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Blaze Repeatedly
Governor Alludes to Taftt Lincoln
as "Yellow Dog."
Good Cttlaensfclp Gataeriasi oa State
House Ctmpii Hears Seaaatloaal
ttteraacea From the State's
' -
. . LINCOLN. June 30.-Speclal Telegram.)
A meeting in the Interest of tbe Chris
tian citizenship' movement was held by
the churches or. Lincoln on the state
house grounds this evening. The speakers
vers Richard I Metcalfe, E. J. Burkett
and Governor Aldrich.
Mr. Metcalfe spoke on the "Citisen of
yesterday." but did not allude to politics
Jn any way. Senator Burkett's address
Over Many Places
Quantities of the phosphorus scattered
over the floors and on the walls of the
plant of the Incandescent Vapor Light
company's factory In Council Bluffs,
where the firemen fought a nasty fire
for two hours Saturday night, continued
to make trouble during tbe remainder of
the night and all day yesterday.
The inflammable stuff would blaze up
In scores of places after lying dormant
for several hours. The firemen were
called back to the plant several times and
Mr, Darby and one of his foremen stood
by all night and extinguished the con
stantly rekindled fires. All of the com
pound of chemicals contained In the orig
inal mixture, used for making bronze
castings, Including the calcium carbide
and . granulated aluminum, except the
was on the "Citizen of Today." and be
paid no reference to politics, except la a I phosphorus, were burned up In the initial
humorous reference to bimseii. I fire. The phosphorus remained . intact,
Governor Aldrich had for his subject tbe although water soaked, and presented a
rCitizen of Tomorrow," and his address
was one of the sensational kind, of which
he Is : sometimes capable when wrought
Ui (a s high pitch.
X Deaonarea Repabllrnaa.
-He began his address with a bitter de
nunciation of the republican national
convention. He said in substance, that
it was run by a gang of dishonest and
rather, startling and beautiful sight. On
the floor, walls and basement of the
building millions of glowing points were
visible all night, and as the water would
dry away these points would suddenly be
come viciously blazing centers.
It was necessary to tear away and
carry out of the building every particle
of woodwork upon which there was phos-
rotten politician, who deliberately .tola Ph nd kee" everything wet while
enough delegates to win, unseating thosa .-.v...
; v.7L ,i. v... .i. ,w- Some of the men engaged in the work
people, and carrying things with a high
hand In general. , He then turned his at
tention to the democratic convention at
Baltimore, and said that-the nominee
of that convention would be like that of
the republican, selected by the same gang
of politicians for the same man who
engineered tbe Chicago convention was
now running the Baltimore convention.
He then spoke of the two great American
citizens who were the real advocates of
honest methods, Theodore Roosevelt and
Villlam J, Bryan, and said that they
would lead the people into better thing.
He then switched back to the repub
lican cnventlon, and said (bit be proposed
to tell the people of the state and nation
the dishonest methods that were' lived
there, and said further: "When you cast I
your vote this fall, do not make your
party responsible for a yellow dog.
The address was received by the large
audience with both applause and side re
marks by those : who evidently did not
approve of the governor taking advantage
yesterday got the stuff on their shoes,
Holes were burned in the leather and car
pets in their homes were set afire where
they had walked. Mr. Darby stated yes
terday that his loss would not exceed $500.
Quality of Wheat
Improved This Year
"While wheat throughout southwest
Nebraska and nearly everywhere" else
In the state is going to be fully up to
that of last year, so far as yield Is con
cerned,, the quality, I think, wllj be the
best in: years," said D. H. Lyman of
Lexlsgton, who spent 'Sunday at the
Pax ton.
"We will commence cutting our winter
wheat . during the present week," satd
Mr.-Lyman, "and I am of the opinion
that It will run from sixteen to eighteen
bushels per acre, which is a little better
than, last year. The wheat on the farms
'of a religious meeting to make a political I 0f my neighbors will run about the same
speech. One man was heard to say, 1 1 as mine, while north twenty miles it
intended to vote for Governor Aldricn, tut I jg better. To. the south, however, down
when he, as the governor of a great state,
has no more respect' for the president
than to allude to him as a yellow dog te
can't have my vote."
Another man said: "I do not like Taft
and do not expect to vote for him, but I
think no man In the position of the gov
ernor has any right to speak of him !n
the way he did. It Is utterly out Of place
at this meeting, and out of place any
how." ' ' v..-.
"I wonder If Aldrich expects that such
Summer Weather is Drawing Corn
Oat of Ground Like Magic. ,
Small Gralas Are Now Bring Har
vested and Crops Are Said to
Be la Very Good Cos
4 ditton.
Nebraska crops continue to hold . their
own regardless of the fact that during
the last week there was no place in the
state where there was enough rain to lay
the dust
The Burlington's weekly report is made
exhaustive, taking in all of the company's
divisions west of the Missouri river. It
places , the condition of winter wheat as
follows: ,
, Omaha division, 79; McCook, 60; Wy
made, 79; Lincoln, 94, as compared with
Omaha,' 79; McCook, 89;'- Wymore, 78;
Lincoln, 83, a week ago.
Spring grain, wheat, oats and barley,
now being harvested In many localities,
Is reported In splendid condition, the
yield promising to be the greatest in
years. .
Dry weather and a high temperature
has advanced the . growth of the corn
until It has about - reached the normal
stage for this season of the year. Taking
into consideration the stand and every
thing else its condition is placed thus.
Omaha division, 88; Lincoln, 94; Wymore,
88; McCook, 80 per cent.
'". Beneficial Ralne Fall.
In many localities, there were rains
Sunday and Sunday night, some of them
being sufficiently heavy to be oT great
benefit Along the Burlington west of
Lincoln to as far as McCook there were
tight" and scattered '.showers. Through
Nebraska, from' McCook west, there were
reasonable heavy rains, the record show
ing from one to three inches. There' was
half an inch of rain at Mlnden. !
Along ; the - Union Pacific there were
heavy rains in Kansas and from a trace
to one-half Inch from .Grand Island, west
into Wyoming. "
Over Northwestern, territory there were
heavy showers through the north part
of the state, 'with the same conditions
maintaining out Into Wyoming.
In the Burlington country, the yield is a
bit off, but the quality makes up . for
all loss In yield.
Would-Be Sleuth-
Disturbs the Police
The ambition of C W., Holmes, night
clerk at the Eanford hotel, to become a
remark, wilt get. him votes."' remarked d?t?c!l,rr:,nr1 "J"' 'TJk,
another man.
At the close of the speech the meeting
was dismissed, but several people Un
gered and discussed the address of the
plaint of real sleuths, who will charge
blm with being a nuisance. ..-' ,
At 3 o'clock Sunday morning Holmes
telephoned to the station that he had
governor, some with approval and others kmJ a burglar whom he had caught in
with disapproval, the latter seeming to
think that the governor in his excitement
had said tmngs which had better have
teen left unsaid at such a time.
Message of Bible
is Interpreted for
the act of robbing a fruit store at Nine
teenth and Farnam. The police harried
to the scene, but. found no evidence of a
Holmes said that he had seen a man
at work on the window, but when hi
fired the Intruder fled down Farnam
street, and in behind the city hall. Th
clerk fired half a dozen more shots after
klM th... .U .! . .ffut . n a , a ...,1.
AnnlP.nP.A AT MIITfiS t MVera! Bee employes going home from
Holmes, who Is no relative to the famed
detective of Doyle's fiction, has a mania
for catching lawbreakers. He has never
succeeded, but he has caused the poller
to. make half a dozen fruitless runs to
the Ban ford at most unseemly hours
within the last few months.
With all the oratorical energy of an
auctioneer who can pack a three-hours'
talk Into three-quarters,. of an, hour,
Brother S. D. Senor gave a Bible lecture
at a Pilgrims' meeting in Barlght's ha' I
yesterday afternoon, while interpreters
for the large deaf and dumb contingent
of his audience . contracted writer's
cramps transmitting the message. .
In both senses of the phrase the audi
ence was held spellbound . As one - in-
terpreter, perspiring and ; nearlng ex
haustion, fell, one. two, three sentences,
a paragraph or half chapter behind, an
other took up the flow of thought and
passed it to the speaker's unhearlng
hearers. ; '". '. ' -'"'
.The meeting was one of the Sunday
conventions and Pilgrim services held un.
' der the auspices of the International Bl
b!e Students' association.' Many deaf and
dumb persons were there to receive the
message, a discourse on tbe Bible. -
Brother S. D. Senor, as he Is announced
on the program, Is a traveling lecturer
for the association. He Is a remarkable
speaker, both 'as td his message and it
livery. His words come in salvoes so
thick and fast his hearers "wonder that
they do sot stumble over one another.
He makes bis lengthy syllogisms and
Summer Shows
At the Boyd.
The Boyd's summer cabaret show began
Its second week yesterday afternoon with
ait, en tire change of pictures and other
features. The sextette singers still, re
main, .with ' new songs. Miss Gladys
Chandler, the lS-year-old soprano, who
was so warmly applauded for her efforts
during the first week of the Boyd show
lis still on the program. She sang two
selections from the "Spring Maid." The
motion pictures were shown on four, reels,
all of them being new.
The : vaudeville and motion picture bill
wilt be changed this afternoon. The man.
sgement has arranged to have a Chang"
every Monday,' Thursday and Saturday
hypotheses and come, to . the 'there- ' YrJV::
utctuB)Hi we, vt vuv wve tucs, Uw wvru
fore" before an ordinary man. can sav
"Jack Robinson." His lecture was filled
with orthodox teachings, explaining the
resurrection, the eternal life and eternal
punishment according to the - generally
accepted belief, v , , , . ...
- Ordained Priests
offered so far." : -
At tbe-Gayety.
The novelty of the bill at the Gayetr
Is' the highly instructive and interesting
travelogue delivered by P. A. Merrlam
of the navy. Mr. Merrlam tells of the
'round-the-world cruise of the battleship
fleet four years ago. His present lec
ture takes his listeners from Hampton
Roads, Vs., to Lima, Peru, with stops
at a number of nlcturesaun twits. Start
The Rev. George B. Southwell of Silver lng Thursday he will voyage on the can
Creek, deacon In the . Nebraska diocese I VM from Lima to Magdalena bay, where
of. the Episcopal Church, ana tne Kev. target practice. will be held. Hundreds
Valentine H. Kaltenbacn of Albloa were ot views taken on the trlu am shown
ordained priests at U o clock yesterday. i keeping with Mr. Merriam's illustrated
Bishop A. I. Williams officiated an lecture and the fact that this is Fourth
eucharlst and celebrant Rev. Southwell I of july week Mr Burton Impersonates
as presented oy ev. Jonn Atoe Uncle Sam and sings songs of patriotism
Williams, who acted as bishops cnp-irrir nt ft vu m m.inHu fm
lain, and Rev. Kaltenbacn was presented concertina and a violin than the au
by Rev. F. a Taylor of Norfolk,' mis- dience expected. , Result applause for
sionary of the diocese. ' them for five minutes after they had left
Rev. Mr. Southwell was assigned to the stage. With eleven Italian dlaloaue
the charge of St Mathlas' church, and aDd songs. Juseple and Marie easily won
Commissioner Joe B.. Hummel at a
meeting?: of the-; city commission yes
terday introduced a resolution to appro
priate -from 18,000 to $10,000 for the con-structtnn-
of a gutter for the Northwest
boulevard from Forty-fifth and Military
avenue to and through Fontanelle park.
The commission held up the resolution
until the meeting this morning.. Mr.
Hummel Is building a temporary pavilion,
Installing benches and swings in Fonta
helle park. He says they will be ready
for use the Fourth. .
Key to the Eltuatlon-Bee Advertising,
For Hot Summer Days
Fw pople realise the com
fort to be gained by wearing
the proper shoe on these elz
tling hot days. Keep cool by
making your feet cool and
We are showing some hot
weather low cuts for women
that, for style and appearance,
sxcell anything . In ., footwear
we have ever seen.
They are exclusive w Drexel
ityles ; Including our. Non-;
Slipping Pumps in all leathers
Stylish ' 4 -button , oxforda In
Patent Colt, Gun Metal Calf
and White Nubuck.
$3.00 nd $4.00
We have the largest whit
line in the " city -White Nu
buck,' Genuine Buck, White
1 : : .54 to $7
1419 rrnam
4M-ii-iiiiiiiniiHiiiiinnniiiinininniiin4 f
These Bargains in New, Desirable
Goods for Mid-Sttmmer
Are Tuesday's Extra Specials at
The House Thtt ALWAYS Offers GENUINE Barakt i
Summer Wash Fabrics at 15c Yd. In Basement
Special purchase of 45-inch wide printed bordered ba- t
tiste, also 27-inch very fine silk stripe voile in all this J
season's colorings. These popular summer fabrics are J
from an eastern manufacturer, bought below actual cost I
to manufacture. Thousands have admired
them in our 16th St. window. On sale
Tuesday in basement bargain square.
Regular 39c quality, at yard . . . . . .
v actum uusii
Sample v waists
At One
of Highest Glass
The most exquisite styles of this
season. All these waists are sam
ples and many are exclusive styles
everynew idea is shown in both
I low and high necks both long and
t short ; sleeves- all at ; half price.
! : $5 Waists for .... . $2.50
i $6.50 Waists' for v. . S3.25
t !tiu vv aists ior . . ... , . jjd
$12.50 Waists for ; .$6.25 '
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; 27-in. Sheer Swiss and Batiste Embroidered Flouncings I
Choice, new designs in eyelet, floral and new combina-
t tion enects, also aamty Daby patterns worth up
$ to 75c a yard, at yard ........................ OVC.
Fine French and German Val Laces and Insertions
la f A 1 1 a i t nn i ,
t Aiso crocnei ana ciuny enects many to matcn c
worth up to 10c a yard, at per yard. (It I
, Where Luxury and Service Are Combined
Where good taste holds sway and where unusual serv-
ice is required there you will find HARTFORD SAXONY : :
;; Rugs. These rugs are fac simile reproductions of the
;; finest antique rugs obtainable they look, wear and feel
I iiKe ine oia time unentais we assure yo' eatisTe Uou.
Friday, Stores
Close 5 P. M.
Except Sat'rday
0 P. M. Till
Sept 1.
Biggest V al
la Omaha of
Fourth of July
Flags and BaidU
fn? ia Onr
llllllllHHIlimillllllllllillllllll 1 i ij i U'tl
Celebrate the Glorious
' " i ' ' '
40 Big Free Attractions 40
A Rest Tent for the Women and Children:
Seats U be FroTided Arottnd the Larc
Amusement Arena at 24th and 0 Streets .
Everything Free
See the Big Parade and Stay for
the Fireworks in the Evening
Biggest Celebration in the
t -
History of South Omaha
by virtus of the office Is also chaplain
of Brownell Hall, succeeding Rev.. James
tfoble. Rev. Mr. Southwell is a graduata
of Kenyon college of Oillo.
Rtr. Mr. Kaltenbacb was assigned to
the parish and Albion and will also have
charge of the rectory at Cedar Rapids.
a . safe Bpot in the affections of the
crowds. A patriotic program Is being pre
pared for the mid-week change next
Thursday, jtbe Fourth, when a thoroughly
safe and sane program will be rendered.
John Says:
"Waea the perspira
tion ooaas and life
inclines to snooses,
when the tar for
sakes the pavement
for 'your heels, and
when the mercury
has to be tied down
Into the tube, then
CIOAKS amok all
the better."
-John 's Cigar Store
321 South 16th St.
Parts -Ihh'"
i , t ,., ,. i (Formerly Sarpy Ml Us) -
A. D. SMALL, Proprietor
The only place in this section where you can enjoy
a QUIET, PEACEFUL Fourth of July. The sylvan
peace and the abundant air of the country are here.
. You get away from the sweltering heat of the city
and rest amid things vernal. Eat your
at Rose Park Inn, appetizingly cooked, and the most
delightful that you can get anywhere.
' Run out here in your motor car. Go on West Center to
Ruser's Park and then directly south to the old Sarpy Mills Place.
Order by phone. Call Ralston 6902. . : -
At the Airftome.
The first scenario for a motion picture
an Omaha author has had accepted was
ALL THAT BURGLAR GETS l? " !h tiom-to?
Thirty cents In posuge stamps was the
haul of an enterprising night prowler
from the Omaha Wood Working com
pany's office, JS01 Marcy street. Satur
day night, entrance being gained by
raising one of the office windows.
Another Saturday evening window stunt
Fifty-fifth street produced the plot for
this motion picture play and sold It u
the Btograph company. It was shown in
Omaha for the first time at the Alrdom
last night The story is a fairy tale of
old Holland, pictured with charming
grace. ' -'"'.''?"'''' ''.
Eropton A Earle were the headllners
am .iui rnnrtod tn thA nollea veatitrdsv.
a gold watch and fob being stolen from K vudv"' wu- r
the home of Z. E. Harmon. 1331 South
Thirty-fifth avenue.
persistent Advertising Is the Road to
lilg Returns.
act is a singing nd . dancing feature,
which "went big" last evening.' James
Kavnllton, baritone, sang two numbers
and received ao' encore for , each. Thi
"movies" are changed each evening. '
Follow the Crowd to
It's cool there. Many attractions;
the most popular right now are
BATXXBTQ 'Come on , in; the
water's fine!" ,
BOATXsTO Six large, roomy
launches and one hundred steel row
SAXCXira The large, grand ball
room with Arthur E. Smith's excel
lent orchestra needs no further
ntx arOTrsro Kortrmzs ztsbt
SseeUant rienlo around s.
nATrtfc AfteraeoBj
lbIe Pictures
Tm'ti Sect Tkt Rest
Now See The Best
Any Sett
A Set
of Teeth
ILL 111
Jjfej Gold Crown
22 Carat
21 Carat Solder
Dr. Matthew Clark, ot Chicago has been employed by the Illin
dIs Dental Parlor as a tooth extractor and crown and bridge worker.
He is unexcelled tor giving the new torm of gas, which is only given
it the Illinois Dental Parlor tor painless extraction of teeth. He
has a world wide reputation. '.'
Mrs. Smith ot Omaha had 21 teeth extracted by the new form
of gas, and she said it surely was a surprise to her, that aha never
felt one bit of pain. .
' Dr. J. C. Clark, as a painless dentist, has a great reputation all
over the state of Nebraska. He has been in Omaha the last 2 years
at 204 Paxton block, and is now with the Illinois Dental Parlors
in the Ksrbach block, where he will he glad to welcome all his old
patients and new, .
Take Notice We will make and give away free of charge on
Wednesday. July . 3d, one 22-k gold crown to the first lady in our
office. .' '"'' ',''
All instruments sterlized after each operation. s
All work guaranteed 10 years by contract.
Office Hours 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. ' Sunday work by appointment.
Bridge work, per tooth, $4.00 and up.
' The best porcelain crown, like your own teeth, $4.00.
Office 15th and Douglas. 2d Floor Karbach Block.
1500 Farnam 8t
Plates .. ....a.COtp
Extracting 25c t'p
FUlinga .... ....OOolp
Crowns ..i ...,f2.50lp
Bridgewor k ... S2.50 V
Tears Kane OXfioe
Phone Dong. 173&
Missing Teeth supplied
without Plate or Bridge,
work. Nerves ilemoTei)
without pain. Work guar,
anteed ten year
vsmmino ctoscr
for the Largest Family with
because it has a roomy top burner cooking surface and
below the burner top is a Baking Oven and a Broiling.:
Oven. ".-""'' . -
DOUBLE OVEN RANGE U8-in. Oven) $23.00.
$1.00 Discount if paid within 30 days.
The regular retail prices charged by us cover de
livery, connection" and adjustment. Easy Terms, if
desired. , . . . . .. y '
carries our absolute guarantee of successful operation. .
Examine our display, at the office or if you prefer a :
representative will call on .you upon request and ex-"
plain our easy terms. '
Grandest Celebration of All
leaufiful Hair
July tctunth
Sylvan Nooks Fascinating Musio
Round Trip Rate, $1.00
Train leaves "Webster Station -at 6:25 a. m. and
2:25 P. M. Train leaves Blair for Omaha at 8:30 P.M.
Everybody Can Enjoy Themselves at Blair.
Finest Automobile Drive in the ' Whole State.
Firoworlis! Firaworkc!
THE FXTBI.IO HAltKET has purchased a large stock of clean, new
, Fireworks, which are now on display. : -
Canes - se f
6c Ammunition, 2 ror eo .
So Fire Crackers, 2 for ........ 80 ,
10c boxes Salutes, IS in box So
6c box Torpedoes, X for ....... 60
6c Roman Candles, 2 for '. Bo y
AU other fireworks at about half '
With Seen $1.00 Purchase '
of fireworks. ::i.-L
The Public market
Fortune or success have often
come through a little want ad. Vi:
Have you read the want ads