Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 16, 1912, SOCIETY, Image 26

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35 Cent Laces
Yard 9c
A swell line of beautiful Not
tingham Bands which are so
popular this season, fine
shadow and neat Crochet ef
fects In cream, white or
ecru, a delayed ship- f
ment at 25c and 35c M C.
values, at, yard .. "
Ulo tYoynhnrAifif nriced Clt leSS than cn&t n f nmdtiction
Several big shipments of goods bought specially for our Anniversary Sale and delayed in
transit on account of Chicago strike situation, have been received at taMg discount-the railroad company and the
manufacturer, stand the loss-oar customer, get the benefit The,e together with a complete clearance of all odd lot, and broken line,,
PREVIOUS to INVENTORY, will make this the greatest bargain-giving week in the history of Omaha merchandising. Come early Monday
High Grade Wash
Goods Sale
About a carload of high
grade wash goods was tied up
in Chicago and arrived too late
for the Anniversary sale and
now we have to slaughter them.
Ratines that should bring 11.B0 to,
$2.00 yard will go at $1.00
Ratines that should bring $1.25 to
11.50 yard will go at ...... 86s
Ratine Voiles that should bring
(1 to $1.25 yd. will goat ..69c
Voiles worth $1.00 will go at 59c
Voiles worth 85c will, go at 50o
Voiles worth 6c will go at o
Voiles worth 50c will go at 35o
Voiles worth 89c will go at 8Se
Voiles worth SRc will go at 15o
An entirely new line of Egyptian ,
Tissues and woven . Klaxons, the
"genuine article." will go at.lBo .
New French Percales, 15c and 13c
quality UH
New Scotch Ginghams.'Anderson's
39c values
New Scotch ' Madras, 60c and 89c
New,' Batistes, at yard loo
French 1 Batiste, pretty patterns,
at. 1H
Silk and mercerised goods, worth
up, to 76c yard ......Mo, ase, Mc
New. Pllsses for underwear and
kimonos . ..,. ...18c ana ISO
New Serpentine;' Crepe, etc., and
everything, new "and arrived late
will be closed out and prices made
to do. the work quickly. Mail
orders filled, promptly.
PreAnventory June Sale of. Silks
3,000 yards of all silk foulards, pongees and messalines, in dots,
. stripes and neat figures,' all this season's styles that HQ
sold up to 76c; your choice Monday .;. . . . . 0
Yard wide washable silks In neat stripes, white ground with col
ors, navy and white, lavender and white, Jucher and white, a
- few imported Japanese silks in this lot, to close before stock
taking, worth 75c to $1.00, at
36-inch all silk satin foulards, i
. in, a good variety of white,
up-to-date styles, mostly navy
and black grounds, that sold
for $1.00, in our clearing sale
at ......-:684
Yard wide black yarn, dyed, all
silk mess&Une, fine, firm qual-
....... ....38
ity, worth $1.00 '.'.....75'
10 pieces of yard wide Black
Chiffon, feau de Sole, the $1
quality, at .,...78
i pieces of yard wide black
dress taffetas, strictly: ' all
silk chiffon finish, very" 'spe
cial ...... --58
3Se Bilk Boot BtockWi-Pffc1
goods, in black, tan and white,
with high spliced double heels
and toes, every pair guar- QKrj ;
t anteed .. v
Children's 8So Muilln Drawers
All sizes 2 to H years, well
made, hemstitched or tucked,
good quality cambric, on Q
sale Monday, at, pair .... "
Pre-lnvenlory Clearance Dress Goods
. -. : All. the Remnants left from the past few weeks' tre
mendous selling must go and in order to insure quick
clearance we've marked them all at EXACTLY HALF.
1,000' Remnants, in- v , They- are lengths
eluded in this sale:
the very best of the sea-
sonp - oirertngs marked
85c Mohairg-52 inches
wide,, just 20 pieces in;
the lot; on sale at, per
yard..v... .....;50c
from 2l2 to 6 yards-
finest qualities of all
wool fabrics.
Shirts, Made to Measure
Perfect fit "and workman
ship guaranteed; Monday.
at $2.75
52.00 Ml Over
Laces 98c
A grand clearance of all
the odd pieces of Venice
and Nottingham Allover
Laces, worth to QQf
$2.25 a yard, at.. vl
Four Big Lots of New Embroid
eries, 3&c, 5c, 9c and 35c
Baraains in women's readv-to-wear aarments surpassing an ever known.
Offering not only several delayed shipments from our Anniversary Sale but making a clean sweep
PreAnvenlory Clearance of our entire stock of beautitui anaiasmonaoie wearing apparei.
In the Domestic
Room Monday
10c Hope or Lens- C3 a
dale Muslins..... 4t
20c Unbleached Rochdale
Sheetings, 94 wide; at, a
yard ....... ...UOC ,
25c Aurora Bleached
Sheeting, 8-4 wide. .19c
v15c Aurora Pillow Tubing,
42 inches wide;" heavy
weight; at, yard. . . .10c
10c Unbleached Muslin ,
" 36 inches wide, Farmers
Choice; at, yard . . .6M:C
' 7U'C Bleached Muslin, 36
, inches wide . . ... . . . ,5c
50c Ready Made Sheets
Are 72x90 Size ...,.33c
15c Imported Huck Tow
els 19x38 size .:. .IOC
10c Chamois Finished
- Long Cloth and India
Linons, at . . . . ... ',7iC
350 Tailored SuitsMade to '
sell up to $45.00; every one
of them strictly man-tailored
and as classy a lot of
designs as you will often
see. All most desirable fab
rics and , colorings, in two
lots Monday
at.... $7.45 and $12.45
Ladies' and Misses' Silk
Dresses Messalines, chif
fons, etc., all newest de
signs, $20.00to $30.00 val
ues; in Monday's sale at.
choice,,... ......$10.00
$4.00 Silk Underskirts Taf
fetas and messalines; on
sale at . . . . . $1.79
All the Evening
Gowns, Street and
Afternoon Dresses at
Just Half Price
$175.00 Gowns $87.50
$150.00 Gowns $75.00
$100.00 Gowns $50.00
$89.00 Gowns. . $44.50
$75.00 Gowns.. $37.50
$50.00 Gowns. .$25.00
And all others at just'
. Half Regular Price.
Not one gown re
served; all the newest
wanted materials and
. colorings shown in
wide range of ex
quisite designs.
UWV and Mvctnxa WAISTS I
$1.00 values, including lawn J
and lingeries, in high jor low j
.neck, sailor' collar, Peter Pan
and other styles ...... -..3So I
OKE9 WAISTS Made to sell
' at $2.00, all newest summer
: styles, splendid variety, in all
sixes, choice ......... :.i.B9o
All the Finest Sum.
mer Dresses at
Imported lingeries
and ratine, crepes,
Irish linens, etc., ex
quisitely trimmed
many of them shown
at opening display.
$125.00 Dresses $83.34
$98.00 Dresses $65.34
$85.00 Dresses, $56.67 '
$79.00 Dresses $52.67
$69.00 Dresses $46.00
$55.00 Dresses $36.67
$45.00 Dresses $30.00;
$35.00 Dresses $23.34
All Ooera and Evening Coats and
Coats and Wraps
$20.00 to lff5.00 values nearly all samples
slightly soiled, at :. . . $5 "d $10
' Your'choice .while they last.
Thousands of Pretty Sum
mer Dresses sent us spec
ially by the manufacturers;
linens, ratines, embroider
ies, dimities, tissues, lawns
and other wash materials;
all colors and white, the
most delightful bargains
ever, at $4.95, $6.95,
$8.95 and ......$12.50
50 dozen Tub Dresses On
sale in ' three big lots at
prices less than the actual
worth of materials
at.. 50c, 98c and $1.98
Children's .Wash Dresses
Values to $2.00, in pretty
, ginghams and lawns, all
colors and sizes, at. . . .79c
BSAVTZrVXi avaaCBB WAISTS I SrXX WAISTS, worth up to $5,
r- I Mmnalirtos. chiffons and Jao
Bilks,- 25 different styles for
election, ; all . at on ! price,
choice .......... ..... . ..S1.45
jUlAOATir siss'
Clearance Specials
Pure Linen Hemmed Pat
tern Table Cloths,' size
8x12 ; "worth $4.00 each,
at . . .. ....... $2.50
Pure. Lineii Dinner Napkins to
match, size 20x20, worth $4
dozen ....'.: .J .... $2.50
Unhemmied Pattern Table
Cloths,, assorted, designs, siza
8x12, worth $2.25, ea. $1.25
Circular Scalloped Table
Cloths, full size, pure linen,
worth $6 each ..... .$3.98
Hemmed or Hemstitched pure
linen Huck Towels, full size,
worth 39c each . . . . . -25
Imported Mercerized Table Da--mask,
good; width, assorted
patterns, worth 59c, yd. 39
Excelsior Quilted .Table, pads
ready for use, size 54x54,
worth $2.25 each ...$1.50
Sterling Table Felt, full 54
inches wide, heavy and sound
, resisting, worth 39c yard,
at 25t
values un to 13, at 8o Mar
quleettes, Linens, Allover Enr.-
brolderies and . . Lingeries,
beautiful line for selection.
Ecuadorian Panamas
$5.00 to $8.00 values, shown in Mon
day's sale in three lots , .'
$2.95, $3.95 and $.95;
j jLnjxnjLixi Lriaiii.rwiiii"Mirwr"ii"ii " "" ......1
' . .' . ' J...'.'..'"., i L- . . -. . ' .
$15.00 Steamer Trunks
Made of basswood, linen lined, enamel
duck covered, with heavy sole leather
straps; great snap Monday,' $Q50
... I - " . ' M
, Remarkable
Bargains in White Dress Fabrics
Pure Linen Natural color Automobile Suiting, yard wide,
worth' 75c a yard, at ; . .. . ' V.-.39C
Pure Linen Dress Materials, double fold, yard wide, as
sorted colors, worth 65c a yard, at. ... ...... . .i v.35c
Fancy Figured "White Pique, assorted, heavy, for skirt
ing, worth 50c a yard, at ................. v. . . . .oc
Assorted colored line suitings,
good width, worth 39c yard,
40 Inches width, worth 20c
yard ...... 12K
Persian and French Lawns and
sheer chiffons, worth 75c yard
at 45
New Spring White Goods, ia
Lawns, Mulls and Swisses,
worth up to-2 Bo yard ..10
at 10
White Flaxons and Luna Lawns,
, plain or figured, worth 29c
Vard ........ ...15.
Victoria, Lawns, sheer and fine
Why Pay More for Drugs and Toilet Goods
Sals starts Monday sad continues aU next week.
91 size pure hydrogen
peroxide, extra
for , . - 26s
25c can of Menne&'s or
Colgate's talcum pow
der for ,.il6
25c can of William's
Violet or Carnation
Talcum for .10o
60c box ot Java, Rice or
Pozzont's face powder
for 85o
25c size Pond's Ext San.
itol or Peroxide face
'--Creama, each .....16o
i6o can ' tr. E3. I
Grave or Peroxldp
1 tooth powder or paste
for lOo
,25c Sanltol or Enthy
mal tooth powder .or
. paste for ..lSVaO-
- 60c tube . of P u b e c o
tooth paste, sale price
at .;. .. 35o
25c Tooth Brushes, big
snap, - sale price, each,
"at .. . lOo
35ci Jar Massage-Cream,
2 to a customer, each,
at .....Oo
16c pkg. of 20 Mule
Team Borax for ..So
Three cakes of Life
Buoy soap for ... .100
One big lot of lOo bar
toilet soaps slightly
soiled, at per cake SHo
iQc Jap Rose or Palm
Olive soap, at 2 bars
for'...... ......:.l6o
Large size Of Pompelan
Massage Cream, at 49o
25c box, 3 bars, of high
ly scented toilet s6aps,
per box. lSe
k Big assortment oi
Bathing Caps at Just ,H
regular price.
One full quart of pure
Witch Hazel and bot
tle, for .. 35o
$1.50 extra heavy Hot
Water bottles go at 75o
' ' ' -T - '
In the Domestic
18c Imported Dress Oing
hams . ... .' . .' 10c
10c 'Lawns, good colors
and patterns ".5c
18c Batines, the popular
summer dress fabrics; on
sale at 10c
iy2c Apron Ginghams In
blues, browns and greens,
at ... ......... .....5c
oc Simpson 'Printr-r
nearly all colors, yd...5c
25c Poplins, all newest col
ors; on sale at"'. . . . .15c
18c Plisse Cloth for under
wear, white and colors,
at 12C
18c Silk Finish Foulards;
all good patterns, at 10c
25c Bleached Table Da
mask 58 inches wide-
at.:.;;... :;i9(5
1214c' Percales, 36 inches
wide, light and dark col
ors ; at, yard ... . . . . 10c
Muslin Underwear Bargains
You'll Find it Imptssibie ,
to Bu plicate .
Skirts worth to $6.00, elaborately
trimmed, , splendid assortment,
t .....$2.08
Skirts worth -to $3.50, in two lota,
Mondsy ... . . .$1.50 and $1.09
Princess Slips, worth to $5.00, with
deep flounce ot Swiss embroidery,
the yokes of dainty lace, on sale in
3 lots, at $3.08 $1.08 $1.50
Drawers and Corset Covers, reg
ular values to 75c, all sizes, In
one big lot, at, choice ....16
Gowns worth to $2.50, cut long and
, full, Nainsook or Crepe cloth Q8
Oowas and Combination gaits, trimmed,
exceptional bargains, at .49o
Corset Covers and HareeUa Drawers
BOo Corset Covers, at 8So
ChUdrea'g S5e NfasUa Drawers . .lHo
Womea's aad Children's Bathing Suits,
Manufacturer's samples, up to $10 00,
In four .big lots, in Monday's sale.
at .. f3.8, Ua, UI
Many Big Lots Monday at Prices Actually
Less Than Mill Cost
All Bugs offered Monday are absolutely perfect, new goods.
9x12 Axminster Rugs $25.00 qualities,
choice $14.75
$35.00 Seamless Wilton Rugs Beauti
ful patterns, choice $21.75
$18.50 Mitre Velvet Rugs 9x12 size ; on
sale at ...... ,$10.00
Good range of patterns; all this sea
son's goods.
9x12 Tapestry Brussels Rugs $15.00
quality; choice, at.. $9.95
$11.00 Mitre Brussels Rugs 9x12 size;
on sale at . . $6.50
Wool Smyrna and American Oriental
Rugs--Values up to $27.50; 9x12 size,
at ........$12.50
Many other specials shown. Greatest clearance bargains ever known in
Omaha. , Extra salesmen to wait on you.
The choicest assortment and
values in Summer Hats shown
in any store.
Untrimmed Hats
Greatly Underpriced Monday
Hair, Chip and Java Braid
Hats, all colors and black,
worth up to $1.50;
on sale.
Imported Panama Hats
Regular values up to $7.50,
on sale, choice. . . .$3.95
Pure White Chip ; Hats
New clean stock, regular
$2.00 values . . . . . . .49c
Ratine or Wash Rag Hats;
5 styles to select from; on
sale at .. . . .ii,98c
AAnjiAruiAannnrr" -
In the Hardware Department
, Lawn Mowers.
Don't overlook our
big lawn mower sale.
We Mtill have some
big bargain left
11-in. mowers, i hard
ened eteel blades,
worth $4.60, all go
at $3.85
14-ln. Trana-MlsalM-eippt.
warranted. 3
blade mowers, worth
I3.7S, at la.SO
14-in. - ball bearing
lawn tnowera with 4
patent tempered
blades, worth 17.50,
while they laat M-7J
We - .also ' have a
number of other mow
ers with national rep
utation a to quality,
at greatly reduced
35c grass hooks, Mon
day ...... .250
95c grass, catchers 4So
"c grass catchers S9e
3c grass catchert ISe
Kakee, up : f ronv , .160
Jtefrireratoia. , .
A fine hardwood re
frigerator, fully in
sulated, massive ex
terior walla, abso
lutely air tight. 45-
lb. - capacity, worth
J 10, on sale Monday,
at $6.9S
li 60-lb. capacity.
White Mountain- re
frigerator, oak case,
at ...... .....97.M
$14 7-lb. capacity.
! White Mountain re
frigerator ts.S
927 While lined Whit
Mountain refrigera
ters. ISO-lb. capacity,
at .... flS.
Specials in Kitchen
ware and house fur
nishings for Monday.
enterprise cherry ston.
era 85o
GoodeU's cherry ston.
rs ...... ......750
Large preserving ket
tles, gray enameled,
guaranteed not ' to
dlucolor fruits . .9a
45c aluminum ' sauce
pan ..... .....ass
$1.40 aluminum ' Hre
boilers ..... . ...s
Pott's ssd Iron han
dles .... ....... 5o
Any size . frying pan.
at ,10o
tl.SS Ironing board 8o
10c Dover egg beat- .
rs ...k..,6o
$l.b9 , food . choppers,
at ' ao
'. Iras Baages.
Garland gas ranges
are best. Detachable
construction, every
piece, including all
burners, can be re
moved by s the hands
alone without remov
ing a single bolt or
nut Complete line to
show you, up from
Perfection ! 3-hole oil
stoves $9.SO
Gasoline stoves, up
from .... SS.4S
Gasoline stove ovens.
up from gl.85
Hand Bag Sale
Several new lots just
received; better values
than ever.
$2 Hand Bags at $1.00
3 Hand Bags at $1.25.
4 Hand Bags at $1.08
60c Chiffons Monday 25c.
Compete lines all colors.
New Patent Leather Belt,
ail colors, on tale . .251
ijij-iru-irirunru-u-i.arLrr.nn.rLnj-1-i-i- --" - -- -- - nmim mm
Six Rousing Specials
In the Crockery Section
Wash Bowl, Pitcher and
' Slop Jar with ball, at,
' et . i'm . . 10
18c CsJle Bowla, J-Qart
sits, on sal at,.-7Hs
50c IqoHed ; Salt Boxes,
at 25
rsney Deeeratsd Wate
Fltokan, 3-Qt size; on sala
t ....,tw......SO
Handled Caps for.tos
On All mala Whits Chin for
Decorating. A great oppor
tunity for China decorator
The Talk of Omaha Hayden's Grocery
Prices. We make the prices for the people, not a tew
IS lbs. best rranu- I
tated sugar 91
10 bars Lenox, Beat 'Em
All or Diamond C soap
for 5
8 lbs. best, bulk laun
dry starch ....... 850
4 lbs. good japan head
rice ...Mo
The best domestic mac
aroni, ukg. ..TH"
8 lb. sacks best white or
yellow cornmeal "..loo
10c pkg. Pearllns
8 cans . oil pr .niustard
sardines . ,...85o
1 -oi. ' - cans 'condensed
milk .... ,.M0
Grape Nuts. pkg. ..10c
. CtCorn FlakssT pkg.,
at . ... jt ..Vs
Jell-s or. Jeirycon,, pkf
at .....fHs
l-lb. can ssaorted soups
at ....TV4s
) Iba McLarneps Pea
nut butter ...... ..Ms
Gallon cans apples or
pumpkin . t...M
Large bottles Worerter
Sauce, pickles, catsup
or mustard, per bottle
at .... 81-3o
Yeast Foanv, pkg. ....3
Peter's Breakfast Cocoa,
lb 3o
The best tea slftlngs.
lb. lo
Golden Santos coffee,
lb. Mo
The rresa Tegetaale
Market f Omaha.
Fresh spinach, peck 5o
( bunches fresh leaf, let
tuce ...... ...... ..5o
t bunches fresh radishes
at ....... -5
t bunchea fresh onions
at ... 5o
Fresh cauliflower, per
lb. ...'. . . .........Bo
l4 bunches fresh beets So
4 bunches fresh .carrots,
2, at S l-3o
Taney hothouse cucumb
ers, each Te, So, 3o
Fancy ripe tomatoes, lb.
at . ... ........ .lOo
Fancy . . was or green
beans,' lb.: ......TH
1 bunches Kohli Rabbi,
at So
New , potatoes, la. . . .So
New cabbage, lb.. ... 3o
Large sise. each ..lHo
olaL Jfo finer fruit
grown for preserving,
riorlda Pinaapple pe-
Per doien ...... fl-f9
Med. large Biie(Jeach lOo
Per dozen 11.10
Med. slse. each
Per dosen .....;...
Good; slse. each j'.vTHs
Per dosen -BSe
Batter, Okeese sad Zggs
. Speoial for; Monday.
The very best creamery
butter, nulk. lb. ..87
Fancy No. 1 country
creamery butter, lb. 85o
Fancy No. 1 dairy but
ter, lb. Mo
Full cream Toung Amer
ica cheese lb. .... ISO
Full cream- brick cheese, .
lb. lo
Full'- oream." Wisconsin
.huu IK ..ISO
Neofohatst cheese, each.
at .... o
The bast strtctly fresh
No.. 1 Eggs, -nothing.
finer, per doxen 17Ho
In the Domestic Room.
3,000 Passepartout Pictures,
values up io 3oc, go in C
Monday's sale at, each DC
Other Pictures in big assort
ment of subjects, values 'to
35c, choice .104
Croquet Sets and Hammocks
12.50 Croquet Sets, long mal
lets, on sale at;. .;.$1.65
IC.00 and $6.50" Hammocks
on, sale. Monday, choice,
at - - 84.75
Others ' down to 95
In the Picture Dept.
10x20 Pictures, "regular val
ues up to 75c, dark frames,
almost unlimited assortment
of subjects, 1,000 to Q "
select from, at . . . . C
' Limit of 3 to a customer.
16x20 Oval UUt Frames, with
glass, worth to $5.50, suit
able for enlarged pictures,
' on sale at. .98tt
Pictures worth to $1.50, in
.16x20 gilt frames,.10O for
selection, at ...... . . .65
In Drapery Dept,
Clearance Bargains.
You Cannot Afford to Miss
Lace curtains worth to $8.50
pair, In Clunys, Battenburg,
Brussel Nets, Duchess, Mon
day, at, pair ......$4.85'
Lace Curtains worth to $4.26
pair, in Zlon City Cable Nets,
full size, Monday, pair $1.25
Lace Curtains of all . kinds.
worth to $2.50 pair,. Monday
at, pair .. .. .$1.45
Colored Madras, 40 inch wide,
dainty patterns, worth to 85c
yard, Monday, at yard 50
Couch Covers In Oriental de
signs, worth to $4.50 each,
Monday; at, each . .$3.25
Rope Portieres in all colors, for
double, - rdoors, . very heavy
ropes,worth to $5.00, Mon-
N day, at, each . ., .$3.95
Reversible colored scrim, all
colors, worth .to 25c yard,
Monday, at yard ...... 15
Curtain Swiss in stripes and
. barred patterns., worth , 1 2c .
nsn .et in ecru ana wnite for
curtains, worth .18c yard,
Monday, at yard ..... .1Q
w a a mm m m . m m mm mm w r m - . law ai
C Deooratlag. A greai oppor- 1 ss(T I I f , I I 1111. Iiv I - VT rillsj I f
1 tunlty for China aeeorawre. I i 1 1 VI (SJJ " i
in v a m , j"" a m ar 1 m -m
5 . j 1 ) J -. 1" Jl - 1 - - - -J "" 't " " ' ; aaarfaasaissW)sijrfsaaaa .rt'i" T - - riii-V-"asanrLn.iTjTJXr n n n s 1 1 t
- - --- '