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GAME WARDEN IS KEPT BUSY Notes from Beatrice
and Gage County
Lands Several Who Are Working
. Their Seines Against the Law.
Moaster Man Relisioas Meeting: Is
Held at Lincoln Bureau Are
Notified to Keep Down
UXCOUi, June 30.-(Special.) - The
game warden's department has been get
ting busy lately and a a result J. T.
Thompson and Fred Vaughan of Lincoln
sere up before the Justice court yestor
lay and drew a fine of SI and costs each
.'or seining. Both men had fishing !!
senses, but they do not cover seining.
Another bunch of seiners who felt the
wrath of Game Warden Millar wra Emit
Quick, John Smith and Albert Lllenmao, were du Ju,y 1911 and bJr agreement
who were discovered seining fish from a 01 108 "law lreaaurer nave D"n carnea
as past due Donas until a levy could -be
BEATRICE, Neb.. June 30.-(Speclal.)-Elmer
Moscehl and Miss Mary Bowen
were married Thursday evening by Rev.
R. M. Badger. They will make their
home at Akron, Colo., after a visit of a
few days In the city with relatives and
Judge L. M. Pemberton of the district
court has granted a divorce to Mary Kill
from Edward Hill on the grounds of non
support She was given the custody of
their only child. The couple was married
at Council Bluffs, la., on July 6, 1907.
Odel will celebrate the Fourth and the
committees lo charge have arranged a
fine program.
County Treasurer Hevelone has called
in 12.000 of Omaha & Southwestern rail,
road bonds. This completes the payment
of the 160,000 issue of these bonds, which
lake hear Ashland, and were found guilty,
Ten dollars and costs for the three.
amounting In all to something like I",
was the fine. They had a permit to seln
in the Platte river only, but had no right
to seine elsewhere.
' State Finances Strong-.
The finances of the state at the close
of business were such that Treasurer
George could spend Sunday in a happy
frame of mind. The. amount, was the
largest which has been. In the general
fund for several months and , amounted
to 1134.689. The largest amounts cam
from the following counties
Jefferson ..
Adams ...
Madison ....
'Johnson ....
Franklin ...
aee-a e a
.. 20.000
.. 16,000
.. 15.UU0
.. 15.000
.. 13.0U0
.. 10.0U0
collected so that they could be paid. - The
bonded . Indebtedness of the county has
been reduced $35,000 since January 1, 1912.
Mrs. Nancy Klllen, a pioneer resident
of Adams, died suddenly Thursday night
She bad been in falling health for some
time. She was the mother of S. D. and
D. J. Klllen of this city. She Is survived
by five sons and a daughter.
The Farmers Lumber and Supply com
pany, with a capital stock of 110,000, has
been organised at Kinney, a sniall town
just east of Wymore on the Burlington
road. " The officers . elected are: J. M.
Howe, president; William A. Stoll, . vice
president; S. A. Kinney, secretary and
treasurer; J. M. Howe, S. 'A.' Kinney,
Claude Knouse, Peter Bednar, Harry
Darner, W. A. Stoll and John Mack.
George W. Egan Files
Fourth Damage Suit
BIOUX FALLS, S. D., June 30.-(Spe-clal.)
An additional damage suit - has
been instituted by George W. Egan of
this city, who was a candidate at the
recent primary election for nomination
to the office of governor on the repub
lican ticket The defendant in the latest
action commenced by Mr. Egan is the
American Publishing company of Aber
deen, publishers of the Aberdeen Dally
American. Mr. Egan, by his suit seeks
to recover damages in the sum of 150.000
for alleged false and malicious charges
against him which were printed by the
Aberdeen paper during the primary cam
paign. This now makes four such suits which
have been Instituted by Mr. Egan, the
other three being against the Watertown
Dally Public Opinion, a Sioux Falls
dally newspaper and E. C. Ward, a
sioux Falls capitalist. In each case Mr.
ran piaces nis alleged damages at
50.000. The trial of the case promises to
be unusually sensational and that ther
wui De bitterly fought both by the
plaintiff and the defendants Is certain.
Mr. Egan will be aided at the trials
by several of the leading attorneys of
lowa, as well as by several South Da
kota lawyers of statewide reputation.
Butterfly Township Han Has Strange
Story to Tell Reporter. .
George Hanson of Stantoa Declares
that He Saw a Snake ' with a
. Brood of Chicks and Other
Reptiles ettlng. ,
Witnesses Think
Judge Intoxicated
SEATTLE. June JOUnlted States
Judge Hanford's personal habits were in
quired into today by the house Judiciary
subcommittee and two witnesses testified
they had seen the Judge apparently under
tne innuence of liquor.
The first of these witnesses, A. M. Ole
aon, a detective, testified that he had
shadowed Judge Hanford continuously for
two weeks, following him from the time
he left his home In the morning until he
returned at night
John Bathurst a city employe, testified
that he had seen Judge Hanford leave a
ciud and stagger down Fourth avenue,
Body of Iowa Man
Found in Steam Box
HURON, a D., June 80.-(8peolal Tele-
gram.)-The body of Charles Bauer of
Manchester, la., was found In the steam
blow-off box In the Chicago & North.
western round house here this afternoon.
and property is the careless storln and oauer w" ia8t en alive here the .atter
handling of aaaollne: th nnlv aaf u part ot April and his brother Was lookinar
pany were filed in the office of the secre- to store it is in a steel tank under ground. . r n,m nere a montl & " believed
tary of state yesterday. The headauar- "The burning of rubbish and trash on ne r' Into the box while intoxicated
terser tne company will be at Wlnne- streets, alleys and on the back ends of . " ww" 1M Doay w a mass
bago. Its capital stock is 1100,000 and the lots is another cause of a great many 5 p"lp n! bone' but wa MenUflid If
Incorporators are F. W. Buckwalter' and fires. clothing and articles found. Including
J . Smith. - I "ThA tM.rn.iMin r,t ini.M.hi. arans and cash amounting to over uoa.
upon buildings Is another source of a
Mass Religions Meeting.
A new Innovation In religious worship
has been Inaugurated in Lincoln. Tonight
all of the churches of the city held a
.monster union meeting on the capitol
. grounds. Richard L. Metcalf spoke on
, ine mtiten of Yesterday," Senator E. J.
oumeit, "ins citisen of Today," and
Governor Aldrich, "The Citisen of Tomor
row." The Trinity military band and the
oig bt Paul chorus furnished the music
lor the meeting.
New Realty Company.
Articles of Incorporation of the Buck-
waiter-Smith Aeal Estate and Loan com-
A vigorous campaign against fire in
the state Is being waged by Chief Deputy
State Fire Commissioner Randall. He is
circulating literature throughout the state
telling of the most frequent causes of
fires In the cities and towns and urging
that everyone free their premises of the
most frequent cause of fires. :
Among the principal causes:
"The first and most disastrous to life
Keep Down Expenses.
The uncertainty as to whether congress mny
wm pus appropriations to cover certain
lines or work in the agricultural depart'
ment caused the bureau of chemistry to
notify Chemist Redfern of the Nhuir
pure food department not to inour any DU,1Jln to the congested parts of towns
more expense along the line he has been vaiuaoie property.
working after July L
Free Transportation Off,
The permitting of rubbish, boxes, ex
celsior, etc., to accumulate In and around
buildings causes hundreds of fires.
"The maintaining of old. dilapidated
Mrs. Martha Harbaagh.
HUMBOLDT, Neb., June SO.-(Speclal.)-Mrs.
Martha Harbaugh, mother of Will
Harbaugh of the Miles ranch, southeast
of town, died yesterday at the age of 73
years. She leaves three sons and two and Carnival at Bnrwell. daughters. Her husband died a little
BtlRWEIJ Nh.. .Tim an fliwuioi I Over two veara n. Thm funeral --
The Rock Island railway has received The Burwell Commercial club gave its I h1(1 t the home thle morning and the
permission from the railway commission
to change Its rule for the transportation
of goods to trade expositions where such
goods are offered for sale. Formerly
goods exhibited at trade exhibits received
the a&me consideration a given state
fairs, but under the present ruling the
free transportation business is cut off.
WTMORH. Neb., June .-(8pecIal.)-
icimone users in wymore propose to
have the first blow In any prospective
fight with the companies. A meeting held
banquet last night and It was a success interment made at the Dawson cemetery.
In every way. , A program was rendered
at the opera house, where the Christian
church women had plates for ISO, every
one of which was taken.
Burwell is arranging Us celebration for
July 1 and I Instead of the Fourth and
B. H. Morrow of this' place, who has
erected a new aeroplane, will make his
initial flights. ' Two ball games have
been arranged for each day and it la to I
be a genuine celebration except as to the
Raising snakes to hatch eggs and brood
chicks Is declared to .be the newest in
dustry In '. Butterfly township, Stanton
county. There may be some significance
to the species of reptile named, as it is
given out that they are of the bull
variety. j
George Hanson of Stanton is authority
for the statement that Nels Thompson of
Butterfly is raising snakes for that pur
pose, and to prove that he Is not peddling
a cock and full story he came to Omaha
yesterday armed with affidavits signed
by Judge Cowan of Stanton county de
claring that Hanson Is a truthful man. At
the Merchants hotel, where Mr. Hanson
stopped, he told a Bee reporter this:
"Butterfly township is eight miles south
east of Stanton and I was down there last
week selling cream separators. One noon
I stopped at Thompson's for dinner and
while coming in from the stable, where I
bad put up my horse, I saw a big bull
snake wriggling along, . followed by
dozen or more little chicks. This seemed
strange and when I got to the house
called the attention of Mr. Thompson to
the strange family. She laughed and re
marked, That snake Is the mother of the
chicks.' Asking her to explain, she took
me out to the hen house and there In
boxes in one corner werv three great
snakes curled u pin boxes. -
"Gently lifting the snakes, I saw nests
fined with eggs. 1 Then the woman told
me the story. Early In the spring Mrs.
Thompson set a hen. Intending to have
early fries. A couple of days later rats
killed the hen. The eggs were left In the
nest and the next day when Mrs. Thomp
son went to the hen house colled up over
the eggs was a big bull snake. As these
snakes are harmless, she did not disturb
this one. Day and night It covered the
eggs and at the end of the required time
eleven chicks were hatched, only one egg
having spoiled. The next day the snake
came off its nest and from that time on
it mothered the chicks, brooding them
Those American housewives who
know the high food value and the
easy digestibility of Faust Spaghetti
often serve this delectable dish. In
many homes "Spaghetti Night" is
weekly institution and , It usually
finds a bigger circle around the
table than any other night
Get the Faust Spaghetti Book of
Recipes and know how many delightful
ways In which this nourishing food can
be served. We'll send a copy free. ,
Faust Spaghetti is equal In tender
ness and flavor to the finest imported
and It is certain to be clean and fresh.
Ask your grocer for a package of Faust
Spaghetti 5c and 10c .
8t tools, Ho.
Scours Farm for Snakes.
As an experiment Thompson skirmished
about his farm and caught bull snakes
and took them home. In boxes he placed
eggs and slakes and in almost every in
stance the -reptiles went to setting. A
numoer of them brought off broods of
chicks and right now, or rather, when I
was at the Thompson ranch last week,
there were three snakes on their nests.
As an Investment, Mr. Thompson finds
the snakes profitable. By setting the
reptiles he keeps the hens busy laying
eggs Instead of having them around loiter
ing away their time on nests. Again, it
costs nothing to miss the sr.&kss, at
they gather their living from the fields
and gardens, where they devour countless
numbers of Insects."
Persistent Advertising
Big Returns.
is the Road to
London Paris Hamburg
wneinnau, rir . U oon tAaerika ........Jqlr H
I""" a...J1jf tPna. Uamht ...July 11
lixmraa udu only; wtu call at Beulofua.
tRiti-Carltaa ia carte ltaatauant.
Xamharr-Amerloan Una. isa ..
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Colorado's Greatest Scenic Mmmi.i.
Kesorc. mere is not a siot numur.hi.
iur iraui wiiu ruggeu giory ana the vel
tbu uwuug umuit acre. wnir. nn.
imas mi nocny mountains at tnelr best
At the Stanley Hotels you win tin a ii
modern conveniences and comforts that
ou win una in ine oest city hotels,
'lenty of diversion for old and Voting.
trout fishing, tennis, golf, bowling, bil-
juuub ouiioy, uvrnoacn ana autOItO-
bile rides over many mountain trails un
der the care of experienced guiJea Write
ior oeauiuui uiusiratea souvenir hnnir.
let AXPsVED LAKBOJur, Managac.
Mimtmu rHd voio.
"40 Minutes Tram Omaha,"
plenty oi water in tne lake this sea
son, and additional boating and bath
ing facilities have been installed.
DAJTCZira The beautiful Ball Room
continues to do a Dig attraction. !
Oima every afternoon and evening. I
Arthur E. Smith's splendid orchestral
maaes tne music.
Many other Attractions.
Assessment In Jobnaoa Connty.
TECUMSEH, Neb., June A (Special.)
yesterday was attended h .hf -Acooram 10 tne reports of County
t r. . :. Assessor A,
members of the Commercial club and cltl-
sens. it was decided that the present
telephone rates as embodied In the fran
chise of the New Home Telephone com
pany are good enough and that there Is
no necessity of paying two rates for two
. telephones to one company. A commit
tee consisting of Dr. C. C. Gafford, Judge
.Frank B. Crawford and Mahlon Neumann
was appointed to draw up a contract,
which It is hoped all telephone users will
sign, In the contract it will be agreed
to pay for but one telephone, and to pay
no more than present rates. In case the
Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph com
; pany, now owning both systems in Wy
more, will continue to charge for both
telephones, or will not cut the two sys
tems together or try to raise the rates,
- all telephone users will discontinue their
use at one time. It is thought this sys
em will bring results sooner than to lay
"the matter before the railway commission.
A meeting will be held the first of next
-week in the matter. Manager Ahlquest
of the Lincoln company says he thinks
his company will charge for but one tele
phone where patrons have both after
-July t He also thinks Bell patrons will
be given benefits of the New Home coun
try connections very soon. He cannot
" say when the two systems will be cut to
gether in AVymore. j
N. Coffey the total actual
vaiuauon ot ail tne personal property
or tne county is H.OM.MO. In the county
there are 7.838 head of horses valued at
$673,430. There is 296,046 bushels of old
corn, which Is valued at $171,655. The
mercnanaise in the several stores of
the county la worth $368,825. In cattle
there are 13,177 head and they are worth
$310,665. There are 163 automobiles In
the county, valued at $72,300.
. Persistent Advertising is the Road to
Big Returns.
Kev. I W. Heaton. will be miUvM r
the charge September L Rev. Mr. Heaton
will be transfei.-. l to the ecclesiastical
authority of the diocese of Arkansas, by
whom he was placed In the work of the
church. As yet Rev. Mr. Heaton has
not accepted an offer of work In any
omer oiocese,
Lifelona Bondage
to dyspepsia, liver complaint and kidney
irouDies is needless. Electric Bitters is
tne guaranteed remedy. Only 60c. For
sale by Beaton Drug Co.
1 !' ' g.lliw UI.I,l,l.MJiWm
"va : -Lsjir
I t. . J..
'4 a-tTx'
..- 'lvX-..'M
Come to the
and Fish!
Ten thousand lakes in
; Minnesota teeming with
fish bass, pike, pickerel, muscal-
longe, etc. . Cool, dear, air, worth
money for its beneficial effect. Re
sorts and camping places galore a
splendid time assured, with a chance
to see the beautiful Twin Cities1 : St.
Paul and Minneapolis, the charming
Twin Ports": Duluth and Superior,
and their many beautiful environs.
There's a world of "Reel" Sport in
the North west: Minn e sot a, the Rock
ies of Montana, Yellowstone Park,
the Bitter Roots, Cabinet Range,
Lake Coeur d'Alene, the Spokane
Lake resorts, and in the Cascades,
Columbia River and Puget Sound
regions of Washington and Oregon.
Low Fares for Summer Outings.
Ut m yo a copy of "Miaauota Lake," ditt
of MioneMU Gun sad FUh Law and "Saauner Trips
to the North Pacific Coast" Ask aba for YaUowttoae
Puk (older. Full inionaatioa about lun will areata,
pur them.
. . . A D Wt !. Aswit,
HUH CantMTT Bank Blar.. Dw Mnlmo to
Northern Pacific Ry
of the
bms trad IS tanas askar BMaaS wm Wows
By Remarkoblo
Strategy of Its Go
erab aod Cocraso
of Its Wamors on
the Fighting Lbe,
the Confederates
Triumph for Second Tine ca
Battlcfkld of Mssacsas.
The Capitol at Washington Not In Such Peril Since War Began. WiUwut Was
a Vktorioin Army; Withia Wcra Bixkea Battalioos. McCkQaa
Restored to the CotasMndl of the Army of the Potomac
The Complete Nairatrre of tha Campaign of the Army of Vsriraa, bdntSksg Tw
BAttIcs-Ceiar Rfecmtaia Where Pope's Advance Was Checked, and
Second Bo3 Sasn. or Klanaaaas, (a Battle of Which General Ls
Had Good Reason To Be Prood), Appears in
Brady Wl
' And EkonU Newly Written History
h Sixteen Superb Sectrons -
One Each Week for Coupon and
Ewj patriotlo Amsrioaa home sbonld haW this
iBagnifioant and thnelr ccUectioa. It is a lesson la
patriotism that the children will new fewg, and for
Twas; and old it Is a constant source of interest.
Each ot toe section b complete la Itself, tellinr the
story of some great battte-wnfle the accoonacv4nr
pictaras, dear, distinct, besKttirally prteted, are mar
rTA rose fiust they were takes mi tha
aatf lefts Us of BO ysata ago. Each scene or group is
so clear aad sharp, that oftea veterans look one.
pectediy into the races old-time eomntdea, or per
baps it is a father or a brother whom one caa fiad
Jt at they looked ia those heroic deya. . -
CeAoat the War &nrr Cooyoa which appeats
"r7to tW paper sskI bring or send it to oar
eaace with 10 oaaes ia corar neaeseary sipeweea sach
ea coat of maStrkO, basdttag, olerk hire, etc., and
get ywtr oapy. Tine cents eatSm by mail; there are
x other ooodMose whatcror. We hare uxxtnd ex-
riRbts for oar territory to distribute these
taff-tos Bwdy War Pktares, iUnstratiag Epson's
History of the Ctrl War, an tabs to matfaod of
Piaeiac tfao foR set of M eeotloas fca leackt of overT -boaaa,
cm saatsar bow ttnitad tbo neasa. ,
fiostdea the thjdKDg- story of tha battfca i
Loay-Lost Original
;: Brady War Photographt
Cedar Mooataio Where "Stooasseal.
la the Line of Fire at Cedar J
oral Winder was MM
Views of the Batttefieid at Cedar
the Troops Pint Met
Slaughter's Hoase Orerlaofciaf; a Scaoe of Carnage
RaaadDeatooedoaoa the Ocaage aad AloasmsWa
A Military Train qpse by Cm(aderate Rsiden
A Start too fcoog Pasayod Pederal Troops at Aiai-
andria .
And maay mora, faoliMlinf: '
A Colored Fncmc-Tb DtHfe
of New OriatM-&eadylW Frassing
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