. Round
Round 4-They clinched and Rivers
Wsr Phsstoeraphs)
elfe it, S. Wmr D-mrmml)
and also la order to celebrate fittingly the
semi-centennial of that momentous period.
We have secured the rights in this city toi
the famous Brady photographs, taken on the
actual fields of battle, and lost tor many
yean. Thee historic scenes, with full his
written by ProL Henry W. Elaou
in rtxtaen sections, each complete
sent Wolgast's head back with a right.
Wolgast. clinched, but could not l.nd at
close work. Again Rivera rocked Wol
gast, but the champion bored in. Wol
gast found much difficulty in fc,ttlng
Rivers. Wolgast was wild. At 'he
missed and the Mexican put In It.' and
right to wind. It was Rivers' round.
Fifth Roaad Even.
Roud .They went into a clinch and
both held on. Wolgast put light left to
Jaw and missed a right. In a neutral
corner Rivers put left and right to wind
and received but a light right, to Jaw.
Then they stood in the middle of the ring
looking at each ..other. They , clinched
and Rivers nearly upset Wolgast with a
right to the Jaw. The round was even.
Round- ft They clinched." Wolgast
missed and was nearly upset again. Then
Rivers put a stiff to wind and another
right to the Jaw but Wolgast bored in.
His Judgment ot distance was poor. In
a clinch Rivers put right. to Jaw and
Wolgast went down. He Was up in an
Instant and they fought like tigers, head
to head. It was Rivers' round by a big
Round T. Both were cautious. In a
clinch Rivers backed the champion to
the ropes. Wolgast then sent in left
and right to wind. Rivers covering. In
the break both landed light lefts. Rivers
then Jarred Wolgast and the chlmpion
was wild, hitting low. Both seemed
tired and clinched. Wolgast again hit
low. It was Rivers' round.
Round 8.-Wolgast tried with right and
left and missed both. Wolgast suddenly
rushed and put lefts and rights to the
wind, chasing Rivers around the ring.
Both seemed content to go at it at long
range. Both were very tired and slowed
dnwn.i ?nWrabiy. , The round was
slightly Wolgast's.
Round .-After a clinch Rivers got in
a light left to stomach. Wolgast began
to crouch to protect his stomach. Rivers
seemed to be resting as he kept away.
It was the tamest round nt ik.
Wolgast rushed suddenly and put a stiff
.,tVu ,UB eiomacn maxtng Rivers wince.
Wolgast bad a shade the better.
Woltrast Fights Hard.
y&?2? M-Wolsrast rushed and- Rivers
iJk??,' .mJfln ths champion miss a
lert. Rivers kept away,, poking Wolgast
and stepping back. In a clinch Wolgast
made Rivers cover with swings to the
Jaw. Rivers suddenly Jumped In and put
nh,1!hov9r wlB'e kidneys and
clinched, taking nothing in return, Head
to head they exohanged tearful body
smashes and were clinched at the bell.
Round, Wolgast's by a shade.
Round 11. Wolgast missed left to wind
and Rivers hit him three times without
a return. Rivers put a hard left to Jaw.
Both slipped and nearly rolled out of the
ring. Rivers seemed to force the fighting.
Wolgast could not hit him hard and
clinched. Rivers then stood still and took
four or five hard lefts and rlKhta to the
Jaw but never winced. He then sent in
a hard left, staggering the champion,
wolgast's smile had disappeared and he
seemed very tired. Round even.
Round U Wolgast got in a right to the
wind, rushing Rivers to the ropes. Wol
gast then tried hard to land on the wind
but could not ret through Rivers' block
ing. Time and again the champion missed,
Rivera not attempting to follow up hla
advantage. Both rushed and head to head.
It was an exchange of fearful blows,
Rivers having the better of the mixing.
It waa Rivera round.
Flaht Comes to an Estd.
Round IS Rivers rushed. They clinched,
both holding on. Wolgast nearly went
over from a right to the Jaw but bored
right in. putting left to the wind. "Take
your time, Joe, ' shouted Manager Levy
to Rivers, "you got htm." Twice Wolgast
missed, Rivers sending in lefts to the
tace. Wolgast was getting wilder than
ever but Rivers kept away.
Both boys were fighting head to head.
Wolgast suddenly crouched and sent In
a terrific left directly over Rivers groin.
At the same instant Rivers put his right
to Woigast's Jaw and the champion went
down and waa practically out. Rivers fell,
writhing in pain and Referee Welch bel
gan to count Claims of foul were) made
In behalf of Rivers. Claims ot foul in be
half of Rivera were not heeded by Welch.
The referee picked Wolgast up from the
floor and declared him the winner. His
seconds had to carry him from ths ring.
Rivers was still lying on the floor, but
In a moment arose unaided. The ling
waa intantly In a semi-riot. Welch see
ing tbe crowd coming announced that
Wolgast was the winner and immediately
"It was the worst case ot robbery in
the history ot the American ring,' amid
Manager Levy. "Never before hava I
seen a refere pick up a man and then
give the decision. Ths foul blow struck
by Wolgast was seen by everyone near
the ring. It was the fourth or fifth foul
tbe champion had landed on Rivera. The
sun total of It all is that Wolgast knew
be was whipped and resorted to hla foul
tactics to save himself.
No one connected with Wobrnsfa ann
would say a word and all of then Jumped
In an aotacncbllo avi ojrtc&y left the
i ; . ;" . - i . .
Ftfete jVawOBtaej ss tftsi Jtoskl ta
3T BtSBdiM, '
Saggestlon for City Ramblers la
Country Byways and
Poisoning the skin by poison ivy (Rhus
toxicodendron)) is frequent in the sum
mer and the early autumn. Some fortu
nate persons are not susceptible, but
most are poisoned if they come into
direct contact with the plant.
This disorder causes discomfort always,
and sometimes suffering. It shows Itself
within a few hours, with redness, heat
and irritation of tbe skin, swelling and
the formation of small vesicles. These
vesicles may occur7 in great numbers.
Often many of them coalesce to form
blisters', and they also break and exude a
sticky yellowish serum. It is this fluid
that by its escape spreads the disesse
to the adjacent skin or to the face and
other parts of the body.
Tbe swelling may be so considerable
as completely to close the eyes. As a
rule the acute symptoms continue sev
eral days, at the end of which time the
vesicles either discharge or crust over
and the swelling and redness slowly dis
appear. In this stage the itching may
be Intense and is likely to provoke re
peated scratching, which may in turn
bring about eczema. '
The best way to treat ivy poisoning
is simple. The inflamed skin should be
copiously washed with lukewarm Water
and a soap that does not irritate. The
parts affected should then be bathed
with a watery solution of permanganate
of potash as hot as can be borne. If
the skin is broken a per cent solution
should be used; if the skin is not broken,
however, the strength of the solution
may be increased up to 2 or 3 per cent.
Treatment should begin the instant symp
toms are observed.
In mild cases one treatment is enough.
Oceasionly the poison is more deeply
seated and the permanganate must be
applied for some time. In these cases
and in the extremely rare instances of
systemic infection due to the entrance
of the poison into the circulation a physi
cian must be called. ,
The patient must avoid scratching, of
The Coffee Can
A couple of years ago one could get a pound of fairly decent coffee for from 15 to
25 cents. Now that same coffee costs from 25 cents to 45 cents per pound and a fur-,
ther raise of ten cents is in prospect.
"There 's
77hs Is Where YOU Come In
Tbe average coffee drinker knows that coffee is a really harmful drink to most folks.
Headache, biliousness, indigestion and other signs of an up-set liver, as well as heart
irritation, nervousness and sleeplessness are too evident to most coffee drinkers to
permit of their ignorance of that fact.
Economy to Health and Purse,
Suggests the New American Drink
made in the sup no boiling required
Made of American wheat and American sugar cane, processed and combined in an
American factory by American citizens, this pure food product is roasted just like
coffee and has a color and taste much resembling high-grade Java. . v
A tin of Instant Postum' instead of the next pound of coffee from your grocer will
quickly prove
If your grocer does not have Instant Postum, send his name and address and
a 2-cent stamp to cover postage, and we will mail yon a 5-cup sample tin.
Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Michigan. '
Exploded "White Hope"
''.2 ,1- ?'' " ' - '- i V; ',Ks h' ' " 3tiKr ' V-' . V s "Tf
- V-hTT: ;rfA r. , k& r:riw sVVh 3
r.. :..t. in if w& i " R . ,w - .
course. Bandages are undesirable be
cause they tend to spread the poison
over the surrounding skin. If any pro
tector is needed let it Be a loosely ap
plied dressing of absorbent cotton and
gause, changed frequently and kept moist
at all times with warm water contain
ing a little bicarbonate of soda.
Permanganate of potash discolors
everything with which it comes in eon
tact and stains the skin a deep brown
color, hut that is a small price to pay
for the relief it affords. The stain will
wear off in a few days or it can be re
moved by vigorous applications of soap
and water. In the healing stages of the
disorder soothing ointments may be used.
Youth's Companion.
Key to the situation Bee Advertising.
s Becoming
A Senoiti ve Subj ect
a Reason
Four years ago Brazil found that In spite of the fact that It was producing over 90
per cent of the coffee coneumed In the United States, its rich planters were not
squeezing. as much money out of Americans as they could and the Brazilian govern
ment was not receiving enough revenue from a product that was one of that coun
try's chlefest products.
And so Brazil determined to levy tribute upon rich and prosperous America, even
as the British taxed our tea In olden days; only this modern type of piracy was engi
neered and executed In a kid glove way. ' ,
Certain foreign capitalists (German, English and others were called Into consulta
tion. They devisod a scheme called "valorization." They started by buncoing our
American Congress Into removing the Import tax on coffee, and, that done, Brazil im
mediately transferred the income to its own treasury by imposing an export tax. This
was followed by perfecting a system whereby the Brazilian, government could control
the output and the price of coffee.
The net result has been that Brazil for the last three years, has sold just what
grades of coffee It wanted to sell, at any price It choose to fix; and in consequence the
Brazilian government has shared, with a syndicate of foreign money kings a profit of
Hundreds of Millions of Dollars, every cent of which has come, from the pockets of
the America People.
There's a Reason
S. Lewis Gillette.
Friends of a Lewis Gillette, formerly
of the American Rubber company, have
just received, news here of his death
Tuesday at his home In . Riverbank
Court, Boston, Maes. His death was
sudden, as he had just returned from a
pleasure trip to Maine.
Fred Psota.
RAVENNA, Neb., July 4.-(Speclal.)-Fted
. Psota. a wealthy and prominent
Bohemian farmer living three miles west
of Ravenna, was found dead In his bed
yesterday morning. Not arising at the
usual ttme his wife went to arouse him
and found him lifeless. He was a very
heavy man and had suffered greatly
with the beat for several days.
Danareroos Surgery
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Z It has never had a law suit The '
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Rest by the
Mountains of
New England
and the Sea
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Grand Trunk Rail-,
way System over a
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trip summer vaca
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UktAb Saxresr. hensehack and aottxrsv
hue rWssi ewer nasuoy xnonntairt trails n
dr J-bo uere of expwVoced giro lee. Writ
jnr jBKDttXU UXOBXEU-m wweur jbook.