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Chic .
Tulle HaL
; : and foremost creator of
V'week the fashion article
that k newest and best in style for well-dressed women'.. , :
Lady Duff-Cordon new . Paris establishment brings her into
'close touch with that, centre of fashionf ;7 ; "'T ". . , . . ;
Lacfy Duff-Gordon'i ! American establishment it at No. 1 7
West Thirty-sixth street, New York Gty.
I KNOW that you ara more or lesg
Interested in little Gaby Deslys,
and so, perhaps, a description of
new Summer clothes may be
. ' r.jrather Interesting.
- Here la a picture of her rose-col-"v
ore4 illk aternoon walking cos
tume. The silk is relieved . with
touches of black velvet. The open
ing in the skirt shows a petticoat
V of rose lace. Of course, Gaby's cos
: tume is a pannier, y;.
The new walking habit is quite
'V distinctive. It is of white , broad-
f cloth, and Gaby calls the coat her
J. ONapoleon coat The collar and cuffs
and vest to match are of bright
green kid. The coat is cut high to
show the. waistcoat. The buttons
are of silver, and the tails of the
coat extend far down the back, and
are cut Napoleon. The riding hat
j Is a line white straw. - ;
TGaby Is very fond of mountainous
millinery. One of the pictures
j shows her ; new black tulle hat,
j with folds of white tulle under-
heath, surmounted by two large
black aigrettes in the back. The
other shows a black afternoon hat
of straw, with aigrettes covered
with Jong old aigrettes down the
by Mme. LIN A C
THERE is an appalling ignorance of, coupled with an equal in
difference to food values, Most persons eat whatever they
want and as much as they want, without the slightest
: thought of whether they are putting into the body that which will
nourish and rebuild, instead of clog and destroy it
Mme. Cavalieri's article gives va'uable advice as to how to
check overeating and gives valuable recipes for semi-fluid or fluid
foods at a time when the stomach is resting from too heavy feed
ing. The article may be read with profit.
I AM glad to note that women are
making diet a matter of special
study, for the relation of food
to health and beauty is too great
to be measured.
Train yourself to note your symp
toms and treat them by diet Waca
your face has a mottled appearance
you may be Bure that you are eating
too much food of all sorts, or that
you are eating too muclr that U
creasy or rich or aweet . A chic
Farlsienne when she notices such
eysptoms limits herself to one mod-,
erate meal a'fiay her dinner apd
the earlier part of the day contents
herself with fruits and salads, drink
Its water moderately at these
neals and copiously between them. ,
he lunched with 'me one day at
a ficilonable hotel on the Place
Ae famous "Lucile" of London.
fashions in the world, writes each
for this newspaper! pretentins ail
back nearly touching the shoulders.
Next I have two phases of tailor-
made fashion to introduce to you
, and to prove to you that really this
season you can be fashionable and
consequently happy in arr style
that happens, to suit you best A
dark blue serge of the fine coatlrj
variety, which wears as well as It
looks, first displays on its trirv
j coat a deeply down-turned collar of ;
whit emhhroldered lawn and lace,
and then a centre fastening of but-
.tons centred with blue serge and
bordered with tartan silk blue-
, green, black and red this prettily
patterned silk being also used i
, outline the buttonholes and follow
the curve o fthe coat down tin
front There is a broad silken sash,
too, folded about the waist b :.t
though thus accentuating its line
not suggesting the least Inward
curve, and being just finished oft at
the left side with short sash endi,
edged with a silken fringe, which
blends the two dominant colors of
blue and green. On the short and
straightly cut skirt the central p';
Ing and buttons are comMned in an
unbroken line, but its scantiness is
, so marked that one wonders who: a
AV A LIERI, the Greatest Livintf Beauty
Vendome and I began my study of
the menu by asking her if she would
have some of her favorite chocolate.
She shrugged her. shoulders and;
answered bravely? v "Not for a long
time will I enjoy another cup of nry
beloved chocolate. To-day I shall
lunch on rolls, Romalne salad and
. vichy." ;
And she Insisted upon this ascetic
meal, explaining while she slowly
ate it that her breakfast had been
1 of oranges and applos chopped very
lino and covered with their owi
Juice.' This with one dinner dally
more than usually well masticated
cleared her complexion in ten days.
' There are many times when we
.."feel "our bodies" and are growing
too heavy or too laxy that 1'. is well
to subsl:t for a Ut days on a liquid
Copyright, 1922.
i 5
Charming New Riding Habit of White Broadcloth.
diet ; These nourishing drinks
j strengthen the body even while the
, work of removing the remaining
ashes from the body goes on:
Whole Barley... ..Tableipoonful
A Slice of Lemon
Boiling Water... .....2 Cupfuls
Place the barley ? and slice of
lemon in an earthen dish. Over
them pour the boiling water. Cover
' the dish and let the mixture stand
for ten minutes. Then strain into
another earthen dish. The drink
may be flavored with a small quan
v tity of sugar if preferred. Tho
quantity given is for one meal for
v'' one person. i
This is a drink often taken by
; athletes to refresh . them during
their training period in England, but
is useful to women taking a semi
fast for beauty's sake.
Bran. ...... ...2 Tablespoonfuls
; Seeded Raisins,. 1 Tablespoonful
Lemon. ...........1 Thick Slice
' Chop' the raisins fine and place
them with the bran and lemon in an
earthen bowl. Over these pour a
half pint of boiling water. Let stand
to cool and blend for ten mlnutei
Strain "and", drink . while warm.
Raisin are of special value in -cleansing
and i toning the kidneys.
tr American-Examiner.
Great Britain
Captivating Gowns
and Hats with
Which the Beauti-.
ful Prima Donna
Is Holding Paris
f J
The water in which peeled apples
have been stewed and to vhlch a
few currants have been added is a
strengthening, cooling and cleansing
drink. It It made more appetizing '
by the addition of a few cloves or a
broken stick of cinnamon." " '
This is another tonic and refresh- -
Right Reserved.
0( 'jyt s
And Her Silk Afternoon Pannier Walking Costume,
are those wider garments which
were promised! They are possibly
available in somr doc and cr
tumes, it is true, but apparently no
one seems to want to wear them!
Nor must we by any means omit from
my chronicling or your copying of
this costume a companion hat of
dark blue Tegal straw, whose, tri
corne shape is absolutely un
trlmmed save for a central and up-
No. 180-FOOD
ns drink durine the time when you
"are eating little, or nothing:
Squeeze into a large cof.'ee cup
the Juice of one
orange. Fill . the
pace remaining in
the cup with boil
ing water. Add a
teaspoonful of
liquid honey and
the same amount
of lemon juice.
too, ap-
peases hunger
Milk .....
Hot Water
1 Pint
1 Pint
lieu of a meal. The
use of water in a
way prevents the
clogging of the
system that some
times follows an
exclusively mil k
diet .- . - ", ' .
:-: A drink much in.
use in England,
that is half food,
half medicinal, is
this: ;
2 Tablesponfula of
Whole' Wheat
A Little Caraway
or Celery Seed
to Flavor.
" into a pin bovf of boiling water
,tir the whole wheat that has been
around. Add the caraway or celjry.
,eed. Sweeten, if you wish, w Ui
a half teaspoonful of powdered
licorice.. '.. ,. i - ' ;
i Nut . drinks are ' among the
strengthening beverages substituted
iA7 e
Her New Evening Hat of Black Straw.
standing orna-,
ment of brilliant
red color ing,
which is of such
v novel aspect and
, effect that you
do not at first
realize that it is
. . merely an ordi-
nary silk cord
tassel, treated in ,
an extraordinary
way that is,
'. turned upward ;
instead of hang
ing downward,
and after being
provided with a
central stiffening -.
to keep it in this
position perma- ,
oe'ntly, being tied
round In the
centre- with a
twist of silk. . ,
Now the coat,
sacques of this
costume reach
well below the
. hips, but another
new model r is
. made distinctive
by a little Em-r
plre bolero of
black cloth,
which ends its '
brief but beauti
ful career just
beneath the bust
and -Is fastened
across the front
with several bar .;
strappings of
royal blue cloth,
and groups of
bright black shoe
buttons. Yes,
nothing more nor
less than. shoe-,
buttons. These
same ordinarily
prosaic but now -glorified
are clustered still
more closely -all
down the front of the corseted skirt
of bright blue cloth, or where the
blue strappings, too, are contmuea,
though having there a background
of the same color. They are rather
less noticeable, while the finishing
touches of the costume in this, its
first, aspect are provided by a softly
frilled collar and Jabot of ivory
lawn, edged with blue (other and
-narrower frills fall far over the
hands, by the way), and a belt of
black patent leather, whlc'-i marks
VALUES - - - A Stody-tor Beau
for food during a beauty fast
Ground Peanuts. Tablespoonful
' Boiling Water. ........1 Cupful
Flavor with equal quantities of
honey or lemon Juice as desired.
Perhaps you prefer meat juices !u
Beauty Questions Answered
M. S. complains of a red nose,
scant hair, rough red, hands, and
thin yellow face. M. S. was cer
tainly not looking her best when
she wrote that letter. If your nose
Is red, your hands ditto and your
face yellow, your circulation must
be poor and you would do well to
visit a physician and let him pre
scribe a different manner of living.
Your scant hair leads me to think,
too, that you are anaemic and your
body needs rebuilding. The physi
cian can help you to this. But help
him by giving more Intelligent care
to yourself.' Contrive to get all the
sunlight you can, all the fresh air
possible, to eat your food slowly
and let It be the most nourishing
you can get Bathe every day in
cool water, rubbing the skin weft
with the palms or a brush or rough
washcloth. My advice can be sum
med up in three words: "Live mor
L. W. L. asks whether there Is
any remedy guaranteed to remove
superfluous hairs from the face and
keep them off. '
No, I have repeatedly said that
there is ho certainty that the hair
will not grow again, for even elec
trolysis has failed In some cases.
But it 'Is. successful In-, more cases
than any, other treatment has been.
As you say, there Is danger if In
experienced or unreliable persons
attempt It. Be sure that the opera
tor is experienced' and responsible
and accentuates the high waist-line.
And then belt and : coat removed
there is revealed (for indoor cr
luncheon wear) the whole beautiful
color of the high corseted skirt of
royal blue cloth and the mellow
toned softness of a complete and
charming blouse of the lawn.
And now, how do you like these
latest and smartest aspects of the
coat and skirt costume, r.nd ' '
will you decide to wear, I wonder?
There Ib at any rate sufficient va-
i ieijr tor every one or you to De well
suited, ' and not one in which you
cannot look specially and satisfy
ingly smart. '
In the matter of millinery, "bean
stalk" trimmings are in great vogue,
but you may see and wear if you
will other hats, whose adornments
are absolutely flat instead of up
standing, one quaint model which I
have in mind being again - of the
black pelad straw, which is as dur
able as it is fashionable, and having
a wide brim, of somewhat "mush
room" tendencies, allied to a rather
low-domed crown. And round this
are set a number of little tangerines
. most realistically copied in orangt
hued and closely clipped wooi,'?whlic
set, in the front is a. big ornament
formed of a central and paler-hued
lemon, encircled with the little,
brightly hued tangerines.
It is amusing to note, ' too, that
this same passion for extremes is
, even affecting the little bouquets
which are the fashionable and fas
cinating wear with all kinds of cos
tumes and dresses just now. , For
while there are many of flat cabochon
, formation, with, perhaps, a centre.of
pink moss-rose buds set. round with
a broad band of forget-me-nots, and
then again with closely clustered
"cherry pie" and a star-shaped edb
ing of green leaves there are also
being shown now some tall bouquets
of flowers, which are miniature "re
productions of the "beanstalk" hat
trimmings, and which are intended to
be fastened at the - waistband, in-'
Btead of higher up on the corsage, as
are those flat cabochons. There
will be. some fresh green leaves to
form a base the . stalks are s not
shown at all, yon must know and
then half a dozen pink roses will be
massed together beneath a tapering
cluster of forget-me-nots, in' the very
centre of which will be set one half
opened pink rose. The whole-thing
is both quaint and pretty, and though
only just Introduced is In great de
mand. , . : . ' . . . ,;
the thinning or-rebuilding time.
In that case: - ",' ,
Pour over finely chopped beef
or chicken twice their bulk In boil
ing water If you wish the tea to be
strong, three times If weak.
and of good standing In the com
munity. She asks also whether I
would advise taking medicine In
'. ternally to reduce- the weight?
Never. '- : . . . ..'.!'.',.'-.
"I am a boy of fourteen," writes
"Unfortunate," "and , am forced to
shave on account of a large growth
of hair on my face. Will ybu please
let me know how I can prevent this
. growth of hair?".
Peroxide of hydrogen will bleach
the hair so that It will be less con
spicuous In color. But there Is no
remedy In your case for the growth
of hair.
Make the best of it. - In a few'
abort years you will not regard It as
an affliction. It is not very uncom
mon even at your age.
S. R. asks me how to remove
, Summer freckles, adding "that they
i "look horrid." -, ; -
Try simple remedies first Bathe
your face In buttermilk every night
; before retiring. Lemon Juice mixed
with an equal part of glycerine is
often efficacious. : If these fall, paint
; the freckles at night with glycerine,
Vz ozs.; tincture of iodine, y2 oz.
A. R. requests: "Will you kindly
give me a bleach for the face, neck
and arms, one that will not erow
;. hairs?"- . . , s .
Try equal parts o f lemon juice
and glycerine, or equal parts . of
lemon juice, rosewater and glycer
Ine. 1 - :.- -