Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 16, 1912, WANT-ADS, Image 31

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West Farnam Home
We are instructed to sell within next
two weks a beautiful 8-room, fully mod
ern east front home in choicest part of
Wert Farnam district, built by present
owner by day's labor; quartered oak
finish, stairway and floor 1st floor; best
enamel work 2d floor; attic floored and
finished; fine trees and lawn; cement
walks and steps; owner leaves Omaha
July 1. This is your opportunity; can be
seen Sunday by telephoning Harney 2552
zor particulars, see
Harrison & Morton
$M Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg. D. 314.
25 Feet-$700
Lake St, second lot west Telephone
Exchange; 25x122; two car lines. Resi
dence or business. By and by lake will be
a business street. Owner, Weoster 2612.
815 South 28th St
Three-room house. Lot 56x140; paving
paid,; 160 feet south of Leavenworth.
Armstrong-Walsh Co.
Tyler 1536.' 210 S. 17th St.
"$300 CASH, THAT'S ALL."
Will buy any of the following at your
own prlee:
1518 Ohio St., nice, almost new, dandy,
large 9-room corner home, all modern
xoept heat.
3614-1$ Blnney St. "Small investment."
A double house rented for $21 per month.
1441 N. 20th St.. 2 good cottages; live
la one; rent the other.
21st and Chicaso sits., a 3-story brick.
10-room house, all modern, good for
Rooming house; will consider a trade for
vacant lots or machine.
132 Brandels Bldg. Doug. 8068, A-3571.
Close-in $500
Nine rooms, completely modern, an ex
lellent house, just one block off 25th and
Dodge; garage and driveway. Can rent
It $55. Price Is 5,500; $500 cash and bal
Inoe monthly.
Glover Realty Syndicate.
Just south of Leavenworth Is a large
l-reom modern house, finished in oak
ind maple, located on fine east front
lot, street paved; Just a step to Leaven
porth car. Price reduced to $:W50.
1622 Farnam St.
8,700-4811 Cass St., 7 rooms, recp. hall,
liODERN. good repair, full lot, good
iarn, street paved, one of the choice loca
llons. - Dundee owner will sacrifice for
lulck sale. Will submit offer.
$2,500-810 No. 50th Ave., 6 rooms, full
bt, deslrahle location. Owner leaving
lity. Will submit reasonable offer. Owner
In premises, will show you, or phone me.
Doug. 147. Sundays and evenings, Har-
218 Board of Trade Bldg.
5-Room Bungalow
Nearly new and all modern, located on
Lake St., close to Sherman Ave. car line.
Unyone desiring a small home at a
leasonable price should investigate this.
the Byron Reed Co.
Both 'phones. 212 South 17th St.
5-ROOM cottage, in beautiful Clifton
Hill.' large lot, $2,100. Small easy pay-
"-room cottage, modern, but heat, large
ibrner lot, cement walks, one block to
lar, beautiful lawn, $2,000. Easy terms.
IIS. 15th, Room 22,' Tel. P. 2842, A-2842."
noi a rMrA4-.rf -ir.A in 7-T modern
lut heat. Just overhauled. Two bed rooms
Jrst floor, fine bath; shade trees. Mod
irate rent to right person.; See it today.
Jeorge B. Lenhoff- Phone Douglas 805.
New, modern 8-room house in Dundee;
lak finish downstairs and oak floors up
ind downstairs; white enamel finish, with
hahoganired doors, upstairs; sleeping
torch, fireplace, cistern and large laun
Iry; half block to car; paved street and
lhade trees. 4916 Chicago St. Harney 4821.
""FOR" SALS Reasonable priced modem
llx-room house, one-half block from car,
iaved street and fine location. Inquire
if owner, 2415 Manaerson ot. iei. vcu.
Offermaxi, 1110 Douglas St.
Five-ft. bath tub, $12.50.
All trimmings, $3.00.
18x30 wash stand, $2.50.
Steam and gasoline engine, elevator
supplies and fittings.
B'OR SALE, by owner, a brand new,
itrlctly modern 6-room house, between
I5th and 26th on Corby St., $2,900.
LOOK 380 acres stock farm. 110 a. cul
jvated; house, barn, 10 a. apple orchard,
inllmlted free range grass and water,
rlcer $12-50 per acre; big list free. Ward,
Jie Land Man, Mountain Home, Ark.
Tracts from 2 to 200 acres on 31-year
payments; price $35 to $66 an acre; set
tlers can pay off land at any time and
become absolute possessors; abundant
lupply of water; climate same as Cali
fornia; lands close to thriving towns with
free schools; government wants settlers.
Write to government agents: Peck-Judah
Co., 687 Market St., San Francisco, for
full particulars as to fares and conces
sions offered to settlers."
CALIFORNIA farms; perpetual water
fights; 6 crops annually; station 3 miles;
beautiful climate; $100 per acre. $1
monthly.. Chas. Cooper, 4C0 Phelan Bldg,
Ban Francisco, Cal."
For sale on easy terms, 21,000 acres of
the finest land in the Ban Joaquin Val
ley, California. In tracts of 320 acres of
more. Fine Boll, plenty of water. Price
MS to $60 per acre. Will be worth $150 per
acre within three years. Send for pam
phlet. Wholesale Land Department
585 Market St., San Francisco, Cal.
UNUSUAL Especially attractive be
cause Its trees are bearing now. Why
wait? Fruits and almonds. Only $30 cash,
1 per month. By the best town north
of Sacramento, Go with us next trip while
they last. Ask for attractive literature.
W have a fine little party Tf three go
ing and want two more. Transportation
paid both waV-s on this trip. Can buy
How and go later, for "Money back if not
pleased"' Is guaranteed. Chas. William
ton Co., Omaha, Neb., (Bank and busi
ness house references.)
ThUNJC. Frank Crawford, 203 Cotton
Elds., Vancouver or Omaha,
1 V 1 ft 1 is.. 4m VmnnMn At.
ben, western Canada's distributing ccn
tirj ;jlfl Ut $130. Term. JLW down and
fl,0 a week. Canada Laces Company,
Kdmontcn, Alberta.
600 acres Irrigated grain, alfalfa and
Vegetable farm; two sets improvements,
good witter rights, 50 miles east of Den
ver, on Platte river; want good mercan
tile or Income property. Might consider
mailer faun. Address X 41 Bet.
80 acres, irrigated, in the best part of
the San Luis valley. A double system of
irrigation guarantees an ample supply of
water for lrrli-tirm
Rl('h rhlVAlota .nil twnA n.U hlAr.
artesian wells only six miles to a rail
road town.
This is virgin soil, cleared and plowed,
readv tO Kfteri It la nff.i f,,.. nnlflr
sale at $50 per acre, easy terms.
Write for full particulars.
Tho Charles E. Gibson Co..
1017 First National Bank Bldg.
Denver, Colo.
WHY let your money lay Idle when
you can buy land at ridiculously low
prices and no better outlook ever known
in Colorado for fruit and general crops.
Buy at half price and make money. Tell
me what you want. L. W. Llndermann,
823 First Nat. Bank Bldg.. Denver. Colo."
Finest farm land in Colorado and west
ern Nebraska. We are Just opening up
new tracts. Soil, black loam, clay sub
soil; fine water, level roads, good market.
Wheat yield from 25 to 40 bushels. Land
pays for itself In two years.
608-10 City National Bank Bldg.,
Omaha, Neb.
Traversed by the
Lands adapted to the widest range of
crops. All the money crops of the south
plentifully produced. For literature treat
ing with this coming country, its soil,
climate, church and school advantage,
General Passenger Agent.
MOST productive hay and grain land
In the world Long Valley. Idaho. No ir
rigation needed; fine climate, fine water,
cheap fuel, telephones, railroad, elec
tricity. Improved land $25 to $60 per acre.
Also finest orchard land proposition in
Idaho, for lutormation write today. Pay
ette River Colonization Co., Nampa,
THE easiest way to find a buyer for
your farm is to insert a small want ad
In the Des Moines Capital. LargeBt cir
culation in the state of Iowa. 43.000 dolly.
The Capital is read by and believed in by
the standpatters or lowa, wno simpiy re
fuse to permit any other paper In their
homes. Rates. 1 cent a word a day; $1.25
per line per month; count six ordinary
words to tfte line. Address uea aioines
Capital. Des Moines, la.
Good six-room house, cellar, summer
kitchen, good orchard, 110 pine and
spruce trees, wind break, horse barn for
14 head of horses, cow barn for 22 cows,
two large cattle sheds, 60-foot machine
shed, 3 good wells, wind mill, orchard
and house yard fenced chicken tight,
70 acres fenced hog tight In three dif
ferent fields, hog house, running water
on place; IV acres of fine timber. For
particulars inquire of F. J. Foy, Max
well. Ia.
on N. Broadway, Council Bluffs, suitable
for truck farms or a city addition: good
7-room brick dwelling, five acres orchard,
barn ana other improvements, now
within about half a mile of the street
car line, which will, no doubt, be ex
tended on Broadway, beyond this prop
erty; divided Into suburban lots would
make a splendid investment; good resi
dences all along Broadway beyond this
property; price, $500 per acre; terms. See
U w. Tuiieys or the McGee Seal Estate
Co., Council Bluffs, Ia.
5 miles out: 15 acres: all excellent land.
suitable for any purpose; 5 acres in
alfalfa; no buildings; cheapest good land
near either city at $1,650; $250 cash, bal
ance long time at 6 per cent. KIcGee
Keai estate Co, 105 Feari bt., council
Corn and Hogs
in Lousiana
You can buy a section of land in west
ern Louisiana, suitable for a hog ranch,
at about the cost of forty or fifty acres
in Nebraska. You can raise corn, cow
peas, sweet potatoes, peanuts and soy
beans in very profitable quantities rnd
make pork at a less cost than in the
north. There are numerous other things
you can very profitably raise in Louis
iana and enjoy a balmy climate as well.
Vegetables, fruits and flowers very early
in the spring make life worth living. Full
information and nicely illustrated litera
ture sent free on request. Wm. Nichol
son, Immigration Agent, Kansas City
Southern Railway, 195 Thayer Bldg., Kan
sas City, Mo."
BIG land boom starting In northwestern
Minnesota. Get in the gamebuy some
cheap land on easy terms. Cheap excur
sion rates. We aave our iwn sa.esmea
and oifices at Thief River Falls, Minn.:
Broadview, Mont.; Gooding, Idaho, and
Seattle, wash, write tor rates and par
ticulars. Our reputation and financial
responsibility are unquestioned. Good
agents wanted in every locality. Write
now today.
ELWOOD LAND CO., (Incorporated).
927-928 Andrus Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.
FAMOUS Red River valley prairie land,
320 acres Wilkins county, Minn.; one mile
from Lawndale; for quick sale, $25 acre.
160 acres, all cultivated; buildings, large
grove, close to school, $46 acre; easy
terms. See them now. Cloverland, Scan
dinavian Bank, St. Paul, Minn.
320-acre farm 2 miles from good town,
40 miles from Minneapolis, on main road,
telephone and mail route. 75 acres under
cultivation, 70 acres good meadow will
cut over 100 tons of hay; balance In
pasture with 90 acres good oak timber,
can all be opened up. Land-lays level,
good soil in the best of condition, no
stono or gravel and no foul weeds. Good
seven room house1 In splendid grove
with other buildings, good well and
water. An Ideal stock and dairy farm.
Selling on account of Old age. Price,
iib per acre for quick sale.
CHAS. E. SWANSON. Elk River, Minn.
20,000 acres In fine Improved and unim
proved land in the corn belt; close to
good towns; heavy black loam soil; clay
subsoil; plenty rain; crop failures un
known; $30 to $50 per acre; easy terms.
Excursion first and third Tuesday of
each month. Send for list and maps.
530 Palace Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.
RANCHES-12,000 to $100,000. Send for
list. Shopen & Co., Ranch Dealers,
Omaha, Neb.
IRRIGATED lands, lower prices than
government lands. Splendid bench land
from $12 to $18 per acre; easy terms; un
rivaled opportunities for raising winter
wheat, spring grains and alfalfa; also
truck farming, poultry raising and or
charding. Free booklet. Write Secretary
Deer Lodge Commercial Club.
FOR SALE 160 acres all fenced; 80
acres under cultivation; (-room house, X2
x62 bam; 16x20 chicken house; 16x16 gran
ary; 10x12 stone milk house, windmill
and good water; located five miles from
Chappell, $40 an acre takes this bargain;
half down and mortgage for balance.
Address Mrs. Christie Jacobs, Chappell,
HOMESTEAD 320 acres rich farm land
at $250 filing fees and all. Not rough or
sandy. J. A. Tracy, Kimball, Neb.
Quarter section of forty-bushel wheat
land, mile and half from station; must
be sold. J. H. Hardisty, Thief River
Falls, Minn.
JNorth Dakota.
FOR EXCHANGE 730 acres In Guthrie
Co., Ia.; clear; want good ranch In east
ern Neb.; must be first class and In
corn belt. 160 acres In Scott's Bluff Co.,
Neb.; want small Iowa farm, fid, Kelly
Creighton University .. College
" 4talK
North Dakota.
A poor man's opportunity to get a rich
North Dakota wheat farm, $20 to $30 an
acre, tO.OOO acres to select from, 320
acres in Morton Co. for $20 an acre. Low
Ry. rates. Free maps and facts about
our lands and business sites In new liy.
towns. Reliable agents wanted. See or
write Wm. H. Brown Co., Haynes,
dams Co., or Mott, Hettinger Co., North
Adair. Ia.
HERE'S a chance for a man who un
derstands dairying to get a nice 40-acre
farm in southeastern Oklahoma, 1H miles
from main line Missouri Pacific, in good
live town. Land lays high and Is nearly
level. Has good 5-room house, good well,
barn, and is fenced and cross-fenced.
No better place to raise fruit and chick
ens. Two crops of potatoes can be
raised, the first crop usually brings $1.50
per bushel and the second about $1. If
you have an Omaha or a suburban resi
dence or good acreage near car line, I
will be pleased to tell you more about
this farm. I paid $3,500 for, It. but owing
to change In plans cannot use It. Write
Box 515 Benson, Neb. If your property
Is what I yant and Is worth more money
than farm I ml(?ht put In some other
good Benson property.
Sooth Dakota. '
FOR SALE One of the best quarter
sections in Rosebud country, i miles
from Winner, county seat of Tripp
county, S. D.; good house, barns; very
fine well, 95 acres In growing crops; all
fenced and cros fenced; can be sold on
easy terms. J. W. MeC'ann, Dallas, 8. D.
EQUITY In 2 sections of splendid
Texas land in Sherman county, south of
Cold Water. H mile of townslte; some
Improvements; partly under fence. Land
selling around it at $30. Will sell whole
piece at W per acre. It will develop
worth $75 in one year under Improve
ments. Great opportunity for good farm.
Address P. C. Barldon, care Central As
bestos & Supply Co., 215 E. 4th St., Des
D. 1101. 802 City National Bank Bldg.
Farm Land and Ranches,
CTC7: fS i75F
Thomas Zeentn Thomas KameJy Basil ZmplueziW 2Tixice2Tjlh&
Xefiaall Wl taker
Land Opening
We 'have Just purchased one of the
richest tracts of land, suitable for general
farming, poultry raising, dairying, truck
ing and fruit growing In the United
States, and have subdivided It and thrown
It open for settlement In small tracts.
To a few farmers, poultry raisers,
dairymen, truck or fruit growers who
would make good neighbors, we are
willing to dlfpose of some of this land at
a small part of its real value; In fact,
less than you would pay for land In a
new country away from transportation.
This land is located on the MAIN line of
the Illinois Central Railroad and only a
few hours' ride trom the great markets
of Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cin
cinnati, Louisville, Kansas City and
There is no ritfner soil on earth than
this section. We have sworn affidavits
from farmers and truck growers showing
what they have made in a single year:
I...- i oourfht and paid for, hence
we are In a position to make terms to
the right parties. Take any number of
acrs you want (from five acres up), $2
per acre down and easy terms on the
Write or call today. Your name and
address on a post card will bring affi
davits, maps, printed information and
pictures of the property.
This will not put you under obligations
j to ub whatever and is absolutely FREE
to all.
J N. VOGEL. 415 Karbach Block.
Persistent Advertising is the Road to
Big Returns.
bU 1114 tor record June II, 11 1:
D. Hitler to R. O. Monnell, mi orei of cS
. of nw, J-H-U t 1
W. J. ltke to Mur A. Knrlnht. lot 13
Swetmtn't fubdlr ot yt bloclti M and 09.
South Omaha 3.OS0
Ed Miber to W. J. like, lot 13, 8wetmn'i
ubdtv ot wtt hlockt M and M, South
Omoi ' '.SCO
M. C Parker to H. L. Arnold. a40 feat lot
17, O'KMfe'l Hilleraat add 2,160
i. W. RoMnaon t N. Laaderyou, lot I,
BelbT Helshta add 1"!
I U Row to H. A. McCord, let J, El-
lUtont Park Place........ 460
ur T T S3SS9tt fc - .""afc,.
- - .
pit' J il " ( llj
of Liberal Arts,
Prowling: Felines Kill and Rat at:
Average of Fifty Songster
m Year.
Herbert K. Job, state ornithologist of
Connecticut, is after the cats. He pre
sents a strong case against them in the
following statement, which ho has given
"On a wild tract of land In Connecticut
used as a gamo preserve, remote from
any town or v!lle, during the first year
and a half of Its recent operations the
keeper In churge killed forty roving cats,
and during the next year two dosen more.
Many of these were evidently homoless,
having relapsed Into tho condition of
wild animals. Others were house cats,
accustomed to roam, mostly by night,
miles from their homes. All were prey
ing on birds and wild gam. ThlB Is no
exceptional case, but typical of what
goes on everywhere.
"People often wonder why our song
and Insectivorous birds which are pro
tected by law do not Increase. The real
wonder Is that they havo not long since
been exterminated, with an army of hunt
ing felines, especially In the vicinity of
towns, roaming everywhere In the breed
ing season, searching for nests and young
birds. If the neet Is on the ground or
anywhere that a cat can climb the case
Is almost hopeless.
"Even If out of reach, the young when
learning to fly are almost sure to flutter
down and get caught. If one wll! look
around near home he will often find
empty nests which have been robbed of
eggs or young. Tha cat Is a born hunter
and nearly all of them hunt for wild
game, even though their owners do not
suspect it. It Is a very moderate esti
mate to assume that the cat, on the
average, slays one bin! a week, gay fifty
each year.
"In most parts of Europe birds are
said to be much more abundant than
with us, though they are shot and trap
ped much more freely, A well known
naturalist, who has traveled much in
those countries, considers this due In con
Class of 1912
&hn O'Connor H&teel uiaat
siderable measure to the comparative
absence of cats. It seems to him a locni
peculiarity of the American people to
tolerate In their homes numbers ot tcett
half-wild animals, a queer, abnormal fad.
In Europe the possession of cato Is tail
to be regulated by law. A common bar'
barity Is the practice of abandoning cai-j
by people changing their residence, leav
ing them to suffer and to prey upon
society. In pity I havt taken these home
less starving creatures and ' fed them.
At one shore resort In Connecticut I have
been told that there oro from fifty t;i a
hundred homeless cats, abandoned by
summer cottagers, eking out a wretched
existence 1 around the piers." Hartford
.Cost of Great Work.
Panama canil (estimated) when com
pleted (not Including payment to defunct
French Panama Canal company and re
public of Colombia, 1375,000.000,
Grand Central terminal. New York,
Pennsylvania railroad terminal, New
York, 100,000,000.
Buer canal, $10.).00ft,000.
New York Interboro subway, (when
completed In 1018), 176,000,000.
Manchester (England) ship canal, $75,
000,000. I.rie canal, $52,540,800.
Manhattan bridge. New York. $26,000,050.
Urooklyr. bridge, $22,400,000.
Wlllla-nsburg bridge. New York, $2J,
100,000. Wellnnd fcht-.-. r.nn1. tl7M.m.
I Quecnsboro bridge. $17,25S,C00.
St. Uot'hnrd tunnel. $15,000,000.
Slmplon tunnel, $23,232,000.
Harlem Rlvr ship canal, $2,700,000.
Denver Republican.
"Now, what are you feeling bad about?"
"Oh, I am utterly wretched. He doesn't
love me as I love him."
"How do you know?"
"Why, we discovered iRst evening that
the day we have set for our wedding day
In the day of the opdlntr of the bane ball
season, and sIho there's a big bargain
scle on at ono of the down-town stores."
"And he wanted to change the date of
the wedding?"
"We both wanted to change it. He
couldn't miss the opening game, and I
Jupt couldn't dream of missing those bar
gains." "Well, then I-"
"But he wanted to have tha wedding a
day later while It was me suggested hav
ing It a day sooner." Houston Post.
Yankee Athletes Have Not Beached
Zenith of Their Fli&ht jb.
Competition for Kntry Into Olyna
piad Haa Been Keener In Track r
ana Field Event Tha tZZ
Ever Before.
NEW YORK, Juno 15.-That the Amer-;
lean athl-te has not yet achieved thr
senlth of his flight after records It be--,
coming move apparent every day. Given
the proper Incentive and training and
new figures In many of the events form
ing the average nlthletlc neet program -can
and will be bettered In seasons to
cme.t This was proved by the thorough
manner in which the United States track
and field stars went after the Olympic
recorda on the ova of the fifth Interna
tional games to bo held at Stockholm
next month.
The Incentive needed to spur on the.,
best performers in club and college circlet
was mrpUed In th destre to make tha
team which represents this country In
the Swedish stadium during the garnet ;
July 6 to 15. As a result the competi
tion has been keener In all branchet of
track and field sports this spring than
In many years. Record after record hat
been wiped out and replaced by better
times and distance! until it would appear
that "of the breaking of recorda thera
la no end." I .
So general and widespread haa been'
this successful assault on figure! thought
to be Invincible that even the leading
athletio authorities henitate to fix a
limit en the future performances of the
spiked shoe clan. With Gardner of Yalo
vaulting 1$ feet 1 inch; Hortne cleaxln;
the . bar In the running high jump at 6
feet 7 Inches; Rose ahatttrlng tha thot
put figures; Duncan the discus record,
and a score of runners equalling or Mr
son for the national enthusiasm with
which thia country It backing the Amer
ican team in tha fifth Olympiad.
Never 9 a eh n Season.
Discussing tha epidemic of record,
breaking James E. Bulllvan of tha Amer
ican Olymplo committee recently eald:
"I am ready to throw up my nandt to
far at the future It concerned. There
never has been such a season for all
around athletio success at the present
one. We all expect a record to go here
and there each year, but when they be
gin to fall In bunchea, why. you can't,
blame the old timera If we Just tit back
aghast. Of courae new records in
Olympic eventt are not to remarkable
at In our regular Amateur Athletic union
contests, since It It only once In four
years that the American performers com
pete In these odd distances. Outside o
Olympiad yesrt, for Instance, there are
no trials at 100 meters, which, figured
according to American athletio standards,
equals a trifle over 109Vi yards.
"It Is not surprising, therefore, that
thfise odd distance records should be fre
quently broken under constant attack
by our atnletes trained to the minute tor
the American trials. The very fact that"
regular standard events, like the pole
vault and high jump, go by the board.
Is a better Indication of the form that
the club and college athlete has reached.
As to the reason for this athletio condi
tion, 1 think it can be divided Into three
classifications: First, bettor and more
scientific training methods; second, the
general growth of, athletlct Itt all part
of the nation, and, v third, the unusual
amount of interest and training created
by the fuot that this Is an Olymplo games
llr-Uevra In Yankee Ability.
"These, of course, apply to the par
ticular and present epoch of record
breaking. I am and havo been for years
a firm believer in the ability of the
American athlete to load the world In
this lino of sport. Some years ago, dur
ing an athletic discussion In the Chicago ,
Athletio assocsiatlon club house, I, K.
Baxter and Myer Prinstelm both Olymplo
honor men, asked me If I believed that
a pole vaulter would ever clear thirteen
feet and a broad Jumper twenty -five feet
I answered, Tea.' The pole vaulter has
arrived in Gardner, and I expect to see
a twenty-five foot jump at Stockholm
next month. Furthermore, the 8-seoona
sprinter will arrive one ot these days in
the person of soma big. powerful atnleta
with the nervous temperament necessary,
for such a feat. Ha will be a high-powered
human mechanism, capable ot hurl
ing himself the full 100 yards at top
speed, from the second he leaves the
starting pit and then another so-called
Impossible sthletlo achievement will be
"o far as I can see be Isn't In sight
at this moment, but these athletio tor
ntdoeit sometimes burst into view with
out preliminary warning, and for that
Tna:,t I can t say that such a sprinter
may not be competing at the Olymplo
gsmu In July. Even should he fall to
appear we will have plenty to enthuse
over and be proud of, for I feel certain
I that fully 7a per cent of the present
1 Olyniplo records will be broken at the
ritocUholm meet if weather and track
conditions are propitious. That the Amer
ican athletes will assume a commanding
lead In this department of the Olympiad
I have not tho slightest doubt."
What She Needed.
A wandering peddler Stopped at a
touthern cabin and opened his pack.
"Mammy, let me show you some self
raising umbrellas," he began.
"No use, man; no use," interrupted tha
old colored woman, as she busied her
self about a boiler of clothes. "Cay n't.
use nothing lak dat."
"How about self-raising . window
"No good heah", kase dey ain't any
windows wuff talkln' about."
"Self-raising buckwheat?" -
"No good, to me we eat cohn pone.
But, mister '
"Well, mammy?"
"If you'll tell me how to tuhn dese heah
fohteen bad chlilun Into self-raisin' pick
aninnies Ah 11 be you' fren' foh hfe, dat
Ah will sah."-Clnclniiatl Commercial
Tribune. 'lhe Kxttfcaeratlona of Science.
The sanitary scientist was gathering
wild flowers In mid-Af ilea.
"Be careful," they said to him, "lest
you meet a lion."
"I would far rather," replied the eanlta
ttonlst "meet a lion any day than a
Just a little later he met a lion.1 '
They claim he looked once at tho beast
and then ran a full-sized marathon and
tell over a cliff a mile high!
Query: What does he do when he
meets a mosquito? Cleveland Plain.)
Dealer. , -v I
The Woe of the RJa rater.
The editor looked up.
"I can't say I Just like the way your
poem begins' he said. "You say 'This
Is the month when roses bloom. I don't
dispute the fact, but it isn't timely."
"Not timely! What do you mean?"
"I mean that owing to a press of other
poetical matter we can't possibly print
your verses before neat December. Bet-
ler maRE uiui una reau, xms tm w ;
monm wnen onzsara oioom.
Put the poet gathered up hit poem an'
sadlv went his way. Cleveland 11